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Big-time YouTuber and friend @BigDawsTv came onto today's live stream and disclosed he's all-in on AMC - in this video, we pick his brain and hear his bullish sentiment towards the stock, how he came to love AMC, and how he found it.
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All right guys, we got a great uh, great guest for you here. We've got dawes on here, daz welcome to the channel man. This is freaking, pretty cool stuff. How are you doing today? What's up bro man, not much man every day, no way no way? Man? That's sick, it's great to have you here, dude, i it's so you're! A fellow amc fan huh, oh big time, big time since january dude i first got in.

I want to say it was like january 22nd like four dollars. Really you got it four dollars. I got in at four dollars and so i've been a part of this. I've been here for the whole ride man, so you got it like the same time that that i did because, let me tell you a story man.

This is crazy. I want to hear your story after this um i bought into amc by accident. Like i i so my channel was a swing training channel. I focused on opportunities to to to just swing trade get in and out within a couple days right and i brought this to the channel.

I was like hey there's an opportunity to make money here and two days later, wall street bets got their hands on that reddit got their hands on it. I was like what the freaking, what just happened? You know what i mean man uh. So it sounds like it was the same for you how'd you find it yeah. I think i was you know.

I got wind of the whole gamestop frenzy and i started following it like okay. You know this has already gone up so much and then i started you know seeing all the tickers that everybody else is talking about. I kept seeing a lot of stuff about amc. I checked it and saw that it was still so low and i was like okay.

This is probably a better opportunity. Um, at least at the time to you know, get into something that hadn't quite um. You know reaches potential yet so i hopped in on at four dollars: um dude yeah. To be honest, i put like 200 grand in on it and dude and the next day you know i was i couldn't sleep.

I was on. You know stock twits, all that looking at it, you know what morning it like free market and it was at a million dollars. Man, that's great, did you cash out? Did you cash out or you hold it? Did you huddle? So that was the same day that you know they cut off all the trading and did all that stuff. So obviously i was super pissed about that, but i i i pulled out um.

I want to say once by the time pre-market hit was already down to, like you know, 700, and then i think i pulled out once it was like 500, so i still made some money on it. Um it made some. That was a lot dude everything that i had left. I put right back into it here like what a couple weeks ago and been following closely.

So i'm watching your channel every day, all the live streams. I love it. Man, dude, that's freaking, crazy, that's crazy! It's an honor man, it's great to have you here, it's great to have you here. So what is your goal for amc? Then, let's hear: let's, let's pick your brain and see your thought process? What are you looking for for a price target in terms of amc's potential? I mean obviously nobody knows and right i got to say i'm not i'm.

Clearly, i'm really. I got the disclaimer man you're covered you're covered, i know um. I don't know man like you know, it really depends on how the uh the grill gang and ape nation sticks together. I think i think you know since we're the ones that set the price it really is to pass.

So i like what you said earlier, how you said you want to wait until it starts been down. You don't want to sell on the way up, so you know i i would be surprised you know i. I truly believe that it has the potential to go. Well, above a hundred dollars, you know two hundred dollars the the other article that said two thousand dollars, so i'm just trying not to get my hope so much.

You know setting low expectations, but also believing that this thing could really, you know, go through the roof. Dude you're spot on man - i i so this sounds crazy. This sounds crazy, but amc to 2k is a legitimate possibility. Um.

I read a crazy due diligence article on reddit and i tried finding ways for the numbers not to add up, and i couldn't i couldn't find a way like it sounds crazy. But it's not what you think about gamestop right. So gamestop went from five dollars to ten dollars to twenty dollars to fifty to a hundred to two hundred to 500 right, it's possible, like the you, could have infinite upside with a gamma squeeze or a short squeeze situation which takes place with amc and both gamestop. It's just like amc is like the little step brother.

He just hasn't. He just had the opportunity yet he's too young right, so we just got ta wait for the mature, a little more and get older and as that time comes, it's gon na move. So that's awesome man rock on hey man. I love it.

I'm telling everyone. I know i'm like hey dude, you got ta get on this like the community, is also awesome, giant family everybody's in on it together, everybody's. You know everyone's just waiting for this thing to explode and i think it's, i think it's a matter of time. Man i'm with you, i'm with you, 100 percent.

Oh and it's been a freaking emotional rollercoaster, were you? Did you rebuy when it was at five dollars for like a straight month? No, i wish i got back in, i think, at about eight or nine dollars. Man, it was. It was a roller coaster. There were a lot of people that thought it was dead for sure it's it was.

I was challenging times man, not a dead cat dude. You are a shoot. You really do. Watch this.

That's crazy! That's insane! Man, that's sick, rock! On man, it's not a big cat, it never was. It was a napping cat as a freaking napping cat, exactly yeah man, and i just want to say man. I love how you know. I can just tell that you truly love this you're such a hard worker.

How you know you're in the army right uh, i'm not allowed to say that anymore. But i am yes, okay, yeah. I know you're good you're. Good, no worries, i didn't say it.

You did like you're going to work all day and getting up at you know, say six in the morning make your videos put out so many videos. It's it's incredible. I admire the work ethic and uh you're gon na do great things. Man dude.

