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AMC Stock - In this video, we go over what happened in last night's livestream, current ortex data, naked short selling, and future possible price movement on AMC.
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Oh jesus, what a freaking 24 hours we just had here this weekend, we're gon na get into this some more. I got a couple things that i want to cover today. What is up everybody we're going to chase traders, read freaking, talk fast and don't skip class baby electrophoresis by saying that i'm not a financial adviser and you're expert, so taking a say, the grand salt, let's get into the video. So today, my friends, my family, my fellow gorilla gang, as you can see here bam bam, bam, bam, chicken.

Damn i want to talk about amc stock and i kind of want to talk about what happened last night with that interview, because that was some freaking goofy stuff. So you know before we get into this. I want to go over kind of the technicals, the ortex data, the short volume percentage. The stonco tracker shows you the calls that are currently in the money.

I also want to talk about what happened last night because my computer became unusable. Now, i'm not the kind of guy for a tinfoil hat in terms of not being able to prove things by speculation, i like to be able to prove them through fact, but what i will tell you is this: i spent the last six months. You know in a hotel room, essentially, you know using wi-fi, as my priority means of getting stuff done now. There is the potential that, by the way my computer ended up, it was unusable.

I had to buy a new computer. I got that taken care of i've got a new computer, it's all cooked up and ready to go right, but my computer after last night was unusable. Now, there's a couple of explanations that could say as to why that happened and i'm going to use those first before putting on this tinfoil hat, but in the transportation of my computer to this hotel, which i'm at right now, as you can see, i could have Just bumped it it could have been like a transportation malfunction and maybe something got jostled loose. Maybe the the coolant fan, maybe the fan stopped working.

I mean there's a couple different ways that that could have ended up playing out and it just didn't happen until you know that exact moment when bam came on or whatever right. But there's there's also the potential that there is some sort of cyber security threat and by the way i have a vpn that is on my computer at this exact moment in time. So that is not going to be something that i'm concerned about. I'm actually going to be, you know, bumping that game up more than it already is, but this is something that i saw circulating around.

This was put up about 10 minutes after the interview with bam and it's a cyber threat map of the entire world. Now i am currently living you know somewhere in oklahoma. I'm not gon na go beyond that and and bam was located in san francisco, and this is something that is profound to me. Maybe this is just some stupid coincidence.

I don't know like i said you guys make do with this. What you want, but the circle right here is literally right where i live in san francisco, as you can see, was also lit up on the cyber threat map right here. So i don't know what ended up happening, but i'll tell you this. Both scenarios right best case scenario, worst case scenario.

If my computer just had some malfunctions, there's nothing wrong, i just had to get a new computer. It was due either way right. It is what it is, but i will say i'll tell you this there's a gaming computer. These things are built for streaming, they're built to do exactly what they do and i had a wired connection during that interview.

So i see no reason the least bit that it should have happened, but maybe it is maybe i bumped it and i did something goofy in the transportation to the hotel that i'm at right now. Second case scenario: if this was legit and people were throwing out the term ddos, you know some sort of cyber threat attack. My computer was essentially just melted right. That tells me they were getting close man i'll.

Tell you that right now, in fact, that's not discouraging in the least bit. I was a little bit aroused last night. I'm not gon na lie, i'm not gon na get into the details, but if that is the truth and that's where we're sitting, that's how i know we're really getting freaking dangerously close to the end game here with amc. So that's kind of what happened last night.

I'm absolutely fine, you guys don't have to worry about that, but with that being said, let's just get into what really is important here, which is amc stock. Now i see that there's this sort of shift happening like it's, it's inevitable when you're playing with money. There's emotions on the line. This is a highly emotional stock.

It's got swings in violent directions up and down up and down in both directions, but this rift that's beginning. I said this in my previous video is not coming from the ape community. It's coming from the outsiders in the ape community who are sifting in trying to appear as apes and trying to sway opinions right. We know this.

We know there are trustable people in the amc community who have been covering the stock since the very beginning back before it was even freaking cool i'll. Tell you what it took months for people to finally wake up to this six months, almost six months for people to realize the true potential of what amc stock can do, and you know the people that you can trust. You know i'm not gon na name names, but you you go out there and trust the people who have proven themselves to you to be a reliable source of information and, first and foremost, you got ta trust yourself right. Don't everything that i say everything that anybody in the internet says fact check it? All always you have to you got ta got ta got ta got ta.

