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AMC Dark Pool Trading - In this video, we give an update on the dark pool trading and respond to Matt Kohrs update on AMC trading.
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Ah, all right, all right, i swear to god the third time's, the charm, the third time's, the charm. I've recorded this video twice now and i have my mic on both sides, but for whatever reason it stopped recording. I think it's because i pressed the space button trying to start up the video here and it actually stopped my recording both times at the exact same point. But what do you do? That's how she goes.

What is up everybody welcome to trades trades. We have technical analysis and different stocks on the stock market, as well as potential buy all their sell opinions eyes. Giving stocks like the purpose by saying that i'm not a finance advisor nor experts don't take away the grain of salt. Let's get into the video.

Now today i have been asked by quite a few people to cover the mat, coors uh correction, video regarding amc, dark pools and the shorts right and i'm 100 going to make a reaction. Video to this, but first i want to say that i apologize that i was not online yesterday and that i have not been live streaming this week. It's not a personal choice that i haven't been live streaming. I do have a full-time job that i'm obligated to.

First and the hours differ from day to day to day to day right. So with that being said, i've been really trying to hone in on being taken care of my eyes. As you can see here, my left eye still very janky, so i took the entire day off yesterday trying to rest it up. I got a beautiful nine hours of sleep, i feel so well rested.

I have an energy drink right now, not that i need it, but just because, but i feel much better. I feel very clear uh my mind is clarified, so i appreciate you guys understanding i am trying to take care of myself the best i can and i will be live stream whenever i possibly can. But last week at work was uh very long, had a lot of meetings held a lot of paperwork but i'll keep you guys up to date as much as i possibly can. So.

With that being said, matt coors put out a video discussing the amc, dark pools and shorts uh, that's going on here with this new finding with the otc trading and citadel securities right, and how was he able to find it? I'm gon na give you a basic preface, so we don't have to watch the entire video um. He found this because he's got an actual friend who works as a hedge fund, right that deals with this sort of stuff on a regular basis and there's a couple things that he had stated. Personally, i talked with matt for about an hour on the phone, so one thing i do want to say right off the bat is we do. Have no beef, there's no internet beef.

Here, please don't start internet beef. I don't want to repeat the situation of what happened to uncle bruce, but this is just my reaction to my opinion to some of the things that he pointed out in this video right. There's some things. I agree with some things i'm uncertain about some things that i disagree with and uh you know all those things are just opinions me and matt are absolutely good to go right.

This is just two guys giving their opinion on perspective in the stock market. So with that being said, um we're gon na dig into this and discuss some of the things that he talked about in this video. So i've got time stamps here, a little piece of paper. All the points that i think are worth talking about, so we're just gon na get into that and start off here at about this point in time.

Right here we have this thing from finra otc non-ats dated details. We know it's for the stock amc we're seeing citadel securities we've heard about that. What in the world does this all possibly mean so from a high level? You have to understand off the bat. These total shares 2 billion.

These total shares from citadel securities 1 billion. Those are not shares outstanding, they're, not short shares or anything. That's just trading volume, as in from january of 2021, all the way up until march first citadel securities has facilitated the trade of 1 billion shares of buys and sells in total in aggregate of amc. Okay, so essentially what he was talking about - and this is a very good clarification point that uh you know personally, this is just me getting a miss uh misinterpretation of the data right.

So what they're talking about is this 2 billion shares number 2.066 billion total shares citadel getting 1.09 billion shares of that now i didn't completely misinterpret this uh, i think, maybe misconstrued in the way that i got it across um. So in my video, what i had said is it based on these numbers of every single one of these shares was currently being held. This is the short interest you would have based on the float. This is the short interest you would have based on the shares outstanding right.

So with that being said, um in that video, i said that you know it's very unlikely that we see all of these shares currently being held. So if you take half of that, a third of that a quarter of that that'll, give you a better idea of what's going on with citadel's securities and how many shares they might actually hold, for example, if they, if they sold, you know two-thirds of this 1.09 Billion and they bought back one-third of that they'll still leave them. Holding about 650 million total shares. Oh you know one fourth, three-fourths would be a different scenario.

It'd be looking looking at, like 750 million shares that they currently be holding short right. That they'd have to buy back or cover back on at a different later date. Now what this is getting into, which which he he clarified is you know that this is actual shares and not current shares being held? This is just trades right, so this is the transactions that have taken place, uh between citadel securities and a secondary party, which we are going to get into here in just a second. So we're just going to continue on with this video so that we can get to the meat potatoes, which is, i think, where the most people have questions.

