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Oh, oh, what's up what's up, what's up, what's up, what's up youtube, welcome back to freaking trace trades! I know it's been a minute since we've done a live stream here, but it's good to be back and just kind of chill and chat with people here on the weekend. I'll tell you what things have been freaking crazy for the last uh last week or two with work with these heart appointments and stuff. I have not even been able to take a freaking lunch break here lately, but if you're gon na come back and just chat with everybody here on this live stream and catch up with the community, because, honestly i miss you guys freaking miss you guys. It's it's been a minute night.

I miss being able to do these. These bell-to-bell live streams that i used to do so we're going to be uh, just freaking logged on here and chat with everybody for a couple hours just see. What's up, you know, shoot the whatever it is answer. Some questions have some chats have some fun whatever it may be check this out, though, we've got a lamp.

The og lamp over here in the corner and i've got a new lamp that was actually made. For me, by a guy who we're going to call pops check this out lamp off lamp on lip balm lamp off, that's so cool! Look at this thing! Look at that! That's freaking sick! So, whenever i can get back to these build-a-bell live streams, people want to have off lamp-on we're going to have the og lamp, the mistress, showing here in the corner, we're also going to have the ape lamp a plant baby. That's the that's! The coolest cranium thing i've ever seen in my entire life man super super dope double rx. I appreciate that man trace new guy lamp.

Yes, sir, let's go it's good to see the chat freaking having some having some fun here. Is ken griffin going to jail for fraud? I'm not going to point fingers to anybody! That's up for you, individual people. You know to kind of come to your own conclusion on what i will say is this. I think, there's a widespread systemic issue.

That's led to what you're watching happen with amc. A lot of people are messing up right so when the freaking crackdown gets laid, there's gon na be some people who who definitely are in some deep deep trouble, light taps light taps baby, i'm not gon na bang. My chest hard anymore, you guys definitely don't like when i do that, but that's okay, that's all right! Trey's back! I know man. I missed this.

I missed this for sure. So what this whole kind of you know piece is gon na be is just i'm gon na give you guys a little bit of an introduction on where i think amc is sitting right now i want to talk about the short interest. I want to talk about the low volume because i think some people are concerned with the low volume and maybe what that means for implications on the stock. But i'm going to walk you through some of these questions that i've seen kind of pop up on twitter.

On youtube, in my discord, uh instagram, whatever may be just some of the you know, commonly asked questions that i've seen kind of rolled around here. So i want to start off here with ortex and i actually tweeted this out right before i got onto the live stream, because i think it's a pretty fascinating thing to see. The short interest is at 18.67 right now, which is about 95 million total shares that are shorted into the market. Now the cool thing to see is a discrepancy between that and the shares on loan.

If you've been watching amc for a couple of months, you will notice that the shares on loan used to be much higher. It was like 130 40, 150 million, and there was a gap between what the shares on loan was and the actual short interest in the market, and that is a much smaller gap right now, which leads me to believe that a lot of the shares on loan. If they're just being held and we're sorted into, the market are now actually shorted into the market, which is pretty fascinating right and another cool thing to see, and this is actually going to be, i think surprising, to a lot of people and actually, i hope it Gives you some hope in terms of where the stock is actually sitting? The short interest right now is higher than when it ran up to 72 dollars check this out. 17.48 was the estimator interest of free float back on june, 2nd, which is when the stock price ran up to 72 bucks right now, it's sitting at 18.56 percent on the 24th of june and 18.67 as of the 25th of june, which is pretty freaking cool stuff Right so you got ta zoom out here, a little bit right, there's been heavy shorting, that's been taking place in the market overall.

After this run up to 72 bucks. I mean it went from 11 short interest. All the way up to 18 right so shorts are doubling back down their positions, which is just raising that overall floor and raising the ceiling on the stock and where this thing can squeeze up to. If that's something that you want to see happen, obviously, so i'm pretty freaking jacked about that.

How many times i got ta teach this lesson. Oh man, god that's cool! It just gets me going. So, that's something that i think is a good thing to zoom out on and really take into full consideration when you're watching the stock price. And then the other thing i want to talk about is the overall volume that you're seeing on any given day right.

So the volume is going down here a little bit, but that is because, in my opinion, we are in a consolidation phase right we're doing the up and down training sideways the boring fluff in the middle right. You make a good cheeseburger. A good cheeseburger will have lettuce, cheese, tomato, some grilled, onions, some freaking nice mayo right. But what i call this fluff right now is the lettuce right.

The lettuce adds to the burger. You don't get a burger and say hi, just like a bun and some lettuce, all right. You got to put that lettuce on because it adds to the taste of that freaking nice juicy patty right. So what you're watching happen right now is these condiments? Those condiments are getting laid down on the burger until the burger's done cooking up right.

So this is the stuff in the middle that i think really helps contribute to that overall price act in the meantime of that the von's gon na go lower right because to be completely blunt right, this is okay, it's not a bad thing. It's just the truth! Right now, this isn't a formal play right. People are not trying to pile into this at this exact moment. You know thinking, oh my god, i'm gon na miss out on this run.

