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Good morning, what is up, what's up, what's up, what's up youtube, welcome back to trey's trades? How are we doing today guys welcome to another episode of the traders podcast. We are here on episode, 41. 4-1 baby. It is a it is a pretty interesting morning here.

So far uh we had a little bit of a gap down so far here in the pre market. In some different stocks, we had uh agtc pop down here, a little bit fuel cell pop down here a little bit again had that little bit of a gap down since onyx similar story a little bit of a gap down, but recovering pretty nicely. What do we have here for ocgn up here in the pre-market micro vision? I think also had a gap down but recovered here nicely uh slowly, but surely up to about 12 and 23 cents. Amc very similar situation had a little bit of a gap down immediately at market open, currently sitting at eight dollars and 15 cents right now in the pre market, not too bad game up 10 right now holy toledo.

Oh, what a what a nasty little run! All the way up to 154 bucks here so far and eyes by the way eyes looks like it might actually do something here in the pre market. Here, that's uh, that's looking pretty decent you're gon na see. If there's any recent news on that and there's no news, it is just a pure fear of rage and uh annihilation. That is fueling uh eyes here so far.

That is uh not too freaking bad. The sexy net curtains. I love it good morning. Brother welcome amc.

801 dude got ta love that name got ta, love that name, that's sick, dtcc rules taking effect already. That is 100 the case. So if in case you did not catch this, the dtcc has enacted some. Some pretty cool rules that are going to uh affect the way that the stock market works, especially stocks like amc and gamestop, which are very, very heavily shorted, which have very high uh risk of uh of ftd's failure to deliver ious being written out right.

I've talked about this in some previous videos, but this is really really interesting stuff because it's going to encourage clearinghouses and brokers to not allow uh amc gamestop to have you know these ftds, it's not in their best interest, because they're gon na get slapped pretty hard With a lot of cash, so instead of having this uh this, what would be a 21 day cover period where they they can write out these ious get the actual collateral for them. They can't do that anymore. Right, they're gon na have two days right to put up the collateral and shares to make things happen. Good morning, you filthy animals.

Good morning, my friends, my family, my fellow gorilla gang welcome back to the traders podcast. I think i'm gon na be rocking eyes here. For a little bit of uh a swing today, it's not looking too bad in the pre market, i'm gon na be looking for the best possible entry point have a little bit of a red red, uh, red pullback since 6am at 6am. We do have different brokers, that uh brokerage accounts and firms that start trading for the pre-market, and i am thinking i'm going to take a little bit of a stake here in e-y-e-s.

But i'm waiting to see when we find a technical bottom in terms of this uh, this little run-up that we're seeing right now i don't see any recent news on e-y-e-s, i'm wondering if they got any fda approval here today again, i do know that um, that Can affect stock price, so, let's just see what eyes has, because i know we should not have a reason for this run-up uh. For any other reason, this is pretty random. That's a pretty random little spike. I don't think that's by accident, especially because it was all in one random minute right.

It's just all of a sudden started, picking up, which is typically a sign of some news catalyst good morning, amc by the way up, two percent here in the pre-market up to eight dollars and 22 cents. My total shares and this company is now at 2050 - total shares it's sitting at 8.24. So far here in the pre-market. Look at all these nasty green candles they're starting to fly in on this thing.

On the level twos we've got uh pretty even spread across the bid and one big seller sitting at about eight dollars and thirty cents on the ask. So 830 is going to be the overlying level of resistance, but this is not sitting too bad right now. Interesting interesting stuff gamestop by the way popping as well up to 151 bucks hit the height of 156 here so far, not looking too bad what a morning, what a day for all this uh holy toledo, not looking too bad, it's up! Ten percent in the pre-market look at the volume coming in on this two: twenty thousand: twenty thousand twelve thousand twenty seven thousand have a little bit of a micro pullback down about a buck. Forty nine but uh not too bad good morning from ireland.

Gme is running jmu. What's going on, i think people are excited about the new dtcc rules. I think that is uh. That is my hypothesis in terms of why you're seeing that happen - and i am going to be taking a little bit of a stake here in e y e s today for a swing.

I am thinking, wait until we see a technical bottom out, but it uh. It is looking like a pretty solid little pre-market run here so far. I am looking at a purchase in uh around this 637 mark and i'm waiting to see if this is the the true bottom of this uh, this setup we're gon na pull up the v-wap as well. The v-op does help us uh for for day trading figure out where we're sitting in terms of bullish or bearish territory and uh.

I i'm looking for a bounce back up above the v-wap, because that is typically a sign of some nice buying pressure, so we're gon na wait and see we're gon na wait and see if this is the absolute bottom, i'm not gon na purchase into this. Until we see that uh that bottom out come, but i'm not stressing out too much so welcome back we're just gon na sit here and talk about stocks, stocks baby, whatever you guys want to chat about. That's what we're here to do good morning from michigan great to have you here date ray says: hey! I love your energy thanks for your services, stay healthy! Thank you, my friend. It does mean a lot to me.

I appreciate that i'm gon na adjust my camera angle. Just a hair here give me one sec, see how this looks on obs, really quick yeah. I, like that more that'll do that'll do just you guys could see me preferred the old camera. The the quality on this is much much better um, i'm going to try and see if i can get a lens that is uh that zooms out a little less right, because i got to keep the camera pretty far away for it to rock and roll.