So before i get into that, let me mention it was like a mind-blowing moment. So citadel securities is what's referred to as a retail wholesaler for robin hood. There's an agreement between the two that, if you're on robinhood and you're, buying or you're selling citadel securities right here, has the opportunity to fulfill that trait to find the buyer to find the seller before it kicks it off to an exchange. So if you're on robin hood, weeble blah blah blah all these other people there's a very good chance that it's not going to the nasdaq it's not going to the new york stock exchange, those those exchanges uh the high level name for all these are venues.

Exchanges are a venue all these guys that you see on this list right here are retail wholesalers they're just basically they're, not in exchange, but for the point of this conversation you can think of them as another exchange okay. So that was a very, very loaded minute right there and some great clarification coming in from matt and there's different pieces that i want to dissect in that specifically starting off with robin hood and citadel right. So, what's going on with robin and sarah, as he had mentioned, we had that congressional hearing between you know roaring kitty, robin hood citadel congresswoman, the bulgarian boy says he called himself and that that's coming straight from his mouth, i'm not making that up, but regardless um All these different people came to a congressional hearing and there was something that we'd know uh that came from that congressional hearing, which is the fact that citadel and robin hood worked very very closely together now. He mccord had called this and he's he's spot on the money.

He calls citadel securities, basically a resale wholesaler. They handle the transactions, they find a buyer and a seller to meet every single transaction that takes place from robin hood and the reason being for this. He kind of you know dodges around in the video not because he was trying to, but just because it's a very, very loaded conversation to get into and, as i'd said, uh there's no hard feelings towards matt at all. We talked about this for like an hour.

Uh, i'm not throwing any disrespect on the guy. I love his videos. I love the dude, but regardless um. The reason it happens is because robin hood is looking to make as much profit, or, i should say, the the best margins that they possibly can keep those margins tight and the way that they do.

It is by incrementally making small fractional pennies on every single trade right so by going through citadel securities in this ots non-ats uh system for an exchange right, they're able to make profit margins uh between maybe a hundredth of a penny or a thousandth of a penny. More per trade or per share - i don't know that exactly, but i do know that's how they make profits uh, something that me and matt have talked about right so by let's say it's by trade right. If you make a hundredth of a penny, you know more by going through citadel securities in this otc non-ats exchange system, you'd walk away with a little bit of profit just off of amc alone. This is one stock they'd be walking away with.

You know a good good chunk of change hundred thousand dollars couple hundred thousand dollars whatever it may be, and that's why they go through this citadel securities exchange in order to get orders filled. So, yes, it is. It is very, very likely true - and this is something that the internet was likely extremely wrong on. Reddit discord: youtube twitter, uh, all these different people who had opinions about this otc market system.

We were all likely wrong. We were all all wrong and the the only reason i think we were able even to find this out is because he went to somebody who directly works for a hedge fund right now. You may have this question of well. Does that give him vested interest? May he be misleading matt, and that is it's entirely possible right.

I'm not going to sit here and say either way, i'm going to say an opinionated in that fact. I'm gon na trust, matt and the fact that he's got a good friend and he would trust that guy's opinion right um. But what i will say is there is some questions that i have regarding citadel right, so he talks about every single one of these. These llc's in here these hedge funds that handle transactions through different.

You know brokerage firms. Basically they come to these guys as a middleman to find buyers and sellers, so they can make marginally larger or marginally. You know larger profits per trade. Now we don't know if weeble's doing this 212 ameritrade fidelity and he mentions weeble and some other brokerage firms.

But to be frank, the only one that i'm certain of is robin hood. So i'm going to stay on the side of caution and say i'm uncertain. I don't know if these other brokerage firms are doing that um, but that is something that matt claims in this video and something worth keeping in the back of your mind. What i will say is i'm 100 certain that robin hood comes to citadel securities, based on the information available to me right now that they come to citadel securities to find those those better profit margins and get orders filled otc.

However, there are problems with. What's going, you know what's going on here, this is a legal system. They can do this, it doesn't cause any implications. This still ends up affecting stock price and it answers the question of whether or not robin hood is actually getting orders filled.

If this is true, if they are going to citadel securities llc, they are physically purchasing and selling shares of stock right, so that answers that question right off the bat. However, there's some eyebrow raising right here in terms of these guys, these llcs, whose orders are they filling who what brokerage firms are they feeling, but mostly citadel securities, now think about this? This is some vested interest to a freaking t, guys if you've got citadel securities handling the buyers and cells of amc. This is the way that i formulate this in my brain. So let's say that you've got a war between two countries.

