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Yo yo yo yo yo, it's your boy, trey from tracerates, coming back again for another freaking youtube video like brothers. By saying that, i'm not afraid of my financial advice, please take what's happening with green assault. Let's get into the video guys today we're gon na give you an update on ticker symbol, amc, there's a couple of things that i'd like to discuss uh on the day, because i did see a couple of things floating around on twitter uh that i find to Be pretty fascinating. One of them is the idea of debt right, amc's debt, i'd like to discuss that a little bit because uh there was a theory that i saw that i think is pretty fascinating and uh.

It could be a good topic to discuss and perhaps circulate around on twitter after some thought. You know i'd also like to go over the spy, how this is tying into amc, how this uh, how how the movement of amc is sort of being pushed back and forth right now that the reasoning i believe is and then give you an update on sort Of the short thesis uh that i personally believe is holding back a lot of small mid cap companies such as amc, gamestop, uh mullen bed bath beyond name it. You know it's, it's all these different names, so we're gon na get into that stuff. Uh yeah! That's about it there you go enjoy it.

So with that being said, uh amc is still range trading right, afc is still range trading. You've got this demand zone, green box, supply zone, red box back and forth back and forth. There's not much else to say outside of this, but what there is worth noting regarding amc right now is when the spy got a relief bounce today, as it had right, there's actually some really important stuff to consider uh. When you look at this, the spy got a relief bounce coming off of uh the talks regarding oil in russia.

It was, it was a sense of certainty right. You put a little bit of faith and certainty back in the situation, doesn't matter if it's necessarily good news or bad news, uh good bad right. That's not really how the market looks at things. They look at things in terms of uh, uncertain and certain un and certain uncertain and certain.

This is the way that the market views things and, once you add a little more certainty into the market, you get you get sort of a flash of uh of bulls. Back into the market right that happened with the spy, and it's no coincidence that, when that happened, amc also got a push simultaneously along with the broad market. Now the reasoning for that is very simple. I've stated this before i'll state.

This again, why? I believe that shorts across this stock, amongst many others, are going to uh slowly cover over the next half a month to two and a half months is because the uncertainty that they are thriving on the current market uh will eventually fade away now. I do think that we're going to be looking at the longer time frame. Now i was, i was a little more on the left uh previously, just because of how inflation and uh the russian war is sort of continuing to evolve. I think that conflict could take some time to wash away, and you know if things change i'll tell you guys my reasoning as to why i would change my theory as well uh for the time being, i think that my theory is okay, if you want to Poke holes in it, there's uh, there's videos out there.

You can go check out, we'll link it like right here, uh. If you want to go check that out, that'll walk you through sort of my thought process and as things change, i'll update you guys on that uh. So that's sort of the the situation with with amc right you're. Looking for that certainty in the market, because that is going to push this back up as the the broad market goes up, shorts are going to continue to exit positions.

The way that you can track. This is with iwm, which is the russell 2000. It's a small, mid cap etf, continue to watch the short interest on this stock, and that brings me over to uh the actual short interest on amc. The the short interest was 20.99 percent, uh 3.14 cost to borrow maximum, and that number is starting to slowly creep up right check this out.

This green line down here this bright green line continuing to slowly creep up towards uh 1.5 ish percent as uh as the utilization remains as high as it was in the the short interest remains, as it was surprisingly decent. All i could think about when i look at that is twilight. I just think of pattinson man. I just think it patents it and that that doesn't that doesn't get me.

It rubs me the wrong way. It rubs me weird, it rubs me weird, i'm not! I don't know, i don't know, i don't know about it, but the iwm 43 short interest right. So it's very obvious that there's still really heavy uh shorting, that's taking place in these small mid cap names, but i do think you're starting to witness the slow but steady rotation away from some value stocks and into aka growth stocks or these small mid cap companies. Such as amc right now, this brings me into sort of the probably most interesting topic of the day.

I saw this theory floating around on twitter uh and i wanted to discuss this and it's regarding amc's debt right now. I've seen a couple of people with this. Take uh adam aaron right, let's just start start by prefacing, with this adam aaron will tweet stuff out, regarding perhaps as an example, the movie batman, he'll, say yeah. This is the third best grossing movie in the last two years on an opening weekend, pretty good news right.

It's solid i've seen a couple of people have this take and i don't agree with it. I think this is a pretty cold take and it's uh fundamentals. Don't matter squeeze our stock now are. Is there things that i think adam aaron can be doing, that he's not doing yes right, but i'm not the ceo of the company at the end of the day uh.

But what i don't agree with at all is telling the ceo of a company that he shouldn't be taking care of his company. I think that's very important. That's not even really what i want to talk about. What i why i want to talk about the fundamentals is because there's a there's an actual way that i personally believe uh that you can.

