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Oh man, what's up, what's up, what's up, what's up youtube, welcome back to the traders podcast? How are we doing today? How are we doing this morning? My fellow gorilla gang apes, orangutans silverbacks out there in the world man. It is good to be back. I tell you what it felt kind of weird felt kind of weird not live streaming yesterday, but uh when you know we're hanging in there we're hanging in there we got uh the situation with the eyes under control for the time being, which is uh. You know all that matters so uh.

Take that for what it is. We are back, though, and uh gon na cover some live. Amc price action, along with the other hot stocks, other hash stocks in the market baby, so uh yeah, i'm just gon na - be cooking with crisco and tell everybody what we are doing so we're gon na see the chat starting to to move here. Uh.

Thank you for everybody, who's tuned in right now, trey from the uk john turbo from the uk good to see you here, man uh, absolutely absolutely grateful to to have the community and the crew out here. That is uh chilling with the gorilla gang. So uh give me one second here really quick. I took a small stab at uh a little bit of an intraday trade here today, just to make up some extra capital that i can use for amc baby.

So uh, that's that's my game plan, i'm all in! On amc, as you guys know, and then any sort of dry dry powder that i have around, i just use for uh intraday trades so that i can put that extra dry powder into amc slowly over time. So just gon na take a small gain on this. I got in a buck buck 94 getting out of 212.. I was like eight percent gain, something like that, which i am absolutely okay with.

So if you guys have any questions on giving tickers, you can drop it in the chat bar. I will. I will gladly check that out and uh we can just we can just talk about it. So give me one sec.

I'm gon na actually increase that uh that that time delay, because it the chat, is getting crazier and crazier every single time. I do one of these live streams, but uh good to have you here so far, what we've got rocking with amc? If we just take a quick peek at the peaky wiki at the price section, it is down three percent again and once again we do not have that short sale rule in place. The ssr. We have not dropped 10 from the previous day's close yet, and it has worn off.

We we do have those incremental penny by penny, spread cell walls up again, which, if i had to take a stab at it, is indeed shorting. So we're going to go over here we're going to look at a couple, different resources that i've got we're going to look at the amc, stonco tracker, which tells us the short shares available to borrow, which is 1.5 million. But what is interesting is that the interest rate is at 3. It went up from one point, five percent to three percent, so i'm assuming that a lot of these shares that are available to borrow starting to get scooped up you've got 4.03 million.

Total etf shares available 21 000 uh calls expiring in the money on march 26th. If we were to end right where we are right now and if we close over 11, we have another 10 913 calls that will expire in the money. Please, let's not spam with the emojis and nonsense, uh yeah, so that would that would be definitely helpful without a doubt. So dopian i saw a drop in the chat.

Dlpn is a not an etf. An nft play that has been going insane yesterday went up to 37 in the previous day. It started off at five. This is just another repeat of freaking tcat guys, and i don't think this is done.

I think it will continue on, but it is just cooling off a little bit just cool enough uh. It is definitely pulling back. What do we have here in terms of price action for dlpn? In case you are interested, we do have a descending level of uh resistance, so keep that, in the back of your mind, you do want to break that decent level of resistance in order to get a good entry point on this, i would say once it breaks At it, it will begin a new upward channel, but for the time being, for the time being, at the very least, it is indeed in a downward moving channel. So i wouldn't catch a falling knife.

You want to get the best possible setups that you can with uh with trades right, and this is not a good setup, yet it's still in that downward moving channel. So you want to wait for it to at least consolidate uh. That would be my my uh. You know two cents right.

There amc, obviously in a harsh down moving channel getting just smacked. I mean i, i really wish that i could have live streamed yesterday, not because you know it was a bad day, but mostly because i think i could have given a little more insight into what is going on and and why you know this is happening right. So um i'm still holding my amc position. I was up 13 000 and some change dollars now, i'm up 2 500 and i'm not selling, and it reflects in my in my account balance right.

You can see here that's at 30, 851 bucks and i've got. You know 13 000 dollars just chilling right now, um with with the amount of dried powder that i've got lying at amc, it's 27 grand. So obviously you know i've been taking a beat down on that, but i'm not freaking selling, because these are unrealized losses, guys they're they're, not legitimate, and for those i know those people out there who say trey, you don't have any skin in the game, blah blah Blah blah right, you, you are just leading people to the water, so they can drink and you can watch them, watch them drink, poison or whatever it might be. But uh, that's just not the case guys and in fact i there's a reason that i keep adding to my position and i did just recently get paid, which means two things.

It means one that i am going to be donating to the wounded warriors project, as i had promised. Uh your guys's donations, we're gon na be sending the 12 100 today and then. Secondly, it means that i'm gon na continue to add to my amc position as time does go on, so those are two things that you know you can expect from me and i will keep you guys up to date in in that sense, when uh, you know, When the opportunity presents itself so we're gon na come back up, you're gon na start reading off the super chats welcome to everybody good to have you here. Amc is down again four percent.

On the day, gamestop down 16.74 took a beat down. I was watching the price action just barely on my phone. I got doctor's orders to stay off. You know, electronics for about 24 hours after i got those uh steroid injections, and you know when i i peeked at it.