I appreciate that that means a lot. That means a lot coming from you seriously. That's awesome, it's good to know that we've got you in our corner man. This is something i've been talking about for a while is that it would really really help if we had some people who who've got a name to them.

You know that that get in on the cause, you know and to have somebody in the corner, like that's, really freaking cool man. I think that gives a lot of confidence to like a regular joe, like people out there who who are just watching the stock and be like what the heck can. I do to do anything like if we don't have big people in our corner. Why does why should i be in it, you know so it's that's freaking cool man and it's cool she reached out and wanted to hop on and and share that every share counts.

Man. 801. 801.. You know what it is man, i'm telling you that's.

When people ask me - and they say trey is, does the retail investor really matter if institutional investors hold the majority of shares 801, that's the exact example. You need man, you really think we'd have hit 801. If we didn't like that's the difference of maybe 100 shares, maybe even 50 shares 50 shares gon na make that difference, which is crazy. That's insane! It is yeah, absolutely mind-blowing man.

Okay, so did you ever touch gamestop? Are you just an amc monkey with the rest of us uh, no gamestop a little bit um? I would you know when it was first kind of going up. I don't know i want to say i kind of got in at like 120 wrote it till. Like 180 or so - and that was like the day before when an all-in on amc, so i rode that wave just for a little bit um but yeah. I respect the game, stop beeps! You know obviously we're in this together, but uh, i'm an amc guy.

That's! What's up that's, what's up, we got a fellow gorilla on our hands. We got ta, give you a name man, we got ta, we got ta call you silverback dawes, that's got a good name to it. That's got a good name to it. Silverback dodge drop some freaking gorillas in the chat guys for silverback daws.

He deserves it, show him some love, that's what's up, you know the the interest for amc. The numbers have have been greater than gamestop pretty much the entire time i mean, especially over the last three weeks. I've been watching it religiously, like just covering all the numbers looking at the different things, and the only difference that i see between gamestop and amc is. This gamestop has a shorter, a lower overall float, which just means there's less shares available, and it's got more a sentiment.

So there's more people interested in it, but the numbers for amc right. It actually has higher utilization, there's more short positions that are being lent out. It's got more short volume on the day in comparison right. It's it's, it's mind-blowing, like literally.

The only difference is how many people are buying it. So if more people bought amc, the squeeze would be like freaking you couldn't. Even you couldn't even measure it it'd be nuts dude. I i'm just excited to see i'm in it for the ride and um.

You know, i think regardless amc is. You know what in 2019, before the the pandemic hit, you know it was 16. So um, that's right. I think these is a company uh all together, and you know i feel, like they're they're in a good spot.

Everything all the stars are kind of aligned with everything that's going on, there's just so many things that are happening. Uh in our favor so just gets that more amped about it. Yeah man dude, you put it in the best possible way. The stock was trading for 16 pre-covered.

That's all you need to know. That's all. You need to know worst case scenario, 16 to 20 bucks. I think 25, even i think, 20 25 bucks is very possible, especially with all the attention on this now.

You know if there's not a squeeze, which i just think is it's inevitable. At this point, it's uh. It's like the it's like the avengers made. I am inevitable.

That's that's amc man snapping his fingers just sitting here with the freaking, the five infinity stones right waiting to smash the the universe to oblivion. It's gon na be sick. It's gon na be awesome. I love it.

Man, love it yeah i got ta got ta. Have you on my on my podcast sometime? I'd love to you know, get everybody that you know, watches my channel more aware about everything. That's going on because my whole life and my whole career, like you know, i've been really big on just you know, saving my money. I've always been so scared to like invest it, and what really got me into investing like in the last year is just the way that the dollar is headed.

I feel like you know it doesn't make sense to have all the money just sitting in a savings account with you know: inflation and everything that's going on right now, so i that's. What got me investing and i started you know following uh stockpits and then i can't remember. I think i found you on stop twitch, because everybody uh under the agency ticker is always posting your videos and then like. Oh, this guy's sick so started watching you and now my own, like you know it's all i can do.

I can't take my my freaking uh. The value of the american dollar decreases every single year. So if you're, just putting your money into an interest, savings account right. What are you hoping for at best? Like a percent two percent a year, you could put your money into some random etf and just throw a dart on a board of random etfs, and you would double double or quadruple that you know triple it.

You make way more so like you're, totally totally right, and it's just like a lack of information that gets passed around like i'll. Tell you what, when i was in high school, nobody ever told me about investing your stocks. They said, if you put money in the market, you're gon na go broke, like put your money in 401k, just put in your roth, whatever don't don't even think about it, just do, as i'm saying you know. Oh just a bunch of bs, it's just crap you're, totally right man.

I agree man, that's something that would be cool, something i think we need is you know, classes in high school and middle school, about learning, about the stock market and investing yourself and what's funny is like our generation, i think, is changing everything, because the older generation, Like my dad or like my neighbor, that i talk always like you know, you should get you know if i tell them check out amc like. Oh, they call my you know my guy, my stock guy and i'm, like you know what it's like. All you got to do is download an app and you can be in control of everything um. So right you know, i think, just yourself and being in control of your own money and having the access to you know.

Do it all from your phone, i think, is a game-changer for our generation.

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