But um we're gon na we're gon na get that we're gon na get it back we're gon na get back. So don't worry. I just need a different lens. The lens on that is just a little bit zoomed in but uh it will be cooking, we'll be cooking, we'll make it happen.

We will make it happen. Ccrm so far here in the pre market by the way was up 20 at its height. Now it's up about 10 hit almost a dollar. Ninety nine point: nine cents, which is pretty gnarly holy toledo, trey whole market down.

Otherwise amc will be doing better. I feel 100 man for sure, and sadly, amc gets tied into a lot of this market. Nonsense. The correction that's been taking place on some different stocks, so it does play into the the puzzle here, a little bit.

Unfortunately, i'm going to be taking a stake in eyes, as i had mentioned here before, i'm going to set my limit price for 665 buying into this right now, for a little bit of a oh, i didn't set the uh god dang flabbit. I i forgot to set the uh extended hours. Well, that's frustrating so give me one sec to change that here. Really quick got ta come back here to orders cancel this market has been beating me down.

Man last couple days in the market have been rough. That correction has been gnarly, i'm going to wish that i was able to buy in there we're going to set it for 6.80 buying in there we go cooking, buying it at 6.77 for a little bit of a uh, a swing trade here today, not looking too Bad and the pre-market has hit eight dollars, which is pretty solid. Welcome to the traders, podcast get a 14 millimeter lens. That's what i'm thinking man! I got a 50 millimeter, that's what was recommended to me guys by the way um freaking uh.

What would have been it would have been best buy so best buy. The guy told me to get a 50 millimeter lens, it's great for streaming, yada yada, but i have to have that camera like six million miles away, which is really frustrating so yeah whatever pop. Second, i love that that's gold. I've got my gorilla gang mug rocking here, i'm rocking a uh, a george w hoody right now.

I don't know if you can see this, but this thing looks freaking, filthy, absolutely love this thing. If you want to check it out, there is a link to the mercer in the description box. If not, that is cool too, but uh very, very happy man. It has been a good day.

Thank you, kyle moore. I appreciate that. What are your thoughts on workhorse arc is expanding its position too. By the way i am bullish on workhorse as well as palantir, so palantir is a stock.

Oh look at this in the pre-market, by the way that doesn't look too bad 5 000 volume. So not a lot of volume pumping on this, but it's starting to get a little bit of action, which is nice so workhorse. If you're not familiar with the company, they are consumer, cyclicals, automobiles and auto parts. Auto and truck manufacturing company we're gon na pull up their website.

Really quick and uh you're gon na see they do electric delivery vehicles and i 100 believe that uh that these companies that do electric vehicles, green energy technology, innovation right, that's all things that arc invest, is really really heavily invested into and they have a lot of Interest in and i believe that they're going to do well, it's going to be a good couple of years for innovation, green energy, electric vehicles, the whole nine yards. So that's i i believe in the company a lot. I think it's a great opportunity, we're of course, especially considering how cheap it is right. Now i mean, if you look at this on a three month chart.

It was at 42, had a crazy sell-off down to about 13.58. I'm interested to see the news and see if there's a reason for that crazy uh sell-off. But let's see what that looks like kyle, moore, didn't add my camera message just under chat didn't add my camera. Oh okay, let me see if i can find that here really quick kyle try a wide angle.

Lens doesn't zoom as much use a dslr for architecture. Work wide angle is good: 18 millimeter to 15. Millimeter will do you nice, so this is a 50 millimeter i'll see if i can get an 18.. If that would work out, that would uh that'd be pretty nice, but um, i'm new to this stuff, guys, i'm not a tech, god um, i'm just trying to improve the quality.

For here everybody as much as i can so we'll make it uh we'll make it happen, you staring through my soul, we'll make it happen, we'll make it happen. I uh we'll figure it out. I want to get a new camera because i feel, like you know, with everything that's been going on with youtube. I've been i've been doing pretty.

Well, i'm very very grateful for the opportunities that have presented themselves to me and i just want to provide the best content that i can for you guys and keep getting better every single day and every single week. So, what's good with the word text on amc, we're gon na take a quick peek on that real, quick, so ortex will pull up and see. Last i checked it was at 99, which was yesterday. That is solid.

Those are crazy, crazy, crazy numbers and right now it's at 100 percent holy toledo guys look at this 100 utilization currently sitting on a m c right now, baby that is solid, solid, solid numbers. You cannot beat that holy toledo. That is not bad at all. Let's just check out the short interest on amc.

I'd be interested to see what uh, what the current shortable shares available are. 450 000. As of 6 minutes ago, short borrow fee rate, 11.7 percent has been going up day over day over day over day, which is pretty freaking solid. My friends not upset about that.

The least bit the last day of market volume we saw 21 of the total volume was red. It was short volume, 12.6 million out of that 59.6 million total. So that's not too bad man. I i'm not upset about that.

I'm really excited about that. 100 utilization and people tell me all the time they say. Trey amc is a dead cat, you're a dead cat. You you silly chicken, you don't even pay attention, you're, not even doing your homework.