I'm gon na miss on this run right. This is the fluff in the middle that gets this to be a formal play again right, fomo lasts for a very short period of time. Fomo happens when you see there's no better stock in the stock market. In that exact moment in time to buy than you know there, it is right now right.

This is the middle stuff that gets you there, which is why that volume is decreasing right now, how's that volume gon na come back. It's gon na take some sort of technical breakout right, technical analysis. This is where it comes into play. Is you get a technical breakdown and people are going to start piling back into this thing again, because people like to buy green people like to sell red? That's just the basic psychology of how charts and how the stock market typically works.

So what does that technical breakout? Look like i'm telling you i've said it a million times i'll, say it every single time at 63 right it's that 63 dollar move you're gon na hold over 63 bucks. It's going to bring you to that 70 mark, but that's where i think the volume is really going to start piling back into this thing again. So am i concerned about lower volume, not on the least bit right. Volume just drives volatility for the upside of the downside, so less volume means less volatility and in some sort of consolidation phase it means that you've got less opportunity for a stock to get driven down, which is exactly what we want to see right.

I do not mind lower volume and consolidation think about this right. If you had a lot of volume in a consolidation phase or in a downtrend phase, it would mean that a lot of people are trying to get out of the stock they're trying to sell the stock right. So they have lower volume when the stock is doing. Nothing means that people are just simply holding that's the basic psychology of what's happening right now, so i'm not concerned with lower volume.

It's boring right, it's not fun to watch. I understand that but patience. My friends, patience absolutely just got to be patient. That's what i'm waiting on right now, so, each passing day as this continues to go, if you need anything to sit in your mind if you're an amc shareholder, this is what i come back to right.

This is what i think about all the time. If i was to sell amc stock right now, would i be comfortable going short on this stock in the market for a prolonged period of time? My answer to that is no right. I think it's a death wish to go short on this stock. So if you were to sell right now - and you wouldn't be comfortable going short, i think you're doing yourself a disservice.

Of course, that's your own financial responsibility, it's a decision to make, but i don't think this is a good short. I still don't think it's a good short. I don't think it'll ever be a good short, but that's all that i need to think about when i'm looking at amc stock right, patience, patience, patience, patience, anything worth doing in life does not come easy does not come quick right. Amc is a patient's play and that's kind of what i've got for this sort of little intro talking about the short interest talking about the volume and where we're kind of sitting right now, so hopefully that's some sort of uh.

I guess you guys, like that. Burger analogy burgers are decent man, they're freaking decent. I love burgers. Yes, sir, hey you guys, let me know if this is lagging at all.

I think it's good. On my end, it looks good. I've got the bit right down pretty solid so that we can uh all cook with crisco and be chilling and just enjoy the day. But if we need to lower that bitrate, i definitely will, but it looks good on my end.

The the stream is saying that things are looking pretty solid, not lagging dope lemon peppa, tendees baby. Let's go no leg, awesome yakub, placenta, 100 of japanese. I love it. That's gold! No issues! Awesome! That's good! We're not rocking that stupid.

Freaking, uh 64-bit, wi-fi that uh. That i was cooking on before this is an airbnb that i'm staying at right now. I think i'll be here until probably early july and then i'm gon na try and find uh a more stable place that i'll be for a little while, just until i find out the exact day that i'm getting open-heart surgery, because when i get that open-heart surgery That will send me back to north carolina so that i can get that surgery, i'm gon na, get it at duke, actually and then i'll be able to recover at my house. The recovery process is typically a couple months, two to three months, something like that uh in that time frame and that's where they're gon na send me to get that done so uh for now, i'm just gon na bounce around airbnb's.

That's what i'm gon na do this place has freaking wired internet, which is huge. I love that wired internet definitely helps out a lot, but um yeah that's kind of what i'm rocking with right now lemon peppa. Yes, sir, i could probably do i've gotten family and friends to join ape nation, because i also believe apes together, strong lfg baby. Yes, sir, that's what's up felipe, i i think that's it or fill up one of the two, oh, what no no v-neck! Today.

It's a little chilly in here, i'm wearing a i'm wearing a tank underneath this. So eventually, if i get too warm i'll take this off, but i was truly, i was chilling when i woke up. It's always freaking, like 90 to 100 degrees outside so uh. I try to keep the inside a little bit a little bit nice and cool burgers and tandy's.

This, sir sir glad uh you made, you smiling youtube gamer named zilbrad. He is on the gme moon ape gaming has 2.4 million followers. He would be a great connection. His name is zil brad huh.

Let me check this out real, quick i'll. Look him up i'll. Look him up man, it's so good to be back! I missed you guys. Really! I did.

This sort of stuff makes me smile. I love doing this honestly. This is my happy place. This is my happy place.

This is where i really uh, where i can have a lot of fun and just let loose and chill with the freaking gang man. This is fun. Look at that gamestop will be worth 30.. Oh man he's a big channel.

That's wild! Look at this guy. How old is he? Does anybody know how old he is? He looks kind of young, maybe late, teens early 20s. This is not apex, legends i'll toss them a sub i'll check them out i'll check them out right. You and matt need to take us to the moon me and matt are like freaking.

