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What is up, everybody welcome back to trey's trades. How are we doing today? We got the freaking of the boys in here from the dock. We like this doc, baby, rocking and rolling, with trey's trades drinking some. What is that whiskey? Is that wrong? What do we got cooking today? No, it's i! I ran out of whiskey, so we're just drinking fernet.

I dig it. You know it's. This wouldn't be a good uh, good podcast. If we weren't rocking something so i'm gon na crack open the pandaren, the the single malt, welsh, whiskey and we'll be uh we'll be rocking it back with you guys, but nonetheless rocking it back dude.

You know what it is come on. You know what it is. So there's been a lot of rumors we've been talking, we've uh, we've very briefly touched on this. I kind of gave a teaser on my youtube channel before about this documentary and you guys are already a lot of attention being grabbed.

You started a twitter page starting to get some traction, people really starting to pay attention, and what i want to do is just offer the opportunity for people to really know what's going on here, because this is a freaking crazy opportunity. So let's hear it man, let's go, i mean we got into um, basically we're just two like normal dudes from portland uh. We're filmmakers and musicians he's musician. Primarily i work for a film company in town and we got into the stock like a lot of all of you guys and gals out there.

It was a chance this weird crazy moment where you could jump on a rocket and try to get out of the grind. You know it's it's a once in a lifetime. Squeeze, maybe sorry do you have like a am i going to kill your i swear. Sometimes it happens: yeah dude copyright claim copyright claim so we'll try to watch the mouth um, but yeah man.

We it got to the point where the we were in gamestop. At the time i had actually bought into amc as well um but started with games up, got us into. It then bought an amc and when things started to shoot up, you know the moment that they pulled the rug out from under us and halted trading. It not only was it like super devastating because it was like, oh, my god, this thing's happening and everyone's freaking out, but it kind of gave us pause, and i called my brother up and was like dude like this needs to be like documented and told like.

Let's, let's dig into this because there's real people that are being totally screwed over right, like they all had a winning lottery ticket yeah some butt head, comes up to him and just grabs it and tears it up. Yeah! That's not how you play my game. I don't like my rules, i don't like you, it's like you when it blackjack just rips the cards in half yeah yeah, like yeah casino manager, comes up and goes ooh. No, no! No can't do that right, um.

So it was like and like growing up with, like 2008 happening, going to college, stop not being able to afford college tons of debt. No degree like we're, like the perfect millennial, to get totally screwed over yeah and like not be able to just make art like we want to you know, so i don't know i'm talking a lot. Is that about that's about? Why we're doing it anyway? Yeah? Definitely we want to make sure that people's stories are heard um, you know, and it's not just major media companies controlling the narrative. You know we're doing this because we feel like the stories out there are so diverse.

There's people around the world involved in this at this point um, so many different age groups, races, ethnicities, genders it's an incredibly wide story and for us like having it happen to us as well. I know just tons of artists like me, who would have you know, jumped at the chance to to find a way to just make art for a living, and i think, there's probably a lot of gme and amc people who felt like that was it. That was the moment and have it taken like that is these stories are real human stories and we want to know what those stories are, as well as some of the facts behind the the messiness that's going on yeah and then like so after that initial gut Punch we it's like, you start just chugging dd. You know like four in the morning, i'm i'm phone by my bed, yeah yeah right trying to sleep.

So then, you start realizing that there's a whole apparatus behind what has what happened and people like you and you know: matt coors and the other streamers everybody else. Um are kind of offering this public space where these people, who never had a seat at the table, have a seat, can finally educate themselves. You know and work together to not like to like manipulate anything but to learn together and be good enough to play the game to actually take out a hedge fund or two like that's bonkers. It's crazy, amazing, the power of apes man.

That's what it is. It's uh it's an opportunity for everybody to come together and have a platform to have their voices heard. That's what i think you know and that's why i was so on board with your guys's documentary. Is it's it's not some freaking netflix pickup, where they're just gon na pick the story and narrate this how they want it's about.

Literally. You guys told me this straight from the get go, which is why i was so on board um. You just want to to get people's stories heard. You know it's about the community opinion, then the community experience which is freaking sick.

I mean that's the coolest thing ever dude i mean that's, that's, that's you couldn't ask for anything more, even even if we're and i've seen this criticism. I'll probably talk about this down the road, even if this doesn't squeeze, even if with everything that has happened so far, the fact that it hasn't squeezed whatever i mean at the end of the day, it affects real people's lives and that's what that's? What matters to me - and i think, is, what's so freaking cool about what you're doing, no matter what happens with either of these stocks it. The story is still exciting to me because the because of the people that are behind it because of the people that are involved um and trying to change their position in the world and because of the the shady going on behind a lot of this so uh. Whether it happens or not, i think it will.

