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AMC Stock Update: AMC Stock has been heavily attacked, illegally, by hedge funds for months. Short-laddering, and naked shorting, both systems utilized to cheat and steal from retail investors were fully in play in today's price action. In today's video, we discuss all recent news, catalyst, numbers and statistics, and sentiments towards AMC, the hedge fund squeeze, and progress moving forward.
0:00 Intro
1:25 Ortex Data
4:18 Institutional Ownership
6:23 IBorrowDesk Short Interest
7:25 Fintel Short Interest
7:53 Gamma Information
10:19 Fidelity Estimate
11:22 Chart Analysis
15:30 Outro
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Oh, oh, not a dead cat baby say it say it say it. I dare you dumb as a dead cat? Oh god, let's go. What is up? Everybody welcome to trace trades. We have technical analysis and different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy or sell opinions on these given stocks i'll give you purpose by saying that i'm not a financial advisor and experts so take what i say: the grain of salt, let's get into The video today, my friends, we've got another beautiful update on ticker symbol, a m c: oh man.

It has been a great great day so far in the after hours. We are down about 4.42 percent, but we finished the day off at 7.70, freaking cents and we closed the previous day at seven dollars and four cents, so we're up about 10 on the day, which is not a bad day in the least bit and my friends, We've got a lot to talk about not only on the charts but as in recent news as well. Oh my gosh. This is shaping up to be something absolutely beautiful and honestly, i think the squeeze potential has increased significantly and we're going to talk about that here.

Uh first thing: i want to show you just just to get some some laughs going. This meme was made for me by someone over at uh twitter. This is so cool. We've got uh, we've got the cat, i am not a cat.

I am not a hedge fund, i do not manage anyone's finances. This is a picture of me when i bought my car. Holding the bucket attendees got some diamond hands a rocket in amc, theaters gorilla gang, oh man, absolutely beautiful. I got to show you guys that but anyways let's get into the video, so i want to start off with the numbers.

The numbers are what i like to focus on the most here, so i do have vortex pulled up to show you the most relevant and recent information regarding the amc, short interest numbers right. So there's three different things that i want to primarily focus on here and that is utilization cost to borrow and the days to cover we're to read you off what all these mean so utilization, if you're not familiar, is the ratio between the number of shares on Loan across all outstanding loans in the wholesale market and the number of shares available for lending and lending programs, zero percent means that no shares have been borrowed or lent. At these lending programs, 100 means that all shares are available to borrow or land at a lending program have in fact been land. So essentially, we are at 92 percent utilization, which i think is up five percent from yesterday alone, so that number is going up.

What does that mean? That means that only eight percent of the total landable shares are available to short right now, which means there's a lot of shorts, holding short positions in amc, so the hedgies are trying to steal our attendees. That should have been. That should have been that funny, but i think it's good. So that's that's great to see.

That means that we're still in the battle they're key. They keep doubling down their convictions right. We see the numbers are extremely high right, so take that for what it is, but i think that is a good sign cost to borrow that is currently sitting at three point: zero. Three percent.

If i remember correctly, the cost to borrow yesterday was somewhere in the two range, so it's been bouncing around back and forth, not a crazy amount of uh interest rate that is occurring here. This is annually accrued, so this is not really damaging the hedge funds or any sort of short. You know, maybe if it's retail investors shorting amc, i don't know why you why you're trying to fight the gorilla game but teach their own to use their own? I don't think uh, that's that they're considering that, because that's not a high number honestly, that's probably about the same as you'd get on just a standard margin loan, maybe even a little bit cheaper. To be honest, so that's not a huge factor here days to cover is at 0.67, which is up .06 from seven days ago.

That's a change of about ten percent, and this doesn't necessarily mean that shorts have to cover their position in point six. Seven days right. Don't don't uh don't interpret it as that point, six seven as days to cover is referring to the short interest divided by the three month, average daily volume and take this into consideration as well. If you look at the three month chart here, look at the volume over the last three months, we did not see a huge you're, probably able to see this a little bit easier on a yearly chart.

You're not gon na see as much volume coming into this. You know two months ago, so the last i would say this is a daily chart. So last month we've seen a pretty decent amount of volume come into this unusual trading volume compared to the previous two months, uh that we saw prior. So that's a big big, big, significant difference.

