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Good morning, vietnam, welcome back. How are we doing today? You fellow apes, ape as a rule, gorillas, orangutans, silverbacks, the whole nine yards. This is your boy trey from trades trades. I think that's what they freaking call me.

We are back again for another. Amc live podcast. Another bell to bell market hour stream. What is up, how are you doing, i'm very excited to come back here today, holy toledo, we're having a heck of a freaking morning.

Amc at the height was up four percent. We hit 10 and 19 cents baby. This is absolutely freaking beautiful. I don't know how you can't get excited.

Look at this kind of stuff, and this is just some clean, freaking growth. We stayed over the v wob, the volume rated average price for the entire pre-market up until the last five minutes, or so we had a little bit of a pullback down here to about 9.99 or so just hanging right below that freaking 10 mark. But man, what an absolute powerhouse of a day speaking of powerhouse days, the market is just freaking ripping right. Now you pull up.

You pull up the hottest sectors. You've got materials, energy, financials, industrials, consumer, discretionary, healthcare and technology, all freaking ripping the only sector. That is really not performing well. Today is utilities utilities is not hanging, but god dang holy toledo, bob saget.

If you were rocking microvision congrats to you, you are cooking with crisco. You are rocking rocking rocking right now. It would have been two streams ago. Two streams ago, i recommended that uh, you get some call options back when uh am when microvision was sitting at about ten bucks or so, and if you were rocking those right now you would be up like freaking five.

Six seven hundred percent you'd be up a massive amount of cash, so microvision is going to tendy town right now, absolutely crushing. We are loving to see it. I picked up uh another little play on the side here, aal american airlines. I have a feeling this is gon na.

Do some something pretty dirty! I'm not gon na lie it's a very similar setup to what we saw with uh with microvision, so i'm in this with a dollar cost average. I i did average down here a little bit. Uh at a dollar cost average of about twenty one dollars and six cents with 76 uh shares not a ton of cash. It comes out to about 16 1650 up about 3.

Fifty bucks right now and i'm gon na be rocking this here today, so uh. This is gon na, be my little side play along with my clothes. Nine dollar calls. I do still think those are gon na.

Do something pretty freaking decent here, but amc. Oh my gosh. How can you not get excited about this? We're gon na go through the the basic numbers that we've got rocking right now with amc, as we continue to get more people rolling in here, but we're probably gon na wait until about market open. Then i'm gon na give you guys the rundown on the or text numbers we have available to us because they are freaking sexy.

Oh holy toledo, man. This is looking filthy man. I i'm just so freaking pumped dude thanks so much trey. I got three.

Ten dollar calls expires, may 21st, i'm stonked, bro, hey john, is cooking man. I'm telling you i'm telling you this stuff is too easy and lamp we got lamp over here in the corner. Lamp is the magician behind the entire show. Lamp runs the ordeal i am simply the messenger.

He gives me all the things to say, and i just tell you guys what he has to say so we're cooking with whatever lamps got rocking. This is looking dirty man, oh baby, let's go 1.3 million pre-market volume. Now, on amc uh, it's actually a little bit behind on weibull weeble says it's 613 000. But i'll take your word for it.

I will trust that it is uh 1.3 million, because i have heard from multiple multiple people that uh that amc's volume is, i should say, the weeble volume is just usually lagging. I also got my shorts on guys you're gon na be pumped about this. You guys usually see the flamingo shorts, but we were rocking something new. These are the van gogh shorts man.

Look at this man go. How can you not get excited about that beautiful starry night man, you got ta have those starry nights, because that is what we're rocking right now here with amc is a freaking starry night. It might be uh, it might be 8 18 central standard time in the morning, but it is a freaking beautiful starry night. Looking at uh looking at the amc price action, we got rocking right now, baby.

This is delicious. Absolutely freaking! Awesome american airlines announced reduced cash burn rate. Oh that's good, that's good for sure, i'm playing it based on a technical setup. I'm not gon na be holding this for a long time.

Maybe a one two three day swing somewhere in that neighbor uh neck of the woods. But if i go up 10 20 on this i'll be very happy taking profits, i'm all about nickels and dimes over time you can double your portfolio with eight ten percent gains right. So eight ten percent gains. You turn ten thousand dollars into just shy of twenty thousand dollars.

You get twelve ten percent gains. You turn eight thousand dollars into um or wait. What did i just say? Oh ten thousand into twenty thousand with eight uh ten percent gains and you turn ten grand into thirty grand with uh twelve of those same ten percent gains. So you can really cook with crisco just by stacking those uh, those ten percent days over and over and over and over so a little bit of fun on the side as we we wait for amc to do what it's gon na do.

The cash is still not hit. My account. I keep checking my uh, my bank account, and we don't have it yet in regards to the uh, the thirty five thousand dollars that i'm gon na be putting into amc, but guys when that does hit, you guys will know because i'll be i'll, be streaming uh. As i dump that 35 grand into amc sporadically throughout the day, so you guys have that to look forward to very very excited to be able to do that.

It's gon na be an absolute freaking blast. Oh man, what a beautiful day trey amc day is trending. Please get us uh help us get it to number one and tweet this as well. Oh got ta, i got ta.

Do it got ta? Do it 100? Let's make it happen. Man twitter, amc day, if you're ever gon na retweet anything i tweet. This is the one: let's get this bad boy: trending boom you guys wan na. Do me a favor.

