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Blackberry LTD engages in the provision of secruity software and services to enterpreises and governments. It offers cybersecruity consulting, enterprise consulting, endpoint management, and unfied endpoint security. Formerly a strong company in the smart-phone game, BlackBerry looks to make its return in 2021 with its own upgraded phone and technology. In this BlackBerry Stock Update video, we give a macroscopic and microscopic overview of the company. We also establish levels of support and resistance for both investors and traders, analyze the 200 EMA (Exponential Moving average), 20 VAMA (Volume-Adjusted Moving Average), RSI (Relative Strength Index), bullish and bearish trends, technical analysis chart patterns, and potential entry and exit points for traders and investors.
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Guys we're off to a great start here at uh, bullock in fort sill oklahoma check this out. So i printed off this like 300 page binder full of all the different documents. I need right. I labeled them felt ready to go.

I had a million copies of everything. Well, one of the things that i needed, which was a da71 also known as an oath office. I printed off my one from commissioning as a cadet to second lieutenant uh, and not my one on active duty. So i'm scrambling to get that done, but in the meantime i might as well knock out a video right whatever.

What do you do? What is up? Everybody welcome to trey's trades, where we have technical analysis and different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy holders sell opinions on these given stocks. I, like your purpose by saying that i'm not a financial advisor nor expert so take what i say with a grain of salt. The reason i started this channel is because a couple years back, i was about 30 000 deep into medical debt, and i was very fortunate to have some close family friends and mentors that pushed me to work hard and invest my money and i'm happy to say That not only my now financially free, but i'm doing pretty well for myself at the age of 23. So if i could pass along any of the information resources or tools that are given to me here, the community make a couple people better off than they were before.

That's all that i can ask for last. If you would not mind dropping a like on the video, it really does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you'd like to see more content like this. Now, today, we're going to be giving an analysis on ticker symbol, bb blackberry ltd, and this is actually a stock that i covered here in the past uh. You know it was probably about a month and some change ago, maybe a month and a week or so - and i said you know, i could see this stock doing something pretty crazy and typically, i like to beat the hype on plays like this before they do.

The crazy run-ups uh - and you know we kind of we really beat the hype talking about this a month ahead of time. So, if you've gotten in way back in the day, you'd be sitting pretty well right now, but i do think there is still potential in this stock, which is why i want to present it to you and show you some some ways to play this out. Since you're not caught chasing not caught holding the bag and can turn a nice profit on blackberry, so we're gon na look at this on both the one month chart as well as the two day. One minute chart to give you both a macroscopic and microscopic perspective.

I've got three different indicators pulled up, which are the rsi, the relative strength index. Anything over 70 is overbought. Anything under 30 is oversold. I have the 200 ema, which is the exponential moving average, and this is just a price action based valuation trend line over 200 day moving period and then the 15 day vomit, which is the volume adjusted moving average.

And this is another valuation based price action trend line over a 15 day moving period, adjusted accordingly to the overall volume going into a stock. So we'll talk about what these all mean level off some levels of support and resistance. Talk about some potential entry points. How you can play this off is either a swing: trade, a mid-term, a long-term investment uh, the whole nine yards.

So we've got a lot to talk about buckle in and we'll just get right into the video first i'd like to give a quick shout out to the guys over the patreon. We are almost 600 members, strong, which is absolutely insane. I can't believe, i think, just over three weeks ago, maybe i was supposed to come up closer to a month. We had like 10 members in this discord, so it's been absolutely insane watching the growth.

I really do appreciate it. They'll have access to the private discord as well as real-time insight to my personal training. We've got a lot of good stuff in here. We've got uh chatting questions, investing assistance options, trading stock bot, which i will actually talk about here in a minute short term plays midterm, plays long term plays spac plays cold stocks, a whole bunch of industries and sectors so uh.

If you're interested in joining there's a either, you can find the link to the patreon in the description box down below there's a lot of really good people in here guys. Some people make really good money. We have uh six percent in one day past week, 24 percent uh. I think we had a guy yeah there.

It is 85 percent in the past month. So, if you'd like to join this awesome, discord like i said, check out the link in the description box down below now, if you're not familiar with what blackberry is we'll just read you off a quick little description. They engage in the provision of security, software and services to enterprises and governments. It offers cyber security, consulting enterprise, consulting endpoint management and unified endpoint security.