This dude me and matt are good good friends. I love uh. What i love doing is going on twitter and starting just some random stuff, like i tweeted this out to matt earlier today. I saw this and this just made me chuckle uh, it's it's matt's face on loki.

I love that. Oh man, that's gold, that's gold! Trey! Looking good my brother, let's keep getting into those short wallets positive vibes for a positive week enjoy my man. Definitely man amen brother dude, it's uh, i'm absolutely just chilling out um. This isn't just a patience play man the longer that the shorts hold their positions.

The more room there is on the table for them to lose just based on the short borrow fee rate right that cost, to borrow that annualized interest rate and the fact that they're just down a crap time. I mean i've, showed this before i'll show it again. The average position on amc for a short is is very, very low. I mean it's in that 10 to 15 dollar range now check this out right average days on loan 31 days.

It's gone down, which means that there are probably some new shorts that are being established, which wouldn't make sense with this uptick in short interest. Right now, just check this out 31 days ago, we're just going to call it a flat month. So may 27th right. If you look back on may 27th, what was the average price right? Average price will meet somewhere in the middle of 18.29.

We'll call that 20 bucks right. So the average short position right now is down 20 40. Almost 200 percent right, that's a huge, huge loss. So that's astronomical honestly: it's a pretty wild thing to think and that's just the average right there could be some that are lower than that ten dollars.

Nine dollars, eight dollars: 12. 13. 14. 15 right it could be a huge.

You know freaking range of actual short positions, so it's pretty wild to think about man. We've got all the time in the world as an amc investor and an amc holder. They do not they're fighting those automated margin calls which is pretty wild, not really a q. A just commentating, no i'm answering questions, i'm answering questions, i'm going through all this stuff appreciate you.

I appreciate you brother. This is our happy place as well, amen who family love and appreciate you trey. I appreciate you too brother love. You brother, been home since january.

Your heart surgeries in three days, are you nervous? How are you feeling i wish you the best yeah, so this first heart surgery that i'm getting is pretty minor. It shouldn't be anything bad, it's uh, it's actually on wednesday. So what that's going to be essentially is it'll, be a small incision right here around my sternum and they're, putting in something called a loop monitor. So i can show you what this looks like it's like two inches long.

It's nothing crazy, loop, monitor and essentially, all that it's going to do is track the arrhythmia that i've got right. So i don't know which model it is. Maybe this one, maybe that one. I don't know it's one of these two but they're just going to put that in my chest and then sew it back up.

The whole procedure takes like a half hour or something uh, and then i should be able to recover within 24 to 48 hours. I think they're actually going to give me work out for the rest of the week, so i'll get wednesday thursday off for sure, but maybe friday as well just depends on how i'm feeling but um. If i need the full three days, they're gon na give it to me, which means that i've got more time to give to you guys. So i'm pretty happy with that.

It shouldn't be anything crazy. I'm i'm i'll be fine. You know it is what it is. I'm gon na go in i'm gon na get it done.

I'm gon na go get myself some freaking subway baby to kick back and recover it'll be fine man. I like to think that i'm just going to be the next iron man. You know it's like an arc reactor. I want that big one.

I want this big sucker right here. This uh this arc reactor looking thing. So when i'm looking at myself in the mirror, i just look like i'm going to draw like a like uh some lights or something beaming out of that sucker it'll be cool. Honestly, i'm excited it'll be fun to look at.

I think it's gon na look sick. Oh man, i asked the doctor, i said: am i gon na be able to see that protruding out of my skin and he said well you're kind of built like a stick, so i think so like yeah, let's go, let's go it'll really be a reason not To do hard taps anymore, i got ta stick with those light taps, so i'm gon na shatter that thing in my heart. So now i actually have a reason. Oh man light taps.

Yes, sir top five anime right now i would say it's uh, my hero, academia. One piece i like the original dragon - ball - z, super's good, but it's not as good as the original z um. I watched attack on titan. I have not read the manga, so don't spoil it for me, but i i do like attack on titan quite a bit.

That's a death note. It's probably on that top five as well. I like death, note a lot hey bud. My son was blown away with your response to his bar encouraged heart surgery picture a week or so ago.

Glad to see you back totally, not the fbi. Oh man, well i'm glad to hear that man. I hope your son's doing all right. He really isn't my thoughts.

I know that sort of stuff is stressful man. It stressed me out in the past, but uh all you can do is lean on your people. Man, people first always so, take care of your son. Let him know that you love him, that's the most that you can do man.

What do you do? Trey? If you don't mind me asking, i can give you some some kind of really basic rundown on what i do. I can't talk about it in detail or i'll get in trouble, but forbes already put it out there. So now, at this point, it's no secret. I'm in the army right, so i'm an active duty officer in the army.

I can't say any more than that right. I work a full-time job uh, it's just like an eight to five, depending on the day some days, it's a little less hour some days. It's more hours, but that's essentially what i do uh, i'm just that's yeah, that's my job! That's as much as i can say, demon slayer is also good. Yeah hunter x hunter.

