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Itadakimasu, that's japanese, for let's eat this meal. I'm thankful essentially, because, even though we were red today on the day about 2.89, we're still thankful because that's an opportunity to eat baby. What is up everybody, i'm going to trade straight through freaking, talk fast and don't skip class, slash light taps baby. I like reference by saying that i'm not a financial, advisor or expert, so it's going to say the greatest solved, let's get into the video.

So today, my friends, my fellow fellow gamers or the ticker symbol, amc, give me the regular update here for the evening. We're gon na go over the technical analysis, the ortex data short interest, the short sale volume percentage, which i actually find very interesting. There's something that i kind of want to talk about that, i think, is going to put things into perspective for you about how you can think of short interest on amc as well as stockholm tracker shows you. The call options are currently in the money about how many shares are available to borrow and then give you some parting words, but before we get into this, just know that tomorrow i do have my heart surgery, so i don't know how active i'm going to be.

I am going to be uh doing a live stream in the morning just to give some sort of uh. You know just chat with everybody for a couple hours before i go in, but i'm gon na go get that surgery done pretty small one about a one. One inch incision here on my sternum they're gon na put in that freaking loop, monitor patch me back up should be out recovered within a couple days. So pretty simple stuff, don't worry about i'll, give you guys an update when it's all said and done and uh.

Let's get out of gatherings, let's get into the video baby where's my holy toledo, i thought i didn't have my spoon. I was ready just in case that spider decided to come back so ortex another goddamn day. Where's resell short interest go up 1.29, which is filthy. That's a beautiful beautiful thing to see.

We got 98.27 million total current short interest of free float, which is essentially you know, 19.21 estimated. This is 85 of the exchange. Reported data. Look up definer of fines on any given month.

You'll be amazed at the amount of powerpoint that takes place from different hedge funds, big firms that fail to report the proper short interest and shorting into the market that they're supposed to right. I'm gon na put this in perspective more with the daily short sales percentage. But this to me is not the entire picture in terms of short interest or text twice in the last month, has actually had to correct the short interest because of the amount of reporting that actually came out because they're just estimating right they're giving you an estimate Based on a lot of different algorithms data, historical trends, blah blah blah blah blah right and what you got right now is 19.21 or interest short interest based on 85 of the exchange reported data. So that's what you got cooking up right now in terms of the actual short interest on the stock.

It's a beautiful thing to see right put this in perspective up 0.2 1.29 in short, interest only went down 2.89 percent on the day now think about this right. If they were to short a total of 4.66 million new shares right, let's just take an average cost, we'll take the low ball right. We'll take this at the absolute low ball, 56 times 4.2 uh 4.6 4.66 million shares right. What does that come out to 260 million dollars of shorting took place on this day alone, based on that live update? That's filthy, that's nasty and they dropped it down.

2.89 percent. That's nothing! If you guys are gon na be even more blown away by this. I saw this at my live stream this morning and you should be floored because we had a green day yesterday, despite the fact that the short sale volume percentage was 54 of the overall market at a rocket, which means a couple of things right. It means that the apes stepped in heavy.

You had a lot of extreme buying buying pressure for, despite the fact that literally more than half of the volume that came into the stock was short volume to be up seven percent yesterday, despite the fact that 54 of the volume was short, means that people were Slapping the ask they weren't, hitting the bid right they're not trying to buy for cheap or they're buying it, whatever the market gives them right, they're driving the price up, even though the shoulders were trying to push the price back down. That's beautiful! It shows you the strength right, you look at this chart, you don't have to know a freaking lick of technical analysis. You can see this chart, man and just see this is bullish. It just is right.

You have this huge beauty: consolidation huge rip up it literally just established a new floor. That floor is stupid. Strong, i mean just look at this real quick to put this in perspective. Fibonacci retracement shows you the strength on any sort of given chart right, you're hugging right beneath that 30, that 23.6 retracement, which is really solid.

It means it only gave back 23.6 of the run from 11 to 72. That's monstrous! That's a huge, huge, huge amount of strength. You should be proud of that. Another thing i want to talk about here is this idea of how you can think of short interest right, so we've got favorites or delivers essentially call options expire.

