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BIOL Stock Analysis: Biolase Inc (BIOL) is a medical device company, which engages in developing, manufacturing, marketing and sale of laser systems in dentistry and medicine. It operates through Waterlase systems, and Diode systems products. In this BIOL Stock Analysis video, we discuss discuss a macroscopic and microscopic overview of the company. We also establish levels of support and resistance for both investors and traders, analyze the 200 EMA (Exponential Moving average), 20 VAMA (Volume-Adjusted Moving Average), RSI (Relative Strength Index), bullish and bearish trends, technical analysis chart patterns, and potential entry and exit points for traders and investors.
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What i tell ya i love seeing this. I tell you what i'm gon na start something new here. It's called call the shot, take a shot, we're gon na put down some woodford reserve for this bad boy today. That is what i love to see.

What is up, everybody welcome to trace trades. We have technical analysis on different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy, hold or sell opinions on these. Given stocks i'll, let you preface by saying that i'm not a financial advisor nor expert so take what i say with a grain of salt. The reason i started this challenge because a couple years back, i was about 30 000 deep into medical debt, and i was very fortunate to have some close family friends and mentors that pushed me to work hard and invest my money and i'm happy to say that Not only am i not financially free, but i'm doing pretty well for myself at the age of 23..

So if i can pass along any of the information resources or tools that are given to me here to the community, make a couple people better off than they were before. That's all that i can ask for. Lastly, if you wouldn't mind dropping a like on the video, it really does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you'd like to see more content. Like this, i read a comment today.

They made me laugh pretty hard. It said i can't wait for the day when you say i'm do pretty well off at the age of 24.. Oh man, well, my birthday is on june 21st 1997.. If anybody's curious uh it's it's a little ways away, but when the time comes, uh we'll be celebrating by turning some nasty profits as long as it's not on a weekend or something.

But today we've got an update for you on ticker symbol, b-i-o-l up 44 at the close of the day today, absolutely filthy. At one point: we had the stock price touch at a dollar and 59 cents and i said guys get ready for bio. I said it. I said get ready for bile, it is going to do something, absolutely nasty and we did see it come to fruition.

So this is just starting to pick up steam. We do have the webinar on thursday. I would continue to hold this into thursday and guys i've been calling this play for a while. It's been a slow mover.

It took some time took a little bit of patience. We were stair-stepping very slowly and i said hey this level of resistance right here is going to be huge, and once we push through this, it is going to rock it absolutely rock it, and we did see that happen and now that we've pushed over and held Over at buck 20, i think there's a lot of traction, a lot of momentum to come with bile. So i hope that you guys rocked with me on this grand slam play. This has been an absolute runner, we're absolutely crushing, and we've got a lot to talk about here on the charts, so we're gon na look at this.

Both macroscopically and microscopically i'll show you the one month chart as well as the two-day one-minute chart. I've got the rsi pulled up, which is the relative strength index. Anything over 70 is overbought. Anything under 30 is oversold.

I've got the 200 ema, which is the exponential moving average, and this is a price action based valuation trend line over a 200-day moving period, as well as the 15 day vomit, and this is uh - you know some brokerage accounts will offer this. This is the volume adjusted moving average. You may need to use the v wap or the ma they're about the same thing, and this is just a price action based valuation trend line over a 15 day moving period, adjusted accordingly to the overall volume going into a stock. So we'll talk about what these all mean: uh drop a fibonacci retracement to give us an idea of where we might see a pullback if you're looking to get an entry point into this stock.

I do think this has potential to touch two dollars sometime the next week to two weeks, or so i do think this is a great midterm hold i'll give you all sorts of great things to know about. Bile i'll also give some levels of support resistance, both bullish and bearish indicators on the charts, the whole nine yards so buckle in we've got a lot to talk about here today, but honestly drop some whiskey glasses in the comments down below. If you hit it with this play, this is another grand slam. We called it pretty solid with bio.

We called it really good with uh bb, i predicted that we'd see a buy zone today. I hope people scoop that up. We called it with amc. Absolute absolute beautiful short squeeze in the making, oh man and bile, is no exception.

We have actually been crushing that honestly and mvis i said: nvis is very likely to run too so we're hitting a pretty good batting average right now and if you got into bio you're, looking really good. So let's just get right into the video. But first i want to get a quick shout out to the guys over the patreon uh. They will have access to the private discord, as well as real-time insights into my personal training and guys, i'm so so thankful for everybody.

Here we are over 600 patients. Strong. Now, which is absolutely insane to me, i think just a little less than a month ago, we had like 10 people in here, so the growth is amazing. I can't believe that it really does mean way more to me than i could ever express to you guys.

I love what we're doing here. I love the community. I love the team and i've said it before and i will say it again. This is something that i could not do by myself.

We do this as a team effort and as a community, and that is what i love about. Trey's trades i'll, never take complete credit for any of these hits. A lot of this comes from the discord and from the comment section. So there's a lot of good stuff in here.

