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Chris Sain Bullish HYLN: HYLN (Hyliion Holdings Corp.) designs, develops, and sells electrified powertrain solutions for the commercial transportation industry. HYLN provides battery management systems for hybrid and fully electric vehicle applications. Chris Sain is BULLISH on HYLN, and also has this as one of his next double-up stocks in his portfolio. HYLN also has an overall hold consensus amongst analysts. In this Chris Sain BULLISH HYLN video, we discuss HYLN basic fundamentals, and cover the 6 month and 1 day/1 min charts for mid-to-long term investors, as well as swing or day traders. We cover HYLN's overall trends, establish resistance and support at a macroscopic and microscopic view, cover volume and volume moving average, and discuss different buy, hold, or selling opportunities on HYLN.
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Chris Sain HYLN video (Begins at 2:10):
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What is up, everybody welcome to trades trades, where we have technical analysis on different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy, hold or sell opinions on these given stocks, i like the preface by saying that i'm not a financial advisor nor expert - i am Just some random dude on youtube, so take what i say with a grain of salt. The reason that i started this channel is because, a couple years ago i was about 30 000 deep in some pretty bad medical debt, and i was very fortunate to have some close family friends and mentors that pushed me to work really hard and invest my money And i'm very happy to say that i am now financially free. So if i can pass along any of that information to you guys and change your lives just a little bit for the better, that's all a guy can ask for. Lastly, if you would not mind drop a like on the video, it really does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you'd like to see more content like this.

With that being said, today, we are doing our subscriber requested video of the day and that video is going to be coming from mekki sherpareal. I'm sorry. If i butchered your name brother, my man, when you get a chance, can you look at highly on stock? Chris sane got me in on this, but man, oh man, the people who got burned in the 50s and 40s are telling me all sorts of stuff i bought in at 1660. It's the only stock that i'm truly worried.

Thanks to your vids on mvis and clean chris, that's a 60 play, but your chart analysis is why i come back every video thanks for everything and appreciate highly on. If you can well mackie my brother. I appreciate you saying those nice things and uh today, you're a lucky man because is the stock we are going to be covering, so i want to pull up for those who don't know what highly on is a quick overview of highly. I need to clear out some of my browsers what the heck all right, so i've got this pulled up right here, highly on holdings, corp designs develops and sells electrified powertrain solutions for the commercial transportation industry.

It provides battery management systems for hybrid and fully electric vehicle applications. The company was founded in 2018 and is based in cedar park texas. If we look at the 52-week range, we've gotten all the way up to 58.66 and right now we're sitting barely above 15 oof. That's a sell-off.

Let me tell you if you're short in that stock, you're - probably a pretty happy guy, if you're holding at 50 bucks, i i feel pretty bad. That's no fun! The average value average volume we're looking at is a little over a little less than 4 million we've been seeing more than that as of late, and the market cap is 2.54 billion dollars. Uh analyst opinion you know you can see. Hollyon has received a consensus rating of hold, average rating score is 2.33 and is based on one buy rating two hold ratings and no cell ratings uh.

I probably wouldn't sell at this point either. According to analysts, consensus price target of twenty three dollars. Hylion has a forecasted upside of 39.6 percent from its current price of 16.48. So that's a little bit of an outline.

I do see that 23 dollars coming pretty easily. To be honest, i uh, i think it's it's actually got a lot more upside than that. They're being pretty conservative just because it's gotten beat down a little bit, but with that being said, uh we're going to take a look at the volume the volume moving average. We're going to look at the six month chart here we're going to look at the one day.

One minute chart here, so there's a couple different avenues that we can approach this depending on your trading strategy. If you're a mid to long term investor, like my friend mekki, who, who suggested this video, who requested the video well, this one's going to be for you right here, we've got a couple of different levels that we're watching for so you can see here over the Last six months that this 1805 price valuation was very important, this acted as a very strong acting level of support. You can see here right before august that this price was bounced off of. We saw a little bit of price rejection, bounced off came up and we shot up a little bit.

So this is a you know, another level of resistance right here that we must have pushed through and then over here it's acted as a level of support. We bounced off, came up, came down bounced off and then we had a little bit of a a not of a price rejection. It went through the shorts and the bears won the battle here. However, we are not really that far under the support level right here.

So right now support is really looking at the present moment about here. Let me just pull this down a little bit, so you can see that all right support here at looks like 16. Oh it's hard to see, but i think that's 1607. yep 1607..

So we currently have support sitting at 1607., and that is a great entry point um, if you are not currently in this stock, take a macroscopic view. My friends look at this um. We are very unlikely to ever see price valuations this low again, the lowest the stock price has been in the last six months is about 12.90. You can see here that this was june 19th.

That was a long time ago, guys and before that it was trading in the 10 range and shot off, and we've been trading, at least above this, this price window for a very long time and looks like we're back in there right now. This is a very tight spread and it looks to me like once we push through this and five cent mark. The next target is 2716 because look guys there hasn't really been any levels of resistance in this price valuation range. Yet right, it's been pretty smooth sailing.

It moves very freely: it's not this up and down crap that we're seeing happen right now up down up down up down just bouncing around doing some consolidating once we break through 1805 based off of previous trends. The next level, we're looking for guys, is 27 dollars and 16 cents, and if i remember correctly, i think twenty three dollars was the analyst's opinion, twenty three bucks. So that does make sense to me. I i can see that i would actually one up them and say twenty seven dollars in the near term.

Um, i think 27 is a very fair price target to set for the stock based on previous trends. As you can see, here is a level of resistance in the past and it was a level of resistance in the past. Here we shot off pretty hard when it was hit. So first we're gon na be looking to break through 1805 with a solid support level sitting at 16.7 cents.

