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AMC Stock - In this video, we discuss the ortex data, short volume percentages, available shares to borrow, cryptocurrency and stock market pullbacks, and technical analysis predictions.
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You know what it is guys you know what it is. This is too simple. You can't see red when you've got the aviators on that's the dumbest, most cringey joke ever. What is up? Everybody welcome to trace trades.

We have technical analysis on different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy holders sell opinions on these. Given stocks like the preference by saying that i'm not a financial advisor nor expert so say what i say the grant so, let's get into the video. So today, my friends, my family, my fellow gorilla gang we're going to talk about amc stock. Obviously, i'm going to give you the daily update on the technical analysis, the ortex data there's daily short sale, volume percentages, and i also want to talk about this bloodbath of a red market, including cryptocurrency, because this is directly uh, i think, correlated with what is happening Here today, on amc, so without further ado, let's not waste any time just get straight into the video.

So i want to start off here today by talking about the overall ortex data. Now you can see the utilization has gone all the way back up to 96 percent, and the reasoning for this is because ortex reported as of this morning that there was a lack of short interest data reporting from some of the exchanges and some of the uh Members that are supposed to report data about utilization - this is not, i would say, fault of vortex, but it is pretty peculiar timing, and i think i have never in all the time that i've been using ortex for the last couple of months seen that they have Misrepresented data outside of just now - and i think it's pretty strange - i'm not gon na lie to you that all of a sudden we've got everything on the freaking line and all of a sudden they stop. They decide to stop reporting for interest at us. So take it for what it is.

I personally believe that, with all the amount practice and corruption has taken place with hedge funds, market makers, all the different entities that have embodied essentially what this movement is about. I don't think it's coincidence that all of a sudden stopped reporting that data, and we got a little bit of a skewed number yesterday, but nonetheless you're looking at 96 utilization, the shares alone has dropped by about 20 million. There are some people who have hypothesized that the reason for this drop is that the lenders have been recalling stock because they want to limit exposure to insane amount of risk that is associated with holding amc as a short position or having amc stock on loan, which Makes sense when you consider that, a week ago we saw the cost to borrow in the 200 plus percent range, so that's kind of my breakdown once you've got a rocket here on the shares on loan. The free fall loan.

The short interest is currently sitting at about 16.1 percent. Keep in mind that ortex is a t plus two, so it is lagging data by about two days. That's what you've got rocking right here. Nonetheless, let's just get into the short sale volume percentage you can see that yesterday, this is also lagging by about one day, the short sale volume percentage was 61, which makes sense.

When you look at how much we had to fight to even stay in the freaking green, i mean look at this. We had a huge run in the after hours leading up on may 17th. Then the pre-market hits and we so we said it a million times and said guys. This is being shorted.

This has been laddered down, there's no way fans or butts about it and sure enough. The volume percentage on that was 61 on the day for short volume, which is nearly a month high record. The monthly high record is 65. If you look at that day, may 6th right.

Let's come back and just look at the the overall shorting that we saw on may 6. just pop back here, you can see that it was not as drastic of a move. However, it was very heavily shorted down and i'd be more interested to see how the overall volume was on that given day so we're gon na come back here and look at may 6th may 6th right here. The overall volume on it was 38 million, so keep in mind that, even though we saw 65 of the overall volume with short volume, the number compared to here 9 million versus freaking 66.2 million - is a drastic, drastic increase.

So, even though the volume percentage here was higher, the overall short volume that actually came in was much higher here and it's been drastically either increasing or maintaining the volume that we've seen over the past four days. Now. That just leads me further to our belief and our conviction that this is not only being shorted but naked shorted and making an intro ladder attack down to where we're sitting here right now, because of how much actual common stock is being held by institutional investors. Retail investors, insiders and short positions overall, if you do all the math and add it all together, it's over 500 million shares.

If you want to see the math go to watch my last video that i posted this morning. Talking about the amc story, the story of the squeeze the market of the apes, the warfare mark of the apes right, that'll, walk you through essentially that whole process, but nonetheless crazy shorting that has been taking place on the stock. This is absurd when you consider the usual shorty that you would see in any other security right. This is just a stupid battle.

