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Check this out, inflation in turkey hits a 20-year high of nearly 49 4 9 49. Can you imagine that that's only the 20-year high 20-year high of 49 of inflation? That should be a lifetime high, that's disgusting, but i want to talk about that because it affects a wide variety of things. Here's here's one data point: the year the increase food prices was more than 55 percent according to the data, so you go to mcdonald's or wendy's myself, i'm a wendy's guy. I don't really uh.

I don't really like uh mcdonald's, a whole whole bunch, i'm not a big mac guy, i'm not a double quarter, pounder, because that's not my name. It's not my thing, not my cup of tea. What i enjoy is a whiskey bergman, a whiskey, bourbon bacon burger. Go to wendy's, i get one of those i get a fry and i get myself a large diet, coke and we're rocking we're cooking with crusco we're going home.

We're getting some food. Well, imagine all of a sudden that you're paying instead of six bucks for that burger, you're paying 10. and that's in one year if this rate of inflation keeps up. That trickle effect has a large effect on lower class uh blue-collar workers.

It really does uh so that that kind of makes me ask some questions, because if you look at inflation in the united states right, let's just kind of dive into this inflation rates in the united states, let's look at what we have for uh the previous couple Months, year-over-year comparisons. The last bit of data that we received uh was for december seven percent year-over-year inflation growth compared to 2020.. The average for the year was 4.7 percent now 7 is gross. If you look all the way back to 2000, we never had inflation that high, not even around 2008, the highest value that i see here.

5.6. Now it's seven now it's seven, and this is nothing compared to uh, what's happening in turkey, so it makes you ask a question right. Well, are we currently in a situation where the united states is just combating inflation better than the rest of the world? I guess that's an option it could be, or is it that we're underestimating the current rate of inflation in the united states, because inflation is sort of a lagging indicator. You can't really keep up.

That's why it's kind of been increasing month over month over month, over month, over month, over month, a month for, for literally the entire year i mean every single month has just gotten worse outside of a couple of basically consolidation months. You see five percent five point. Four, five point: four. Five point: three, five point: four six point: two six point: eight seven percent: this is all based off of simple stuff supply and demand right.

You look at supply and demand. You look at how much money was prince united states in the last two and a half years, three years, it's uh, it's pretty gross. I mean it's pretty gross. Let's, let's, let's think about turkey.

How can we compare to turkey? Why is turkey in trouble? 2018 financial crisis in turkey is a good example of how factors of the national debt can harm a country's prospects for investors. The country's alignments are all signs of a currency crisis and not primarily a debt crisis caused by domestic political instability, international diplomatic errors, a balance of trade deficit that one's interesting, an economy reliant on one sector, uh, low foreign currency reserves and over dependence on foreign currency Loans in the private sector, so essentially uh this is stating their currency is, is dependent on uh, not enough factors. They're not diversified enough in the way that uh they can grow their economy economy reliance on one sector, which is construction, uh, low foreign currency reserves, which, by the way, most countries uh reserves, run off of most likely the u.s dollar and over dependence on foreign currency Loans in the private sector, uh - and i find this fascinating because that's actually not that bad. But you look at the united states, debt uh, which is far worse far worse and the united states currency is really what what is the primary currency across a lot of different countries across across the world.

You could be facing similar problems: the united states down the road national debt clock real time, dirty trill. So i don't know it's kind of scary guys. Basically, turkey is a lesson. I think it's uh.

It's a scary thing that we should talk about and recognize at the very least, because that's real people, man, that's real people. Can you imagine living in the united states there's a wide variety of people that watch these streams and and uh are invested in the stock market, but some people that i personally know right friends and family from back home in minnesota, where i grew up uh make Twenty thousand twenty five thousand dollars a year and they're living paycheck to paycheck and when they go to buy groceries. Imagine a fifty five percent inflation where they're budgeting out a hundred dollars hundred bucks is my my weekly grocery run every two week, grocery run and uh. Now, all of a sudden, it goes up 55 to 155.

Bucks that trickle effect is, is nasty it's pretty gross. I mean i just feel there's too many things going on with the us economy that have been up like just absolutely blaming low-class middle-class everyday working people for dumb mistakes as simple as pay your debts, 30 trillion dollars as simple as uh. Don't argue over a 600 stimulus check and then give banks five times the amount you're gon na give retail anyways it's gross.

By Trey

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