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CLNE Stock: CLNE (Clean Energy Fuels Corp) engages in the provision of natural gas as an alternative fuel for vehicle fleets in the United States and Canada. CLNE also builds and operates compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas vehicle fueling stations. CLNE is a very similar to FCEL (FuelCell), PLUG (Plug Power), and WPRT (Westport Fuels). In this CLNE Stock video, we discuss current events and catalysts that could push the stock price to extreme margins of growth, as well as a macroscopic and microscopic overview of the company. We also establish levels of support and resistance for both investors and traders, analyze the 200 EMA (Exponential Moving average), 14 MA, RSI (Relative Strength Index), bullish and bearish trends, technical analysis chart patterns, and potential entry and exit points for traders and investors.
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Guys you are in for a freaking good one today i am so so excited to talk about clne. What is up, everybody welcome to trace trades. We get technical analysis on different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy, hold or sell opinions on these. Given stocks, i like the profits by saying that i'm not a financial advisor nor expert so take what i say with a grain of salt.

Let's just get right into the video today we're gon na be looking at ticker, symbol, c, l and e. We have got some crazy stuff to talk about here. We're gon na look at both uh we're gon na we're gon na start off here with the fundamentals of the company: the why? Why should you care? Why is this gon na matter right? Why should you consider holding this as a mid to long-term investment, which is what my two cents are? I would consider holding this for at least four years. In my personal opinion right, then we're gon na look at the the most recent news press, the news articles, because we do have a really huge news - article that was released, which is why i want to put this video out here today.

Then uh, we're gon na. Look at the charts, the meat and potatoes the the one month chart as well as the one day one minute chart to give you both a macroscopic and microscopic perspective of the price action right. I've got a couple. Different indicators pulled up which are the rsi, the relative strength index.

Anything over 70 is overbought. Anything under 30 is oversold. This is a great uh great indicator to signify momentum, and i've got the 200 ema and the 15 day m8. The 200 dma is this purple trend line, which is the exponential moving average.

This is a price action based valuation trend line over a 200 day moving period, a macroscopic price action trend line, and then the 15 day ma is the moving average. Some brokerage accounts call this the sma, the simple moving average, and this is a price action based valuation trend line over a 15 day moving period or a microscopic perspective of price action. We use these side by side in order to predict uh upcoming, breakouts and uh. We're going to talk about this all in much more detail once you get to the charts, but that is what i wanted to signify to you right off the bat in case you do not know we're giving you some potential entry points into this stock uh some Nice bullish or bearish indicators to give you the unbiased perspective.

I do not currently have a position in clne, but i will tell you right now: i am 100 planning on establishing one across both my weeble accounts and my fidelity account. I do not have a position, but i'll tell you what i like this almost as much as i like fuel cell now - and i am very excited to talk about this, so let's just get into the video. So what do they do? What is the why clean energy fuels corporation is a provider of natural gas as an alternative fuel for vehicle fleets in the united states and canada, the company is engaged in supplying compressed natural gas, liquefied natural gas and renewable natural gas for light medium and heavy duty Vehicles providing operation and maintenance, o m services for natural gas, fueling stations, company designs, builds, operates and maintains fueling stations manufactures sells, and services non-lubricated, natural gas feeling, compressors and other equipment used in cng stations and elegy stations offers assessment, design and modification solutions to provide operators With code compliance service and maintenance facilities for natural gas vehicle fleets and transports, and sells cng and lng to industrial and institute institutional energy users having no direct access to natural gas pipelines among others, so why does this play matter right? We know that joe biden is an office. He is, he is a uh, a democrat right, so he believes very heavily and a couple different policies, one of them being energy to be completely apolitical.

You do need to play into the eyes and the minds of your. Your uh, your legislators and with joe biden office, knowing we that he's very pro clean energy, plays like clne dual cell right, gevo uh autonomous vehicles, neo tesla, xpev uh, maybe someday cciv, if they do end up merging with lucid. These are all gon na, be huge, huge huge plays, and we do have some recent news which i'm gon na show you guys after we click on the website here that is going to signify. Why i like this company, so much now, it's gon na be a big big difference, so just looking at their website right now, this we can see they've got zero emissions, trucking zero added cost uh.