Right you've got country x, you've got countrywide now country x over here wants to blow the out of country y and funnily enough. Well, i want to do the same thing. The x right: that's that's! The hedge funds versus the retail investors right now. Well, problem is right here right if this is the retail investor, you've got retail investor right here, and hedge fund over here is managing the ammunitions for the retail investor right.

So what do i mean by that? Well, let's say that a hedge fund over here is korea, and a retail investor over here is the united states. Now this is just an example: um the united states is going to korea and saying hey. We know where i wore with you guys right now, but we want to. We want you guys to handle our ammunitions.

We want you to get the orders filled on those ammunitions. We want you to make sure that we're getting those ammunitions and we want to make sure you don't tamper with those ammunitions now does that seem kind of sketchy to you. Does that seem like something that you would want to do if you were planning war with a specific country, heck, no hell? No, that doesn't make any sense at all right and that's essentially, what's happening right here with citadel securities. Now we know that citadel securities has vested interest because they've gone short on amc, they've gone short on gamestop, and yet robin hood goes through citadel security's llc in this otc non-ats system to get orders filled for the retail investor.

Does that raise any questions for you? I'll tell you what that sketches me up. That sketches me out, even if this is legitimate, and i believe it is, i believe that citadel robin hood are working together to get orders filled on this otc non-ats system. I don't think this is all shorts and longs coming from citadel securities. Llc specifically, i think this is retail investors right, but still still knowing that citadel securities has vested interest.

Do you think that they haven't tampered with the stock price at all and there's not manipulation going on here, whether it be orders getting filled, whether it be failures to deliver whether it be synthetic shares, ious, uh options expiring in the money that they don't end up? Hedging for and paying out which really results in failures or delivers right, there's a bunch of different ways that this can play out, but this is an enemy. This is an enemy. This is a legitimate hedge fund, i'm not even being dramatic guys, i'm just saying it how it is. This is uh cereal securities literally is short on gamestop and amc and has been for years and yet they're handling the retail investors transactions.

Now that seems like some pretty heavy vested interest to me and that's something that raises some questions. Knowing what we know now and honestly, i think it still makes the game as much of a live ball as it ever did so that's worth talking about - and i did want to touch on that very briefly. So next piece we're going to talk about is buys and sells as a venue. So basically, if you're on robinhood you're on weeble, there's a very good chance that your buy in your cell is not being fulfilled on an actual stock market exchange.

Good chance it's being fulfilled by citadel securities, or maybe one of the other ones on this list, two sigma james street blah blah blah, there's a whole host of them um. It is a pretty lucrative business, but that's for another video, so he mentioned it being a lucrative business, as i'd mentioned they make incrementally uh. You know, maybe a hundredth of a penny or a thousandth, of a penny, more per trade or per share. I'm not i'm gon na err on the side of caution and say i don't know, as i don't remember, but they make money through that system, but regardless uh the weeble system, the robin hood, fidelity 212 ameritrade all these different brokerage firms.

We don't know for sure. If they actually have ties with any of these different llc's, but there are quite a few llc's out there that are handling transactions. So the next step for me would be how many of these companies these llc's out there have short positions or long positions in amc or gamestop. For instance, i think ubs securities llc.

This is a company that i remember, if i remember correctly, going long on amc right so that one i'm not super worried about, but it'd, be very interesting to see how many of these other you know, hedge funds out there have vested interest who who may end Up manipulating stock price, who maybe, when looking for a buyer or seller, is going to sway one way or the other in terms of how much they're going to make people pay for their orders to get filled or how much they're going to you know pay out When they sell right um, it's it's very an interesting situation in regards of what's going on there, but you know, for the most part, everything that's been taking place here in this video, i'm 100 on board with matt uh, and it is what it is at. This point, so i will come out forthright and say that uh, based on the information that was available to me, i came to a different conclusion now that we know the information that we know now. Obviously, we have to adjust our game plan right as people we don't want to be so prideful and so god dang bull, headed that we can't admit our mistakes, because you need to adjust things on the fly. My my father was in the army for a very long time, and he said he said this.

He said. There's two sorts of people in this world. One you've got you've, got you've, got people who will prepare their entire life to start a job and waste their entire life. Getting ready for that job come into the job, overly prepared right, and then you get to that job and then you're good at it.

