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What is up what's up, what's up, what's up, what's up youtube, how are we doing it's your boy, trey from trade trades? I think that's what they call me just back again for another live stream here it has been a minute. Unfortunately, i was not able to live stream this week got a lot to talk about in terms of what the heck's going on there. Why? Why i'm only putting out a couple videos a day, one or two videos a day, but i do plan on live streaming during the weekends. When i can't live stream during the week uh and i will actually have a good week coming up where i should be able to quote - i should right, i should be able to stream bell to bell.

So you guys can expect that from me. But a lot of really fun stuff happened in my personal life, uh that i can talk about here, but the whole purpose of this is gon na. Be it ask me anything: this can be about stocks. This can be about personal life.

This can be any freaking questions that you want. This is laid back it's the weekend, the market's not open right. So it's it's freaking whatever you want this to be, but i want to start off this live stream by telling you guys, you know kind of. What's going on in my own personal life, so, as you guys know, i did not live stream this last week, and that is because my my personal job right, my career, um, that i i'm working right now outside of youtube uh.

I was on a little bit of a medical hold status right, so there was a good month period of time where i was just chilling in my hotel and i was able to live stream. You know bell to bell during the regular market hours, but now they have me working a staff job. I can't talk specifically about what i do what my job is, but what i can tell you is, i work nine to five during the week and sometimes i got ta go in earlier right, so we check in i check in with my boss, at about six In the morning that takes about a half hour of my day and then i get back, and i give my loves to the discord trying to try and give them some uh. You know attention to different plays that they're in uh answer.

Some questions interact with the community there and then i got ta go to work right. So it takes me. You know about a half hour to get ready to drive in to get my breakfast get my coffee all that sort of stuff. I work till five at the at the earliest is when i get out some days a little later, five thirty six o'clock, then i come back and i make you guys a video uh.

You know chat with my girlfriend and move on with my day. But that's that's kind of what my my uh. My life situation looks like right now why i'm not able to live stream the the regular market hours as it sits right now. This isn't a permanent situation, but this is something that likely will will stand, as is for the time being.

I can't talk a lot about the details, but what i can tell you is this: isn't something that'll last forever right, so i i eventually will be able to get back to uh. You know live streaming, build a bell on a pretty consistent basis, but it's just not you know where i'm at in my current life situation, unfortunately so we'll make up for it we'll make up for it by doing these live streams on the weekends glasses, you guys, God dang it pop. Second, oh, give me one sec i'll, be right back lamp! You done good! You done good lamp. Lamp really done good huh, that's good, but anyways.

It's not a forever situation right. So this is something that i just have to do. For the time being, i will be, you know, working that nine to five job and then, when i can live stream, i will on the weekends i'm planning on live streaming, both saturday and sunday for at least a couple hours each. That way, i can answer any questions you guys have about stocks.

Any questions you have about anything right. Today's pretty laid back it is, like i said, doesn't ask me anything having a conversation just chilling out, but um. That's what the purpose is going to be here and then any time that i have the opportunity to stream during the pre-market. I will do so right but, like i said, i am working that nine-to-five there's a lot of times that i have to take some time to get ready to go into work and get all my stuff put together.

All my paperwork, all my documents and it does keep me pretty freaking busy. So that's what we're kind of looking at right here and why i'm not streaming as much as i used to, but i i you guys deserve an explanation. I did put out a video talking about it, i'm sure not everybody had the opportunity to see it but uh that that's kind of the situation right there so outside of that uh. What the what else did i have? There was one other thing, but i can't remember well, it'll probably come back to me, but that's what i've got for now, so trey's glasses in the house, trey's lamp lamp is doing good.

I'll. Tell you what, when i move out of my hotel? Oh now, i remember what i was gon na say so not not this upcoming week, but the week after that, i'm gon na be uh driving out to north carolina. I'm gon na take a little bit of leave. I got i got a week approved, so i'm going to be driving out to north carolina and kind of settling into my house and that's going to be freaking sick, i'm so pumped for that it's not a permanent thing, but it does mean that i get a Week off of work in a week that i can live stream bell to bell and answer any questions you guys have enjoy the freaking regular market hours with everybody, so you guys can look forward to that and i'm pretty pretty freaking excited for it.

So you'll get a new, a new setup for a week i'll bring my computer with me. I'm going to drive out and uh. You know set it up. In my my home and and uh, you know get things rocking and rolling, but we'll we'll have at least a week together, my friends, so you guys can uh.

You guys can expect that for me in the near future, but there's what i've got for you right now, subway cup is looking dang sexy, christopher you're. Absolutely right! I love it all right. So we got a question that says how does amc get out of debt? So a good good question getting out of debt is, is uh, i shouldn't say very simple, but it's simple in terms of uh: they just need to generate more revenue right, so the large majority of why they got put into debt is because of covert and quarantine. They had a very, very, very hard time generating revenue.