So they do have. You know electric vehicle, clean energy trucking right this - this is very nice drive your fleet into the future. You can drive your fleet into a cleaner, greener and more profitable future than clean energy's natural gas feeling solutions got their cost calculator to find out how much you can save switching from diesel to natural gas vehicles and services and support our expert team of technicians, sales And support specialists are on standby across north america, ready to meet your every need and exceed your expectations, so they are in north america, which is a very good thing to see. Uh, you can see some some customer testimonials right and their latest news.

This is what i am so freaking pumped about. This was posted literally today february, 8th 2021. I had to make a video on this. My friends, this is huge, huge, huge news and you guys got ta get into this play asap.

I tell you that right now, of course, i'm not a financial advisor, make your own you're investing decisions, but my take. This is freaking astronomical, clean energy signs, multi-year contract with la metro for more than 47 million gallons of renewable natural gas newport beach, california february 8th. Now, keep in mind that uh california is obviously a very democratic state right you're not going to see this nationwide yet, but i do think it is possible. You guys need to think of the potential for growth, not the current growth right right in office over a four-year period.

This could be just the beginning right we're trying to get into this play and beat the hype. So this is very, very possible. Clean energy has had a nice run up. We will show you guys that in the future - but this could be just the beginning - right, fuel cell and cne could be both plug mirrors and i'm not kidding you when i say that so clean energy fuels corporation announced that the los angeles county metropolitan transportation authority Has signed a new agreement for an estimated 47.5 million gallons of its renewable natural gas to fuel the nation's largest transit bus fleet.

This agreement will mark the completion of metro's five year goal to transition its diesel fleet to cleaner, low carbon fuel. Look at this five year goal: that is a long term. That's why i say four years holding this company guys you are not going to be disappointed in the least bit. This is a long term stock.

In my eyes, five year goal big big picture. I think a potential for growth, not current growth, low carbon fuel with 2 400 buses now running on rng, the first renewable and commercially available vehicle fuel made entirely from organic waste. Metro is committed to ensuring a seamless path towards a carbon neutral future says metro, chief sustainability officer, our use of rng, alongside our ultra low nox engines on our existing cng fleet, provides the most cost-effective, equitable and clean air strategy, as we continue to transition to a 100, zero emissions bus fleet by 2030 and a net zero emissions agency by 2050., guys you can see where i'm going with this. This is a good long-term stock.

If this ends up becoming capitalized right, so there's going to be other states and other legislators and companies that watch this they're going to look at the results, they're going to see how this pans out, how much money is it gon na save how much good is It gon na do the environment, and i said right here - i said right here: i'll read it again. Our use of rng alongside this provides the most cost effective, equitable and clean air strategy. They're saying right here in plain prince my friends, i'm very excited about this. You should be too, this is astronomical.

This is going to be a huge step in the right direction. It gets me real excited to see that happen, because i was not ready to pull the trigger on cnn yet but uh. I am now i'll. Tell you that 100 looking at their gross profits over the last year, they were down a little bit right down about a percent, but that is that's very minor in comparison to the growth that they have seen over the last couple of years, right, they're up 35.

2018., i can see this number changing a lot, especially with that multi-year plan with what they just signed with la metropolitan. Looking at the chart right, this is the meat and potatoes. What are we looking at? Well, this company has grown a lot. They they've done some pretty good stuff.

This is uh looking very, very much like fuel cell, and i think it's gon na have very similar run-ups these stocks all very closely mirror each other. So i really do think. The lne fuel cell and plug power are all three gon na be major powerhouses here in the future. So we already know what plug is right.

You can get in a plug. You know that the proven success you know the potential for growth is because it's already grown right now. There's not there's not much, that's not to say, there's much upside because there definitely is. You already know what that is: clne you're, investing in the potential for growth, and there is extreme potential for growth.

We have seen it. We've gone from 734 up to so far 15 25.. Here in the pre-market, we have seen a nice run-up because of this, i'm assuming this article guys this could be just the beginning. What are we going to be looking at for a potential entry point? That's what i'm here to tell you right! So what we can see is we do have this nice ascending level of support you want to get into this long term.

I do think it is going to come back down. You are going to see some people take profits right that are going to be thinking. Small picture with this, but to me this is a midterm, long term investment. If you want to get into this mid to long term right, i do think it is going to come back down and re-test this level of support right here, but if it doesn't well, what do we know? We can take a peek at previous run-ups right and uh get a perspective of what you're looking at.

So if we look at previous run-ups and see how it retraced, this is going to give us an idea of how much the stock pulls back. So in previous run-ups, the stock retracts pretty much picture-perfect at 50, which first off the bat a 50 retracement, is very strong. That shows great strength and buyers great strength in a charting system on a stock right. So i love to see that right off the bat we take that same perspective, and we apply it here - a 50 retracement based off of what we see right now.

