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Today we will discuss the market recap on a solid rebound day, UAMY's surprising run, AMC news, and more.
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Oh, my god, what a stupid crazy day for uamy jesus christ - oh man, welcome back everybody to another episode here of the traders podcast. It is great to have everybody here today. I have to make a quick correction to the title. This is actually episode.

25, but nonetheless it is great to have everybody back hope you guys are all chilling hope you all had a great day here in the market. We are going to be doing a little bit of a market recap a little bit of a closing bell live stream. Just chat today about what's been going on in the market, we'll take a look at uh amc, as you guys saw by the news, we're gon na look at uh whammy as well. Oh, my god, i did not expect the way to be green in the least bit.

I actually had a video ready to go on this talking about the sec uh. You know ding that they took you know in terms of um. You know missing some of the guidelines they have to follow with their direct offering, but man i'll tell you what i'm not posting that now. I'm not i'm not posting that now, because this is an absolute slam, dunk of a day for whammy holy toledo.

What a crazy day we also have, i think, where did that go i had that pulled up here somewhere what what, having a crazy day, what an insane day for what i would not touch this with a 10 foot pole, if i was gon na get into The stock personally but dang, that is a clean, move, absolutely a clean move for uh for watt. Here today, w-a-t-t big big day, you guys are already dropping the super chats. You guys are already doing it. You already know what it is yeah.

So what is crazy? What is crazy today, i would not get into this if you're not already in it, it is up 95 right now, so very, very, very risky i'd be very careful buying into the stock. If you do decide to do so, it ran out to eight dollars and 26 cents here in the pre market. Well, jack. There's a great level of uh resistance, a little bit of a bleed the rest of the day, uh consolidated, traded, sideways, destroying this reminds me a lot of uh, sckt, sock and mobile.

So when stock and mobile had this crazy run, if you look at the five-day chart here, you can see that it ran crazy in the pre-market trade sideways at the beginning of the market day, and then the volume was just insane drove all the way up to 35 dollars absolutely crazy, crazy stuff, and we see the same thing happen here with what why did oh, my gosh, it just does not look dead. This thing is going crazy, insane volume in the pre-market moved up to in a what would this be five minute window? 797 000 in volume, which is insane we saw it, come back in at the end of the day. This isn't this is just nuts volume, absolutely crushing right now. Personally, i would not touch this.

I would stay out, but if you are going to take a risk, please have a trolling stop-loss set, so you don't become a bag holder. I'd recommend buying it on the bottom of this ascending level of support at seven dollars and nine cents. That would treat pretty well, but just be very, very, very cautious. Thank you todd.

I appreciate that as well stormy the summer, if it says cci, v fam. These are contracts expiring, institutionals and whales selling millions of shares to trigger stop losses and create a cheap price for themselves. So i think cciv is gon na absolutely fine they're down about five percent here today, but this is not the end of the world, not the end of the world. I would not worry about that too much.

A lot of volume popping in here people are taking the opportunity to scoop up these cheap shares, guys i would, i would eat that opportunity up if you believe in cciv is a long-term plate. So if you look at them on a one-month chart here, real quick, just taking a quick peek, you see a little bit of a sell-off, but i wouldn't sweat that too much that's just an opportunity to get in for cheap. If you got in at a higher price right, this is an opportunity for you to average down. So i wouldn't i wouldn't sweat too much they're still on a setting level of support.

You saw a nice bounce here off of uh that same level. Support long can't look underneath that um, i think you're sitting pretty safe. I would not sweat it too much. Thoughts on cciv take care of yourself love.

You buddy, hey! Thank you. I appreciate that uh, it's everybody tuning in! Thank you for joining the traders podcast great to have everybody here uh. Thank you also to michael for tuning into that live stream with max max mare, mayher, dude um. I probably saying his name wrong: matt hair.

I don't know if i'm saying it right, but fellow minnesota boy, oh my gosh we've got so much in common. That was like talking to a long lost friend. I didn't even know i had, but looking very solid here with ccib. I would.

I would like look for an opportunity to buy in at 51. If you see it pop back down again amc guys holy crap, there's uh. There is some interesting information floating around on amc right now, so i do want to show you guys on my twitter page. If i just check this out real quick check this out, so i'm going into my profile, this has been shared with me by a couple of people, and i definitely think it's worth sharing so check this out.

They won't let my orders for more amc shares. Go through said there isn't enough available to fill it. That is absolutely insane so check this out. Also, this was shared with me.

Amc only point: eight percent of the float left. So if i'm reading this right check this out, 99.2 percent of the total shares outstanding are being utilized, meaning that only point eight percent are currently available. Now we just check out fintel data right, amc short interest on fintel. Let's take a peek at how that compares right, so we're gon na.

Do that real quick? So we look at amc's short interest here on fintel. This is loading for us here, real quick, but it is currently sitting at total of uh short shares available 650 000, which is super low. That was updated as a 55 minutes ago, so that that would line up pretty well. That would line up pretty dang.

Well, if that is true, that is if it is true right, we don't know that for sure we don't know that for sure we have to air on the side of caution and assume the worst right, because we have seen you know, data being manipulated in the Past, but if that's true, that is very significant information, my friends, i would pay very close attention to that. Um. That's that's! A little float man, that's a low amount of uh total available shares. 650.