I hope they pick that back up again soon, uh so much love to you. Amigo mornings, just aren't the same without you amc the moon, oh the strong since january. So here's a question for you guys. Would you rather, would you rather i made a morning video every single day, because that's what i've been doing right i'll make a morning video and then i'll make an evening video or would you rather that i live stream for an hour to an hour and a Half in the morning and then just make an evening video you guys, let me know i'm down for either right.

I try to provide value in the way that you guys see, because i'm here for you genuinely i'm just trying to give you guys what you want to see. So if you would rather you know, i made, i did a live stream instead of making a morning video. I could definitely do that. It's just uh, you know, ultimately, what you guys want live, live, live you look better today.

Thank you, man. I had a. I had a good amount of food and slept like a freaking demon. Yesterday i needed it so much.

I think i actually i napped for like four or five hours, and i slept for a good eight, so that had to be 12 or 13 hours of sleep which i definitely needed. It looks like it's overwhelmingly live yeah. All right looks like i'm just gon na go back to the live streams in the morning. Then we'll live stream so that what that'll probably look like then is.

I usually have to go check in with my boss at uh six in the morning. So i get back at around 6 30 or so, and i can live stream for about an hour to an hour and a half after i get back. So that's that's what we'll do then that's what we'll rock with for sure man. Thank you.

Nate smolder boulder yeah, where are my glasses man, where am i or my aviators hold on i got ta, find my aviators got ta find those suckers. Oh there they go. Should we should we hit you with the smaller boulder quick? Should we do it all right here we go we're gon na rock you real, quick with the smolder boulder, hey, hey! I can't see. I can't see the bots with my aviators on man.

That's what these are. That's what they're for that's what they're for? Oh man josh. Thank you for that live stream during your surgery. I don't know if i could do that.

That'd be pretty wild that'd be pretty wild. Oh geez, hey man. I know the volume is a little bit low right now. Typically, on sundays, the volume is a little low, but we'll do the lamp off lamp on thing.

Maybe that'll, maybe i'll get the volume kicking up here. I know that's something some people are stressed about, but hopefully that helps out here. Oh man, banana burgers. I don't know i've never had a banana burger.

I don't know if that would that would taste good, but you know you know peanut butter burgers are good. I've tried that out. Try that out. We love talking with you.

I love talking to you too jordan man. This is honestly, my uh. This is my happy place. This is the stuff that that really like, because i'm an extroverted guy right, the sort of stuff that really gets me going is connecting with people right.

I love hearing stories. I love uh. I love feeling like i'm actually contributing to something bigger than myself right. That's that's! Really where my happy spot is so i love doing these live streams.

Man, absolute absolute madness! You should go live at market opener 30 minutes before i could do 30 minutes before. Actually, like an hour to an hour and a half before uh, typically market, open, 8 30 central standard time, i got to be at work before that. So uh, it's it's tough. It just depends on the day all right started following you when i was in afghanistan.

Have converted a lot in my platoon to apes lee light taps baby? Let's go that's so hard. I wan na i wan na freaking just pound on my chest. That's my thing. I've done that for years.

I've done that for years, even ever since college honestly, but that's sick man, that's awesome. I i've never deployed, thankfully, and i'm glad you're you're back i'm assuming back home and safe in the states, but man i hope they uh. Hopefully, you guys make some freaking filthy tendees, the 11 pep attendees coming from tendy 10 baby you're an extrovert! Isn't that crazy duncan that's wild? How often do i get recognized on the street? Surprisingly, it's it's ticking up here, a little bit uh, where i, where i live uh when i go to work and stuff people, people walk up to me all the time like are you uh? Are you? Are you trey like what, if i go to the food court to get subway, i go to this this little. You know shop at this gas station to get subway because it's uh, you know a little quieter.

I don't have to. I don't have to walk around as much, but every time i go there, someone walks up and they're like hey, i'm like no way this is wild, but it happens a little bit a little bit for sure it's it's interesting for sure. They recognize me at some way, dude. I don't have to say my order anymore.

They're, like this guy's, getting three cookies he's getting some bigger chips, he's gon na get either a steak and cheese, a spicy, italian or a meatball pepperoni baby. Yes, sir, my dude, let's effing, go nothing worthwhile comes easy, trey gang wyler good to have you back brother, it's good to see you it's good to see. You don't eat the fake tuna. I've never had a tuna from subway man tune up to me.

It doesn't even smell good i'll feed that to the cats. Here's one share of amc. You, the man, hey! Thank you. I appreciate that finale.

Oh final, i didn't say that out loud. I appreciate that man, that's awesome. That's awesome! Low volume due to hedge algorithms, slowing so here's, my hypothesis on the low volume, i think it's two things right. Consolidation and low volume means that people are holding the stock right so think about this on a typical day, if you're looking at the inflow and the outflow, the inflows typically either a little bit less than the outflow or drastically more and on the days where you Have you know low volume and the inflow is relatively close to that outflow? It means that people are holding right.

It means that the actual retail investor, the core group of people who are controlling amc stock price who hold the stock right they're, not selling it they're. Just holding that thing right, this is this is my personal opinion right. This is just something that i think the apes are not selling amc stock and you won't know what the institutions are doing until the 13 f's come out, but i think any sort of moves for the upper downside. Hard right are majority institutions and that's you know it makes sense.

