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In this video, we discuss the SEC passing NSCC-2021-801, and the effects this could have on future trading in the stock market.
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You know what day it is. You don't really know what day it is. Let me know what day it is come on. Come on, come on you ready for this, it's taco tuesday, oh man.

What is up? Everybody welcome to trace trades. We have technical analysis on different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy holders sell opinions on these. Given stocks like the purpose might say that i'm not a financial advisor and or expert. So it's going to say the greatest salt.

Let's get into the video, i need to consider changing my intro, because i do a lot more with technical analysis these days, but regardless it's the motherfreaking nswc. We got the 801 approved today, my friends, so i kind of want to go over this and remind you guys of what this means. This is freaking good news. You should be clapping your hands, because this is going to hold hedge funds accountable.

So with that being said, i kind of want to talk about the nswc 2021-801. I don't think it's by accident by the way, there's no way that's by accident, but regardless i want to talk about this, and then i want to tie that into one of the actual new nscc filings that i just recently covered here on the channel. How these could actually work in tandem together, so this is a freaking awesome thing you can see here that this was approved on may 4th. It was federally released sec approval notice, slash federal register notice.

This is how you know that any of these proposals or rule filings have actually been approved by the sec with six securities exchange commission right, which means that they should go in effect now. It won't happen immediately. Right, there's usually a lag in time for which it takes for this to be actually enacted in the stock market, but it can take up to x amount of days, and then you know sometime in between there. You will see this go into place, so we're just going to kind of read over this uh.

This really quick. So you can see right here. On march 5th 2021, the nscc or the national security screening corporation filed with the sec advanced notice, sr nscc 2021-801. Pursuant to blah blah blah blah blah, essentially, what i want to remind you of is exactly what this is.

So i went through and read this document again and i i kind of highlighted some of the key important points and how this is going to tie back into amc stock how's. This going to help hold hedge funds accountable and really start forcing some freaking junk hands. Because they're playing goldfish and they're just bullshitting their way through everything here, so this is kind of the current rules. We have rocking right now for supplemental liquidity deposits.

That's what this is regarding to right liquidity deposits. This is essentially like a security backing to the nscc, because this nfcc right they've got kind of like an uh, an insurance type policy where, if members default on on a particular security right, they can't pay it out, they get margin called they don't have the liquidity To pay up the scc might have to cover for that and they're trying to find ways essentially to manage their own risk, manage members risk and cost everybody less money, because, frankly, their members or hedges out here are playing risky. Stupid games so check this out. Currently, the nscc only collects supplemental liquidity deposits during monthly options, expiry periods in order to cover the height and liquidity exposure resulting from increased trading activity around options expiration.

So what does this mean right? Typically, you see a spike in trading activity close to an options expiration date either for the upside or the downside. Typically it'll depend on if you've got more calls or puts the overall ratio. However, nonetheless, you will see a spike in trading activity. So what they're saying right now is that the national securities clearing corporation will monitor and require a supplemental liquidity deposit during these monthly expirations.

The problem with this, however, is that you have a lot other risky. You know trading and investing that takes place from its members outside of this one or two day period, every single month, right so they've kind of cracked. On this we can keep reading. Nfcc only collects supplemental liquidity deposits from its 30 largest members or group of affiliated members uh here and after providers right, so we just keep on reading through and that's essentially, what that talks about.

The proposed change is to change that from once a month to a daily checkup. Now, let's just read this as discussed above, the nscc may only collect supplemental liquidity deposits during monthly options, expiry periods under its current rules, however, nscc can face sudden liquidity shortfalls on any business day. This is factual, if i don't know why they face liquidity shortfalls is because their members put them in a really piss poor situation. Right they play, they play very risky investments, they short stocks, they shouldn't be shorted.

They over leverage stocks that shouldn't be overleveraged right and they're. Basically, like look, we have recognized that it's not just on option expiration days that we're seeing this ridiculous spike in volatility and risky behavior risky, investing decisions that ultimately comes back to you and comes back to me and causes everybody to be out a lot of money. So they're addressing that right, the nfc's, ah i choked on my spit the sec, can face some liquidity shortfalls on any business day, not just those business days that fall within monthly options. Expiry periods, particularly during volatile market conditions unrelated to options expiration to address this issue, and this was passed by the sec, keep that in the back of your mind, the nscc proposes to change the frequency at which it may collect supplemental liquidity deposits to each business day.

Based on a daily calculation - and it gets better, this proposed approach to collecting supplemental liquidity deposits should allow the nscc to respond quickly to any sudden liquidity shortfalls arising from a provider's activity, regardless of those of when those shortfalls occur right. So a daily checkup essentially think about it. Like this, let's say that your mom, you know once a month to check your homework, and she just assumes that you're gon na get your homework done. That you're, not gon na you're, not gon na, do anything wrong and she's checking, particularly at the times when you're the most stressed out when there's the most risk for you not to get your stuff done right.