I hope it does, but yeah, i'm still, i'm i'm bullish. Oh yeah, me too, my opinion has not changed in the least. It definitely will not until uh the media stops covering this. That's i said, that's the last last draw you know, yeah.

None of that changes our desire to make a great film about about the situation and the people behind it. Yeah - and you know if we can uncover some small part of what's actually happening, because i think there's enough that's proven and well documented by the research. That's been done by incredible people on the internet that like, if any, if the normal people like got the straight story because yeah when we saw that what was happening with the media and like oh retail investors and this, and that like it's, it's so abhorrent. What they've been saying and doing about normal people trying to play a part in in our financial wealth of the country like it's disgusting, so the other part of this like yeah, i want to show who these real people are, but they're not just like it's fun.

As internet trolls are like we're, not just gamers internet trolls, like there's moms, you know like people with kids. It's not it's, not just a bunch of dorks on the internet, people trying to get themselves out of college debt totally. So it's you know, the portrayal has been disgusting and the lack of focus on what's really happening with. You know whether it's naked shorting synthetic shares failed to deliver all this really technical, uh, savory yeah, it's gon na, say stuff.

It's something! That's like that'll be a part of it too, but sure man anyway, so i think there's this is uh. You know a piece where i've seen some people ask and i've seen your credentials personally, but let's brag about yourself a little bit. Let's, let's hear about some of the things that you guys have done as artists and you know uh what makes you so excited to be able to take on a piece like this, because i think we've talked about this kind of offline. It's a perfect opportunity because you've got this incredible cult community, where everybody would literally die for each other to it's just like we ride this ship till it sinks or until it goes to freaking valhalla.

You know - and this is the opportunity like i just let's just hear it - man like i want to hear what brought you to this, what you've done in the past uh, you know where you see you guys going down the road, let's just brag a little bit. Let's see what you have to say: yeah man, i mean uh i'll, go from my my side like we used to play music, it's in college in high school and our whole lives whatever um, and then, after that, i kind of split off and when the filmer Out and uh got a job after plenty of you know, gigs around town, i got a job at a place called leica where we make stop motion films. I make coraline kube on the two strings: paranorman box, trolls, uh, missing, link and a few a couple of coming shows in development, and i worked my way up there, primarily as like, starting as a runner and then moving up to what i do now, which is First assistant director, so we have this giant shooting floor uh, probably the biggest most complicated insane machine in stop motion history, and i have to keep that on schedule. Basically, that's like it's not a creative job, like i did outside of that.

It's it's very much. Managing a large production which is like where i feel like i can manage a film like this and then outside of that with writing. Um i've won numerous awards and um in with my own screenplays and everything else. So my ultimate goal is to write and direct um.

My job alike is amazing. I've learned a lot about how to build a film in the apparatus that it takes to run one um and uh yeah. So i feel like i can take this beast on rock on man. Dude i'd say: that's some pretty pretty solid credentials.

You've really worked your way up from my understanding. You know, and it's going to be really cool to have your first project. You know and um yeah. This will be.

My first feature film that i'm producing in directions like full transparency right here, like we're gon na be learning along the way with some of this stuff um. But i feel like we have the the background and the know-how to make a good story and also run a complicated production yep. You know so there's the resume of it anyway, and i've been a i've been a musician since we were like 15 or something playing live. Um played a lot of years in a band called fano creek in portland oregon.

I did pretty damn well after that. I did some solo stuff uh. In 2018, i recorded uh inventory an album every month, yeah, i was super depressed, having a terrible go of it, trying to be a musician. My brother, i just had like no will to create anything my brother's like, if you can do an album a month, i'll produce it like kind of a bet.

I was like all right, fine uh, so i did that and then like by alderman four like dudes. I can't afford this sorry um. He kept going, though, and i kept waiting for him to get bad, but they didn't. I don't know you be the judge.

Couldn't henry check it out yeah, so i'm mainly mainly music. I've done a lot of music for um film projects as well. My brother and i have done a lot of non-profit documentary, a short form documentary in town, um yeah. Lately, during the pandemic, we've been doing like little clips for restaurants or for the food industry, mainly in portland, but also a couple small non-profits to help local business yeah.

So yeah documentary work, commercial work as well on the side with our mulligan brothers company, so sweet. It's busy, we don't sleep much freak out when we stop working. You know, you know what really anxious hard work. Doesn't sleep, that's what it comes down to yeah straight up, so i think a lot of people are gon na be curious.