We've got chat and questions my daily trades, investing assistance options, trading stock bot, which we will actually talk about here today, short term plays mid-term, plays long term, plays back, plays colt stocks, industries and sectors and a whole bunch of different uh stocks. In here and there's a lot of people making a pretty decent amount of money, if i just show you a couple of people in here in the past three months, we've got brother darkness that made eighty percent crow. Thank you, my friend for uh turning 94 profit. You did it man, i didn't do that for you.

We just give you the tools and you click. You click buy and you click sell, so absolutely beautiful, 203 percent in the last month for vike. If you want to be a part of this community, like i said, link, is in the description box down below for the patreon. Now, if you're, not familiar with what bio lace is we'll just give you a quick description.

They're a medical device company which engages in developing manufacturing, marketing and sale of laser systems and dentistry and medicine it operates through water lace systems and diode systems products. The water leak system uses a patented combination of water and laser energy to perform procedures using drills. Scalpel check and other traditional dental instruments for cutting soft and hard tissue. The diet systems perform soft tissue, pain therapy and cosmetic procedures, including teeth whitening and the company was founded in 1987 and is headquartered in irving.

California - and we are expecting a webinar on thursday from bio lace, and i do anticipate that we'll continue to see a run-up on this stock, but there should be an opportunity that presents itself with bio and i honestly think it's a pretty good company. I think that you have a lot of potential here as a midterm to long term hold, and nobody on youtube is talking about this, and i don't understand why this is one of those plays where i feel like you're beating the hype. If you get in right now, i would not be surprised in the least bit if this catches on and people really start digging into bio, that you see eight dollars, ten dollars, twelve dollars and the volume begins to pick up because guys we're really not seeing very High volume trade on this stock, yet this is coming off a very low volume, this kind of growth, so i think right now, a month from now people are gon na wish they got into bio, because they're gon na be youtubers. Talking about this.

This is gon na be on reddit threads. This is gon na, be all over stock. Twits bile is a great plate, and this is a plate. That's not gon na go anywhere.

There's always gon na be a need for dentistry and this laser system for soft tissue and hard tissue. The diode system, the water lace, all that stuff is very niche and there's a huge market for that. It's going to decrease overall pain, it's going to increase productivity. It's going to put new technology into into dentist hands, there's no way that you can lose getting.

I mean there is a way, there's never anything guaranteed with penny stocks, but i have a lot of conviction with bile and i think this is going to be a great place. So first thing i want to do is drop a fibonacci retracement, so we can get an idea of what kind of pullback we might see on on this stock. And if we look, historically speaking, i'm going to drop a fibonacci retracement from this last run-up and give us an idea of how much we retrace. So this is just looking at trends.

I'm not going to guarantee this happens, but based on trends, we can see that we had a pretty solid hold at the 61.8 retracement of 90 cents. We did dip below that and, if you're looking for an opportunity - and you see it below that retracement - that is a huge, huge, huge buying opportunity, but it did hold pretty well to 61.8 retracement. So if that trend does continue a good buy, for this is going to be a dollar 25 which does line up, because this was a previous level of resistance on the stock, and once we pushed through that, we got a really big fat wide bar candle. That pushed and we saw a lot of price action.

So i do anticipate that you're going to see that dollar 25 act as a level of support here in the future. And if you don't have a position in bio you're, looking to get a position to buy all improve your position in bio, that is going to be the place to do it: a dollar 25. That is a very, very good entry point. If you see a dip below that, the next level of support is gon na be a dollar twenty.

We have quite a few touch points here: the dollar twenty. As i mentioned prior uh, you can see that right here in the fibonacci retracement as well, and i think if we push down to that zone um, you can play this out a couple different ways. You can take profits if you'd like to right now. This is this, this price of a dollar 39.

It might not pull back right. I can't i can't predict the future. All we can do is look at the trends, but it is possible. It pulls back, so you can take profits as a swing.

Trade get back into 1.20 ride it up to the next level of resistance, because we do see there's a lot of up and down movement right it consolidated for a while. You got a lot of opportunities to go. You know enter at a dollar four exit at a dollar, twenty rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat - and we may see the same thing happen again here before the next leg up. So, if you'd like to swing trade, this, that is an opportunity for you, if you're looking to add a position anywhere between 1.20 and 1.25, is what i would be looking for.

That is where i will be improving my position in the stock, and i expect to see this volume start to pick up now. One thing i do want to point out to you is the rsi indicator. We were pushing oversold or overbought for a very large portion of the day 83, here, uh 78 here and in the past, when we have been overbought right, it lasted about a day. Here lasted about a day.

Here we saw a little bit of a pullback. Now this last time wasn't as much of a pullback. It did still grow, but this time right here, we did see a pretty hard pullback down to the mid 40s at one point, touchdown at 26 was scooped up pretty fast after that nice steady climb, but i do anticipate at least a small pullback, and that would Be an opportunity for you to get into the stock now, if you can buy into this as close to 50 or under on the rsi indicator as possible, that is going to be the best time to buy, because the stock will be undervalued, it'll be oversold, and You never want to buy a stock when it's overvalued, not to say that it is right now but buying it at the high point on the day it has more risk involved than buying in at a lower cost price. So um personally my pre, my my trade strategy.

