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Buy Dips, Sell Rips: In this video we discuss stocks XONE, BNGO, MARA, CTRM, & FCEL that have been dipping the past few days or week, which are presenting great opportunities to buy at low risk and have high margins of return.
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What's poppin oh yeah, baby good morning, my fellow traders? How are we doing here today? What is up, everybody welcome to trades trades where your technical analysis and different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy holders, sell opinions on these given stocks. I, like your profits by saying i'm, not a financial advisor nor expert, so take what i say the greatest. So, let's get into the video today, my friends were giving you five stocks to buy on a dip either today or tomorrow, as usual, do a profit taking on fridays, so we're gon na get into the video. Try to save you as much time as we possibly can we'll give you a basic fundamental overview of what the companies do right.

This isn't going to be as in-depth as we usually do these and then we're going to look at the technical setup and see what the best possible entry point is going to be for these stocks. I'm going to walk you through the different indicators and stuff that i've got here really quick. I've got the rsi on the bottom uh, which is the relative strength index anything over 70's overbought. Anything under 30 is oversold.

This gives you an idea of both bullish and bearish momentum. Then we've got the 200 ema and this purple trend line and then the 15 day may, which is the blue trend line. The 200 dma is the exponential moving average. This is a price action based evaluation trend line over a two-day moving period, which gives us a macroscopic perspective of the overall price action.

Then i've got the 15-day ma with this blue trend line, and that is the price action-based valuation trendline over a 15-day moving period, which gives a microscopic perspective of overall price action. We usually side-by-side. So we can predict upcoming, breakouts breakdowns increasements in volatility, consolidation periods and decreasements in volatility right, so we're gon na look at that. We're gon na be the best possible energy points.

We're gon na both macroscopically well just macroscopically. Today, not microscopically, but uh. We've got a lot to talk about, so, let's get into the video one. Last thing i want to say is you'll know which stocks i have a position in as it will be this little blue box right here.

You can see they do have a position in x1, which is the stock that we're going to start off here with today, so number one it's going to be ticker symbol, x, o and e. You can see this in the top left of the screen right there. What they do: they're industrials industrial goods, machinery, equipment and components, and industrial machinery and equipment company so essentially they're a provider of 3d uh, dimensional, printing machines and 3d printed and other products, materials and services to industrial customers. The company's business primarily consists of manufacturing and selling 3d printing machines and printing products, the specification for its customers using its installed base of 3d printing machines.

They have both metal and sand 3d printing machines, the one that i think has the most potential is this metal. 3D printer, so in comparison to nano dimensions, for instance, nano dimensions 3d prints technology, so maybe that means micro chips uh. Maybe that means different uh. You know you guys get the picture different technology products, while exxon is more focused on industrial goods right.

So maybe you wanted to print off a part for a transmission of a car, or maybe you wanted to print off a new pin for an m16 right uh. They actually have a contract with the dod now in the works. So we just back up here on the news. You should be able to see this somewhere uh, so x-zone receives 1.6 million dollar dod contract for mobile 3d printing factory, and essentially what this is going to be is like a large trailer in which you're going to have a variety of different.

You know x1. 3D. Printing machines, so they can 3d print different industrial goods that are important for military operations. So that's going to be absolutely huge.

This stock has been on a rampage, they've been doing extremely well back at the beginning of january. This stock was nine dollars and they capped out at about 66 bucks. So you guys can see here, i'm just going to show you nine dollars at the end of december uh, nine dollars here at the beginning of january january, 4th capped out of 66 bucks. It's been doing a little bit of a sell-off right, but uh.

I do anticipate it's going to continue to run. As i said, i do have a position in the stock. This is the only stock in this video that i do have a position in uh just to be completely transparent. I want to show you guys both stocks that i am in and then i am not in right, so i can help as many people as possible and you know just not have a have a bias by any means.

But i have a lot of faith in this company. I think it's going to continue to grow, and one thing that i think is important to mention here is with this being a long-term stock right you want to be. You want to be very well convicted in the growth potential and the increasing uh demand for robotic and less workers to be working on these industrial goods is a good thing right, so believe it or not whether you want to admit it or not, right, we are Moving away from from retail uh manufacturing right we're moving into more machineries, more robotics, and these 3d printing machines are eventually going to replace people in in you know factories, so they can produce the same products that people do with less air and with less margin of Cost right so that's going to be absolutely critical. Looking at their financial statements, we're just going to look at the income statement right here over the annual period 2016.