000. Total short shares available is not a lot, not a lot at all if we look at the total short volume - 20.5 million as of the 18th. So how do we? How does that compare to the previous numbers? It's dropping off, it's dropping off and my hypothesis, for that would be the short volume could drop off if there's just less total short shares available to trade right. So take that for what it is, i think that's a significant number.

I can see that being very uh very important to keep in the back of your mind, i'm looking at ortex as well. Just look at the amc short interest here, real quick, let's see how that lines up as well. Current utilization is 83.12, so that lines up a little bit differently than we've seen here with the you know, the numbers available to us on fintel, however, 83 is still a very high number. That means that only 17 of the current sortable utilizable shares are available for lending, so that could be a very, very significant piece to pay attention to my friends.

I just got a text from max funny. That's good stuff max. If you're out there watching keep it keep keep rocking my dude, that was a beautiful livestream today. I was absolutely loving that that was a great great time, but i do want to point that information out to you guys.

That is very significant information to me. I do think if i was uh. If i was a fellow ape, i would want to know that there are 650 000 total short shares available for lending, so that is that is crazy, stuff, crazy eh! What's our move here so eh is down here. A little bit.

Uh today has been a little bit of a bleeder um found a nice bottom at 58 and 15 cents. For me, this is gon na be a recovery play, so i will hold this for anywhere between one to two weeks. Looking for a solid ten to twenty percent gain, that's just my personal plan with that there, my friend harun. Thank you for the great question.

All right so uwmc short attack take a quick peek at this. So uwmc is down about four percent here today, man, that's taking a beating, oh that's, taking a hard beating that is taking a hard hard beating man. That's tough! So that's in a crazy downward downward pressure, move right there - that's tough! Ah i wouldn't buy into this. Until you see a bottom on, we haven't got that yet we haven't got that bottom out, yet yeah i'd hold off.

I would personally hold off on that volume. Is crazy? That's a lot of red volume, i'm guessing it's being shorted yeah that'd be a pretty solid uh, pretty solid guess. Personally, i saw somebody in here say uh that i thought u-w-u-a-m-y was gon na be dead and i'm not gon na lie to you. I definitely thought this was gon na be screwed.

I am really really really surprised to see this green right now, because by all means by all means with sec violations like that there should be no reason at all that this play is uh is a live cat. I 100 thought this is gon na be dead. I had a limit order set on this and i ended up taking it off just by the off chance that it turned green today and sure enough. This thing didn't get smashed as bad as i thought it would.

So that's crazy. It's been pretty flat the rest of the day, but it is forming a little bit of uh a pennant formation here which doesn't look bad. It's got potential, i'm really surprised. I there's no reason this should have been green.

No reason at all. No reason at all the only thing that i can think of is two two hypothesis. So a uh people didn't care that we had this uh sec investigation and ding because of upcoming news. Potentially so people could be.

You know that there's upcoming news with ambry, which i have discussed here recently or b people got into this and it just pumped on mad volume because of the attention that it got. That's also very possible. So it's tough to say, what's gon na end up happening here with the whammy, but i'm still bullish on it. I i don't particularly like that.

I don't particularly like that uh some of the insiders have been selling their shares. I don't like that sec ding either, but nonetheless whammy man holy toledo. They got a nice little break from the red two two red days in the market, they're sitting not too bad right. Now, all right music man says htmc buy now uh going to a dollar.

So i would take up the opportunity to buy into hcmc for for cheap, that's an opportunity for sure. I think it's got some solid potential it's down here today, but in terms of correction. If we just take a look at the one month, chart that's a solid opportunity. I saw somebody in here say that htmc has 124 percent short interest.

We're gon na check that out here on uh on ortex, see what pops up doesn't have any data. What is on fintel um? That's a crazy short volume, 124 dang that was as of uh the 19th of january, though so that's not up to date. That's not up to date. Keep that in the back of your mind, this data is not being reported every single day, so that short volume ratio is not not recent.

That's from a long long time ago, that's a crazy number, crazy, crazy amount of short volume. So, there's probably some some shorts that have gotten squeezed on that thing, which is probably why you're seeing quite a bit of price action here right a lot of move. What would the 19th look like quite a ways back dang, i don't know i did short a stock. That's trading at .0002 where's the room to run from that.

Not a lot, not a lot at all. That's crazy! All right thoughts on nviv, we'll check that out. Quick, so in vivo down about a percent here right now, i'm just gon na clear this off real quick. So, just looking at this on the one most chart here right now, um, it's got a double top, which is a little bit bearish a little bit bearish in nature.

I don't know anything about upcoming news catalyst regarding uh, an evo and vivo, but it's also got a triple bottom, so that could be pretty solid. That could be pretty solid, but right now it's on the bottom of that trend, so you're looking for a bounce off that, ah i'm not entirely sure you're gon na want to see that reject. Otherwise that's a double tap again. That could be pretty rough.

If you see it bounce off this level of support right here, i'd feel pretty confident with that. All right for everybody tuning in here today welcome to the gorilla game great, to have everybody here tuning in to another live stream uh. I see people asking about sensonics and since i am still very very bullish on it is a little bit a little bit red here today. I don't think it's too late to buy in if you are waiting for an opportunity to get into the stock.

