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What's up, what's up, what's up, what's up youtube? Oh we're back! We're back! Just give me one! Second, i was just finishing up uh a video, so i'm gon na change over my camera here, really quick. This is just gon na. Take me one. Second, i apologize for the time delay.

I was uh finishing up a video that i needed to get done and uh. It is what it is. It is what it is. It took me a little longer than i thought it would, but that's how the world goes.

Sometimes um, so i'm just gon na make sure that i can get this all rocking. Give me one sec. It was a very last minute thing. I was not anticipating it taking that long, so i was making a video about uh call options and it took a little longer than i thought so bear with me.

That's the way it goes sometimes plug it. In my webcam come on you silly chicken do what you're supposed to do? Hmm, okay, that is frustrating we're back with this bs again huh um! That's what i get! That's what i get uh properties there! We go and 4k camera boom cooking. All right! Now we're rocking, so what is up everybody? We are having another beautiful day here in the pre-market, with amc check this out, my friends, my family, my fellow gorilla gang. We were sitting at 11.

and freaking 15 cents right now up again here in the pre market. Absolutely filthy, freaking day, you cannot beat what is going on with amc right now. Look at this clean, clean move that we are getting on amc's price action. That is the most dirty ascending level of support that i have seen in a hot minute and it is gapping away from that support line.

Just growing like you would not believe - and this is nice clean moves too guys. I mean check this out. You really can't ask for much cleaner moves on the stock price and we're still in the pre-market, not even looking at that much freaking volume right now. So that's huge! That's huge man, jack hall, welcome my man.

It's good to see you here. I went to college with a guy named jack howell. That's that's very interesting. Let's take out state, i don't know that interests you or not, uh.

The nfc stockholder meeting is on may 4th. Doesn't that mean they have to call back all amc stock before then to invite stockholders before may 4th? I don't necessarily think they have to call back all amc stock. No, if anybody knows differently, uh, please let me know, but from what i understand. That is not the case.

Good morning brother, i deleted over 200 of the scam replies off your video last night. Is there a way i can block those bots dude, i've blocked them a million times. I've done it over and over what happens? Is they just keep creating new accounts? They keep creating new accounts, there's nothing that i can do with that so um. I appreciate your work man, but unfortunately it just seems like that's one of those things that comes with the youtube channel jungle.

George says good morning straight from me and my wife: it has been a crazy journey, but you haven't uh. You have been an awesome, traveling, companion, brother. I appreciate that immensely. Thank you for that.

I hope that your wife is doing well uh we're going to check out the amc short interest for this morning here so far and just see what we are looking at here today so coming over here to fintel we're gon na take a quick peek. Yesterday we saw about 17 of the market. Volume was short volume, 550 000 total short share availability as of right now, so about 250 000 shares have covered from yesterday. That's not a huge number by any means, and we're gon na come over here to ortex and take a peek at that as well and to see what we're looking at.

So that is something to keep in the back of your mind, though, about 250 000 shares have been covered, we're sitting at 84 utilization on amc as of today. So actually, it looks like quite a few more that i've covered than uh than we than we looked at before. What is the cost of borrow sitting at right now on amc? It is at about 11.81 as of 13 hours ago. So, with this little run-up, it does appear that we have had a little bit of these uh the shorts cover.

But this is nothing in comparison to what we're going to be looking at in the near future. So still have huge. Huge utilization still have a huge amount of shares that are being held by short positions: right 550, 000 in total short borrow fee rate very high. So this is starting to put some pressure on them and we're starting to get the beginning of uh.

This little move that amc is going to have, so this is freaking sick, guys, we're gon na check out. I borrow desk for any last minute things that we could possibly have in regards to amc gon na look at that that fee percent 14.3. As of last night, so that is monumental, very very big number available shares 300 000 as of last night. So it does look like a couple have covered this morning here in the pre market.

So that's what we're looking at right now, baby, not a bad start to the day, cannot complain in the least bit hope you guys are cooking with crisco. If you're, not mine, drop a like on the video for the freaking gorilla game, we got the george w mug rocking filled with that gorilla juice, because we do not drink water, gorillas, don't drink water. It's too freaking easy guys. You can't make this up and, as per usual, we're going to see if we can get uh a certain amount of likes by the end of this.

This live stream. If we do, we will be ripping another uh pull of kraken in the good old gorilla gang mug, because we drink that gorilla juice got to get our day started the right way, the right way, baby and um. Well, the number is going to be right. We're looking to get today, four thousand one hundred uh likes on this video and we will be ripping down some crack and we're gon na give a toast to the gorilla gang in one person in particular, on uh on this live stream in the group chat.

So drop some gorillas in the chat. You guys have anything that you want to talk about in specific. This is your time to uh to play and do what you want to do right and we're just going to be cooking with crisco here this morning. So all right, what are we looking at right now with some different stocks eyes we're going to take a quick peek at eyes again this morning, eyes has had a little bit of a pullback sitting down at about fourteen dollars and sixteen cents uh still very heavily Shorted stock but uh.

What we're looking at is a test of this level of support down here at that fourteen dollar mark uh, given the beginning of a little bit of a george w. This is a stock that i think has some solid squeeze potential. We haven't. Looked at the numbers here in a little while on eyes, but we definitely can do so right now, so we're just gon na pull up eyes and see if that number has changed at all and what we have according to fintel, of course.