You have a twitter come over to this and uh like and retweet it, so we can get amc day, freaking trending! That would be the absolute best case scenario here, my friends: we we really want uh. We really want to get this thing to the freaking moon baby. That's what we're hoping for here today. So amc is up 2 right now.

Game. Stop is up about point six. Two percent and the volume on game stop is incredibly incredibly low. If you look at the order flow here so far, you've had about 73 million dollars of inflow.

So far in gamestop and amc has had about 44.75 million, so gamestop has actually had a little more inflow than amc has. However, amc is cooking, which means that we are outweighing the sellers with some incredible incredible buying. That is looking absolutely freaking beautiful. I am so pumped about the price action we're seeing here so far we are in the green again i'm positive on my position.

I don't know about you guys, but that feels pretty dang good to not see that right in your freaking portfolio, so that is looking dirty. I am 250k and amc says: taylor, dang whale alert, whale alert, drop, some freaking whales in the chat. We've got our boy taylor with 250k and amc man that is dirty. That's freaking disgusting mbis is doing great and by nbis is crushing right now up 13.4 percent, as it sits right now, and it is at a crazy run up to about 14.43 and the the the fibonacci retracement on this the retracement is beautiful.

I mean you can't ask for a better retracement. It's it's barely touched, this 38.2 percent retracement on the one minute candles and it's still just hanging very, very strongly so microvision. Looking super super strong right now and the tech sector in general is is really doing beautifully. Well, i mean you've got that you've got enough.

You've got energy. Doing well as well. Plug power is up about four percent. You've got fuel cell up about four percent.

You've got uh skills on another rampage. Skills is up 17 in the pre-market right now, which is absolutely disgusting. I mean jesus. You really can't ask for much more than what's cooking right now, trade check your dm.

I sent you a kong meme that i made uh paul 2 to moon. Is that from twitter? I it helps if you tell me what platform it's on, because i've got a couple different places that i get dms but i'll. Take a quick picky, wiki man paul! Oh here it is yeah right on the top right on the top yeah. That's beautiful! Look at this! I'm coming for you hedgehog amc to the moon, that's nice! That's nice, kong, beautiful beautiful! That is looking.

Nice can't complain about that. My friends, absolutely all right! Well, i'll! Tell you what we got enough people in here rocking right now. What we're going to do is give you guys just a quick update on what the numbers are. Looking like for amc, if i just hit this quick refresh button, will give you guys an idea of what we're actually looking at 100 utilization that has not changed in the least bit so far this morning we are up 0.26 in short interest.

We have. We have another 486 thousand shares that have borrowed 88, 000 have returned and you've got 397 000 borrow change, so we have more shorts that have established positions in the freaking stock, we're at a 98.11 million current estimated short interest, which is incredibly high. Shares on loan has actually gone up a little bit again: 153.22 million free float loan is 36.69 and you're looking at a short interest estimate of almost 23.5 percent, which is absolutely filthy baby. That is looking nice.

You cannot complain about that in the least bit we're gon na come over here to i borrow desk and just get a quick idea of what this is. Looking like, i borrow desk, has an interest rate of a short bar fee rate. I should say a 26.1 percent annual, so there's some freaking pressure being put down on these diamonds they're, going to be building off some freaking beautiful, beautiful diamonds out of this lump of coal. That has been sitting here for quite a minute and man that was looking disgusting, then we're going to come over here to one other thing that i want to show you, and that is the daily short sale volume tracker now.

This shows us what the actual estimated short sale volume is in comparison to long volume. Yesterday, we didn't see as much we saw about 47 of the total volume was red volume, short volume which leads me to believe they may be running out of ammunition, but we see these sort of dips these sort of valleys over and over. This is how stocks go. This is how trends go right: you're not always going to be ripping all-time highs in short volume, but 47 short volume is absolutely high, that is, that is incredibly high, 7.6 million in total short volume in comparison to 8.7 million in long volume.

This is set my friends. This is looking absolutely beautiful. You i mean there's. No, i don't even have to say anything.

I don't got to say anything. You guys can just see the numbers and know where we're going. People are saying in the comments section too, that that fintel has zero short shares available as of right now, and if you look, that number does seem to be the case: zero short share availability, my friends that was as of two hours ago. We don't know if that number has changed at all, there's a lot of things that could have happened in between now and then.

However, what you do know is that we are trending downwards: we're trending downwards we're running out of ammunition, which is why i think you're, seeing such crazy freaking price action on amc. It is finally doing something we're stepping in the right direction. My friends, my family, my fellow gorilla gang - this is looking absolutely beautiful, beautiful. I don't know if you guys are able to catch the house of cards, video that i put out as well, but i'm gon na be here all day.

If you wan na go watch that you definitely can i'm gon na be streaming the bell, the bell so i'll, be here all the way up until 3 p.m: central standard time. So if you want to check that out, you can 100 do that, but i put up a video called house of cards and this is analyzing the the reddit dd that was put up by adabit and if you want to watch this, this guy is a freaking Genius, out of it, put together some monstrous dd with some some incredible incredible historical trends about how the stock market uh it has has been rigged and maliciously malpracticed for years and years and years i would say all the way from the late 90s in the early 2000S, we're seeing those same malpractices lead us to where we are right now in 2021, which is absolutely what has caused amc to do. What it's doing right, amc and gamestop are only two of multiple uh small cap stocks that have been manipulated. Like this i mean you want an example.

