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What's up, what's up, what's up, what's up youtube? Welcome back! How are we doing this morning? It's great to have you all welcome back to another episode of the traders podcast, we are back again rocking cooking with crisco excuse the fact that i was uh about 60 seconds late 55 seconds late. I was uh trying to get that that obs system running and you know here we are now here. We are now getting that sucker going watching amc here in the pre-market. We are back again for another episode, so i hope you guys are all rocking cooking with chris code.

It's great to have you all here whoa. We had a little bit of a sell-off right away right away at market open, pre-market, open at 4 a.m. Uh est dropped all the way back down to 13 bucks and currently sitting at 1342 here in the pre-market down about 3.66 compared to uh the close on friday. So nothing crazy happening here.

You know a three percent drops what we're sitting at right now, but um. You know with all the fun the the fear and certainty and doubt that it's spreading right now with amc, it's not surprising to see that it did take a while, for let's make a little bit of a bounce, i mean it. It definitely did have a selloff right away in the pre-market, so we were back above the v-wap that volumated average price, which is not a bad place to start the day off my friends and family, my fellow gorilla gang, so we're not sitting too bad. Another pre-market runner if you're interested in a scalp opportunity is sprt.

This thing is having itself a freaking run already up 159 percent, with crazy volume right off the bat here in the pre-market sitting at five dollars and sixty cents. Uh just be cautious. If you are going to day, trade just know that there are risks involved with day trading uh, most most traders don't come out profitable on their first first couple of trades and i'm gon na keep up uh weeble on my phone, because i do have the top Gainers uh for pre-market available to me there and i'm gon na. Let you know what we're looking at in terms of market movers right off the bat here in the pre-market.

But sprt is the leading gapper here in the pre-market. So you've got that you've got snca as another great uh great pre-market, gainer uh sitting pretty well up about 40 percent has fought a nice bottom. So this is a good dip trade. If you do want to make a dip trade, it has begun a new ascending level of support, you're, looking for a break over a neckline sitting right now, currently at about uh three two dollars and 39 cents, as it sits right now, has broke out of a Descending level of resistance, which is also a good sign, means it has, is uh discontinued.

Its descending channel right has begun a new upward trend line. So if you want to buy it on this, this candle, that is a little bit of a chase. I would wait for it to pull back at least a little bit, it's better to buy on red candles instead of green candles, but that's what you're looking at right now here in the pre pre-market, my friends and family, so hope we're all cooking with crisco. Here today, today, baby we're gon na come and check out what the current utilization rate is.

Looking like, according to uh ortex, so just coming up here and checking this out, and what this is telling you guys is how many of the shares that are currently available for lending are currently being held. Now what this? What this means right, you're, going to take a look at everything. That's going on right now. The utilization is the current lendable share.

So i'll just read you off this definition in case you're, not tracking, it is zero percent, meaning that no shares have been borrowed. Lending programs 100, meaning that all shares available to borrow land at a landing program have in fact been lent clearly sitting about 88, meaning that 12 is about what is available from lending programs for borrowing for amc as a shortable position. Now that is, that is pretty solid, because we were at 84 on friday, which means that there are more shorts that are currently being held by lending programs, meaning that we are going in the right direction towards a squeeze potential for amc. So that is not bad.

Then we'll look up the amc short interest according to fintel and, of course, take this with a grain of salt, because fintel is only reporting the the market exchange data from limited exchanges, but does take that total market volume from all exchanges. So i'm using this more as a reference to see whether it has gone up or that it has gone down. We are still saying about 1.2 million. We were at 1 million from what i remember on friday, so has gone up by about 200 000 shares from what i am seeing right now uh, but that's what you're looking at as it sits at this current moment.

My friends so good to have you all here ghost i heard this pretty well this morning on snca and sprt. Let's see, do not chase guys at snca or sprt, as i had mentioned. If you are going to get into these stocks, it is as a day trade in and out in and out very very quick um there's risk involved for sure. So just keep that in the back of your mind, uh for everybody out there, 200k subs by april that'd be sick man morning trade.

I hope you slept well appreciate that brother. That does mean a lot to me. I am here earlier today than usual. I don't know if i'll be able to do a market to market a bell to bell uh live stream here today i do have to go into work at um at 8, 50, so i'll probably be out of here about 8, 20 or so we'll be logging In for a good two hour, live stream regardless just finished your nc video from yesterday good morning.

How are those only fans shorty shorts, coming along for the merge store? I love it. I love it ah they're coming they're coming. I promise you uh. It takes time to put together a good design for um.

Those sorts of you know those those sorts of merch. We want to make a good quality stuff, so um it will. It will take some time, but we will get something out. I promise you.

I tell you what those running shorts they really are: vibe huh. They really are vibe. I love them. I can't get enough running.

Shorts are comfy they're comfy people can say what they want. People can say what they want, but i absolutely dig the old running, shorts and and t-shirt or hoodie combo. It really makes you feel some sort of way so uh as yeah as as i mentioned, you know, amc is sitting at 13.41 cents right now. The pre-market action, usually obviously not as active as the regular market hours, so this may not be as exciting to watch amc as it's sitting right now, but we will give you the information that we have available to us as it comes and show you guys what We're looking at regardless so um.

