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AMC Recap: In this video we give a basic overview on everything that's been going on with AMC over the past 2 months for anybody who is new to the situation.
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Ah guys, i just spent a half hour recording this video, and i realized that i had my microphone muted. This always freaking happens jesus christ, but we're gon na give it a second shot. What is up, everybody welcome to trace trades. We get technical analysis and different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy, hold or sell opinions on these.

Given stocks like your profits by saying that i'm not a financial advisor and our experts still take it to say the grain of salt, let's get into the video today, my friends we're giving you a basic overview on what the heck is going on with amc. A basically fundamental overview and round overview in case you are new to the channel right, then you're new to the amc situation, because i know there are a lot of people out there who have never looked into this until maybe yesterday, five days ago, a week ago, Two weeks ago, a month ago, regardless you're, probably sitting there like huh what the f is going on, we're gon na get you caught up, so we're gon na give you a basic overview right. This is just a touch point. It's basically a a round! Look at.

What's going on and i wanted to drop something for you: i've got freaking kong right here drawn up in some good detail. I had to give you a little bit of a celebration note. Yes, kong will win the win the battle uh, but here we go right. Afc round overview, let's get into the stock, let's get into the video, so amc fundamentals we're gon na start off here.

What is the upside with the company? Why should you care where's? Where is the actual logic and reasoning behind why this is a stock that everybody's talking about first thing: recovery from coven right, so this is no no secret to anybody covered in quarantine across the world in the united states has been detrimental to the market to a Bunch of businesses, large businesses and small businesses - amc being no exception to that. Now, if you think about it, the revenue which we'll show you here really quick. You can see this in pretty plain english ape language that they've been hurt. They got crushed by it.

Looking at their annual revenue 2020, they saw 1.24 billion dollars in revenue gross profit of about 830 million compared to 2019. That's about one-third of the total revenue that they saw almost one-fourth honestly, so it got crushed and it was tough, so you can play it off as a recovery play there and they have already begun the process. In fact, theaters are opening back up at a 98 98 capacity on the night of the 19th, which is tomorrow all right so check this out. It's showtime amc theater says it will have 98 of its u.s movie theaters open on friday as a bunch of theaters.

Reopen in california, even more theaters are expected to open by march 26th. They are debuting kong versus god, freaking zilla baby. What a beautiful, i would say, analytical uh and analogical um representation of the fight. That's going on right now with amc right and we don't expect them to be a cash cow.

I'm gon na provide you the the the bear side of this right, where's the downside. Well, we know - and we understand that amc is not going to be a fundamentally in cash cow, strong company within six months - they're not going to be hitting all new all-time highs within six months, because they're not gon na, be at full capacity. We understand that right. That's not why you're getting to the stock and if the stock market works solely only on fundamentals and crunching numbers right, then there probably wouldn't be much upside here, but unfortunately for that, unfortunately, for the old school investors, the old, the old-time brokers from the 70s and 80S, whoever they might be right, um, there's more that plays into a stock than that it is traders sentiment.

There is short interest. There's gamma squeezes, there's short squeezes, there's so many there's honestly memes now i mean you've got three different categories of investors. You've got bulls, you've got bears and you've got apes and apes are stepping into the stock right now with this situation. So that's what you're looking at the pros and the cons of the recovery from cobit, but i am bullish on it and i do think in the six month to 12 months range this.

This would be a great company to invest in regardless of a short squeeze or gamma squeeze situation. So that's one thing to talk about second thing: redressing the the market uh situation their cash. What are they sitting on so they've raised money to manage their operations, and that is something worth talking about and bringing up. So this company was on the verge of bankruptcy, adam aaron who's.

The ceo has publicly stated many many times, guys we're not we're in a world of hurt until they've raised some cash, which i will show you guys really really quick back in january 25th, they raised 917 million dollars of capital to take bankruptcy off the table. To be able to continue operations since the end of 2021, which is massive that gives them some financial runway. It allows them to play the game a little bit to diverse and find some strategic overview, uh capabilities to continue their operations and re-brand maybe find a way to continue to grow as a company. This is the 100 plus year old company, guys they are an economic powerhouse, a market powerhouse and everybody remembers them just for nostalgic value.