You can take care of this fundamental piece and i'd actually be really fascinated to see. Maybe i'll run a poll in chat for this just to see what you guys end up saying uh, but i think there's a way that you can take care of this fundamental problem uh. What is the big overarching theme that everybody always throws back in your face? In fact we had a guy in here yesterday. I think his name was js.

He was telling me he said. Trey trey amc is a 47 cent stock. Its market cap should be 250 million dollars, which i absolutely don't agree with. I think that's a bunch of lunacy, but nonetheless uh his argument at the end of the day was debt right.

He argued debt, so that got me thinking right, which was actually really convenient timing, because there were some other people on twitter, the same night that were talking about debt and they have this idea. This is not my idea, full disclosure right, i find this. I i like to comb through stuff and sort of see what makes the most sense, and this does make a decent amount of sense right. The idea was very simple, so amc's got debt right, they're, trying to dive into nfts i've kind of discussed this in the past.

You know i i find this to be fascinating. Other people are having the same sort of concepts now, but an idea that i've had right you've got. Amc is sort of a prime market. Uh amc stock trades around in a whole bunch of different ways right a lot of it probably illegally between some bad names.

Some bad people, but at the end of the day this just gets traded back and forth right. You see this going back and forth back and forth back and forth. Stock goes back and forth back and forth whatever uh. That's a prime market.

A way that amc can raise money aside from an offering which could wipe out debt and i've mentioned this before, but i think this is actually worth really really talking about on twitter is creating a secondary market for their stock. Now this is not to say that people shouldn't trade, their stock or hold their stock or buy their stock or whatever right. But if you could create a secondary market with some sort of a product or service, you could actually raise money without having to actually issue more stock. What was my idea for this right? I've talked about this before, and other people have brought up the same thing.

Nfts, i think, there's a really interesting opportunity here for the company to pay off debt that would completely kill any short thesis, because the only i try to poke holes in my theories right my whole, my theory, what i worry about, at least to some extent for Shorts covering positions is they're all going to look at amc and they're all going to say yeah, i mean the certainty in the market's back yeah. The the the the rest of these shorts are covering the rest of these small. Mid caps are running, but amc's got this. Debt they've got this debt and that's always going to be an overarching fruit that gets thrown back in our faces.

So what's a way that you can kill this debt, you delete it, you cancel it, you crush it. How can you do that by raising money or creating some form of capital based on a good or a service? Now i'm not a fan of offerings. I i'm i'm tired of offerings, i'm tired of stock offerings. I don't want to hear about a stock, offering, i think, there's many people in chat right now.

That feel the exact same way. I think they have sold plenty of stock in the last two years. I don't think anybody wants them to sell anymore. It was obviously a necessity.

They had to dig themselves out of a hole that was uh almost the verge of bankruptcy, but i think we're over that right. There's ways that you can raise money beyond just issuing stock to pay off debt. To me it's this. It's very simple nfts, i think, there's an opportunity here where, if amc actually creates their own nft and they can even brand it this way.

This is this is where this isn't. My idea right, i never. I would have thought of this. I would have thought of like making nft based on a collectible from a movie or something right, but somebody had this idea uh from twitter.

So not my idea. This is where i, the the the bright intelligent apes on the internet, come in handy uh. Somebody said you could actually brand this as literally just like uh a debt nft that if you were to issue it to shareholders, if they would like to buy one to help, contribute to the company for uh 10 bucks. 20 bucks.

30 bucks 40 bucks, whatever it is, they could actually crush away a lot of this debt. Do i think this is what i would buy? No, i would like to have something substantial personally i'd like to have maybe a movie collectible. I like teenage mutant, ninja turtles. So that'd be pretty sick, but even better, maybe uh what if it was a toby maguire, nft dude, no way home just crushed it, toby maguire, beautiful! It's it's beautiful stuff! Right! I love tony mcguire.

I buy toy mcguire nft. I don't know about you guys. I think he's i think, he's got some big nuts huge nuts. At the end of the day, though, at the end of the day, though, this secondary market opportunity, nfts uh their own cryptocurrency, whatever it is, i think they can pay off their debt by utilizing something along these lines: nfts or crypto, uh, taking commissions or or whatever.

Whatever cost it is for the nft or the crypto that they designed to pay off the actual company's debt, i think this is huge. I think this is the only hole that i can see for myself is from a fundamental perspective. This is why i say: fundamentals matter, at least to some extent, because fundamentals are literally part of the short thesis right they're. Looking at the fundamentals of this company they're, looking at the debt and they're saying, we should be short right, they're, seeing that and they're saying we should be short.