Another thing that has has been you know talked about quite a bit and has been controversial, as i had anticipated. It would be. Is the amc proxy vote on proposals one through six right uh? Regarding the 500 million share dilution? You've got ernst young llp, acting as their account their accounting and uh auditing, firm right uh. You also have the and probably the most controversial is proposal.

One and proposal six, which is the the 500 million share dilution right uh, putting another 500 million shares onto the market, which would increase the total float to over one billion shares and then proposal, six being the ability to readjourn to a further date. If they do not reach the desired proposal, uh confirmation, the approval or disapproval right. So what is proposal six, i'm just gon na pull up the the proxy for anybody out there who has not received it um just so that you can get an idea of what i'm talking about. So give me one sec to check my inbox here.

Really quick and i'm gon na pull up that proxy. That was, that was sent to me, uh via via weibo, so uh just give me one quick second here amc and we'll pull this up for everybody that has not been able to see it. So the proxy statement, proxy's statement, looks something like this right. So you've got proposals one through six proposal.

One is to approve an amendment for a third amended and restated certificate of incorporation to increase the total number of shares of class, a common stock uh. The company shall have an authority, an authority which is the right, not the issue, not the obligation to issue 500 million shares to a total float of 1.024 billion shares of class. A common stock, then proposal six, is to approve the adjournment of the annual meeting to a later date or dates, if necessary, are appropriate to solicit additional proxies if there are insufficient votes to adopt the proposals. Now what this is saying is that, if you do not agree with the information that they stated in this proxy, it is not enough information for you to make a justified voting decision.

You can vote uh yes to this, and it would allow them to readjourn. Essentially, the annual meeting to a later date or dates, if necessary, so they can give you more information with another proxy, such as the one that was sent to your guys's email uh, whether you have you know, weebles your brokerage firm or fidelity uh trading, 212 ameritrade. Whatever it may be, think or swim right uh, that would give you the opportunity to read more information and change your vote if necessary. So that has also been very controversial.

Just know that if you vote yes to this, it will give them the opportunity to provide more information. If you do not agree with the vote and you voted, no, you could have hypothetically voted notes. Every single one of these one, two three four five, and if you vote yes to six, you say you're, four or six right. That would give them the opportunity to give you more information so that you can change your decision if that needed to be the case.

The only one that i may change my decision on would be a pro you know proposal one, which is that 500 million share dilution uh, and that is because, if they presented more information to me, that would give me reason to believe that 500 million share dilution Is actually for the good of the general public um, then then that would be an opportunity to change my mind. However, with the information that was provided to me, the information that i dove into with my live stream and talked about uh, that is the decision that i've stood by right is that that 500 million shared dilution as it sits right now. I just don't have enough information to say that i'm going to vote yes on that um. I was really really hoping to see that it was for the purpose of a company acquisition and i understand that a takeover versus an acquisition is a different thing.

But from what i'm seeing right now, it's just not enough information, guys! It's it's just not! Here's an example for you, so you've got a company like microvision right, mvis. Mvis is a stock that i know for a fact is in the process of looking actively seeking for a company acquisition and their ceo summit sharma has made it very public in saying that hey, i am looking for the opportunity for a company acquisition we're looking for Alternative means for this company to either a be acquired b, be taken over or c sell a product to another company, so that we can, you know down the road, create more revenue for our product for our company through that automotive lidar system and, through being you Know very vocal about that being transparent. They didn't, they didn't give any sort of confirmation as to any companies are looking into or any dates they don't need to do that right. All they need to say is.

We are actively seeking a company acquisition, in which case i understand, if, if nvis would do a shared dilution, if they came out with a proxy one said: hey we're gon na do a shared dilution. I'll, probably understand why? Right because they've very publicly stated that hey, we are a company that is actively seeking the opportunity for a company acquisition or a company takeover for the best benefit of shareholders and company value. So uh. That's an example.

In the back of my mind that i always come back to that's why i like nbis as a company quite a bit, my old girl, mavis, baby uh, absolutely absolutely digger, but that's that's what i've got for you regarding that proxy statement, as i do know that, There's some people out there who have been asking questions uh as to what is going on here so just know that my personal opinion is not exactly the answer. It's not the only answer right. It's just my opinion right, so don't feel you need to do exactly what i'm doing come to your own opinions. Go through that proxy read through the read through the information.

That's provided for you. It is a lengthy, read right, but we dug through it as much as we could to try and break things down so that you have any questions. You can 100 uh answer those yourselves or dig deeper. If you have more questions based on the information that i dove into right, so that's what i've got for you guys.

I just wanted to throw that together. Just because i know there are a lot of people out there that were that were questioning. You know what was going on there with amc and that proxy vote so great to have you guys all i appreciate you tuning in hopefully that answers any questions that you guys may have had. Sbrt is up 172 freaking percent right now, guys up to 5.83 cents.