Taking this take this with a grain of salt is yesterday the total market volume we saw 25 percent of that was short volume. 650 000 total short shares available. It was zero before so quite a few have covered, but that short borrowed fee rate is 81, which is absolutely nuts very, very big number right there. All right, jesse hyatt, says: hey trey posted about your 150k subs on reddit.

You got lots of love. What's a good exit strategy for amc me dummy, we don't know how to sell dude. I didn't even see that i'll see if i can find it 150k subs trays, trades, reddit. So a good exit strategy.

Excuse me: it's a good exit strategy for amc right. What is this going to look like it's entirely 100 up to you, what you want to do is watch the price action and dictate it from that. So the squeeze, how are you gon na lose stock, is squeezing you're going to know because um, the the there's a lot of different things, you're gon na be looking at the short borrow fee is gon na go down dramatically? Utilization will go down dramatically. The amount of available shares to shore will go up dramatically right and it's going to come with hard hard moves.

Now we get to decide exactly what they cover at right. So it's entirely up to you and the rest of the investors and traders out there right to decide what you want to pay for the stock and what you want to take for the stock right so uh, for example, right that thousand dollar amc. It seems like it's a hypothetical like it could never ever happen, but it 100 is possible, it would entirely depend on the people and what they are willing to drive the price to so gamestop is going nuts right. Now we got ta.

Look at this on a one minute, dang that volume just started. Picking up. Look at that look at that! That's crazy! Eight thousand, eight thousand is amc. Doing the same thing.

Amc is starting to do that. Gamestop they they're not really mirroring each other anymore, guys, gamestop and amc is or they're moving pretty independently game. Stop little less choppy a little more volume here in the pre-market. Look at all this volume coming in on this, almost back in that 300 range here for gamestop i've got my one share rocking at 117 bucks.

You already know what it is baby. You already know what it is too easy. Um i'm gon na see. If i can find that uh reddit post, though i'm guessing this, is it our boy, trade has achieved 150k uh youtube subs, so keeping his promise.

He purchased 2500 more amc at the end of his livestream this morning. What a guy! Oh! It's too easy man too easy. I love it. Thank you for that means a lot should i hold off on amc, buys until after earnings.

That's a good strategy. Yeah. I think that amc is going to dip eventually right so take that for what it is uh. I see that a lot of people are getting timed out.

I haven't read any spam in here: mods. Is there a lot of spam or something we got ta be uh? You guys got ta be careful about that. Only only time, people out if they are spamming, the chat right. We don't wan na.

We don't wan na screw people all right. You man andrew need to team up and live stream uh tonight's amc earnings. If you guys stay positive, it would be huge. Your channel is beautiful, lfg amc, you know what it is.

Man look at amc start to rip right now, guys that volume doesn't really pick up we're getting uh about 8 000 shares per minute here in the pre-market. Almost at 11 and 50 cents near the high of the pre-market right now getting very dang close the after hours. Yesterday we hit about 11 80.. If we get over this level of resistance right here at that level, right around 11, 50 or so 11.

45. That should come with a pretty hard move. You can see we're having a little bit of a candlewick touch right here if it breaks if it breaks there. 11 50.

11 45 - that is gon na be monumental. It'll it'll bring us up because there's not a lot of price action here between 11 45 and the next level of resistance at 11.80. That's coming up very dang close my friends, my family, my fellow gorilla gang holy toledo. What a good couple days here for amc! It is great to see i'll tell you what all of you diamond-handed apes out there.

All you gorillas, who have been patient right. You you got to be patient, you got ta, be patient right. Only fans trey is waiting for you. Oh man buy the roblox ipo.

How you mind i don't like, ah all right. So if this is cloud kicker cloud kicker, if you are uh randomly timing, people out you can't do that man. You can't do that i'll, take away the mod, if that's what's actually happening, not trying to be not trying to be uh rude or anything. But it's that's, that's the truth.

Trey huge fan! You have taught me all. I know and can't. Thank you enough. Do you think we have a hard pullback today at any point, it's possible it's possible um.

Unfortunately, i can't predict the market right. What we can do is look at the market as a whole and see what it's doing, and that's that's the most that we can anticipate it's just based on what the market is doing. So if we were to look at uh, you know the pre-market in a lot of stocks. There are quite a few that are red right, inv, o down quite a bit and pc down, but they did run quite a bit ogen down wpg down uh.

It's a mixed bag right. I think it's gon na be a little bit, maybe of a flatter day. The nasdaq went insane yesterday guys i mean so you got to keep that in the back of your mind when you're looking at uh the way that um the market works, they had a four percent day yesterday, which is insane that's huge, huge, huge numbers. You don't see that very often so um that that would be my anticipation.

I would, i would suggest and say, you're not likely going to see as crazy of a day today. So if you do see a dip, just don't panic right, we just got to be patient stay the course that is. That is the best thing that i can imply and say to you. Guys is just stay the course love ghost i love it.

Can you talk to your mods? They tie me out for no reason, you said drop gorillas and i get timed out for doing so cloud. Kicker ghost all right. Let me see if i can find this so cloud kicker. You can't do that man.