17. 18. 19. They did very very well.

What i'm going to point out is the total revenue cost of revenue and gross profit, as well as these uh marketing and administrative expenses and the r d cost. So the total revenue is the cash that they generated over. You know the last four years they have been very steadily growing up until 2019. They were down a little bit uh sometime in the next i would say you know one two three months, you should expect to see that 2020 uh earnings statement come out for their income statement right.

So that's solid they've been a growing company and one thing that i find very interesting is their cost of revenue is pretty freaking high. It's 3 35.7 million dollars, which means their gross profit, was 17.57 million dollars that kept a little less than half of that. And what i would attribute to is the the r d cost and the marketing administrative expenses so essentially they're reinvesting in the company, so that they can help drive some future income right. And i don't mind that i don't mind that from an early stage company, which is what i would consider this is really just starting to you - know, generate revenue and get things off the ground.

If we look a little deeper into the q1q2 and q3 their q3, they were actually more profitable. In fact, much more profitable. Their total revenue was 17.4 million dollars. Gross profit was 38.9 million cost of revenue pretty high right, so it's pretty high and, as time goes on, you're gon na find that that cost of revenue starts to go down a little bit.

It's gon na cost some less money in order to create those machines. As you get more efficient at it, you're gon na eventually see machines, building these machines, which sounds crazy, but the cost of revenue i think, is high because you're seeing these these uh scientists and essentially engineers building these machines and as that is a little less, you Know uh required that cost will go down and it'll become more profitable and you will see the stock price continue to grow. So just looking at the chart setup here, they have been a little bit of a downward momentum uh. As of late.

You can see on the rsi that is currently sitting at about 43.. I think you can buy this at a little better cost right. I think over the next one or two days, you might see this dip down just a little bit more or consolidate if it consolidates that's, not the end of the world. If we have another crazy bear day in the market, scoop this up with every opportunity.

You've got, i have 65 shares at a dollar cost average of 41.48. I will continue to add to my position here. This is gon na be a long-term stock. For me, i see a lot of great potential over the next one, two three four years, uh as there's always going to be a demand for these uh machines, these 3d printing machines to replace retail workers in retail production, mat production managers so uh as it's sitting Right now we're just gon na drop some levels of uh support and resistance.

We've got a downward ascending uh, a descending level of resistance right here, so we're a little bit of a downward moving channel, and over here we've got a little bit of a upward moving channel right, so either a you're going to see this break beneath this ascending Level of resistance or b break above this descending level of resistance. We do have the 15 ma trading underneath the 200 dma, so this is in bearish territory, meaning we're more inclined to see this drop below. That's a semi level of support, and i don't i don't. I do not mind that at all, in fact, i i encourage that, because that gives us an opportunity to buy this stock for much much cheaper than uh than you'd regularly be able to do so.

Where is that going to fall right? Where are you where you maybe going to see this come down to? I would anticipate somewhere around 34.47 unless we have a crazy bearish day in the market in which i think it's possible. You see a drop down here to 31.85 and i'll. Tell you what, if this drops out of 31.85, i'm gon na buy another thousand dollars of this on the spot, because that is a huge, huge opportunity to reap some nasty nasty rewards on x, own xone e uh on the r side. As i mentioned trading pretty neutral, it has started a little bit of a consolidation phase last day it had a little bit of run up in the pre-market and then trade sideways and consolidation typically favors buyers.

So there may be a situation here in which you see this started slow, climb back up right in the pre-market. It is down about four percent, but that is including a little bit of a bleed from the after hours. Yesterday, um we've got the 15 mma hooking away from the 200 ema right now in bearish territory, which means you're typically going to see an increase in volatility for the downside. So that is another indicator to me.