I peeked at it, and you see this immense amount of buying pressure right. It starts moving hard, like the volume really picks up, then all of a sudden, you know, after maybe five or ten minutes, these aren't apes selling guys these are shorts. These are shorts that slam it down. I mean you can just see all this red volume coming in, because there was a demand right.

They said, oh crap, there's this green volume coming in. We better match it with this short volume and they did it right. They brought it all the way down: 151 bucks and uh it just bled for the rest of the rest of the day there and then coming into the pre-market we consolidated, but coming into the regular market hours with another little bit of a sell-off um, not as Much of a short wall up on on gamestop, that's something that i've noticed. You know the past couple days that i've been watching the level twos is that amc has way more of a short wall.

I mean you can see it right here. Look at this! The spreads are there, but they're different spreads as compared to amc. If you look at amc right now, look at this i mean they're, pretty much identical, spreads across each of these pennies, which are short walls to a t, guys to a t that tells you the whole freaking story. So there we go there we go there.

We go glad you're better, but we're lost without you. Don't do that again. No, you guys are okay, you guys are okay, we're we're showing uh, showing a man how to fish we're not giving him a fish. You guys will take care of yourselves.

I promise you hey trey, i got banana hands today, got 800 to bleed in between eyes, amc and sldb who's dabbing with me today. By the way, i hope your eye gets better. I recently developed bad floaters in my left eye annoying dude. It is definitely frustrating it's.

It's super super frustrating um. I i hope that your eye gets better. My left eye is way more jacked up than my right eye. You can probably see it.

It looks pretty red and inflamed right now, but i can see good enough to see my computer screens we're gon na be going until you know early 11 o'clock by 11 10.. If i didn't take a guess at it, i do have a short meeting that i have to go to today for work, and that is at 11 50. I have to be there so i'll leave, leave my crib at 11, 30. uh and then i'll be back.

I'm actually going to come back after that's over. I don't know what time about that'll be. I would anticipate it goes until about one. So if i can get back here at 130 change out of my clothes get back into my hoodie, my uh, as you would guys call you guys, would call it the skirt the skirt baby.

If i can get back into my my grill, my uniform right uh we'll be back and finish off the last hour and a half to two and a half hours of you know market hours, and we can. We can show you guys. What's up show you guys what is cooking, so dlpn has broken this descending level of resistance, so this is now a decent buy. As long as that wasn't a false break.

We got a candle that opened and closed above that so i'm going to take a stab potentially on on this stock. I'm going to start with a small starter size and i'll i'll increase as it continues to move um, but i'm going to take a whack at it. I'm definitely going to take a whack at it. The the ceiling here is 37.82 there's actually a pretty decent amount of upside.

It has sold off a lot. Keep in mind that this this uh company got a huge push because it was um. Why would you call it? It was nft news right, so they actually announced a deal with with a half v moved in tandem with dlpn, because they did get that nfc sign deal so pretty interesting. Got your back.

Bro buy more amc today. Can you take a peeky week at hof v? It's funny that i just said that it's funny that you said that i think hafvey and dopn are gon na, be multi-time runners. I think they're going to continue to run for quite a while so dlpn as you can see right here. If we just pull up my my screener i'll show you exactly not not screener customized, it moves in tandem with hot v right, so hot v really starting to move right now, d-o-p-n doing the exact same thing.

So if you see dlpn, i mean these are the exact same chart setups and because they had you know, george w set ups by the way they have the same sort of price action. That's taking place right so since they had that contract deal together, they probably will move in tandem for a while, and i think you might be leaving some on the table. If you sell right now, i'm gon na be honest with you. I think it's gon na break eight today.

I think it's gon na continue to run, and i think you're gon na make some pretty good money uh. I definitely definitely do now. I wouldn't just say that man, but it's entirely up to you. If you were nervous, i would say, maybe take a little bit off the table and then um and then from there you know, as it continues to run up.

You can definitely continue to take off the table until you feel satisfied with the gains but you're already up like 100, which is freaking, solid, definitely hope, you're feeling great today trey, can we take a look at the 10 on reddit, page 14 of apparently still holding Afc, my fellow apes at the 10., i'm not entirely sure what you mean by the 10. um the 10. trey sad news christine said to straight up: sell amc in his video yesterday. No no like a set, stop.

He just said: sell um. Chris sane was using that as a quick money grab, so i guess it makes sense why he decided to say that, but i i definitely don't agree with his uh his call, but if it's for a quick money grab, you know it's for different reasons. It's for different reasons. I i understand you know, but that's we're not chris sane right, i'm not chris saying i've got different reasons.

Why i'm in this uh? It's entirely up to you guys when you want to pull the trigger what you want to do. Oh the 10k. I got you i was confused. I was like i don't know what you're talking about 10k amc 10k.

That was 12 days ago 10k. I'll never sell amc 10k floor. Is that what you're talking about? No, it can't be page 14. unless they had a recent 10k, but i'm not seeing it if anybody has a link uh.