I think about the same thing with gamestop. I mean you think about gamestop. I spent hours of my life there. It was like a kid in a candy store man.

I just could not get enough every opportunity that i had. I remember telling my dad to say: hey man, i tell you what let's stop at gamestop after we get done doing whatever we're doing at the grocery store. Walmart right and let's just look at the games, i won't even buy anything. I would just look same thing to say about amc.

Theaters i've had some great memories and great moments with my dad, with my old man. Who's no longer with me, unfortunately, and i just there's like the nostalgia factor there is insane and the bare side of this right people argue well what happens if nobody goes back, they say: okay, you know, we've got streaming services now. If we just wait three or four months to go to to see the movie that you're streaming in the theaters you're playing in the theaters i'd, rather do that and my counter to that is that's just not true, at least in the short term, the midterm right. The six month to 12 month range, you got people that have been cooped up in their house for literally a year plus we're like you know what man i'm excited to actually go out and do something and watching a movie watching congress's freaking godzilla baby is an Opportunity to do that so take that for what it is.

I think that is a huge, huge opportunity. There. Three different scenarios, one you've got a squeeze which has infinite upside. You can have an endless feedback.

Loop of buying buying buying gamma squeeze short squeeze that can drive the price up to a thousand to two thousand dollars. It sounds insane, but i really do truly think that you could have amc, hit, quadruple, digits and gamestop hit quintuple digits and i'm not playing when i say that we'll get into the details. More second scenario is an acquisition, an amc or amazon acquisition, and you make money per billion dollars in acquisition. So, hypothetically speaking, let's say that they're going to offer you 10 per share per billion dollars in acquisition.

The company is bought out for 10 billion dollars. You'll receive a hundred dollars, a share which is an insane upside and it all comes down to how many shares you want. At that point, the price is psychological, there's actual um. I would argue science pointing the fact that that might actually happen.

So i've seen people argue about the 500 million dilution that may possibly happen in may they're voting on this in may, hey should we should we, you know, put 500 million extra shares into the market, and people are like. Oh no, if they do this, that is going to crash the stock, it is going to destroy the company. Please please, please don't let this happen, but this is an opportunity for other companies such as amazon and netflix, to step into the game and take a stake in the company. So, in order for some companies to to be able to have shareholder or or voting rights in a company, the board of directors, yada yada yada, they have to own x amount of the stock, and this is an opportunity for them to do that.

They own 500 million shares of the stock. 500 million - is more than 400 million. That gives them a major stake in the company, so they can have voting rights and decision over what happens with the company fundamentals that would allow them to rebrand guys. You can see the upside here with an acquisition play, whether it be amazon, whether it be netflix.

Both of these companies will be able to rebrand whether it's, whether it's streaming services right netflix, is the dominant powerhouse of the stock of the the market in terms of uh streaming. That would be monumental. I mean they'd be able to play movies. Maybe they maybe they air in theaters and three or four days later or a week later, they play them on netflix.

That's an opportunity that no other streaming service is going to have, which would just give them the further edge as the leading market monster in streaming services. Amazon gives them an opportunity to step into the game and be competitive right because nobody really uses amazon streaming services. That's not what they're known for, however, amazon is a cash cow and they would not be playing this. They would not even be looking at them if there wasn't an opportunity for them to make money here and to rebrand amc into something they see as a huge opportunity.

So take that for what it is. I think both of these scenarios are very likely and there's one thing i want to point out to that. I think is worth talking about and it's amazon's largest institutional investors now check this out on the 12th and 13th pay attention to the dates, the manufacturer's life insurance company and four other companies, nomura american public and stifle all bought into the company. The 12th and 13th of february those same companies bought into amc on the 13th and 12th american nomura public.

The manufacturers, as well as stifle. That may be a coincidence, but i don't think there's coincidences in life right. I think that's worth noting, because that would not be by accident so that we've got multiple big institutional investors stepping into both amc and amazon. Typically, they have insider information.

They know a lot more. What's going on in terms of the back door side of things with both companies, and that tells me that there is an opportunity for that to be a legitimate thing. So you've got you've, got that opportunity for them to take a major stake in the company, which i think would make sense. If you think about the 500 million share dilution, whether it's amazon or netflix or whatever company may be, an acquisition is 100 possible.

