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Blackberry Stock Update: Blackberry LTD engages in the provision of secruity software and services to enterpreises and governments. It offers cybersecruity consulting, enterprise consulting, endpoint management, and unfied endpoint security. Formerly a strong company in the smart-phone game, BlackBerry looks to make its return in 2021 with its own upgraded phone and technology. In this BlackBerry Stock Update video, we give a very brief fundamental overview of the company, review a few analyst opinions, discuss their new smart phone coming out in 2021, and discuss some reasons why BlackBerry may potential be a buy. We also go over BlackBerry basic technical analysis, establish short and long term resistance and support levels, discuss average volume and volume moving averages, the 10 day trading trend, and potential buy, hold, or selling opportunities with this stock.
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What is up, everybody welcome to trades trades, where we get technical analysis on different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy, hold or sell opinions on these given stocks, i like the preface by saying that i'm not a financial advisor nor expert - i am Just some random dude on youtube, so take what i say with a grain of salt. The reason that i started this channel is because about two years ago i was about thirty thousand dollars deep in some pretty bad medical debt, and i was very lucky to have some uh, very close friends, family and mentors who pushed me to work really hard and Invest my money and i'm happy to say that now i am financially free. So if i can pass along any of that information, the resources, the tools to you guys and change your lives even a little bit for the better hey. That's all a guy can ask for.

Lastly, if you wouldn't mind drop a like on the video, i really would appreciate it. It does help support the channel a lot and consider subscribing if you like, to see more content like this, as i do post videos every day, multiple times a day now today this is the subscriber recommended ticker symbol, so this was recommended to me by samira shifa. It says hi trey: what's your thoughts on bb stock and uh, that's the stock that i'm going to cover here today. So i'm going to pull up a couple of things here, i'm just going to read you off what the company is so blackberry, blackberry, ltd, engages in the provision of security, software and services to enterprises and governments.

It offers cyber security, consulting enterprise, consulting endpoint management and unified endpoint security. The company was founded by michael lazaridis, james lawrence balsilli and douglas e fredrin on march 7th 1984 and is headquartered in waterloo, canada, canada. I live in minnesota, not not far away bad joke. Dad joke for sure uh.

If we look here at their performance, you know over the last five days, they're down to us about six percent last month, they're down about 11, but the last three months. This is interesting. The macroscopic view they're up forty five point. Three two percent, so we'll look at the charts here in a little second uh, but uh from from just a bird's eye view.

It seems that this company is doing a little bit of market correction right now, so they had a pretty solid run-up and we're having a little bit of market correction, as is typically the case when you run up 45 um. So that's that's interesting. To see. Analysts do have a hold rating on this.

There are 10 ratings. Take that for what it is. You know i never try to pay too much attention to that. You just make sure you do your due diligence on the stock and see what you think of it, but i do have this pulled up in case.

You do want to see it analyst ratings and i'll drop this all these websites in the link and in the description down below. But we have three analysts offering a 12-month price target for blackberry limited in the last six months, and this is what they're predicting for 12 months so december 2021. They think anywhere from 9 55 to 1083. So there is some upside here um, it's very possible that this could go up um.

There are a couple of news articles that i want to read to you. One is from august, and one is pretty recent, but this one from august should affect 2021, which is why i have it pulled up. This is august 30th, 2020, blackberry, 5g phone coming in 2021, with security and design at the four front. So we'll just read the beginning here once the desire of every tech enthusiast blackberry vanished from the scene gradually, owing to its lack of design, innovation and failing to understand the evolution of consumer-driven market trends.

I remember back when blackberry was a thing and then i remember not seeing any of them ever again. A major contributing factor to its downfall was not being flexible enough to evolve the qwerty keyboard, design and times when the likes of apple advanced to the full touchscreen interface. Now the brand is resurrecting with fresh energy under texas, startup onward mobility and foxconn subsidiary fih mobile. Yes, a blackberry, 5g smartphone is coming in the first half of 2021 and it promises to be more than just another.

Run-On-The-Mill, run-of-the-mill android device with best-in-class security technologies, that'll aim to attract enterprise professionals. The core value of the brand is to safeguard communications, personal data and ensure privacy, and it is going to be the unique selling proposition of this intriguing device that will launch initially in north america and europe. That is an interesting design. I don't know if i'd necessarily like the the keys, you know i've i've had an iphone for a pretty long time.

