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Good morning, krusty crew welcome back to boy trey, it's a saturday we're talking about stocks because guess what we got nothing better to do on a freaking saturday. I look remember: let's stand on five, nine five! Please take a salt. Let's get into the video today we're going to be going over a couple different things all right. You know i know i know.

I know it's saturday. Why? Why? Why uh? Why make this sort of stuff but uh? I didn't get to do this friday. There was something else that i made a video on and i'd like to discuss this stuff. You know so we're gon na go over a couple, different things uh and then tomorrow you guys can expect another video from me regarding specifically play of the day uh, as well as an update on bbig, but my videos are always too long.

Anyways, like 20 to 30 minutes - and i don't want to take too much of your time - uh time up so with that being said, we're gon na start off with amc right amc set up. Let's look at the macro micro setup and i want to talk about options because we are now entering the phase on twitter and reddit and youtube comment: sections uh where we have. We have rekindled the options, debate right, uh options touchy, subject it's important to discuss. Nonetheless, then, i'd like to discuss the spy uh i did discuss yesterday on my video, the the yields there's an inversion in the current yields uh if you'd like to check that out, i'm not going to go into detail on that right now, but my my previous Video that was up on my channel, i'm going to pull this up for you right now, just that you can see it.

If you would like to know what the current uncertainties of the market are kind of lingering around it's right here, they want you to sell. I do discuss sort of the yield curve and uh why that has some significance and sort of the uncertainties of the market uh, but i'm going to dive deeper into the uncertainties on the market. Then i'm going to talk about uh the play of the day tomorrow. So uh shouldn't take too much of your time up.

Let's just start off with amc right, so in my video i think it was either thursday or friday. I remember tweeting this out. I said man we're gon na see a lot of options, money, sort of burn into the abyss. I mean a lot of people kind of got screwed on this halt down right here right.

We saw this go from 34 bucks. If we change this to a five minute candle time frame, i'll show you this again went from 34 bucks all the way down to 26 in the matter of about a half an hour. That's a that's! A very large swing, an eight point swing. An eight dollar swing, went from up 16 to down nearly 10 in the matter of half of an hour right and really what this accomplished is a momentum killer? You fast forward a little ways right.

You see the game. Stop announces their their stock split potential uh to be voted on by shareholders in the future. You get this nice filthy. Looking gap up, here's the problem right.

What happened with gamestop just didn't have enough strength. I mean this is the truth of the matter. Is the algorithms which i personally believe move this stock up and down i've discussed this many times? I can even make a video in the future if you'd like to see it. Just tell me in the comment section down below if you'd like to see my theory behind algorithms, i can truly discuss that, but i personally believe that algorithms move both of these stocks gamestop and amc uh for the time being.

This is entirely uh. 90. A game played by computers and you're along for the ride until the right time comes, you know i broke out out of this down channel moved on down and amc. You know having the same algorithms that buy and sell the stock, as we've seen.

There's no debating that there's just the way that these two cookies move uh followed into the same trap. You see, you can also see that the spy, the s p 500, which is uh the top 500 companies large cap companies in the united states stock market just had a rough day. I mean it bounced down pretty hard rallied a little bit bounced down bounced up right, very volatile day and iwm sort of also reflecting. This is a small, mid cap, which i think it you know, bears some more significance in the way that these stocks trade.

This shows there it was. There was some weaknesses and if there wasn't weakness, it was a slow uh, a slow down right. There was some slowdown up 1.12, but it's it's really uh that that doesn't paint the whole picture. The percentage gain here just because of how this whips out around so this brings me back to amc right what is sort of the outlook on this stock uh for the time being now, i know that there are probably some people who feel defeated.

Maybe you had a call option and uh, you know it burned worthless. You know that could be one scenario. Maybe maybe it's an emotional sort of wear down right. You get this sort of hype up.

You get this idea of wow. This actually looks really good. The volume's starting to come back uh. This is this - is testing some pretty key levels.

Uh and maybe now you feel some sort of defeated right uh. I don't think that that is unwarranted by any means. This is an emotional battle without a shadow of a doubt. Right, but what i will tell you is this: we are far closer now than we were a month ago and my theory still stands.