That is saying, you're more likely to see this pull off a little bit. I think it's probably going to break this ascending level of support, which will give you an opportunity to buy on a nice dip for exome uh volume, very consistent, which makes this a good, predictable stock. That is also important to recognize, and i do think it is a good thing that you're seeing less volume come into this on these these red days of the trading sideways days, because that indicates to me that a lot of people are still holding this stock right Outside of this day, right here, which is a little bit of an asterisk, you typically don't see as much red volume coming in out of this, as you do coming in with green volume, which tells me this is an investor stock that you didn't need me to Tell you that, in order to see it, it is up from nine dollars to 66 bucks in a little over a month, and i just don't see this uh going anywhere anytime soon. Last thing i wanted to say is that ark invest is in this company.

They've got a lot of institutional buyers, so i'm just going to pull that up here, really quick for you, exxon, institutional ownership, we're just going to pull up intel really quick and fintel has 77.82 percent of the total shares available. These shares outstanding being owned by institutions. Anything over 10 is critical guys. So 77 is monumental.

That is a huge freaking number and keep that in the back of your mind, our convex did increase their stake in this they filed on february 16th, with a total of 12.38 percent of total ownership in the company and guys argue, invest, is a huge, huge proponent And uh i'd say supporter of technology and and renovation, and this is a company to me that is going to be doing that i don't think they would have gotten into it for any other reason, and that is why i think this is a great buy. The dip opportunity for a long-term investment number two is going to be bionanogenomics now this has been getting beat up bad. I tell you what, if you got into this on that crazy bearish day in the market, when everything was down like 20 or 30 percent in the pre market, you would be able to get this at a steal at eight dollars and six cents. I do not think it's going to drop back down to that again unless we have another crazy hit day where this gets smoked in, like the nasdaq, the dow, the s p, are all down another.

You know three percent on one single day, but if it does drop back down to that, that will be an opportunity for you. What is the fundamentals of the company? Why should you care? They are a healthcare healthcare services and equipment, healthcare equipment and supplies and advanced medical equipment and technology company. They have a sapphire system, uh bio-nanogenomics. Just to sum this up as quick as i can.

Their products include sequencing for discovering research on cytogenetics hydrogen x provides a clinical diagnosis, cytogenetic tests detect known variations that are linked to specific diseases or therapeutic responses. The sapphire system is platform for ultra-sensitive and ultra-specific structural variation detection that enables researchers and clinicians to accelerate the search for new diagnostics and therapeutic targets and to streamline the study of changes in chromosomes, which is known as cytogenetics, so they're trying to find the genome sequencing. That is causing specific mutations, illnesses and diseases, and that is groundbreaking stuff guys if they end up really taking off right, they end up getting on the table and they can make this move you're going to see bottom nano genomics do some crazy, crazy things so uh. I am very bullish on bio nano.

We look at their financials, you know it is a uh sort of biopharmaceutical type company right. So typically, the financials of those companies isn't great until they can get a product off the ground and really commercialize it, which would be their sapphire system. So if you look at them year over year, 2019, not very good right - we don't have 2020s data available yet, but their total revenue was down about 15 compared to 2018 10.13 million dollars. Cost of revenue is also very high.

Six point: seven seven million dollars - and i would anticipate that is because they are in the early development stages of the sapphire system and typically when you're early in development stages, it costs more money to make sure that you are getting those products to the required specs. That they need to meet, they were actually profitable, though, and they were more profitable than the year prior. One thing that i do like is: their cost of revenue went down from 2019 from 2018. 8.71 million dollars down to 6.77 million.

So that's not bad at all. I don't mind seeing that because they became a more profitable company because of that right they were actually up in profit from 2018, even though they produced less total revenue. So that's a good sign to me. Uh, you know year over year they have been growing, which is a good sign as well.

Look at their quarterly statements. They've been very red, they haven't been good, but this is a company in which you are investing in the the potential for growth, the premise for growth, based on that sapphire system right. This is more of a fundamental basis company and not so much previous financial growth right. That's why there's so much hype around this is because people are so excited for what could possibly come with bio nano genomics.

So that looks pretty solid. This is a company that uh also does pretty well we're just gon na pull up the bngo institutional ownership here, really quick and just take a p peek, a quick peek at what this is looking like. So we're just going to let this load here really quick. So one thing that i don't particularly like is that the institutional ownership is pretty low 6.64 18.4 million shares of the total outstanding shares of 277.3 million.