You look at ccrm, you look at zometica, you look at microvision, you look at agtc, you look at x1. You look at uh any any small cap stock. I mean they've all got pummeled for the last two or three months straight now, and this is this is exactly what i'm talking about right. These small cap stocks like such as amc, such as what was gamestop, have all gotten destroyed by hedge funds that manipulate stock price, that naked short stocks that try and pummel it into the ground.

So they don't have to pay taxes, they bankrupt the company and they they steal from the retail investor, because that's 100, what it is they try to take their money that the money from you and from me and what we're doing right now is starting a freaking Revolution to to create a free market, i mean, i truly believe that's what it is. I think that we are trying to get people to realize that the game has been rigged for a very long time and we we're we are woke to that. My friends. We really are, i mean i got into amc as a swing trader.

I've said this a million times, but i always assume there's at least one new, first-time viewer that is watching the channel and if you are new here, this is a game. That's been rigged. I got an amc as a swing trade, and i saw this malpractice and opened my freaking eyes to the door right that that is what the market really is, these days and uh. I i couldn't help but but keep my eyes on it.

I couldn't look away. I can't look away from stuff like that, so i'm gon na continue to cover this until the game is over. My friends and you can bank on that from me. Yes, sir, all right, you see fintel showing the short shares available zero or is that because market hasn't opened yet that is legit man it tracks during the pre-market and the after hours, so that should be legit that should be legit good morning trade.

My main here's, the five spots say it with me. Every time i sit on my desk, the glasses go on, make it a habit. Those peekers get protected, keep those all right, i'll, say it with you. Every time i sit at my desk, the glasses go on every time i sit at my desk, the glasses go on every single time.

I put out a video, and i don't have my glasses on people like trey glasses. It always makes me laugh always makes me. Laugh, my man can't can't help but chuckle, so i've got rocking this morning. I've got my uh my morning cup of uh of george i'd, call it joe, but we got ta call it.

George. The morning cup of george, i got my water bottle and i've got my subway cup with about a third of some diet. Coke left in there got to keep hydrated my friends, so uh we'll keep sipping on that water. Keep sipping on that coffee.

You know the whole deal the whole spiel. That is, that is what we're here to do. Trey's glasses is in the chat by the way, trey's glasses, reminding me all the time to keep them on. The only shorts i want to hear about today are them starry night joints where van going to the moon baby mitchell knows what it is.

Mitchell knows what it is. It's been heavily requested. I haven't wore the shorts in a minute, so i threw them back on. I got to respect what uh, what the, what the general public and the apes want, and we are giving you guys that we're giving you those freaking shorts, but i got ta change it up.

I got a lot of shorts. I've got a freaking. I've got a loaded, ammunition box waiting for you guys. I mean i've got some really cool shorts.

You're gon na dig these van gogh shorts at the beginning. Those flamingo shorts are the beginning. It's gon na be absolutely beautiful by the way, guys if you're new to the channel, welcome it's great to have. You here drop a gorilla in the chat.

If you are new to the freaking channel, it's beautiful to have you here, absolutely honored. I. I am uh very glad that you can join us here today. If you wouldn't mind doing me a favor, if you're new, here we uh, we, we like to keep a tradition, and that tradition is that every time we hit a benchmark on this live stream, we put back a crack of the kraken.

Kraken is a beautiful, beautiful, spice rum that i absolutely love. This thing is delicious. This takes you to tandy town, and this is the king of the black lagoon, my friends. Every time we hit certain benchmarks.

I put that back and i give you guys a cheers and a toast, and we get the 4 500 likes on this video. We will be putting back some of that crack in and giving you guys a little bit of a celebration for hanging tough on this freaking absolute journey that we have been going through here today. So we got to come over here to amc and see what we got rocking. We are one minute away from market open at 9.95, a little bit of barcoding the last 10 minutes here, not a lot of volume rocking on this.

It's a pretty low volume day here so far, but we have beautiful price action right every single time that we stay a step closer and closer to the end goal you're getting where you want to go 100 yo dr trey hit us with some, not a dead Cat rap sitting with a thousand shares in amc thanks to your motivation. Thank you, hey! You got it. Man we'll play that later in the day, we'll play later in the day, i promise you, but not a date. Cat is an absolute banger of a song.

I usually put that on when i'm going to use uh. You know quick leaky, wiki and uh you can you can bank on that it'll be coming back, it'll 100 be coming back, but holy toledo. We are at market open right now. My friends, it is 8.

30 a.m: central standard time, and we are about to get this show on the road so far here today we have 1.9 million in volume in the first 10 seconds of the market day holy toledo. That is a good little pushing volume in that first minute. Yesterday, the first minute of volume saw about 880 000., so this is a nice difference in in volume already right off the bat. I am not minding seeing this nice green bar of volume.

I'm excited to see this ends up closing off we're about 30 seconds away from the first minute of the market, uh market hours closing off here and i'm excited to see what we end up getting. We want to stay over this volume weighted average price, which is this gold trend line right. So if you're not familiar with this, is i always assume there's somebody new here the view op? Is this gold trend line right here right, the v wap or the volume average price gives you an indication of the average price that somebody paid on this particular date. So as it sits right now, the average price of anyone who purchased in this in the regular market hours is about nine dollars and 92 cents.