The company is founded by michael lazarda, lazaridis, james lawrence bostille and douglas e fragrant on march 7th 1984 and is headquartered in waterloo, canada, man. Every time i uh every time i talk down here in oklahoma, everyone's like. Ah, you must be from north dakota or minnesota or canada, or something like that. I'm like, oh, like whatever you say, uh and then i do have a news.

Article pulled up from ben zinga, which i will read to you uh the first paragraph. It says blackberry shares pop another 16.5 on expanded partnership with baidu. What you need to know we'll just read this real quick blackberry announced late monday. It has expanded its partnership with chinese tech, giant baidu, incorporated on self-driving technology.

The shares surged 16.5 in the pre-market session on tuesday, under the expanded partnership baidu's high definition map, will be integrated with blackberry's qnx neutrino real-time operating system. The integrated system will be mass produced and be available on gangsaw automobile group, co, ltd's, electric vehicle arms upcoming, gac new energy ion models, and this could be this there's a lot of money tied to something like this. So there's a lot of people trying to get into the self-driving, the autonomous vehicle scene and if blackberry gets into that, and it's successful there's a lot of money tied into uh into that scene. So if we just look at like neo, for example - or i mean i'm not going to compare it to tesla but neo is currently trading at 59 xpev, currently trading at 54.

uh. If blackberry can get into this game, i mean, if we look at their all-time highs here, they have gone all the way up to 144 dollars. Now am i saying they're gon na touch 144 dollars. You know that does seem a little unrealistic in the short term.

Right, but in the long term it definitely could be possible to retest some of these previous highs. I definitely think in the 60s and the 70s is very realistic to see a touch point on again, and one thing that i want to point out to you guys is a crucial level uh that we are going to want to watch for, and that is going To be right about here, and that is 39, and why is this important? Well, this is a huge long-term level of resistance, and if you push through 39 dollars uh, you know we do have one more small. Well, i suppose i'll push it up a little bit. Just get one more touch, point 40 dollars we'll call it 40 and 32 cents, and if we push through this level of resistance, we've got one two three four five different candle wicks touching right here, where uh.

If we push through that the price action above that is likely to be pretty violent, because this is a very strong level of resistance right, we've got a lot of different touch points here dating back a very long time, and while you might be thinking, is it Really possible for the stock to double up again so that i would tell you look at this one month chart and we have doubled up in we've, actually nearly tripled up in the last week. So i do think that's completely possible. Now i don't want you guys to chase this stock per se. I don't think you should buy near.

You know the the one-month highs or anything by that means, but we are going to talk about some potential entry points. What you could be looking at to get into blackberry so that you're not caught chasing, not caught holding the bag and can turn a grand slam hit on this and double up your profits for something absolutely filthy. So if you look at the overall volume, actually there is one other thing i want to show you guys before we get going on this video and that is going to be the overall short volume on blackberry. So if we just pull up short blackberry, it should show us the overall percentage which is 7.13 of the total shares being traded are short shares.

Now, if we come and look at institutions, i suppose i'll just do. Statistics statistics bb institutional own. This tells us how many institutions own this company and 56.6 of the total shares held on blackberry are institutional ownership. That's insane! That is absolutely insane, and you were actually looking for this, because that typically means that uh institutionals are big money, guys don't want to get into a stock if there's risk involved, if they don't think they can turn a profit and for over half of the shares.

Being traded on this to be institutional ownership, says a lot about how much they believe in this company. If we look at the overall change right, three months: 252 percent, one month, 155 percent five days, eighty-three percent - this thing is on the move guys. It looks really really good and insider ownership is eleven percent, so nearly seventy percent. This comes out to sixty seven percent of the stock owned is by big company names, and this is a huge, huge, green flag.

Saying hey. I shouldn't feel too bad getting into blackberry. Everybody else all the big money guys are in blackberry, the guys not like you and me right. People trading with millions of dollars or even tens of millions of dollars, are in um blackberry.