And you end up moving up to the next step. Well, if you're gon na move from the next steps to the next step, are you gon na take those breaks in between to make sure that you catch yourself up? That's one sort of person right not usually as successful second type of person right here, is who the guy, who learns the job during the job, and that is the army way right, um as a second lieutenant moving up the first lieutenant moving out to captain. I'm just saying this unopinionated, i'm not! This is just knowing my current knowledge on the army. Right um, you learn the job on the fly and right, as you know, your job right as you figure out what the hell you're doing.

You move up to that next position. The first lieutenant once you figure out. First attendant, you move up to captain once you figure out captain you move up to major right and that's how the army works. So you've got those two sorts of people right: the guys who learn the job on the fly who who figured out as they go and the guys who spend their entire life preparing for a job that hey you end up getting that job and you get moved Up then, what are you going to do right? We have to adjust as we go.

We need to make new game plans. We can't be so one-dimensional just because we got thrown off our path. We the game's over right, because the game's not over. We just have new information now, so we adjust our viewpoint and our attack strategy on amc right.

So those are the big things that i want to touch on right there in regards to the information so far in this video, so we touched on our trades. We touched on the buys and sales we touched on citadel uh. My thoughts on citadel. The big thing now is the short interest, and this is what's available according to yahoo, i'm not digging mad at all for this he's literally just reading it from a website.

So you can't get mad at the guy he's literally just uh, taking the information that anybody can google, but i am going to give you my opinions on the short interest that is available to the general public according to yahoo. So right here we can actually see and keep in mind please. This is actually outdated already, but amc you can get this on yahoo finance for free as of march 15th. The short interest percentage of the float is 11.02 and short percent of shares outstanding.

Remember leaf free float or the float are the shares that everyone can trade in the public while outstanding is all the shares, as in insiders and institutions as well. This number, the total of outstanding shares, will always be bigger than the free float, which means the percentage has to be less so. The short percent of the outstanding is 10.95 once again as i'm filming this, it is march 25th. Technically, this date is already 10 days old, but uh once again getting this across there's in unless something has amazing has happened in the past couple days and sometimes all right.

So this has raised a lot of questions. This is uh, probably the one part of the video that matt coors reached out to me and said: hey. There are quite a few people ding me on this, and i said you know what man i understand. It's your opinion.

It's your opinion, you're reading it straight from a website. I understand where you're coming from, but i'll give you my two cents on this. I don't necessarily think he's wrong. Maybe on that date, maybe on march 15th, if you were only to calculate the actual physical, tangible, short shares that are going into a stock, that would be the short interest based on.

We don't even know a number that's based off of right - maybe that's 450 million. Maybe that's 340 million right. The share is outstanding and the flow changed recently on exchanges, uh data exchanges just recently right. So we don't even know this is actual legitimate data because if it's taking that that flow based on the old float well, you know maybe that's a different scenario.

Maybe it's maybe it's higher. Maybe it's lower, we don't know, we don't know. What i will tell you is that that was on march 15th and we've seen the stock since march 15th. Take a big plummet.

It's gone down considerably right. We've had some rough days for amc in the process and i do think the short interest is extremely high and i i think there are synthetic shares which is something that's uh, matt's hedge fund friend. You know, i'm not i'm not saying one thing, one way or the other. I trust his judgment.

I trust that he's got good friends and he wouldn't just you know, share this information with somebody who he think has vested interest right. I think his hedge fund, fred hedge fund friend, said synthetic shares, don't exist and i don't agree with that. I i simply do not, and i don't think he's trying to mislead matt and i don't think matt's trying to mislead the public, but i will say based on the numbers that are available to us right. There was a date january 27th.

Go fact check this yourself in which we saw 1.2 billion shares traded at the time there was 345 million total shares outstanding right now. If you look at shares outstanding versus float, what is it? What is the difference? Well, the float right here. That's a higher percentage. You've got shares outstanding as well, so the shares outstanding is regarding the whole piece of the pie, institutional investors, retail investors, insiders holding shares right.

The float is what's available after you cut out the piece of the pie, that is the insiders and the institutional investors. It is what's remaining to the available public, so the shares outstanding right um, where i was going with this - is based on the shares outstanding. You would have had to circulate that three times to get 1.2 billion shares of volume on january 27th. I don't think that's possible, especially considering all the institutional investors that were holding the insiders that were holding sure you had wander those converting shares right.

You know from class b to class a, but that wouldn't that wouldn't cause that much of an influx you're not looking at a 500 million share dilution you're, not that's! That's not the situation, which means to me. There's got to be a reason. It happened to me that reason is synthetic shares, it's very, very, very, very likely uh and consider this. You know right now.