And if you trade over this volume, average price. That means that the majority of people who bought on the day are green. If you were trading underneath that volume average price, it means the majority of the people that bought it on the day are red right, you're bag holding. So if you were trading over that view, op you're more likely to get fomo you're more likely to get more buyers, you're more likely for continuation of momentum.

So you definitely want to trade over this view, op that volumetric average price, as it encourages people to continue to buying the stock, and we are having a nice little run here in the first two minutes of the market hours. We are at 10 and 10 cents as it sits right now holy toledo. This is getting a nice little push. Let's go, let's freaking go guys, anc up to ten dollars and 12 cents.

What is freaking cooking? Look at these level. Twos. We've got a lot of the highest sellers sitting at about 10 and 56 cents, but 7 800 shares, but guys these are just some pretty empty level twos as it sits right now. These were loaded to the freaking teeth.

Yesterday they were jacked up. I mean like five to ten thousand share, spreads penny by penny on the ask we just do not have these quite yet, but the most volatile part of the day is definitely the first 30 minutes of the regular market hours and it is already ripping. We have a high of the of the regular market hours sitting at about 10 dollars and 13 cents, we'll see if we get a push for that. But man, that is a beautiful, freaking open, not a bad way to start the actual day, all right coming back up here, hope you're doing well.

My friend thank you to corpse. I appreciate that my man, uh, we've got uh christopher, says we're confined on td, make sure uh gtc plus ext at sell price. Hey! Thank you! Christopher 99. Now you got it baby.

Let's go check out pyr. They just finished a new factory and have been profitable for two quarters raise their margin from 38 to 58 year-over-year, oh yeah, by doge by doge yvr. We'll check that out. Real quick yvr, i think, is a pretty decent uh decent play.

They had a crazy round to about 7 fifty cents and uh. They finally found a bottom. So if you're looking at a plate, that has a good dip, buy a good bottom buy, this is definitely the one. It might take you a couple days to get really ripping on this, but it is 100 percent found at bottom.

You've got a a little bit of a distorted george w. This is a triple bottom setup. One two three touches right here at about two dollars and 48 cents and if you're gon na break over the neckline right here about 282 uh should be a nice little push. So that's what you're looking for right there in yvr, but it looks good man, definitely agree with you sitting at 10 and 10 cents right now in the first couple minutes here of amc.

Yes, sir. Yes, sir, look at this two freaking straight wide range: green candle bars. We got a small red candle ball with a bottoming tail indicates some weak selling pressure. Are we gon na get a push for over ten dollars and thirteen cents? Let's just keep freaking watching and find out my man, oh baby, amc.

Take my energy, everybody borrow me, your energy. Let's go, let's go trend. Continuation. Can i get a train continuation right here? Yes, sir, you can.

That is looking sexy, ten dollars and fifteen cents, as it's sitting right now, baby take my energy whoa. That is looking nice, absolutely beautiful. We need some freshly squeezed veggie tears to water, our moon beans. Oh, you got ta love those moon beans, man, those moon beans, are what water, the the the soil that that fertilizes, our beautiful amc plant, this beautiful jack, jack's beanstalk that is going to goddamn pluto.

Absolutely sexy man, looking good looking good. How is clove doing this morning? We got ta check in on this. We've got some nine dollar calls on clove right now, clove is up about 2.21 has hit a high of 9.42. So far, here in the regular market hours, two crazy wide range, green candle bars, followed by a two highs: low close, typically a bearish reversal pattern on on the candlestick on the one minute right.

This doesn't indicate the the grand scheme of things that indicates very, very short-term price action, but we'll wait and see how she ends up panning uh. This is looking real. Nice clove is looking good. This is looking like it'll print, we're up a little bit of money on these uh clove clove.

Nine dollar call options, and if this hits ten dollars, it is really going to rip. Ten dollars is gon na, be a critical, critical level for uh for clove, because you have some pretty heavy resistance right here that ten dollar mark. So i'm gon na level off resistance right here at ten bucks for club, we'll come back to this periodically throughout the day and see if we get cooking. But if we get over ten bucks i mean you're.

Looking at uh almost 12 is the next level of resistance right here that should treat us pretty dang. Well, so i'm watching for that push over 10 i've got the may 21st expiration on these, and we are already in the money on these and your breakeven's gon na be about 10 15.. We're not really working that hard against the theta, because we have an entire month to get this thing moving. So i'm just gon na keep holding these looking for freaking moon, the moon, man, that is looking uh.

That is looking pretty dirty, but man what a beautiful day in the pre-market here so far the regular market hours. We have another continuation of some green. Let's check out the spy. I wonder how the spy is doing here so far the spy is actually down.

Spy is down about point two percent. If we look at the nasdaq that'd be pretty interesting to see as well. It's fascinating that the spy is down because you actually have some really really nice ripping across the board and other other sectors. Nasdaq is also down.

Nasdaq is down about a quarter of a percent along with a spy, and yet you still have some really really heavy, ripping that's taking place across the market. So that's pretty fascinating. I think it's because oh geez wow you've got some pullbacks already. That was fast.

We were really really ripping in the pre-market on everything. What a complete 180 in trend reversal, the nasdaq and spy have absolutely pulled back right. There geez, but you've still got some pretty heavy. Ripping i mean microvision is uh pulling back here.

A little bit. You've got viacom. That is up about one point. Seven six percent has pulled back a little bit.

Yvr uh clove is up about two point: eight seven percent you've got fuel cell up nine percent fuel cell is ripping you've got plug up three percent. This is also doing pretty decent. Oh man, i i think energy's gon na have a pretty good day. Today.