Like adam aaron said in his interview, it was literally like overnight, but the whole country shut down that cut off all their their streams of income right. Every single theater couldn't produce any sort of cash flow. So when you can't produce cash flow, you have to put yourself in debt in order to keep the company alive. They were on the verge of bankruptcy and they overcame it right and bankruptcy is off the table, which is why i kind of want to talk about this as well.

Adam aaron and amc would not have taken that 500 million share dilution off the table if they weren't in a situation where they don't need the shares in the short term right. They were talking about how it's, for the long term, they're thinking 5 10 15 years down the road whatever it might be. So i don't think we're in any sort of situation where he's nervous or the company is nervous about uh. You know getting rid of their debt.

I think they're gon na be able to do that very effectively, especially now that amc theaters has such a cult following such a great great fan base that will do anything to go out of their way to support the company and that's absolutely true. I've probably spent five or six hundred dollars since this whole situation. Uh. You know this whole amc thing happened at amc movie, theaters on popcorn movie tickets, uh, diet, coke milk, duds reese's, whatever, whatever that i am a sword, but i'm not gon na do that, but uh.

That's how they're gon na get out of debt right is producing more revenue and then very intelligently, using that cash and income to dig themselves out of the hole right and down the road when amc squeezes. When all is said and done, uh, i i do think they're gon na offer up that 500 million share authorization again and i think it'll likely get approved the second time around right. Everybody's concerns were why are you asking for this now? If this is for one three, five ten years down the road and they addressed that they understand that they took it off the table and when they bring it back on the table and it they, i think they likely will eventually um they're going to very intelligently Use that stock, whether it be for acquiring other movie theater chains, whether it be for paying off their their their debts in their their rent out locations right, there's a lot of different ways. They can play that out.

So that's kind of my two cents on how they could get out of debt, but i i think that it likely will happen, and i just don't know how long it'll take cardano says: ryan video when hold on a sec. So you're talking about the an individual who uh i'm assuming you're talking about that 800 000 loss video right so that individual, who who suffered those losses right we've been we've been talking on and off, i'm not going to disclose any details. I want to keep this person private, but they're in a really tough emotional state. Now you take a step back and think about this right, i'm coming at this from a completely unbiased perspective.

Imagine that you were that individual who put themselves out there to say hey. I took an 800 000 loss in options right um. It's it's very, very difficult for that, because she understands this person understands that. There's going to be a lot of criticism, right, she's, going to face a lot of criticism, and - and this individual has faced a lot of criticism, so to be completely blunt and honest.

The reason that this this uh, you know this person hasn't come on yet is because they're an emotional state where they don't feel comfortable talking about their story, so that doesn't mean that it's not going to happen right. That's the only reason why it hasn't happened. Yet, in fact, we do still want to have this. This conversation in this podcast, which, by the way is, is not going to involve any names of this individual or or another individual right.

It's just going to be a conversation about risk associated with youtube and risk associated with options, and it's really that freaking simple. So it will happen, it will come, but that's all i'm gon na have to say about that, because i want to respect her opinions. I want to respect her emotions because this is 100. You know her story, it's not mine.

It's not mine. To tell so that's my response to that. For you, goddamn subway, hey trey, the selling it doesn't matter. If the hedge funds don't get margin called right, once they get margin called, then the computer will be buy all shares that are for sale right at any price uh.

So the way that it works with with the sell limit is when they need the shares. That is what it is going to end up, having they're going to have to pay right, so i've seen kind of uh. You know two different arguments pros and cons of setting cell limits, and the pros are that it'll it'll shoot the price up right, but the cons are that if the majority of people have their sell limits at you know, let's say 500 and all of a sudden, Everybody gets sold out of 500. Well then, all of a sudden that's going to be the cap, that's going to be the ceiling.

So personally, this is what i'm going to do. I plan on uh. You know not saying i'm not going to set a settlement order. So i'm just going to watch the overall price action and see what i plan on doing there with the price action as it continues to run up and then, as it you know, makes benchmarks.

It goes up to 100 bucks. 200. 500. 000.

2. 000, 5000. Whatever it might be um at that point, then i'll start having a conversation about okay. This is kind of what i'm looking at.

This is how far i want to bring this. You know xyz, so uh i personally, this is just my opinion. This is one guy. I'm not setting a seller in order for the time being.

When the time comes, though, we can have that conversation so yeah. Thank you for j uh revelin. That does mean a lot to me. Appreciate that what else do we have here? How many dogecoins have you got? I have a thousand dollars worth of doge, i'm down on it right now, um! Well, actually, what's what's doge trading at, i bought it right around 30.

Oh, i didn't realize i didn't realize it came back this much. I bought it at 30 cents, so i'm up a little bit, nothing substantial, but i bought it about 30 cents with a thousand dollars and, to be honest with you, i, this is kind of maybe an unpopular opinion, but i think that's uh dogecoin five years from Now people are gon na wish they bought it now, not because it has any sort of substantial value, but because people have sentimental value towards it and that alone drives the stock price up. So i basically just put a thousand dollars in this and i'm gon na leave it there and i'm gon na see what the heck happens with dogecoin down the road and i'm just gon na see what happens. You know you never know.

