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CTRM Stock Analysis: Castor Maritime Inc. engages in the provision of shipping transportation services through its ownership of dry bulk vessels. It offers seaborne transportation services for dry bulk cargo including iron ore, coal, and grain, collectively referred to as major bulks; and seel products, fertilizers, cement, bauxite, sugar, and scrap metal, collectively referred to as minor bulks. In this CTRM Stock Analysis video, we discuss a macroscopic and microscopic overview of the company. We also establish levels of support and resistance for both investors and traders, analyze the 200 EMA (Exponential Moving average), 20 VWMA (Volume-Weighted Moving Average), RSI (Relative Strength Index), bullish and bearish trends, technical analysis chart patterns, and potential entry and exit points for traders and investors.
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Happy monday, i say monday, because fridays are basically the new mondays now, when you start investing in the market guys, it's just a sad freaking day. What do you do? What is up? Everybody welcome to trace trades. We have technical analysis. I don't know i was looking at my mic.

It's been a long day, uh welcome to trades traders. We got technical analysis on different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy, hold or sell opinions on these. Given stocks. I like to preface by saying that i'm not a financial advisor nor expert so take what i say with a grain of salt.

The reason i started this channel is because a couple years back, i was about 30 000 deep into medical debt, and i was very fortunate to have some close family friends and mentors that pushed me to work hard and invest my money and i am happy to Say that not only am i not financially free, but i'm doing pretty well for myself at the age of 23.. So if i can pass along any of the information resources or tools that are given to me, make a couple people better off here in the community than they were before. That's all that i can ask for. Lastly, if you wouldn't mind drop a like on the video, it really does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you'd like to see more content like this.

Now we're gon na be giving an update on ticker symbol, ctr and casper marie time incorporated. This is a stock that i am currently swing trading just to be completely trans transparent. I do have a dollar cost average of 0.379 with 6 000 shares currently down 11 265, and i am looking to hold this for anywhere between five days to two weeks or so, and i'm going to be looking for a retest of this 48 cent level. On the company - and i think if we do see it push through that 48 cent mark, you know we will be looking at.

You know anywhere between 50 to 60 cents, pretty realistically and that'd be another grand slam hit on ctrm, and the only thing that i don't like particularly, is that i don't have any upcoming news catalyst that i know of at this moment, but uh we're just going To be giving an update on ttrm in case there's anybody out there who does have a position or is looking to get one in the stock. Let's talk about this from a macroscopic point of view and microscopic point of view, we'll look at some different indicators. I have the rsi pulled up the relative strength index, anything over 70's overbought. Anything under 30 is oversold.

I do have the 200 ema the exponential moving average, and this is a 200-day trend line based on price action over 200-day period, the vomit, the 15-day vomit, the volume-adjusted moving average, which is a 15-day trend line based on price action over 15 days that adjusts accordingly To the volume we'll talk about some different uh patterns that i'm seeing on the charts here and then we'll change it over to a one day. One minute chart talk about support and resistance levels, potential entry points, potential exit points and strategies for the stock. But before we get going into the video quick shout out to the guys over the patreon, we have 284 members now ryan andry ali sam ex-house jenna, michelle ollie, frank evan. Thank you guys.

So much for joining the the patreon really does mean a lot to me. They will have access to the private discord as well as real time insight to my personal training and guys uh this uh. This discord is full of nuggets. We've got a bunch of different channels talking about a bunch of different stocks that i talk about on this channel.

That's a lot of channels. We've got just a chat, bar, buy or sell ideas, research patterns and indicators watch list stocks uh. You know they can request stocks for me to check out for for the patreon. So if you're interested there is a link to the patreon in the description down below uh and then watch out for this game account.

That is not me, don't buy his crap. Don't call that number report the account if you can you'll know it's not me, because he doesn't have that great box around his name. So, if you're not familiar with what ctrm is i'll, just give you a brief rundown on the company, they engage in the provision of shipping transportation services through its ownership of dry bulk vessels. It offers seaborne transportation services for dry bulk cargo, including iron ore, coal and grain collectively referred to as major bulks and steel products.