I think it takes a little while to adjust to keys, but that's just a personal preference. I suppose i will leave a link to this. If you want to read more in depth in the description down below, but the design looks, it looks pretty sleek it's interesting. I don't know that i would ever purchase this over an apple, but i'm sure there are people who would enjoy to have this phone.

You know it does look very interesting. It looks um like something that's a little different than what we're seeing out now and you do see more phones that are coming out now too, like the google phones, look pretty cool, i definitely don't mind. Those i'd never switch from apple, just because i love the simplicity of the phone, but um it's an option. You know i could see this.

I could see this doing some good things. Oh look at that. They have been uh looks like they have a just a touch screen version. So that's pretty cool nice.

Okay. So this this. This is a game. Changer yeah.

It looks like you, don't even need to use the keys if you don't want um. So that's pretty huge. I do like that um. The other news article that i have pulled up is from december 22nd, so this one is pretty recent and this is about why blackberry stock is one to watch, and i will leave this in the description box down below i'll leave.

A link for you, but it says this a company that has been on my watch list for some time, but not necessarily my buy list is canadian software company blackberry ltd. The former smartphone maker has shifted its focus to providing software solutions for corporations focusing on the company's qnx embedded operating system that has earned the majority of its revenue from applications and vehicles. Um i'll leave i'll leave it up to you to read more of this, but i'm just going to read this piece right here. With this in mind, i think it is prudent for most investors to adopt the wait and see approach with blackberry.

More downside could be on the immediate horizon, so jumping in now, and buying shares at these levels may not be the most advantageous move at this present time. Keeping the stock on your watch list rather than buy list right now, therefore looks like the best option. For most investors invest wisely my friends and based off of what i saw on this website. You know they're one month and five day performance.

They are red right now right so it looks like they are on a bearish trajectory. A bearish trend. So do keep that in the back of your mind, um. Let's take a look at the technical analysis, so i want to pull up the year to date.

This is a daily chart. Um, it looks like we are looking at a low here of about 2.73 and a high over the last year sitting at about 9.69. If we want to look at a macroscopic support line, we're probably looking about here and a secondary one about here - and i like this support level right here quite a bit, because we have one two three different contact points over. You know a five month period of time.

You could even argue four, and this has acted as resistance in the past. So five five different contact points. So this is a pretty solid level of support and we are trading a fair ways above that, so that is promising. I do like to see that, let's, let's zoom in a little bit and go to the 10-day trend and see what we're looking at.

Oh, we don't want to do it on the daily change it to uh 15 minutes all right. So on the the 10-day trend, we are looking very bearish uh to be completely blunt uh. We are trading under the volume moving average, so the bears have been in control of this stock for all. But it looks like two days here: we've moved up a little bit, you know we were down at 684, got up to 717 uh.

720. Open 720 closed. So i mean this is honestly: this is honestly a consolidation day, but so to really make it blunt. This is on a downward trend right now, and it's very hard to say when this stock could end that downward trajectory.

But what we do have is these support lines right. So we have this immediate support right here, what used to be support and we can use what was prior resistance as a support line. So we can look here. This was support in the past has acted in resistance as the past.

We came pretty close to this line here and it looks like this is the level of resistance that we pushed through to get up to this 950 price range, so 585 could potentially be when we see this stock. Stop dropping it's tough to say if it's going to retrace all the ground that it made up you. You definitely hope that it doesn't, but ultimately, if it does retrace all the way back to 585, that's not the end of the world because that's still a higher low than we've seen in the past. You know if we bounce off of this 585 and come back up.

That is a pretty solid turnaround for the company. However, i cannot predict the future, i'm not a wizard. If i could, you know i'll, be very rich people, but from a bird's eye view. In the back of my mind, i think okay 585 seems like where we're going to be testing a new support level, because this is the new ground that we're looking at here.

So i would watch to see if we come down to this 585 price range, if you're looking to get an entry into this stock. Another thing to keep in mind is the amount of volume that we're seeing now it does seem like it's gaining some traction. You know we have died off a lot since that huge spike, so it could have potentially been a pump and dump, but it also could not be. You know this.