Look at this. The utilization rate on gamestop is 67.3 percent. It's actually gone down, while amc is going up. How do you explain that? How do you explain that dave's the cover is lower on game? Stop casabara is significantly lower on gamestop i mean fintel is updating this a lot faster than uh ortex is so let's check out the gamestop short interest and see what they have available for shares.

Keep in mind that gamestop has uh less overall outstanding shares and they have one million total short shares available right now, one million as of an hour ago and their total float is lower. I mean if we look at gamestop on market watch right, you're gon na get an idea of this check it out. Market watch has a total outstanding shares of a public float of 54.49 million shares outstanding, just shy of 70 million. Yet there is one million total short shares available for lending right now.

Right, that's that's! What's available to the general public and they've got a much much lower overall float, whereas if you look at amc right, we're going to pull up amc, really quick amc, entertainment, you can see that they actually have a much higher overall public flow 374 million. And that's not, including obviously the ftds. The failures delivers, the ious, which is where that uh, the the awesome rule coming into this with the dtcc, is going to change the game here a little bit. But what i'm getting at is the fact that there's less overall short shares available, there's higher utilization on amc.

You just can't you can't you can't make this up man. You can't make this up. The only reason. The only way that i can see the gamestop has a better setup for a squeeze is if there are more overall counterfeit shears.

But if with what's what's happening on gamestop right, all these ftds affiliate delivers the i o use right that affects amc. The exact same way so take that for what it is, but i'm telling you i really do believe amc is set up for a better squeeze than gamestop the difference being that more people talk about gamestop, perhaps than amc so take that for what it is. Mr roadie welcome amc discord ape checking in. I appreciate that my friend christine at 8.26 here in the pre-market not a bad start to the day, not a lot of crazy volume pumping into this, but it is green volume.

So that's good. We have 450 000. Total short shares available right now: 100 100 utilization on the stock according to ortex, which is insane 11.7 percent short, borrow fee rate, nasty nasty nasty numbers. My friends ccrm having a nice little bounce here as well.

We got a little bit of a george w coming in on that, which is not a bad little uh setup looks like um about 88 cents was the floor here. Looking at the level twos, there are currently more buyers and sellers a lot of buyers waiting to step in at 91.5 cents. I'm gon na be putting out a video later here today talking about um talking about the market correction right and a lot of people freaking out they're like trey, it looks like the market's done. It's just it's just gon na keep plummeting it's plummeting.

It's plummeting right. You can't cherry pick these different stocks, so i've had a lot of people. Ask trey is ctrm done. Is this dead? Should i get out of this? Should i take my losses? Absolutely not absolutely not that's.

This doesn't make sense to me. You don't sell stocks at the absolute floor right, so this is an opportunity for you to load the boat on these stocks that you, that you absolutely love right. Cdr is not going anywhere. There's never going to be a shift in demand for seaboard transportation and for these vessels to transport bulk cargo.

That's huge! That's a big big deal right, and that means that this stock can only continue to go up as long as they keep investing back into the company, which is what they're doing they keep acquiring new vessels right, which is going to allow them to transport more dry. Bulk cargos, big big deal, absolutely love it. You can't buy cheap gme options anymore. Oh you already know it man, you already know it.

Let's take a look at gamestop options. I don't think they're gon na be super cheap and they're, not 16.95 per share, which would cost you 1 695 for 145 contract. For gamestop i mean you could go out to 300 bucks if you want to get a super cheap one, but the odds of you having that in the money. Eventually, you never know you never know you could come all the way down here to like 50 bucks get the in the money calls but uh at that point, you're paying 7 000 premium in order to lock that in that's just not worth it to me.

So uh, that's what you're looking at what does 100 utilization mean we'll we'll walk you through that? It's super easy, my friends, so utilization right we're going to come back here to amc and we're going to show you exactly what i'm talking about. So utilization refers to the current available short lending shares. So if we just read off a quick description, you can check this out utilization on amc check it out the ratio between the number of shares on loan across all outstanding loans in the wholesale market. The number of shares available for lending at lending programs, zero percent - means that no shares have been borrowed or lent at these lending programs, 100 means that all shares available to borrow or lend at a lending program in fact have been lent, which means exactly what this Sounds like 100 of all shares available to borrow lend for shorting at a lending program have in fact been lent.

There are zero available lendable shares for shorting. Oh that's disgusting! That's filthy guys! You can't beat that you can't that's as good as it gets. Absolutely beautiful. John d, thank you.

My man says been watching your channel for a few weeks. I own one thousand shares of amc or morning live videos. Usually at 40 000 viewers there's only 200 right now. Do you think people are losing interest in amc? So it's not usually 40 000 viewers all at once.

It's concurrent right! So that's if you were to take all the views that that pile up throughout my entire live stream. That's usually about how many we get. You know around that that kind of number look at this guys: eight dollars and 35 cents. However, i don't think people are losing interest in amc.

I think i think you know it is a little earlier in the morning. I usually wait to stream until later. In the day, so that could probably be attributing to you know, what's happening right here with uh, you know the viewership, but i don't. I don't really care.