If you want to be a mod, you can't uh. You can't do that kind of stuff. I don't know if i can find them right now, but i'll tell you what once i uh once i come back from this live stream. I'm gon na take care of that all right, troy thanks for everything battle.

Let's drink some coffee ps, i went to basic in fort sale, dude so to my girlfriend. How about that? How about that dude not a bad day, not a bad day, gamestop up 16! Here in the pre-market center about 286 amc is up about 7.43 forming what looks to be a really really beautiful, bullish flag right now, we're gon na clear off these charts and just show you exactly what i'm talking about. What is a bullish flag right? This tells you too easy. You got ta, you got a flagpole right here.

This is the pole of the flag down here. You've got an ascending level of support and a descending level of resistance, which forms this little bit of a wedge formation right here right. So, a little bit of a false break right, two false breaks above that uh that decent level of resistance, but once you get that hard push over that flag, it usually comes with a pretty hard move ghost. I know you didn't man.

I know i know you did we're good we're cooking with crisco we're good we're cooking with crisco. I appreciate you, ghost you're, the man all right. It's going back up from the view of someone who is not a financial advisor such as yourself. Do you think that early price prediction of 600 is likely - i wouldn't say i wouldn't say likely, but it is possible right.

What that is doing is taking every single possible uh. You know potential factor that could be playing to the price action and throwing it into the equation right. So it's taking that short interest, it's taking the sentiment, it's taking the the price action recently, the implied volatility right. It's taking all those different factors and it's it's saying hey.

If all the stars aligned, you can see this hit 600 dollars. So that is huge guys! That's outrageous dislike! If you want cloud kicker, unmodded guys. I i hear you, i hear you, let me uh. Let me see if i can find him.

You guys want me to do this right now i can um. What's up, can you check rkt? I know it's getting hate, but numbers don't lie and those short numbers are high. Yeah man. I think that rocket's got high.

Squeeze potential, but it just needs a news catalyst. It needs a reason to blast off, needs a reason to blast off. That's exactly it. Man uh, but the numbers don't lie, i'm with you man, that's why i put out that video talking about it, because i i think that it actually has squeeze potential.

I'm not going to talk about it again in the near future, because i just it's not worth it for me to take all that bashing, but um. It's the potential is there for sure 100. It's just got to get a newscast, it's flat right now, it's flat, but the time will come in my personal opinion, um all right. I need to find.

I need to find cloud right now. How do i do this? Edit live chat, cloud kicker's gone all right. Man, i saw you do it, though cloud kicker, you say you haven't muted anyone lately. I saw you do it like five minutes ago, so i don't mind if you guys mute people, but it can't be for for something silly right.

It's got to be legitimate spam. You know it's got to be like you, you see people that are like bashing the community. I don't care if they even bash me right, i'm a very easygoing guy. It's like if they're dropping the same thing 10 times.

That's a big deal um. If they're dropping gorillas, dude, that's fine, i asked for gorillas, that's what it is. I don't know take it for what it is. I apologize guys it's, it's tough to know, sometimes all right trey.

What is a good option pick for today on amc, so what i uh, what i think about amc, the options contracts and it's funny, because i just actually made a video about uh options in regards to how to play them. So if you want to give me one second, i can actually just start uploading this to youtube. I should probably do that for anybody. That's over at the patreon i do uh.

I do have a video coming out very soon on options contracts. This has been requested by quite a few people, so i'm just gon na start uploading this right now, so that we can get it ready and then uh once i'm done with this live stream. I will post this to youtube. It'll just take some time to render, but that works out exactly perfect, because once this is over you can you can, if you'd like to go over to that options, video and rock and roll with the with the video if you're interested in doing so.

If not, i don't really care we're straight chilling. Boys, boys and girls. Life goes on dropping this in and looks like. It is beginning its render, and i think it is all right - we're good cooking with crisco baby rock and roll.

So i i ended up uh. I ended up doing it document uh rules for solid band, kick and whatnot for them. Then they will know your rules yeah. I should do that.

That's that's on me for sure 100. So roblox does go public today. By the way i see people dropping. That rblx is the uh, the ticker for that.

So what is something that you need to know about roblox and return in terms to this uh? This ipo, something important to know, is that ipo data is typically filled with a lot of hype and a lot of um anticipation and volatility right, so trey you're about to lag so with this right. You need to keep in mind that there's gon na be volatility included here. Personally, i don't like purchasing things on their listing date, because i think you can get the value at a cheaper price just because so many people are excited in anticipating the price move. On a stock, so ah, if you're gon na get into this, i would say: do it as a day trade get in and out in and out right, don't rock with this for too long, because you might end up getting stuck holding the bag um for a Little while and that's that's just my two cents there, but i think roblox is a cool company that they've got great uh great potential technology, software and c services, they're a technology company they're going to be listing at 45 here today, they're not actually suspended.

They just haven't gotten live yet so keep that in the back of your mind, eyes here in the pre-market down about one percent sitting right around that uh that fifteen dollar and forty cent mark all right cloud kicker. I got that ghost. Thank you trey. We need a new shirt, buy the dips, sell the rips dude, we're on it, daniel we're on it man, i promise you we've been working on it.