If anybody has a link to that, please let me know - and i will gladly check it out - silverback the guardians reporting for duty. You know what it is gorilla gang in full force, as always as always guerrilla gang in full force, all right atm for a possible squeeze, atnm, actinum, uh pharma, so i'd have to see what the short interest on this is like and what what uh you know? How much utilization there is utilization tells you how many of the current available lendable shares are being held. 86 percent, so it's got a pretty decent amount of utilization comparatively to to you know their overall utilization 18mm short interest, we'll we'll check out next see. We got cooking use this, take it with a grain of salt right this uh.

This only uses limited exchanges to give you the information um. 263. 000. Yesterday 18 of the short volume ratio 95 000 available.

So you know whether right that, whether or not the number is right, it does tell you that it is being doubled down on heavily. So it's definitely there the potential. Is there the the reason that it hasn't squeezed yet does it need some sort of good news, catalyst or reason to squeeze right until it has a good news, catalyst or good trainer sentiment? This is just a heavily shorted stock, there's not much else to it. Unfortunately, um that's what i've got for you right there as of right now so um.

The potential is there for sure, but it just needs a reason to move. It needs a reason for sure the opn right now sitting at 29.73, definitely pulling back now we're looking to see that this bounces off that decent level resistance and acts as a level of support, gg wake up all right, gti global tech, uh search their ak. Finally, this is how you kill naked shorts, special dividend, uh good case study for amc gme to follow gti global tech, they're 8k huh. So i'd have to dig into this pretty heavily in order to find the special dividend, i'm i'm assuming.

No, i don't want to click on that. Okay, let's see, let's see what we got 8k. Ah, i can't read this yeah, i'm going to be honest with you. I can't read what this is saying: uh the print's too small for my eyes right now, um, but if they are using a special dividend - and that is a way to uh, you know kill the naked shorts.

That's that's spot on um, i'm assuming that amc is definitely exploring alternative means to you, know utilize and take advantage of their stock price and try and get things moving, but it just might take some time it uh. It might take some time, unfortunately, um twitter. I see people talking about jordan, belfort uh, jordan, belfort had tweeted something so we'll see. If we can find that, i definitely do follow that man, the man the myth, the legend.

By the way. I do want to say something here. Really quick. Um, there's been quite a bit of talk asking if i'm going to get jordan belford on the podcast and my answer to you is: yes, i am and uh it won't come with with cheap prices.

The guy is, you know very well off he. He knows his market value, he knows what he brings to the table and it's gon na cost me ten thousand dollars to get him onto the podcast. I debated it for a long time whether i was going to bring him on or not, and i've decided. I am in fact going to bring jordan on so um.

That's what it's gon na take. I can't tell you when i'm hoping that, sometime this weekend, if not this weekend sometime next week, right and we'll get this guy on it's all dependent on his personal schedule. Um but but i do plan on it a fellow ape, but it's gon na cost a pretty decent penny, so i'm just gon na make sure that i've got the the dry powder laying around so that i can uh get him on without any sort of uh. You know putting myself in a hole, but i i do plan on it.

I'm gon na i'm gon na get him on. Without a doubt, amc had a discount amc down, oh just getting crushed, i mean you can see this guys. Look at these short walls popping up on amc, just taking a beat down right now, uh down almost seven percent on the day, and it's just not ending uh. If we look at this on a three-month chart, i'm gon na be honest with you guys.

I don't want to bs anybody when i say anything right: it has broken the the healthy retracement level uh. At this point, it has, it's just been shorted, really really hard right, um. The only thing that is what's giving me hope - and you know, confirmation that we're still in in shape for something good to happen, is that we had this bleed all the way down to five dollars right here we did come back right, they're, going to continue to Short and double down on this, even though it's getting shorted really really really really heavily right. If you guys want to sell you do what you got to do right, but i'm going to continue to hold my position as i do still believe that this has the potential to do what it needs to do.

So that's what it is baby good price for an even better return. You know what it is man you know what it is. I view it as as this it's an opportunity to learn. You know if i was to go to one of the seminars, i'm assuming i would pay something pretty similar to bring him on and that's that's me paying.

You know for a seminar for everybody who who wants to come and learn something. That's that's my personal opinion. Um and it's gon na be information that you guys have available to any time of the day you know. So if we can learn even a little bit from from him, it is what it is.

You know i'm i'm personally going to do it. That's that's my personal choice, whether you agree with me or not, that's, okay, but i think it's an opportunity for people to have. You know to learn straight from straight from the wolf's mouth. What uh? What sort of things people go to what sort of extent people will go to to uh to kill a stock he'll? Tell you straight up, i mean, i think, there's a reason.

Why he's so proactive in this case right here? It's because he's seen this sort of manipulation in person and he probably engaged in it himself back in the day. All my choice make it happen, wait for it to happen, wouldn't appreciate all the wins without taking the losses. You know exactly what he's talking about guys. This is the freaking wolf i mean he's.

I think it's a great opportunity. It definitely is bncc bought at 980. Is it a dead? Cat bnc was most likely good for a day trade, and that would definitely be the case so uh. This was a day traded stock uh.

