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Guys, i'm really i'm really happy because uh i i've been in showing my videos as uh, welcome to amish trades, where we walk fast and don't use gas, but i don't have to do that anymore, because the mustache is growing back. It's such a good day dude, although i got ta, say it wouldn't make sense to start riding horses with how expensive gas has been so it's kind of tip for ten. Welcome back to traders trades great to see you guys, looking forward to saying i'm out of firefighters in the financial place. People say: they're gon na salt uh we're gon na talk primarily about amc today, but there are two announcements and two big things that i'd like to start off with uh just to get the the book moving the the game rolling number one.

I am going back to youtube, live streaming, uh for two hours, a day from one o'clock central until three o'clock central, i will be live on youtube and i'm going to show you guys a graphic here, because it does involve a couple other things i do stream On, slash anti-juicer every single day, you want to go watch that you sure can uh, but we're going to be making a comeback here, and i've asked myself in it. This is something that that people have asked a lot. It's probably my most asked question is: when are you going to start live streaming on youtube again and i'm going to be straight with you, i mean the reason i haven't live streamed on youtube is because i felt uncomfortable. I felt uncomfortable uh because my my the last few streams that i sort of had didn't didn't feel good.

You know it was a lot of uh people, sort of uh digging into you and getting into uh uh into some of the uh failures that maybe you've had and uh. It makes you feel some sort of way. You know it doesn't feel good to be pricked and prodded uh all the time, but i've come back to and what i've realized is. This is up here for me.

You know you can choose what you pay attention to. You pay attention to the 99 good good things or the one percent bad things and that's sort of a hard psychological barrier to get over but uh. I think this is the beginning and i'm very happy for it. I'm very happy to come back to uh to youtube, live streaming and we're gon na be cooking with cusco.

Once again, my friends number two, the whiteboard podcast. This is something that uh, the masked investor and myself have been quietly working on. In the background - and this is not stock related, so if you want to check out the whiteboard podcast, you can just know that these are conversations that are not primarily focused on amc and gamestop. This is going to be happening simultaneously to all the other content that him and both him and i both sort of uh work on or whatever, but if you're interested in this, the first episode is actually going to launch starting tomorrow.

You can hit this little subscribe. Button and there's a bell: if you want to hit it nonetheless, amc right amc is sitting in an actually very interesting spot. I made a video not too long ago and the title of this was time to get greedy. So if i pull up my channel really quick you're going to see this and the purpose of this video is actually pretty straightforward.

I filmed this one at the airport. Just got off a plane, but time to be greedy. Uh was centered around a specific point. In the chart, this is five days ago uh.

We are obviously on a three-day weekend. So if you come back to that period in time, what you're gon na find is that it was about the bottom of this little channel. Now what particularly about you know, sort of where this is sitting and where amc is sitting right now, uh made me think to myself it's time to be greedy, it's time for this thing to uh, to make some decent moves. Well, very simply put it is these channels, technical analysis, ta right, you look at this falling resistance, falling support and what happens respectively, and what sort of the repercussions of a touch point on each of these has been uh in every single instance.

So you can look right if we come back here and you take a look at this tap tap tap tap every time that it's tapped this below trendline. This falling support is bounced back up to resistance and every time it's tapped resistance, it's fallen back down to support. You can see it here here here here here and not quite here yet right now it didn't quite tap down on this support line like i would like to see uh, but then again it didn't back here, neither as it was starting to wind up to come Up to what was 34. uh, the exact point that i'd rejected well uh.

This lined up pretty well with the 382 retracement as well as this falling resistance line. Now what i would anticipate is coming for amc. You know - and this is actually very well backed by fundamentals which we can look over here. As top gun maverick, has set a memorial day box office record with 156 million opening weekend uh.

You can back this up with fundamentals and and with the short interest and the data that kind of lines up with amy right now, and you can make a conclusion. The conclusion is pretty straightforward: you don't have a cost, to borrow, that's really associated right now, because it is the weekend, but it was starting to creep up about eight percent average uh utilization's at 100. Short interest uh by the books, is at an all-time high shares. I'm owned by the books is that 174 million shares, which is an all-time high.

