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In this video, we discuss Adam Aron's Tweet, simple math behind the possibility of 1 billion shares trading on the stock, and the manipulation that brought AMC stock to this point.
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Guys it does not get any more clearer than this. You've got to be oh, come on come on, come on! Look at this look at this guys. We've got to talk about something really quick, i'm going to make this as fast as i possibly can, but when i saw this one that freaking work, i lost my mind, because this is outrageous. This stuff honestly just pisses me off.

It makes me mad, like mad mad mad mad mad adam aaron, such a g's. I've got obviously i love adam aaron, but the blatantness. The blatant criminal injustice that is happening with hedge funds and amc stock is absurd. It's absurd.

It makes no sense check this out. Adam aaron says earlier today, amc rescheduled their annual meeting of shareholders to july 29th. Among other reasons, we did so to give our millions of current and he said millions of current individual shareholders uh more time to let their voices be heard and cast their ballots on important shareholder matters and then chuas says good question. Did he say millions of shareholders and he responds with yes, indeed, that is right.

Amc now has over over three million individual shareholders amc's army. Now, let's just think about this for a second, let's think about this - for a second so based on the most recent information that we have i'm going to use these as data sources right. This is coming from fintel, maybe it's higher! Maybe it's lower 52.6 million institutional shares right insider shares. I know that adam aaron owns three million shares, so i added that into the equation and i'm assuming some of these numbers are outdated as well, but that comes out to about uh 34 million shares or text.

How many shorts exist right? 96 million shares short interest, so i took best worst case scenario. Worst case scenario right: the total uh shares outstanding on amc stock. I've done all this math right. You've got 417 million.

Total shares free flow. That's what's supposed to be available to the retail investor, but obviously these numbers don't add up in the least bit then you've got 450 million shares outstanding, we're going gon na use. This 450 million shares outstanding we're just gon na roll with it right we're gon na we're gon na take the worst case scenario here. So if insiders own about 34 million shares institution zone or toots, 52 million shares short supposedly have about 97 million, and i didn't even take in the equation right the shares that are on loan, because that's 146 million, so this number is probably even freaking higher than This if i took that number, like i said worst case scenario - 97 million - but i'm taking the shares on 146 million right.

Let's just come back into this 97 million total shorts they're they're out on the market right now. So if you add this up, 34 million plus 52 million is 86 million. Add that with 97 million, you've got 183 million total shares, not including the retail investor. Okay.

So now, let's just take the worst case scenario here: three million individual retail investors right if every single one of them, if it averaged out equally amongst everybody on the freaking market, right now only held a hundred shares. That would be 300 million shares which, if you add up to 267 million, is 567 million. It's to be frank, to be blunt, i think they're actually more. I think the average retail investor is only more than a hundred shares.

That's a thousand dollars average. I think that if you add up all the freaking whale retail investors out there, it is gon na add some some asterisks right. It's going to make some outliers it's going to raise that average number up, i'm being conservative guys, i think 200 and 300 is very realistic and i wouldn't be surprised if it's even higher than that for the average retail investor. When you take the mean between everybody right, if you took 200 shares per one investor out of 3 million, that would be 600 million shares 900 million.

If you had 300 shares per individual retail investor, you know what this comes out to 567 million total shares circulating the market 867 or 1.17 billion three times higher than what is supposed to be circulating free float. Can you imagine what this does to the share price? Can you imagine that, can you ima i've shown this a million times supply and demand right? You shift supply to the left. This is supply. This is demand.

You've got a lower overall demand, that's just as simple as it is. The stock price is it's absolute crap. This it's not being represented in the right way. It's just freaking, not i mean how can you we've been saying this forever guys, we've been saying this for who knows how freaking long that there's blatant hedge fund meddling happening with the stock right now that they're trying anything that they can to keep this thing down? All the ious, all the ftds, all the plain naked naked shorting, the the ladder attacks all this sort of stuff.

How can like just do the math do the math i mean this is just public information to anybody based on what we know about the free flow. We know about the shares outstanding. We know about how much is owned by institutions by insiders which, by the way, i think these numbers aren't even correct. I think they're, probably higher than that.

Just based on the fact that i know adam aaron holds only 770 000 shares right this. This is absurd. This is just clear as day. This is clear as day that they are creating shares out of freaking thin air holy freaking crap guys i mean i had to tweet the sacrifice because of how how stupid this is.

This is stupid. This is why the dtcc, the nscc right, the sec, all these different, you know regulations these regulatory bodies that watch the stock market are finally stepping in because they probably would have said a freaking thing. They wouldn't have said a thing, because hedge funds have always made money. They've always stole from the retail investor.

They've always manipulated the stock market in any freaking way that they can, but now they're being busted down on. I tweeted this out honestly, i'm so incredibly pissed off. It is absolutely mind-blowing that this kind of blatant criminal theft has taken place in the market for decades and everybody just overlooks it. I can't wait to tell my kids about the plan of the apes and, if i was to go back in time to retweet this, i would have said the market of the apes.

But that's not important, regardless, though these guys are making shares out of freaking thin air. They are they. They just are right. Think back to the time, if you're, if you're an old enough investor, i'm too young to to know anything about this, but shares used to be written out on paper all transactions just written on paper, it's so easy to manipulate and create things that don't exist.

I mean it's like the idea of just this alone citadel citadel right. They manage transactions through the otc market. Right they've got vested interests, they play derivatives, they play short stock on afc right, yet they manage transactions. So can you imagine what they're doing with those? How many of us hold actual shares? Probably almost nobody.