So your mom keeps checking in month by month by month - and she just finds that month over month over month over month, that you're actually missing a lot of your homework and the time in between you're not hitting your homework on those specific dates. So she says you know what you know: what joe right screw this we're just going to check your homework every freaking day, i'm going to hand hold you every single freaking day to make sure that you're getting everything done, because, obviously it's not just during busy exam Season that you're not getting you're studying done you're, not you're, not passing your math test, blah blah blah blah blah right, so i'm gon na hand hold you through everything. That is what the nscc is doing right here, they're saying: look my reputation, your reputation, my liquidity. Your liquidity is both getting messed with right now, so we're going to hand hold you every single freaking day to make sure that you have liquidity, so we're not shortfalling on our liquidity right.

We don't have to basically come up with cash for your dumb mistakes right and they keep going on a little bit here. Provider will be obligated to provide a supplemental liquidity deposit on each business date in which a settlement activity causes a liquidity shortfall at the nscc. What does this mean over leveraging right if there's ever a situation where there could be a liquidity shortfall for the nscc, the national securities clearing corporation they're, going to require them to have a supplemental liquidity deposit on each business day, each individual business day? That's absurd! I mean think about this guys that is going to crack down on a lot of the junk that is happening with amc stock. I'm going to make another video about this because i'm freaking heated today, i honestly i was at work and i read that freaking tweet from adam aaron and just thinking about all these numbers and looking at the price action over the last couple months and oh you're.

Gon na have to watch it, but i'm gon na make that next, regardless, where i'm going with this, is that the supplements liquidity deposit on each business name, which that settlement activity causes like equity shortfall. They're just saying look like you're putting us at risk along with yourself and if you're not going to take care of yourself, i mean we're going to take care of ourselves at the very least we're just not going to. Let you put us in the in these bad situations. The sec will no longer need to estimate its liquidity need for providers expected settlement activity based on the provider's historical settlement activity.

Instead, each provider's deposit will be calculated based on nscc's actual liquidity need, based on the provider's daily settlement activity. In the event, the provider defaulted on that date, which nscc believes will provide both the nscc and providers, with a more reliable measure of the liquidity risks posed to the national securities cleaning corporation. So, to sum this up right, they're, saying we're done with these once a month, check-ins we're checking in on you every single day and if we feel like you are in a risky situation. They've said it right here.

If there is risk of you defaulting on that specific day, then we are going to make you put up a liquidity. Uh requirement right they're going to make you pay it up. They're, going gon na make you put in some freaking cash to protect yourself to protect the national securities corporate clearing corporation right and, ultimately, the retail investor. Because what does this prevent right? Sure it prevents the national securities clearing corporation from losing money? It might prevent some over leveraging on hedge funds, but for retail investors.

People like you and me this means that they might not short the stock as heavily. They might not create more naked short positions because there's risk associated now before they would just they would just play they'd go. You know screw it whatever blah blah blah, i'm assuming the risk, i'm assuming the risk, because we can just keep fabricating shares and doing xyz. But everything is freaking lining up, and i want to tie this into the recent proposal that was put out by the nscc.

As well right, this is coming from the dtcc website. I'm just going to pull this up here, really quick and it is nscc 2021-005, and this is talking again about liquidity right. We made a video about this increase, the nscc's minimum required fund deposit. They keep bumping stuff up.

This is to bump that fund requirement right the fund deposit from ten thousand to two hundred fifty thousand dollars, because eighty eight percent of all defaults, all money issues, all liquidity issues, all margin calls right could have been prevented by having that ten thousand dollar minimum fund Deposit bumped up to 250 250k and that ties in directly to what they've already done, they're starting to let the groundworks they're they're, making this very exact and what is the enforcement going to be well think about it like this? This is an sec signed document. Think about jordan, belford right, so jordan, belfort, the wolf of wall street was held accountable. I mean if there are hedge funds out there and people who manage hedge funds brokers, who are performing malicious criminal acts. They have to be held accountable and they can be held accountable and we've seen that it's happened.

So that's, ultimately, what i think is going to come down to here is they're, creating the rules in hard writing legally binding documents. Saying hey! If you do not follow these, you can be held legally responsible and 801 getting passed. Is both an omen and a good sign that we're heading in the right direction, but that's what i've got for this short little video here today. If you enjoyed it, blah blah blah consider subscribing drop a like.

You know the whole spiel, i'm gon na, be putting out another video here pretty shortly talking about amc as well, so make sure you check that out. It's gon na be talking about the three million share piece and then i'm going to talk about some of the manipulation and stuff. That's pissing me off about amc right now and then i'm going to wrap it up with a little bit of technical analysis just going over the trends that we saw here on the day, so that'll be a third amc, video and uh. You can expect that for me, so take it easy, my friends, my family, my fellow gorilla gang martial love catching the next one and peace.

By Trey

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