Most recent stakeholder came in from hudson bay, capital management, llp or lp. I should say on february 9th doesn't necessarily mean they bought that date. That was the date it was filed. They bought it for about 1.24 ownership in the company 1.92 million shares, so that is the most recent institutional ownership.

According to fintel. I do think there's a pretty solid potential here with bng0. Let's get into the chart setup here, uh. If you want to look more into the company right, this is more of a basic fundamental overview.

Of course you should do some more due diligence than this. I'm just trying to give you the basics so that, if you want to re, you know, invest in this. You can do some research and more dd based on that yourself. So, looking at that, they're in a little bit of a downward channel they've been getting beat up, they've been getting beat up bad, they peaked out here at about 15.69 and they've had a little bit of a sell-off.

However, one thing that i'm noticing in particular is you have the beginning of what could be a little bit of a cup and handle formation here. So you've got a cup and it looks like it could be the beginning of a little handle you're, seeing a little bit of a sell-off right, a small little sell-off. And if it consolidates here today and does a little bit of this right, that's going to be an opportunity for you to get into this stock with a beautiful setup for a a break over this descending level of resistance for a hard push back up to 1255 And then, ultimately, back up to 15 and 69 cents, i think the bngo for now is probably a midterm investment. I would say you know six months to a year uh and then based on how they do with their sapphire system.

It ends up becoming. You know something they can actually use to really predict some illnesses, diseases, etc. That is going to really help push the price action here with this stock. This is a rare opportunity, in my opinion, there's not a lot of, i would say, pharmaceutical companies or healthcare services and equipment companies that truly have uh have this high potential.

So this is this is something that stands out to me. I don't cover it on the channel a lot because i got smoked one day, we're talking about it and i've just kind of stayed away since, but we're giving you guys a good opportunity for a dip buy here, and i think this is going to be one Of them, so if you see this dip, where should you expect it to fall back down to? I think this is the level to watch for about 10 28 cents. I'm just gon na clear this off, really quick, just to re-establish that 10.28 cents or so 10. 30, you know somewhere in that area.

We do have one two three different touch points. If we zoom back here a little bit you can see. This is a previous level of support, which is significant. The volume on this is very consistent, which is good.

I don't mind seeing less volume as of late, less volume on red days means it's likely not being shorted. You typically don't see short stocks for stocks that have a lot of potential as there's a lot of risk. For short investors, right rsi is a little bit of a bleed happening right now. So, if you look at this, it's at 45 uh, if you can buy this, you know closer to 30.

That would be ideal. Obviously, you know if you were able to buy this at 806 - oh my god, you'd be sitting pretty dang filthy right now, but uh i think most likely is going to be 10 30.. If it dips below that right. Where you're gon na watch it drop to probably about 962, and this does line up with some previous touch points here on the stock as well as levels of resistance, so that is gon na, be a level to watch.

For so, let's say somewhere between 962 and 10 30. If you do see this end up dipping down, it's gon na be a great opportunity to get into bng. Oh and uh. As i said, we did have that descending level of resistance and if we do end up seeing a bounce off of either of these levels, it is going to be a nice picture-perfect setup to buy into this for a nice bounce and push over this descending level.

Of resistance, the 15ma is about parallel with the 200ma right now, typically indicating a consolidation period on the horizon, so it may not dip at all, and if it doesn't, consolidation is not bad. That gives you. You know confirmation that it is a good buy as well, that is not likely to dip back down. If you see this dip or consolidate, i would say it is a great opportunity to add your position or create a position in bng.

Oh next stock, we're gon na cover here is gon na be mara. This is a blockchain company, so we're just gon na give you the basic fundamental rundown of this really quick. There are technology, financial technology, fintech and infrastructure, and blockchain and cryptocurrency company mara is a digital asset technology company. The company focuses on the blockchain ecosystem and the generation of digital assets.

The company is operating one mining facility in quebec, with plans to open additional facilities in the future. The company offers managed mining solutions on its robust proprietary infrastructure and smart mining software. The company intends to power and secure blockchains by verifying blockchain transactions using custom hardware and software. It is using its hardware to mine, bitcoin and expect to mine, bitcoin and ethereum and potentially other cryptocurrencies.