We've been working on it, we're getting those shirts cooking with crisco we're they're coming along. If you haven't seen the the merch store, there's a link in the description box, we've got a couple different shirts, we're trying to add something new every now and then uh every one or two weeks. We've got george w sure. It's gorilla, gank, really gang george w you're gon na win a prize right gorilla gang right here, 801 gorilla gang george w we got some tank tops game, stonk uh got crop tops for the ladies, the the lady apes right got some face masks.

I hate that we have to have face masks, but we do it is the way and now we've got three mugs right. So i've got the george w in the gorilla game. We've got a second girly gang mug, some stickers posters, not a dead cat baby, not a dead cat. You know what it is.

We've got those as well rocking over here, so uh beautiful stuff. You want to check that out. We will keep adding stuff to that list as time goes on. So that's what we're looking at baby, all right when gamestop takes off to the moon um coming back up here, we will come.

Save our fellow amc. Eight brothers positive vibes manifestation dude. You know what it is. You know what it is honestly, i think the best case scenario here with amc and gamestop would be if game stops closed first and then everybody from gamestop just moved over to amc that would be legit.

That would be the nicest that would be the best case scenario you couldn't ask for more. That would be huge, huge, huge and i think it's possible because you see that amc and gamestop aren't really mirroring each other anymore. I mean if we were to pull these up on uh. You know side-by-side charts right.

What are we gon na see we'll pull up amc right here and we'll pull up gamestop? You see that these are not doing the same thing anymore, right, they're, not doing the same thing at all. Gamestop is a less choppy. It's got more volume coming in in comparison to the overall. You know value of the stock, the price of the stock, but, as you see right, they're they're not doing the same thing: they're very different price action, um yeah, it started ripping it about the same time, but you can see here.

I mean you're gon na see this better on on a five-day chart: they're, not the same stock anymore, they're trading differently, right up until the last three days two days. But if you look back here, what do you see? Well, this bled a little bit this kept moving, so that just shows you that these stocks aren't mirroring each other the exact same, even though they're similar right, even though they're similar, you can see that there's differences so take that for what it is guys. I i i find it very likely that you can see both of these rip at different times and i'm not mad about that. I'd be very, very happy.

All right. Do you think, there's a possibility of a bull trap for amc love your fam gorilla gang. It's possible right. It totally totally is um, but don't be scared by that.

What i would say is: if you're going to purchase more, maybe wait until market open to see what happens right. It's entirely possible that it could be a bull trap. It could be a bull trap, but in the long term it doesn't matter that'll be a blip. A bull trap is an opportunity for you to purchase a stock at a very, very cheap price right, so i don't get mad at seeing bull traps.

I get excited because i get to purchase the stock i'll, be rubbing my hands like baby. I'm gon na buy this thing for so freaking cheap right now and uh you'll be you'll, be pumped you'll, be pumped for sure not mad about that at all. So i'm rocking xela right now for a uh a little bit of a swing, and it is a little disappointing here in the pre-market. I i was expecting uh some some heavier moves and right now it's testing out a level of uh support right around that uh.

620 mark got about a 1400 share stake at nine 697 down about nine percent right now. My stop loss is down here at about 575. That is where i will take losses if it ends up bleeding right, so i'm going to risk that much for the potential upside, which is the high of 891 here in the pre market. I'm i'm pretty excited about this pre-market um.

It's not a beautiful setup right. It's kind of blood a little bit, but nonetheless, if it holds over this level of support right here at that 620 mark, that should be a pretty solid opportunity. Um! That's that's what i'm watching for right! Here, utilization rate did drop on amc. We did cover this at the beginning of the stream, so there was a few shorts that did cover their their positions in the stock.

We're going to come back here and show you this so that you can see it in case you're. Curious 84 is what is that now, instead of 100? So that's a change right. If we look at the available shorts to borrow uh you're looking at 250 000.. Actually that just went back down, it was at 650 000 a little bit ago, and now it is back at 250, 000, so shorts, i've doubled down on their positions again as of 10 minutes ago.

That utilization on or text typically lags a little bit behind what we get on fintel, which is frustrating because i pay like 500 a year for this thing, but don't be sweating by that, don't be nervous, don't be nervous at all. All right ears is moving huh. It is moving dang, it's not a lot of volume, though i don't like that. Choppy movement, that's not great for uh day trades or swings costs kind of running as well.

Oh yeah! She really is. I don't have any dry powder for this right now. If i did i'd hop in, it's been a good, a good couple days in the market. For me guys, i am not mad at all, not mad.

In the least bit i uh yesterday, i ended up making about seven thousand dollars. I was pretty pumped today. I'm up about 38. a little less exciting, a little less exciting of a day, but amc i'm up about six grand right now eyes made a really good amount of money.

Cost is moving right now, uh, not not a bad day, not a bad day, not mad. In the least bit guys amc really doing his thing right now, i can't believe cos. Look at cost move that volume really starting to pump right now. Jesus christ can't beat that at all.

I got you girls looking out for my apes love y'all. Thank you ghost. I didn't tell anyone is cloud kicker, i know you're good brother. Will the inflation report have an impact to the market? It definitely can.