Man, the strength of this is insane i mean if you just look at this fibonacci retracement, it pulled back to 23.6 percent only that is some insane insane buying pressure. I would not be surprised if this had a continuation into the regular market hours, but be careful. That is all that i have to say usually, when a stock runs up this much it is being called over extended and what happens with his overextenders and even give it time to unravel or consolidate before it will have its next major move. Now it has a little bit of a wind-up in effect right now.

What are you seeing? You have this nice long pole of freaking disgusting green candles and it's starting to pull back. It's just wavering a little bit, starting that consolidation phase right now. What we have is the potential for a descending level of resistance and an ascending level of support for a good, a good. What i would call bullish set up for a good day trade opportunity.

So man spr2, says ghost. I love it yeah it did man. This is nasty, let's see who the news was that got this thing rolling. It's called

They are a software technology company. If you look at their news what came out about 54 minutes ago, so bitcoin miner, green regeneration, uh announced merger agreements. That's massive yeah! No wonder no wonder it's freaking running, so you got a merger company here which is really freaking going to town right now, honestly, another company that i wish would have had some similar price action is jag x, jagex, uh, being a company that is hoping to merge With uh napo eu, this is a pharmaceutical company, so maybe it's just not as exciting, as you know, a tech company getting a merger but uh. That's what you're looking at right now with this with this sucker.

Thank you to zach for the super chat. I appreciate it if abc dilutes shares, it would be uh spit in the retailers faces. I think that amc is thinking about long-term uh. You know potential for the company they're trying to raise money because they are in debt right uh and that's that's something that they can tangibly control.

So i've read that quite a bit. I i've seen that um it the controllables right now for amc in terms of price action. The stock price, the market value - is pretty uncontrollable right. They really can't do much about how amc is trading right now so by you know, setting up that 500 million share dilution, although i don't agree with it, at least with the information that i was given.

Um it just doesn't make a whole lot of sense. To me for at least the short term to midterm shareholder value and by diluting that much you're, looking at a really tough situation, i mean another example for me is rolls-royce now rolls-royce on the london stock exchange, uh would be ticker symbol, rr here in the in The states it is r-y-c-e-y trading at box 69.. Now, why do i use this as an example? Well take a peek at this real, quick we're going to show you what the market cap is on this company. So if i was just to clear out some of my tabs really quick, i always have way too many tabs open uh and we just take a look at wiki, as you guys always say at the at rolls royce on market watch.

What do you have here now? This is a very extreme example, but nonetheless it's an example. So rolls-royce is a company with a market cap of uh 13.58 billion dollars. However, their shares outstanding is 8.37 billion dollars, so they're so diluted that, even though their market cap is 13 billion dollars, their stock price is only trading at 1.69. So it's very, very, very difficult for the shares to be worth much.

You know so by diluting that much you're, just not getting a big piece of the pie and for the for the stock price to run up, is going to be very difficult because there's so many people that own the stock so um. That's that's what i've got for you in regards to rolls-royce as a comparison to what makes me nervous about amc. A dilution would increase their market cap right. It would be able to help out with some of their debt issues.

However, for shareholder value, it's tough! That's really really really tough, so um! That's what i've got for that! Hey trace! I'm love from us! What are due to algae hedgies, oh geez! Oh that's, good, hedges or fed! Do you see emc dropping below 10 before squeeze as i'm looking to average down so hedgies are fed? You know what i will tell you. Is it wouldn't surprise me? It wouldn't surprise me if it does drop down to 10 bucks. What i will tell you on top of that, though, is that nobody can guarantee you anything. What i will say is there's a huge, huge, huge double top level of support.

Uh sitting right here at about 11 and i would call 67 cents so in order to drop below 10 bucks, it would have to break this really strong level of support where you've got a double top of price action. Uh. In order to break down below 10 bucks, so that could take some time uh to really really break down. I don't think that's something here to see a flash crash happen with.

I think the more that this is stabilized, the more more healthy growth and pullbacks that we've had here, the less you know the more difficult it's going to be for it's a breakdown of 10 bucks and one crazy move. Uh, i wouldn't be surprised with 11 and some change, but 10 bucks, it seems a little seems a little steep that wouldn't be something that would happen in one day. That's what i've got for that sprt. We're gon na give you a quick checkup on how sprt is sitting up 204 right now up to 6.54 freaking cents, guys it broke that descending level.

Resistance, if you're able to get on that break the resistance play you'd, be sitting pretty freaking decent right now. This is a more risky play, though so, if you're gon na get into this is a chase. Keep that in the back of your mind, it could continue to run right, um, but be careful if you're gon na trade. This be experienced know that you need to have stop losses set if you, if you can, or at the very least, be able to actively manage and get in and out in and out very quickly if things do turn south.

So man, that is nasty up 207 right now i'll tell you what find any dry powder laying on my account. I would freaking scalp the crap out of this right now, but i am all in on amc, as it is sitting right now sitting at uh. What appears to be 13.43 here in the pre-market, with not a lot of volume rolling in at this current moment, hope you guys are feeling better bro appreciate that ak. That doesn't mean a lot to me: uh they're, they're, doing okay, man they're a little red today.