It's gon na be a continuation of on on energy and on tech. I think there's gon na be two sectors that treat us pretty. Well. Amc is sitting about 9.99 as it sits right now, all right, let's see what we got, uh, hey man.

Are you familiar with vanguard, etfs? If so any of them that you personally recommend love all the work you put in man thanks for all you do. Personally, i'm not a big etf guy. I got ta be honest with you. I would tell you if i was uh if i was very heavily weighted in etfs, but that's not my strong suit.

If i was to point you in any certain direction, i am a big investor in innovation. I like any of the arc etfs. I think any of these are going to treat you extremely extremely well. I i just like getting it like.

I like fintech, and i really like autonomous technology and robotics. These are probably my two favorite etfs out of arc uh, the innovation one's pretty solid as well uh. That's that's where i would point people in the direction of, but you got ta invest what gets you interested right so if you're interested in whatever vanguard is investing in you just wan na stay up to date on the stuff they're investing in if you're gon na Manage that portfolio actively, but uh it's entirely up to you right. I can't push you any any in any direction.

I just like arc a little bit more than i would like uh vanguard, that's just my two cents, my friend hey brock. Can you check out reggie? I made some money with it in the past. I, like the the company, but it's been dipping, is now the time to get back in thanks, i'm holding amc to pluto cheers i'll, take a look at it: real, quick, a quick picky, wiki sup, my my fellow gorillas. I see you all popping in the chat.

We got a lot of a lot of activity and a lot of freaking good vibes rocking here so far this is looking absolutely beautiful, so reggie by the way is, is definitely ripping down pretty bad. It was a high of 117 dollars. You got the 15 mma trading way underneath the 200dma right now uh crazy, crazy dip. They fall into the energy they're they're.

Actually, an energy company uh - i don't know if they're, clean energy or not. This may be why they have pulled back a decent amount, but it seems like it falls pretty closely to plug power and fuel cells, kind of trending uh chart setup, but you've got really really heavy support down here. At about 55.91, i mean you've got one two. Three four five different touch points right here at 55.91, so i'd say: 56 bucks is a pretty safe, buy i'd watch for a pullback down to about there.

That would treat you pretty well, i'm in american airlines right now, uh with a couple of shares, we're gon na come into this on the one minute chart. This is down about a quarter, a half of a percent right now. This is dipping really hard right. That's a market open, we'll see if this ends up pulling back up, but if it doesn't uh i'll i'll, take out and look for a better entry point.

I kind of do this in the pre-market uh for a pretty decent little cost average, but uh we'll watch that and see what she ends up doing seems like that whole sector just took a complete 180 immediately after market opened holy toledo. Look at this everything went ready me at market open. That is, that is incredibly strange, is microvision still ripping. We got to check this out.

Microvision is up 13 disgusting man beautiful thoughts on dm. Let's go amcd dm dm is up about 1.86 percent as it as it sits right now, uh and not sitting on any particular support, but it is green. So it's had a couple continuation days of green you're, looking at one possibly two continuation days. That was a really nice bounce off of ten dollars, so i actually don't mind it.

You got the 15 mm hooking back up towards the 200 ema. I would say if you want an entry point here and you want to play it just - have a stop-loss set for about five percent. You can take another another stab at it if it ends up pulling back. That's the way that i would personally play it.

Microvision of 14 right now holy freaking crap. What a nasty run hcmc is that green? How is htmc sitting right now? Weeble lags a little bit. Weeble doesn't give you it's like behind. I would say 30 minutes, so i can't tell you exactly what htmc is doing right now: spirit bomb, the hedges says: nolan, amen, brother, amen, spirit bomb, those edges.

We got a suplex city, then suplex city, those hedgies suplex city. Yes, sir amc right now sitting about ten dollars and one cent you are starting to see a little bit of a stabilization in the overall uh volatility in the in the regular market hours here. So we are about 10 minutes deep in the regular market hours. You saw 2.4 million in the first minute of amc's trading today, already at 5.61 million in volume, which is absolutely phenomenal.

I am not complaining about that sort of volume at all. It is a good trend in the right direction. I think you might actually see a little bit of a higher volume day today in comparison to what we've seen here so far i mean. Yesterday you saw about 23.3 million the day before that 26.8 million and uh.

We are definitely trending higher overall right now, immediately at market open than we have in the past couple of days. Uh i have a feeling today might be a little more bumpy. It might not be as smooth of a a run as we've seen here. The last you know the last 24 hours, but that is absolutely okay right.

We're not looking for straight straight up green you're gon na have those highs. You're gon na have those lows: you're gon na have the rips you're gon na have the dips right that all is a part of the process and a part of the journey, if you guys are rocking freaking microvision calls right now you are cooking. This thing you are cooking microvision right now. This is absolutely printing.

You some attendees, that is disgusting. It is looking disgusting. My friends microvision is absolutely going to tendee town. We got ta look at what skills is doing.

Skills is up 10 pulling back actually but microvision. Just continues on this trend guys if you're, rocking microvision or you're rocking some microvision calls off of what we were talking about two days ago on the live stream. Let me know in the chat bar down here we got ta know we got ta, know who's printing. Some microvision right now tell me we got ta, know who's making those attendees.

We need to see these attendees. Yes, sir amc. What we got in terms of uh, you know any sort of support lines. You've got a slightly ascending level of support right here.