So as long as bitcoin and ethereum do well in cryptocurrency do well right, blockchain and mara will continue that same trajectory. It has pulled back pretty significantly. We have seen cryptocurrency kind of fall off a little bit here. I think it did touch about 56, 000 and right now it's about 50.

000.. So that's a pretty harsh pullback right. That's a that's a tough pullback, which is why i've seen mara kind of do the same thing. It has pulled back pretty substantially, but it will have its time again.

I don't think bitcoin's going anywhere. I don't think cryptocurrency is going anywhere, which means that blockchain mining companies are not going anywhere either. In fact, you have seen that it has found a little bit of a bottom here. It has bottomed out at about that range of 28.50 or so, and we do have also an ascending level of support.

So now that cryptocurrency is on the upswing mars. Of course, on the upswing as well, but if cryptocurrency takes a little bit of a bottom again, it starts a little bit of a downward trend. You're, probably gon na see mark come back down to these previous lows at about 28 and four cents right. So, even if it doesn't come back down to 2804, i don't mind to buy right around right around here 33.

However, i want to prepare you for both possible scenarios. So if you see bitcoin pull back you're going to see these blockchain companies pull back also, and i find pretty likely you're going to see a retest at 28.4 mark uh for sure look at their financial situation. If we look at them annually, uh just taking a quick peek 2019, not a very profitable year, their gross profit was actually negative. They haven't been a profitable company for the last three years in terms of gross profit uh their total revenue down a little bit from the previous year, but if we look at their quarterly, i think that is going to tell you a little bit more.

You can't see q3 of 2020, they grew a lot. They were up to 835 thousand dollars of total revenue, which means compared to the previous quarter. They have been moving very, very well. Their cost of revenue.

Uh was 1.64 million dollars. I would say this is an early stage company right, so the cost of revenue would maybe be like buying more computers, so they can mine more bitcoin, it's an investment back into the company, so they can eventually down the road, be more profitable right. So i like seeing that i like seeing the uh market marketing and administrative expenses being pretty high. That means they're trying to really get the company out there getting into in some investors eyes right, so they can be a more profitable company down the road.

This is another stock, where maybe it's a little bit overvalued? I'm not gon na lie. I i think that uh, you can probably get this at a better cost of twenty dollars and four cents. If you see another crazy bear stay in the market, where you have another bad gap down or a bad pullback you're gon na be able to buy this for a little bit cheaper, worst case scenario. Here i think it drops back down to about 25 and 30 cents, but i don't think it's gon na be gon na be going anywhere.

I think mario's gon na be a big player in the cryptocurrency mining space and uh. You know as it's sitting right now. It is back on an upswing, we got a bottom out. In fact, we got a descending double bottom, a george w.

That is a beautiful thing to see, and it might not even end up breaking this. In fact, we got kind of two george w's here, one here, one here and then a macroscopic scale, one right, so it is uh. It is on this ascending level of support. Right now we have a little bit of a squeeze down in price action here.

I would say sometime in the next one day right: it's really tightening up. It's winding up you're, either gon na see a a break beneath the sustainable supporter b, a break above this descending level of resistance. As it's sitting right now, you've got the 15 ma. That's starting to hook in towards the 200 ema, which typically indicates you've, got an upcoming possible breakout right and also a little bit of a decreasement in volatility.

If we get double confirmation here, because we've got that descending level of resistance and a setting level of support, saying the exact same thing. So both of these indicators to me on the charts are saying: hey we're looking at a little bit of a squeeze on price action and until this gets that push either above or below these two levels of support and resistance, it's probably going to trade a little Bit sideways unless cryptocurrency and bitcoin and ethereum take a little bit of a tank, in which case you'll get an opportunity to buy this at an even better price: that's 28 dollars and four cents, and guys that is looking like a solid entry point. So two scenarios here break below this to send all the support. We're probably gon na fall back down about 2804.

If we don't right, we really can we start coming back up to this decent level of resistance. A good buy-in for that break above is going to be right around 33.34 or so next time we're going to be talking about it ctrm it has been consolidating lately and um. I wanted to bring this up because i see a couple different scenarios here, but first we're going to talk about what the company does they're a cyberspace company they're engaged in the ocean transportation of drivable cargos worldwide through the ownership and operation of bolt carrier vessels. It also aims to increase its fleet through acquisitions of new and modern vessels.