You know it's still trading at freaking, 36 cents uh. The market cap is in the billions, but it very well easily could do you know something disgusting i mean back when this was trading at less than a penny and all of a sudden it ran up to like a penny or two or three or four cents. People were like, that's it, that's it! That's it that's as high as it's gon na go and uh. They left it at that, but i'm just gon na see what happens.

You never know. You never know. What's up what's up what's up? Thank you. Man appreciate that 11 11.

uh trey. Thank you for giving the opportunity not to be poor anymore. I haven't done anything louis. I haven't done anything all i do is present you, my opinions, uh my thoughts on what's happening with the stock price uh and the information and data that anybody can research.

The way that i you know kind of talk about this is that i just get to speak for a lot of apes and it's a cool thing. You know it's it's the combination of a lot of freaking, smart people, a lot of people smarter than i am to be honest, but uh i just get to. I just - could tell some stories which is really cool all right ever been to canada. I have not.

I did live in minnesota for a pretty long time. Uh i lived in minnesota from five years old until i was 22 and then i moved out to oklahoma, i'm not gon na say where in oklahoma, but what i will say is uh minnesota is cool uh. It's very cold that gets old. I didn't like.

I don't like being cold, i'm kind of a skinny guy, not a lot of insulation, but uh yeah a lot of pretty nice people. I don't mind it uh all right. You said before i got ta scroll back up. You said before your account uh was liquidated for basically no reason can you explain how this happened, because it's legit keep me up at nights yeah.

So what happened with my my fidelity account right right, good question, so this was back uh. Let me find the exact day. Actually i think it would have been the day after the 27th. I think it was a january 28th.

So i'll show you. The exact price point is that 11 24 a.m: yeah yeah uh yeah 28th. So it's right here: 11. 24 a.m.

The stock had dropped all the way down to about 6.50 or so yeah 51, and i remember that it happened to a crap ton of people, because what i did is i tweeted out on twitter. I was like my entire fidelity account. I was holding amc, nokia and blackberry. All got liquidated and i was trading on a one-to-one margin account.

So it was all settled money right. It was my money i wasn't leveraged, so there was no reason for that liquidation and i tweeted out that hey. I just got liquidated on fidelity. This happened to anybody else and i got dozens and dozens, probably hundreds of people that replied back.

I just got liquidated at 11 24 a.m, also in my fidelity account and other brokerage accounts, so i don't know why it happened. I think maybe it was like a collateral or liquidity issue and that's what was happening there, but um. It was freaking, scary man, i mean that's why i transferred out of fidelity. I i came into weeble because they did you know, stop trading.

They halted trading on the buy side for a couple of hours, but for a very, very, very short period of time, and i think that they they go out of their way to make sure that they have no malpractice, like i remember, seeing an email one time Talking about shorting and they'd, ask hey: why can't i short this stock and weeble actually responded and said. The reason that you can't short the stock is because we don't support naked shorting, and i think that speaks a lot about the company itself. I think that's a good thing to see uh. I think that speaks a lot on the fact that uh they're they're pretty likely not going to try and screw up any any part of our squeeze.

You know so i like weeble, that's why i got out of fidelity. If you want to check it out, there's a link up there. If not, i don't really care i'm just chilling, but that's what happened to me. Man, sue yeah.

I i've been told by a couple people i just it's a lot of money. You know i've dealt with uh lawyers and stuff before and i'd rather just keep the money in my pocket. You know i've made back the losses, i'm sitting in a pretty good spot right now. So it's it's not the end of the world.

What frustrates me is that that could happen to other people. You know so if that happened, other people who maybe could not um you know, make back those losses who, like let's say that this person had ten thousand dollars of amc. They bought it at 15. Bucks 18 bucks, whatever it might be, drops all the way down to six and a half and keep in mind that when it dropped a six and a half it recovered it freaking it didn't.

It didn't recover immediately, but it did recover right. So let's say that it drops all the way down to six and a half bucks and then all of a sudden it's up at 17.. You could have broke even or actually made money. You know back in this day.

So what happens to those people who maybe put ten thousand dollars into amc and it sells off at 650, they get liquidated and all of a sudden they're out that money and it's gon na take them months or maybe years to make that cash back. You know that's, what's freaking annoying that those people should sue i'm in a situation where it's not the end of the world, but that really hurts for other people. Man like i just that's that's what frustrates me. That's a large part of why i started talking about amc in the first place is because a lot of the malpractice that i see happening in the stock market i mean like i've talked about.

I got an amc as a swing trade. If you're new to the channel, i was assuming there's there's at least one new viewer out there. I got an amc as a swing trade. It would have been like three or four days before it went up to 25 bucks.

So let me come back up to this uh. I got into four dollars and i put this in my discord. I was like hey uh. I think this is a pretty good opportunity for a swing trade game.

Stop's already run up a pretty crazy amount. It would have been back here yeah, so it was at 280 and we got about four and a half dollars. Two days later ran up to 25. and if i want to just keep making money to keep playing with the stocks there's been, stocks have been running like you wouldn't believe over the last couple of three four months.