Right, you've got one two three four five touch points right here: riding on an ascending level of support trading, just underneath the volume weighted average price. We really want to get back over that vwop immediately at market open here. If we set the tone strong immediately at the beginning, we can have another great trend continuation day, and that would be the absolute best case scenario here for what we're looking for in amc. That would be nice.

That would be absolutely beautiful. We got to come back to clove as well. Clove had a nice little rip in the first couple minutes of the regular market hours, and this is uh getting a nice little bounce here. So this is actually looking very, very similar to what happening with amc right.

You've got uh honestly, it's almost like an identical setup. You've got a a one. Two three four five touch point right here at setting level support. If you get a bounce off that we want to reclaim the volume average price, the only thing that's different about clothes - that i'm not necessarily a huge fan of is we're a little a little more uh, lower gapped away from that v-wop that gold trend line right Here indicating that anybody who has bought today is a little bit red at the time being the average person is red right.

So we want to reclaim that v-wap and get back over that into some great bullish territory on this day trading spectrum. That's what you're! Looking for yes, sir trey much love, can we get a shout out to mother earth for giving us diamond hand apes uh for giving us a place to call home until we move rockets on the moon and shout out to mother earth baby and shout out to Lamp shout out to lamp also come on beautiful. Yes, sir, we talked about mavis, it would have been two days ago so not yesterday, but the day before hope you guys are all making that fat cash man check out knbe. My girlfriend works closely with this company.

Today, uh they hit the market apes together. Lamp knbe look at that. It's not up yet, but that's something to keep on the watch list. That chat is uh.

You can keep that. Oh, it's a tech company too it's a tech company. I wouldn't be surprised if it has a good run today, we'll have to come back and see, though. Yes, sir, yes, sir, yes, sir, give a shout out to safe moon and uh, and the apes hey shout out to safe moon, save moon has been doing pretty decent, i'm not gon na lie safe, one has been pretty impressive.

Amc is at ten dollars and one cent right now, my friends, not too shabby if you're just tuning in we've got some more viewers that are popping into the chat right now. We're just gon na give you a quick update on what ortex is looking like point. Two six percent short interest change, we're up a little bit. The short interest is still going up, we're at 23.49 right now, 100 utilization, 153 million shares on loan 36.69 free flow percentage on loan.

If you don't know what free float on loan is right. Free flow refers to what is left over for the general public after the institutions and the insiders got their cut right. So if we come over here to a amc on weibull it'll show you exactly what that is. So the shares outstanding refers to what is available to everybody institutions, insiders, retail investors - that is 450 million.

The free flow is what we get right: 417 million after they have their cut, so 417 million available to the general public, and we have reclaimed that v. That volume average price we're ten dollars and eight cents right now. My friends holy toledo we're getting back over that gold trend line. That is looking absolutely beautiful, sexy! Yes, sir! Yes, some! Yes, i'm holy man looking at 10 20.

That is the next level of resistance that we're watching for right now, 10 20 sitting on uh. That is very, very close to our high of the pre-market by the way you've got 32 800 shares on the level twos. On this ask side of things waiting to get smashed through, if you don't know what the level twos are you don't know what the bid you don't know. What the ask is, i always assume, there's somebody who doesn't know we're just going to walk you through it right.

32. 000. 800 shares on the level twos at 10. 20 means that there are 32 800 shares waiting to get filled as a sell order on uh.

That 10 20 price mark it is people asking for at least 10 dollars and 20 cents to get their order filled right. So this is going to be a level of resistance. We can preemptively assume that, based on the fact there are that many shares there. It's actually gone up: 34 700, that is gon na act as resistance and we're gon na need at least thirty four thousand seven hundred shares to push through that 10.

20 mark. So that's what we're looking for! We got the beginning of it. George w setting up right here look at this. That's a little.

This little goopy looking looks like slots from the goonies man, but you've got a bottom right here bottom right here, and it is really running right here for this. This 10 20 mark - and it looks like clove - might be doing the same thing. Let's see if clove is following the same sort of trending pattern, it's lagging a little bit, but it looks like it might, i'm not lying to you, i'm not lying. It looks like it might end up doing that same exact thing, my friends holy man.

Yes, yes, yes, let's go 10 and 15 cents. That's what we're looking at right. Now, all right amc five-minute chart bull flags, trey apes, oh yeah, man, that's uh! That's a beautiful! Looking bull flag, so you've got the pole right here if you're not familiar with what a bull flag is you're. Looking for a long string of green candles, followed by a flag right, so it looks like a flag.

You've got a decent level of resistance. You've got an ascending level of support. This is a picture-perfect bull flag and we're going to get that 10 20 break. How are we going to get it 10 21.

We got that 10 21 mark pushed right through that 34 thousand shares that was sitting on that 10 20 level of resistance. That is looking absolutely beautiful man. Yes, sir. Let's go loving that loving that action 10.

23. 10. 23, as it sits right now, you've got 10 25 and 19 000 shares. We get a push over 10 uh, 10.

23 you're looking real nice, 10. 20.. Oh my god, 10. 25..

Look at this we're running right off the freaking gates here, guys: 19 000. Shares of 10.25 that we're looking for for that hard break into some new uncharted territory on the day. This is a new all intraday hi baby eat that wall eat. That wall come on drop some freaking gorillas in the chat for this beautiful amc, price action we're seeing here today.