I still think you're going to see amc, gamestop and small mid cap companies over the next period of time, month or so month, and a half have really solid growth right. So what are you looking for? Genuinely you know from a macro perspective, what really matters? The most is that you are now out of this large scale. Downtrend, i mean you can't see the line right, but if you were to do this with your eyes, your eyeballs, you can see now that we are starting to set new highs you're now in a micro uptrend in terms of the macro downtrend that we've been in. For a very long time, you've, even cracked out of the all-time high down trend right, there's a touch point right here.

Another touch point right about here and another touch point right about here: you've broken that right. You are officially out of that downtrend now. Why is this important right? Well, i want to come back to the one hour time frame. I want to show you something where you're currently riding right now.

This has happened many times you see it kind of come up kind of come down kind of come up kind of come up right. It's following this uptrend uh, sending level of support, and sometimes it bounces back and forth between this line. But the big thing for me is a a macro tracking of this up trending line. This is giving you an idea that, yes, this is on an uptrend, even if there are, there are dips and valleys and dips and mountains and whatever, along the way, you really want to see it continue to follow this line, and i'd also mentioned in my previous Video that i think this white box, which is an overlapping of two fibonacci retracement zones.

Essentially it gives you an idea of percentage gain uh value. How much you can expect a stock to retrace, which means dip when a stock does pull back. Well, there's two that line up a 50 and a 78.6 and this little pocket right here, this white box, i'm going to call this the strength pocket uh! It's got to regain this for a bulk case scenario in the very micro term. For this to continue on its trend, this is a pretty strong box of uh of strength and if it doesn't regain that you know, i'm gon na give you the bear case scenario before the bull uh.

I think you're gon na see this come back down to the 21s. I think that's going to be a blip. I think you could see it blip down to the 21s on monday. It's going to depend a lot on.

I think the s p 500, the spy iwm. It's also no coincidence, i've i've been banging my head against the wall saying this for quite some time now the broad market influences the way these stocks move right. You see that the spy has had uh a couple of red days or at the very least flat days now one two three well, it doesn't really shouldn't surprise you that one, two three, you can see that the spy having weakness correlated with amc and gamestop having Weakness right, you really want to see the spy continue on its highs, which is why i'm gon na talk about the spy next, so uh bear case. I don't.

I think it rejects off of that that white pocket the strength box with the over the overlapping between the 50 and 78.6, and you come down to this retracement 2131 or so. I think it's possible. It also lines up with a flat top, which you can expect. Some form of a rejection to the upside - i think that's where the bears uh are going to be looking for the bulls are going to be looking for a bounce away from uh the bears so uh.

That's that's the bear case bolt case is it continues to ride on this uptrend right? This is a very strong uptrend. We've been maintaining this since way back on march 15th, which is two weeks ago now uh, and if it continues on that, you can expect some solid strength. The difference between these two things is very minuscule. What it is is time right if you get a retracement, uh you've broken a trend, and then you have to establish a new trend which takes time to do sometimes days, sometimes a week, sometimes two weeks, which is why you're hoping to see a continuation along this Trend line which is going to happen, i really don't know it's possible that you see this drop down at 21.31.

The macro trend, the macro downtrend - has been broken, so this is now in a macro uptrend. Then you just want to see a continuation of that uptrend right. That's going to be absolutely massive, so i'm personally watching for that. Uh and you've also got sort of this downtrend right here.

It's not very strong. There's a touch point right here. You can see another touch point right here. You can see another touch point right here.

A break above this line would also be pretty key, but that's a smaller trend line to pay attention to. If you want to draw these yourself, this is the one hour time frame. I touched the dot. I touched the dot, i touched the dot.

I touched the dot. You can see that this is some form of a weaker trend line that you can break to see. Some continuation - and this brings me into the options, debate right and i want to spend at least a little bit of time on this, because i feel frustration in the air right - and this is this - is a situation which i think is warranted to feel that frustration. Uh, but we cannot get this twisted right.

It doesn't matter how we feel about options. Options are an emotional thing. Money is an emotional thing. You know money uh in and of itself makes people feel things in extremes.

Right, i like to think of there's. There's kind of an interesting example right, uh, jordan, belford as if, like him or hate him has said something once that stuck with me right, uh money, alcohol, drugs, sex, these, these sort of synths, so to speak of life, make you feel uh the extremism of your Personality - and i like to think of, for example like when i go - get some drinks when i get hammered right when i get hammed uh. What happens? I get super boisterous, i'm loud, i'm energetic, i bounce off the walls. I get a little bit mischievous right.

