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BNGO Stock Buy: BioNano Genomics Inc (BNGO) is a life sciences instrumentation company, which focuses on genome analysis space. BioNano Genomics engages in the development and marketing of Saphyr system, a platform for ultra-sensitive and ultra-specific structual variation detection that enables researchers and clinicians to accelerate the search for new diagnostics and therapeutic targets and to streamline cytogenetics. In this BNGO Stock Buy video, we discuss the pull-back in premarket, and the 6 month and 1 day / 1 minute charts from a macroscopic and microscopic view. We also establish BNGO stock's current resistance and support levels from a macro and microscopic viewpoint, discuss volume trading patters and volume moving average from a bullish and bearish point of view, and trading strategies for investors looking to buy, hold, or sell BioNano Genomics.
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What is up, everybody welcome to trades trades, where we have technical analysis on different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy, hold or sell opinions on these given stocks. I like the premise by saying that i am not a financial advisor nor expert. I am just some random doing youtube, so take what i say with a grain of salt. The reason that i started this channel is because a couple years back, i was about 30 000 deep in some pretty bad medical debt, and i was very fortunate to have some close family friends and mentors that pushed me to work really hard and invest my money And i am happy to say that not only am i not financially free, but i'm doing pretty well for myself at the age of 23.

So if i can pass along any of the information resources or tools to you guys to make your lives a little bit better off than they were before, that's all a guy can ask for. Lastly, if you would not mind uh liking, the video really does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you'd like to see more content like this, as i do post videos every day, multiple times a day, i'd like to give a quick shout out to the Guys over the patreon rap shawn albert flacco, esky kenny dean, brian jagger zay brian simon zack, mike francis brandon, thank you guys so much for the support. It really does mean a lot to me. I can't even express it it's so cool.

I didn't expect this kind of growth on the channel. They will have access to a private discord, as well as real-time uh insight into my current trading strategies. So today we're going to be giving an update on ticker symbol bng0 by nano genomics incorporated. If you were part of the channel uh prior, we did make a killing off of this stock uh.

This stock has seen over one thousand percent, run up to the high over here above seven dollars in the past week, which is absolutely filthy. I cannot believe how hot this stock has been. It's freaking insane, honestly um and if you were able to get in, you know back here at 55 cents and ride it up to seven dollars. You are sitting so filthy, rich right now.

That is insane. I'm very happy for you guys and there seems to be more potential with this stock. So i want to give a quick update. Uh give you guys some price targets to watch for and let's get right into the video, so we're going to establish uh some some good levels of support and resistance.

We're gon na we're gon na evaluate the current trading trends. Uh the volume trends go. Look at the rsi indicator see if this is overbought oversold what that means for the stock, as well as potential entry and exit points, if you're looking at this for a day or swing trading opportunity. So personally, i'm keeping this on my watch list.

I think i am going to re-enter into this stock. It is uh, it is approaching possible, buy zone. You know we are going to drop one more level of support right here, just by the off chance that it does continue to drop. I will be watching for that at three dollars and fifty cents uh.

We are currently trading underneath the previous level of support at 470.. This was a prior level of resistance. So if we zoom in right here, you can see that we had a couple. Different touch points, a breakthrough, and since then you know it is acting as uh as a level of support.

Uh now resistance, so be watching for that. If we do stay below 470, if we open below that you know at a market open, you know we're looking at 450 as a next possible level of support. We do have a couple different contact points here. You know a little breakout.

We are dipping underneath that i tried to hold up as a support level and it does not seem you know we are above it right now, but in the past we did see a dip. You know a false false drop and we're sitting. You know at 4.58 right now, so the volume is dropping off a little bit uh. That will cause a decrease in overall volatility, but i have been reading that there is some upcoming news - catalyst uh that could potentially push this stock to some new highs.

So i am interested in getting back into this stock and uh. I'm going to be looking at this as more of a day or swing trading. Opportunity more likely a swing trading opportunity is, i do think it has potential to run up for a couple more days, and i do like this price correction that we're seeing right now right if we can hold in this. This 450 range that is gon na, be very indicative to me.

I will be watching for that price action just to see. You know if we do drop below 450, which is a current acting level of support, but we are going to establish some new levels of support and resistance on the daily chart as well so watch for that you know the rsi indicator. We were overbought for a very long time, which is to be expected when you run up over one thousand percent. That is uh, that is a given, and we are currently uh below 50 approaching 30..

Anything over 70 is overbought. Anything under 30 is oversold and if we do approach 30 and we get into that oversold territory, that is a huge indicator guys it's a huge, huge indicator that isn't it by zone. So if you do have a chart uh, you know if your brokerage does have a platform in which you can track the rsi. I would recommend watching to see how close we approach that that 30 range right and i would also watch for the volume.

So if you do see another drop in volume, you know i would expect less volatility in the movements on your on your stock on bngo, which isn't necessarily a bad thing right. It helps uh, you know, establish a level of of support. It helps base out for the next leg up, helps us establish higher lows and higher highs for uh future price movement on the stock, so do be watching for that as well, and the volume weighted moving average. We are currently trading underneath this at this given moment.

It is bearish territory. However, you do need to keep in turn the macroscopic perspective on this right. We are up a huge amount, so the overall trend is bullish. Right uh, this this stock is in bullish territory, but right now it is in bearish territory and the best time to buy a stock is not when it's green guys.