This is disgusting. The volume is actually ripping right now the volume is looking beautiful, we're at almost 10 million in total volume, 7.63 million here so far. Today, this is looking absolutely disgusting guys. Please do me a favor.

Do me a favor drop a like on this video. We get to 4 500. We're gon na put back a little bit of that kraken, giving you guys a good cheers and toast to the community. The gorilla gang out here, that's rocking, with amc, my friends, no warning lfg baby.

Yes, sir, let's go 10. 26. 10 26. Are we gon na get that push for 10.

27. 6. 300 shares we're eating up these freaking cell walls, guys they're getting smashed they're. Getting absolutely smashed but they're reloading, really really quick.

We pushed that huge, huge huge cell wall off 34 000 shares. This just keeps on ripping. This is disgusting guys. This is absolutely gnarly.

I cannot believe how fast this is going. Yeah, yeah yeah: let's do it. What are your thoughts on snca vote? Pass merger last week vote on reverse split tomorrow, so i don't. If it passes, i would stay away from snca.

A good example is vine right, so vine had a reverse split and it absolutely cooked the stock. So they do reverse split. This is what i think will happen. I think i'll have a very, very similar situation.

What happened with vine? They had a 4-1 reverse split, all the way up to 11 20 tanked after that, never ever recovered. So if they passed that uh reverse split, i would steer clear personally, that's my two cents trey. I want to let you know that my 10 year old son subscribe to your channel because he wants to learn about the stocks. Please shout out to victor fabian, hey shout out to victor hope, you're cooking with crisco man you're, never too young you're, never too young to start learning about stocks, baby up six percent on the day.

What is happening? Let's go 10. 37. Let's do this! This is disgusting, 10 38. What is happening guys jesus is amc, could frequent is gon na get halton? What is going on with gamestop in comparison holy crap gamestop is down to 154 bucks right now, but amc is freaking mooning up to 10 39..

This is an intraday high. This is freaking insane guys holy crap eating through every single one of these cell walls. Right now, we've got 686. 573.

741 000.. This is just going to goddamn pluto right now. This is disgusting. Oh, my god, nasty is mvi, is doing the same thing: microvision up 12 right now as well having a little bit of a micro, pullback trading back underneath that volume at average price.

But if we get some sort of bounce off a level of support, this could be the beginning of a level of support right here. So looking for a bounce off of, i would say about 13.86 coming back to amc, we got to keep up with this. Amc is at 10, 48. 10.

48. This is just continuing to run. This is absolutely disgusting. I do not understand this.

I don't understand this guys. Oh my god, 1053.. This is. This is just straight up running right now what is happening? Oh my god, trey.

What do you think about ocugin? I think ocgn could have a pretty decent run here down the road. It's got some pretty heavy short interest. I don't know what it's looking like on the day. Uh amc is at 10 and 57 cents right now, god i don't want to look away.

I don't want to look away amc's at 10, 59 i'll get back to your question. I'll get back to your question. We got to keep watching this until there's a little bit of a dip, but this is disgusting guys. This is absolutely filthy.

Look at this that nasty run 1065. You got the the next largest cell wall. I mean we were just eating through literally everything right now. I can't even keep up with these level twos they're moving way too fast.

Look at this. We got 1.2 million volume in this one-minute window. That's got to be the first time that i've seen that happen. In literally weeks, we haven't had one million volume intraday like that, just a regular, one-minute bar of volume in a long time, that is looking nasty, 11 million volume here so far on the day.

This is looking disgusting guys. How can you, how can you not just get absolutely jacked on this? Oh baby, 1065? Is the high of this candle you've got a little bit of a doji candle starting to form up on here, a great candle, in other words, if it opens and closes the exact same price, you've got a topping, wick bottoming wick. That is. That is what you call a great candle, which indicates no price action right, but that is looking nasty holy freaking crap.

What a beautiful beautiful little run there. I would imagine you're gon na get a little bit of a five minute pullback right now, so we extended really hard for about one two, three four, five, six seven eight minutes here and it is not uncommon to see a five minute cool off after a crazy Run like that, so i'm looking for somewhere around this 50 range, 10. 32. 1032 - is what i'm hoping for for this little micro pullback look for a bounce right there that 50 retracement.

If it doesn't bounce right there, i would look for somewhere in this 1024 range right. 1024 is gon na, be the next best case scenario: you're gon na bounce off of uh in between 10 24 and 10 32 you're. Looking pretty freaking disgusting man. So that's what i'm looking for a bounce off of somewhere in this price range right! That would look absolutely beautiful.

Now that we've got a little bit of a micro pullback right now i'll come in ocg and i'll. Give you guys a quick update on what this is looking like, but man that was absolutely disgusting. Ocg is having a nice little run as well. This is up nine percent.

This is a continuation trend right now, guys that is looking dirty dirty dirty. Yes, sir seven dollars and ten cents is where we're sitting right now with ocg n. So let me cool off these charts. Really quick i'll.

Give you guys a quick little uh look up there. What this is looking like! You want to break off this level of resistance. You've got a quadruple top set up right. One two, three four five different touch points, six different touch points at about seven dollars and seventeen cents right now and we're hovering right below that you can see.

This is gon na act as a level of resistance. You get a push over that. I would not be surprised to see 750., so this looks like it could be a really really solid trade on the date. I would not be surprised with a really nice run here.