Do that, especially in a scenario like this, where you're playing with it with a stock that is so emotionally driven so far, corrupted and manipulated right, it has we've uncovered the freaking pandora's box of of craziness, so anyways, let's get into the vortex data. This is something that i was asked about in the live stream that i did on friday. The short interest went down significantly right, 21.73 percent and something that is worth mentioning. Is this t plus two idea, which is that, if shares are returned, it takes about two days for those to actually be registered by ortex? This is coming from 85 of the exchange data and it does not report naked shorts.

It does not report failure to delivers i.e the synthetic shares that are circulating on the stock market. Now i've also seen circulating around the ihor dusanewski. You know, i think, that's his last name data on the short interest data and he had an entirely different number. He had the one percent number right only about one percent of shorts had actually been covered or returned.

Now, if that's the case, give me this one sec here, i got ta clear my throat what the heck is going on anywho. If that is the case right the short interest and this it could go either way right. I'm gon na err on the side of uh, more realism and assume that you know the shorts genuinely have not covered. Yet what you saw was a massive massive amount of gamma, because i do believe that i really do you can't consider you can't take into consideration the naked shorts and fails or delivers.

There's a lot of you know, data points that are saying hey. This still has some room on the table to run so my thought process on this is if this is 85 of the exchange data. If this is not taking into consideration the naked shorts and if they're, finding some roundabout way, i.e calls or puts to get extreme leverage on the downside or upside against amc stock, you can't quantify that right. So, let's just look at the options chain, for example, and just look at what we got cooking up for 11 june now, if you look at the call side of things, they're already pretty decently filled up and it goes all the way up to.

I think 145 bucks - you can see, there's already 15 000 call options 145 now think about this. There are not enough shares circulating around for all the call options that are currently existing in this moment of time. You look at the puts. You can see the same thing: there's heavy heavy put activity on this side as well.

In fact, this is honestly freaking crazy how high the puts get so just keep keep scrolling through this keeps going through this right. There's a crap ton of puts in fact, there's some people who have puts on the downside as low as a dollar fifty cents, two dollars three dollars: four dollars. There are people out there who genuinely think this is gon na go down that whoa, and maybe they pop these on friday, thursday, wednesday, whatever it is, but if they make any sort of money on this, you can think of this. Essentially, as leverage for the downside, which is going to try and push amc stock down right, so keep that, in the back of your mind, we're not looking at a freaking one fasted pony.

This is something that has a network, a plethora of freaking dark web stuff that is circulating around the stock right. So i 100 believe that there's the squeeze is still on the table right. This is not the squeeze simple as it gets and you look at the daily short sale volume percentage and it's still, you know relatively high 38 38. You have 47 40, 43 and, what's fascinating to me, is that i've seen this picture circulating around talking about an increase in dark pool activity and i'm not talking about the volume going up, because when the volume goes up, obviously the dark pool data is gon na.

Go up as well because some of these orders that get filled through robinhood different brokerage firms right they go through that dark pool to get the the orders filled, and some of that is honestly coming from apes. But i'm talking about a significant real spike that came up on friday, and that is some fascinating information and it's a way that we can't really quantify. What's going on on the back side of things right, you guys have all seen the clip circulating around praise. Be about the naked shorts that are circulating around on the stock? It's it's it's a well-known fact.

This is not new news to us. This is news. We've known for six months, if you've been cooking with crisco and rocking an empty stock. Since literally january, we've known this sort of stuff is happening, and it just got freaking revealed on the news simple as it gets right.

Stockholm tracker. You currently have 114 000 total call options expiring in the money you're like 23 000 more at 50 bucks and about 1.7 million total shares available. To borrow now keep in mind. This is an overall trend.

It does not paint the whole picture. You do not know. Every single show that's out there on the downside, trying to bet against amc stock. It's not all quantifiable and we don't need to know the quantifiability which brings me into amc stock, because i've had this question asked a bunch.

How do we know if these unquantifiable shorts are being covered? Simple, as it gets? You'll see it in the price action? That's as simple as it gets. You will see this, have the stupidest filthiest, most disgusting, gnarly freaking stupid, move that it has ever had and that's as simple as it gets. I don't think this was it true. We had a nasty nasty run up, but this had lights out, sort of freaking momentum and what happened is the media pushed this and spun a narrative in the most negative way possible to try and bring the stock down, and now it has some sort of trend.