Fertilizers, cement, bauxite, sugar and scrap metal collectively referred to as miner bulks. The company was founded by pedro's pocket. I have no idea how to say that, and it's headquartered in lamassa cyprus, on stock twits. They are up in message: volume up in uh sentiment down in price 31.

000 followers, so they've got a decent following right now and when i look at their website, the most recent article that they're talking about is a 26 million registered direct offering so nothing that is new that i can see on caster marie time i did. Google, the stock as well just to see, if there's any new news - and i have not seen anything yet so we are missing a news catalyst which is something i typically look for in a stock. So that is a confirmation that we don't currently have so just keep that in the back of your mind, um moving forward with this as a swing trade. However, let's take a look at the charts here, we did have a crossover, the 15-day vomit over the 200 ema right here.

This is always a bullish indicator. The larger the gap here, the more bullish a stock is um. One thing that i noticed played out today that i don't particularly like is we have a head and shoulders pattern currently with the 15 day vomit as well as some of these candles, and it's not a super clean head and shoulders pattern. But this is the first overall bearish indicator that i'm seeing on the chart right now.

Otherwise, most of this is just screaming to me bullish territory. Now we did have a bullish flag right here. This is the pull these long green candles right here, followed by some consolidation of price action and seven or eight times out of ten. When you see this - and we push through right here like if we zoom in you can see, we had a false breakout, we've got that pretty long.

I don't know why i did that, but we got this long wick right here on the candle right and that was a false breakout. We came back down and we pushed through the bottom trend line and saw a pretty harsh sell-off here right. So that's a little bit of bearish territory um, but i'm honestly not sweating about this yet right this is this. Doesn't look that bad to me? You know if we cross down below where this candle like touched and i'll, be watching for this pretty closely.

We've got a level of support right here at 32 cents if we cross below 32 cents or we cross below 30 cents. At that point, i'll be a little more concerned right then this may turn into a little bit of a bleeder. You might see some loss of momentum on the stock, but overall the the stock is still trading bullish right, it's not as bullish as it was. We have given some back in the last two days, but honestly, if anything, this is a more risk-free time to get into the stock.

I bought it a little bit early, i'm just being transparent. I will show you my position in ctrm again. Currently, i'm down 11.6 percent, i have 6 000 shares at a dollar cost average of 0.379 and, if you're looking to get into the stock, this is looking like a good time. So if you see a retest of 32 cents and of course, do your due diligence, i'm not telling you to buy this stock, i'm not saying it's going to make you money, i'm saying it has the potential to have a run-up.

The charts are saying this could have a run-up. It is missing. You know some catalyst right um. I, like the news catalyst.

That's like a triple confirmation. It's, like the bam bam, bam whammy, but i always look forward to stock until we got jag x and b ngo and ocgn, but um ctrm does have everything except for the catalyst. So if we have some more solid buying pressure, this could continue to rise up. You're gon na be looking for another bump in green bars in the volume uh part of the the charts, and if we do see that i expect it'll be a pretty upward.

Moving uh channel that we'll move into now. One thing to watch for on tuesday. We won't be trading on monday is, if we have red bars, ready to open right. So, just historically speaking, if we look at this other charts and how it plays out.

Typically, if we open red, we close red, but you can see that here closed red, open, green, closed, green, open, green, closed, green, open, red, closed red, open, red, closed red! So if you see some red candles at the beginning of the day, that's likely going to be pretty indicative of the price action that you're going to see on the day, but i'm not feeling too bad about this. I think this could play out two different ways. I think i think we could see it i'll draw this up for you guys so it's easier to see, but we do sort of have a slow but steady, tightening up of price action here. You know.

One thing that i don't like is that we had two lower lows: the last two days, that is bearish territory for sure we are, you know, microscopically speaking a little bit bearish, but that would be a good time to buy in today would have been a great Time to buy in when you saw that real far dip down that rsi indicator touching below 30. That's filthy! That looks really nice for a swing trade, but you know we have been oversold the last two days. So you know if we do drop below that 30 cent range that's going to be a little a little dirty, but we do sort of have a slight channel of tightening here. You know we do have that wick that pushes above here you know break through that trend line that false breakout, but it's still tightening up a little bit based on the price action today.

