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100k portfolio challenge: in this video, I talk about the portfolio challenge I'm giving myself to grow $2,500 to $100,000. All profits outside of taxes will be given to the American Heart Association and members of my discord.
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Sweet and sour sauce - i don't know what i was expecting, but now that's dark. What is up everybody going to trade trades? We freaking talk fast and don't skip class. I, like your preference, by saying that i'm going to find survivors and they're experts, so they're going to say the grain of salt, let's get into the video. So today, my friends, my family, my fellow gorilla gang, i'm going to be talking about something that i kind of wanted to do for here a minute here.

It has been on the back of my mind and i want to try and find the best possible way to try and show people the way that the market operates in real time through educational videos. Through my personal experiences through, you know, research that i've done throughout. You know my time in the markets here and i can't think of any better way to do that than to show you guys in real time trading. Now i have to preface this by saying that i'm going to be opening a second brokerage account, and i want to show you guys what this actually layout.

You know looks like in terms of what's happening here day by day by day by day, but i did open up a second brokerage here with uh trade zero, and this is where i'm going to be actually partaking in this 100k challenge. But i wanted to talk. You guys through essentially why i wanted to do this so there's a couple main reasons. I'm gon na start down here at the y, probably made more sense if i uh, if i freaking put the y at the top, but nonetheless we'll get through all the points that i wanted to so why? Why do this 100k challenge? I made a video a while back saying that i want to educate people on how to make money in the market outside of just a singular stock when the time comes, because wealth management goes beyond making money.

It also leads into the next piece, which is maintaining money and growing wealth, and i want to do that right. I want to teach people how to trade with the strategy and what. But what better way to do that than to show you guys this in real time, with my actual trades right with weekly updates. I also want to create realistic expectations on the market because i think there's a lot of uh fake gurus out there to some extent that will tell you, hey you're, going to win the market every single day.

You can get 10 20 30 returns every single day. Yadda yadda yadda, which just isn't realistic right, you're gon na have weeks in the market that suck weeks in the market that are great days in the market that are good, you know so so on so forth. I want to show you guys what it actually looks like to have uh, that sort of realistic expectation. I also want to showcase the highest lows of the market and what has to offer.

So i want to start off here by saying that this 2500, that i'm putting into this brokerage account i'm going to see none of the profits if and when this ends up hitting a hundred thousand dollars. This is what i have allocated right. The end state for me, the end state, is this: i'm gon na keep thirty five thousand dollars of the money that i make for taxes. I wan na get thirty five thousand dollars to the american heart association and i also wan na send thirty thousand dollars to twelve discord members within my own community that i've they're, very thankfully built over the last seven eight months or so i want to send them A 2500 credit to do with, as they wish, maybe buy a laptop, maybe uh go on a trip whatever it may be, just an opportunity to get back to the community.

There's nothing out there for you guys that you have to give me i'm not asking for anything like that right. This is something i want to do to show you guys in real time how to make money outside of just amc or gamestop or any singular stock. So when the time comes, you have the tools equipped. You've learned lessons valuable lessons along the way and what it looks like to do that.

So this is the starting point. This is what i'm actually going to be working with 2500, starting balance, which means that i'm going to have the pattern day. Trading rule restriction right. What does this mean? It means that, if my account is less than 25 000, i can only execute three day trades.

I.E, buying and selling a security or a derivative in the same day, in a five day period, i can only execute three of those in a five day period. Until i hit that 25 000 magic marker, in which case i will be able to execute more than three day trades in a single week, this is gon na incentivize me to work mostly with uh swing trading right getting into a stock. Maybe has two three four: five days of momentum, getting into an options, you know trade that has two three four days of momentum unless there's a day trade that has a very solid technical setup, a pattern that is predictable, in which case i will take that trade, But it makes you prioritize and really take advantage of the good trades that are set up in front of you, because that's what my focus is going to be having a strategy having a plan sticking to it and showing you guys what that looks like winners and Losers and all in real time, my strategy is going to be this. These are the things that i plan on doing with this 100k challenge single leg options, meaning a buy to open, long call or long put position in any sort of stock.

Right, typically, with this pattern day trading, rule restriction, i'm gon na be incentivized to try and take advantage of momentum stocks right. So maybe momentum, uh continuation for two three four days on facebook amd uh amc. It could be anything right. You want to take advantage of those momentum plays for the upper downside in those single leg options, i'm also going to be doing swing trading so buying actual physical stock uh in whatever size it doesn't really matter.