My friends, that's actually gon na skew. The number and my opinion the days to cover is gon na. Look a lot different here. I'd say anything over one is a significant uh number to pay attention to and that's uh.

I think if you change the volume here to you know a one month, average you're gon na see a different perspective. I think you're gon na see that it's a little more difficult for stores to cover their positions. We have had two days in a row now that we've been green actually three days in a row that we've been green and the last two days from my understanding. We've gone up, ten percent, so man, the attendees, are looking real, tasty they're steamy they're spicy.

This is looking beautiful. I've got nothing but good things to say about how this is shaping up. We've got another institutional buyer that stepped in here today, so we're gon na show you this principal financial group incorporated. We have a reporting date of february 23rd.

2021. This doesn't necessarily mean they bought in today right, but this does mean that they filed on this on this given day and they are up. You know in their current shares, so quarterly change and shares are up. 42.3 percent ownership of the company is about 0.100, so not a lot of ownership right uh compared to the total outstanding shares, that's not a huge stake by any means, but nonetheless that does mean that there are more institutions that continue to step into the game.

Here we had these uh these companies, man, there was a ton of them, charles schwab, engineers, price nuveen, tudor lmr, paloma, glen, mead, squarepoint. All these companies took stakes in amc on february 16th, which is astronomical. There's a lot of companies buying into this, and five of these actually bought into amazon, which we've talked about prior on the channel right. There is a possibility of an amazon acquisition.

We've got a bunch of different things that could lead into that. If you want to check that out, i want to keep the most relevant information that i can on this video so check out one of the previous videos, if you'd like to see that information i'll, try and save as much time here as i can. But this is the most recent institutional ownership, the most recent hedge fund - and i talked about this guys. I said it.

I said it way back you can. You can look at any of my videos, i said um they're gon na be institutions and hedge funds. They decide to go along on this. This is gon na be cut throat and i don't think that's necessarily because they're trying to fight for the little guy, because they're trying to make money so think about this logically right if hedge funds or institutions are stepping into this long.

And we see this is happening right. This is not a dead cat, not an egg cat. I honestly don't i do not understand. I do not understand the least bit anybody that tells me this is a dead cat because you were just not looking at the big picture.

You're, not you were thinking so microscopically right now, the gamestop squeeze the gamestop situation took a long time to play out, and the squeeze potential is 100 here for this, and if it's not there's there's you can see that there's institutions that think there's an opportunity to Make money so i mean screw me, maybe i'm wrong. Maybe all these guys are wrong. I don't even care if i'm wrong, if i'm wrong. That means that there's nine hedge funds in the last two weeks that are also wrong.

So i'd be pretty surprised, but institutions are not buying the companies, they don't think they're gon na go up. So we called this my friends, the community here at trace trades the gorilla gang. We said hedge funds are gon na, go along on this, and it is in fact happening. I've got i borrowed desk pulled up here and i changed over to this from fintel, because it's got some more relevant information.

Okay, let's just look at a large-scale perspective of overall data, so what we have here is we're gon na look at the data from all of today of february 23rd, you can see that we had 1.6 million total short shares available and a decrease of 1.5 million And really pretty much stagnated, the lowest point. Today we had 1.4 million shares, total the borrowing rate and fee went down that is 2.1 percent annually accrued interest right. So not anything crazy, not any sort of crazy uh. You know that's pretty low, that's pretty decently low! That lines up well with what we're talking about here in the ortex numbers, the 92 utilization.

But we actually had a time yesterday when the total short shares available for for uh lending was somewhere like 10 000, meaning that shorts are really freaking doubling down on their positions here, guys that is nasty, that's nasty! I do want to pull up intel, for you know the total uh volume that we did see here recently, so we're gon na pull up short interest here and just check it out on fintel um, not necessarily for the short interest numbers, because i want to show You the total volume that we saw in the previous day, so on the 22nd we had uh what would have been 172 million in total volume, 27 million in total short volume according to vintel we have. We do know that they have been kind of misrepresenting these numbers, which would be 16 of the total short volume ratio. We're not gon na. Look at the total short shares available.