I'm chilling, my man, i'm chilling, i'm just enjoying amc, i'm trying to talk about the stock market. I just love giving live commentary, doing technical analysis, learning about different stocks right come just talk about the community, that's what it's all about! It's in that eight dollars and 37 cents. So far in the pre market, my friends, absolutely what a day so far holy toledo eyes is really making a run here as well. Look at this go look at this go sitting at 7.47 cents right now, really starting to run getting some good volume coming in.

On eyes, guys last friday we got into the stock and made a pretty good little scalp made a decent amount of profit, pay no mind in my portfolio, which is getting beat down by this absolute terrible correction, but on eyes i made about 732 bucks uh last Time that we traded this - and it is currently sitting up pretty decent here right now - seven dollars and 80 cents - it is looking like in the pre-market volume really starting to push volume really starting to push. My camera keeps sliding back up. I got ta push that angle down there we go. I want you guys to be uh cooking with crisco.

We need to chill. We need to have a good time good time. That'll do! Ah all right, that's confusing! Why can i not see myself now all right give me one second here guys for some reason, my camera is not showing the live picture of me anymore. That is goofy.

What in the holy toledo i'm confused? I don't know why that happened. Um, let's see for some reason, my camera is not. Oh there we go we're cooking, we're cooking, we're back in business baby. That was kind of weird that was kind of strange anyways.

We're back so gon na answer some more questions here. That's on uh! Oh, they get a personal senpai by the way. What's up, trey old jarhead here appreciate what you do brother get some. I appreciate that man you're the man for sure thoughts on cciv and buzz, i'm bullish on cciv, but i know that they kind of got beat down there for a little while they got uh, they got crushed.

But if you believe in the company now is the time more than ever to purchase in it does look like they found a floor which is good. You can't uh. You can't beat that at all mug stream. I love that that's gold, but i i believe in ccib.

I think that uh, the future of the future of this company is really gon na be solid. Electric vehicles are not gon na go anywhere they're. Not i just don't see a way that they will so take that, for what it is i would i would say, 23.74 is pretty close to the floor here and in terms of technical setups right. What are you looking at in terms of support it held up? Pretty well this level of support right here, so that's good! I i like cciv.

I know that some people don't, but i still do in terms of buzz the etf i'd have to check this out again. Really quick, so buzz is a very, very new etf. I think it's got some solid potential uh, but it entered the the exchange at a gnarly time right during a really really crazy market correction. Why am i frozen? Oh there we go should be good.

Now should be good. Now yeah, it's good just give it a sec guys, give it a sec all right, anywho, that's my that's my two cents, man amc at 837 to the moon. You know what it is man. It is sitting at 8, 35 right now, high of the pre market.

Not looking too bad eight dollars and 35 cents, i'm going to buy six thousand dollars of ansi, but i have to buy at 9 30 a.m. I hope the shares are available and it don't take off. What do you think? What price do you think i should get in on? So i think that you'll have an opportunity. I mean if you look at the last five days that amc has been trading right.

There were a lot of ups and downs, a lot of crazy ups and downs, in fact it bled for a couple of days there right it went from nine dollars and 44 cents all the way back down to 7.50, and it does look like it's starting to. Finally, get a nice little green move here, but i don't think you're gon na miss out. I don't think this is i don't i don't think you're gon na be leaving. You know money on the table if you have to buy it a little bit higher right and especially with that new uh dtcc rule right.

I think there's going to be a lot of positive things that come from this. In fact, i think that's why you're seeing some nice price action here in the pre-market is because this can't get beat to a bloody pulp like it was getting before, with these uh with these crazy shorts and these ftds. These failures delivers these ious so take that for what it is, my friends, but i think you're going to be sitting. Okay, don't worry too much, um manulia says by the way.

Thank you. Hatred, gorilla girl here. Do you know what date the new dtcc and sec rule is coming into place? Anybody uh, pc glasses, are dope. I appreciate that.

I i don't like that personally, but i got ta do it just because i can't i can't read otherwise. My my vision is absolutely atrocious, but anyways, i think, from what i know the dtcc rule does come into effect today right. So what this means is that uh, the people and correct me if i'm wrong. This is what i've read.

This is what i've read, but the dtcc rule. What this is going to do is basically force people to or force the institutional investors. I should say to be a little more cautious about uh these ious right, so they have that the failure to deliver is the 21 days that they can kind of. You know, pay back these ious and they haven't been holding up to the end of the deal.

So what this is doing is not encouraging them. It's discouraging them to continue to do this, so i i from what i know what's happening today. The classes make you look official brother hope your eyes are doing well girl getting to the moon. Appreciate that sam.

I really do i i don't like these glasses. I think they make me look pretty goofy, but uh. It is what it is. Life goes on great content.

Trey krakow is my first fave spice rum. I'd love to send you local rum from louisiana. If you want to share a link with a cajun dude, i love kraken. I've got a big fat bottle.

That's chilling right here on the desk. This is uh. This is something i love sipping on every now and then can't get enough of this stuff kraken. I call it the king of the deep black lagoon baby.

It is what it is, you can't beat it man and if you want to, there is a link to my address in the description box of every single video. So if you are interested in sending me something you don't have to do that right, but if you do want to that is where that is where it is for you right now, look at eyes go guys. It is up 41 in the pre market. Right now, sitting at eight dollars and 20 cents, uh not looking too freaking bad, what a good little start of the day for e-y-e-s, currently up 20.