It definitely can right so um the thing about inflation is, it scares people, it scares people for sure, damn trey. That was like 25k two days ago, i'm not mad about it, i'm not mad about it. That was, it was cool. I'm very grateful for sure, and i don't do it by myself right.

We work together. That's what's fun about these live streams. Is you know you guys bring different stocks to the table and we talk about a bunch of different stuff and it's just a way to grow together as a community um yeah cost guys. I actually don't mind this company they're, a tech and technology equipment, company working with computers, phones, household electronics.

I think they've got headphones. If i remember right, i think that's what i know them for yeah. So that's what you're looking at here guys by the way we're already at 1350 likes. We get this video to 4 000 uh 100 likes by the end of the livestream.

I will be taking a poll of the crack and cracking the kraken for the fellow gorilla gang out here, taking the cheers, taking a shot for the the gang uh just celebrating the good days, the good times, while we're having them right got ta celebrate, got ta, Love what's going on with your crew? What is the news catalyst that pushed this thing? Dang gamestop amc, jumping pre-market trade after game stops, tops uh 17 billion of market cap amc earnings on tap huge, so it just seems like the meme stocks are moving are bb and nokia moving. That's a good, oh not yet, but i bet they will be, but maybe not, maybe not, maybe not all right, hey trey! I love the channel been a substance. 7. 000.

Dang man. That's loyalty! That's loyalty! Thank you! Joey! The other guy i watch is rowan. Capital, have you heard of him really good and informative thanks man keep it up. I have not.

I have not heard of him. Let me be honest with you, but i'll check it out. The octopus juice, the king of the deep black lagoon. You know what it is guys, it's so weird, seeing my my own little uh thumbnail up there.

What the heck is this all right. His name is ranch capital. Okay, i like his thumbnails. Those are pretty cool, interesting stock guy i'll, throw him a sub you you do patreon subscribers only live streams.

I do great questions so people over the patreon. We didn't get to do that last week. Unfortunately, but i try to every single sunday uh every sunday i'll go over to uh, i'm not gon na disclose where, because it is private, i don't want to give up our location, but we do do uh, patreon exclusive live streams and what it is is it It allows you guys as patrons, to ask questions about what's going on with certain stocks right uh. What plays you want to ask questions on it's an opportunity for us to discuss different opportunities and uh? It's a lot of fun.

Casa is really going to town right now, guys holy toledo. Look at this thing move 24.50 a lot of volume pumping in on this. If i wasn't tied up in xela, i would hop into this, but unfortunately, here we are tied up in a xcla right now. Don't have the dry powder for this, so dang, that's a hard move, that's a hard move and we definitely missed it.

I'm not going to chase it at this point not doing it. Thank you to drew. They need a personal senpai trey. What up killer dude.

It's good to have you here, professors, this mod fight. Oh man, are you worried at all? The utilization rate from when i went from 100 to 84 seems like a big drop, not worried, no, not worried and i'll. Tell you why it's because we have so many other things that are still pointing the direction that there's heavy heavy short interest here right. So look at the short short shares of availability sitting at 250 000 as of 16 minutes ago.

Right. That is still a really really low number, and if you look at the uh borrow rate 11.81 percent still very high as of 13 hours ago, come over to iborodesk. This will tell us a better picture as well, so we're going to click on. I borrow desk.

Just take a quick peek get out of this trades gorilla gang thing, real, quick, come on we'll just go like this. I not instagram. I borrowed desk holy toledo, uh chase cost back down. Nah man, i don't like to amc running.

Is it oh? No, i can't miss this move guys. You can't miss this. Where is it? Where is it got ta type her in amc? Oh, oh, let's go! Let's go look at this sucker holy toledo, guys holy. That is a massive, astronomical move.

Look at this thing start to rip holy toledo. It had a small scale. Bullish flag broke out of that with a wide range candle bar we've got the volume starting to pump on this. It is only 6 30 in the morning already at 11 and 60 cents.

On amc here today, baby that is absolutely a rocket to the moon. You cannot beat what's going on right now. Oh my freaking, god guys. I tell you what this is the beginning of the moves.

This is the beginning of the moves. We are starting to get this thing rocking absolutely huge, oh my god, the high of the after hours yesterday, 11 and 80 cents. If you look at this on a macroscopic scale, let's just take a quick peek guys. This is going to make you very happy check.

This out lines up, we got a double top right here. We got that long, wig testing 1189, and we are coming up right to it right now we're at 11 59 right now. If you look at this on a three month chart, you can see that after 11 11 80 there's a large gap up until that next price action zone, which is 16 bucks, where we have that next level of resistance, huge huge, huge attendees baby hedgies, are not Winning today, tendee is playing the game we are here to kill. We are here to rock and roll, and i cannot wait for this crazy, hard move.

That is happening right now with amc. This is dirty dirty, dirty, dirty man, holy toledo. Look at this 11 59 right now. Looking at the level twos, we've got the most sellers waiting to get orders filled at about 11.65 that'll act as a big level of resistance, most buyers waiting to step in at about 11.50 as of right now so that'll act as a good level of support trading.

In a pretty tight price zone, i like this clean stair, stepping price action that we're getting right now in terms of what's happening with amc, that's monstrous huge, huge huge. I just woke up waiting to ask your thoughts on roblox. Personally, i don't like buying stuff on ipo date. I like to wait it out.