I really just kept doing it right because we were making money, we were doing well, but this is an important topic. You know it's it's an opportunity for a lot of people to speak up against the man right, the hedge funds that have stole money from retail investors like you and me, and i didn't want to pass up that opportunity to be a part of something really freaking Cool, so all right have you watched the new demon slayer movie? If so, how do you like it? I'm actually going to watch it tonight, so i will let you know what i think. I'm planning on watching the new demon, slayer movie and mortal kombat back to back. If anybody seen the new mortal kombat movie.

Let me know what you think: i've seen some mixed reviews. If you go in expecting a mortal kombat movie uh, i think that you, you have uh, usually you're gon na get your your satisfaction met, but if you go into it you're expecting something with a phenomenal story. Maybe that's not mortal kombat. You know it is there for the good fight scenes.

In my personal opinion, thoughts on the kramer meltdown, it was, it was pretty fun to watch. I'm not gon na lie. I i don't know how to feel about kramer. I'm not gon na lie.

I i think uh, i think jim cramer is a as a tv personality, if that makes sense like uh people enjoy watching his very very wide swing in moods like sometimes he i feel like he supports amc, and sometimes i feel like he just shits on amc And i don't know it makes sense, because it's like random when he decides to uh, you know to do you know one or the other, so i'm not entirely sure all right, mara, bull flag. I think that mara is gon na run, like you wouldn't believe yeah. That's a big big freaking bull flag right here. So, if you don't know what bull flag is it's very freaking, simple uh, this is actually a play that i've been talking about on my discord.

Uh a lot of people have some call options in this. We picked up the call options for june 18th at the 40 strike, and this this uh mara is very, very volatile. It has some crazy crazy swings, so the 40 strike on these is five dollars and sixty cents. So you you can pick up one for 560 bucks as it sits right now, uh, and i think it's gon na make you some pretty decent money.

But it's it's got a very, very bullish set up right now, so you're playing an inverse head and shoulder set up. You've got a head shoulder shoulder. This is the neckline when it gets a clean break over 37 and 50 cents, or so i think the next level you're watching for is a test of 40 bucks and it pushed over 40 bucks. I mean you're looking at some really solid opportunity for a good rip, and it really really definitely helps that aetherium bitcoin dogecoin are all on an absolute freaking rampage.

Right now i mean, if the game's about to break three thousand dollars, that's disgusting. That makes absolutely no sense bitcoins down a little bit trading sideways, but ethereum and dogecoin definitely having a nice little run. I i think that mars gon na have a good, a good break. I'm not gon na lie uh it's taken a little while i mean we started talking about it back here when it was maybe at about 34 or so, and it's still kind of setting itself up, but i think it's coming.

I think it's coming for sure. How do you think amc stock can reach? I think amc stock is pretty much unlimited potential and i i don't mean that in a way to dodge giving you a hard price point, but i've seen you know the the dd, the analysis and the thought process behind a lot of different price targets. I've seen the 2k, the 5k, the 10k, the the 50k, the 100k i've seen them all right. I've seen all these different freaking uh, you know arguments and the thing is it's just gon na matter when everybody decides to sell right.

So if you have the majority of people that decide to sell at five thousand dollars, that's likely going to be as high as it goes, but if the majority of people decide to sell it, you know ten thousand fifty thousand a hundred thousand. It could very well continue to go up um, but but once the majority of retail investors sell their shares into the market at that point, uh you're gon na be looking at a pretty steep decline and an opportunity for the stock to really start pulling back. So i i'm gon na stay neutral and giving you a price target, because i don't think anybody can give you a fair analysis. But i will tell you is that this is nowhere near my exit point, my exit profit point and there's a lot of opportunity still for this to run up right and once it gets close to the squeeze once it gets.

You know close to where i think the peak is i'm gon na be putting out a video. That's gon na essentially be talking about uh my exit strategy. What i plan to do to make sure i'm locking in profits and that sort of thing all right. Any suggestions for a weekly play.

I got an extra thousand dollars, i'd like to turn some profits to add to my thousand shares of amc, says jay revelin good question, so i i'm a little biased, because this is a play that i've been talking about. In my discord for a while, but i really do think that mara is set up for a really nasty run right now and i'm gon na tell you why right? So, let's just look at this at a technical perspective, uh there's three things that i look for for a good swing trade right i like to see a bump in unusual trading volume. Now. What does that mean? That would mean that if you like, let's look at the daily candles, for instance right so the daily candles.

If you look at these this trades on average, you know i'd, say somewhere between 12 million and you know 20 million shares, or so so, if all of a sudden you've got a little bump in trading volume, let's say that you saw 20 million 25 30 million Right something just barely unusual. That's a that's considered an unusual. You know trading bump, which i like to see right. So on top of that, let's go look at the one month chart.