I mean think about this. If you're an institution, you got an average position at 11 and it runs up to 72. There's good odds that a lot of these guys are going to take profits because they're, not you know, i'm not going to say they're, not they're, not apes, but they're, not apes. You know they're, not the retail investor group they're, helping the cause right, but they're, not apes, they're, not playing the game that the apes are playing, they're playing the bulls and the bears game right.

Apes aren't doing that right. So any of these drastic moves for the upper downside, right aids control about eighty percent of the float other twenty percent short positions, institutions, insiders right whatever man to be right. That's where you're seeing these moves to the up and the downside and the fact that it's in this consolidation phase on low volume to me means that a the apes are holding b. Any sort of price move for the upper downside is just hedge funds, playing the high frequency trading game up and down up and down up and down.

Until you end up getting a technical breakout and the apes come back for some massive big fat freak attendees, you know that's kind of what you got rocking right now now something that i would like to say, which i think is important is call options right now. Right calls: are you know the the thing that options? Market makers, like the most when they write up call options contracts or puts, is when stocks do this right. They're, just trading sideways they're, not making any drastic moves for the upper downside, because that's where they make their money right, they collect premium and if a stock you know an option, expires worthless, that's where they make their cash right. They just get to keep that premium.

So, if you're going to play, calls at this current moment of time right, something that i would always say this is just my opinion. Do what you got to do with your financial responsibility is a make sure that you are holding underlying stock, because i think that's important and b give yourself some runway, because theta on call options right now is pretty high right. I mean you're going to lose a lot of value in your intrinsic intrinsic value on your call on uh. You know one week expiration so looking at these 55 to 60 strikes the theta on these is 40 cents, a share which is 40 bucks a contract, and if that contract right now is worth four dollars and 30 cents, i mean dang, i mean you can really Lose a lot of that value on each passing day on a call like this, so just give yourself some runway on expiration, right, i'd, say anywhere between four to six weeks, just because we are in that consolidation phase right now.

We don't know when it's going to end and i don't think it's a super great idea to give yourself such a small runway on call options. So that's just what i would say about this uh. You know the low low volume kind of the theta decay right. The current consolidation phase that we're in right now uh omari.

I have not missed your super chat, yet i'm just going in order. I got you brother, don't worry, don't you sweat it spoon? I've got spoon rocking right now. You never know what some more spiders are going to come. You never know you never know appreciate you bud, keep on with the fight.

Thank you, brian. I appreciate that brother catch you later matthew, thanks for tuning in man, appreciate it uh. Is it true that charles schwab is calling members to ask if they can lend uh stock? I have seen that floating around and i've actually seen multiple people fact check. I haven't called charles schwab right, so i can't speak with 100 certainty, but what that would mean to me is they don't want to take on any sort of additional risk or exposure to lending stock for short positions to institutions that want to short from charles schwab? Right, that's pretty monumental! So what i would you know, kind of and anticipate and hypothesize that to mean is they don't want to take out any additional stock to borrow for shorters and there's, probably not a lot of additional stock for them to borrow in the first place, a lot of It's probably eaten up and they don't want to take on that additional risk.

Think back to when we ran up to 72 bucks right 77, actually that same sort of thing started happening a couple weeks before that. So if that's any sort of anticipation and hint as to what could be coming, i'm pretty pretty jacked about that. That could be cool, but i think something important to mention is this: when you're looking at any sort of research, due diligence, number crunching, you know any of that sort of stuff, is it guaranteed? Is anything guaranteed right? You don't want to disprove fact through speculation. The fact that i like to watch is the short interest trend right.

I like to look at the technicals i like to think about the hypothesis behind the short position and the long position. So we understand fully what's going on with the mc stock, and is it guaranteed to happen right if it's not guaranteed to happen, it's not worth getting our hopes up for it's not worth setting expectations. So it's a good thing to keep in the back of your mind, but don't expect anything from it right it just could be something that could be hinting at something to come right. What i believe is this: is this a good short right now? No, it's a terrible short right now.

Is this going to go up more? I believe so right. That's what i'm sticking true to is. There's there's fairly deliverers, there's high frequency training, there's naked shorting, that's taking place, there's off exchange and dark portraying is taking place. That's all i need to see.

That's all the due diligence that i need to know that amc and the amount of people who are angry about all this sort of malpractice. Corruption and fraud that takes place in the stock market are going to continue to buy and hold right. You want to look at. You know something that says: hey eights aren't happy with as high as this has gone.

Yet just look at how this is trading right. It's still trading back and forth in that 50 range. If this was a pump and dump - or this is done, it would have gone to seventy seven dollars and it would have sold off you wan na know why eighty percent of the stock is held by apes right. If the apes were happy with seventy seven dollars, they would have taken profits and would have dumped.

That's all you need to know. That's the basic psychology of charts, so i think there's much more on the table here, i'm absolutely fine with where this is sitting. We just got to wait it out lamp off lamp. Let's get that freaking volume jacked up.

Yes, sir. Yes, sir glad to see you good spirits, man ready for this monday's massive boom boom candles. Let's go boom boom candles baby, yes, sir! Yes, sir andre's so excited to see on the weekend stephanie. I appreciate that i i haven't heard from you guys in a minute.