I like to wait it out. That's my personal opinion man. You guys do you, though, it's entirely up to you what you decide to do 100. Are you gon na take 10 days or hold i'm holding man? I'm not selling this! I'm telling you what people out there have been making rumors saying that i i sold my amc position.

I'm a sellout right, blah blah blah dude. I've got 2 300 shares at a dollar cost average of 872.. I haven't sold a single share. I've only added to my position throughout time, and i will continue to do so by the way guys.

I want to give you a big shout out and a big thank you for uh, the 150k uh that was that was pretty cool. I was uh. I didn't realize that that would happen, and it does mean a lot to me so um. I have one other thing that i want to talk about as well.

While i've got you guys here, i am going to be doing a live stream on saturday and what is that live stream going to be about check this out right here, quick update for you guys, saturday, i'm going to be doing a live stream for charity, specifically, The wounded warriors project, all the super chats and donations that pop into the stream will be going directly to the wounded warriors uh project. We'll talk stocks, investing in business for a good couple hours. As long as there are people who have interest i'll be sending a reminder uh at some point, i actually didn't do it yesterday, but i will today anyone who's interested, feel free to stop by peace and love guerrilla gang, and i am going to be matching uh Per thousand dollars, i will be putting in 100 of my own dollars so um for for anybody that wants to check that out. I will be doing that on saturday.

I know that's not related to amc, but i i did want to raise some money for the wounded warriors project. I do have a lot of love uh, for you know, veterans and taking care of people, and i think you know in the situation that i'm in where i'm making over a million dollars a year. It's time for me to step in and uh contribute to something bigger than myself. So if you guys want to be a part of that, that'd be uh, that'd be absolutely awesome.

I'd appreciate it a lot. My friends and family guys look at this hard move. 1162 on amc right now, the volume really starting to rip sitting at about 20 000 shares here. 9.

000, 6, 000, god dang. It is going to test out that 1165 again already, that is coming up, quick, quick, quick, quick, dang cloud, kicker, dishonorably discharged! You guys are you guys are so savage if you want to get the best youtube you want to get the best comments. Go to youtube comments. That's where you find the money, the big stuff, huge, all right, trey.

What do you think the inflation is going to be at 8 30? Do you think it will have an effect on untraditional stocks like amc and gamestop? I do not, i don't think it will affect amc or gamestop. It'll affect probably traditional stocks, but i don't think the amc are gamestop, william dude. What a g! Thank you man. I appreciate that 100 super chat good morning train all the gorillas can't wait for today's open dude.

You are a g. True, gg drop some gorillas in the chat for william dude. I think you've done that before i'm pretty sure you've donated 100 bucks before that means a lot to me, what a guy, what a guy man that is huge. Thank you brother appreciate that dr goku senpai goku-chan, oh man, all right, so jared wait not jared.

Why did i say that i think i read something over here in the chat bar jared said something about question sexuality that caught my attention. That was weird. Let me check that made me chuckle anyways, coming back up here, dr ghost dr goku says: what's up trey listening on my way to a morning run gg dude amen. To that i used to be a big runner myself i used to be um.

I could show you some pictures if you want to check it out. I don't don't follow this instagram page because i don't use it anymore, but i can show you my old running instagram account. I was a huge runner. I loved running man, super saiyan main train.

You could you can tell i'm a dragon ball, z fan but uh. This is me. I ran a half marathon here um. That's me.

This is when i ran my first uh sub 430 mile. I ran a 424.7 that was cool. I was pretty happy about that and what else do we have? No, no yeah whatever not really that important, but i used to be a pretty big runner. Anyways.

Look at this thing. Go 1170 right now on the level twos, we got a huge cell wall saying about 11.70. This is the current level of resistance. We're watching for 37 000 total shares waiting to get filled right.

There need to push through that not uh, not a lot of uh shares waiting to get filled right here on the level twos for the bid. However, it only takes one big buyer to step in and crush this thing, so we're getting close, we're getting close, we'll ever grow my beard again, i can't in the army. I can't in the army, i'll tell you what down the road. I will, though, i like the beard.

I like the beard, if you guys want to see a gnarly beard i'll tell you what uh i got to show you my back before i i uh shaved. Let's see this summer there it was. I brought her down step by step that was a full beard, goatee and sideburns goatee handlebar, with a soul, patch handlebar mustache yeah, it's a pretty decent beard, but i'm irish, i'm irish, so it comes in pretty red, comes in very, very red. Unfortunately, it is what it is all right.

Any concerns with drop enhanced utilization, not on the least bit, i'm not sweating at all, especially because we see that the available shares to borrow is still very low right. So that's one box out of like four that we're looking at when you see the fact that we still have you know only 250 000 total short shares available. You see the short borrow free rate is 11.81. That utilization going down a little bit makes sense right.

It makes sense because we did have a little bit of a push up to that 12 mark. But this is only the beginning. There are still a huge, huge huge amount of people holding the stock, so that's huge for sure, uh, sb, xy and uv xc mimic market sv with uv against okay. I didn't know that sv uh xy we'll check that out mimic the market sv with uv against.