Then the worst case scenario is a recovery play conservatively. I think it's gon na be 20 in the next four or six months and liberally. I would think it's going to be 25 in the next four to six months, and that is because they're going to start they're going to start generating revenue. You can see this reflect on their earnings reports, whether it be q, one two, three, four right, they're opening theaters again, which is allowing to generate revenue - and one thing - that's you know good to point out in regards to the revenue.

Is this, if you look at their annual revenue, how much are they pulling in 1.24 billion dollars comparatively they keep 100 830 million dollars of that in gross profit, that is great margins they're, only paying 411 million dollars out of their cost of revenue. That's huge! That's huge 2019. 2018 2017. They keep a lot of their profits.

In fact, they've actually been improving their margins year over year over year over year, and even though 2020 they weren't doing well. The total revenue was terrible. It got whacked down to about a quarter of their usual revenue. They put 1.07 billion dollars, which is just barely lower.

In fact, it was higher than 20, 2018 or 2017 into marketing administrative expenses, so they're doing everything they can to assure people. Hey we're gon na be back we're gon na do everything we can to be the same powerhouse and the same nostalgic market leader in theaters that we have always been, and that's that shells and reflects in the the income statements right there in front of very freaking High, so take that into consideration that is 100, something worth noting now. The next thing you consider drawn on this, as i did come to it previously, is the shorts, the institutional buyers and the insider buyers. So what's going on with with shorts, what is worth noting? So you've got etfs, you've got stock and you've got puts.

These are three ways that hedge funds or institutional investors have been manipulating the stock and swacking it down we're starting off here with etfs, so i've got this pulled up. This is from the i've got a link down there. It's a 2k bowl case for amc. This is a list of all of the etfs that have you know short positions in amc or gamestop, both of them right, sv, sfy, uh, f, you've got sv, vbr, iwn, s-c-h-a, iwm vtwv.

All these different etfs that both hold both amc and gamestop have short positions. In those companies right, that's that's huge that basically is saying that there's huge huge short interest in amc through those etfs on the same side of things. If you were to look at just the amc short positions, they have this huge list right here, which is also available in that uh that freaking reddit dd and there's links hyperlinks to every single one of these. So all these different etfs that have short positions in amc tells you the entire freaking game.

If you look at the available shorts to borrow right, they're, usually pretty freaking low, meaning that these are being shorted heavily and it's a backdoor way for hedge funds to manipulate the stock and short the stock trying to make this thing drive freaking down insane. So that's one thing to pay attention to heavily and it's usually pretty backdoorish. You don't see a lot of talk about it because it's not as available to the public. This is hedge funds, trying to basically hide the fact that they're trying to destroy the stock and people have caught onto it and read it as an opportunity.

Discord is an opportunity. Youtube is an opportunity to talk about it and that's what i'm doing right now. You've also got puts, puts, are a type of option play if you're not familiar with, puts we'll walk you through the basic rundown of these right now. Uh options right here, if you come over to puts, puts, is basically betting on a stock going down.

So if you were to look at - let's just say the we'll use rkt as an example right, you look at the call options. This is basically betting that stock is going to go above 1689. If that's the price that you hit that at so that's a strike price of 16.89, i'm going to say hey by the 19th, which is the date up here, i think that rocket is gon na close above 1689. If it goes above that you make money on the flip side, you've got puts and if you were to play it this way, you'd say hey.

I think that by the 19th of march the price is going to be low. The market value is going to be low. My strike price of 22.89, if it's below that you make money, this is a back door way for hedge funds to short a stock because they don't have to report their short interest here. These are numbers that they have to allocate specifically on their their uh, their filings right, which is massive, so these are two backdoor ways that they can short a stock and if you look at amc specifically right, hopefully this freaking loads.

Finally - and it did look at the puts here on the 19th alone - there are 17 900 puts at that point. Five strike: do you think there are any retail investors in the world that will look at this and say yup? I think it's gon na be below half a dollar on the 19th of march 2021, absolutely not that doesn't make any sense at least bit. These are hedge funds. These are toots.

These are the bad whales. These are the killer whales. These are not the cute killer. Whales, they're the bad killer, whales, the ugly killer, whales, the ones that actually eat puppies and cats and stuff - and we do not like these guys.