I've got a pretty hefty stake in sensonics in my other brokerage account, and i've got a couple of call options on this as well on my weeble and it does look like it's found a nice bottom here. We've got quite a quite a decent little price rejection. The only thing i'm looking for now is that hard candle move i want to see in a gulping candlestick pattern, that's indicating to me that we found the bottom on this uh on this setup. We do know that they're waiting 180 days cgm, which is continuous, continuous glucose monitoring system, uh, fda approval and if they get that that is going to move the price action very, very solid.

So that's gon na be looking for right. There. That's on uh, cannonball and usws, so i'll check out one of those. My friend i try to stick to at least just so just one per person so check out usws down about 17.

Here on the day, a little bit of a harsh retracement, i'm not gon na lie. I might keep bleeding i'd stay away for now. I see no reason to see a price rejection in terms of retracement. It's pretty harsh, that's a pretty harsh retracement.

It's at about 78.6 percent. Next level of support is going to be filling up that gap in price action which is right around here. So i think it's likely gon na drop down to about two dollars and fourteen cents i'd watch for a bounce off of that. Personally, personally, my friend, i know i'm not drinking water right now.

You guys have to bear with me the water pipes at my hotel bursted, so they shut down water for the day. So now i have an excuse. I've got an excuse to be drinking diet. Coke, so don't get mad, don't get mad.

It is what it is. Friends, it is what it is. It is what it is. I look at wef on the tse.

They surpassed their eps by over 200 percent, announced today, wef western forest huh. That's a dirty move. It's moving really hard! That's crazy, interesting! These are some hard moves. Man that looks clean, holy crap.

This is bullish as of late. This thing is moving hard. That's a hard hard move um over there earnings annual quarterly those are pretty solid man. I don't mind that at all really solid gross profit, solid revenue.

I want to see their net income profitable, that's solid. I don't mind that at all that's a solid swing from the previous quarter i wouldn't buy in after that. It's a buy. The hype sell the news kind of play to me, but if it comes back down, you see a gap down.

I'd watch for uh a retest of this level of support right here. I don't know if it's gon na come all the way back down to that, though, i'd watch for this about a dollar fifty-five. I'm gon na look at a retracement here, real, quick and just see what it typically does. Typical retracement is uh, 78.6 percent.

So if you see a retrace 78.6 again, that's gon na look something like a buck 55, which lines up almost picture perfect with that level of support. So i think that'd be a pretty solid entry point. My friend, i don't mind that at all amc guys has had a decent day. This has not been bad for amc.

Just to give you guys a quick update on what's been going down with amc, they have been really solidly consolidating. So there is a couple different ways that i can see: amc swinging out, um either a you can see a squeeze happen, which is definitely possible. Uh. It's just gon na take some volume.

We don't currently have the volume. That's gon na move. This thing, which is probably partially because of the amount of shares that are currently available for trading, so i'm just going to show you guys this real, quick in case you're just tuning in this is crazy. If this is true, that means that only 0.8 of the total outstanding shares are available for trading, which means an insane amount of people are holding this right now.

That would be monumental, but at the same time, that would mean that disney has an even crazier amount of shares being held. So we're gon na take a look at disney, quick, disney, looking very similar in pattern. Man, that's a very similar setup, very, very similar setup, which might because might be because so many people are holding the stock nobody's trading hands. It's tough to say it's very tough to say, but that's a possibility.

Second possibility for me with amc, is going to be that you see an amazon acquisition. Of course we don't know if this is going to be guaranteed. Nothing in the market is guaranteed, but there are quite a few signs that are saying it is very possible. So what we have been seeing is that there are institutions that have been investing in both amc and amazon on pretty much the exact same day, so that would be on the 12th and 13th.

You see institutions that have bought into that gh morons. How many of you are actually up uh lmao, so i i really don't appreciate that man. You can rank on me all you want, but don't rag on my community. That's not cool you're gon na get muted.

For that you can make fun of me. You can pull me down as much as you want, but you can't do that to my gang not to the gorilla gang. Sorry about that guys. You don't need to see that you don't need to see that kind of hate.

I've got nothing but love for the gorilla gang, so you guys don't need to be a part of that. I know that me as a creator i'm going to take flack, but you guys don't deserve that that pisses me off, but anyways amc has done an upward moving channel right now. So that's very nice. It's been consolidating very nicely.

If we look here on the last seven days or so, the bottom has been five dollars and 26 cents bottom here at about five dollars and 35 cents, and it's been slightly stair. Stepping since it's tested out, we got a triple top, which is bearish in nature. Right, so we've got a top here top here top here, which is typically bearish. However, that's not that's, not a bad setup.

That's uh! I like the fact that it's been consolidating that is beautiful. I like that beautiful beautiful consolidation. Once we get some volume pumping into this, if it comes that's gon na be absolutely nice very, very nice all right, i'm gon na read off some of these super chats. Thank you to everybody that has been uh taking the time to join us here in the community.

Kendall turner, hey. I appreciate the love by the way guys. That means a lot to me. That means a lot to me.

Some people are buying amcx. Instead of amc great thing to point out here, so amcx is not the same thing, not the same thing. Amc networks is not amc, entertainment so do not buy. I'm not going to sell.

I'm not going to tell you what to do. I'm not going to tell you what to do, but if you're looking to buy amc entertainment that is not the same thing as amc network, so keep that in the back of your mind, amc is ticker symbol, amc not amcx. So just keep that in the back of your mind, my friend sick. I love the support.