The next thing i'd like to see is this 15 ma the moving average cross over the 200 ema, the exponential moving average, and once you get that crossover point, that's usually going to be a catalyst that starts driving in more volume and more momentum to get a Stock to run up and it tested it right here, didn't quite get it right. You can see that 15ma had a little bit of resistance at that 200 dma started trading. Sideways didn't quite want to get that push rejected, and then it bounced right here off of this level of support where you've got a triple bottom set up at about 34 dollars or so one two three four different touch points right and is running back up here. Again so once this 15 mma crosses over i'm anticipating you're, going to get a bump in trading volume, you're going to get a break over this 37.70 mark resistance where you've got uh.

Quite a few different touch points. I always look for these three to signify respected level resistance. You've got one two uh three. It can be as both support and resistance right, so any touch points that they justify that as a respected level.

Then you've got consolidation right here. So that's four. Five right! Six, seven, eight nine, so you got a lot of different touch points here. This neckline resistance.

So i want to get to break over that 15 to make crosses over unusual trading volume. That's two of the boxes. I'd like to check. Third one! Is this a news, catalyst, a sustainable news, catalyst and for mara, specifically uh thinking abstractly right? So this this company is a cryptocurrency mining company.

So what could be a good news, catalyst and, by the way, there's some good ones coming up here from tomorrow in the next week? But what could be a good one that could sustain the price action on mara? You already guessed it it's bitcoin or cryptocurrency running right, so bitcoin is trading sideways right now, but you've got ethereum, which is on an absolute rampage and dogecoin, which is an absolute rampage as well. So both of these stocks, going on good rips, is going to be a sustainable news, catalyst that can help drive the price action on on the stock. So that's my personal opinion. I think that mara is going to treat you pretty well um, but you do you man.

This is just the stock that i'm watching for it's not a penny stock by any means, but it's very volatile right. You can see it's been as high as 58 and 32 cents. I mean, even if you bought in at 37 bucks right now and you sold that you know 44 uh. You pick up decent size on that you're.

Looking at a pretty good, pretty good minus gain. So that's my personal opinion. I think it's going to give you a good return. I had a girlfriend named mara.

My girlfriend's name is mavis mavis. My girl, mavis she'll, always treat you good by the way microvision is in an absolute freaking. Oh, it's so close to a buy zone. I love if you can get microvision in the 12 or 13 range.

That is a steal. It's been as low as 10 bucks, but what i would do is, if you see it, hit 13 bucks take starter size. This is just what i would do right, take starter size and then each individual dollar that it drops down. You can pick up some more so 12 bucks.

You can pick up more 11 bucks. You can pick up more 10 bucks. You can pick up more, but i think microvision is still going to print you. Some good attendees man.

Do i live off subway. I do i do. Let me know when you get to fort bragg, i'm here and would love to have a beer uh, i'm actually gon na be heading out to north carolina in the the next week. So i plan on leaving next friday, i'm gon na drive out with my computer and uh bring some of my stuff so that i can move it into my my freaking house, and i've got some cool things that i want to do.

I want to lay some concrete in the back and set up a nice fire pit and stuff. The backyard needs to get some work done as well uh. I bought that house back in november, so it was before i even started youtube um, but i bought that house back in november. It's a pretty nice place, i like it, but it's it could definitely use a couple of things like.

I want to kind of rip up the deck and rebuild the deck. I want to lay some concrete for a nice fire pit uh the the backyard the lawn needs, some some some love and some tlc, so i'm probably gon na lay some mulch and uh get that sucker cooking with crisco, but it'll be fun i'll. Let you know man, but i'm planning on being out there christina steezy af says trade. Do a stream with ice poseidon.

I've actually been on a stream of lights beside, and i should do it again, though. Uh he's a he's. A good dude he's turned himself around. I kind of feel bad for the guy because he's in a situation where you know his previous history and who he was as a person people people have kind of, not let that go like i get it.

It was it's he. He said some things that did some things that were controversial, but you can tell that over the last couple years, he's really rebuilt himself as a person, and i wish him nothing, but the best and it's cool to see him getting into investing all right. Join the discord: what's your feeling amc for the week and upcoming month of may also do i still have to use super chats if i'm in the discord? No, you never have to drop super chats, i'm not asking for that ever uh, never ever ever so um, but for amc for the week and upcoming month of may i i don't like giving hard price points, but i think that may are hard time points. I should say, but i think may and june are pretty likely going to be the two months that you should watch for for some pretty good heavy price action and why i said that before was because we had the may 4th vote.

But i just drew this up today, whatever uh but anyways ortex, so ortex. If you look at this, you've got 100 utilization. It's been there for literally over a week now, which is absolutely absurd. Cost to borrow has been high for a while the days to cover on the three-month time.

Scale has been going up, shares on loan slightly trending down over the last seven days, but still very significantly. High free fall alone high and the short interest is also high, and it's been there for a good minute right. This is much much better levels of short interest than we saw back when it was in uh. You know january late january, so with this sort of setup, all that it's going to take is a news catalyst right.

So we need momentum, we need, we need the the shift and it's not there. Yet. I've said this before i'll say it again. What's missing on amc stock in order to get this thing to really freaking rip? Is the volume right? So we just don't.