It ran really hard up to about 10.50 and is pulling back hard right now. Uh. Personally, i would take the loss. I would take the loss.

You know that would, if i was to trade that i probably would have just day traded. It that'd be the way that i would have played it personally, but it's entirely up to you guys. What are your thoughts on bngo, i'm bullish on bjo long term bio. Nano genomics is a genome sequencing company they've got the sapphire system, which is actually freaking mind.

Blowing guys i mean, if you think, about how cool that is um we live in the future. We live in the future dude it's nuts, it's nuts sitting at 9, 28 right now, uh as it is right now as the level of resistance. The ceiling to push through and now 808 is where we are right now down in the regular market hours. But you do have to keep in mind that the nasdaq is down about a half percent right now.

So it's another little bit of a red day and we got to wait and see you know what ends up happening uh, how much this is going to pull back the nasdaq it's going to reflect on the whole market. But i like i, like bioenergenomics long term um. I think it's honestly going to pull back a bit more. The the pharmaceutical sector, the green energy sector, the tech sector all take really really really hard beatdowns when, when the market's pulling back so this is definitely gon na be one of those cases.

That's gon na be one of those cases for sure. What's up trey? Oh, i got ta scroll back up bob sagan man every time i try and read these. They they get screwed. How does amc's chart compared to the volkswagen squeeze, so the volkswagen squeeze it's similar in the sense that volkswagen dipped all the way back down to some previous lows before it had that run up to the all-time high squeeze uh that it had right.

So it may just take some time for it for it to do what it's got to do now. The scenario was entirely different right. We don't have the same shorters. We don't have the same uh longer, so we've got way more people going long on the stock.

What i will tell you is: there's a crap ton of retail investors that are in this. I think the retail investor actually controls the majority of the float on this stock. I think it's being pretty majorly held right now, uh, and i really really don't think that this is just ape selling. I just don't.

I don't think this is ape selling right now. I i legitimately think this is just shorting and i mean you can see it right here. You can see it in the price action. It definitely.

100 reflects got a little bit of a bounce here off of 9.93. We are looking to see if we're going to get a break over this descending level of resistance right here, this downward moving channel. It is really trying, but you can see, there's this candle lick right here, most likely because it tried to get pushed and shorts pushed it back down. So if we get a candle that opens and closes above this descending level of resistance to me, that is going to signify that we are back in some good bullish territory and it's going to have a decent move, all right, glad you're back bro! Oh, i answered that.

I got to scroll back down all right. What's up trey hope. Your eyes are: okay from the uk gorilla game drop the water and drink a cup of tea old chap dude. Tea is just not for me.

Tea tastes like uh, like i'm eating grass. I can't do it. I cannot do it. I drink my water, i drink my coffee, i drink the kraken by the way.

By the way we got 7 300 people watching right now. If we get this video to 3 500 likes, i will be taking a crack at the kraken to celebrate the gorilla gang and the community out here give a good cheers and it's host to everybody, as i always do with every live stream. I i very deeply appreciate everybody out there and i want everybody to know that. I do appreciate you.

So that's what that's all about my friends and family. If you do want to uh, you know support that you 100, can. If not you know it's it's. It's free, it's not free whatever you want to do hitting that like button, it's up to you all right, hey trey! What's up from kansas love, your streams and analysis keep up the good work.

Thank you brother. I appreciate that six, two, oh six, two! Oh baby! Amc is really trying to break that decent all the resistance right now, but the level twos are just freaking jam-packed loaded gamestop has triggered ssr and furthermore, it just keeps on running down down 18 on the day to about 147 48 bucks, as it's sitting right now. Uh waiting to see if it's gon na make any sort of move today um, but maybe this would be a this - will end up being a george w set up. I mean we got.

We got a bottom right here: 145 bucks. We've got a second bottom right here: 145 bucks, and if this gets any sort of positive movement and breaks this neckline of uh, you know this this top right here it should come with a pretty hard move, and that would be a great double bottom. George debia set up come on guys drop those in the chat, the judge dab, yeah, we're hoping for it, but i'm not gon na lie to you. It looks ugly this morning.

Gamestop and afc are really taking a beat down amc, holding up a little bit better for the previous couple of days. Amc has actually been getting hit. A little bit harder than gamestop has uh, and now the rules have reversed, so gamestop really took that beat down, and my anticipation is it's because of that. The earnings - and you know the fact it had so much momentum that they had to try and kill it and by killing that momentum uh.

I think it scared away some people so there's just not as much buying taking place with gamestop right now i mean you look at look at the order flow right. So if we look at the order flow, we've got 51 million dollars of order. Float is coming to amc here so far of green volume. More so than actual red volume right we've had 49.6 million in red dollar signs right: 49.6 million dollars of red volume, 51 million dollars of green volume.

Now, if you compare that to game, stop the order flow you've got a little more. You know green coming in 146 million, but look at this, the red 176 million. I don't know why uh weeble just closed me out i'll, bring it back up quick that was goofy. Give me one sec to enter my trading password.