My friends, that's awesome. All right! Thanks for the rainbow table hint learned a lot from both of you. Why do you track five? Damn, instead of five day ema, i don't track the five day attract the 15 day. So i use the the ema for the 200 period right, the exponential moving average.

I set it to 200 days and then i use the 15 day ma for the the moving average. I use these both because it gives me a good idea of when you're gon na see you know previous price action break away from upcoming predicted price action. That's solid, the brake caves. Is there a lot of mixed comments about saying, high selling is driving price down or putting a lot of selling pressure? Do you know this is true, so i have seen in terms of price action, setting a high sale limit, what it could do, setting a highest element with an indefinite.

You know expiration. What that's gon na do is take away the availability for hedge funds or institutions to use your shares for shorting, so they won't be able to borrow them. Yes, sir, i also see people asking about sos sos has been um having a pretty decent day, they're up about five percent. Here, i'm just gon na clear out these charts.

I spend way too much time on chart setups, but uh. It's not looking bad. So we've got a nice floor here. Nice little uh, ascending level of support.

We've got a little descending level of resistance. That looks clean. It's a little bit of an inverse bullish flag. So this is a bearish flag setup.

What you're looking for is a break above this descending level of resistance. The 15 ma is gapped up over the 200 dma, so that looks. Very solid volume is dying back a little bit 48 on the rsi um we're looking for a little bit of bullish momentum to set back into this. So this looks like the perfect setup for it.

We got that nice engulfing candlestick pattern, but it didn't end up playing out, so we want it might take a couple days to play out, but i'm still bullish on sos in the long term um another stock that i'm very bullish on is z kin. I've got a stake in z, kin. It is up ten percent today, that's dirty so dirty it is getting ready to test out ten dollars. I made a video on these guys not too long ago and they've been crushing absolutely crushing.

Just go back up here. Read some more of these super chats. Thank you everybody tuning in here, if you and i might drop a like on the video for the gorilla game. That is all that i'm asking for my friends means a lot to me.

Everyone holding amc set a settlement of 100. This will force the shorts into a panic. They won't be able to borrow any of our shears, so yeah. So what only you said.

I do believe that is the case. That is something worth uh checking out. Textiles thanks for tuning in again my friend great to see you here. I love the constant support.

That means a lot to me, dude seriously. I said in the last stream, but if you want to check out techstar, he has got a youtube channel. That is doing some good things also check out max maher. That dude is a g, absolutely love it.

This is techstar check out his channel anime channel dude. If you like anime, this is the guy for you, absolutely the guy for you, but man, z. Kid is having a day having a crazy day, volume's actually starting to pick up here. The rest of the the close of the market got about four minutes left until market closed and it is going to the moon baby.

Beautiful. Do you have a video of how you have your wee bowl set up? If not, would you mind making one in the near future, so i do have a nice video out on my uh, my weeble setup. It's uh how to use weeble in 2021, so i'll. Just look this up here: real quick! If you just check, if you look up trays, trays, trades weeble, you should be able to find it.

So it's this one right here how to use weeble desktop 2021, step-by-step walkthrough on weeble platform. So that's what i personally did. I made this video pretty much immediately after i made the switch it's uh, it's a great uh, great video it'll treat you well my friend. I know it's a cannabis sector company not plant touching, but would love to hear your thoughts on srna.

Hey, no worries man. I don't have to agree with you guys to talk about the stock right. Sometimes i'm right sometimes i'm wrong. It's uh my personal opinion.

It does not mean the stock is going to go to the moon or go. You know back to the ground in terms of setup. If we look at the setup here, it's in a down moving channel, so you got to break out of this this decent level of resistance descending level of support. We want to see a push above that descending level of resistance overall volume, pretty stagnant, not a lot of volume pumping into this um.

It looked like it was going to find a bottom here. I like that engulfing candlestick pattern. So we get this engulfing candlestick pattern. A large green candle that closes above that previous large red candle.

That's to me in the case that you might see the bottom here. You might see a little bit of consolidation, so i'd watch for a whole above that level of support right here and watch it close or or push above that decent level of resistance. Do you like bb for the mid-wear eevee patterns? I love bb, it's not getting any good love right now, man, i i am genuinely surprised this has been bleeding so bad. This company and nokia have been just getting killed, which is sad because i think i have a lot of potential.

Macroscopically they've got a little bit of a double top pattern, an m for midi when it should be set to w for wumbo or george w. That's uh, it's rough. I am genuinely surprised that bb's getting killed so bad. I think his time will come, but it's not yet it is not yet all right.

Can i check out cciv, so i did look at ccib earlier in the stream. If you want to rewind to check that out, but uh, i think you're going to be okay with cciv i'd watch for a bounce off of that 51 5140 range that'd be my two cents. Man cciv, is what it is. Pullbacks happen.

Stocks go up, stocks go down when the stocks go down, that's an opportunity for you to buy in for cheap right. You want to buy things on sale and sell them. When they're ripping buy the rips sell the sell. Wait, wait, wait! No! I was about to say, buy the rips sell the dips, buy the ribs baby, buy the ribs and sell the dips, that's gold, i love it, but no you want to buy the dips and sell the rips guys.