What your your game plan is for this documentary like what are the things that you're hoping to cover um, i think you know we've talked about this - would be a good point to touch on. Is the opportunity for people to have their voices heard? What is that going to look like? What's the what's sort of the game plan and the vision that you guys have that are getting get people excited? You know to watch this yeah? I mean, i think, um, like the other docs, like okay netflix, making one, and we know that a few others are discovery whatever, like it's good, i'm glad that people are focusing on this, whether they hit the mark or not. What we're doing that's unique is like we were in the community and we happen to be filmmakers and musicians and whatever creative people we decided like. Let's just do one so, let's the idea is, can we do one um from the crowd up? You know so that comes from like idea gathering my first reddit post, it was just who wants this.

Does anybody want this and it exploded? The second one was okay cool. Now, what do you want in it and that exploded? So our first uh group of ideas that we had to focus on were actually from those posts. It was from like what the community wanted to hear about. So i logged all that we commented on everything as we're going to continue to do so.

So the first kind of idea and breakdown of what we're going to focus on is built from that those first few posts, and it really is like it starts with 2008 right. So many of you all wanted to have that as the context you know, because 2008 crashing and everyone and us paying for those people to be bailed out kind of set the the stage for like the aft, the actual economy, the people working in it and the You know the markets to split. You know you have to have three jobs to afford. One person's you know apartment in the 60s.

You know yeah right, it's gone totally crazy and meanwhile you have everyone telling you it's the best economy in the world, which is not the case for everyone living in it, except for a very few people who profited by more than two trillion dollars in the pit. Stop in oregon, for example, like you, cannot buy a house in this city on a normal, like even middle of the road income. More than that what is uh? What does a two bed? Two bath? Look like what are you paying like, 600, 000 000. Up to around 800 000., i paid 200k for a four bed.

Three bath. That's insanity, yeah jesus christ. I mean it's all the whole picture. It's great don't be wrong, but yes, this is bonkers yeah.

I know i get it though i get it. Your point drives home, so how we, how we connect the people right, so the film was born out of what we heard. People wanted, you know, and we have to check this balance of not looking like you know, strangers coming in and preying on a situation and showing that we're actually from the situation trying to be honest about what's happening because we didn't see anyone being honest, amplified voices Right yeah, so how we're going to continue to do that? We just recently put out a a call basically to have people submit their own videos, and some people are totally uncomfortable with their faces and whatever it's like, then don't submit it's fine, yeah right and also be you know careful about that. But uh, no one does anything that we don't want to do, but we'd love to hear from everybody yeah.

So as we kind of do, each step like whether it's poster design or continuing our uh technical investigation we'll be calling on people to hear what they think about what we're doing. But in the meantime, if you were right now we're looking for people to send us videos of themselves explaining why they got into uh the stock a little bit about their story, either stock um. If you go to apes together, strong doc, dot com that'll be linked down below submission page there yeah and if you're uncomfortable, showing your face. Maybe just have your reddit username and cover your face like or show your face and tell us you know whatever you want be as open or closed as you like, but yeah it's up to you yeah, but we want you in it.

If you would like to have your voice heard in our documentary, so there'll be things like that throughout the whole process, where we actually include the community - and hopefully we find some stories that are really compelling, and we can, you know, go visit these people and talk To them in person see what their life is like at a more granular level, so it's just going to develop as the stories as a community tells us what we want, what they want and as the story develops in terms of the actual stocks, that's uh. That's a huge piece of it man, you know, and i i think i think what's really cool is there's a lot of intelligent people out there. You guys said it earlier, but there's intelligent people out there that are far more intelligent than me far more intelligent than the other youtubers that are covering this stuff, who literally just go through dd posted a discord posted on reddit, whatever it might be, and inform people And we all work together to learn stuff and they've got vast amounts of experience. I mean we've seen people who are in this - that are 50 years old, 60 years old, 20 years old, just a huge variety of uh.

You know age groups where you've got just so many different experiences, uh and perspectives on the situation. So i think, there's just a huge opportunity. That's rare, especially with a documentary which is usually kind of controlled by the the publisher right by netflix or whoever. Whoever is covering, you know, releasing that documentary where they get to say this would be unfiltered raw just straight ape, and that is sick.