It doesn't make any sense at all, but they'll continue to fight it, and so will i stonco tracker will give you the available shares to bar. You can see it's currently sitting at 4.5 million total shears. Well, they cost to borrow about 10.9 percent. Now this is a pretty decent amount of shares available.

To borrow, i do not know if this is a t plus two like ortex, if it's lagging, but if it is lagging like you'd see with ortex, it would make sense that they have that many shares available tomorrow, considering the drastic change that we've seen on shares On loan, if you were at that t plus two right, so if you look at the t plus two like this on a one month chart you can see that two days ago, one two days ago, you had a drastic increase, which was likely where you saw A few shorts covered, whether it was in the after hours or the regular market hours or the shares on loan got recalled to uh, ultimately get back to the original. You know lenders, so that's my opinion. I can't get again can't give you anything right. This is a game of speculation, but that's my speculation and opinion on why there are currently so many shares available to borrow, i do believe these are getting scooped up.

I think they will continue to get scooped up and i'm not concerned about this in the least bit it's just a number to keep in the back of your mind right. It's extra ammunition that short positions are going to be able to use on amc stock, and ultimately, it comes down to this as we continue to stair, step higher and higher and higher right what's happening. You have shorts that will open new positions that will eventually get run up on the cover positions, which leads to call options running from out the money to in the money causes a gamma squeeze new shorts will establish positions at that top and ride it back down And i'm interested to see what the down is going to look like, starting here tomorrow, right may 18th, because i anticipate that the same thing is likely going to happen. You're likely going to see short positions start to reopen back up again on the top of this.

Overall run-up that we stopped for 15 and 80 cents, i think you'll also see it on the way down. You'll see it when it consolidates you'll see that the absolute bottoms i'm trying to freaking bankrupt the company and screw over millions of retail investors. But i think that's where interest number is going to go up. I don't know how long it's going to take, but that's my freaking hypothesis.

Nonetheless. So, let's finish off with the overall technical analysis, i just want to give you the rundown on what you're looking at in terms of how the charts are looking right now, and i gave two different scenarios in which i thought you would see an amc stock. I don't think i was wrong in saying that today was the most pivotal day that we've seen for amc since literally january. My reasoning for that is because the overall technical setup was absurdly absurdly squeezed down.

The spring was loaded as tight as it could possibly go right. You have this major major, huge wind up to, ultimately, this huge double top level of resistance at 14 and 50 cents, which it ended up, testing and rejecting off of right now. What ended up happening? Well, there was two scenarios that i saw playing out. The first one was that we broke 1450 and this thing went absolutely stupid.

Haywire ape crazy and the second one that we break this bull flag set up with this triple uh, triple touch point triple bottom ascending level of support. It ended up breaking that in the pre market today. So that's what you ended up seeing right. It did end up breaking this overall bull flag and i anticipated this.

I drew up a fibonacci retracement zone. This is very easy to do. If you want to do it yourself, all you should do is draw the fibonacci at the bottom of the run up to the peak of a run up, and it gives you an idea of how strong an overall trend is in uh in comparison to previous retracements Or pullbacks that you would see on any given stock right. So what we have here, let me just adjust this a hair.

What you have here is a 50 to 61.8 percent retracement, which brings us out to about 12 to a height of 12.76, so i drew up this box right because this box to me is where i'm anticipating that we see a bounce on amc stock. I do this in my previous videos and it actually ends up coinciding very well with a level of support that you can see has been established here in the past right, so we're actually going to drop this down just a hair. So we get. This touch point right here, but you can see that there are one two three four five and six different touch points at 12 and 31 cents, where you have seen rejection either on the upside or the downside for amc stock, which lines up perfectly with this fibonacci Retracement zone that we have rocked up here today, now i'm not guaranteeing you anything, but this is kind of the different things that i see playing out with overall amc stock right, the volume has continued.

It was a little bit lower today than we saw yesterday. It came out to about 87 million total shares, but the volume was lower because it was a red day. You were almost, i would say, nine out of 10 times gon na see less volume on red days, because people like to buy greed, people like to sell fear right and the the problem with that equation is that, since the majority of apes are holding on the Red days right, i'm not saying everybody, but i'm saying the majority: since the majority of apes are holding on the red days, you don't have people selling the fear, so it's just buying greed right. So, with this red day we did see a decrease in volume.