On this position on eyes of 276 bucks, i took a smaller stake about 200 total shares on on the stock, and god it is not doing too bad up to about 25k right now, a lot of nice uh, not a lot of stocks, are starting to bounce Back, it's good to see the amc at eight dollars and 45 cents right now, level, twos, big sellers sitting about eight dollars and fifty cents, but uh guys. You really can't beat this. This is a good little setup. This is a good little setup right now.

My friends that dtcc rule my friends, i really do think - is going to affect the stock price quite a bit um. I think it's going to give a lot of encouragement back to some of some of the retail investors. I think some people got scared away because um because of the insane shorting that was taking place on the stock right. It just felt like nothing was in our control, like it was just being manipulated to the kingdom, come like it just no matter what we did.

You couldn't win the battle and i think this dtcc rule is giving some people some encouragement and uh. I would say maybe confirmation bias that hey. We really can win this and there are people watching our backs trying to cover some of this illegal behavior. That's happening right now: amc is looking beautiful, guys holy toledo, eight dollars and fifty cents.

It did push through that level of resistance on the level twos 8.50 is where we've got. The largest cell wall currently sitting is getting eaten up. I'm watching that number scoop down right before our eyes. You can see this as well.

It was sitting at about 2 000 and some change now it's at 7, 800 um, so that just increased before our eyes, but it's still getting eaten up. Look at this 1100 total shares and we got pushed through 8.54 cents right now, having a nice little move here in the pre-market on amc baby. Let's take a quick peek at gamestop gamestop up 10 and amc is following very closely soon. In fact, these chart setups are not even remotely the same anymore.

Look at this. That is crazy. We are going to take a quick peek at gamestop and amc side by side. We're gon na see what this looks like.

So i'm gon na extend these out and we're gon na compare amc to gamestop and just show you exactly what i'm talking about. These charts are not mirroring each other anymore. So we got amc pulled up right here and we've got gamestop pulled up right here and we're going to turn on the extended hours per usual, show extended hours, it's currently at 8.56 right now and gamestop not mirroring that behavior at all, so they are finally starting To diverge, we have seen that over the last trading week or so gamestop is not doing. What amc is doing.

Amc is off to the moon right now sitting at 8.59. Look at this thing go up 6.71 in the pre-market god you can't beat that 6.83. This just keeps climbing before our eyes holy toledo, eight dollars and sixty one cents game stop staying at 153.22 up about 11 and it just keeps on climbing guys holy crap holy crap. I'm so glad, i'm so glad that i exercised my call options.

That was a good call, that was a good call up: seven percent eight dollars and sixty-five cents. We've got the most buyers ready to step in at 865 and they can't even keep up. We can't even keep up with this look at this. It's just going.

It just keeps on going the largest cell wall sitting at eight dollars and eighty cents currency at 873. Right now. Finally, in the green on amc, my dollar cost average at 862.6. Now i'm at break even not too bad.

My friends we're not the holy crap, all right once amc squeezes and you and everyone make a ton of money. Do you think you will cover penny stocks next? What's the next big thing for the channel, if the amc battle is one, so i am going to be continuing to do what i do before amc guys. I actually uh covered a lot of penny stocks. I i would just pretty much talk about my swing trading.

My long-term investments and i'll get back into doing that so uh the game stays the same man i mean i i know inevitably that i'm gon na lose some people on the channel, who are only really interested in amc and that's. Okay, that's! Okay! I'm totally fine! With that but um you know i enjoy the stock market and for people who want to stick around that's what we're gon na end up doing so uh. That's that's my game plan man. By the way, we've got 4 300 people here, if you don't mind, drop it a like on the video.

I try to do this every single week right every single video um. I would like to get this video by the end of the stream to 3. 000 likes we make that happen. I will be taking a poll of kraken the king of the deep black lagoon and we'll make a nice cheers to the channel here and uh.

I just love. I love everybody here at the gorilla gang just chilling hanging having fun straight up, vibing and uh. That's that's what i love doing man so we're gon na we're gon na rip down some cracking uh just have a nice toast to the community and that's what we're looking for so 3k by the end of this stream would be very happy chicken, my man, what Do you think about roblox going public on wednesday? I think that it's got some good potential um, so we're gon na just pull this up for anybody who isn't who does not know what that means. So roblox ipo three reasons: the gaming platform is more than just hype right, so roblox is an online platform for playing and creating video games, which will go public through a direct listing on march 10th.

So it is in two days that would come up on wednesday and i do think that's going to be pretty freaking, solid and i'll. Tell you why i think the gaming community is only going to continue to grow and now what do i mean by that? You see that this e-gaming right, the gaming community you've got sports gaming, all that sort of stuff. It's it's continuing to build momentum, an example for you, aese allied's esports. They just got uh a bio confirmation, or at least a buyout offer.

So we'll talk about this here, really quick, uh, we're, let's see if we can find the exact article dj, allied esports entertainment gets a hundred million dollar buyout offer from bali's, and i don't think that buyout offer would have happened. If uh you know there wasn't. You know future potential in the gaming industry now with that being said, roblox is interesting because what they do is more than just gaming. It's creating video games, so you can play video games.