Have the volume look at this on a daily time frame and it's just trending. You know overall, in the macroscopic terms, down uh over the last i'd, say a couple of days, it's starting to pick up here again a little bit, but once we get back into the you know, the 300, the 400 million total volume range you're gon na, be Looking pretty freaking decent, so some youtubers are saying we need low volume to increase days to cover, to increase days to cover. Yes, that is true, but to get the squeeze to happen, the volume needs to go up especi because you know just majority wise. There's a lot of shares on the market.

There's 450 million shares on the market, so it's going to be very hard to squeeze a a decently high float stock without high volume right. It's that's just what it's going to take so like look back to when it went up to you know 25 bucks it had 1.2 billion in total volume and there's 150 million shares of the time. That's what it took to get this thing to really freaking drive up, so it very well could take that much again in my personal opinion. So that's just what we're missing right now: we're missing the momentum, we're missing the volume, yachman pasento, all right check, check your po box, yet congrats on you slash a bit on the dock.

Yes man! Thank you for that. Thank you for that. It's very good to have him on board, i'm very excited for that um. My p.o box, i did check in.

I didn't see anything there, but i've had some issues. I've had people tell me they sent me stuff and i got returned so i don't know what the freaking deal is. I think it's just where i'm living right now, so in the future. What i think i'm going to do is when i get out to north carolina, i'm going to set up a p.o box out there and i've got a roommate that i'm living with and he can.

He can help me out and i'll toss him a couple dollars to help me pick up my mail and if i get anything cool, it'll it'll just go directly to my house, so that'd be good. All right. Do you have screeners set up to find the swing trades? To start the technical analysis uh i i do use particular screeners, so something i recently picked up is is called trade. It takes right.

So i look at this to get an idea of overall stock market uh. You know sentiment, so this will tell you the hottest sectors which is really helpful. It'll tell you the overall market momentum, the leader index and the market direction, and i specifically like to look at the biggest movers. So this tells you the top 25 biggest bullish and bearish movers.

On the day. They'll say the largest block trades block trades being huge, huge, huge one-time volume pushes in overall buying or selling i'll tell you the most unusual stocks right. So that's pretty good to know and sector performance. So what are the hottest sectors? Utilities, real estate, consumer discretionary and the cold sectors as well so like this is percentage gain or loss.

So energy on friday was down about two point: five one percent, and that can give you an idea of different directions as you can go. So i like looking at that uh you can look at the ticker dashboards as well, so pull up stocks and it's got a whole bunch of different information for you. So if i was to you know, search up - let's just say mara mara pops up here and you can get an idea of some different factors so, like their market cap, doesn't have a pde ratio or total revenue, i'm just assuming they're, not a profitable company. Right now, but you can look up amc and this would probably give you a better idea yeah.

So here you go. Debt to equity, you've got gross profit, total revenue, p e ratio, market cap profit margin right. It tells you a whole bunch of different stats and statistics and stuff. That is pretty interesting.

So i like using this - that's a pretty good uh, pretty good indicator, but otherwise i i just go on weeble and i look at the uh. Basically, the leading range, the leading volume and there's one other piece and turnover right. So how often the shares trade hands. So i look at these and if you have a stock, that's top of the list for all three of these, or at least in the top five on all three of these, that's typically a pretty good opportunity to uh to to make a good day trade or Swing, trade right, but you definitely don't want to swing trade.

The stocks that have run up too much too fast. Those are usually pumps, pumps and dumps right. So you cannot take an opportunity for that in the short term and trade it as like a one-time thing. Uh so like a good example of a swing trade.

For me, right now is just mara, like i really do think mara's gon na have a pretty good run over the next one or two weeks, so this is kind of what i'm looking for consistency. Consistent volume, consistently trending upwards you've got great technical setups. Like that's the sort of stuff that i like to see. We need a tour of your house crib style.

Thanks, probably do tray geek easy 100 man i'll. Give you guys a tour when i get in there. It's gon na be pretty freaking cool. I'm excited, i'm excited still waiting on you, brother, at 1k.

Subs already would love to have you on my channel uh. This is all for amc, nothing else. Big dog stocks, big dog stocks. Let me uh.

Let me check you out quick congrats on 1k man. That's freaking, awesome that can take a long time to get to i. I know how you feel big dog stocks - 1k. Well, you got 1.08 something more uh, tasya i'll toss.

You a follow! My friend, you don't scare me, oh that's a good title. I dig that yeah man, my uh, my email, is in my about section on on youtube. So if you send me an email we can, we can chat i'll toss you. My phone number share recount any update, so i haven't heard anything about the share recount.

I did uh email, adam aaron a couple of times and i haven't heard anything back in regards to that share recount, but i do have faith that it's happened. Uh, i just don't think they've said anything about it yet so i'm waiting to see what they end up saying, but i i think he he's he made it pretty clear that he wants to have another interview down the road. So you know back before the interview. Actually happened, we we had about an hour long phone call.

We talked about some stuff, i'm not gon na disclose a lot of it, but one of the topics was. I anticipate that we're gon na have uh more interviews down the road, more conversations down the road and i look forward to it. So i think that he is. He has some plans of uh.