We have based on recent data 88 of retail investors currently holding amc stock right. That's massive! That's a huge, huge, huge ridiculous number right. So with that being said, we're still seeing 50 million 100 million 150 million shares trading every day. Where is that coming from? Is it just a limited amount of shares that are available? Is it 25 million shares that are just trading hands? You know five times a day hell, no, that just don't get that right.

So that's. I think this data is a little bit skewed, because we don't know two things. We don't know what the number of short share you know. Availability is based on this video right based on that, and we don't know if this is taking into consideration, which it's likely not synthetic shares, which i do think are circulating on the market.

We're gon na be bringing on jordan belford to talk about market manipulation relatively soon sometime this early next week, i'm hoping on monday, tuesday or wednesday to discuss this sort of stuff, but regardless i i think the number is much higher than that and i think the Squeeze potential is higher than it's ever freaking been right. We know, there's a battle going on we've seen the short walls. That's that that pop up on the ask we've seen the short manipulation that's been taking place. We know there's a crazy amount of interest in amc.

We know there's a crazy amount of people that are holding the stock right, so they should be running out of share availability, but yet they are not right. Um, even if amc were to dilute by 100 million shares you that still doesn't make sense if they were just bam. All of a sudden, you went from 500 million shares outstanding to you know a total of 600 million that still wouldn't make sense. You would have to circulate that two times in a single day to get 1.2 billion in volume on january 27th, which i just don't think is possible.

So with that being said that that was the big piece of that that i wanted to touch on. I think that the short interest is likely higher and there's no disrespect in the least bits of matt right. This is just my opinion. This is my personal opinion, we're absolutely good.

We had an hour-long phone call about this. There's no hard feelings in the least bit um, i'm just telling you what i agree with what i'm uncertain about and what i don't agree with, and this is just one little piece of the video that i don't necessarily agree with. Matt did a great job uh discussing different key points in this video um that are, that are very good for clarification, which is why i wanted to bring this up in the first place. So next thing that he talks about is fintel, and i do want to double down on this, as there is just a little piece of this that i think is worth discussing.

Numbers um. So actually, let's go over and the other thing is the that we talk about is short shares available. As i'm filming this 3.4 million and as of yesterday, the short volume ratio, which is just the ratio of the short volume across all three venues. Exchanges, dark pools and non-dog pools all three of those venues: um the short volume has been 13 million.

The total volume was 81, so the short volume ratio is 16 um. So the only reason i wanted to bring that up is because i from what i know from what i've read about fintel. That is not necessarily the case, so the total market volume is taken across all exchanges. All three venues, as he'd mentioned, the exchange, the dark pool and the non-dark pool correct 100 and, as i said, there's no disrespect at all.

This is just my personal opinion. This is what i found the short interest. The short volume ratio does not come from all exchanges, they skew the number, which is why i personally don't pay too much attention to what fintel says about the exact number of short shares. However, i do think matt's someone on the same page here as he does go in to discuss the short volume ratio and he says: hey based on what we see here.

Is there? Is there a downward trend or is there an upward trend and that's what he's? Looking for right, so that's what i think fintel is a good tool for uh. I don't. This is kind of a mind, newt correction, so i don't want to spend that much time on. I don't think it's worth.

You know nitpicking, but uh. The big piece of fentanyl, where you get a lot of value, is watching the overall trend right. So you can see 17. 13.

14. 7. 17. 16.

16.. You can see that it tapered off for a while. Now it's going back up right and he's using fintel for the exact same reason. He says that in the video uh and that's a big piece of the puzzle and something definitely worth uh mentioning here in this uh, this this overview of fintel so uh, we talked about the rest of otc.

The only thing i'd be curious, in is, if they have vested interest in different uh. You know different securities in the market. Are they short on amc? Are they long on amc? Do they even trade, amc or gamestop right, a big piece of the puzzle? He talks about the squeeze as well. He says that he's bullish on this.

He still thinks there's a squeeze and he mentions that at 10 minutes and 42 seconds. If you want to watch that piece of the video feel free to do so, if not that's cool, but i i 100 i'm on board with him. I think that the squeeze is as likely as it's ever been the day that he released this. We went up 21 on that given day, which is massive right.

It shows you the power of people, and i don't think it's a coincidence that we had this huge piece of news. Even if we all misinterpreted the news right, we had good news. We all were beating our chess, we're like freaky out dude, we're doing good things and the stock went up. I don't think that's a coincidence at all, and so it shows you the power of the retail investor and the fact that we can squeeze this stock up right.