You know if you exercise them, if they're in the money, essentially meaning that you just want to buy 100 shares at whatever designated strike price, that is, that call option right. They exercise and the market makers options. Market makers can't deliver on the stock, so they give out an iou that could be considered short interest. Naked short selling could be considered short interest now.

What about this third option right? What about the third option of people buying stock and there may not be stock? Circulating for people to buy what happens, market makers have to get things filled right. That's how the market works. They can't just stop the market. They can't just let things not go.

That's the market maker's job. They actually have a supply from options. Market makers and market makers both have their own portfolio of stock that they're always hanging on to to essentially close the spread between the bid and the ask essentially how much people are willing to buy for how much people want to sell for they try and limit That right, so what happens if people can't actually buy stock? Well, if the market makers don't have supply, the market doesn't have supply. What do they do to keep the market running? They create supply because either that or the stock price shoots up exponentially.

They can't do that forever right. They can't do that forever. Eventually, if that is happening first off, that's a problem. That's not a good thing! That's illegal! That's naked stock right, but that can also be considered short interest because think about this right.

Think about this! People have been buying and holding the stock, even if it's just ninety percent. Ninety percent of people that have been buying nc stock have been literally just buying and holding it for six freaking months. Where is it coming from? Where is the supply coming from now? I'm not saying that exact number! Nobody can do that. I'd be absolutely doing you wrong.

If i tried to even speculate in terms of how many shares are actually existing, but if that does take place, that could be thought of as short interest stock. That eventually has to be bought back similar to an iou from a failure to deliver from an options market maker that can't deliver on the underlying stock. If you don't think that's happening, look at the options market. Look at the absurd amount of failure, livers that derive from the amc derivatives market.

It's absurd! It's a huge amount. It very very, very realistically could be happening with the stock right. Just ponder on that. That's all i want you to think about, because that is considered short interest.

It's not as simple as what's reported to the actual exchange right. It's not it's! That's that's not the whole picture. It's just not it's a trend right, it's a trend as a stock. It's harder to borrow, there's less overall supply.

The demand goes up. Supply goes down. That's where you run into the issues of fraudulents, because market makers options, market makers, hedge funds, firms they're all trying to make their best dollar without disrupting the market, even if it means doing things illegally, so think about that stockholm tracker, as it sits right now, just Going to refresh this make sure you have the most up-to-date information, one million total shares available to borrow, and this actually went up just a hair. So i don't think this necessarily means that shares are returned.

It could be two things right. It could be in some shares of return, which i find less likely right now to tell you if that's the case just based on the price. Actually, you would see with the price. Actually, you have a nice bump up for the upside if there are shares that return, but if they were returned, it's not a huge amount.

500 000 shares, based on a day where you saw a total of 63 million in volume, isn't going to push the price up a whole lot and it's actually not going to change things, and you saw that they actually had a net increase of short interest. So the second and more realistic possibility is that some lenders just had more stock available to borrow, there's more overall stock available to these lenders to give out to big firms, institutions that want to borrow stock and that increases the overall supply of borrowed shares into the Market for people to try and take a stab at what i call the worst trade of all time. You want to go long on amc stock man best performing stocks in 2021, dogecoin amc, gamestop, worst trades of 2021 dogecoin amc if you're going short. That's just not an intelligent move, so you got rocking right now.

Call options of the money about sixty thousand you'll have another forty one thousand and sixty dollars, so that has not changed a whole lot. This drop for the downside, just a hair. I wan na show you an example of unedging because it likely did happen at least to a small degree when you dropped 157 bucks right here right see this drop that huge one-minute candle. This could have been a combination of two things.

This could have been some hedge funds, who purposely shorted it into a technical breakdown, which is what this was right. I'm gon na show you exactly what i mean. Let me just show you the actual technical setup on this. This was a technical breakdown setup right now.

There was a couple times essentially where it tested down at this 57 level. I tried it one time two times three times and the four test trend works for both the upside of the downside, just based on amc stocks, history and the way that the stock runs. It broke for the downside just based on this downside descending level of resistance and that lateral level of uh support and it just broke down underneath that. So you probably had a combination of two things.

You had a purposeful push on the downside by shorters. You also probably had a little bit of unhedging from market makers options, market makers who just dumped some stock back into the market, based on the fact that those 50 to 57 strikes were no longer in the money. So that's something to think about. That definitely was possible.