If it's right again tomorrow, i would expect another decrease in volume which is going to decrease that overall volatility that you would see on the stock, because volume drives volatility and volatility will drive either higher or lower price valuations and faster, more violent action right. So that's the first thing. Secondly, i'm expecting two different scenarios right so with this fibonacci retracement zone, i think you are a either going to see a slow and steady retest, whether it be all in one day on two days. I can't tell you for sure, obviously, but i think you're gon na see a recess of this level of resistance at 14.50 over some period of time right, the first level that we have to break through.

Overall, it's going to be each psychological barrier of resistance. Now, what do i mean by that even round numbers? So 13 13: a quarter 1350, 1375 14 bucks. Each of those are going to act as psychological levels of resistance, not as strong as 14, albeit but nonetheless they're gon na act as levels of resistance. So first we're gon na have to see a test and a break of 13 bucks, which i think is going to bring us ultimately to that 14 range right.

So that's one scenario right here. The second scenario is this: we're already just about out of this fibonacci retracement box, so the bounce off of this seems like it could very well end up happening, but the second scenario that i see is it doesn't quite get that clean break on the second move. So it could test this 13 range, whether it be in the after hours, in the pre-market in the regular market hours and then reject off of 13 and come back down to either a test. This level of support at about 12 and 30 cents or b test out the bottom of this fibonacci retracement, which lines up to about 12, even steven on the freaking nut hair right.

So that's what you're watching for is these two different scenarios either a it's gon na it's gon na break through this 13 level of resistance. The volume will be green, which means that it's going to be more volume than you saw here today, because red days are always going to see less volume, less volatility and b. If it doesn't end up breaking this 13 level resistance, it rejects, and it comes back down to test this overall uh box. This retracement zone, you're gon na see less volume because you'll see less volume on red days.

It's just how it is it's the psychology of the stock market and ultimately, either a retest there's this level of support at 12, 31 or a retest of 12 either way. That's why i picked up my june 18th call options right now. I picked those up because i want to get myself a little bit of leeway for those to run in the money i'm currently holding 13 strikes, 15 strikes and 25 strikes for june 18th and the reasoning behind each of these right. The 13 one's the lowest risk.

15 dollar ones, i think, are also pretty moderate to low risk, but that's banking on a break over 14.50, which is why i always always always say that call options are risky. All options are risky only put into them what you're willing to lose, because if you're wrong, you could end up losing that premium. If you don't sell them to keep in contact, essentially whatever intrinsic value remains. The 25 ones are basically a pretty good odds, lottery ticket.

So if this ends up breaking 1450, i think there's a huge, huge, huge, significant chance of those running up significantly after that level, which is essentially the lottery ticket that we play right, that i'm playing personally if this ends up getting a clean break over 1450.. So that's my reason behind what i've got rocking right now. My total account value, as it sits right now, is 77 000. 378 bucks right.

That's essentially what this is coming down to. So it's about a net even steven day or so i ended up coming down a little bit lost a little bit of money. I was down a little bit today, but when all said and done, we did get a little bit of a bounce off. That level of support.

Last thing i want to talk about is the overall cryptocurrency pullback that we ended up, seeing so bitcoin, ethereum and dogecoin. You can blame x, y and z right. You complain the fact that elon musk said he's not allowing transactions for bitcoin on tesla purchases. Because of you know environmental reasons you can say it was because of the china ban.

But this is what i have to say about that bitcoin had a at the lowest point, 20 to 25 drop. It came from 40 000, all the way down to 29 000 in a matter of about an hour, ethereum very, very similar, 3 000 down to eighteen hundred bucks, twenty to twenty five percent drop in about an hour now, as far as cryptocurrency goes, these are the Blue chip stocks - now i'm no stranger to bear markets right. I've seen them. I've seen the cryptocurrency pullbacks i've seen market pullbacks.