I i can tell they're a little bit irritated, but that is usually the case in the morning, especially when i get less sleep which is um. It is what it is. It is what it is, but life goes on. Sbrt baby, i'm gon na get out at seven bucks, be very careful there.

You go man, you know, ghost is a very good scalper. Ghost ghost knows his stuff and ghost is always chilling on the discord. I see you popping in there man. I see you uh, you know giving people the the alert when you get in and out of scalp trades.

If i was able to do so, i definitely would guys uh over in that discord, but the thing about scalp trades is they're so time sensitive. So unless i'm gon na be holding it for 15 20 25 minutes, i try not to even say anything uh. If i'm gon na be getting in and out in, you know 30 seconds to a minute as it can just really make it difficult to to keep people up today, let's go valhalla good morning, trey good, to see you tanya good, to have you here good to Have you here welcome everybody. We've got 3 500 people watching right now and uh.

It would mean a lot to me if you would drop a single like for a for a chill a chill uh, chill boy, chill irish boy schulin here in the united states uh, just just asking very kindly for that. Like for the youtube algorithm, that's all i've got for that. How many amc calls do you have the strike prices? I don't currently hold any amc calls at this current moment, but i am going to be purchasing some more sometime this week and when i do, i will let you guys know, but what i will say is that i've gotten some heat about options call options. In particular is um if you are not experiencing those options, just know that there is risk involved, you are essentially paying a premium or a bet right, you're, pretty much putting a bet on the table saying this is how much i'm going to risk for the opportunity For this to hit this specific strike price on this specific date and if you're wrong, you lose that premium if it is underneath that strike price by that expiration date, so the best opportunity for options in my personal opinion, is to get in and out of them.

As as soon as you possibly can, or unless you are very certain of upcoming price actions, so uh, you know it would be a good example of a good call option for amc at this current moment. Well, if you wanted to be absolutely sure that you have the opportunity to get into you know uh you're in the money option, you can play it a couple different ways right. You could play slightly in the money. You're gon na pay a higher premium for that security, so you have less risk of losing your straightforward premium or you can play just barely out.

The money call option like a 14 or 15 strike price, and then you have the opportunity, for you know, a little more risk, but you're gon na pay less of a premium. So it costs you a dollar six per share with a 15 strike right now. It should be 106 bucks for a single call option a call option if you're not familiar is the ob, not the obligation, it's the right, but not the obligation to purchase 100 shares at that strike price of 15. You would give up your premium.

So if you paid 106 bucks, that is what you would you would surrender in order to exercise your your right for that call after that 15 strike, most people do not exercise call options; they will most of the time uh end up selling them, as you can Walk away pretty lucratively and they do reflect on the stock's uh price action. So let's say that you buy a call option. Hypothetically speaking, you can't buy or sell a call option during the pre-market or the after hours only during the regular market hours to keep that in the back of your mind. If you were to buy a call option at 13 right and you were to sell that same call option at 1354, you would have walked away with a 54 cent gained per per share, but it works different for call options right.

So if you had that 15 strike - and you were to look at the you know - the delta, the gamma and the theta well, we'll use the 14 uh dollar strike as an example. Right, let's say that you use this well, the gamma says that for every 12.4 cents that the stock price goes up, you would receive 47.8 cents of gain per share, which would be about 47.82 cents uh per per incremental gain of 12 cents, plus the gain of 12 uh 12 cents uh each incremental gain, so the total gain per 12 cents would kind of come out to be 47 plus 12, which comes out to be uh if i'm any good at math about 60 bucks, just here under 60 dollars. Now, if you need to go and do that - math, 12, 24, 36, 48, um 56, because we're currently trading at 13.50, we'll just round it up and say that's 13.56. That would be five times that incremental value of sixty dollars now for one call option: that's how much money you could have made 60 bucks times.

Five would be 300 off of one single call option, so you can see how leveraging with call options can be really really really huge guys. I mean honestly it's an opportunity if there's volatility in a stock, which is something you're looking for with call options to day trade, you can use call options to day trade and tyler. Wilson is a great example of a guy who does this. He makes great cash by day trading call options getting in and out uh very quickly.

So he could, you know, take the opportunity to take advantage of volatility with these call options, so um flipping them is definitely a way that you can play the game. Man, sbrt is really going to town guys up to seven dollars and 40 cents at the height of its run-up right here. Jesus freaking christ. Look at that volume on that last bar 155, 000 freaking shares holy toledo, i'm sagging, that's nasty, absolutely dirty guys, but nonetheless, that is what i've got for call options personally, what i'm not thinking about playing this week.

I am thinking that i'm going to going to roll with those just barely out the money call options, but, as i've stated before, you don't want to play with money that you're not willing to lose um to be completely transparent. I had some call options last week that i ended up coming out negative on right. I had some call options that it came up positive on. I ended up making you know about three thousand dollars, but i also had call options that i came out negative on.