So, essentially, you can think of it similar to an uber eats right, so an uber eats they're, not gon na be able to transport their goods without a vehicle, and it's also similar to like bitcoin mining, the more computers that you have, the more profitable you're gon Na be, however, to own more computers, you have to invest in these computers first, which puts you a little bit in the hole. Well, what these guys do is they use these? These uh vessels right these huge vessels that they're they're acquiring to transport dry bulk cargoes over. You know seaboard transportation and they've been doing a lot of uh buying. Lately they've bought it quite a few different vessels, so you know we have as of six days ago.

They bought another vessel. You know a couple weeks back, they bought another two, so they bought three vessels in the last two or three weeks, which is a solid way to really start generating more revenue, which will eventually translate into more gross profit. Look at their financial. You know situation the last three quarters they've been on fire they've, been doing absolutely great they're their total revenues up to 2.79 million dollars.

Their cost of revenue has been high, they've been buying more vessels, which means they're going to be having. You know, a little less margin for gross profit, but they are still profitable. They have 2.1.03 million of the previous quarter. If you look at their annual situation 2019, they were doing pretty solid up to 5.97 million dollars cost of revenue 2.8, which means it took home 3.16 million dollars in terms of margin right.

They kept over half, which is not bad, i'm not mad about that situation. At all - and i do like to see um - that their their market, administrative expenses has been going up, as it does mean they're trying to get this company into the eyes of more more investors and more viewers, so that's solid as well how's it sitting right now. You know that's a basic over a fundamental overview. If you want to invest in this company, i do recommend you do a little more due diligence than that.

This is going to be a basic overview right just so i get as many stocks in your size as possible. We do have a little bit of an ascending level of support and we also have a uh a little bit of consolidation happening right now. So you got to tight tightening up a price action here between these two zones and i would anticipate you're going to see something like this you're going to see either a it's going to continue to follow this ascending level of support or b it'll trade sideways between These two sort of price zones between a dollar seven and a dollar twenty one. I will be honest: i didn't anticipate it dropping from a dollar twenty down to you know eighty three cents, but we did have that really bad bearish day in the market, where everything was down like 20 30 percent, if you're able to buy in right here, that Is monumental, that is a huge, huge opportunity.

I did put a video out saying that we were likely going to see this this crazy sell-off and we did with a lot of different stocks, so be able to buy in even at like 88 cents, when everything kind of took that tank right at the beginning Of the day that was a great opportunity to buy into this. However, you know, if you didn't, i think it's going to do a couple different things it'll, either a respect to the second level of supporter b, hang out here at dollar, seven or c. If it doesn't do either of those drop back down here to about 98 cents - and that would not be a good thing - i'm gon na be completely transparent with you guys. We don't want this to go under a dollar, because that is gon na scare away.

A lot of investors they've been over a dollar for quite some time now we want them to stay there. We want them to keep that nasdaq compliance right so when they got over a dollar would have been right about here. They closed over a dollar. So one two three four, five, six, seven, eight nine ten different days now at which they've been closed over a dollar, which means they are nasdaq compliant.

We want them to keep that they don't we don't want them to be in danger again. That is gon na scare away some investors, it's gon na change up their financial situation, but that is the three scenarios that i see here and i think you should take the opportunity to buy in all of those dips. The 98 cent dip is gon na be a little more risky, but if it doesn't, if it closes above 98 cents, not as risky, so those are the three scenarios for ctrm on a good dip buy. Lastly, is fuel cell? You already know that i love this stock guys.

I don't currently have a position, but don't let that uh don't have to deter you. I think fuel cell is going to be a great company for the future. So what do these guys do? They're, the clean energy play their renewable energy, renewable energy equipment and services. They uh a couple months back about a month and a half back signed a deal with plug power, uh worth 1.5 billion dollars from my understanding, and that is going to allow them to um.

Have a partnership with plug, essentially where fuel cell will create vehicles which is insane so, let's just read a quick little piece of this fuel cell power operations. The company is engaged in designing, manufacturing, installing operating and maintaining fuel cell power solutions. The company also provides turnkey power generation solutions to the customers, including power plants, installation operations and maintenance. So essentially, the one thing that i do not particularly like about fuel cells.