I like that fun. This is that's still me right. That's still a reflection of my personality, but it's the extremist, uh reflection of my personality money can bring that out in people and when you feel that way, uh just note that that's what's kind of happening here. So, regardless of the way that you feel about options, the facts behind the matter and the emotions taken out of the matter is options to the up and to the downside.

It works both ways. We can't just talk about the good part. We have to talk about the bad part options. Both ways move stocks really fast up and down right.

You can gamma squeeze down, you can gamma squeeze up we've seen it both ways. If i was to look at the chart right now, you can look at this move down. I think that's a gamma squeeze down. I think that you saw a lot of call options get unhedged for meaning that market makers could sell the stock that they had previously bought in anticipation of exercise exercising contracts right, as puts also ran from out the money to in the money those shares got sold.

So it just it, can you can game it down, but in the same way this is surely without a shadow of a doubt. It gamma squeezed up. You saw a gamma ramp up, which brings me to this every major run-up that we have had on amc, whether we like it or not, has had three contributing factors that i personally believe have made the stock into what it is, and you can say this about. Gamestop, too, you can say really about any any stock that has uh contracts that are tradable three things that contribute are fomo, which is retail sentiment, gamma and shorts.

I mean that's really just the truth of the matter. These three things cause massive massive, massive run-ups. If we did not have gamma ramping, if we didn't have contracts way back in june and way back in january, you would not have seen the move that we did not on a not on a 500 million share float stock. You just wouldn't have.

This. Is a million percent to thank for options? It plays a factor in the same way that when we move down it plays a factor which makes you ask a question right. Is it worth it to play options in a play like this right? In my personal opinion, you know that's. This is entirely up to you to decide uh, because, ultimately, at the end of the day, people are still gon na trade them they're still gon na trade contracts.

You can't convince millions of people what to do with their money. Uh, you would not have seen the move that we signed in june without options you just wouldn't have there's absolutely no way, there's no possible way that you would have seen a move to 77 in the uh, the pre-market or the after hours without a camera ramp. You just wouldn't have you wouldn't have seen this move back in january without options. The truth of the matter is this: the problem isn't options.

The problem is the market makers that abuse options right there, they're able to track max payne theory and and pin prices around in certain spots, so is the answer: is the answer to never play options and avoid any massive move to sacrifice some gain or is the Play to understand the game to understand that, yes, options are rigged; they are now i'm not going to debate that in the least bit market makers rig options. My max payne theory is literally the exact idea that market makers want to pin price of any stock below or above certain levels, because that's how they keep the most money in their pockets, uh and understanding the game can prevent you from losing money. Is it more worth to never play to sacrifice the gains that i think are going to come, or is it better to understand the game? I would personally vote for two. I think options are very critical.

I think they are. I think what you've actually witnessed this time around has been better. I can tell you that with absolute certainty, this time around has a thousand percent been better, because people are know the game. Now there are people from june who got slapped around by options.

Who now know how the game works and they're making money right, they're able to push stock price up, because camera ramping call options running out the money to end the money pushes stock price up? I say this all uh because in the most factual way possible it's the most emotionless way possible. Gamma, ramping and options play a factor in moving the stock up and down to our advantage and to our disadvantage. But the nice thing about a squeeze play right. Three four: five days of price action: is you only got to catch the up? You only got to catch the up movement, so what it comes down to in understanding the game is timing right, knowing that options are not something you diamond hand, they're, not something that you can.

You can just uh you can hold into expiration and just no matter what you're gon na make money. It's timing and education, it's people, understanding how options work and understanding that the game is rigged and knowing how to combat that and protect themselves. You know, i personally believe that it's important to know uh, because one people are going to play these no matter what so you might as well protect yourself and you might as well learn you're not going to get millions of people to just say options. You know it's just impossible and number two.

You know it's. It's learning how uh to best profit along the way you know. So that's my opinion on that uh. I probably won't address that again unless there's some more questions or whatever, but i want to make that clarification, my stance, because i know that i'm gon na be asked about it.

I just think if you're, if you don't know what you're doing with options, this is the best thing. This is the best way that i can end it right. If you don't know what you're doing with options, if you don't know you don't understand the timing, you don't understand that the game is rigged. You know you don't have enough education, just don't play them.

You don't have to right. That's absolutely! Okay! Just protect yourself! That's way more valuable than just throwing a dart at the board blindfolded. You don't want to do that right, but if you know what you're doing with options, you know how the game works. You know how timing works.