So i'm net positive about a grand right, so there's risk involved with call options, and you just want to make sure make making sure that you understand the ins and outs before you play them. They are risky they're a bet, so just keep that in the back of your mind. Hopefully that answered your question. I know that was very long, but i try to try to make things as easy to understand and grasp to help the cause, as i can, and one other last thing that i want to mention, is in order to actually contribute to the stock's price action immediately.

You do need to purchase actual physical shares of the security amc right, because that will drive the price action um with options. The way that it drives price action is, let's say that you buy, you know 10 14 strikes and the price is trading right now at 13.51. Well, what happens is you've got. You know the market makers out there that have to hedge for the risk that they have if it runs up to 14 bucks.

So let's say that you were to buy those at 13 and all of a sudden, the stock is trading at 13.80. All of this during the regular market, hours hypothetically speaking well, they're gon na start thinking themselves. Okay, so if this guy is the the right but not the obligation to purchase, let's just say five call options at that 14 strike. Well, that's 400 shares.

So i better hedge for that and make sure that i have it in my you know in my collateral, so i've got it on the side over here in case somebody wants to make that happen right. They want to exercise their options. Well, i've got it and i didn't end up paying more than they're going to end up paying. So i think about it like this.

If they were to purchase those 400 shares that you were getting at a 14 strike and they bought that at 15. Bucks well they're net negative on each one of those 400 shares by a dollar, so they're down 400 bucks on just those those call options for 500 bucks right, so they want they want to buy those ahead of time. They want to plan for that so that they actually come up profitable or at least net neutral right. So that's how you know call-offs affect the price action.

That's how gamma squeezes work is by that hedging. So if you want to affect the stock in the immediate, i would say it is a good thing to buy as a buy physical securities ahead of having call options right. So just keep that in the back of your mind, it does contribute, but not in the immediate term. We do need actual physical, tangible buying in order to affect price action, so long-winded uh.

But that is what i'm gon na wrap that up with. Thank you to brandon appreciate that trey. What do you make of the massive buys last week, wednesday through friday, 4.8 million wednesday thursday, and i can't remember the size friday hedgie's covering i don't think, necessarily hedges covering no, i mean what i've been seeing is the utilization has gone up, and i briefly mentioned This in my previous video um and we're looking at the short interest right - i just i don't think so i don't think that's the case. I think that may maybe some hedging that took place it could be or just could be, some friendly whale stepping in and making making a huge buy on the stock.

Honestly, it's speculative there's no way to know for sure. Maybe it was, you know some hedges covering, but it's it's tough to believe that considering the utilization is now at 88 percent, meaning that most of the shares that available lending programs are starting to get bought up again we went down to 84 and now it's starting To go back up, which means that inevitably, that short bar fee rate will eventually go back up. It's still sitting about 1.33. According to the 19th, it has not been updated yet uh.

You know according to where we're sitting right now, but i think it'll take time and i think it will go back up, so i'm not stressing about it. I really really am not uh mundo says i just got email from robin hood about amc vote, but i don't have any stocks on robin hood now. Do you think the amc stocks i sold are still being borrowed and they think i own hmm? It made it honestly just come down to a specific date, so if, if you owned amc on a specific date and they sold you that email, if you were to buy and hmm, how would i word this so let's say that you own the shares on the Date that it was last acceptable to make a vote on the proxy right. Let's say that you own shares on the 19th and that's the last date that they say hey if you own shares on this day, you were, you were eligible to vote on this and you sold them the next day.

Well, you'd still be eligible eligible to vote on that you know, according to what i know about uh how those pro those proxy votes would work. So that'd be my hypothesis. I would look into that and start there morning golden gate. Let's make some money you catch.

The new attack on titan episodes - yes, i didn't realize i put out two. I don't realize i put out two, but i i caught them. Both dude holy freaking crap. They were dirty.

Those were some crazy, crazy, crazy episodes. Those got me excited. Dude aaron is going off the rails, man, what? Ah it just gets better. Every time i watch an attack on titan just gets better and better proxy day was the 11th.

So there you go there you go. I appreciate that guys thanks for thanks for the info. This is why the freaking, the um yeah, that is exactly what's on what is on proxy voting there. You go so that's the date in case anybody's curious.

I didn't see the date on the proxy. I honestly didn't specifically look for it, but that's what i my anticipation was. So if you own the shares before that 11th date and you sold them after that um, then you were still eligible to vote for schizoma nizzle. You know what it is uh.

Do you think sprt is gon na hold? If not what stocks do you think would be good for some quick attendees and good morning, my man, we all appreciate you hey good morning to you too dude. I hope that everybody's straight chilling right now sitting at 231 percent up for the day, so this is very, very, very heavily traded already, but it has a lot of strength which is really really surprising um they have reached. They have retraced so far about 23.6. Off of this next run up to 760.

man. This is some insane insane insane price action. That's going on right here! There's risk involved, but i do think it's uh. It's still got some life in it.

I would just be cautious right if you're gon na get into this just know that there are risks involved, uh be able to hit that buy and sell button pretty freaking fast. You want to be able to get in, and out in case, do things do go south limit your losses to the very least like five to ten percent right. So i always i i haven't talked about it recently up until i started, you know showing more scalps on my day trade and i call it a risk to reward ratio right. So i'm gon na pull this up really quick uh.