That is how it goes. Amc number are true. Isn't good for people that hold shears stoner dragon? I don't know if you're stoned right now, man, but i don't know what you're saying i'm sorry afc number are true. Is it good for people that hold shares come on, think brain think think.

If it's, i think what you're saying is if that number is true, it is good. It is good if that's uh, that percentage is true. That means uh. There's a low amount of shares available for trading, so that'd be solid.

I wouldn't mind that at all taking a beating on dffn, what do you think take a quick peek man? It's getting laddered pretty hard, but it looks like it's uh. It's got a little gap up here from that descending level of resistance after hours. It's down about two percent man, i'm listening to the best music right. Now i got ta get.

I can't get enough of it. I don't know if you guys have ever watched hero, my hero, academia, but i listen to one of the most epic soundtracks. Oh, i think the name of the title, epic battle, anime soundtrack dude. I didn't even do that on purpose.

That's all i need to know. That's all you need to know that is some gold, but anyways coming back here, it looks like it might have broken out of that descending channel. So i'd watch for that i'd watch for that. I think it's eventually gon na find the bottom here coming from hawaii.

Can you check out verb i'll, take a quick peek up about six percent here price action is a little bit choppy. It looks like i found a nice bottom, though. What catches my eye right off the bat is this uh engulfing candlestick pattern that looks nice? That's a pretty solid setup, i think that's likely. The bottom rsi is seeing a 56 that could be a good ride.

The momentum sort of swing play you could buy in. If you see some sort of pullback, i would say a buy-in around um 222 would treat you pretty well and then watch for a re-test of 256. guys. We got to take a look at nbis.

Nvis had a monster day, monster monster, day, 20 dollars and 50 cents baby nice gob dang. We like this stock, we love our girl, mavis mavis is an animal. I think there was some news about apple looking into the autonomous vehicle game and i think that drove some of the price action here. I definitely think that drove some of the price action today with mvis beautiful, is it whammy ripping people are saying, whammy is ripping.

Oh amy guys, i was so wrong on whammy. I definitely thought this uh this play was was dead. What i'm confused? Oh sick, the volume stepped up pretty nice. Is it halted right now? We can't see any price action here in the after hours.

No way is it halted again what the heck! What is this i'm huh little bit confused, i'm not gon na lie. I don't know why it's not moving we'll come back to a whammy, but i'm gon na check on that in a second here. Unless i got ding for scc stuff again but i'd be, i don't know about that: that'd be crazy. Frx shack's, back three-way merge with beach body fitness plus mix fitness uh thoughts.

So i actually looked at this in the last stream yesterday as well. Um i'll check it out real quick, though after hours, it's down about or up about two percent that doesn't even make sense. Why is we balls being so goofy? It says after hours this is up, but oh, i suppose it is technically never mind yeah. So it had a pretty decent day had a pretty decent day from my understanding, yeah solid day, hit 17 and 23 cents a little bit of a sell-off.

That to me, looks like a picture-perfect entry point. I won't look at this on the five-day chart to get a better idea. If you see a bounce here, that is a solid entry point. I would like that a lot as a swing a lot a lot, a lot, a lot.

A lot that'd be a solid swing opportunity, but the merger, if it goes well, i mean you could continue to hold and that's still a solid buy-in at 13. It seems like it might hold here that level of support pretty harsh sell-off, but it lines up pretty well with a level of support. So i don't mind that as an opportunity for sure people are saying market closed, but they're still after hours, so they should be able to still see some after hours action, how goofy what a bunch of goofiness that is crazy. Child rodiac says we need to.

We need you to collab john who do you want me to collab with? What are you talking about? Jiod tell me what you want me to collab with i'd definitely be uh all ears. Vtgn thanks, bro, hey, no bro, no pro you bro! Thank you bro. I appreciate that means a lot to me, so everybody tuning in to the traders podcast welcome to the closing bell. It was a pretty decent day here in the market.

In terms of how my day went today, uh i took a little bit of a ding on some of my options plays since sonic's had a little bit of a bleed here as well as httc. I did not take profits when it was up, as i do believe, there's still more upside here. I'm looking for a gtc to break ten dollars sometime within the next month. If it breaks 10 dollars, i will gladly take profits and i'm looking for sensonics to get approval on their 180-day cgm system.

The continuous glucose monitoring system, their ever since uh system, and once that happens, i will gladly take profits on these. That is why i got these options calls i do not play with options unless i feel like there's extreme amount of upside in companies whammy very decent day. Today it was up 22.56 percent exxon had another crazy day, absolutely beautiful up about nine percent. Here my average price on this is about 40 and 47 cents, so i'm up about 92 on that so far, today's game is about 1.17, so nothing crazy, but green is green.

My friends, that is my weeble account in my other brokerage account. I took a little bit of a dance down about half a percent, a couple hundred bucks, but not bad, not bad, overall break even start a day, cybl, please and pending contract with dod you're, the best my dude no problem, my friend no problem at all, all Right so, pending contract with dod, oh i've looked at this company before i have looked at them, so if they are a us-based company and they get a contract through the dod, this stock will skyrocket, absolutely skyrocket, anytime. You see a government-backed institution get into a company such as the department of defense. You can see a lot of gains potential there in terms of setup.