You can create video games and they're going to be going public on march 10th. Now, as far as purchasing on ipo dates, it's pretty volatile. You really don't know what to expect. Sometimes it can be crazy.

It can be really solid. Sometimes it's it could be a ding. It could be a really big ding, so um, i would wait until maybe a day or two after the ipo, unless you're gon na scalp it. If you want to scalp it for the day, it's probably gon na be pretty volatile, it'll be pretty volatile, so that'd be an opportunity there, but i do think that roblox has some pretty solid, long-term potential without a doubt, coming back here to amc sitting up 6.34 In the pre-market right now guys what a beautiful freaking day had a little bit of a micro pullback, what are we looking at in terms of a correction here? We're gon na drop a little bit of a fibonacci retracement, 38.2 percent, not bad! We've got the 15ma trading over the 200ma right now.

Anything above a 50 retracement is typically a sign of good strength and a stock. This is a beautiful, beautiful pre-market for amc guys. This is not even pumping off of a lot of volume. I mean look at the volume coming in on this: it's higher, perhaps than usual, but we've only seen 217 000 total volume come in on the stock so far here today.

That is not bad. That is absolutely beautiful sitting at 852. You can't even beat this. I'm telling you people are gon na, be excited about it, because this is gon na be a leading gap.

If it continues to run like this uh, i think you might even attract some people who come into this to to pump more volume the day traders and while you know maybe this leads to the stock crashing. I don't think that's the case, because people are gon na continue to hold and the people of the demographic that are getting into amc right. Who are they they're not day traders? They're people are holding the stock they're people that, regardless of the you know, the dollar cost on it right. The overall movement aren't selling until it squeezes right.

People are not getting into this for very many other reasons than the fact that it has good squeeze potential, that amazon acquisition and a good recovery play and trey where's the hoodie you posted on twitter. Oh, i don't have rights to that man. I didn't make that i didn't make that, but we are going to we are going to. I already have that in the works.

So don't worry, but anyways amc guys right. If this gets day traders to pump into it. Don't worry too much. Don't worry.

Let's take a look at torchlight, i see someone said it's up: ten percent in the pre-market holy crap. Look at that thing. That is not looking bad at all. I do have a position to torch light on my other brokerage account and uh dang flabbit bob saget, that is a nice little move i'll.

Tell you what i believe in torchlight what they're gon na do in the long term. Without a doubt, a good amc call to play today. So personally, i think that i am going to purchase some uh out. The money call options on amc and i'm gon na try and get them for the expiration of march 19th.

Now, which ones am i looking at particular, you know i'm looking more so at this nine dollars, so i don't like purchasing stuff. That's super super far out the money i mean. If we end up opening at nine dollars, then maybe i'll move it up to ten. Ten and a half eleven somewhere in that neck of the woods, but as of now before the pre-market record, this isn't priced in.

Yet the option is only priced in the regular market hours it's sitting at 50 cents premium per share for an 11 strike. That's a call option, so you pay 50 bucks for one call, often at 11 strike, which is the premium now the premium gets cheaper, the less likely you are to reach that that contract into the money right so they're out the money right now you pay a Cheaper premium because there's lower chances of you getting that in the money, so you have to pay less to lock in that strike price. So if you wanted to get this right, it would cost you 50 bucks to obligate yourself to have the opportunity to exercise so you're, giving up 50 per contract to get that 11 strike price. If you want to exercise, i don't necessarily need to do that.

You don't need to do that, but it can be a way to um make some good profit right. It's a way to have fun in the market in the short term, while you're waiting for the long term. You know position to moon. So that's that's what i think about that.

My my friends, you and your partner, my favorite youtubers, keep up the good work. Thank you, my man. I appreciate that a lot, that's uh. That does really mean a lot to me.

Your pop is a good man. I got honestly i got to have him on the on the stream. Again we had a live stream once upon a time and it was a blast. It was an absolute blast, isaac sitting at 780 right now here in the pre-market having a nice little move.

Look at this bullish flag, starting to form. I am rocking a little bit of a uh, a swing on this right now up about 15 206 dollars uh currently, and it's forming a little bit of a bullish flag. Now? What does that mean we're going to clear this off and i'm going to draw it up for you really nice and easy, so a bullish flag is when you've got a couple of nice green candles in a row which you see here, followed by this kind of Flag formation, where you get that ripple right and with that ripple, what do you see? Well, we have this ascending level of support. You have this descending level of resistance, so if you want to ride this, you'd be looking for a break over that descending level.

Resistance. If it gets that push where's the next level of resistance sitting right about here at this double top right here at about eight dollars and 34 cents, which is the new high of the day 845, is a little bit of a false break. Pulling back a little bit guys we're just tuning in, we did take a look at the ortex utilization on amc and it is sitting at 100 baby. You can't beat those numbers, my friends, that is absolutely disgusting.

What a disgusting filthy, filthy number on amc, 100 utilization, meaning that there are no current lendable short shares available, and i do believe that is why you were seeing amc start to rocket here really starting to move because they're running out of dry powder, they're running out A dry powder, my friends, that is exactly what you like to see not mad about that at all. Can we look at petco stock i'll? Take a quick peek. I didn't know that petco had a stock. I suppose i should have assumed.

Oh it'd, be a good recovery play it'd, be a good recovery play. I don't think it's. I don't think it's in too bad. I think when zome z, om zometica starts to move really nice.