I mean it's no coincidence that that countries overseas from the united states right now are having a hard time getting transactions filled, buys filled right because shares don't exist. I mean the the freaking short button hasn't existed on weeble since january. It's been a hard to borrow stock. Since january i mean: where are they coming up with this stuff? Where are they making the shares they're freaking, just ripping them out of the ground? It's like.

It's like if you've got 10 carrots and you've got to feed your dogs right and you you give them 10 carrots, but you give them. You know on top of that 30 plastic. Carrots. What good does that do them? You know they can't eat that they can't eat something, that's not real.

What are we gon na do with fake shares? I mean this. Isn't this doesn't come back to us? I mean we did nothing wrong. We held up our end of the deal we gave our transaction just like the dog gives its love and it does what it's supposed to do, but the freaking owners, the people that create these shares are supposed to handle the transactions are just committing fraudulence. I mean this is criminal activity.

Just straight up is like i think about this: jordan belfort, the wolf of wall street right. He was held accountable by the sec. He he was told you as a broker did a lot of things wrong and you are going to face the actions that are, you know necessary. Essentially, i think you're gon na see some hedge funds out there that not only get liquidated not only get margin called that have to pay us up, but are going to face freaking criminal charges, because this is absurd.

This is ridiculous. I mean do the math. Do the math worst case scenario, the absolute worst case scenario, if apes hold an average of 100 shares a piece, a thousand dollars worth of amc, 567 million shares that's 1.5 times. What's supposed to be, you know, maybe not that much 1.2 1.3 times what's supposed to be circulated in the market.

That's worst case scenario guys i mean this is freaking mind-blowing stuff. So what's the point of this video, why am i saying this right? No matter how long this battle is no matter how many people say, this is a freaking dead cat and i get the comments every single video. I know you people are, and i don't give a this - is not a dead cat. I will not stop talking about amc until this game is freaking done and game over.

For me, is the apes take the freaking planet? We win. We win this freaking fight. I just don't see any possible way. They can dig themselves out of this hole, especially with the freaking sec, the nscc, the dtcc, all paying attention and all making these different filings and rulings.

All the different congressional hearings that are taking place. Now, everything is just freaking lining up. I don't see any possible way, they can dig themselves out of this hole and you know who has to pay for it. Not us we get paid, they pay, they they're they're milking every last drop of blood out of their freaking bodies.

Until this is done, that's what i've got for the video man catch you guys on the next one. I'm gon na make one more video talking about the technicals on the day and then i'm gon na get into some other stuff, but i just i just wanted to put that out there much love peace out, gorilla gang catch. You soon.

By Trey

20 thoughts on “Amc – why 1 billion shares could easily be circulating on amc”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars KEA says:

    Good 👍stuff, TREY!!!!

    WE WELCOME KOREA, INDIA, MEXICO, UK all ALL COUNTRIES to JOIN US in the AMC squeeze movement! PLEASE Spread the word!!!!!
    AMC ARMY 🦾🦾 💎 💎 🙌!!

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jonathan Donley says:

    man. I think you could make a cardboard box entertaining. I wish I stumbled on to your channel earlier. I hope you stick with this after you moon.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Lukas Taylor says:

    Hey guys… we own minimum 2 Billion shares! Not less… we asked 2.000 German shareholder an they own 750 shares per person! Calculate yourself…

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    Haven't gotten any updates on your new videos. Even upgraded to YouTube premium. Are you being silenced?

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    U FORGOT all the international shareholders who weren't counted because they can't vote so add at least another 1mil shareholders

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dee Keezy says:

    100,000k FLOOR. That is what I been hearing. Just saying. But the most important question tonight. Sushi or steak?

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Saitama says:

    I'm gonna buy a share or two every other day until this thing blows off the rails. Imagine if even a million of us bought a single share… The shares would be rising at an insane rate.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dan Johnson says:

    Not only that trey this is an example of why no one should play games…. sometimes the games people play have real consequences on real people that are alive no one should ever play games with another mans life period end of story. Not only are the games being played a complete attack on amc an Mr. Adam Aron and his family their also a full out attack on people like us just trying to purchase a stock that we love and want to support. This will be far the biggest news in 2021 when it breaks and trust me the hedgefunds choose their destiny by doubling down there’s no choice left but to squeeze

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dan Johnson says:

    If they close the door from outsiders joining this could possibly take weeks to resolve so it’s best to have your letter of resignation at hand they’ll understand after they watch the news

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dan Johnson says:

    So if what your saying if it’s true that many are outstanding then that means all that’s owned would have to be bought back quite a few times just to break even so that means we can buy at the peak and sell at the dip and these dumb people are going to buy all of our shares we purchase along the climb up we can literally sell one share a hr and they will have no choice but pay

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dan Johnson says:

    I like to look at synthetic shares like truck drivers! A truck driver runs two log books one that’s legal and the other that tells all the bs their really doing behind their legal log book! You may ask why have two well the answer is simple. To be legal your only allowed driving so many hours to be illegal you have to have one book that current and illegal meaning they run much longer then the legal and it’s all for financial reasons. I mean let’s be clear if your going to spend your life in the road 3 weeks out of a month I hope you do so working and not sleeping but those were the old days now technology exists and it’s much harder to get by with anything

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars XxmochomoxX says:

    We should all agree to leave atleast 10k in amc for life after the squeeze as a thank you this is for everyone holding 600plus shares 10k ain't shit for the hand that's going to feed you for a lifetime

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    I'm in Australia and I've only got a small parcel 1200 shares (holding out with the apes army, just like the stock)

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    I tried trading Bitcoin once but was confused and got discouraged by the constant rise and fall in price.

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    I'm holding 158 shares, but I'm just a little fish. It is possible other people like me only have like 10 if they are just playing for fun.

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