But if you do wan na rock this, it does look like it might get in a golfing candlestick pattern. It has a nice ascending level of support, uh. That is looking to begin here pretty soon and it does look like it's going to break out of this descending level of resistance. So it looks like if we get another upward trend uh.

If you want to play just pure candlesticks, that looks like a good setup. It looks like a good setup and it is in fact, still running so watch for a break over 760. uh. If it doesn't get that break over 760, i would take profits and it doesn't sound like much three cents, a shear, but that adds up.

That adds up. You want to take gains, especially with things that are this freaking risky, so take that for what it is, but it looks like it may continue uh you know moving forward. If it doesn't. I would say you know, take your stop here at 706, where you've got that level of support and then, if it bottoms out again, you can re-establish your position at that new bottom, but nonetheless, i wanted to talk about risk reward ratio.

So what does that mean? Well, for day trading in case you're not familiar with day trading by the way we're gon na come back to amc before we get into this just to see, if anything has happened, it is down 2.8 percent here in the pre-market up to 13.54, uh looks like The high of the pre-market is sitting at 13.59, so that would be the first level of resistance to push over looking at the level. Twos you've got a large cell wall at about that level at 13.60, 3 454 to push through as it's sitting right now. No big buyers, you know incremental it's pretty incrementally, spread out on the bit 100. 100.

100. 100. 100 right uh! That's what you're, seeing right now on the flip side, you've got the same thing on the ask, so some some buying and selling taking place on both sides in algorithmic ways i mean that's just pure straight-up computer systems happening right there. But if we come here to microsoft, whiteboard and i'm just going to drop exactly what i'm talking about in terms of risk to reward ratio um, maybe this is rudimentary stuff for some people.

I understand that, but we've got a pretty wide audience. I know there's some really. You know experienced investors and some people who who are not not experienced investors. So what is a risk to reward ratio right? It's very, very simple! So, let's just assume that you're going to take 10 trades in one single week, right 10 trades and a really good trader.

If you you're going to lose trades, inevitably, there's there's no way you're going to get right on every single one. But let's say that out of 10 trades, you you do pretty well and you hit it on six of them. Your your success rate is about 60 right. Well, if you were to have a one-to-one risk risk to reward ratio, uh goddamn, whisk to award ratio, i'm hunting rabbits, a one-to-one risk reward ratio right.

What would that mean? Well, let's just assume that you were playing with one thousand dollars and you were willing to risk one hundred dollars for that trade or ten percent. Well, if you're playing with a thousand dollars and you're willing to risk 1k uh you're you're willing to risk 100 out of the 1k, that would be the risk 100. A one to one would mean that out of that 100 risk you'd be willing to make 10. That's what you're looking for! Well, if you were just to do the quick math, you would come out profitable yeah, you would make 600 on 6 trades.

Then you would lose 400 on four trades. You'd be net profitable about 200 right! That's what you're looking at well! You're making profit yes, nonetheless, but a better risk reward ratio to make up for these losses. These these four losers, that you're going to have is to step up your risk reward ratio which is going to make you more particular about the setups that you take. So let's say that you've got a a three to one risk: reward ratio right, a three to one would be.

If you want to risk 100 bucks, you want to make at least 300 so that you can offset those losses and walk away more profitable than you were before, so that same one thousand dollars. If you're willing to risk 100 bucks, you want to make at least 300. This is talking about a day trade specifically. That doesn't always happen right, but this is just a a set of rules that you can use to help mitigate some of the losses that you are inevitably going to make as a trader right.

So you would make 300 bucks for six trades. At the very least off that thousand dollars, which comes out to 1800 bucks, you would lose 400 bucks, which would make your net profitable instead of 200 about 1400 right. So that's a risk to reward ratio, guys uh. It's a great tool that you can use in order to make sure that you're maximizing on the gains that you're making on each trade that you're making to make them.

You know more particular i i've had people ask before you know: what do you recommend to people who don't have that kind of date, trader rule where you can you know where you can, i would say only trade three times a week if you're under that 25 000, you know benchmark so that you can have unlimited trades and what i would say is to make your trades very particular make sure that you're picking the cream of the crop - and not just you know really nearly shooting shooting guns shooting pistols at every every stock. That's up 10 on the day like this would have been a great opportunity for a good day trade opportunity. So if you were able to take the the buy right here right, if you pulled the trigger on this good engulfing candlestick pattern, you would have come out profitable, you're sitting pretty freaking decent right now, right, um you'd, be sitting up at 7.75, broke your level of Resistance and now the next psychological barrier is eight bucks, which it just freaking hit guys what a nasty nasty runner that's uh sprt has been here so far holy freaking crap geez, i'm gon na throw sprt in the uh in the description, or i shouldn't say in The description, but in the uh, the title really quick before the bell: amc and sprt price action, baby nasty, dirty that is disgusting, i'm under 25k and can trade as much as i want uh. No, it doesn't work like that man, i got ta be real with you.