These are bad whales. So um, that's what's happening right here, that's a back door away from the short stock. It doesn't make sense, so these are two kind of slight handed ways in which they are hiding. The fact that they want this company to go bankrupt and they're trying to kill it.

Stock is another example. This is much more open to the public. Today alone, there was 36 percent of the total market volume, as short volume and i've covered this before i'll show you a basic overview of what this uh, what this means uh. So just let me pull this up really quick.

I have this bookmarked and i'm gon na show you an example. So the daily short sale volume, i've calculated numbers already came out to 36 percent, but there's 30 point uh, one million total short volume of shares uh out of the total market volume. I would have been today: let's just do some quick number crunching uh make sure that lines up right. This was the 18th yep.

So if you do some quick number, crunching 30 out of uh, the total market volume comes out to just do some math here total marketplace. It was 122 million, so that comes out to the majority of the market volume being short volume. So that's massive! That tells you the entire freaking percentage right there, 37 percent of the total market volume right there boom right in front of your eyes. It's been as high as 59 59.

Again, we have 58 right. So it's a crazy crazy short, that's going on here. So it's still live ball. You can see this happening before your eyes.

I also have vortex pulled up. This tells you the exact numbers, 84 utilization as of today, which tells you that out of the total limitable shares, 84 of them are being held, and that means only 16 of the current shortable lendable shares are available for borrowing. That means it's very heavily. Shorted costs to borrow not very high, there's an annual interest rate that is accrued 2.49.

So not a lot of pressure right now. It has been higher, but i anticipate it'll go back up. Those are the two things that i think are worth paying attention to right now in regards to the short interest on uh amc, so take that for what it is institutional buying, there is continued institutional buying that keeps stepping into the game here, which is 100 percent Worth talking about right, so we're gon na start off with that. If we come over here to the institutional buyers, look at this major major major shareholders from vanguard, blackrock, modric, middlemen, greenville, janus luxor.

I mean today alone. Yesterday alone, you had fidelity step in with five of their different uh management programs, specifically the largest being their small cap index fund, bought five hundred thousand shares at a dollar cost average. I crushed numbers of 12 dollars and 36 cents or 13.26 cents, as i was so massive. I mean that tells you exactly what's happening.

The only way they could have purchased that at 1326 is if they bought it yesterday or the day before. So that tells you that there's some big wigs out there, who think this is going to be bullish right. You got to look at a holistic picture and i'm showing you every single aspect of what's going on here with amc and that's a big one, huge huge, huge toot buying coming into the game right playing the stock. Trying to get this thing to move.

And these guys don't try to make money. If there's not an opportunity to do so - and i talked about this a while ago, i said guys - you've got some short positions from hedge funds out there who are trying to drown the stock and you're gon na have some smart people uh. You can go back and look. I said this a month ago.

I really do mean it. Uh you're gon na have some smart hedge funds out there. That say you know what hmm there's no way it's gon na go down to half a dollar there's! No one! That's gon na go bankrupt anymore. Now the attention on this we're gon na go freaking long and it's not because they're trying to help us they're not trying to help little guy.

That's cut throat, business baby, they're, trying to bankrupt these other hedge funds because they want money. It's a competition. They don't care about drying out the other one percent, because they want to be the best of the one percent and that's why they're in the game? They're friendly too, though, they're friendly whales they're trying to help us out, but this is the way they're trying to do. It is stepping into the game and going along and killing these other short positions such as uh, melvin or citadel, who are playing the wrong side of the coin.

Man they're going against the flow of the river, that is, institutional buyers going along on that. So it's continuous buying you've got huge stakes in here. You've got the amazon stakes: you've got fidelity, vanguard blackrock, i mean vanguard. Blackrock alone should tell you everything you need to know, because those guys are infamous for being the best of the best and then you've got insiders confirmed buying, which is massive right.

So if we look at this alone, what do we have pulled up here? I'm gon na find this uh you've got adam aaron, shavaria, carl, carla, sean goodman, frank, elizabeth, culinaro, steven and connor kevin. All these guys have really really heavy stakes in stock and if you look at this amount or number of shares, 949 000, then up here the title and amount of securities underlying derivatives security. So this could be a combination of both options and actual physical, tangible shares. Derivatives referring to options, they don't have to actually have the collateral for those because they are contracts.