You know i like chat with everybody and uh catching up and shooting the buzz. So why sixty dollars a resistance so 63 dollars? I can't tell you why it's a resistance - all we can say is that it's a respected level of resistance on the charts. I see this pop around a lot right. Technical analysis is useless, don't follow the line.

I could not agree with that. I couldn't disagree with that more it's absolutely wrong, even in a squeezed situation, even in a situation where there is some malpractice that takes place, failure to deliver is naked short selling, high frequency trading right. You can still see that it's respecting technical analysis. It just is.

I mean look at this. You can see that one two three or four different times: it's bounced off that 63 level of resistance right. That tells me that that's a technical level it just flat and flat and simple, plain and simple - is right, so 63 dollars. I can't tell you the why, but i can tell you that it's significant right, so a break over 63 dollars same as 14 and a half dollars is going to bring you a nice bullish.

Push to where i think the next level of resistance is going to be at about 70 bucks right. That's just a technical prediction based on previous trends, not every time you're gon na be right, and i always always always say that. But it did happen to be the case at 14. It did happen to be the case at 33 and i think it's gon na be the case again at 63..

That's just my opinion. Good to see you going full speed, light taps light, taps baby. All right now, i'm getting warm so i'm going to take off this freaking sweater. This happens every time.

I start chatting and i do these live streams. I start out cold, but then i get my body all freaking jacked up and i start doing stuff, and it just gets me warm. So give me one sec here: real quick, rocking the black tank today rocking that black tank, all right, hey after the amc story line, is finished. What other stocks are you looking into buying says zachary, so once you make a large sum of money right, the big thing that i think is the most important is protecting that capital right.

So if you were looking to make, for example, ten thousand dollars, but all that you have is ten thousand dollars, you're gon na - have to be very aggressive with that ten thousand dollars. You need a hundred percent gain to make that ten grand right, but if you're trying to make ten thousand dollars and you're playing with a million dollars, you don't need to be that aggressive. You really don't, because ten percent of a million is a hundred grand, which means one percent of a million is ten grand, so you can play much more conservative plays with a large sum of cash right, so i think the most important thing to look at for You as an individual person when you are done, you're satisfied with amc stock and that saga and storyline has ended, is protecting capital and figuring out how aggressive you want to be in the stock market. I think that's an individual decision that each person needs to make, but i'm going to stick true to the long-term positions that i think are going to do good things right.

I still believe a microvision is a long-term stock. I believe in sensonics as a long-term stock. Agtc is a long-term stock. X1 is a long-term stock right and i'll i'll protect the majority of my capital, probably 80 or so of my long-term gains, uh that i've made with amc in those positions and then the rest of that.

You know that other 20 of my cash i'll play some swing. Trades i'll play some day trades i'll play some options right, but i want to really protect and make sure that i'm locking in profits because we don't want to go looking for essentially huge huge lottery tickets. You know after amc is done. I do think one important thing, though me and matt coors have talked about this.

A lot is when the amc saga is done, that's not the end of the apes. I really do not think so. I when i say this, i mean it. The ape is a new breed in the stock market right this buy and hodl sort of thing right.

I don't think that's going anywhere and i don't know what stock that's going to be and i don't even want to think about it honestly, like that's. That's just a conversation for a different day, but i do think there's going to be other stocks out there, that the apes gravitate towards and i'll tell you what right. I am going to stick true to what i say. I want to see a better stock market for you for me for the other people out there who are going to come and want to invest in the stock market.

When the time comes right, i want a better stock market. I want less failure to deliver. I want some sort of uh, you know system, that's going to fight against naked short selling, some sort of system that protects people or at least allows the same opportunity to the retail investors, the institutional investor that gets to go on off exchange or dark pool trading. With this super non-transparent sort of system right, i want that.

I want a better system, so whatever that means for everybody out there right, that's a bridge i'll cross when the time comes, but for now man, amc saga is not done and that's what i'm going to focus on all right. What do you think about the fintel goldman sachs and other large buys on 624, not flood here, but i don't trust goldman. Do you see these as a problem, so whoever the buyer is right if they're long on a stock, it's something you're, not really going to be able to know with complete certainty when they're actually buying when they're selling right so the 13f. It sells you the filing date, but it doesn't tell you exactly when they purchased.

So in that given moment in time it means they're bullish on the stock and it'll push it up. But i don't think it's anything. That's really worth you know, i would say, wasting energy on mental energy, because it's not going to affect the ceiling on the stock right they're, not controlling the majority of the stock. Think about this right, 80 owned by retail investors.

That's as simple as it gets right that came out with the most recent proxy statement, stating hey the little guy, the apes out there own 80 of the stock on amc right. That's where you're sitting right now, so they control the majority of what actually happens and is dictated by amc stock price. It's uh! That's what i'm focused on personally by holla moon, who wears short shorts, trace, ranger panties yeah, so i'm wearing uh, i'm wearing shark shorts right now. I've got my uh, my red red sweats on, but underneath that i've got the shark shorts shark shorts are kicking check that out baby shark week.