So that acts as a confirmation to me and a little bit of reassurance that you know it's not the end of the world to get into the stock if you're willing to hold for a week two weeks three weeks, you can even swing trade. This there's opportunities there for that uh and we're gon na run through all that here. So first off what i want to do is drop a retracement, and this gives us an idea of from the base of the run-up. What we're looking at to the peak of this run-up - and we do have a very nice retracement to this 38.2 percent mark at 1664 as of yesterday - and this is a very nice retracement that indicates a lot of strong buying pressure and buying, presents uh, and we Did see a little bit of a sell-off here right? I do think some of this is probably shorts.

Uh betting against the stock per se, trading against the grain and uh they could have turned a profit for sure if they, if they sold their position in 1955, covered back at 17. You turned a profit on this right and this opens an opportunity for us. If we see something like this pop up again, i don't currently have a position in blackberry to be completely transparent. These are my current positions in all companies.

I do very strongly believe in amc, but i do have some dry powder that i am willing to put into blackberry and i do feel very good about its potential uh. So i am going to be planning on getting into this position. I do have a couple different stocks on my radar, but i'm going to be getting into the one with the best possible entry point when it presents itself to me and blackberry is on my radar. So what are we looking at? Well, we do have quite a few different touch points here, one two three at this retracement of eighteen dollars and eighty cents now is that the best case scenario, maybe not uh, i think the best case scenario or the the most likely scenario.

This is the best case scenario. Most likely scenario is you see a pullback to 20 and 26 cents and if you see a dip below this down to 1880, that is a much much better entry point. I think the risk at that point is extremely lower. So keep that, in the back of your mind, overall volume is very decent: we've been seeing a steady climb, and one other thing i want to show you guys is how popular this is.

So if we come over here to stockbot type in pop, this will show us the 10 most talked about stocks on all discords in the last hour and bb is number one that it's popping up in 26: different discords out of 13 528. So that does show to me that there's a lot of interest in blackberry as well as amc, how about that? We do have a position in amc, so that is great to see. But blackbeard is number one on the list, so we know right off the bat that there's people thinking about this there's people talking about this. There are people who want to get in on this and if you are able to get this at a good price, i think you're going to be able to turn a nice profit on blackberry, so watch for an entry point uh.

We do have a level of support at 20 and 27 cents, but i like this retracement at 1880, even better. So if you can catch it, slipping under 20 or 27 cents, i don't think it's as likely. But if you do see it happen, i'm going to personally be scooping that up and i will be holding a position as a midterm investment and i'm going to be looking for an overall price target. If we come back to this all time, right of 40 and 32 cents, this is an opportunity to double up your money, and i it's got a lot of momentum.

If you look at the overall volume that should really stand out to you, we almost traded 1 billion shares. We actually did we traded 1.1 billion shares yesterday. This is picking up steam every single day and i think that if you are able to double up your money on this and it keeps going well, then you keep riding it right. We we ride stocks until you see a hard trend reversal, and i don't mean something like this right.

That's not much of a trend reversal. The 15 vomit is still gapped up over the 200 ema, we've been gapping up every single day um. We just had a little bit of profit taking right and if you want to swing trade, this that's totally fine, that's not the end of the world to take some profit, but if you want to, if you want a midterm hold this, which is another opportunity uh, You are looking at that as a buying opportunity or a chance to improve your position in the stock, and i don't think you're going to do too bad if you get into this in that 20 range. In fact, i think people are just now finally starting to wake up to this as of yesterday um, so i could think i could.

I could very easily see this touching 39 40 here in the future. This is more expensive than some other penny stocks that i talk about. I know that probably doesn't appeal to some people, but there's less risk involved with blackberry in the sense that it's not a penny stock right. So it's not going to be quite as volatile if this thing drops two dollars compared to a penny stock going from six to four dollars.

This goes from 21 to 19. you're, looking at a much much lower risk of loss right. So if this drops and you get into let's say 1880 and worst case scenario - you see - this comes all the way down to 1664.. What what's? What are you losing? Maybe 15 10 compared to 30 40 in the penny stock.

So a lot less risk involved here and i like to present you guys - plays that. I think you're gon na do well regardless of um. Regardless of you know the overall reward how long it'll take etc, uh, so the volume's there our side does not seem to be correcting to too harshly. In the last couple days, we've come down to 42 low point.