They're not they're, going to look at the the current borrowing rate, but what i do want to point out which is interesting, is these puts and calls so i actually have a couple different pictures pulled up here and this is going to relate to a gamma squeeze. So check this out, what do we have here? What do we have here? Well, let's just uh, do a little peek, i'm going to zoom in so this is a little bit blurry but check this out. Essentially what this is showing. You is amc getting gamma squeeze contracts for uh contracts, volume for february 26, 2021..

We've got a lot of calls. Look at this. This is insane. I don't know if you can read this right now, but i'll read this off to you.

That's 82. 000. 47. 000.

75. 468. 605. That's a lot so check this out.

She's, referring to the approximate 120 000 call options with strike prices of 6 and 650 that are now in the money, 47k plus 82k volume column on the left. If these contracts are activated, it could trigger 120. 000 times 100 amc shares because one contract is worth 100 shares right to be bought from the market, which, in turn causes a big price price increase or squeeze this squeeze is associated with call options is called a gamma squeeze. I've been asked about that a lot.

What is a gamma squeeze trade? What's the difference between a gamma squeeze and a uh, a short squeeze right? This is a gamma squeeze. This happens when call options have to be purchased because they are in the money. I've got another little picture pulled up here, which is going to be. You know, help walk us through that.

Just for a little bit of explanation in case, you didn't understand that a gamma squeeze is probably imminent, based on the fact that 120 thousand february 26 calls at six and six fifty were bought yesterday are now on the money. This means the clearing houses and market makers have to hold on to 12 million more amc shares and take them out of circulation to deliver them upon owners of these call options exercising them this friday. That means 12 million less shares to pay back the enormous amount of shares shorted on amc, so do your homework and don't believe the naysayers. We are set up pretty well for gamma short squeeze check out my research.

If you don't believe me, the shorters are praying to the drop to drop the stock price below six dollars by friday. We have to make sure that doesn't happen collapse. So, in my personal opinion, if you want to see this gamma squeeze situation take place, i think you're, looking at a pretty important scenario here, you're going to want to keep this stock price above that uh in the money play for these options, right, which would be Between six dollars and six dollars and 50 cents, if we look at this on a one month, chart we're currently sitting at seven dollars and 43 cents. We basically want those uh options by uh february 26th to stay in the money we don't want them to be.

At the money or out the money right, because that doesn't necessarily mean that these these clearing houses are gon na have to keep those those shares available right, because we want that to happen. That is going to push this gamma squeeze. Those call options, then, are going to get exercised and it's going to push some insane price action, you're going to see a nasty nasty squeeze on amc, so that is beautiful. One last thing that i want to show you here is a little bit speculative and i just want to show you this, because this is an algorithm system that is coming up with these numbers, but i still think it's significant and interesting to show you.

This is fidelity active trader pro, and this is showing you the projected price for amc, that is nasty. It is projecting 636 dollars by middle of may holy toledo. If this hit 636 dollars slap, my grandma, i love you grandma, but slap, my grandma, because that is insane that'd, be nasty. I'll! Tell you what i'm gon na buy a tesla and uh i'm gon na buy a second tesla, and i'm gon na give it away to somebody because we're gon na be sitting in some freaking nasty nasty nasty money.

That'd be insane you're gon na be looking at. I mean if you have an average cost of ten dollars right and it hits 636 dollars, we'll just say: 600 right you're. Looking at such an ass, that's six thousand percent increase. You could have put a thousand dollars into this and i don't know what that comes out to you guys.

But what is it? What is that 60 x? So you turn a thousand dollars into 60 grand 10 000 into 600 grand that's life-changing money life-changing. So i'm not necessarily saying that's going to happen. That is just what a fidelity trader pro is saying. The algorithm is saying right, it's interesting to say, but i don't want to give any.

You know false hopes. Nonetheless, i do think it is interesting to you, and i want to give you guys all the information that i find, so you can do your own due diligence and sift through the information, decide what you believe decide what you don't make your best investing decisions. I didn't take today's opportunity. We had a little bit of a dip here in the pre-market to purchase more shares.