So the one last thing i want to touch on and i'm not nitpicking you at all, matt um. There's just different opinions. This is his opinion. I'm gon na tell you my opinion on why this shoots up right.

So, let's just let's just watch this quick, that's why we're all in it we're in it, and we hope that it just shoots up a lot. We don't care why it shoots up. Obviously we just want the stock to go higher and higher, and it's okay, that's uh. That was one small piece of the video that i did want to clarify on.

So i think there are two different kinds of people that are in amc right now. There are people that are in amc because they only want to make money, and that is 100. Okay, there's not one group, that's better than the other um, but i'm not one of those people and i think, there's a second group of people that do care about why it goes up right. Personally, i got into amc if you watched my last video talking about it.

You'd know i got an amc in four bucks as a swing trade, and i held it through that entire up through that entire down solely for the reason that i watched market manipulation before my very eyes, i got my fidelity account. Liquidated trading on a one-to-one margin account right, not playing leverage, not it was settled cash and i still got my account liquidated, which is insanity, and there were other people that dealt with the same thing. We saw the robin hood freezing trading right. You could only sell you couldn't buy, throwing off the the market, supply and demand chain, and people lost a crap ton of money.

It stopped the squeeze from literally happening and there are stocks that have seen larger run-ups. In this i mean in particular, ee iq was a stock that went from four dollars to 70 and you didn't see this sort of stuff happen right. So that's i mean granted. You can't halt in the pre-market or the after hours, but you could, hypothetically speaking, stop trading on a stock in the pre-market or after hours.

If you wanted to didn't happen right and that had a nastier squeeze than this did, which went from four to twenty e-i-e-e-i-q on friday, went from four or five to seventy right, and it didn't happen, then, so that tells you to me there's some vested interest here And reason to believe that uh, maybe it was liquidity issues yada yada regardless. I think there are people out there who got into amc because they are sick of not having a free market. The one percent controlling wealth always stealing from the 99 and not giving a single about what goes on to the with the retail investor right they're sick of it, i'm sick of it i'll tell you that right now, and that's one of the big big big reasons That i've been so active in this amc community is because i am trying to show you guys that we can actually learn. We can stick up for ourselves and we can make money if we, if we are smart about the way that we collect ourselves and have a good game plan right.

So um, that's it's a very, very nitpicky thing to say, but um. If you are an amc stock, just to make money, then uh the way that we do, it doesn't matter to you. That's totally totally okay, but i think there are legitimately people out there who do care about where the money comes from because think about it. Like this, when you make a buy, somebody has to sell when you make a sell, somebody has to buy you're screwing somebody by making money in the market right.

So let's say that you sell you time the top perfectly 20 and 36 cents right. You sell it right there. Well guess what somebody out there who who bought from you is sitting there at the top bag holding as it comes down to 10 bucks. Would you rather that was a retail investor or would you rather, that was a hedge fund? That was, you know, covering you see what i'm saying: that's a big difference in the equation right, so it's a matter of taking from your fellow 99 percent or taking from the one percent.

I don't i personally, you know don't want to take from the 99. I don't want to take money from other people, i mean somebody has to buy at the top and that's just how the market works. Unfortunately, it's just the transferring of wealth over and over and over and over right, but we'd much much much. Much rather see it be, then you know the one percent that we're doing this to instead of our fellow brothers and sisters and apes, so uh, that's just something to keep in the back of your mind.

I just wanted to touch on that very briefly, uh. I think we've touched on pretty much everything that i wanted to cover. We talked about that. We talked about weeble, we talked about the other brokerage firms.

We talked about the synthetic shares as well. I i do think there are pretty heavy amounts circulating in the market and uh that i think that's pretty much. What we've got for the video, so i'm gon na make another video here today discussing um short exemption and i think that's a very interesting topic. So if you want to see that i am going to be posting that sometime here tonight, i just want to do a pretty good amount of dd and research.

So i can get you some top-notch information, but i do think that that sort of short exemption is is very, very heavily playing into why the market, and specifically amc and gamestop, are being so heavily shorted more so than i think, really ever. At least in a very very long time, so um that short exemption is gon na, be timing out here pretty soon as long as they don't extend that period of time, so we're gon na get it we're gon na dig into that here later today. But that's what i had for the video so mad respect to matt coors. I really do appreciate the fact that you made this video that you got some great educational information out there for everybody.

I appreciate that you called me brother that you wanted to talk about this. This is an example of a way to respectfully approach somebody and challenge somebody's opinion. I have no issue whatsoever being challenged. I've said this before i'll say it again.