They are a hydrogen-based company right and i don't necessarily see that there's going to be vehicles out there that utilize, hydrogen as a fuel source, however, it could be more utilizable on a more widespread basis right. So maybe that's not necessarily an ev play and more of an actual green energy play and they use this hydrogen source fuel to to maybe run power grids right. That could be something as simple as that: uh no matter the case. There's a lot of good trader sentiment towards this stock.

It has been dropping off pretty harshly lately it wasn't a crazy down moving channel. I recommend you do more due diligence than this right, i'm just giving you a basic overview, so you can know whether you're interested in this or not, but i think clean energy is going to be an important important sector in the next four years, especially with joe Biden in office, we know that ark invest, loves getting into clean energy plays. We know that they love getting into innovative place. Things are going to be transformative towards the market and the community and the country and the world right.

So fuel cell is one of those stocks to me that has a lot of solid potential and don't be scared away by the fact. It's been getting sold off, in fact, plug power, which we we see is kind of the industry leader in terms of clean energy, has also been taking a pretty bad hit. So just keep that in the back of your mind when you are looking at fuel cell here, all the clean energy plays have been getting beat down a little bit, but this is an opportunity for you to buy in, for super super cheap right. So what are the possible scenarios here? I do not see this dropping down lower than 13.89.

This is a stock that has been getting beat to the pulp, so honestly, uh if it ends up breaking below this ascending level of support, because it has been trading sideways. The last day or so uh i would anticipate it drops back down about 16. 20.. 16.

20 is a steal of a deal for this company. On the other side saying about 50.62 right now, we've got the 15 mma about parallel with the 200 dma, which indicates upcoming consolidation, so i'd anticipate it's either a going to consolidate beyond this ascending level of support or b, have a slope lead down to 16 20. And 1620 will be a golden opportunity for you to buy fuel cell at a cheap, cheap price uh in terms of uh setup. You know we, we did end up breaking above this descending level of resistance, so we have broken out of that bad dollar.

Moving channel right and i would anticipate a little bit of consolidation before it starts moving back up again, you, you should look for a little bit of a catalyst to start getting a fuel cell moving here again in the future, but i do think that is going To end up coming in terms of their financial situation, 2020 is the most recent data that we have and they were actually looking a lot better. Their uh, their total revenue, was up by 16.66 percent 7.87 million dollars. Their cost of revenue was very high. It is uh 78.6 million they're an early stage company.

It's gon na take some time for them to become profitable right, they're, investing a lot of money into creating these fuel cell technologies and as they you know, get better at it. That margin of cost is going to go down, so they can lock in some more gross profit. They are not yet profitable right, but it is improvement from what we saw the previous year right. They cut that, basically in half half and then some so that is an improvement year-over-year compared to 2019, which is a good sign.

They've been increasing their marketing expenses they've been uh, they decreased their r d, a little bit, which really leads me to believe. They feel a little more confident in the technology that they're using, but then also keep in mind that they did grow. You know you know quarter over quarter there. Their final quarter of 2020 was very solid.

They had 16.1 million dollars, which is not bad in the least bit. So that is how that setup is looking like. I said you know if it drops below that ascending level of support, i'd watch for about 16.20 sensors. So it's got that nice and same level of support.

The 15 and 20 man are about parallel, which would indicate upcoming consolidation. This isn't bearish territory overall, which is the best possible time to buy into a stock, is when it's been getting beat to a pulp. So i would take that opportunity personally, if that is what i have for the video if you enjoyed it, please drop a like if it doesn't support the channel and consider subscribing if you like, to see more content like this. Lastly, i'm going to fill in the description box down below for weeble.

This is version 4 for the desktop great platform that allows you to start training at 4am the pre-market. If you use my link, you get two free stocks with a 100 deposit, i receive a free stock, greater support of the channel, my friends and, if you're, not interested that it's totally fine. I just appreciate your support by taking the time to watch my videos. I also have a link in the description box down below for the merch store check this out.

We got a gorilla, gang, mug and a whole bunch of other cool stuff down there. If you want to check it out, feel free to do so also, that is what i have you guys today. Thank you for watching my friends, and i will see you all next time. Peace,.

By Trey

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