I just want to make sure that nobody can see what i'm typing i've done, this a million freaking times, and i'm not doing it again make sure that i can't see that on my screen, all right, we're good counter bunga all right. We got her back up and cooking come back to amc, but you know where i was going with. That is you want to pay attention to the order flow right, so how many dollars are coming into the stock, and you can see that there's way more red. You know red dollar signs coming into gamestop right now than there are amc, which is why it's getting beat down pretty freaking hard in comparison um.

You know not to say that amc is holding up particularly well here so far, but it has found a bottom at 993 and if we can get some sort of momentum break that view off the volume average price. That should give us a little bit of a move. You know it should get us in the right direction. Um.

One other thing that i want to apply to you know you know i would say address is the fact that uh, i haven't posted as many videos. Lately - and i hope that you guys understand when i say this - it's it's not me hiding in the least bit. Obviously, i'm still coming on these live streams. I'm doing the best that i can to you know be around and engage with the community, because that's what i love doing um, but the big thing is that i'm just trying to protect my eyes.

I want to be able to do this long term and i'm not going to be able to do this long term. If i go blind, so i'm just trying to take care of it, um we're making it happen guys. Can we go over borrow rate? Yes, so the borrow rate there is a little bit of, i think, confusion with the borrow rate so, depending on the source that you use, you're, going to see different borrow rates, uh i'll, pull up amc, stonco tracker - and this has it 3.5 - is what the borrow Borrow rate is at right now the borrow fee rate. This is an annualized interest rate right.

This is what they would pay uh percentage-wise on their total short position on an annual basis. So you would take all active trading days. One two, three four five. However, many days they hold it divided by 360, which is you know how many that's, how they calculate it as a full year of interest rate 360 days, and that will tell you how much they pay right and total interest per day.

So let's say that out of 360 days, they're holding for uh 10 days right so 10, divided by 360, is point zero. Two! So point zero, two of uh point zero. Three five comes out to you know like a thousand a tenth, a hundred thousand. That's a ten thousandth of a percent, so there's not a lot of pressure on short positions right right now, right, uh, it's gon na take some time for that to come back up and that's gon na come with less short share availability as they continue to double Down um, honestly, i think the big piece of why this hasn't been moving.

A lot is because the the the short selling it just hasn't been matched with buying. I mean we had a nice amount of buying pressure. It went from 996 back up to 1121 in the regular market hours. You know pre-markets of regular market hours, but then just bounced all the way back down.

So every single move is just getting matched with immense immense shorting pressure that is not giving it up, but i'm not giving it up either baby, not giving it up. Andrew mo money gave us your health updates yesterday dude what a guy, what a guy that's freaking sick. Thank you. I appreciate that immensely andrew mo money if you're watching right now, if he's going, live right now my best regards brother.

I appreciate you. What do you think about j finn? J finn was a good opportunity for maybe a swing or a day trade. It's up, six percent right now, uh definitely pulling back, but it had some crazy price action. You know the last couple of days and i think that the fact that it's holding up so well gives me a lot of confidence.

I think that it could continue uh, you know moving down the road. I think it's just a matter of um. How much you know? So what do we have right now? You know you've got uh, i would say a descending level of resistance, as you can see right here, uh one, two, three, four five touch points. We look for these three three touch points tells you um.

What you've got in terms of a level of resistance? You need at least that many to see a level of resistance or support, and it bounced off of that right. So i didn't get that break, but if you get that breaker for the decent level of resistance, that's going to be a good hard technical break right. So if you get that it should come with a pretty hard move, that's what i would watch for. If you want to play that momentum break that's what i would do with uh with jfin, that's the opportunity right there.

I want to try here's some one share for amc by the way hedge funds they have to pay today, if not, they get another ftd um. So i would, i would assume so i mean by wednesday they are supposed to close out. You know, call options expiring in the money and pay those out. So if they don't, it would be an ftd it'd, be a failure to deliver for sure 100.

If they have to send out ious, if they do uh amc right now, still a hard to borrow stock, i mean there's no short button. So the fact that the retail investor can't even freaking short this guys the fact that retail investors can't short this. That should be all the confirmation in the world that you need to know. This is being shorted heavily right.

If retail investors can't short this, it's because it's risky and they don't want they don't want you doing something. That's risky right. So just keep that in the back of your mind, there's there's some actual validation and truth to that. That, i think, is definitely worth mentioning so um take that for what it is, but i i think that you guys should know that.

That's important: you know what up chat, sm energy, what's a good day trade for the day. Let me look at uh, my pre-market gappers. I've got a couple pulled up um, let's see what time this was posted 11 17.. So that would have been a minute ago.

So probably not as much opportunity here, but it looks like arcon - is an opportunity. Archon stock has some pretty decent moves. It's been nice uh, nice, solid growth, uh had a nice little bit of volume, push up to 635. Now it's trading sideways, so not as much volatility the volume backed off and that's not a good day trade.

In my opinion, uh. I would look at the the most turnover, the most volume in the most range, and what do we have right now in terms of the most volume trade uh, you know volume turnover in range as of right now, apt always 100 up there. So if you look at apto, this stock is getting some crazy, crazy price action and in fact i think this is a a pretty solid. You know buying opportunity if it gets a break or there's decent level of resistance.