Here is 36.. Yesterday we came down to 46, which is honestly just a little bit below neutral, so that does look good as well and you are going to want to try to buy into this as close to 50 or under, preferably this. This low 40 or high 30 range on the rsi indicators you can, because that is going to present the least amount of risk to you and should allow you to make the most amount of money so be watching. For that, don't uh, please don't fumble the stock.

I promise you you're pretty likely to see an opportunity to get into this. We did trade sideways for a couple of days there before we saw a nice run-up like this right. So in all reality this all this growth happened pretty much in like 24 hours uh. We did see a nice nice jump from 746 to 1195 and then 1195 to 1288, but 1288.

You know it was just one day boom, all of a sudden we're up to 20 bucks. So um it's a little bit quick. I think we're going to see a little bit of price correction, maybe not we we may uh. We may just keep running, but you know if you want to get into this while it's running there's an opportunity here, you're going to watch for a push over 22.29.

If you see this push over 22-29 you'll see a nice big wide range candle barn. What do i mean by that? Well, look at this when we, when we pushed through this level of resistance right here. What did you see? You saw a big wide range candle bar it pushes through, and what i mean by wide range is it's a long, very powerful, green filled candle, the body of the candle is very full and long, and that typically indicates a lot of buying pressure. So you don't want to see something like this right, where we kind of tip our toes into this level of resistance, because you're more likely to see a rejection, as we did here.

If you see a long body cross over that resistance line, you're more likely to see it continue running, and at that point you can think of that as the next level of support and getting it then will not be the end of the world. So if you see this less wide range candle bar push over a 22 range, i would feel more comfortable with you getting in, but just keep in mind, you're more likely to see success there as a swing, trade or just being careful and having a stop-loss set. If you're worried about the short-term losses, so we'll change over to the two-day one-minute chart, look for some extra confirmations, really quick and what i'm seeing right now here in the pre-market we are starting to gap up. We do have a little bit of a double top here, but it is an ascending double top, so we are an upward moving channel overall if we connect a trend line to the bottom of this to where we are right now we are currently moving in an Upward direction, so that is a good thing to see and honestly, if we, if we lower this to get all these touch points right.

One two three four different touch points: that's a pretty strong moving channel. So i do like that. A lot you're gon na be looking for a bounce off of this trend line and that will indicate to us that uh that the stock should continue moving upwards and at that point, the more likely realistic situation is you're buying in at 22. Of course it is possible.

We see something profit-taking similar to what we saw at market open, so uh this isn't a stock. I think you need to necessarily get in in the pre-market. I think you can have some success if you wait for market open get in on a little bit of a sell-off. I i don't think you're gon na go, go wrong whatsoever that way so uh.

That is how we look right now: uh, overall buying or selling pressure. We do have some it's it's pretty neutral, we're gon na zoom in here and look at the candles just for anything that i can see, and we do have a couple of bottom tails. Bottoming tails, but for the most part, these are pretty solid, neutral candles. You got some short wicks on the tops and bottoms, but that doesn't indicate strong buying or selling pressure.

If anything, i see a little bit of buying pressure. You know a pretty good wick here. Pretty good wick here, um, otherwise it's pretty neutral, i mean we are going green. This is this is going.

This is trading green, but what i like to see the most is that i think yesterday was actually red right. We opened in 1955 closed at 18, and even though this was this was red right, there's not a lot of selling pressure here. Buyers kept stepping the price back up, tried, pushing it and then immediately here in the after hours. We see a push back up to these previous levels and then in the pre-market.

It's moving. So there's obvious to me: there's a lot of buying pressure. There's a lot of people talking about this as there's high demand, it's very very pumped, there's a! I think. There's a good opportunity here to make some money, so that is what i have for the video today.

If you guys enjoyed it, please drop a like. It really does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you'd like to see more content like this and lastly, i do have an affiliate link in the description box down below for tubebuddy uh. Now tubebuddy is an seo optimization website that i personally pay a nine dollar a month, membership for and it's highly what i attribute growing from zero to almost 13 000 subscribers in just over a month. So if you're a content creator or looking to become one, it is a great tool to help get your videos into the eyes of your intended audience.

And if you do use my link i'll receive a commission off of your purchase at no extra cost to you. So it's a great way to support the channel and, if you're not interested, that's totally fine. I just appreciate your support by taking the time to watch my videos, so that is what i have for you guys today. Thank you for watching my friends and i'll see you all next time.


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