That is looking good. Ocg looks like a pretty solid intraday trade amc. It might not even come down to this 50 retracement guys it might not even do it it might not even do it 1040 is where we're sitting right now we're going to wait and see all right. Thank you to amaya good morning good morning to you, too is nvi.

Has a chase. Uh nba estimate is a long-term stock. If you're looking for a short-term gain on this, you can still play it. There's a lot of momentum here, but just be ready to exit and get a better entry point if uh, if that is a necessity right.

That's what i would that's what i would say to do all right: thoughts on bio, some other dd, claiming it could go! Parabolic in the coming months, i am bullish on bio. I actually used to cover this on the channel. Biolase is a great company uh. It just needs to regain this nasdaq compliance.

So that's what you're looking for! You really want this to get back over a dollar, and it very well could do it soon. It just needs to break out of this downward trend right. So it's beginning a little bit of an ascending level of support, so you wanted to continue on this descending level of support. You wanted to break uh pretty hard from uh some resistance lines right.

So where is the next level of resistance? Looking, i would say somewhere in this neck of the woods, at about 87 cents, push over 87 cents. I would expect a run for about a dollar that'd, be pretty solid, yep yep. 10. 10.

42. It's not even going to bounce off 1032. man. That is a disgusting retracement, that is a beautiful, beautiful retracement.

Look at this, only 38.2 percent here so far. I don't know if this is gon na, be all that it drops back on this little micro pullback, but man, if that's it, that is disgusting. That's a lot of buyer strength, my friends, a lot of buyer strength, crap ton of buyer strength, hey trey, great energy. I've got 33 uh 10.5 call options for five seven goals to roll forward.

Some more 917 calls what's a good time to pull that trigger. Oh man, so i mean you you're, really dang close to that uh. I wouldn't be surprised if we have a trend - continuation to see a test of 11 bucks, but there's no way to know if it'll continue. Yet i mean we just got to wait and see.

It's definitely still trading over the v watt volume average price. We definitely want that bounce right here and if it has a bounce you could you could keep it keep it riding for now i mean you've got time. You've definitely got time uh. Can you take a long at uh, a look at aso huge day, two cover and short percentage up point two: nine percent.

I like it man that ain't bad, that ain't bad. I would say it's a good long-term stock uh. I wouldn't say much more than it's got a nice bull flag for so a setting uh. You got a great pull right here right and then you've got a descending level resistance and an ascending level of support, so you're gon na break over this descending level of resistance.

You should have a pretty nice push, that's what i would watch for that. Would that would treat you pretty dang well for sure 950. 10. 10.

31.. So it is in our little price box. We're looking for a bounce right here off of this little price box. That is, that would be the ideal that would be pretty decent transparency project.

Trey's keyboard: what's up boy, this trey's keyboard in the chat is trey's keyboard in the chat man, that'd be pretty funny. Uh give me one second guys. I got ta answer this sorry about that guys. That was uh.

That was work. I i can't uh can't walk away from that sort of stuff. I had to answer that call that was pretty important but tell how do we want to see the big short on the big screen? I'll definitely do that man i'll definitely do that trey's. It was trey's bot, it was trey's bot, definitely trey's bot man, hey look at this.

We predicted that pretty much picture perfect. We predicted that bounce guys that was an absolute picture-perfect bounce, call beautiful, beautiful, beautiful bounce right there. All right: is it too late to transfer my amc shares out of robin hood. Don't want to miss the rocket ship.

Let's go amc. I do not think it is no. I personally i would. I would recommend that you get out of out of robin hood.

To be honest with you uh. I actually had a couple. People message me in the last 24 hours saying that robin hood set up sell orders on their amc without without their permission, which is really freaking scary. So if that happened to me, i would take that as a sign to get the heck away.

I was like, oh no, no, no, no, no! No, that ain't it that ain't it. So i personally, i would step out. I would step out of robin hood that ain't it for me all right. We went up 20 cents.

Take another phone call right right. This is absolutely dirty man. This is looking disgusting. What is clove doing in comparison, but that was a picture-perfect bounce call right there.

That's what the fibonacci retracement is for clove is in a bit of a downtrend right now, so clove needs to break out of this descending level of resistance. It is uh got a little bit of weakness. I'm not gon na lie not a great amount of strength. Today, on on clove, but if you get a break back over this decent level resistance, that's what you're looking for and you could have a a nice push later intraday, but definitely looking weak right now got to be honest and we got to check it back in.

On microvision microvision up about 10.5 - and this is still cooking with absolute crisco, looking beautiful, beautiful, beautiful man uh, let's see microvision getting a little bit of a george w set up potentially right here. Bounce off of 1360 is what we're hoping for, but amc is looking absolutely disgusting. I mean this is beautiful. This looks like another bullish flag setup.

Honestly, i mean look at this beautiful, beautiful, big pole right here and you've got a descending level of resistance and you're hoping for an ascending level of support right. So that would be the best case scenario here. With this current setup on the technical analysis chart right. Looking for that and you've got an ascending level of support, so i would imagine, sometime within the next couple of minutes, you're gon na have a break underneath or over this, this descending level of resistance.

That is definitely the way that it's more inclined to move based on the fact that we're training over the volume average price we've got the 15mm gapped way over. The 200ma you've got beautiful, buying pressure great volume around this right now this is absolutely beautiful lamp. They want to know what is your price ceiling? Lamp says. The price ceiling is 1 million billion drinking to make a sense update bid soon.

I i definitely could do that.

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