As you can see here, the market is an absolute blood fest right now it is not doing well in the least bit. They're definitely coincide right. This would be the equivalent of tesla apple microsoft, banks any of your classic, a blue chip stocks dropping 20 on any given day. That is the equivalent of what we just saw with freaking cryptocurrency happen and ask yourself this question in your lifetime.

Have you ever seen that happen and if you did, it was likely in 2008 it was likely in the late 90s. I have not seen that ever and i know i know my age is showing i know i'm young. I know i mean i'm 23 years old, turning 24 june 21st, but that's not a natural sell-off. There is absolutely nothing technical about this sort of sell-off that you saw right here now.

What do i think happened? This is just a hypothesis. I can't tell you anything, but i don't think it's any freaking coincidence that the entire market, the spy, the nasdaq all these stocks were just a blood red all just bleeding like you would not believe and cryptocurrency pulled back at the exact same time right. So what could have happened here? Big money, big money, controls these sort of moves. It's not retail investors, retail investors, don't text each other, saying hey! Let's all sell our bitcoin and ethereum and dogecoin today for absolutely stupid gains right.

That's big money! So big money pulled out of ethereum, bitcoin and dogecoin today and ultimately, what happens is i think this they pull money out of the stock market. They pulled money out of the cryptocurrencies, such as uh dogecoin, crypto uh, not crypto, ethereum bitcoin, because they're, anticipating some big losses or covering some losses that they're expecting to have what's the problem with margin, calls right margin calls you don't get to choose when you liquidate Your stocks, they liquidate them for you, whether it's cryptocurrency or stocks right they do it for you. So if they're liquidating right now, you see this massive 20 to 25 drop, like you saw right here on freaking, bitcoin and ethereum. That tells me the story.

We've been saying this for months. I said this months ago, guys right, i said this months ago and there's a lot of other people that did too so i didn't take the credit, but we said this months ago. That's what i'm going to say. We said months ago that, when amc and gamestop and all these freaking heavily sorted stocks are close to moon time.

You were gon na see the entire stock market go blood, freaking red. When there is war. There is blood, it is as simple as that, because all long positions are getting closed out, liquidated close that whatever it ends up being right, if they do it themselves or if they're freaking brokers do or if the lenders do or if the market makers do right. They're getting closed out and their short positions get covered which shoots the short stocks up higher than they were before.

So it causes this inverse effect in the stock market, where you're good companies right, they pull back hard. Your bad companies move up hard right. So that's essentially what i'm watching right now and i think this is a little bit of an indicator and a hint at what could be happening behind the scenes, because i'll tell you what there is nothing technical in the least bit about a blue chip stock like If this is tesla, people will be losing their freaking minds, they'd be losing their minds. If this thing went from, if tesla went from 600 bucks down to 350 in a single day or 400 bucks or whatever it was, that's, not natural.

So this is something that i think people should be talking about, because that is not just it's just not the way that bear markets work unless there's a huge, huge catalyst to make this sort of pullback, like think about 2008, for the stock market to do what It did back, then you had to have the most ridiculous stupid catalyst that that happened in literally a decade. That's what it takes to have these sort of bear market pullbacks, 20 to 25 red days does not happen. So that's kind of what you've got cooking up right now, if i'm gon na leave you with any last words in regards to amc right. What kind of message do i leave you with amc, my friends, my family, my fellow grueler gang.

This is psychological warfare. I already said it earlier in the video right, but there are going to be ups and downs. There's going to be volatility. You're going to see swings free from from freaking 10 up to 10 down 10 up 20 up 30 down 50 of 20 down right.

They're gon na be volatile, stupid, violent, violent swings and you need to be mentally prepared for these sort of moves, because, ultimately it comes down to this. There's two parties right now that are waging war for the market of the apes and one side is going to win and it's going to be the side with the most mental fortitude. Now i'm just i'm just one guy. Let me tell you that right now, but i'm more inclined to believe that the army of apes, the millions of us, the millions of us, can outweigh the few freaking kobas that have that have basically defected away from the ape army.

And that is what i've got for the video today, so blah blah blah to the hospital drop a like consider, subscribing whatever you want to do. That's what i've got for you guys. So thanks for watching my friends, my family, my fellow girls, again catch you on the next one, much love and peace.

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