We can sort of predict what's happening here with the actual trend. I'm not going to talk about the 15 i made. I don't want to talk about the 200 mm, i'm not going to talk about the volume average price. I want to talk about the volume, this bull flag, setup and the two ways that this can kind of swing, based just purely on the way that this has worked in the past.

So i've talked about this many many times, i'm going to talk about it again. It's the ford test trend rule right now, most times when amc stocks. This is actually how we predicted that 14 is gon na, be a very significant breakout level, most times that amc stock tests a level four times it gets that break on the fourth time right, and you can see here that it is acting right now on this Descending level of resistance you've got one two three times that it is tested this decent level of resistance in this bull flag, setup right so just based on previous trends alone, based on the fact that we've seen this happen, four five, six seven times in the last Six months, i am pretty inclined to believe that you're gon na have a break for the upside on this descending level of resistance. Now, there's also an unquantifiable factor right here, which is the hype and momentum which is built here over the weekend.

And what do i mean by that is the naked short slip up? That is huge. That's a huge, huge, huge, unquantifiable piece that literally slipped out on national news. Millions of people saw that guys. Millions of people who have never even looked at amc stock before are going to be talking about that.

It's crazy and i've had this question asked how come matt and how come trey when they go on national news. They'll talk about naked shorts. That is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Unless i can personally show you picture perfect who's doing that right.

I have to cover my butt same as matt coors does right. We we skip and dance around the fact right. The failure to delivers we've talked about the unusual call options and put options that are getting put into this. The fact that 11 of the total calls it puts in the entire market we're putting in nc stock right.

We talk about the freaking malpractice. We talk about the finra reports. We talk about all that stuff dancing around exactly what was just said. So now all the freaking cats out of the bag, the liabilities off the table, i'm telling you guys the hype, the momentum for amc stock is stupid.

This has some real lights out sort of freaking, never before seen, probably never seen again opportunity. I'm not i'm not calling this quits. This is not the end. The storybook is still being written, there's so much more to come.

My friends, my family, my fellow gorilla gang, my apes out there, i'm telling you patience housekeeping, was knocked off the door. My apologies, but so this is. This is a scenario one right scenario. One to me is you get a break for the upside.

You get the fourth test and break clean over this decent level of resistance, which, if you hit it in the pre-market, would be about 50 bucks. If you're hitting the regular market hours would be about 47 48 right and that should bring us into the next momentum. Move which should be followed through with volume you want to see volume follow through on any sort of move, because that shows you that big money, or at least a lot of money, is following through on a technical, clean breakout. The downside right.

What happens if this does not get? You know that clean break we got ta, be ready for both scenarios. Uh. The worst case scenario is that you get a break for the downside, underneath this ascending level of support and you've got a level of support down here. Right with quite a few different touch points - and i know this is scary.

I know this is probably gon na scare, some people 31 right - that's what the next level of support is - is based purely on lateral levels of support. Horizontal levels of support right you've also got an ascending level support rocking right here, which kind of diverges really well with this. This other ascending level, which would maybe hold you up about 40 bucks right, but we got to look back and think about this. This is kind of the last thing i want to say before we finish up this video.

Is the grand scheme picture right? How is amc stock doing right now? This thing over the last freaking one? Let's just look at this on daily candles right. This is gon na really paint the picture for you right. Look at this one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine ten in the last 10 days, this stock has gone from a low of 12 to a high of 72.. Currently, as it is right now, we are up 12, 24, 36, 48, almost 400 in the last 10 days, zoom out when in doubt zoom out and if you're a bag holder out there on amc stock, you bought it somewhere above 47 in the 50, 55.

60. 65 70 range - maybe there's somebody out there who bought it at 72. If you are, let us know in the chat bar down below the comment section, we'll lift your spirits right, we're coming back for you i'll! Tell you that right now. I don't think this is the end of the story book.

I think there's more on the table and i'll tell you this right. Now. I'd rather die on my feet, fighting for something i believe in then down on my knees and that's what i've got for this freaking video, so blah blah blah. You know those people drop a like and share subscribe.

If you ever want to do my friends catch you on the next one, much love and peace.

By Trey

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