So we don't know the date in which these guys expire. But what we do know is that there are shares that are being issued to board of directors members, and that is a big deal. This could be two things it could be actual physical buying. This could be insiders that are buying actual physical stock, or this could be some sort of rewards program for the board of directors, meaning that the company itself is issuing the stock and the options to those who are interested in it.

And these guys would not accept that or they wouldn't issue the stock if it wasn't worth doing because think about this from your perspective, right, if you were a board of director for a failing company, would you want their stock? Would you really want their stock because you'd be thinking? Why would i watch your stock? It's going to be worthless in five years. If it goes, if you guys go bankrupt right, so that's massive that tells you that there are good things happening on the inside. At the very least, it tells you that they believe the stock and the company is going to recover and that's big. They wouldn't do it if they didn't think it was in their best interest, because it would only hurt the cause.

It would not help the cause. So that's massive and that is definitely worth pointing out as well guys if you want to click water break, feel free to do so. I'm not going to take one i'm going to keep chucking along, but this is going to be a pretty long video. I think we're about halfway through so hedgie manipulation.

We've got a couple different things here that have taken place. We've got failure to deliver, and this is probably one of the first things that i think is worth touching on. So what is an ftd you've got this drawn out right. So essentially, what you have is, let's say that you've got a a clearinghouse who is spotting uh they're.

Basically, you know a hedge fund, you know we're gon na, say hedgie and tendy so hedgie says i'm gon na short, 100 000 shares in the market. He ends up borrowing them right. He borrows them from a broker so broker over here spots. Him.

A hundred thousand shares - and he doesn't actually have the shares right now, so he gives out ious instead. So that's an iou goes out to clearinghouse. This is worth a hundred thousand shares hundred thousand shares gets sent into the market boom. Tendy over here picks him up.

Has no idea their iou's and he's just holding on to him and uh they'll say hedgie over here is just straight chilling: what happens? Is they keep sending these out? These ious keep sending them out. They don't end up matching them with actual collateral shares. The original intent of ious and ftds was not malicious in the least bit. It was actually meant to say, okay, so i know in two days i'm gon na get a hundred thousand shares back, so i'm gon na spot.

A hundred thousand shares right now, knowing that in two days i'm gon na get my hundred thousand shares back, and i can give them out to this guy, in which i send out the i o used to i'll pay back the i o. U's well now what's happening is these ftds? These failure delivers they're, sending out ious, maliciously and on purpose, knowing that they're not going to be able to get those back, they're saying all right screw it we're just going to mess up the supply and demand chain and set up these ious over and over and Over which gets sent into the market, which dilutes the overall share count right now, we know that there is somewhere between 400 to 450 million total shares circulating the market legally right now, let's say that you have 200 million ious that are written up. That haven't been accounted for yet and have not been replaced. Well that causes synthetic selling pressure now.

What do i mean by that? Look at the supply and demand chain right here now. This is supply and demand high low low high. So if you shift the supply up, you increase the supply. What happens is you have a lower divergence on that demand chain? It lowers the demand of a stock, that's basic economic supply and demand right.

So, by sending out these synthetic shares, these fares delivers you're, manipulating the market you're, creating a synthetic selling pressure that shouldn't exist because there's a higher supply overall. That should actually presently exist. So that's freaking massive guys. Next, you've got uh, etfs, naked swords, short ladder and collision and then supply and demand.

We cover the supply and demand. We covered the ftds next we're going to talk about the ets a little more briefly right. This is a backdoor way for the manipulation to take place they're going through some backdoor methods, shorting etfs, that people don't really talk about in order to drive the stock price down. Nobody would really think about that right, but there are craps on the etfs out there that hold amc, as we mentioned before.

Uh we're gon na only touch on that briefly, because i did touch on it. If you wan na check that out, there's dd in the description box down below naked shorts right now, what is this? This ties into the failed deliveries, but i'm gon na give you a basic overview. Naked short is a legal practice of short selling shares that have not been affirmatively determined to exist. They're synthetic shares, they're not actual tangible shares.