I don't mind that setup at all. I would watch for a hold over this level of support at about .0028. If they get that contract, they can be nasty, absolutely nasty all right. What do you think about crk as a quick play? Oh look at that george w baby drop some dummies.

That is nice. I love that as a setup that is nice nice. I don't know where my sweater dma went. Let me get this back in here, sometimes for whatever reason: weeble just get rid of my uh, my indicators, nice cap, here between the 59 and the 200 ema.

That's a nice setup. I don't mind that at all on the rsi, it's got a bottom up bottom out. We got the double bottom here that looks like a beautiful buying opportunity to me: that's a setup for a run. That is a huge setup for a run.

If you want to break a momentum right on this you're going to watch for a push over this neckline out at 6 and 30 cents 57 on the rsi, it is uh moving pretty nice and bullish momentum, i don't mind buying a 620. all righty, we're going To take a quick peek again at whammy, it is still not moving in the after hours, which is really oh. Here we go, it is moving just kidding, so the volume is just very, very low, not a lot of volume. Pumping into this right now i was confused.

I was like why the heck isn't uh me moving a lot of these plays after hours are just flat, that's weird all righty, so we had a pretty good day today. It was up uh about 19ish percent, pretty solid close if we just take a peek at amc here in the after hours. I'd be curious to know how they are doing down about negative uh negative point, three five percent or so, but not bad, not bad. I mean for for being green is being green.

My friends, you got to take it for what it is. I've said this time and time again for a squeeze to happen. We just need the volume to increase, and i don't know how that's going to happen. If the numbers are are what they are, what it would come down to is either a the volume increases or b nobody sells.

That's all it's going to come down to. That is all that. It would come down to my friends, sftw black sky merger, so i'm not sure what black sky is guys for anybody out there. That's interested i'm going to be having max my hair on the the live stream here sometime this weekend.

So we can talk. Stocks and stuff he's got a great background in uh reading, spreadsheets income statements, balance sheets, the whole nine yards, so i'm very excited to have him come on here and he'll be able to teach you guys a lot of things that i don't personally have a strong Understanding in um, i take a lot of pride in my my fundamental analysis. Being able to you know, estimate where companies are go based on their potential for growth and technical analysis and he's got a great uh background in entrepreneurship, as well as uh income statements. So it'll be very interesting to talk with him.

I'm excited to have him on my friends beautiful, but uh. As of now, sfcw today took a little bit of a beating a little bit of a sell-off on the one-month chart, still bullish in nature. So i'm not sweating that sell off at all. That gap up is nasty, though that's a disgusting gap up, oh retracement, wise, nice bounce off of 61.8 percent.

We got a picture perfect george w. Now it's bouncing out of a 50. I think it's trying really really hard to move. I think a good buying opportunity is going to be if you see a retest down here at 14.58.

So you see this come back down to 1458 for a double bottom, but george davia. That is going to be a solid buy-in. I would like that a lot oh daniel get out of here daniel. What is that? What is it? No? No! No! No! No! No laser is not better than nvis you're, a silly chicken.

You are one silly chicken, my man, it's trading for hire i'll, give you that laser is a good company. I'm not gon na ding. You i'm not gon na ding you i just personally like nvis more that's just me. They've had some crazy growth for sure, hey, but don't come disrespecting.

My girl mavis, don't disrespect my girl mavis, no, no! No! No! No! No! No! I don't know how she goes. We love mavis, all right, that's about ctrl! Thank you for the super chat. My friend, everybody that has dropped the super chat is very highly appreciated. You guys all rock much love much love ctrl what they were d-listed the company was de-listed, so i can't tell you anything: if that's true, there's not much, i can tell you it is what it is.

Sorry, my friend love the show. What's your non-financial advice of ovv or xpo, i'm glad you said, or i try to cover just one ticker symbol per person that way i can get to as many people as possible, but obvi we will take a peek at my non-financial advice because i'm not a Financial advisor, oh man, everybody's, got those t-shirts, though every youtube channel's got those i'm not a financial advisor shirts. I, like i, like my gorilla gang stuff gorilla gang baby, is rocking just for anybody out there that wants to take a peek. I do have a merch store if you do want to check that out.

The link is in the description box down below, but we've got some pretty cool shirts. We got the george w. We got a gorilla gang shirt, we got a game stock. We've got women's shirts as well, including uh.

Crop tops, hoodies masks, some cool accessories, coffee cups, yadda yadda. If you want to check it out cool, if not that's cool too, i don't really care guys. I am jay chillin, just chillin, but anyways. This is a solid bounce play.

I like that setup, a lot it's getting ready for a setup on a george w. We got a nice engulfing candlestick pattern here bottom out. We got another bottom up pattern, beginning to form right here. Beginning of it looks like an engulfing candlestick pattern.

Nice volume here to back it up that looks like i saw a buying opportunity, looks like it's gon na be a good reversal play. I don't mind that setup at all. I think that's a solid buying opportunity. You can play this off as a swing if you'd, like i don't know anything about the company but uh buying out 2129 tests of 23.39 five percent gain.

Take it for what it is. That's not bad, no really sense. No where'd! You read that somebody dropped that somebody dropped that uh that sensonics link; no, no, no no come on. Why you got ta.

Do me like that? Why you got ta. Do me like that? I type incense sonic. So the first thing that pops up is dexcom get out of here. Somebody drop a link if you've got it.