It's when it's red you want to buy as low as you possibly can and sell as high as you possibly can. It seems like a given, but when you're chasing a stock you're not doing that, and while we did, you know, quote unquote, chase the stock and and make a good return. The potential for a stock is higher and the risk is lower when you buy a lower price valuation, so we're currently embarrassed territory, which is not a bad thing. There is a lot of upside here.

I do think uh there's potential too, to double up on our money. Once again, i would not be surprised in the least if within the next week we do push above seven dollars eight dollars and if we get above ten dollars guys honestly, the sky is the limit with bio nano uh. You could see a massive run up. The hype could be insane, the fomo could be insane and uh.

There's some good things backing this company up. You know we are looking at this from a technical perspective, but i have read about some news catalyst coming up. That could push this stock up to some some great potential. So if you look here at the the uh, the current one date one minute chart, we do have support sitting at dollars and thirty cents and then in the after hours in pre market, we are looking at four dollars and nine cents as a low here.

So if you can get into this stock anywhere between 409 and uh under five dollars, honestly, i'm pretty content with that. As an entry point, you may see a little bit of red. You know uh. If at market open, we have a pretty harsh limit order, sell-off, it is possible to see you know that did happen uh yesterday, if we zoom out here and look back at uh, i suppose that would have been this day right here.

You know we we did see some pretty harsh sell-offs. You know immediately at open sell-off a rebound a sell-off. It was. It was doing a little bit of consolidating a lot of the drop in price.

Action did happen in the after hours in pre-market. So if you look at it, you know purely on the day. You know how much were we down on the actual trading hours 543 down to 501, so down a little bit, but most of the the action did happen in the after hours. In pre-market, as you can see, is very typical of this stock.

We do usually see quite a bit of movement in that time period, so do keep that in the back of your mind right now, this was prior a level of resistance, but is now going to act as a level of as i was. It was a prior level of support now, acting as a level of resistance, so watch for five dollars and 34 cents. If we do break above that, you know we're going to be approaching a couple. Other levels of uh of resistance, we're looking right here at about 5.70 and then uh again, you know 5.83 and then in the pre market.

Yesterday we did see 617 as a very strong acting level of uh of resistance man. I don't not like that color. That is ugly, that is so ugly. We got ta get rid of that guys.

I don't know what i'm doing you guys have to excuse me. I haven't had uh having any coffee. Today i ran out of k-cups, i got ta go. I got ta go to the go.

Do some grocery shopping, i'm so lazy! I do these. I do these videos and yeah. It is what it is. We'll go, get some more we'll go with some more i'll.

Just rock the day. I do for a while anyways um potential buy zones, entry points. I would look for anything. You know between 450 and down to 409 if we do retest that level.

If we do break through 409 350 is looking like the next acting level of support and the lower you can buy this, the better off you're going to be if you're looking for a re-entry into this stock. I am currently sitting in uh. Jag x is probably my favorite penny stock right now and ocgn. I did get into ocgn a little bit late as i did sell my profits in bio.

Nano to get into the stock uh got in a dollar cost average of 320 down about 218 dollars. Uh 13: i will likely sell out of this if it drops. You know again today if we see some selling pressure and then move my funds back into bngo to make some more profit. So i'm looking at these as potential entry points and i will be swing trading this.

I do think that is the opportunity here. I do think it is very likely we retouched the seven dollar range, just based on some of the things that we've been reading, based on the height based on the volume and especially if we can see this volume pick back up to prior levels or at the Very least if we can hold these levels of volume right - and this is a 60 minute window - you know - 40 million shares - 33 million shares. 54 million shares 31 million shares. I would not be surprised whatsoever to see us retouch seven dollars break through eight nine and then, if we can go over 10 guys, you know i would not be surprised in the least bit if this pushes up 12.

13. 14. 15 bucks because graduating at a penny stock realm attracts new investors right and new investors equals more volume, equals more volatility, equals higher price valuations. So that is an update on ticker symbol, bng.

Oh, i hope that was helpful for you guys, uh. I know that over here at trace trades, some people made some filthy margins on bionanogenomics. It is a very hot stock right now i cannot believe the opportunities this is uh. This is very rare.

This is brought to my attention by a couple different subscribers. So you guys have to thank them in the comment section down below you know. If it wasn't for the community here at trace, trades we'd be missing out on a lot of plays right. I only have one set of eyes and, with all of you guys, we've got a lot more uh, a lot more uh perspective and a lot more to look at in the market.

So working together, we're gon na keep making money. We're gon na keep doing good things, so i'm very grateful for you guys, and i cannot express that enough. So if you enjoyed the video, please drop a like if it does help support the channel and consider subscribing. If you like, to see more content like this.

As i do post videos every day and lastly, i do have an affiliate link in the description box for tubebuddy now tubebuddy is an seo optimization website that i personally pay a nine dollar per month. Membership for - and i could not highly recommend it enough. I wouldn't recommend it to you guys if i didn't use it and love it. It is highly what i attribute going from zero to one thousand subscribers in seven days to and uh.

If you are a content creator or are looking to become one, it is a great tool to help get your videos into the eyes of your intended audience. So, if you use my affiliate link, i will receive a commission. This is a great way to support the channel and, if you're not interested at all, that's totally fine. I'm just glad to have you here as a part of the community and a part of the crew at trey's trade.

So thank you for coming to the video. My friends, that is what i have for you today and i will see you all next time: peace.

By Trey

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