The petco will follow suit because, typically, when one stock in a sector does well, the other stocks do well as well. Uh and a good example of this is uh fuel cell and plug power. So when plug was going up, fuel cell went up right, so clne clean energy. They just keep on ripping so um.

I think that petcol do well. This would be a good recovery plane. Do what you got to do, my friends if it weren't amc squeezes. Are you expecting it to be a multiple day squeeze like gamestop, then in january i am uh.

Squeezes can last anywhere between a couple hours to a couple days. However, the demographic of people that are holding amc in gamestop waiting for that uh waiting for the squeeze to happen, i don't think they're gon na be uh they're gon na, be you know, paper hands in this thing i think they're going to be uh diamond hands In the crap out of it you know so that's uh, that's my two cents there for sure. If the amazon acquisition happens, do you think it will be amazon, theaters, amazon, grocery stores or remain amc? Theaters, that's a great question. I don't know how amazon would play that out.

I think there's a couple different ways that they could roll it. I think um i mean i think, about the buffalo wild wings and arby's acquisition. So when arby's acquired or bought out, uh buffalo wild wings, buffalo wild wings stayed under the same ticker and they're still trading on the exchange. The exact same so, i think they're uh they're, tickers, b lwd.

No, it's not buffalo wild wings. Oh it's bwld delisted! What? Where the heck did that happen, that has to have been recent. That's got to be really really recent. He listed what the heck i mean i used to work there, that's kind of surprising.

I got ta check this out now: buffalo wild wings, d-listing bwld stock d listing when did that happen d listed. That's crazy! Well, that's news to me, but anyways a while back. They got bought up by arby's and they ended up trading under the uh. The same ticker symbol and they they remained the same company, but they ended up um.

You know just changing the fundamentals of the company, the way they operate so that could be. That could be it. Oh they're trading under bww. I don't know the ticker is on it, but that's not really that important.

I was just trying to use it as an example, so that could be a way that amazon amc, you know if it plays out uh ends up going. So now i want wings for breakfast. I love it. That's cool all right, so retired preferred stocks.

What does this mean? Just posted? They retired stock? Oh man, let's see retires, preferred shares, so that would be a way for them to uh it'd, be the opposite of dilution. It'd be a way to to bring down the amount of shares that are available to a company. So if we just read this really quick, so medica today announced that it has affected the exchange of all of its outstanding series. One preferred shares for its commentaries and then it continues to progress with this planned commercialization of truforma, effective march 7th zometica completed the exchange of all 12 of its outstanding series.

1 preferred shares state of value 1 million per share really for 24.7 million commentators of the company, equivalent to 44 million based on a dollar 78 per share. Closing price of the common shares on march 5th 2021., robert cohen chief executive officer of zometica, commented, as you know, since our fundraising round of july 2020. We have wanted to rationalize the preferred shares due to the terms of these shares, they're considered to be a detriment to zometa's future growth in the interest of our common shareholders. For historical reasons, although the company received 12 million in exchange for the preferred shares, the preferred shares were entitled to a 108 million dollar liquidation preference and a nine percent royalty on the net sales of zometic and its.

So that's my two cents. That's the way that i'm interpreting this is the first time i've read the article, but typically when a company is retiring shares that means that they're getting rid of them, they're they're, bringing them out of the market which overall lowers the supply, which in turn would increase. The demand, i think, that's why you're likely seeing a little bit of a move here in the pre-market, even though it's not much of one, i think that's pretty solid, so i guess we'll see, that's uh! That's that's! That's my take if you guys have a different answer for that. That's just my interpretation of the news.

I'm not gon na stand by that as a hard answer, but typically when you're retiring shares, that's what that would mean. In my personal opinion, all right. Let me come back here to amc and just take a peek at how this is looking here up: six percent starting to slow down it's starting to slow down a little bit. But it's consolidating.

Let's find a nice little floor, which i don't mind at all. E-Y-E-S we're gon na check in on that uh that little move that we had set up it had that nice bullish flag formation and it does look like it ended up breaking it, we're sitting at eight dollars and 26 cents right now, a high of 8.50 holy Toledo, man, this is really starting to get moving dang trey. What do you think about amc, new shares being added? I think class b, um so infinite follicle. I did end up talking about rkt.

You got to check out my uh, my video. I did talk about it, in fact you can take it for what it is, but i i still holding rocket i've been scalping it on and off on and off for quite some time i took a little bit of dry powder out of rkt at a loss. So you know at a loss - and i put it into eyes - to make back some money, but i did talk about it. That was a mis-timing.

I don't think that the squeeze potential is gone. It's not gone at all right, but it i we mistimed it and i take. I take blame for that right. I lost a lot of money on rkt and it wasn't my intention to screw people out of their money right.

I wasn't trying to pump it because i took a loss on it. I mean you, can you can take a peek at rkt i'll see if i can find it how much i ended up selling at a loss for and it was a lot thousand dollars. So i got screwed on that. It wasn't my intention if you have some hard feelings towards me that feel, like that's a reason to leave the channel feel free to do so.

I'm not here to convince you. Otherwise that was a mistake. I make them right. I don't take back the squeeze potential, though the squeeze potential is 100 there on rkt, big, big, big time.