You have the education options are valuable and i don't think you should let people deter you from what you do with your money right. I personally uh. I think it's important, you can see the stats, you can see the facts and the facts of the matter are gamma ramping move prices up uh. We just want to protect people who don't know what they're doing.

If you don't know what you're doing protect your money? Don't feel pressured, don't feel forced. I think that's really what this is all about at the end of the day. So that's my last piece on that. Let's come into uh the spy.

I have an entire video on this. If you'd like to uh check it out, it is they want you to sell. This is talking about the inverted yield curve which is sort of a warning sign, so to speak of a recession. I've seen a lot of people talking about this.

As of late. The current uncertainties in the market uh, you have the spy right, the sort of reflection of the spy you've got the yield curve inversion and then you've got russia still. You know they. They had talked previously about sort of a peace treaty and then russia, basically just said you know.

If this you guys, you mentioned goofy tickets, you're, just gon na see we're gon na. Do some more soldiers deal with it. You know still, it's still wishy-washy. There's uncertainties in the way that russia and ukraine are sort of playing out right now, uh and we're waiting on how that's going to look uh.

You could also have seen the spy dip coming. I know that i mentioned this in a video. There was a rising wedge. I had this drawn out ahead of time.

You got a break of the rising wedge, which is a bearish reversal pattern. Typically, you'd expect some form of retracement come down from the top of this chart based on that, and you did in fact get it right. We bounced down about 449.97 and i'm gon na paint out the two scenarios here for you. These are the two uncertainties that i think are worth watching.

Uncertainty yields i think, to poke the biggest hole. In my theory, i think people could sweat over this, for a couple months depends on how the market wants to react to this sort of situation. Maybe maybe people sweat over this for one to two months? Maybe it's a shorter time frame. I i can't tell you without with certainty whether this is going to play a huge role or not, but i do think that uh, the yield curve could play out at the worst case scenario, for one to two months.

Uh of of improving fear right. I think it's slow growth, i think that's the biggest takeaway for me. Slower growth not necessarily bear market, i think slower growth of the spy in the uh and the iwm right uh and then the other uncertainty, obviously being russia, ukraine, who the who the freak knows with with this timeline, i i think sooner rather than later, but nonetheless Uh spy barrett bull case scenario right because this is going to reflect how small mid caps moving specifically amc and game stop bear case scenario as it bounces off of this. It comes down to re-test, 449 and uh rejects uh down to about 447.

This is sort of your first key level and if it doesn't hold there, i think 440 is the strongest level of support. I think 447 would sort of be a blip. I think it'd be a very short term support line which would ultimately bring you down to about uh 440.. I'm going to draw this up right here.

It says this is the next level that i am personally watching for at about 440. You can see. Touch point touch. Point touch.

Point touch. Point touch point touch point. This is a this is a pretty critical level uh for for the bears uh if we do end up pushing down as a rejection right now, if we don't, if this ends up holding and you get some form of a bounce, you really want to see it Come back up and and fill this uh this gap right here, i think that's a pretty pretty key gap. It's already filled it right, but typically you see decent moves off of gap fills regardless of if they've already been filled or not, which is going to bring you back up to about 457.

I think your rate of growth, unless there's some news, catalyst that comes out, maybe russia's uh war - has ended. Maybe maybe there's some news - analyst that comes out or bank analyst that comes out and says actually the yield curve inversion. Isn't that bad? I think it's going to take some sort of news. Uh, maybe buy it in saying that they're going to step in you know, i think that back should be bearish in the short term, but nonetheless, news catalyst is going to speed up the recovery here.

I think uh positive news will push things up dramatically faster, otherwise i think the upside movement will be slower than the downside movement. That's my personal opinion. I think that's. What i'm personally, watching for with the spy, are those key levels uh which brings me to the play of the day, which i'm gon na be putting out tomorrow, alongside with a bbig uh video.

So that is the big takeaway. For me that was kind of a longer video. I spent the most time talking about the options, debate, uh and i suppose that's about it so appreciate you guys all watching uh, i'm probably live on twitch right now. If you want to drop a like, please feel free to do so.

I just recorded two videos today so that i've got these uh. These locked and loaded before i go live. I'm gon na do a 24 hour live stream on twitch tonight, uh just doing some. I don't know who knows: there's some stuff i like to like to have fun and hang out so i'll catch.

You guys all later appreciate you much lovely taps. Peace.

By Trey

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