It should give you a pretty nice push and it does look like it's got a continuation of green pattern. So, honestly, i'm going to take a stab at this for a small gain, um i'll, be looking for. You know five percent ten percent um and see how she treats me and we'll go from there, but um. I'm gon na enter in with uh we'll save 450 shares of uh.

Oh i'll do 500 shares 500 shares of size and we'll give it a whirl and see how she ends up treating us, but this looks like it's got. Some continuation looks like it could move. I will take more size on this if it ends up getting a break over the descending level of resistance. So that's what i'm watching for right there and if it ends up getting it i'll play it out, i will play it out except shorts and dark pool volume might have to sign up with free market chameleon dot com, slash overview, slash amc, slash, v, wap table Exempt shorts and dark volume, market chameleon, dot com, let's see what this is um, i don't know if i'm quite seeing this slash.

Oh, i got ta answer all the slashes. Ah, i see slash overview, slash amc, slash v-wap table. Where do i enter the slashes? That's what i want to know if you have a link, the links work better. For me, i got to be honest.

I got to be honest with you if you've got a link that would that would definitely work out um. Thank you. Weiler appreciate that uh, hey man, how are you feeling trey uh jordan, belford tweeted amc? I saw that dude. I saw that i saw that i saw that sick, i'm so high by man, traders and pre-market gappers with me.

Let's go ghost, you know what it is. I did see that i actually i i did retweet it. So if you want to check that out, i did retweet that he is the man man, i'm glad that we got him on our side for sure he's seen the thick of it for sure. For sure, for sure guys, it's uh it's good to see.

That gives me some confirmation. Donald hype check kong, tweet kong. Let's see what kong's got man i like that squirrel background kong. I don't know if you're watching right now, but that's pretty cool.

I dig it. I dig it just getting to bed, you don't need words of encouragement for me. You've all you're, all grown uh smart to their tricks, regardless of the price we buy and hold. Remember the data.

Remember they haven't covered, we are winning keep holding. There is there. It is man uh. Can you go over this popular dd by joshua james, it's about the how the how they found the naked shorts joshua james uh.

Do you have a link to that um? Let's see if i can find it is it on reddit joshua james. You slash joshua james, see what pops up. I got ta be honest with you. I haven't been doing a whole lot of research in dd the last last two days because my eyes have just been messed up, so i apologize guys if i'm behind on joshua on twitter, all right that'll help that'll help we'll go there joshua james.

Is it this man new video? Oh, that's him! There's a lot of joshua james out there dang! That's crazy! That's pretty interesting! All right! Um! It's on twitter! Look up! Joshua james! Oh i'm missing an m! I'm missing an m! That's it trail runner. This looks like the dude. This looks like the dude there we go insert trace trades left. I dig it uh.

What's all this 4.6 billion talk time stamps, let's see, let's see what we got um, how we found the naked shorts uh. I just found the millions of shares. They've been shorting amc under short exempt. I mean this is how they have been shorting, no matter what under ssr they've, been doing this by trading otc over the counter we found it updates tomorrow.

I really can't believe you just found this i'm in shock. It's just. We shouldn't even have to be dealing with this at all, as always: greed and power controls leaders of america instead of integrity and a life of service, a country mass and a cloak of freedom, but a face of oppression just to keep those in power and power. Man, that's not surprising over the counter yeah, they can go back door and uh and short.

You know even under ssr with over-the-counter man. Millions of shares i mean that makes sense too. When you look at the level twos, when you look at the level twos for amc um, it's it's been done, it's been done. I mean you look at this level two and even though we have ssr and play or don't have it in place today, we did yesterday and the day before, and we still had these crazy, crazy, ask level two walls.

It's nate: it's nasty, not even good nasty like stupid nasty like the nasty just pissy off amc, george w you'd be correct. Oh yeah, oh yeah drop, the nasty george was in the chat baby. We got to get some freaking uh. I wish there was a way that i could get emojis on here, like my own personal emojis, because my discord's got them but uh.

If we could get them in here that would be freaking cool that'd, be sick. All right, apto got a little push, got a little push up to 671 and it looks like i got that break over the decent level resistance, so i'll play that for a push over 720, uh and i'll actually add a little bit of size. If it ends up bouncing off that level of support, we're gon na wait and see, though hmm 500 shares, wait to see how she plays if she holds i'll, add i'll continue to add. But i don't like these three wicks, those topping tails.

That's not a good sign for me, so i'm going to watch it i'm going to watch it if you didn't get that break. That was a hard hard candle push move, but it's not looking like it wants to hold that. Wasn't a hard break um. So we got that wide range candle bar right here.

A wide range candle is a candle that covers a lot of price action. So, as you can see right here, a lot of price action just took place here with that candle moved up a lot of pennies um. But after that it's just hesitating. It's not it's not making that hard move um.