That's good to know: oh short term futures there we go good stuff, hey tree, i got under 13 if the price gets back to that. Should i sell and reposition during the pullback you can, if you want, but you risk missing out on the run. It's entirely up to you. Nobody can predict the absolute future.

It's uh, it's it's crazy to. Personally i just like averaging down. I just like averaging down. It's, it's tough to say man kos is screaming man.

I really didn't miss out on that move. That is so sad that is crazy, dang. Well, i'm not chasing that at this point not doing it. I missed out on that move.

It is what it is. What is happening to gamestop uh? They pull back or something. Oh, it's fine, gamestop is sitting well it's in a bullish flag right now, so it had a nice gap up in the morning and now it's uh getting a nice little move can't believe. Kos is almost up 60 dang.

Look at this. That is the most disgusting move that i have seen. Ah just ridiculous, just ridiculous guys. I really urge you not to chase this if you're gon na get into this, you are really really risking it for the biscuit.

A lot of risk involved right here right, so keep that, in the back of your mind, if you do decide to get into uh costs, that's gnarly that has ripped a lot already. So just be careful bb, be very, very careful! That's huge uh! Thank you to alexandros. I appreciate that uh dcp says: where do i get a meatball girly gang cody modeling, 4 500 emc at 8.15 gamestop at 180. i'll have some cracking waiting for you on pluto dude.

I love that man, that's huge. That's huge uh, maybe someday man, maybe someday i'll, see if we can do a collab with andrew uh. We're gon na be talking with andrew we're gon na. Have him uh we're gon na stream with him later today, uh, hopefully on my lunch break as long as it ends up working out guys? Oh my god, that is crazy.

Look at that thing move don't succumb to fomo, don't succumb to fomo. I don't want you to be a bag holder. Do not want you to be a bag holder, xela, still not doing what i was anticipating. She would do just having a rough morning.

It had a nice little move at the beginning of the day right and if we look at this on a five-day chart, really nice little move. But what you're looking for is a bounce off of this level of support and that could form a really nasty nasty. George, w could be a good little setup um, but that's a pretty hard pullback, so we just want to hold over this level of support right here where we get that double bounce. That would be very, very critical.

It does look like we are going to get it sure currently is trading at about six bucks just below six bucks. My dollar cost average on this is way higher than that which is unfortunate, but that's the way that's the way. The cookie goes. I uh i missed time to bottom i've mistimed it.

I was planning on uh getting in this for a swing um and it is not swinging right now. So that is what it is. Ideally, what would have been the better situation? I was going to be transparent with you, guys is if i had taken a small loss right right around here. Maybe you know 677 and then reinvest it at the bottom, but it's tough to time those kind of things right.

What i saw right here was this george w set up. I saw a nice move broke out of this descending level of resistance, and i thought i could continue to run, but it just didn't have the juice. Yet right things can change on the flip of a dime once the market opens, especially with the high of the day being 891. However, that is how we're looking right now all right sends sen's about to rip again.

We're gon na come back here to amc in a little bit, but senza is having a pretty decent little pre-market, choppy and price action right, not a lot of volume, but it is green. It's up about four percent, which you do like to see. That's huge huge, huge, huge, huge gon na come back here to amc up 10.76 percent just hanging hugging that 1170 line baby morning gorilla juice, just rocking and rolling guys. I haven't even had any coffee yet today i need some.

I need some bad dang flabbit bob saget up about seven percent for expr, not moving the same as uh coss has, but if you missed the move on cost, i would not touch it. I would not touch it. There's so much risk involved here be very careful. Be careful right, expr hasn't moved as much.

It's moved about 20, but it still has moved a uh pretty pretty decent amount, not as much as cost, so there's less risk involved here. What are we looking at in terms of retracement on uh, this stock right you're? Looking for at least 50 percent, we get it. That's a nice 50 bounce on costs, you're looking for a retracement around that 50 as well. Ideally, that's how much you would you would expect to see it pull back to so i just wouldn't touch it yet.

I would wait, i would wait if you're gon na get into costs. I think you can get that at a much better price. Personally, gme dropped 800k short shares on fintel huh. Let's check this out.

350 000. Is it whammy having a move right now up 11 percent? Oh just kidding up two percent. You guys have me there. You guys had me there all right, hey man from the discord.

You need a mod. I got you an obs gauger. I trust anybody from the discord so with the botting right. This is too simple.

Just too easy. I really really want you guys to be easy, going right, only only mute people if they're spamming the same thing: 10, 20, 30 times or if they're hating on the community. That's it that's it. You guys can hate on me all you want.

You don't even have to worry about that crap! You do not have to worry about that. If they're hating on the community, i don't stand for that. That is when you mute them right. People, people calling the apes stupid and all that junk.

Not my thing i don't put up with that, so just be watching for that. Please guys we're getting so close. I'm telling you what we've got uh 7 500 people watching right now. We give this to 4 000 likes.

We, as per usual with these morning, live streams. I will be taking a rip of the crack and cracking open the kraken and taking a good toast and cheers to the gorilla gang in the community out here that is rocking with trey's trades. So we want to make that happen. All we got to do is get this sucker to 4 100 likes uh, and we are so close to doing that.