So, at the end of the day, this has to matter this has, to matter at least to some extent, and this debt definitely matters and the longer that you're in this game time is not your friend with debt. Time is not your friend with shorts right: they they really. They have to pay, of course, and eventually, with all the synthetics and as lou would say, the guatemalans or whatever uh blah blah blah blah blah. You know they're paying they're paying for this, and eventually it's gon na get cracked down on my belief.

Is it guaranteed nothing's guaranteed? That's the thing. If you can improve your odds, this is it, i think, wiping out the debt by utilizing some form of a secondary market, whether it be nfts uh that they create for their own good. For this. For that, whatever uh, i think that would be a pretty interesting thing to see and like, like i just mentioned this part, was not my idea: the debt nft uh branding it as such.

You know that's an idea personally, i'd probably like to see collectibles, but at the end of the day you know you guys can have conversation about that. I'm not that smart of a guy i'm a smooth brain uh. I don't know a whole lot about a whole lot, but what do you guys think i don't know chad? Let's talk about this. I think this is a pretty interesting uh.

I think it's a pretty interesting topic yeah. I know the dilution, i'm with you cleet. I i actually talked about this. I i want nothing to do with any more offerings.

If i see an offering i'm voting, though i think they have a lot of money, they have 1.8 billion dollars in cash. I don't think they need a bigger war chest than that. I think what they need to do is pay off debt, which they can do in two ways. In my opinion, right, they can either do it a with their current streams of revenue or b by creating some form of a secondary market in which they can actually raise capital raise capital without diluting their stock.

I think they're they're set up for it right. There's trying to dabble in nfts, that's literally a perfect way to do it, create something substantial, create something of value, create a collectible sell the collectible raise money, pay off your debt. You know so we'll see interesting, split right here. Would you buy some form of an nft to pay off amc debt? Uh 60 voted.

Yes, 40 voted! No! Now myself! Personally, i got to admit you know i i haven't touched a whole lot of nfts. You know that's uh. I i'm skeptical of most projects. I think there are some that are good and a lot of them that are bad, but this is one that i would have a lot of faith in right.

I think that uh, i think that a collectible for a movie is like trading cards right. You don't know which, which uh baseball card is going to be worth a lot of money in 10 years, but you you take a stab at it, because you're trying to anticipate future sentiment regarding a player, i think it'd be the exact same thing with uh, a Collectible regarding a movie right, you go to a movie like here's an example uh. I don't think toby maguire thought that in 10 years bully mcguire would be a meme. I don't think he did.

I don't think anybody could predict that he would have predicted that that bully maguire would be a meme like if there was a if, if nfts were to think 10 years ago or if there was like a tradable, tobey mcguire card. That thing would be worth a lot of money. At least the boy mcguire won, because wow that uh that that blew up i mean that's, there's still, videos and memes that are getting made about that and i think that's the exact same thing here. You know you look at sort of uh the opportunity and i think the opportunity is like trying to predict where future sentiment will be so it's interesting nightmare macaw says tired of waiting every day, uh we're told by our youtubers that it's gon na be another month.

Then it's another month and then it's a year like what the man when trey when uh stop bullshitting us. So here's the thing nightmare right, uh, i lay out a thesis. I i lay out a thought process behind whatever i have to say. You know right now.

I'm even going so far as to poke holes. You know to say this is what i think could could be a hiccup uh for the current situation, i'm not shying away from that. You know uh. Here's the truth of the matter, my friend, i'm a regular guy.

Just like you are, at the end of the day, uh i'm trying to make my best estimated guess as to what can happen, i think, out of most the people on the internet who discussed this ticker uh. I mentioned time the least because i recognize that uh that nobody can predict that you know have there been situations where i've tried twice. Yes, i tried to predict a june run-up and a november run-up. I was right once i was wrong once and because of that, i shy away from trying to give dates quote unquote.

Instead, i'm looking more so for events and the event here is uh the russian situation right, i'm watching russia, i'm watching inflation, i'm watching the fed. I want to see these three things line up, ultimately, to get rid of the one common denominator, which is uncertainty. I think uncertainty in the markets and debt are the two big things that uh that amc shorts thrive on right now, uncertainty. I think it gets solved in the next one to two ish months or so right.

That's my hypothesis. Does it mean it's going to happen? No, not in the least bit. You know this is me just looking externally at uh some factors that are playing out in real time. Uh.

I think that the the march 16th fed talk is gon na be interesting. I think you can see a potential marker reversal here, but i'm a little less certain about that now because of this, and actually the the rising risk of uh hyperinflation because of uh oil and russia right, we got ta, look at things objectively and that's all i'm Trying to do my friend, so i suppose that's what i've got for you if you wan na drop a like drop like if i'm dropping this like there's a dislike. I don't really care you do what you wan na. Do i appreciate you catching the next one.

Much love light taps peace.

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