Every week shark week every week, man sitting in germany and no lag on cellular good to know man absolutely where's. The cup subway cup, my sub, wake up. I fill you up. Let's have a party, oh man, i love it.

Uh can someone help me out with some amc shares antonio risco ca and vin antonio chunkier, smooth peanut butter tray? I like uh, i like smooth. I like smooth personally, i don't like that that bite in my pb j sandwich. That's just me. That's just me best of luck on wednesday lots of prayers, hey! Thank you lori! I think it'll go fine.

It shouldn't be that bad. It's a pretty quick procedure. Some people are saying: it's: it's not a super uh, you know high risk sort of uh surgery, so i'll go in there, i'll get it done and i'll move on with my life and everything should be absolutely fine. Give a shout out to cobb county teachers, apes in atlanta, georgia, hey shout out to freaking cobb county teachers, then yes, sir, yes, sir, do you think running a spread? Is a good strategy to stretch my chump change for more profit, uh matthew? Well, first off i want to say that's your own financial responsibility right.

I can't tell you what to do. That's entirely your decision, but i don't think it's if you mean by a spread essentially like spreading out your own calls. You know maybe like the 60s 61s threes fives 66 is right or maybe the 56 57 5859. I don't think that's bad.

No, i think that's a good way to essentially spread out your capital, so if it does end up going, you know, let's say from 54 to 60, you have some cause that ran in the morning. You made profits on. You can decide to do whatever you want to do with those specific calls. I don't think that's a bad strategy.

No hey trick. Can you speak on where the available data, where excess amc shares naked truths etc are showing up and what the current estimate is on? How many there may be uh thanks where, in the available data, where excess amc shares are showing up and what the current estimate is and how many there may be so ross to be completely blunt with you, man there's no way to know the exact number of Excess shears, the synthetics, the naked shorts of ferrous, it delivers, may actually be circulating right and that's for two main reasons: one. The information is not shared with us right. That's not information.

That's publicly available and two data is always lagging right. So when you get failure to delivers, that speaks on previous trading days whenever you end up getting that uh that information and then the naked short positions is just not something that's really being transparent at all right, that's not information! That's really shared with us. I see that this may be starting to lag here a little bit. You guys.

Let me know on your end, if it looks okay, i'm gon na watch that close, because if it ends up lagging a little bit more i'll drop the bitrate but okay, it looks fine now, but nonetheless, right all that. I need to know to see that there's naked shorts taking place is the conversations that have been had the due diligence of research. That's been done by the apes right there's, a lot of people have been crushing those numbers and figuring that stuff out and then the turnover rate right so you've got high frequency trading. Failure to delivers high frequency trading can also kind of be stemmed into the category of naked short selling and uh.

I would argue short laddering attacks right. Is that sort of stuff happening right now, naked short selling and making you know a short ladder attacks more so i would argue when the utilization rate is higher right. So when that utilization gets to 100, which it is back on track to get back up to that level, that means that there's not a lot of available shorts to even establish, which is where you're really going to see a lot of that naked short selling taking Place so how much of that is happening right now, it's hard to say right, it's hard to know with absolute certainty how much is actually happening, but it does happen in my opinion, when you do get maxed out and it's hard to borrow stock, which we are Getting back into the neighborhood up right, it's just the time process right, the utilization dropped, utilization went down short interest, went down back here after we ran out to 72 bucks, and now it's going back up, the utilization is going back up and that's where we're gon Na start, seeing that sort of stuff happening again, all right did he cover the amc vote due tomorrow. So the vote is not due tomorrow.

The vote ends, i believe, in late july, um, it's speaking on that vote right. I see this pop around twitter a lot differing opinions are just absolutely fine right. That's your own decision to make i'm not here to convince you of anything right. I just want you to make sure you're doing a research due diligence and figuring out what you think is best for your individual shares when the time comes right, but i'm not making any sort of vote until the week of the due date right, i'm just not.

I i think, there's a lot of stuff that could happen between now and then so i'm going to watch everything that unfolds with amc and i think the most talked about thing is that share authorization, and i want to read the fine print on that share authorization. So i know exactly what i'm digging into and when the time comes, when i do dig into that, i'm gon na make a video about it right. I'm gon na make a video, that's laying out all the details of that specific clause. In the proxy statement.

Saying hey, please vote yes or no to 25 million share authorization, because i want to make sure that i'm on top of that personally, so that everybody else could be on top of that for their own decision, but it as it sits right now. My friends right. We don't know how long this is going to play out i'll. Tell you this think about this yourself.

If you vote no or if you vote yes, is that going to kill amc as a company right in this current moment in time? My answer to you is: no, i don't think it's going to now think about this. If you were to vote no - and it does not pass this first time around here in late july, what's gon na end up happening right? Well, what will end up happening? Is they will move that vote to a different date and they will try again? Are the apes gon na go anywhere between now and the end of the squeeze? I don't think so right as it sits right now, unless something happens between now and then right. It's absolutely 100, your decision to make you do what you got to do, but i would personally myself vote no in this current moment of time, because i can always come back to voting. Yes, when that comes back around right, i want to take care of the company.