That's so cool! You know i mean that's what it is you know and, like i see, is we see like there's a few groups to focus on right, there's the community of people that the normal humans, like us, that got into it for whatever reason then there's like the dd Writers who are like feeding all of us, this information who are insanely, you know wrinkle-brained and amazing, focus on the dd writers and then there's the streamers who are providing a platform and gathering places and the mods on reddit who are providing like a space for people To share information and talk, you know so, like you guys, like a microphone blasting all this stuff out and it's all of these things are working together to form a pretty powerful uh paradigm shift with the wealth of this country and it's and in the world, and It's it's the cast's not going back in the back. Man like it's not going back, we'll also be trying to talk to some of the bigger um. I guess long, hedge funds. I want to talk to those yeah, the bigger players.

Oh yeah people that um are directly involved in the actual goings-on and talk to some people in government uh, a certain cat we'd like to talk to or not a cat elaborate yeah yeah, no, no you're, good, you're, good uh. Perhaps the ceo, perhaps the ceo. You know that'd be pretty sick yeah, you know, yeah get us an in there. Okay yeah make something happen.

We want to talk to all of the ceos, really yeah, definitely yeah. What must i be thinking right now through all this? Could you imagine, being a ceo of a company yeah and, like all the stuff's going on, here's like i'd, just be going like this yeah just go like this. I'd be like this is crazy. It's nuts! Okay! So you know i'm just asking all these questions that i'm kind of thinking that people might have in the comments section um budget and i'm not asking for specific dollar signs.

I think some people may be concerned about the legitimacy of the documentary. Is this going to be well-funded enough for a good, solid documentary? That's going to compete with something like netflix, because if you have a good idea, but it's not portrayed in a good, you know beautiful way. You know, i already know the answer, but i'm kind of fishing here a little bit um. Is it going to compete with stuff like that? Like elaborate a little bit on that yeah i mean so okay part of it is my brother and i have always worked with very little, so we've had to learn how to do a lot of stuff, so we can yeah.

We can operate a lot more nimbly uh and you can look at our work. The hype, video, for instance. We could link it below or whatever that video is a weekend right from from right to edit to finish um music. Now, if we had and music started, yeah uh, if we had you know actual resources, no problem competing, i'm fully confident in what we're able to do.

Um but yeah you're right like to compete with these bigger companies. They have an apparatus where they have lawyers. They can get music like the snap of their fingers. They can have research done for them, so on so we're relying on community apparatus to cover a lot of that and yeah.

It's not going to be cheap. We're going to. We don't want to tap on the community or just know that, like we're not trying to get rich out for this thing, we're just trying to make a project as artists for this community and if the community doesn't want it, then it won't get funded. It's how we look at it.

You know. To that end, we have gained an executive producer as well yeah. We have a really pretty good one he's new to the game, like he's a new guy in in hollywood, but he really knows the community portland wood, trey, trey yeah. I guess that's me huh yeah anyway, so trey uh, i guess we'll announce it here.

Yeah sprays, a glass um trey has uh jumped on board as executive producer for the documentary that we're building so here's the track in the community. So here's the trend, cheers guys and where we feel excited about trey partnering up is um. When we first saw trey, it was the uh relationship he has with the community, people trust him and watching his stream like. How could you not right? So it's he's all about this apes together, strong mentality, and this film really is about the people that are going through um a pretty enormous moment in history.

So we're happy to partner up with trey and make this thing happen. Yeah. I couldn't be more excited myself, guys seriously. I uh i get an influx of emails, business opportunities.

People trying to you know talk to me and i could not have been more excited when i saw what you guys were doing. I thought that was the freaking bee's knees, man i'll say that even though it's the most uh the most, you know, 60s sort of thing to say, but i couldn't be more excited. That's the cat's, pajamas yeah, exactly i say that and golly i always say bob sagan, that's my thing. Yeah you got ta have a million catch phrases, that's the move! Yeah! That's the youtube! I really hope.

Golly doesn't golly yeah, queen mulligan, golly bang. You know so hell yeah, there's the there's big news right like we're working together on this thing, we're gon na make it happen. You know totally yeah, i'm very excited man and uh the the financial piece of things. You know how how this is going to get funded, uh we'll talk about that more down the road.

There's a lot of unknowns right now, a lot of different things that we're working through uh talking to different people formulating different plans. What i will say is that i i am going to be you know giving my own time: energy and and income - i'm not gon na disclose any numbers to help this project out, because i have so much faith in what this is. You know i i'm very particular i come in with an investor's mindset where it's uh risk management. You know you got to manage risk and i see almost no risk here.

You know. I think this is the coolest freaking thing possible. I mean you can't you can't ask for something cooler than this to be able to work on it, i'm so pumped to be able to to contribute. To this i mean honestly, you guys are doing some freaking, really cool stuff.