It's a 10 increase compared to didn't realize my camera was frozen. I'm gon na keep talking, i'm gon na fix the camera. So don't worry, but what i was saying is: these are all-time high factors right and, if you're at all-time high factors and you're starting to see the relationship of fundamentals, improving you're, starting to see that uh movies really are not dead. I saw it that tim uh, tim poole, i think, is his name he's got the tim cass show uh, he came out and said: has anyone else noticed that that uh uh movie theaters are dead right and i'm just thinking to myself? Like i don't know what you're talking about, because all these pictures are in the comments section stating pretty much the exact opposite, you're kind of going against the grain here with the the flow of what is uh being presented right and i've stated this before.

This is a new information, but something, i think is really important is uh. You see divergences in markets right uh, if you think back to june of 2021, when euphoria was at an all-time high right. Basically, everyone was in a euphoric state of mind. It was probably the closest thing that i'll ever experience in my lifetime to heaven on earth, you know we're all riding an immense immense high.

These are the moments in which uh, typically markets will pull back, and i use this as an example just because we know what that feeling looks like uh when you're at you fork, you fork highs and this kind of translate over to the spy as well uh. You start to see the the lows start to begin right. This kind of happened. Pretty quick.

I mean you look at this. It doesn't look like anything. Crazy, just looks like another little micro pullback, like we've gotten in the past. Maybe this maybe this, maybe this, which you know it just kind of bounced and rally.

However, these euphoric highs were met with lowest immense, immense periods of fear and, if you're looking at amc right now right, not only do you have an immense immense amount of fear, or did we have an immense immense amount of fear sort of being portrayed by the Public uh by the media, by uh, by analysts whatever, but you have a divergence in fundamental improvement. You have a divergence in data, you have a divergence and buyers, and this is all verifiably true. You can look at the unbalanced volume, the obv, and you can see that more people are starting to buy amy, in fact, you're getting a huge push up here by the obv in the last couple days. With this buying spree, that's been happening, and this comes back to the accumulation phase that we've sort of been in, and you look at these institutions which, by the way, are likely lending out shares.

So it's tit for tat. You know uh. It just shows that there's interest in the stock, it doesn't necessarily mean that you're gon na go to uh to an x price target. Just means that there are institutions that are buying and they could be lending shares and they might not be lending shares.

But if you look at the institutional uh ownership in amc, what you're gon na find is, it has been steadily increasing. You have you have huge huge numbers that, according to fintel proof that buyers are taking place here? Massive amounts. Amc institutional ownership since june has only gone up. Look at this look at this graphic.

What does this tell you? It tells you a that. This is more ammo for shorts to be borrowing shares uh, which gives you more of an upside when things actually squeeze out and number two. It shows you that there's interest in institutional ownership. There was a a fund not too long ago, and i made a video on this in which sold tesla to buy amc.

That tells you something right: tesla's, a phenomenal company. If you're selling tesla for amy, you would expect better uh consistent or these better or consistent returns right very important. So where are we at right lows, max amounts of fear, spy beginning to bottom at max amount of fear, or at least getting a rally off of this max amount of fear? I don't know if this is the bottom uh i've talked about this before. If you want to see my thoughts on the spy check out my last video right - and this is going to translate to really everything a spy rally is going to equal amc rally, it's gon na equal gamestop rally and it has - and it has - and this tells You everything that you really need to know right, we've seen the fear and that's the great time to be buying.

These are the times in which uh the the old saying of in a bear market, the buyers win and the losers sell right. Tells you everything you need to know, so i expect that of amy uh coming off of this phenomenal top gun maverick memorial day office, record 156 million dollar opening uh, which is phenomenal. I mean tom cruise absolutely slayed the nut sack of this dragon as setting up sort of a a nice three-day week in anticipation which could move the stock. It may not move the stock who knows, but regardless you do have momentum from a technical perspective.