I'm 23 years old, i'm gon na get stuff wrong and i'm gon na admit when i get stuff wrong and i'm gon na grow from it, learn from it and show you guys my mistakes so that you don't make them and he he helped that process. He helped educate a lot of great apes out there, so mad respect to matt uh. I don't think he's a hedge fund. I don't think that he's he's been paid to go out on amc.

That's something i'd want to come out and say right. You know you can maybe ask questions about his hedge fund friend, but i trust his opinion. I trust his judgment that he wouldn't ask somebody's opinion that you think is going to give him a sueded answer right, but regardless, thank you, my friend, for that. I hope that this video helps somebody out.

There helps people out there uh answer some questions very very squeezable. Still, i think, there's a heavy emotional interest. I think we just got to change our game plan and the way that we're looking at the situation, based on the recent news that we have available to us, and that is what i have for the video today. If you enjoyed it, please drop a like if it does help support the channel and consider subscribing.

Let me see more content like this. Lastly, i'm going to fill in the description box down below for weeble. Let me just pull this up for you really quick, all right, so weeble is a great platform. Allows you to start training at 4.

Am the pre market up until 7 00 p.m? In the after hours, if you live in central standard time great platform, if you use money, you can get two free stocks with one hundred dollar deposit i'll, receive a free stock or support channel, my friends and if you're, not interested. That is totally fine. I just appreciate your support by taking the time to watch my videos. I also have a link to the merch store.

If you want to check that out, you can pick yourself up at george w mug a gorilla gang mug, some t-shirts, a hoodie, the whole nine yards and to my personal discord. If you want to check that out, uh five dollars a month for the patreon super super cheap you're, paying for a great community of investors who will help you learn, educate, pick up great stocks. We talk about midterm stocks, long term short term amc money, lounge, we've got game, stop as well tax information, the whole nine yards. All that is available too, if you want to check that out.

That is what i've got for you guys today. So thank you for watching my friends i'll catch you on the next video and peace.

By Trey

24 thoughts on “Citadel has conflict of interest by managing amc dark pool non-ats trading! amc dark pool update”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Obaid Baig says:

    Bro you're great at highlighting all the manipulation and problems. There's dark pool investing and these conflicts of interests. NOW HOW DO WE WIN if this continues? We all agree it's manipulated now we need paths to a solution if we're gonna win.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars MeteorMan says:

    You'd be better off putting your money into EEENF instead of waiting for AMC to possibly squeeze. Based on the drilling results from a few days ago, they are likely sitting on a minimum of $100 billion in oil with a current $0.04 share price. Confirmation via wirelogging is coming within the next few days. If the news is positive as expected, you will likely see a $0.50-$1.00 share price next week.

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    Just finished my transfer from RH to WB. Hopefully I made an alright choice on the brokerage. It was a really difficult experience transfering out of RH. They definitely do not make it easy

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    Good job Trey
    I appreciate you more whenever you get it wrong and make sure to make the corrections

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    So why is almost every ad 1+ minute and there are 2 of them? This is across Youtube, not just here. Does Google just not give a single bit of a dump if I watch the ads?

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    Commander Duck, Rapid Trey, Mad Max, and Andrew Mo Money…..teaching the world what the hedgies don't want us to know. This IS THE WAY!! We can afford to be patient alot easier then they can.

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    We (HF) going to fuck the market tomorrow
    Everything will bleed everything is going to be hard red
    We wont let AMC to get green
    The allllll market is going to die tomorrow

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Sean - We Are Investing says:

    These are not hedge funds on the list, but are what we call "market makers". And Robinhood goes to Citadel Securities LLC because of payment for order flow. Don't confuse citadel securities as a hedge fund, but they're not. The Hedge Fund is just Citadel LLC they're separate entities.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Len Greg says:

    Trey i like the "Korea", analogy. This whole thing seems sketchy as hell. I can't really trust a "reliable source said". Put some credentials on that source then let's talk, trust your data and trust your gut. Curious also when you guys started discussing "dark pools" you and Andrew got buried in my feeds…he did not.

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    Most people don't understand the concept of "buying the dip" buying the dip is all about buying digital assets when there price are down and selling off when the price rises just as the current market is down. Holding is profitable, although trading is far more profitable. I was able to grasps the knowledge of trading crypto assets early enough, but I was still limited due to my lack of technical understanding of how to analyze the digital market , all that changed when I encountered Expert Wyatt Cody service. Although I have been into numerous assets but Wyatt stands out with experience and expertise playing in his far, I most confess it wasn't an easy task to learning the routes on trading but with the assistance of Expert Wyatt it was more easier to understand. Here are his details on whats*App…+1..7..0…2…9..5…6…5..9..2..3…

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jonathan Pinkerton says:

    But, how do we know if are selling shares to the 99% or the covering hedgies? How to we know when to sell so we dont screw over our fellow apes?