Eyes is really just doing its thing right now, sitting at 8, 27 up 22 on my investment there, not mad at all. About that honestly, i just wish. I had more dry powder. I really do that uh.

That is a good little move here in the pre-market for rkt dang flabbit bob saget. What a day not looking too bad is mvis dead. No, it is not. Microvision is a tech stock and the tech stocks really took a beat down um with this market correction, in fact, they probably got the blunt they got the worst of it.

I would say that the the tech stocks and the biopharmaceuticals were the stocks that corrected the most out of all these uh, these stocks that are getting hammered down by um that are getting hammered down by this market correction and look at eyes right now. Seeing that 850 did see a new high of the day at 8, 58. amc is hitting up. Five percent has broken that level of ascending support here.

We're gon na see how much it retraces, so it looks like the height is at eight dollars and seventy-five cents. 38.2 percent retracement - it might have been a false break - we're gon na see if this will be a candle wick, but 846 is still really solid. We are up five percent in the pre-market, which is a nice move from opening up here at uh, 820 moved down to 790, where i had that hard selloff at the beginning, 100 utilization on amc volume here is looking really solid. I'm happy because this isn't choppy price action right.

We have enough volume on this. It's actually getting some pretty decent moves. So that's not bad! That's not bad at all. Thank you to trevor.

I appreciate that. I know it's not open the trade yet, but do you think since snpw reverses stock split decision? I think this penny stock could be bouncing back today. I think it's got good potential. I definitely do i actually like snpw.

I do a small stake in the company. Um, i i think, since they decided to re, to not go through with that stock split that should hold up pretty dang. Well, we're gon na wait and see, though i uh they're called sun power, so they're kind of a clean energy, or some specific, i should say they're they're they're, a software. I t services software company.

I think they've got good potential 100. Do i have a position that myself not a big one, it's about a thousand dollars, but i've got a stake. Nonetheless looks like that might have been a false break over that 858 mark on uh e y e s, train fellow apes. What's another daily swing trade for today, i'm rocking eyes here again uh, currently up 16 on that 224 dollars.

I had a nice little move here in the pre-market and i hopped on at the low. I think i bought it at 677 uh, which would have been right around here, so i saw this nice little intraday dip decided to scoop that up, because i did see that nice engulfing candlestick pattern. I mean, if you look at this on a five minute chart that would give you a better idea and you can see it uh. Where would this have been right here? So that's an engulfing candlestick pattern.

I saw that add up and i said all right - i'm going to scoop that up because that's typically a sign of an upcoming bullish reversal. So i think that's going to be a good opportunity for today i'll rock with it. But it's that's entirely up to you. I'm not a financial advisor trey is not a financial advisor.

You make the choice with your money, you win and lose in the stock market's part of the job. I appreciate that man. Life goes on. Life goes on, you know.

I know that um having a a channel a youtube channel about the stock market. Inevitably i am going to run into this sort of stuff, so you guys really don't need to feel bad for me. I don't want that sort of pity at all right because i know what i'm getting into by having a stock market channel or there's going to be opportunities and times when i get it wrong and if i lose people over that, so be it right. I'm not gon na i'm not gon na sit here and argue for you to stay and rock with me.

If you don't like, if you don't like the channel right, you don't have to be here. That's okay! That doesn't hurt my feelings at all. There's always other things in the world for you to be paying attention to. If it's not me, that's okay, i'm just gon na keep doing me.

Man! Christian! Thank you dude. I appreciate that hatred. I love your videos, man, always behind you gorilla gang. Would you be willing to talk a little about hcmc? I don't know if you have a video out or not.

I do not have a video as of late, but i can't talk about it. So the next date that i know of off the top of my head is going to be march 15th. So what happened? Is philip morris um wrote up a little rebuttal and we can just find this here. Really quick.

I've got way too many shots way too. Many tabs open so hcmc um, philip morris, we're just taking a quick peek. So we just read this really quick, so philip morris, their rebuttal, essentially was hey. We want to um basically slide this away and hcmc is going to respond to this and that's what we're waiting on now.

Sometimes lawsuits can take a long long long time to play out. They can't so hcmc is a popular penny stock that has rocketed higher and generated falling on investing subreddits. However, the news is not looking too good for acmc stock today with shares down 25 um. So what is causing the plunge? Uh we're gon na look for the exact piece right here.

Essentially, it looks like philip morris is looking to wash its hands of the lawsuit and not through a settlement yesterday filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit with prejudice in the united states district court for the northern district of the georgia atlanta atlantic division. So phil morris is trying to basically watch this they're trying to get rid of it they're trying to push it under the table. I don't think that's gon na end up happening. I don't see any possible way.

I really do feel like phillip morris has infringed upon hcmc's iq os product um patent system and that's my two cents there. I i see no possible way. Look at that disgusting, i'm sorry i got distracted. This is just nasty you can't, oh my god, whoa haha.

That's that's dirty, but anyways. I really do feel like they've infringed upon their patent rights. I don't see a way that they don't they don't uh. Keep that running so take that for what it is.

Take that for what it is, it's gon na be a long game. Hcmc might take some time to play out. Sometimes lawsuits can take a really really long time. An example for you is max d.

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