I want to make sure they're eating good. I want to make sure when this is all said and done, that that adam aaron and all the executive team have the tools that they need to succeed right, but between now and then is the company going to fail? Is the company going to hurt? Are they are they in a situation where they're not going to be able to struggle and come back from the pandemic right? I don't think so. I think they're saying absolutely okay, but what i will say is this right please. This is just me, you do what you got to do, make sure you read through everything and i'm just going to wait until the last week to make that sort of decision, because things can change between now and then right.

I want to make the most informed decision that i possibly can. I just ask that you make some sort of decision, so that's kind of what i've got for you know. That's that's my opinion on that. Hopefully, that answers your question.

If you had any sort of question, but i'm personally just for now i'd vote, no, i'm just not going to. I want to make sure that the the apes right have all the availability that they need to get their. You know their attendees, that's as simple as it gets. So that's just me, you do what you got to do.

That's your own! You know responsibility with your own stock, but you don't have to make that decision until late july uh. Thank you. Probably trade love. Your brother and happy late birthday, thank you.

Hg pearson, like tops for pearson baby. What's good fan, missy boy come back to lubbock. I will man i'll have to do that soon. Absolutely, when is the deadline for the vote tomorrow? It is not tomorrow.

It is in late july, i think it's july 28th, but i want to double check to be absolutely sure, because i don't want to misinform anybody. So let me check out adam aaron, really quick here, let's see july 28th, that's the deadline, so you have until july 28th to make your decision so that don't feel rushed in the least bit you don't have to. You do not have to make any sort of voter decision right now. You've got until july 28th.

All right, you need to start using the word clown. More often, if you like vegeta, you know that's vegeta's favorite word. We must use it to identify the shorters. Yes, sir, yes, sir uh, i try to be polite.

Man i try to be polite. Vegeta is my favorite, because he is a freaking uh. I i just like his character development man, his growth. His growth was intense.

It was so awesome for sure amc, stick. Uh holders meet second line: 2026 debt talks at 555 uh dollars, dark pool june 555 shares shorted related. We are the 555 and both love you bro ape um. I got ta be honest man, i'm not quite sure what you're talking about right here that talks at 555 dark pool june 555 shares shorted nose is itchy.

There we go uh, i can't save the related or not man. I mean it's possible it's possible, but i don't want to. I don't want to. You know, give a yes or no answer to anything of the sword.

I'd have to look into it. I'd have to look into it for sure mj mj, uh trey. What? If we all vote no - and they still add the shares - says, hang they cannot do that. That would be illegal right for them to do that sort of situation, they're running into legal issues, especially because the company and adam aaron themselves made a statement saying hey.

Even if we got these shares passed, we can't use them until 2022 right. We we absolutely cannot do that and that's if they get passed right that comes all into a round-based tie. So if they do that they're facing some legal problems right and that'd be a whole different ballgame. I don't think that would ever happen right, but if it did, i i talked to you guys and i don't think that's going to happen.

I think that's something to worry about right. We don't want to disprove fact: there's speculation, that's where i think fear and certainty and doubt come into play, but right does the speculation disprove fact we don't want to do that right. You want to stick to what is the hard fact. What's the hard fact right, the hard fact to me is: there's more room on the table right.

There's a high short interest. There's high likelihood that there's going to be more naked short selling taking place on this once the utilization gets back up. It's in a bush, uh bullish, uptrend right, i'm just bullish on it right. I'm sticking to the fact.

I'm not trying to disprove factor speculation, so uh silbride is a huge base. If you look at his followers, they all committed on wanting to help the movement. They don't know how to help and want to we'll have to i'll have to reach out to him. Man that'd be sick, that'd be really cool, travis start changing you charging every time.

You say my last name, bro i'll, keep doing you. Brother toledo, hello, man, you're gon, na make a lot of money. You're gon na make a lot of money. That's sick! That's so cool, oh dude, yes, sir, if you're a ufc fighter, what would your entrance song be? Uh xcom, give it to you, dmx man rest in peace.

I love that song, that's kind of, like my college, anthem, the i used to run cross country and track as i've kind of talked about before and uh. We would jam to that every single time we'd have any sort of friday, shindig man and uh. Oh man, rest in peace rest in peace. Actually, when he, when he passed away, i was pretty sad.

He was a huge part of my college. Career really was had a huge fear last night in regards to the mc squeeze. What, if they don't have my jameson whiskey on my private jet i buy like they forget to buy more to be a nightmare, a spicy chef man holy toledo. That would not be it.

You know what would be even worse is if they didn't have cracking, they didn't have cracking man, oh geez, where my dogs at oh, you got the dogs, you got the apes, you got the apes chewing right here. Man, lamp off lamp on. You know how she goes: donnie, trey good talking to you on spaces friday, fy me and the kids will be in your neck of the woods from july. 2Nd through the 6th visiting family would love to try meet up if you're, free, misty brother good to have you back even for a short time, love donny man.

I'd definitely be down for it. Uh shoot me a message on twitter. I don't know. If i follow.

You or not, but i'll, try and comb through and find you man that'd, be sick, just tweet at me, a bunch tweet at me, a bunch. I know it's it's hard to pick through everything and i really do try my best.

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