This looks like a clean bob, clean reversal, clean rally. The volume on the daily candles is coming with it. You finished off with a really strong daily candle and the volume was increased alongside it. I would be more concerned with this.

This volume uh this this candle. I should say if the volume wasn't following through, because this is really no retracement, you didn't get any retracement on uh on the day when this thing was making the moves that it did. But it didn't matter in the end, because you had the volume to back the move which shows the strength behind this. This looks very reminiscent of sort of this double bottom that we got back here at 13 when it moved up to 34..

Now, what would the equivalent be right? This is with a holy grail. This is what's going to be important. Ta matters technical levels matter, and this is what i'm watching for i've circled this back here, because i thought this would take longer. But at the end of the day, this trend line is the holy grail.

If you're looking for sort of the starting point, the the match, that is going to light the ignition behind a massive move in amy, it's gon na, be this. It's gon na be this trend line. If it was to happen in a couple days, this would line up with 10 june. It would look like about 26 bucks, so clean over a clean break over 26.

Bucks would bring you then to about here right that 34 magic marker. You break 34 bucks at that point, then you're, looking at probably the last touch point which is 45 and then 51., and then you can really start scratching your head and thinking. Is this gon na be the chance for a new all-time high right? We got to first cross this bridge. This bridge is at about 26 bucks if it was to happen on 10 june and the further along you slide, the lower the trend line, false, which means it'd be about 25 in july.

If you were to come over to august to be about 23.50 uh, but the point still stands right patterns represent something until they are invalidated and this pattern has not been invalidated, which tells us two things. It tells us that hey coming off this trend line, bounce you're inclined to see a bounce up to this trend line. If it rejects off this trend line, you were inclined to see it bounce back down to this trend line, and you just keep going back and forth until one of these trend lines gives out now. I am on the ape side of this.

The bull side of this, i believe that amc is an under valued company at current prices. It, which is just a bold statement right. It's a very bold statement, considering the fact that uh, they are negative cash flow uh. They they have been losing money quarter over quarter and the way that i would evaluate this and the way that i sort of attach a price to this is based on forward-looking, uh valuation.

It i i believe that tesla, for example, a company uh that trades that massive market, a massive market cap, massive amounts of money trades on forward earnings. They trade on the belief that in the future, this company will represent x, price target uh and, i believe, the same with amy. I think that there is going to come a day when they are cash flow positive. I think there's going to be a day when shorts in this, which have only piledrived in and have only gotten, larger and larger and larger are going to pay their dues they're going to have to close their positions, because, oh my camera.

What a great time when shorts are going to have to close their positions when the reckoning date will come right. All shorts are our future buyers and your bet is: when are they going to buy? When are these guys going to pay their fair share? I believe it's going to be when they don't necessarily want to what is going to benefit long positions, long's greatly outnumbered uh greatly. I remember the shorts here and then technically we just set up nice. We just really are.

I think the spy continues to rally as it has. This is gon na look really good for amy. I think if the spy taps here at about 422 bucks, you're gon na see it tap up to about 440. In which case, you might have seen a temporary bottom uh, which is also going to translate, as i've said, and as i've really doubled and tripled and quadrupled down on for some time now.

Uh is a rally into amy. Amy will rally with a spy and as long as this continues, i think you're gon na see some stuff you're gon na be happy with. I really do. I really do hope you guys enjoyed memorial day weekend.

I am thankful for all of our veterans out there active duty service service members, i'm thankful for my dad thankful for my grandpa and i'm thankful for everybody, my friends, my family, all you guys and anybody that i don't know every day and especially today, uh for Your service, so i appreciate you, thank you so much for tuning in and here's to a week huh. I really do think there's a chance here. I think, there's a i think, there's a good chance. The spy continues its rally, which is going to translate to what my short-term pt is price target, which isn't that 25-26 dollar range as long as the spy can continue.

This rally, man, uh you're, set up for an opportunity and the opportunity's there and the ammo is definitely loaded. The gun is loaded and uh. I'm excited to see what happens. So that's what i got for you guys appreciate you all tune in next time.

Much lovely taps peace.

By Trey

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