Currently about 2200 does mean a lot to me, helps youtube algorithm, yada yada, yada, yada yada. You know the whole deal in spiel. Amc is still looking at 11 63 right now. Game stop sitting pretty well as well.

Up about 14 amc is actually sitting really close to how much gamestop is up right now, which is pretty huge. I i like this set up a lot, so gamestop is currently in a bullish flag formation. What does that look like? Well, you've got this nice uh pole right here right. That pole is huge, makes a big big difference, and then we've got makes a big difference.

Why don't i even say that sometimes train, sometimes straight you got ta, stop talking, because you just you just think things and you say them out loud. You just keep talking, oh, but it is what it is all right, but anywho you've got a bullish flag. You've got a decent level of resistance, a sending level of support nice volume here right and it continues to ride on the squeeze down price action, which is absolutely huge, so uh. You do like to see that that is typically a sign of an upcoming bullish run.

If we get a break over that decent level resistance, i would expect it to be a hard push. It should be a pretty good decent move right there. So that's what you're looking for with uh gamestop right now amc has a similar setup, but it's choppier in price action right. So not as much technical analysis can be given here, because the price action is a little bit choppy in comparison because of that so rocket's moving huh up two percent: oh starting to get a little pump in volume.

It is what does this look like in comparison to last five days that could be huge. Meanwhile, exella just keeps on bleeding you're pissing me off you're pissing me off exella. I did not think you were gon na. Do this frustration, pure frustration and anger and rage rocket, really does seem like this is gon na be a move because that's a sudden pump in volume.

The news come out. No dang there's not as much risk involved with rocket right now, either sitting at 26. 16. I'm debating i don't know the 15 i made did just cross over the 200 ema too.

Ah bob saget man, i'm so frustrated with excel. I wish this wasn't. Wasn't just dip into kingdom come just not doing it just not doing it at all. Well, this looks like it's just gon na be an l still up pretty decent still up pretty decent but frustrating.

Nonetheless, i'm not gon na chase, i'm not gon na chase rocket because that's still not quite making the move right now. I'd like that to come back a little bit, i'm gon na stick through to my rules. I'm gon na stay true to my rules, since i have a pretty nice morning here, it's up about four percent exella pulling back a lot, which is really just not what i wanted to see. I bought way too high uh.

I i thought that i was buying on a good dip, but it just did not. Uh did not hold up the way that i thought it would so here we are back holding a little bit back, holding a little bit. That's okay! Life goes on. I always got to keep it real with you guys.

I know their cost is moving guys. I'm not i'm not gon na chase. This don't wan na. Ah i mean there's potential there.

It got a bounce off of 23.6, which is nice. So what i'm looking at here in terms of a technical setup, it broke that descending level resistance right here right and it got to bounce off that 23.6 retracement. So you could play that as a bounce play a dip play right. That's a good opportunity! If you're looking for it, i really think i'm gon na rock with uh.

What's the volume like on this, not crazy volume, um god just getting smoked right now, that's just frustrating frustrating. What do you do? What do you do? I i can't complain. I made a pretty good amount of money yesterday, you're, not gon na, be green every single day right express up about 25 forming a nasty george w. You know what it is guys guys guys guys come on come on, come on.

Look at this dirty dirty, dirty huge yeah, i'm not going to chase it, though. If you are going to get into these stocks that have already ripped a huge huge amount. You need to be careful because you want to make sure that you're not chasing a you want to make sure that you're going to be able to get out of these stocks uh in a quick, timely manner right. So when they're ripping like that, you might not be able to time the exit right since they're so volatile, you might get end up.

You might end up getting stuck holding the bag, so just be patient with that be patient. All right, i'm gon na read some more of these super chats. Thank you. Everybody.

Thank you for the people over here in the comments section as well. The chat bar you guys all rock uh we've got eduardo. Thank you. My friend john says, kupang cpng ipo today are soon korean ecommerce equivalent to amazon and alibaba.

Blackrock has steak in something to to watch. So i don't know anything about that. Company kooping new york, stock exchange, so that'll be nice, so guys keep that on the radar. Thank you for uh.

Thank you for bringing that up. Sorry, i know you're busy dude. Did you get a chance to take a picky wiki? I don't understand that. Where are you guys? Where do you guys get that from huh? Where do you get that peeky wiki from fprx lotto play 40 call 319, expiration, 20 cents cheap based off improper valuation? Amgen acquisition look at price action, very weird, no selling pressure.

I did get a chance to take a peek at that and it seems legit five. Prime, so they got a misvaluation for uh, so you can see it right here right. It goes up to 38 bucks, no selling pressure just hanging out right there not really doing a whole lot um. They were.

We just come over here to the news um. Where is it looking for a specific article yeah? So we'll just read this really quick, so there's an investigation, as is being mentioned right, so the investigation is for the possible breaches of uh, fiduciary duty and other violations of federal and state law. In connection with the agreement to be acquired by amgen incorporated so under the terms of agreement, five prime shareholders will receive only 38 dollars in cash for each five prime share that they own. So they think that wasn't a fair valuation.

They think they're getting screwed. So they're getting investigated and if they come to the conclusion that that was not a fair evaluation, you will get paid more money based on the correct value of the stock, so huge. I don't know where you guys get that peaky winky from so so strange.

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