In my current weeble account. I have 626 shares at a dollar cost average of eight dollars and nine cents. If i just check here real quick that comes out to a total market value of five thousand and sixty seven dollars before losses after losses, i am down about eight point: five, eight percent or four hundred thirty four dollars so who's thinking about 4 600 in value. In my other brokerage account, i have another 155 shares so sitting just under under 800 total shares of amc and i'm taking every opportunity that i can to continue purchasing amc, as i do still see some huge upside here.

I've been averaging down as much as i possibly can and honestly, i think the opportunity to average down is starting to run slim. I said this in my previous videos guys. Nobody believed me, nobody believed me. I said i don't think we're gon na drop our show with five bucks, and i saw these people saying nope four dollars: nope three dollars, nope one dollar, you were wrong.

You were wrong. My friends just said charts say what the charts say. We have the setup. We have the george w.

We have this nasty nasty double bottom here we got one bottom there we got another bottom here right. We broke this uh this level of resistance, with the triple top we've got. One two three tops right here: broke that with a wide range candle right, it is treated as a level of support. We had a false break underneath there got a.

I got a two lows. High closed right that looks. Nice had a huge, ascending level of support here, just some filthy, filthy movement. This is nasty, my friends that looks beautiful down about three percent here in the after hours, but we're sitting at 7.70 at the close 744 right now, my friends and family.

This is looking dirty, so i am going to continue out of my position. My friends, i dumped a little over a thousand dollars into this here today. I uh i am so jacked up for what's to come with amc, and i cannot wait for the day what everyone here at the gorilla gang can tell all those naysayers, because my family, my friends, i know it's been hard. It's been challenging.

It has been such a roller coaster. We have been hanging in there for so long and there, even if the squeeze doesn't happen right, even if the amazon acquisition doesn't happen, you're going to make money on this, you are going to make money on this. I am so i have high conviction right. The price is psychological.

If you have conviction in the cause - and i have conviction of the cause here, my friends, don't let the price beat you down, don't let the naysayers beat you down, don't let the bears beat you down. If you need to stop reading the negative comments right, sometimes all i was going to do is sway your interest. It's going to sway your opinion of a stock right stay true to what you believe. Now, i'm not telling you not to look at the facts.

Look at the facts right. If so, if a situation changes, then it fundamentally changes, but if it doesn't right and you listen to these people, try to sway your opinion just based on their negative thoughts. That's not gon na beat you up. So don't let that happen.

My friends stay true to yourself, stay true to convictions. Do your homework, do your due diligence and i believe this is still in a good game plan territory. One thing that i really really particularly like and i've been saying this forever for squeeze to happen. We need the volume to step up and it is stepping up.

We saw 263 million total volume here today, which was uh about 100 million higher than the previous day. I stated this in my previous video, but i said i think, in order to see a true short squeeze, we're going to see it somewhere between 400 and 500 million shares total to get that start rolled up again right. It's gon na do that snowball effect. We hit 400 500 million.

It's gon na hit up on those leading gappers right hits those leading gappers you're gon na have day traders that step into this and start pushing the stock price. So that is some significant information. My friends, i see uh. I see a lot, i see some light at the end of the tunnel.

I see somebody at the end of the tunnel, i'm not necessarily guaranteeing you a squeeze is going to happen here, but look at this on the daily chart. My friends, this looks like the beginning of a nasty nasty dip and rip situation. We had, we had the we had the dip, we had the consolidation, we're starting the rip and on a grand scale perspective of things. Where is the band-aid gon na rip? Where is the situation where this is really gon na go to town right here, eight dollars and fifty cents, this dips, this rips over eight dollars and fifty cents, guys that is gon na be off to the races? Why wait 850 right? This is the level in which the cup essentially formed, in fact we're just gon na move this up a hair, we're gon na, say 870., so 870, we break over this neckline, and this is some uncharted territory.

This is going to be right back up there to test these previous highs at 20 and 36 cents. This is a great great technical setup. My friends, i have the utmost conviction in this, and that is what i have for the video today. If you enjoyed it, please drop a like.

It really does help support the channel. Consider subscribing. Let me see more content like this. Lastly, i have an affiliate link in the description box down below for weeble.

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If not, that is cool too uh, and that is what i have for you today. So thank you for watching my friends i'll see you all next time. Take it easy and peace.

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