That's that's another thing i'm going to do, but i'm not going to be shorting stocks. I've said this a million times. I do not short companies. I will never short a company, that's just not something i want to do, and i also will not be using leverage, because i want to show you guys actual real, tangible proof that you can do this.

If you stick to some sort of strategy, there's a difference between investing and gambling, you can make this gambling, but if you want to make it a business and you want to invest, you can do that and i want to show you that with no leverage right. Oh, that was that was filthy. I want to do this with no leverage. That's going to be something that's really important to me so uh.

The guidelines for me are this: normal 25 of my portfolio is going to go in a single trade between 2 500 to 10 000. This is essentially just risk management uh. I have a higher overall allocation of my portfolio to a single position. While money is low because you have to take a little more risk when you don't have a large sum of liquidity, but you will see here that the overall trend is that, as the liquidity goes up, the restriction goes down in terms of, or it goes up As well, i should say the restriction goes up as well in terms of how much money, i'm actually willing to risk out of my entire portfolio for any sort of single trade.

So, as you can see here between ten thousand and forty nine thousand normal and ten percent of my portfolio in a single trade and after 50, 000 no more than 5, so that would mean on a 50 000 uh portfolio that i could only risk up to. Let's just say: 2500 100k portfolio. That would mean up to uh 10 000. So you get the point here.

Is that how does that add up? Let me think i think it does yeah. That makes sense. It makes sense in my head, but nonetheless that's my overall plan and guideline towards what this challenge is going to look like i'm not going to keep any of this money right. This is all going towards the american heart association, as you guys who have followed my channel for a while know.

I have a genetic heart condition, a pfo that has given me heart attacks and my my old man passed away about five years ago from a heart attack. So i like to be able to give back. I want to be able to get give back to the community and honestly, it's going to be a good challenge before amc began before i started, covering afc and all of its whole. Trying to tell you guys the most valuable information that i think there is out there.

I was a trader i swing traded. I turned my account from 8 000 to 45 000 in about a month and a half just simply swing trading during the crazy penny stock. Small cap, bull market, that you saw between december and january - and i want to be able to show you guys in real time, uh. Essentially, what you can do to do this when amc's time comes, or if you have any other stocks that you want to trade outside of amc? You can do that as well.

It's entirely up to you right, i'm not here to tell you what to do with your money, but i think the educational opportunity, the best way that i can do that and set realistic expectations. Realistic standards is to show you guys in real time how to actually do that. So this is the actual brokerage i'm gon na be using. This is gon na be trade zero and every single week i'm gon na give a weekly update to everybody here on youtube.

On the p, l and all the winners and all the losers that i had on any given trade on any given day, so you guys can see in real time the realistic expectations out of all these different trades. The discord community is going to be able to watch this every single day, i'm going to have private videos that come out for these guys just so, they can watch the trades in real time and see that sort of thing just because they've been there since day. One right i want, i want to give back to the people who really truly believed in the channel and the community, and what the apes together could do over time and just do that for them. But i'm going to be super super, realistic and transparent.

With this whole process and what this looks like, so you guys can see what happens right, maybe maybe it'll blow up in my face. Maybe i'll lose all twenty five hundred dollars of this, maybe we'll turn into 100k. 200. 300.

500 - a million i don't know right, but i want to be able to show you guys strategy, investing trading, realistic expectations, winners, losers, green days, red days, all that stuff. So you can walk away. Maybe having learned something - and maybe maybe you won't even make any trades right, maybe you just want to watch, maybe you just want to be entertained. I don't know i don't know.

I think it's a really cool opportunity to be able to uh feel like i'm giving back to you guys, helping you guys grow while amc continues to do what it does and the most important thing that i want to be able to say out of all of This right, i'm going to continue to give you guys the daily amc update videos, while this is trading right every single day, while we're waiting for this thing to go. Freaking bat, crazy baby, but this is also a cool opportunity to be able to give back to the community, give back to something that matters to me and to uh help teach that's. Ultimately. What i want to do is to help show you guys how to manage wealth over a prolonged period of time as things go on and that's what i've got for this video.

So hopefully you guys pull some value from this. That's uh! That's that's! I suppose all i really have to say about that so catch you on the next one light taps. Always i've got something locked up in my room because he's just going absolutely absolutely nuts right now i let him out and right now he's in a play mood. So all that he's been doing is just freaking roughhousing and he was jumping on my monitors and stuff, but he'll make an appearance i'll make an appearance if you guys want to catch the amc video.

This is coming out next. After this one i'll put out the usual amc update video so catch the next one, much love like that's always and peace.

By Trey

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