So i might end up taking that small profit. I'm up uh 75 bucks on this right now we'll wait and see if it tests this level of resistance right here, i'll i'll. Let it go, but it looks like it's not gon na looks like she'll hold up. So i'll actually add a bit more size if it ends up getting that hard push waiting for that break over that level of resistance right here and if it gets it, i will.

I will take another stab at it all right check the huge red candle and pre, i feel as if they are testing to see what the price will fall to this um. This is every time your thoughts. Let's look at it huge red candle um. I don't think that's what that is man.

I got ta be honest with you, so this is most likely pre-markets opening, so different brokerage firms have different hours in terms of uh when they open their pre-market. Weeble opens at 3am in central standard time, which is not the usual standard right. So that's that's atypical. You don't usually see that um, but that's what that would be.

So when premarkets open, there are usually people with a lot of limit orders that are waiting to get filled and that's the compilation of a crap ton of limit orders both buys and sells, waiting to get filled. Uh and that's what you see happen right so um. That's that's my hypothesis, that's my anticipation, but i i could be right. I could be wrong.

That's just that's just uh a fellow weebs, a fellow weebs and a breakdown of what's happening right there, my two cents, man, that's my two cents. It looks like we might see this come to fruition. This george w set up uh. It's not looking too bad up to 10 19 right now, getting a little bit of a bounce.

Are we gon na ted uh? Are we going to test out that v? Wap? Are we gon na test out that v-wap it'd be freaking pretty nice that gets back into some good bullish territory and uh on the right track back up to a little bit of uh good buying pressure, so wait and see how she plays apt-o yeah? I'm not! I'm not convinced by this. I don't like that, bleed! That's a slow bleed man. That's pulling back, so i'm gon na take that out. I'm gon na take my small profits made 50 bucks on that, not a lot but i'll.

Take it! It's something! It's something all right: can you check out bcrx bcrx biochris farms? What is going on with this one? It's high of 1645, but it's at 1073 right now. It's actually got some pretty good price action. This is a company that has uh more growth and actual investor relations to it. It's it's not just moving off of uh.

You know purely you know news. It's actually got investors which i like, so that's good. It has pulled back quite a bit. I'm anticipating there's been some sort of bad news.

If i didn't take a stab at it, but um if you're holding a position, it looks like you want to bounce off of the level of support right here at about 971. Maybe you got one right here. It looks like it's testing it. You got a little bit of candle wick rejection at 10 45, but if it breaks that you're looking at nine, you know nine, nine, eighty, nine, nine nine eighty five somewhere around there.

That's where you see the next bounce on uh on that stock, amc down four percent on the day sitting at 10, 17 continuing onwards, with a little bit of a recovery, all right, hey, trey, check out joshua james. I did just check that out hopefully able to catch it. It seems like it's legitimate. It seems like it's legitimate, i'm gon na see if i can get him on yeah.

That seems like a good, uh good opportunity. Let's have him on sometime. I think that'd be something we would do after hours when there's not as much price action, but let me shoot him a message: hey man, i'm digging your over-the-counter dd you've done on amc, want to grace a fellow ape with your presence and hop on the live Stream someday soon and i'll drop, the freaking gorilla drop some gorillas in the chat. You know what it is: tweet adam there we go we'll see if we can get them on that'd be sick, it's cool, it is a trail.

Runner too. I never got into the trail running. I was a long distance runner. I was like a track guy.

I got my undergraduate nutrition, so it seems like we have pretty similar backgrounds, which is really interesting. Interesting interesting, interesting, amc up to 10 22 right now, getting a little bit of a bounce off of that george w set up, which is solid, don't mind that don't mind that i love cidm. I got it at like 118 and holding great stock with huge potential. I think it will run again today, cidm cinedime um, it's possible.

It seems like it's pulled back a pretty decent amount of personally i'll, take the profits and reinvest. I would take the profits and reinvest. That's just me. That's just me.

It's definitely a falling knife right now um and i don't like these two topping tails. That's not a good sign. That's a sign of a little bit of buying weakness, so i take your profits and then reinvest at the bottom. That's just me glad to see you back.

Thank you for that. I appreciate that a million uh hatred, not sure if you did, if i did it right, but i sent you an email on my dad's behalf for possible next charity stream. Next uh ascension info at, great nonprofit for vets, action duty and family members ape support apes, adrian i'll check that out 100 i'll i'll contact. My uh, my buddy, who helps with the back side of things and it does uh.

It does mean a lot appreciate that matt carrera just said that otc short selling was bs so done with this uh, his his native blah. Oh, you all need to stop timing. People out for calling out bs um so done. Y'All need to stop timing.

People out for calling out, oh i i see what you're saying so i don't time people out for calling out bs. That's not my thing. My my thing is. I don't appreciate when people harass my community, you can call me out all you want.

I'm open. In fact, i encourage you guys to prove me wrong, because i want to get good information out to people and if i'm wrong, i want to know it right, um, but big butt here right is, if you are attacking my crew you're attacking the gorilla gang, i'm Gon na i'm gon na time you out big time, that's my two cents. So um you know i i like matt coors. I think, he's a good guy um.

We have it's his opinion. You know i'm not gon na i'm not gon na flame, the guy. I i like matt queers, i i'm definitely gon na. You know continue to be around with him so um.