You know ways to kind of talk about. What's going on with the company what's going on with the share recount, what's going on with future endeavors, and we will bring him on again and we will have another conversation another hour to hour and a half long conversation about whatever the apes questions are right. So uh, once i've got more information on that. I can give you guys some more some more insight, but you can expect that again down the road.

In my personal opinion, you ever received the black tea. I said, oh, it was you, it was you addison's adventures hold on. I got ta grab this. This is so freaking cool hold on check this sucker out.

I got this in the mail and i didn't know who it was from. There was no name on the package, but this thing is freaking cool check this out. Somebody made this gorilla gang gorilla gang baby, that's some cool stuff, it's kind of wrinkly, because i wore it a couple times, but holy toledo, that was nice. That was nice.

Thank you for that good job lamp you held it down. You held it down good. You held it down, good all right. I also did you read the july 13th dd, for when the squeeze should start by looks solid.

I have not read it yet, but i am going to pull it up and i'll dig through and see what i think um july 13th amc reddit. If anybody has a link, let me know if anybody has a link for that i'll definitely look into it, but i'm not seeing it right now. What do you recommend us apes do after the squeeze with the profits? Do we hire a tax professional? Do we leave the money in our brokerage app, so it's entirely up to you, man i'll, tell you what i plan on doing right, so i think there's something important to know. So if the statistics, i don't know the exact numbers, but the majority of people who win the lottery right and that's kind of what you're looking at here with the opportunity with amc, is it's like winning the lottery.

It's like lifetime uh once in a lifetime opportunity to make a substantial amount of money is most of those people lose the cash because they don't know how to manage the money right. So if you're, in a situation where you've got a pretty solid, you know financial background, you know how to manage and budget. You know how to invest very well um in that situation. You know you could just continue to do what you do, but you're playing with more money right.

That's that's essentially what it is, but if you're in a situation where you you're new to the market, you haven't really invested much before you're, not familiar with taxes. You know capital gains, tax income tax, all sort of stuff. It's definitely not a bad idea to have a financial advisor to pay for a financial advisor to manage your taxes to to manage your money. You know whatever you got to do right i'll.

Tell you what i plan on doing when i make my money, a good portion of that is going to go out to uh people that i really care about. So, like my track team, i plan on building a track for the old program that i used to run at i plan on giving some money to the rotc program that i went to back in college. I plan on buying one ape, a tesla that is, that has already been the plan. So when amc hit 600 bucks, that's the minimum guideline, i will buy one person who is you know following the channel at tesla.

So that's something that i promise you guys that i'm gon na hold up to i wan na i wan na pay off my uncle mike's house. I wan na buy my mom uh a new car and after that the rest of the money is gon na. Go towards oh and myself, a tesla roadster! That's the only thing that i want. I just wan na there's a lot of tesla roadster and the rest is gon na go back in the market, so uh with the rest of my attendees.

I plan on you know. Just continuing to invest continuing to do youtube, continuing to make money and we'll all do it. You know we'll we'll be hanging we'll be straight up: freaking chilling, glasses, god dang it. I hate those freaking glasses man.

Ah, i always forget guys, if you wouldn't mind, dropping a like on the video i'll, tell you what we get this up to uh 3 000 likes by the end of the video i'll put back a little bit of that crack in it. Give you guys good, cheers and toast, as we always freaking do asking for my girlfriend when the only fans coming asking for myself how much sleep you averaging each night to keep this grind up, says brad when's, the only fans coming all right, so lamps only fans Is in the works one for myself, probably not likely! I promise you guys don't want to see that i'm just a freaking stick. I've got like 10 chests here's. If you find that kind of thing, because that kind of thing nice but um, you know lamps lamps will be coming.

But as for yourself, how much sleep you averaging each night to keep this grind up. So i i'm a guy that can run pretty decently on not a lot of sleep back when i used to run competitively uh, i i trained in college. My goal was to qualify for the trials in the marathon, and you know my heart issues popped up. So i had to quit, but back when i was training really hard, i would get like eight or nine hours a night because i needed it, but now that i'm not exercising because i'm waiting on that heart surgery um, i i usually get about three or four Three or four is pretty typical, so i get up in the morning at about uh 3 to 3, 30 or so i i hop in the i hop on the computer and do some research.

You know hop on the discord and talk with some apes, and then i got ta check in with my boss at about uh six in the morning. So i leave here at about 5 45, go check in get back at about 6 30. and then i hop back in the discord. Do some more reading make some posts talk with everybody go on twitter, whatever it might be, then i work from nine to five.

I get back from work and then i i do some reading dig into the data digging the numbers on amc stock uh. You know all the different stocks that we're kind of looking at, and i put out my video for the day uh and at that point it's about is you know, 7 30 8 30 depends on how long it takes for the video to render and then at At that point, i like to you know, catch up with some friends, some family, so i'll hop on the phone for maybe an hour catch up with the girl catch up with my mom, whatever it might be, and then from there it's it's probably about 10 or 10 30.. I lay down in bed uh and typically i fall asleep at about 11 or midnight, so uh yeah, on average i'd, say three or four hours a night, something like that is this, the real trait or the clone? Definitely patrick man. This is no.