I got ta be with you, so the pattern day trader rule. What is this talking about the pattern day? Trader rule has two basic principles. You need to have at least 25 000 of equity in your account. Otherwise, if you don't, you are limited to three day trades, which is to buy and sell on the same day per week right in a five day moving period.

So this is it right here. Pattern day trader is a regulatory designation for those traders or investors that execute four or more day trades over the span of five business days. Using a margin account the number of day trades must constitute more than six percent of the margin accounts. Total trade during act activity during that five day window.

So that's what you're! Looking at uh! You need to have that 25 000 of equity in your in your margin account. Otherwise, you will be flagged as a pattern day trader and they will limit your trading availability on the stock. There you go uh good morning trail. This is a member of the army.

I love what you were able to do on this site, shared some dd uh via your twitter dms about the vote. Hey! Thank you! Uh, imperator ryan. Let's see what i've got here, i'll pull it up. Let's see if i can find it twitter all right.

Specifically. Item one is that it is not a vote to issue 500 million shares. It's a vote to give the company the permission to if needed in the future, create up to 500 million uh and even if they did create these shares, they would be generated internal to amc, to ensure ancient ownership and not a direct offering to the public market. Uh you're 100 right man and that's what i've been talking about as well uh.

I have made that very public in what i do discuss that uh. That 500 million share dilution possibility it's the right, but not the obligation to exercise that so they can sit on those five million shares if they want to. Let's say, hypothetically that it passes, you know they end up passing that 500 million share dilution. They may never even end up rolling that out into the public market, it's just having it in their back pocket as an opportunity if they do want to exercise that right to have those 500 million shares get sent into the market.

So a great piece of advice, imperator, ryan, i'm glad that you brought that up and uh thanks for thanks for tuning into the channel brother. I appreciate that uh john feels the same. I watched a video last night any chance that last 45 million sell on friday was wanda and thanks for the well wishes with from you and gg baby and mama doing great dude, i'm glad to hear your mom's doing well, i thought about you, man. I had a i had some people here in the live stream that were a little bit worried about you, man, so i'm glad to hear that you're doing well um, but as regards to wanda selling their 45 million shares.

I suppose that, hypothetically speaking, it is possible, but i would say it's tough to say i'm gon na err on the side of caution and say that i don't know for sure if that happened or not, but it would line up well because i did have 44 Million shares total according to an article from ben zinga. So if we were just to pull up uh wanda amc selling shares, you know one of the first things that you see right here is uh. Is this? No? That's, not the article. I want amc, wanda stock conversion.

No, that's not it! I just clicked on the same article. Oh jesus, jesus move, trey, jesus move all right: where is it where this be 44 million shares, look up, wanda benzinga and it should pop up then march 15th. Here we go so from i understand their their current holdings were sitting at about 44 million shares of class a common stock, as you see right here, right uh, which would come out to about 9.8 ownership in the company as well as voting rights. So that's what you're sitting at right now with wanda.

It would line up. You know decently well, but it's tough to say for sure nobody knows um if they did end up dumping out 44 million of those shares. You know right at market close on friday um. What i will tell you is wow that did not affect the price action really much at all um and i um.

I just don't know i feel like if that did happen. We're gon na see a news article in the in the near future, but i'm gon na air on the side of kasha and say that i find it unlikely um. That would be pretty pretty hard to believe. You know just off what i know right now.

Sbrt is up 280 percent guys holy freaking toledo. If you decided to pull the trigger and trade this here in the pre-market man, you were sitting up pretty freaking decent. If you pulled the trigger at 7, 11 cents you're up a buck a share as it's sitting right now with sprt amc is down about 2.73, but making some good strides to retest that 1359 high of the pre-market, and it's got a nice little bounce from that 13 mark um, you know. Similarly, i would imagine that gamestop had some pretty similar price action down about one percent here in the pre-market.

It's got a little bit of a george ws set up. Look at this sucker dang that ain't bad. That's a pretty solid setup! You got ta, you got a bottom here. You got a bottom here.

You've also got two george w's inside of one big fat, disgusting, filthy, george, w it doesn't look bad. It doesn't look bad, it's getting really really close to breaking a neckline which is very similar to the price action that we saw out of amc so far here today, um man, gamestop, sold off down to 191 bucks, bounced back to initial levels sold off again and Now it's trying to retest that that 200 benchmark or just underneath it right, um you'd, be looking at about 200 bucks right around here, which is just hovering beneath that. Ah yeah, it's very similar price action, guys i'm not surprised by that um. I don't think that anybody can predict whether or not amc or gamestop are going to be green during the regular market hours right off the bat right.

What i will tell you is that there is a little bit of fun. That's spreading around there's some fear, uncertainty and doubt that is scaring some people a little bit in terms of what's going on with amc right. What i will tell you is to take a macroscopic step back and look at the grand scheme of things right. We are setting a huge, great, beautiful, ascending level of support, we're actually really slowly making great healthy growth towards some of these previous highs in the 20 dollar range, and it's setting us up for when the squeeze actually happens is going to be a dirty one right.