I appreciate that opinion, though save your eyes, man, rest them up. Take screen breaks. Definitely luke appreciate that i i will. I will, throughout time i'm not going to be on for the entire bill.

The bell - you know market hours today, but i will come back so i'm going to have a meeting i'll come back after the meeting and i'll stream uh. You know a continuation of what we've already done here so far, look at her go! What's that is some freaking clean price action. Look at these these clean green bars of slow, steady growth, just respecting the crap out of that ascending level of support holy toledo, not bad, and we're still pushing through all these freaking ask walls, these short walls, which is nuts dang. That's some decent moves.

That's some decent moves for sure. Can you shout me out uh about pre-market gappers? Please, hey ghost, shout out shout out to ghost for getting me on pre-market gappers, i'm using this to see when there are alerts uh for different stocks that are moving. That way. I have my eyes on them and i can take a stab at them before they have some crazy pushes the shout out.

Ghost man grab some gruelers in the chat for ghosts. Guys absolutely appreciate everybody here, you wouldn't mind doing me: one favor drop a like on the video. We got eight thousand six hundred people here watching right now we eat the 3 500 dropping that crack and back giving you guys a good toast. That's all that i saw what i want to do man, that's all.

I want to do. Uh first missed you yesterday, bro glad you're doing better. Second check jordan, belford's post one hour ago, gurley, gank dude, you know what it is. You know what it is.

I i did check that out. I retweeted it so if you're just tuning in hopefully you're able to catch that thoughts on mr wolf's tweet today i am digging it. I i didn't cover that recently here, uh, hey trey! I wish you the best for your health. I'm looking to lower my cost average on amc.

What do you think would be a good price at this time um. It did just break 10 false break under 10 993. I think the low tens right now is where we're sitting um, but if we look at levels of support and resistance right, it's really really trying to hold up support right here at 996.. So if it breaks that you know the next level of support is going to be down here at 927, so i would watch for that.

I would watch to see if it's going to retest that you can kind of dabble. You can take a small stab at entering right now at 10, 30 and then uh. You know if it breaks nine and some chain. You know the high nines.

The next level of support is down here at nine, nine, nine, 27 or so um. So that's what you could do it's entirely up to you um, but i know it's a touchy subject. You know covering amc. Guys is really freaking difficult because you you get.

You got a whole bag of different people, saying if you're wrong about this, you you're gon na, lose all your subscribers you're going to lose all your fan base, blah blah blah blah blah like i've already read like 10 of those comments in the chat bar. That's gone through um and it's me just covering information. As i see it me with skin in the game too doing all that i see you know i i see an opportunity here and i'm just continuing to cover it, because i think it's legitimate. I think there's legitimate, you know, cause to believe that there's a squeeze potential here.

You know and that's why i'm not giving up on it but um. It is what it is. Love the channel bro just wondering what platform you're using over on the discord that showed avi was a gapper for the day. It is called pre-market gappers.

If you want to use this, you definitely can, but it costs you money. It costs me 199 a month. So if you want to use this, that is uh. That is what it costs you, you just type in panel alerts, and you will have the opportunity to check that out.

If you are interested uh, they also have a discord. I'm not personally in the discord. I just use the the alerts that are sent out, as all that i want is an opportunity to see what stocks are moving and bam, quicktime right and then, whether or not i like that setup i'll, take the trade um as an opportunity to limit you know. What's going on in that in that realm of the world, so um very interesting for sure rock nine, this pullback was needed.

If we want that huge bounce, the spring needs tension, you got it brother, you got it, you got it, you got it, you got it for sure. Try chilling in a pitch dark room when there's light your eyes will try to focus on something your eyes focus by squeezing the eyeball of the muscle, some of the darker eyes, relax and rest dude. Trust me. I know trust me.

I know that because the light sensitivity when i like, when i'm showing by myself when i'm in my room, doing absolutely nothing, i just sit here with the lights off. I see where the lights off and i uh and i watch tv or i do uh. I do some research or you know, look at stocks whatever it might be, and that's that's literally it i just. I just sit in the light in my room, the lights off.

So thank you for the advice. I appreciate it if you have jordan belfry on your live stream. Would you ask him about raging bull uh? I will. I will in fact i'll write it down.

I'm gon na i'm gon na make a compilation of notes that i want to go over with him once we have him on and i'm going to go through that with people over the discord, we're going to kind of formulate something and see what the most popularly Asked questions are that way we can have. You know some some good good conversation. You know uh we'll. Definitely talk about ac gamestop, i'm going to try my best to have him talk about amc gamestop, but i'm going to try to take advantage of his knowledge and expertise.

Learn some lessons from him see what he knows about the back side of how the market works. You know, and we can we can pull from that and make some good things happen for sure, belford baby, you know what it is all right, i'm working through the super chats guys. I see that you guys dropped that in the chat bar. I promise you, i'm not ignoring you uh, it's just you know, taking it one at a time, one at a time, one at a time trying to make trying my best to uh, you know get to everybody and respect the chat bar.

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