This this stock definitely has a pretty huge following on stock twits um. If i pull it up right here, it has 45 000 people who are interested in in this stock, so that is pretty huge. It does have general interest, which is important. You have to consider not just your sentiment towards the stock but overall sentiment towards the stock, and it does seem to be in a good place.

So keep that, in the back of your mind, we're going to pull up the two-day trends here in case you're. A swing or day trader looking to make some quick pennies off this off. This thing we're going to draw up a support line right here in the immediate. Let me move this.

Sometimes the mouse man doesn't do it supposed to do there we go all right. 661. Is an immediate support level and then, secondarily, i like this support line a lot more at 663.. We have one two three, four, five, six seven contact points here, so the 663 support line in the short term does seem to be pretty solid.

I do like that. A lot, but you do need to keep in mind the macroscopic trend is bearish, so we are more likely to see this stock go down. Then we are to see the stock go up now, that's not to say that it's impossible for the stock to go up. Obviously, we've we saw that it can right.

We saw it reach this, this nine dollar and some change up here, so it definitely can go up, but this stock might require a little bit of patience and just personally looking at the overall trend right now, i would want to wait until we retest one of Those longer term support levels um. You know looking here at that 585. It's not necessarily a given that we're going to drop down that far, but it is possible. You know it's.

We have been very bearish for us quite some time now. There was a pretty steep sell-off here and since then we saw a little bit of price correction. You know back up, but nowhere near the highs that we used to be so. I would just wait that news catalyst for 2021 is interesting to me, though.

I do like that. I think if that phone sells well, that is going to be a huge deal for blackberry, because, ultimately i think that's that that phone dropping off the market is what absolutely uh changed their their stock game. I mean they used to be all the way up at. Seventy dollars and fifty four cents and at one point they were trading for two or three bucks.

I think yeah three dollars so um. That could be a game changer if they're, if their phone game really turns into something decent. So i would watch for that. Uh.

Maybe keep this on your watch list just to see what happens. I think i'm going to do that personally, however, i'm not a financial advisor nor expert so make sure that you make your own financial decisions. I'm just here to provide you the information and let you make your decisions from there. That is what i have on blackberry.

I hope that the video is helpful for you guys if it was, please drop a like, if not tell me, in the comment section down below what you'd like to see what i've missed. What you'd like some clarification on. That is what i'm here for i. I have gotten some comments over a couple of videos where i will have some minute details that are uh that are slightly off from from the truth, and i will always admit when i'm wrong guys.

I i will make mistakes that is inevitable. There are always there's always going to be things that change, there's, always going to be things that are misinterpreted, and i will take full responsibility for that and i will always admit when i'm wrong. So if you, if you think that there's something that i missed or that i might have miscommunicated, let me know in the comment section down below and i will correct that mistake and i will make that right with everybody. So, thank you guys so much for coming to the channel.

I just want to show you one thing before you leave. We just recently hit 500 subscribers, and that is so freaking cool we're sitting at 507. So you guys uh. I don't know how the heck! This is happening two days ago, we were sitting at 200 over here at trades trades.

Thank you guys so much for joining the community. That means everything to me honest to god. I didn't see this picking up as much as it has, but i'm definitely happy about it. So if you enjoyed the video, please drop a like if you'd love to join the community here at trey's trades and join the family consider subscribing to the channel.

That is all that i have for you guys today, so i will see you all next time. Peace.

By Trey

3 thoughts on “Blackberry bb stock update 2021 // subscriber-requested stock of the day technical analysis”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Semira Shifa says:

    Hi Trey, Thank you!! for your time. the feed back on BB was very helpful!!!

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars DarthJarJar says:

    I got into this a few weeks ago at 7.97…..was hoping that it would slowly grow, but it’s dropped down on me and hasn’t come back up at all yet. I guess I’m just going to hold it very long

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Derek.F91 says:

    Im personally in on bb. I think they have plenty potential for 2021. Striking a deal with amazon was huge, essentially what made this jump. But being part of the 5g and ev space i think bb can 2-3x by end of 2021. If not more.

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