I'd, be very interested in checking that out. Maybe reddit's got something 180 cgm reddit february 11th. I haven't seen it yet. Is it another website, not their logo? You guys can tell i do this.

For my thumbnails news releases said sonic's holdings incorporated schedules. Fourth quarter in full year, 2020 earnings release and conference call for march 4th 2021 at 4. 30 p.m. That's a pretty solid news, catalyst that could be solid.

I don't mind that, but i still don't see anything about their 180-day cgm system boy. If that was fake news, that was fake news, i'm gon na be i'd, be salty, don't get my hopes up like that. My friends, oh oh man, i started sweating that made me sad, but if you honestly do find a link, please share with me i'd love to. I would like to see that, but i'm not going to believe something until i read it.

Thank you. Jay carter appreciate that for anybody out there wondering i am not skipping super chats, i'm reading these in order i'm trying to uh get to as many people as i can. I know that sometimes i get people that think i skip them. I promise you, i'm not.

I'm just trying to read as many people as i can in order that way, i don't miss anybody. So it's not a nice move right now. The volume today wasn't crazy, which i don't mind, seeing on a red day, um i would buy in on that uh city level, supported 336.. I think that was fake news.

My friends, i didn't see anything about that solid, so i think i'm buying about three dollars and 37 cents. 336 retreat pretty well very bullish. 15 minutes over 200ma, our size on a nice upswing. Right now looks like the after hours.

I might run a little bit. Have you talked about eh today? I have not so eh today took a little bit of a beating, but it's got a beautiful technical setup starting to form here guys. Do i even need to say this? Do i even need to say this if you've been tuning in for a while, you better be able to see this with your eyes. You better be able to see this with your eyes, because this is a setup that is a setup right there baby.

That is a setup george davia, my name is george w bush and i like stocks, that is a george w in the making, my friends, if that bounces off that level of support, that is a sexy setup for a nice nice bouncing run. That would be beautiful. I still think that eh is a good recovery play. I've seen i've seen some news out there talking about um the company fundamentals right and i'm not in eh as a long-term hold or even a midterm hold i'm in this as a one to two week.

Recovery plate so an opportunity to get a nice bounce off of that extreme sell-off that we saw right. So if you see a nice bounce off that extreme sell-off, it should move pretty nicely. I did a pretty nice. Recovery went from 38 bucks up to about 78.

So that's a that's a solid, almost double up, and now it's staying at about 59 and some change. I bought this for 70 bucks with uh about a thousand dollars, 1200 bucks or so um, but i i think it's got some upside for recovery. I'm not gon na hold this long term, but i'm gon na be watching for a retest of a technical setup right. So i'm looking for a retest of this uh triple top triple top sitting right around here at about 91 bucks.

That's gon na be a pretty significant level of uh resistance. You see a push i'll keep riding. If you don't, then i will uh i'll. Take my profits i'll, be happy, nickels and dimes.

My friends, that's what it's all about all right! That's on gte! I will take a quick peek at this. I'm going to try and speed through these uh super chats. Give you the best information that i can as quick as i can, but gta is that sitting right now, volume's, nothing crazy! 15 ma is leveled off with a 200 dma. So let's stop the bleeding.

We have found a nice bottom here. I think now was a pretty solid, buying opportunity, uh holding very well above this level of support, pretty solid retracement. I guess it's about 50 61.8, so 61.8 percent retracement does look like you found the bottom, so it looks like a safe entry. They can unleash.

My drag check out the beautiful nvis. Oh i did. I did. We love our girl mavis.

We love our girl mavis. We got ta, give her some love in the after hours. It is neutral, even steven she's doing her thing beautiful day, for what do you think of dffn? I did cover that. I hope you're able to catch that reno hope you're able to catch that oliver.

Thank you, my friend thoughts on hcmc, simple on htmc. It did have a little bit of a pullback here today, but the situation is still the same. We are waiting on a settlement from philip morris and we are expecting to hear news on that by the 26th, so very solid potential there. My friend got ta scroll back up, so i can get everybody all right.

David says: can you give a scenario where you would average up in a stock? Why would you i'm new and can't really figure out when it's a good idea, brother? Oh, i'm! So glad you asked that david. That is a great great question, so you average in on stocks um when you are long-term holding them so, for instance, with mbis right i bought into this company back. My average was like six dollars and 80 cents or so, and i averaged up - i bought shares when it was trading right around here. I think i bought it would have been about 19 or so miscalculated the bottom, a touch but nonetheless still net positive, and i averaged up in mvis because i believe conviction, conviction wise that long term, a year from now the stock is going to be trading at 100, so yes, your margin of returns won't be as sexy that won't be as nice, but you're still gon na be making more money right.

So you've got more money on the line. Yeah, the margins won't be as nice. The average will be a little bit higher, but you're still going to be making more money. So you need to kind of get past that psychological barrier and that's why you want to average up in stocks that you're long-term holding like tesla is another example.

So if you're long-term tesla you bought in at like 70 bucks a year and a half ago or whatever this would have been well, that's not tesla! What the heck is. This tesla on the otc market get out of here phony. But if you look at tesla on a five-year chart, for example, just check this out back here, it was trading at uh. What would this be 60 bucks if you bought in back in 2019 november of 2019, you bought it at 60 bucks right, then.