So i am very very pleased with the price action here so far today, uh and over the you know the consequent last couple weeks. Sprt is just disgusting up 300 percent right now: jesus christ up to 880 at the high of that candle. You would be up, as it sits right now: seven thirteen to eight dollars and eighty cents. You would be up so much freaking cash.

I mean that just that is a great great great opportunity guys. That does not happen very often sprt in case you are not familiar. You said it there stephen. I appreciate you bringing that up.

I did mention it, but in case you're just tuning in they announced a merger, so it is bitcoin miner, green ridge generation holdings incorporated incorporated, announced a merger agreement, so that is what is driving the scalping opportunity for this stock. If you look at this on the one-month chart and just see the strength, this is uncharted territory. It has never done this sort of thing before right, so this is all new new new price action for this company um so be very cautious. This is not something that i would personally hold um after it's run up this much.

If you are going to reinvest in this, you actually want to invest into this stock for the merger potential right. What i would and what i would tell you, is to take the your your profits when it runs up when it tops out and then take those and reinvest at the bottom when it bottoms out, so they were training high a month ago. I don't see it being traded high. A month ago, we'll go back six months yeah.

I wouldn't quite call that high yeah. This is just way out of the ballpark man. This is just so. This is so much different.

That's just not comparable in terms of price action, unfortunately sitting at 879 right now, man, the strength of this is unreal. This is just another tcat sort of runner guys. This is really really really rare. I mean i'm just surprised at the price action that's taking place here, that is, insanity, sprt up 301 percent, with almost no pullbacks, i mean honestly.

It's just runs followed by consolidation, run consolidation run. Consolidation is probably the next phase that's coming here, but jesus christ, whoo nasty nasty nasty. Well, let me know how people go about getting in on these moons early. Like sprt great question, i have the answer for you.

Weeble is a great brokerage firm that allows you to track these sort of moves in the pre-market. So if you want to track these, what you can do is, if you have weibull on your phone. What i personally do is i just come over here in the search tab uh, you just press search this little search bar under the markets right and you click on search stocks and then from there. You just come and click on top gainers and you can filter it exactly how you want, and i select pre-market now if you watch the pre-market, gainers it'll show you the stocks that have begun moves now way that you can track.

This is by getting up early. Like sometimes i get up at pre-market open, i try to get up at pre-market, open and then i'll track. The stocks that have the incremental gains and i'll just watch the top five right, so the ones that are up 10, 15, 20 right away at pre-market, open and then as you're watching those you can see, which ones have the best price action and then pull the Trigger on whichever one is getting the best sort of movement, so that's that's what i personally do it's not the only answer. It's just a way.

It is uh, not the only way. So you've got a little bit of a topping tail here. You've got four topping tails now on. You know four candles, so i would anticipate you're gon na see a little bit of a pullback now just based on that.

That is typically a sign of price rejection. So if you have profits on this, you could definitely take them and then reinvest them at uh. The next pullback opportunity, if you want to be careful uh and make sure that you're locked into those profits. That's personally what i would do, but it's entirely up to you! Thank you eddie.

I appreciate that mrkr news insider buying, uh thoughts, mrkr, let's check it out. Look at this guys. Look at this i'm drinking that freaking water, i'm drinking that water, who would have thought who would have thought? Look at this look at us, so i don't see anything about insider buying on the news. But what i will say is that this is some dirty price action.

Let me see how this compares to the one month um. I just think that it's had some good moves. I i think this is just people buying off of pure uh. You know pure good setups, i mean it traded sideways for a long time, had a crazy engulfing, candlestick pattern and then from there it gets people's attention because that's not some random occurrence.

Right um. It's been kind of choppy price action to be honest with you, but nonetheless it's had some really really really good moves up. 18. Here i like it, i don't mind that at all i don't mind the price section.

I couldn't tell you what it is, but it could be insider buying for sure. Typically, you wouldn't see insiders that are making purchases at four in the morning five six in the morning, but um. That's that's! That's what you're looking at trey's, literally a stock commentator who needs joe rogan. I love him man.

Thank you for that ape help ape apes, throw up at hedges, hedges, bad monk, bad monk dude. I uh. I watched uh kong skull island again yesterday and this that just got me hyped, i'm so excited to watch kong, vs godzilla. Oh so good, such a good movie.

Let's go back up here. Can you check out uh barbecue bbq? I didn't know that was a stock. The more you know you learn something new every day. This is having some really good price action as well.

Uh wow that's over a long period of time, though, so if you are going to trade, this just keep a macroscopic perspective, but nonetheless it is up from uh october over 100. That's a pretty solid little move, i would say the best opportunity to purchase this would probably be on this uh ascending level of support so about six dollars and 41 cents. If you want to take a stab at it, doesn't look like it mirrors very closely. The corrections that have been taking place in the the nasdaq, but it is having some really nice serious growth.

I i'll say that for sure uh look at this on the max. It's high is 34.72, so it looks like it's got a lot of potential upside. If you want to hold this as a long-term investment for sure man, look at these nasty monthly candles right here, holy crap, 2015 and 16 were not good years for them. Jesus but they're on the upswing.

Again it looks like they've got some real potential upside here.

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