This is patrick, it may be stupid, but it's all so dumb. Ah man, there was no video. Yesterday i know i know i know so. I i had some stuff going on with work that took me took me a long time to get home from but um.

I apologize for that. I typically do make a video, but you know it was a one-time thing. I apologize. What do you think about mvis? That is a long-term stock to me that i think is gon na have a lot of opportunities to make money in the short term right.

So, if you're looking at microvision right now, when stocks run up too much too fast, they typically fall pretty quick and when stocks pull back too much too fast, they usually make a good bounce. So i think this is a really really solid opportunity. It could be a solid opportunity for a buy right, especially with how much it dropped right. It went to 31 dropped all the way back down to a low of 12.87, which is an extremely extremely bad retracement.

I mean you pulled the fibonacci retracement on this beast and you look at what the the numbers look like on that that's a 78.6 even farther than that retracement, which is not ideal obviously, but this is a long-term stock for me, you're in this, for an acquisition Right a buyout, so they produce automotive lidar. The whole point of microvision as a company is to allow autonomous vehicles to drive themselves. So you know, they've got the the lidar tech that you basically mount on your vehicle and it scans uh. I think they've actually got the leading technology in terms of you know, comparing to uh vldr and all the different lidar companies out there.

But this stuff is gon na be top of the notch like as long as electric vehicles continue to advance. Tesla continues to advance lucid motors. Could do this neo ford's, looking at getting into autonomous driving you've got uh. I think toyota looking to get into autonomous driving this stock is going to continue to rampage.

They i think they had an april. It was a private presentation on their automotive, lidar tech and you're, not going to hear anything about it right because it was a private presentation. But when the news comes out, you know saying hey: this is going to get bought out by xcompany it'll. Just be that day hey! This is gon na get bought out by x company.

If you're holding shares in the company you get paid per billion dollars in acquisition. So let's say that you get paid seven bucks per billion dollars in acquisition and it goes for you know: 12 billion dollars. I mean you almost made 100 bucks a share on on microvision, so really solid opportunity, the cheaper you can buy the stock the better off. You are so for me personally, right long term stock.

I like microvision, if you want to play it short term, know that there's risk involved with options, there's nothing guaranteed. If you're wrong, you can lose your premium there's. I i really really suggest that you understand options before you start playing them understand stocks, especially before you start playing options, but if you want to play it short term, what you could do is, you know, have long term stock that you don't touch and then play Options on the short term moves right. So for me for for me, for example, back when this was at 10 bucks, it was the monday before it ran up.

I was on a live stream and i said guys: 10 is the floor. If you pick up some 12 or 13 strikes, i think within the next two or three weeks, you're gon na be printing, some mad bad cash right. So i said you know so some june calls look pretty good, which i still stand by. I think june calls right now are going to look pretty decent for you and you can pick up like a 12 or 13 strike, so they're just barely out the money.

It costs you a little bit. I mean 460 bucks for one of the 13 strike call contracts, but you can make a lot of freaking cash on those so uh. Let's say that, hypothetically speaking, it's trading at 15 bucks right now. Let's say you know, monday morning: it drops down to you, know 13.

I think that's a pretty solid opportunity to buy some 14 uh, maybe 14 strikes or like 13 strikes just barely in the money, just barely out the money and if it makes another run for 20 bucks, i mean you made some stupid gains. I mean like 100 200 300 returns on whatever you put into it, so that's the way that i would play microvision in the short term. I personally wouldn't mess with the stock a whole lot uh in your long term portfolios. That's just me because you never know when the buyouts gon na happen.

So that's that's my two cents on mbis, all right, hr analysis on funko, vizio and or xlm would be appreciated, hope, you're doing well, man i'll look at xlm for you real, quick uh. Well, it's not popping up so i'll. Look at funko funko! That sounds like uncle. I love it! That's good! So funko! This is actually a pretty clean setup.

So i'm going to clear this off and show you what i'm looking at you've got: the 15mm that's gapped over the 200mm right now it's trading about uh, lateral with it, which is good, i almost said collateral, but that wouldn't make any sense. Uh. It's got an inverse head and shoulders pattern, so you've got a head shoulder shoulder neck line right here. So if you get a break over the neckline, it should make a pretty decently hard move for a retest of 24, currently trading at 2120 level of support that you're.

Looking at the thing that's nice about this is that it stair steps very, very cleanly right. You've got a higher low, higher low, higher low higher low higher low higher low higher low, and it just continues to run that is picture perfect setup for a good uh, a good, continuous growth stock. So uh, i think if it ends up retesting support down here at about 20 bucks, that's probably the best entry point, but it might not. So if you want to take a stab at, you know a swing trade or a long-term position in the stock.

What you could do is take an opportunity. At 2120. i mean it's sitting at 45 on the rsi, so pretty neutral you typically like to buy when it's as close to 30 as possible on the rsi.

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