You bought in again you're 160 you're buying to get at 200 you're buying again at 300 you're buying to get at 400. Your average is gon na go up, but you're still making more money. So that's that's not bad at all. That's not bad! On the least bit brian hun have you been in contact with jj and thanks so much for the nvis call, i'm in at 4 15..

The gorilla gang is awesome. I love this community stay healthy, i'm praying for you. Thank you brother. I really do appreciate that.

I have not got a hold of jj, yet um you guys can let him know. Let him know that uh that i wan na i wan na chat with him for sure. Actually i'll just drop a comment on his uh one of his videos. Here.

Quick excuse me guys, while i just drop a quick comment on jj's uh jj's channel, but i love jj dude. This guy is a beast absolute beast. He is, he is the bee's knees, so i'm just gon na drop a comment, quick and say: jj love the beard and beard thing. My man, i'm a whiskey guy, but got nothing but love for the manly stock game.

Shoot me an email sometime would love to chat with you about stocks. So let's do that. I'm not going to do a smiley face, that's kind of whack all right there. We go beautiful, coming back here to uh the game.

So thanks for pointing that out brian, we haven't gotten to contact. Yet if you guys want to shoot him, uh shoot him at comments or something on his next live stream. Just let him know i'm interested in chatting. That's definitely something i'd be down to do charles says: btc, lots of good news lately, blockchain uh apps, so btzi blockchain is going nuts right.

Now. Absolutely look at that. Oh my god. That's nasty! That's so nasty dude holy toledo! Look at that bro! I can't even that is the most disgusting.

Okay, oh that's a weekly. I was about to say no way. That's a weekly candle, that's still nasty, though that's still nasty i was so confused. I was so confused.

That's still a crazy setup, guys that is dirty. I wouldn't buy in right now that's an extremely crazy chase. You might get lucky, but you might not. You might end up as a bank holder, so if you're gon na buy into this, i really do urge you to set a trolling stop loss of like five to ten percent.

That way, you don't get smoked on this, but i think the best case scenario here is a pullback. I would watch for a pullback to this level of support at about 23 cents. I think that is pretty likely to happen. You might miss out on that good news, but you want to buy the hype and sell the news right.

So that's my two cents there hit the like button. Yes, weston smash it as uh was, what's his name hit that ravishing like button? That's what it's all about superman if he wasn't scared of green rocks happy friday, i'm just sitting here, eating pizza and drinking beer. My brother keeps telling me about one called ctxr man. A lot of people tell me to check this out.

I'm gon na have to make a video on it. So there's a lot of hype around ctxr, so i'm definitely gon na make a video on this in the future so watch for it watch for it. I will put a video out on ctxr, but i don't know a lot about the fundamentals of the company. I don't want to get anybody's hopes up.

I don't want to spread any false info, but technical setup, wise, that's a deck, that's a dirty setup! That is nice. That's very, very nice. 15Mm is gapped up immensely from the 200dma. If you bought it, when you saw it start to lift off from the 2dma you'd, be sitting real dirty right now.

That's what i look for. That's the sort of play that i look for a little bump in volume here, lift off from the 59mm over the 200ma. That's a dirty setup. This looks like it can have a jag extra run sort of potential on the technical setup beautiful.

Thank you psychicology. Thank you, theo. I'm holding the eh, my man and mbis is a goddamn beautiful monster. Oh absolutely beautiful love it all righty.

What's like! Oh, i thought that said: butt slayer, but it's buck, slater dude, i'm sorry for saying: butt! Slayer! That's so funny, though, lost my butt to earn these diamond hands. What's your take on ovv, i've learned a lot from you, you and the gang thanks, hey man, i don't do this by myself. I seriously take so much pride in this community, our community. My friends is absolutely beautiful.

I love it. I love everything that's going on here, but it looks bullish as it gets man that is nice. That is a dirty dirty setup. So what we saw here was an initial level of support, got broke with a wide range candle blot out a little bit, but we do have a nice bottom and i do think this is likely a bottom, because you have an engulfing candlestick pattern.

It's begun! Another ascending level of support, i think a solid buying is gon na, be right in this level of support, 21 19 cents look at the uh fibonacci retracement, and that is going to be a dirty retracement. That is a nice nice retracement did not get back a lot at all. 38.2 percent. Bounce beautiful mbis is running after hours.

Huh. I see that in the comments up two percent - oh our girl, mavis. Oh, oh, look at her go. Look at her.

Go look at her look at our lady. Look at that huge push in volume. Oh, it's only 8 000 shares but nonetheless she's running beautiful obsv curious what you think on it. I have covered obsv in the past, but i will take another peek, so obsv right now, that's dirty it's having a small pullback here in the after hours.

Oh, but i love that candle. That is a nice candle. This isn't this to me indicates it's still got room to run, there's a lot of buying pressure still sitting here. This is what's called a shooting star candle, so shooting star is a candle.

That's got a a small log of the candle right, followed by a long wick. So you see this long wick, that is a shooting star candle. It indicates a lot of uh weak selling presence and strong buying pressure, especially following up with that wide range. Green candle bar - that's to me indicates you might see this run a little more if you want to ride a momentum play on this, be careful, please be very careful, but it could continue running if you get into this set of 20 stop loss, but i like.

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