Of course, this could very easily run up with that awesome, positive news, catalyst that we saw uh 50 retracement. It's gon na look like about 12.82 cents. I'll drop a level of support for you right here to signify that 1282 mark and if we do remove this fibonacci, you can see that lines up pretty dang well with what we have already and i'm actually going to adjust this just to here. So we get these extra candlewick touch points.

So i'm going to say 12.70 it's going to be a beautiful, beautiful entry point into the stock. If you are looking to establish one, it may not come down to that right. It may not. We do know we have another level of support right here at about 13.51, so somewhere between 1270 and 1351 is going to be a solid entry point into the stock.

I do anticipate you'll see at least a small pullback. If you don't right we're gon na we're. Gon na get you guys an updated video and get you an entry point into the stock. We do see that we are on an ascending level of support as well.

You can see this ascending level of support, so if you're, looking at a more immediate entry point right, you may see a re-test of the sustaining level of support so somewhere between here you know 13, 29 and 1355. If you do see a small pullback right, so that could be a good potential entry point. If you're willing to have a little bit of patience, wait for the stock to pull back a little bit, which i do anticipate is going to happen. It has had a huge couple of days some crazy, crazy, run-ups, crazy gap-ups in price action right disgusting price action, and i, i honestly think, if you don't chase this you're, not gon na being patient is gon na help you out here.

If you're looking for a swing opportunity, it is 100 there as well right. This is the second level of support. This more immediate level of support is going to be what you're looking for so an entry point like i said around 1330 to potentially 1369 and uh ride it out. Until you see a little bounce, you can get it.

You can get a 10 20 30 run up. Take that profit be very happy, but guys, i'm telling you right now. You're gon na be leaving some briefcases on the table. If you take this bag, i'm telling you, if you just have some patience, hold this for some time.

You are not gon na, be disappointed. One two three four years down the road. I genuinely think you're gon na be looking at a triple digit company. That sounds insane, but i'm telling you plug a couple years down the road.

It's probably gon na be like a 300 stock, so the patience pays. My friends, that is what i've got for you here right now, it's overbought right. We want to wait for that rsi to pull back a little bit, because this is heavily momentum, oriented towards buyers. I would say at least neutral right if we just if we get like a 30 point swing, so here we saw it dropped from 83 down to about 46..

So a nice 30 swing. 30 point swing pullback. If we get around the same pullback 25 to 30 points, i would feel pretty comfortable with you establishing a position in this company right uh, so somewhere between 45 and 50, just based on previous price action. We see that it does not usually correct that harshly.

It's got very consistent. Even steven volume, you've got a nice gap here between the 59 and the 200. Dma looks extremely extremely bullish and it does look like we may continue that into today. Looking at the 1d chart, this is pretty choppy price action here in the pre-market.

So not a lot that i can tell you about that. Not a lot of volume coming in, but what we can see you know is the previous day was uh, pretty freaking solid. We've got a nice solid, george debian, double bottom right here, george w. I call it that, because it looks like a w formation, you can see this w sort of formation.

Double bottom is typically a bullish indicator, signifying an upcoming run, which we did end up. Seeing right, we saw this huge filthy gap up here in the after hours, which is absolutely insane followed by a nice slow climb into what we are looking at. Currently, i do anticipate you're likely to see another green day today. So if you want to scalp the stock, please feel free to do so.

We'll come back out here to the one month chart to give you an idea of what you can get in at. If you want to scalp this for a small profit until it pulls back, you'll be looking somewhere around, probably about here, pull back to about 1454. somewhere between there and realistically about here at 1474.. So if you want to scalp this stock, get in around, there take a small profit: 5 10 15, whatever it ends up being and then wait for the pullback reestablish yourself for a better position and you're going to be cooking with absolute crisco.

That is what i have for you guys today. If you enjoyed the video, please drop a like. It really does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you like, to see more content like this. Lastly, i have an affiliate link in the description box down below for weeble.

Weeble is a brokerage platform that allows you to start training at 4am. This is version 4 for the desktop. If you use my link, i get two free stocks of the 100 100 deposit i'll receive a free stock right to support the channel. If you're not interested, my friends, that's totally fine.

I just appreciate your support by taking the time to watch my video. That is what i have for you guys today. Thank you for watching my friends and i'll see you all next time.

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