That's going to be awesome! Hell yeah! I will i will stay real quick to the camera. Film is a high release, conversation business if you've ever invested, yeah you're right right, right, yeah, just a little disclaimer, but i the confidence in the project, is super appreciated. You know like uh, i don't know we're we're not full of not usually, unless i even yeah right. That's that's something wait, i've! Never! I got you cool, just kind of derailed everything yeah that was that was interesting.

Stupid, jokes man can't help it all right. That's sick, beautiful rock, on cool. Well, you know what you guys have anything else that you want to say about this documentary. I think i asked all the questions that i think people are going to want to address.

I think uh. You know people are going to be really excited about this. I'm super excited about this. I know you guys are super excited about this.

We've got a lot of moving pieces coming together day by day. This is growing way faster than i think. Any of us really imagined, after we kind of you, know, teamed up on this, which is freaking awesome, but any last words that you want to address here. I would say if anyone has any questions or ideas, or they want to tell their story in any way check out our website.

Apestogetherstrongdoc.Com, you can reach us there down below uh hit us up. We want to know about you. We want to know why you're in this and uh, what your story is: yeah just drop us a line and check out our twitter apes together doc, uh we're on there as well, we launched like a week ago, and it's it's going strong, so communicate with us And so we know what you want and we'll keep working to make sure we do you guys justice or if you have any particular skills, are you a good graphic designer and like doing poster work or your post audio person? We want as many apes involved in this film as humanly possible, so the more good people we get in touch with get in touch. Thank you.

Thank you. So much you're welcome rock on guys cool, we'll make sure to link your uh, your contact information down below so that people can get a hold of. If they have anything they want to say anything they want to contribute we'll have their website the twitter handle. I follow you guys.

I try to retweet everything that i personally see when i see it, i recommend that you follow them, they're going to be giving you hints and teasers on a very regular basis. We've got a lot of stuff working. I promise you you're gon na get you're getting excited, as this continues to develop so very honored, my friends, to be able to be a producer with you guys. I'm excited to work on this project.

You guys have an amazing vision. I think you're doing a great thing for the community here and honestly, that's just a freaking, eight move. That's a silverback, goddamn gorilla, move that you guys are pulling, i'm really thinking pretty old and fast. You know i get a couple of my beard.

I feel you. I feel you all right man all right. Well, hope everybody enjoyed that video. You know what it is drop a like if you enjoyed it uh and consider subscribing.

Please see more content like this uh. That's what we've got for you! So take it easy, my friends, my family follow the game catch you on the next one and peace.

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    Bro, first time ive heard you say this may not squeeze. What has made you change your mind?

  18. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kevin Tran says:

    This has been a eye opening and definitely has made me take the time to learn the charts, terms, indinticators… and never thought i would be able to suvive on a few trades daily, but to have only a small capital to end up overnight success story

    thank you fam!

  19. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kevin Tran says:

    I must say, after all the bad times, not having enough for food or rent one or the other… but i want to tell my story. 0-100 straight to prison. 18 months later after release My story is how a young average teenager went from 0-100 and to prison by early 20's then now as im appoarding my second Prime, A story of a felon that went from 0-100 AGAIN. but this time, instead of greed. i have a second chance and prison experience has made me more humble.

  20. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Waleed Ebrahim says:

    2008 bailout influenced the inception of Bitcoin, GME and AMC are adding more fuel 🚀🚀🚀🌛💎✋

  21. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars HedggieHunter 419 says:

    Treys trades you have done his work wonderfully. The 13 have returned. Jesus and theee other 12 prophets. They will do Gods will, One ans only God or Allah depending on place. They will no longer hoarde wealth nor home while his people starve and are homeless. He will do his will as he does. No one will so evil in his name. They will realize their wealth is gone and we will set up a new. Gids way no o e else. Ne Book of God will be wrote with no lies. Continue his work and the 13 th gotchu and its definitely not a dead Cat Apes. God Bless all tou apes. If he needs help with coeaning his oceans he will instruct who he instructs. He will clean one last time. Greed will. E no more

  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Wardaddy937 says:

    The 46 people that disliked this video are probably hedgies and can go sincerely fuck themselves. Thanks🦍

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brandon B says:

    Hire a good editor for this. Make it super informative, yet uniquely entertaining as to capture attention so the message is absorbed by a larger audience to attract more apes. Music choices and smooth visual transitions make for a well created documentary. I’m excited for this.

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Trey's Trades says:

    Super pumped to get to work on this project with everybody. Much love GG

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