If you don't currently have a position in the stock, i do think that 1607 or even if you catch it slip in under 16 dollars anywhere in the 15 range, is a great entry point, and i think if you can ride that up to 27, you know You're gon na be a pretty happy guy and if we can break through that 27 resistance, i mean look at this guys. 31. Bucks. 40 bucks.

You know where this is going if it breaks through 27. I think this will be a 30 plus dollar stock very easily very easily, and that's why i think chris sane is suggesting this to you guys he's not a bro investor. He knows exactly what he's doing. I guarantee he looks at these charts, but he keeps it simple for his subscribers.

That way, everyone can contract what's happening, everyone can make money, he knows what he's doing and this stock is going to take off. So to my friend, um, don't worry about this thing. Man, stocks are always going to go up and down they're, always going to be they're, always going to be a roller coaster, you're not going to make money every day, but this will go back up. It's just a matter of when it breaks this 18.5 cent range.

Don't let your friends who got burned in the 40s and 50s influenced your decision making, because at the end of the day they bought when it was very obviously being overbought. I mean look at this. There was no price correction from august. All the way to september.

Tell me how that works? How can you go up? How can you be green? You know one two, three, you know two thirds of the days without any price correction and expect it not to have a price correction. That's just how it works. A prime example is fubo, fubo has been getting absolutely hammered, they have been getting just killed lately because of how fast they grew, and the same thing happened with hylion. They were, they had a price correction granted.

It was a very harsh price correction and i haven't looked at news. I'm getting this from a completely technical standpoint. There may have been a reason, but it was a price correction. We came back down to support and here we are now so don't let your friends influence you because they bought in at the wrong time.

You have to look at the price valuation now and the macroscopic view, and the macroscopic view to me. Man is saying this is a great entry point: there's not a lot of risk. We're trading within this really tight window of price, because the last trading price was in the 10 range, and i just don't see that happening. I don't see how this drops at 10.

Bucks, so that's a macroscopic mid to long-term investor's view. If you're going to day trade, this stock um, they are swing trade. You know you're looking at a support here at about 1616.. We did dip below that very short amount of time, but it did come back up.

We had price correction, so that is good to see and we have a secondary support at 16 45, with a resistance line sitting right up here at 17 and nine cents, so on market open on monday, we're going to be looking at 16 30 in the pre Market 1633 and what i would watch for is if we start to approach the 16 16 level or if we start to approach the 1709. If we approach this 16 16 - and you see it bounce off, it seems likely that we may have a green day. Typically, a bounce off, especially if you have more than one indicates that the stock is, is it has weak sellers and has strong buyers who are preventing the stock from decreasing? So you can see here, bounced off came back up, bounced off came back up, came back up, came back up, that's an indicator of weak sellers and strong buyers. This is an indicator of weak buyers and strong sellers bounced off dropped down, bounced off drop down bounced off drop down.

That's exactly that's just the it's just the patterns, guys that's as simple as it gets. So if you see a bounce off of 1616 in the pre-market or the regular hours, i would expect to approach the 1709 um, so you may want to date or swing, treat it that way you could get in at 16, 16 get out as close to 1709. As you'd like i would, i would recommend getting as close to the 16 range as you as you can, if you're going to swing trade, this the 1645. It's tough to say, you know, that's a little tight of a spread to be looking for um, but you could do the opposite right if we open at 1709 and it hits this mark and it all of a sudden starts uh it bounces off comes down.

You can short the stock because it may mimic exactly what happened here and a harsh sell-off. You know, of course, i would recommend trading setting a stop loss on your stock. So if you enter at 1709, i would recommend setting a stop loss for anywhere between 17 20 to 25, depending on how much you're willing to lose how much you're willing to risk um in case there's like a a fake breakout. You know that kind of thing.

That is how i would play it if you're in a day or swing trade. So that is what i have for highly. On the last thing, the volume moving average in case you are not aware of the volume moving average and what it is. It reflects the volume in a stock.

So you can see here um. We were trading above the volume moving average for a very long time. In august, and that indicates bullish control, which means that bulls are majority controlling the shares that are being traded on any given day. You can see here that you know september through october.

The bears were in complete control. So if you were shorting the stock, you made a lot of money and you can see we were trading below the value moving average, so the bears are in control. All this trading is red, meaning that the sellers controlled most of the shares. So if you really want a good idea of a day to buy your shares or an entry to the stock, try and buy below the volume moving average on a day when the bears are in control and not the bulls, and that is because um, if you Buy it on a bearish day, you're going to be buying it for cheaper than you are on a bullish day, and you always always always want to buy your stocks for as cheap as you possibly can.

That way, you can maximize your margin and maximize your returns. So that is what i have on highly on holdings corporation, my friends. I hope you enjoyed the video. Please drop a like.

If you did, i really appreciate it. It does help support the channel. Consider subscribing. If you have not already.

I do post videos every day and i do a subscriber requested video every single day. So i may cover yours if you drop it in the comments section down below and lastly, i have an affiliate link in my description. Uh for tubebuddy tubebuddy is a monthly subscription based website that i personally pay, for. I have the pro membership, which is nine dollars a month, and it helps me optimize my seo uh results, which basically just allows my videos to become searchable.

It's why i went from zero to almost 800 subscribers in about three weeks. It's a huge part of that. So, if you're interested as a content creator in optimizing your search results and your seo score, i do recommend that you click on the link and use it. It does pay direct commission to the channel, so it's a great way to support the channel.

They do have a free option as well that you can use with a few less tools, and if that doesn't interest you that's totally fine. I just appreciate you guys being a part of the community and joining the journey out here at trey's trade. So that is what i have for you guys today and i will see you all next time: peace.

By Trey

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