Now this isn't a very clean, ascending, wedge or bullish flag. You know it was more clean here, but it is still a bullish flag. The only thing that i don't like is that we had this long wick right here. You know that was weak selling pressure right.

It could have been dropped down a lot lower than 6.78 on the day, but it did break out of that bullish flag for a period of you know, 30 minutes. So that's something to keep in the back of your mind. It's not as clean of a chart, as it was the last time that it gave this to you. I wish that i could sit here and lie and say: hey this chart is absolutely filthy.

It still looks bullish. It still looks bullish. We got a lot of bullish indicators here, but there are a couple things that you know now it's a little more of a mixed bag. I'd say like 60 40 right.

This is like maybe 60 bullish, 40 bearish. How do i come up with that number? You know it's just uh, it's just uh, based on the charts, how i'm looking at you know the different makeups. Here we saw a bullish territory. We do still have this bullish flag.

We do have this this slightly ascending wedge, but we also do have this head and shoulders pattern right here with the vomit right, the shoulder the shoulder the head. We do have this uh. This kind of slope bleed. We are stair stepping down a little bit on the day, but i think there is slightly more bullish action happening here.

I don't feel like. I need to sell out my position yet uh if it dips below that 30 cent, if we retest this red candlestick wick on tuesday that'll be a little different indicator to me. At that point, i will update you as i see fit. So that's how we're looking on the one month chart take a look here, quick at the well the two days one minute chart, and this looks like a jag x, rip guys.

Oh man, this would have been the perfect time to buy in on the stock. You could have honestly made some money just doing that if you bought it at 30 cents and wrist roll up to 33., probably walk away up 10 and be looking pretty happy but um. You know we did kind of slowly climb back up. At the end of the day, we were hugging that uh 200 ema with the the the vama or you could call this the v or the the m a the moving average in a different brokerage account.

It is slightly different per brokerage account, but i use the voma infidelity um, but it was, it was a pretty harsh decline and then a very slow climb back up. You know moving up and down moving up and down i'd call this another consolidation day, minus that really bad rip down, so um, nothing, nothing crazy! On the day you know we are, we are red, but it's not the end of the world here. This isn't saying to me: hey this, isn't going anywhere, that's saying: hey! We just have a little less confirmation than we did before, but the potential is still there. The risk is a little bit higher right.

The risk is a little bit higher, but the potential is still there with ctrm and i am not going to exit out of my trade. Yet if we see a dip below and a break of 30 cents, i have a stop loss set for 28.5 cents and i will be exiting my trade and i will take my loss at that point. But i still do think that ctrm has potential um. The charts do look pretty good they're, not absolutely not absolutely filthy, not absolutely disgusting like they were, but they are still being bullish.

So that is where we are sitting right now on ctrm. If you enjoyed the video, please drop a like, it really does help support the channel. I need to sip on this talking for this long and do these videos. This makes my throat dry if you enjoyed the video, please drop a like, and if you'd like to see more content like this, please subscribe as i do post videos every day and, lastly, i do have a link in the description box down below clicked on the Wrong link for tubebuddy now tubebuddy is an seo.

Optimization website that i personally paid nine dollars a month for a membership for, and it is highly, would attribute growing from zero to eight thousand subscribers. In a little less than a month. We've got our one month anniversary tomorrow, guys looking good nice stuff uh. So if you're a content creator or looking to become one, i could not recommend this highly enough.

It's a great tool to help get your videos into the eyes of your intended audience. If you use my link, i will receive a commission off your purchase at no extra cost to you, so it's a great way to support the channel and, if you're not interested, that's totally fine. I just appreciate your support by taking the time to watch my videos, so that is what i have for you guys today. Thank you for watching my friends and i'll see you all next time.


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    A couple years back ctrm was actually trading consistently at $5-$7, but when this was happening the shipping industry actually got cut 97% of their pay, and therefore this stock obviously lost most of its value aswell. What people do not realise yet is that the dry shipping rates have come back up to what they were earning when this company was trading at $5-$7, and yet we are still trading at $0.40. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the stock is currently undervalued, but it does show that the company can definitely be much more profitable than many realise. imo just because of that ctrm is a strong buy. All we have to do is reach $1 before June.

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