I would rather miss out on a run and and wait for a pullback, so i can mitigate my risk, then get in and chase the run, uh and lose money right. So maybe you buy any chase and you do end up turning a profit, but you might get in and it might pull back right. So there's always going to be plays out there that give you an opportunity uh. I i watched a video today and it was actually very interesting.

It said i don't look for peaks on uh on a trade. I look for the for the troughs. I think it was uh. I can't remember his name off the top of my head, but it's a great channel and i'll leave i'll bring them up again in the future.

But look for the troughs. That's the great time to buy in you don't want to buy in when it's at a peak like this there's risk involved right unless you're, a momentum, trader and you're planning on watching it very closely getting in and out, there's risk involved so watch for that pullback To a dollar to a dollar 25. gap between the 15 volume and the 200 ema is exponentially growing. We have a huge gap here crossed over way back here.

If you got it at 48 cents. This is a jag x type setup guys. This looks absolutely beautiful. This looks like a great opportunity to double up some money and i love everything about the price action happening here.

Volume was up today and it's volume is still up here in the after hours. Granted is a little bit of red volume. We are pulling back just a little bit right, there's probably some profit taking, but i do think this is an overall investor stock and i do think this is something that people are not waking up to. Yet i think bile is something that is going to be hot on youtube in the next month.

This is a beat the hype play and shout out to mike over at the patreon crew guy. He put me on this play. I don't take credit for anything when it's when it's not my call, it was his call. All i do is look at the charts, the upcoming data, and i present it to you.

As i see it, i present the information right and the information here says: bullish, bullish, bullish, run in coming and everybody out there that had patience, i'm so freaking pumped for you, because i would wait one week over and over and over again to get a 50 Run up on a stock - and we did have that here today at 44 run up, so that is how the one month chart currently looks a lot of great bear a bullish action happening here, uh just looking at this right now. We've got a double bottom right here: a big fat george w, which is typically a good bullish indicator, held up very well at this level right here at about a dollar and four cents did have a little bit of barcoding for a couple of days, which is A little bit ugly, that's traders stepping into the stock and scalping uh, which is a method of you buying at a dollar four sell it, a dollar five and you rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat, with a very algorithmic like pattern and people can make a lot Of money doing that you can make a crap ton of money doing that and uh that's what i anticipate happened here with that bar coding, but we have escaped that pattern. We are running right now. So that's how the one month chart looks like i said, i'll double down on entry point: dollar 20 to 1.25.

To me this is at least a midterm hold or, if you'd like to hold into thursday. That is a good opportunity as well. Now one thing to keep in mind: uh: we did have a reverse split uh meeting last week and this would have been a negative catalyst for the stock. This does indicate weakness in the company and they did end up convening that meeting until mid-february.

Now this will come again in the future and i will update as that meeting comes closer but um. That is something that you're gon na have to weigh with your risk management. There is a potential that they do a reverse split on this company and if that does happen, that may affect the stock price. Now what you can do in anticipation for this is take profits before the meeting and then, if the meeting goes bad, it'll dip, it'll pull back you'll see that happen you can buy in at the very low point, because we're looking for the troughs, not the peaks Right buy it at the low point and ride it back up, so i just want to bring that to your attention so you're completely tracking what is happening with bile quick, look at the two day.

One minute chart we'll look for some bullish or bearish confirmation. Looking at the candlesticks here, we did see a little bit of barcoding at the beginning of the day, not as bad as we've seen in the past, but there definitely was barcoding happening and at the end of the day we saw a huge pump in volume. Absolutely beautiful at the after hours right now we are down a little bit starting to consolidate, which is not bad whatsoever. Overall candlesticks, you know, there's not much to say about barcoding, it kind of is what it is.

There's people scalping the stock a little bit, but we do have what appears to be this consolidation and funneling of price action with this very nice clean, uh, pennant formation and what this is doing is tightening up the price action, giving confirmation to buyers and as this Continues to squeeze, i would expect some pretty heavy buying pressure in the future if we break the top part of this trend line. So this is typically a good bullish indicator. This this uh confirms buying uh buying pressure, and this is a great thing to see on the charts, the charts look very healthy. Honestly, i don't see anything bearish about the charts whatsoever two day.

One minute chart looks great great price action. Today, volume picked up at the end of the day, we do have stair stepping higher lows higher highs. We push through that level of resistance, which will be now an acting level of support. Entry point between 1.25 you'll be rocking and cooking with crisco.

So that's what i have for the video today. If you enjoyed it, please drop a like. It really does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you like, to see more content like this and lastly, i do an affiliate link in the description box down below for weeble weeble is a great brokerage account or a brokerage platform where you can trade in The extended hours it's a great tool, uh starting at 4am - you can get in and get ahead of, some of the plays. If you need to very time sensitive plays.

If you deposit a hundred dollars or receive four free stocks, i will also receive a free stock. Uh, if you're not interested, that's totally fine. I really care my friends, i'm just glad that you're taking the time to watch my videos and support me in that way. So that is what i have for you guys today.

Thank you for watching my friends and i'll see you all next time. Peace.

By Trey

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