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    Get back to pumping MVIS and real stocks and not absolute WSB trash like AMC. Youโ€™d get my subscribers if you focused on real disruptive companies will valuable products. Most of your videos just seem to be on MVIS now and Iโ€™ve stopped promoting you in my Facebook group

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    Appreciate you trey so much. Thanks for all the digging you do. Power to the people!!!

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    Trey u r a GC mate and everything you have said and how you deal with all these unforeseens in this mess. learning on the run is the only way and you have never said that you will be 100% correct so the haters can hate and lets find the next dip in the road and deal with it when it comes. Im holding 1100 in AMC @ $11 and 10 in Gamestop @$120. keep doing u brother.

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    Trey, enjoy your vids
    holdin 1200 AME shares
    This hits $100.00 a share
    I'll send you,Kraken x6 on me !

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    The best idea about money is; make it, invest most of it and manage whatever that remains expecting huge returns in nearest future.

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    Didn't understand any of it ๐Ÿ˜• but when he says Citadel, I know to be angry! Go apes!

  18. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars MF 2actual says:

    I liked the analogy of the U.S. and Korea being at war, and the U.S. is getting their ammo from Korea. You should have used China in the analogy, though! Lol

  19. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Seth Steele says:

    Robin hood and webull had a 30 cent price difference the other day i have screenshots

  20. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jay Mac says:

    Robinhood is definitely not making hundreds of thousands off of that Citadel "exchange" for the AMC data shown from Jan-Mar. I have no clue the percent they get for each transaction, but going off of your hundredth or thousandth of a percent, 3.6 million trades would only net 360 dollars at .001% or 36 dollars at .0001%. I'm aboard the ape ship, just a math ape.

  21. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Hola! Nick Beier says:

    It is the same shares getting traded multiple times during the same day. However that doesn't stop them from manipulating it. They own a large stake they can buy and sell it as much as they want. Think of it as All of the shares are held in an escrow indefinitely

  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Music Man says:

    This situation is probably much worse. The only thing citadel has done with robinhood is to extend the crash time. But there are two major consequences here in my opinion. Either citadel will be crashed by it, which will cause serious damage to the whole western economy. Or the whole thing remains without major consequences for citadel with the result that investors will lose confidence in the us market in the mid future. No matter how it turns out 2008 is waiting again. Greed ests brain. EDIT: AND NOT CAUSED BY A SHIP OR APES! ๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Pothead Reviews says:

    Iโ€™m all in AMC, the retail investor has been manipulated by hedge funds since the beginning of the market until now. Buy for freedom and because theyโ€™re trying cheat the system with restrictions and limiting buying, Wall Street only caused a sell off making the little guy only sell or get burnt, while hedge funds get to play by different rules. Saying time for the little guy to sit out. Burn the dirty hedge funds betting against us to the ground or at least bankrupt them. We need everyoneโ€™s help, this is a war. We will win… AMC will be going parabolic but keep holding because Diamond ๐Ÿ’Ž Hands. PT $250+ The longer we hold, the more hedges have to cover huge. Making the sky the limit. SPREAD THE WORD PLEASE Check out that beautiful short interest weโ€™re about to beat GameStop and Volkwagen hold on tight donโ€™t be manipulated by news mediaโ€™s using everyone as pawns we will win. Keep buying this outstanding float. We will be rewarded heavily for our service. HEDGE FUNDS ARE NAKED SHORTING AND SHORT LADDERING AMC TO KEEP US DOWN BUT ONLY POSTPONES Beautiful SQUEEZE BECAUSE THEY WILL HAVE TO COVER IN BLOCKS TO MAKE UP FOR RECOGNIZED LOSSES. BUY IN ON THIS GOLD MINE OPPORTUNITY, EVERYDAY WE BUY AND HOLD SHORT SELLERS HAVE ACCRUING MARGIN INTEREST WHICH IS INCREASING DAILY VERY RAPIDLY. ๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Matt Kohrs says:

    AMC can still ABSOLUTELY rip higher ๐Ÿš€ ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€
    Much Love!

    My only clarification: My friend works at an Exchange not a Hedge Fund (big difference)

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