It could have happened. Does it make a difference? No, if you're holding stock for the long term you're waiting for this thing to run you're sitting absolutely fine. The only thing that i advise against right now, just based on the way the stock is trading. This sort of crap right this up down up down up down up down until it gets a technical breakout, be careful with short-term expiration options.

You do what you got to do. It's your own financial responsibility, your own decision right, but it's a gamble. It is 100, a gamble to play weekly expirations when you're in the storage trading zone. It just is right, so be careful.

Think about that. This is an investment. This is an investment, there's always risk on the table, but you don't want to gamble right. You got to be careful with your money.

You absolutely do now. Look at this on the one hour time frame, there's really not much to update you. I mean there's really really not you're sitting in a solid, solid penny formation. I stand by exactly what i've said here in the past and i'll say it again.

You were looking for a technical break out of this descending level of resistance. You got a false break over that, but you didn't get the hour candle to open and close above that it didn't hold it right. So that's a false break, similar to what we've seen in the past right here, but it hit up with 65 bucks. It needs to hold that level, get trained continuation of consolidation over that level in order to get the continuation to push up to 63 bucks.

That's what you're waiting on right! So if it were to happen tomorrow, i think it's either gon na happen tomorrow or on thursday, just based on pure technical trend. No expectations right. This is just based on technical trend. It's either going to break for the upside very hard for the downside very hard.

I'm more inclined to believe just based on the bullishness of this huge consolidation period in this pendant formation, right that it's gon na break for the upside, but it could happen for the downside too right either way is possible. I'm just more inclined to believe it's for the upside so for what happened tomorrow. What you're looking for is a break over about 59 bucks a whole over that you want to hold over 59 for an hourly candle, since this is not a one hour. Candle set up this this overall technical trend for it happened on thursday, you'd be looking at about 58.20 or so so.

Those are the levels that you're watching for as it is right now and then the next level of resistance is going to be that 63 dollar level from 63 dollars 70 is going to be the next level of resistance. The reason that i come up with this is just based on the fact that you see touch points here in the past right. This is where you see the most overall rejection, one two three times it's tested that seven level got rejected. That'll be the next level of resistance, 77 dollars all-time high being that next level, i don't it's a pretty pretty big gap up from there right, it's a gap up from 63 to 70, not a lot of price action.

That's a gap to fill 70 to 77. Big gap to fill 77 and up you're, looking at 100 bucks and then 108 to 114, 108, 114 being the next zone that i'm watching for in terms of where the price would actually start getting. This sort of price action again or some sort of volatility. For the downside, some sort of rejection, that's what i've watched for right, worst case scenario.

I want to prepare you for everything. I'm not a bser right, i'm not here to float your boat, i'm here to tell you. This is an investment investments. Don't just go up.

They also go down right. That's part of the process, worst case scenario. What happens right? We got to be ready for it if you're an investor in amc stock. What is the worst case scenario that breaks down underneath this overall level? I've said it before i'll say it again right.

I look at fibonacci retracements. I look at previous trends to get an idea of where stocks can drop to and if this does not break for the upside, it's likely going to pop down to somewhere between 45. and 51 if it breaks beneath this overall pennant formation. So that's something you need to be ready for, especially if you're playing any sort of call option with a short expiration.

You need to watch for that lines and technical analysis are not. I see that all the time. It's nonsense. A lot of people make a lot of money, literally just playing technical analysis.

Even on stocks like this, i guarantee it. I promise you. This is how you like there's a lot of people are predicting the moves that are happening right now. I'm telling this stuff is doable, it's learnable, it's it's freaking employable! You can do it.

I promise you so watch for that. It's something to watch for someone to consider when making your own financial decisions draws up yourself come up with a game plan right have that in the back of your mind, if you're buying stock and you're hauling stock, you've got nothing to worry about. That's a discount! That's a discount you're sitting. Absolutely fine call offers are different ballgame here you got to mitigate risk with call options because they do expire right.

They don't last an infinite amount of time. So that's going to go for technical analysis. That's what i've got for this freaking video so guys. I say it again.

Please do not worry about that surgery. It's a really small one, literally just a one inch decision right here. I should be in and out within freaking literally no time and if we go to pluto during the meantime, man i'll be sitting there on my phone with some freaking local.

By Trey

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