This can be very malicious and is illegal. It's not supposed to happen now. If it's not malicious right, let's say that you have a clearinghouse or a broker that sends out 100 million shares to a hedge fund. Hedge fund sells them shorten to the market they're supposed to be replaced later.

That's okay, right! There's! There's loopholes allowed to happen, but when they're not replaced that naked shorting is not good, they can't do that and that's big. So that's another way. This is being manipulated and hedge funds and clearinghouses have to collude to be able to know this, which comes into that collusion, which i have labeled down here. There are multiple entities that are allowing this to happen, whether it be the sec.

I don't know if they're necessarily doing that, but what i will say is that they're involved you've got hedge funds. You've got clearinghouses, you've got brokers, you've got brokerage firms robinhood being one of them which we'll get into here in a minute right, but there's so many different ways. This could be planned out for a negative downside turn right. If this is if this is true, this is like a 2008 marking uh house marketing crash sort of situation where, oh, my god, when this gets brought to the limelight and everybody gets taken down, it's gon na be jaw-dropping.

You're gon na be absolutely blown away, and this is happening in front of our eyes guys. I truly do think that this is another crazy situation where you've got insane illegalities taking place, and i want to be on the right side of the coin. Here short laddering. What is this? I've got this drawn up really quick, so there's a limited downside of limited upside profit potential.

Maximum gain is limited to the initial credit received if the stock uh drops down so essentially what's happening here. Is i have a video talking about this on the channel, but you've got you know incremental cell walls that pop up a couple cents below it could be between a five to seven cent spread um. Let me pull up the picture really quick, so you've got incremental cell walls that pop up on a stock and its initial intent is to drive down price action so check this out. This is a short ladder to a t.

Look at this 2. 000. 3000. 2000.

3000, 3000, 2000. 2000 right the same size being taken up in incremental spreads across the ask. This is shorting, and this is an attempt to not allow the price to draw itself up. That is short ladder, and that is collusion on.

Maybe it could be one hedge fund, two hedge funds, three hedge funds, who knows, but it's algorithmic system making that drives the stock price down to freaking. The shadow realm to the kingdom come as low as they want to drop it because the buyers have to match 3 000 shares on top of their buy in order to get the stock price to move because shorters don't have to meet a buyer, they can just As soon as the stock price hits that number boom sell into the market and it can tank the stock, they don't have to meet a buyer unless it's on the bid because of that short sale rule. So that's massive. That's another piece of the manipulation tactics that are taking place right now, short laddering, naked shorts collusion, and the last thing i want to talk about is robin hood.

Now, robin hood or robin hood, as people have called it is massive. This is a big deal, because robin hood has been accused now of basically not holding actual tangible shares that they have been spotting their investors. That is some crazy, crazy manipulation. We know that they've had ties and reasons to collude with companies such as citadel or melvin, because they have investor relations with both of these institutional companies and that's massive, because that is just adding to the hedging manipulation that is taking place here with robin hood.

If you want to check it out, that is definitely worth talking about my friends um. Where is that i'll show you this right here? If you've read the huge robin hood, never owned your gme shares, please just read this and calm down. You will not be held accountable for that. That's definitely worth talking about.

I know that that's a scary thing but check this out. You held up on your end of the deal so we're checking this right now. You've got a buyer and you've got a seller buyers obligated to spot money for their shares that they're purchasing. That's your obligation, your end of the deal.

The seller is obligated to give you physical shares. Now, if you gave them money right, you did that you're good to go, but if they send you synthetic shares, they didn't actually hold up their end of the deal. They send you ious, they never end up sending you shares. Well, you hold up your end to the deal you're good.

These guys that sent you ious they're, not they're, screwed they're gon na get down on that. Oh man, they're gon na get screwed on that. It's not gon na be, but it's not gon na be good right, so you'll be fine. You'll get trend of the deal held up and if you don't that's the lawsuit that you will 100 win.

So that's a lot of stuff. I want to walk you through all the manipulation tactics that are taking place, and the last thing right here is this the gamma and short squeeze potential, and why we can end up making a crap ton of money from the stock now check this out, you've got Camera squeezes and you've got short squeezes. Both are means in which you can drive price action now with gamma squeeze. What is that basic overview? You've got call options that stack on top of each other, so coming back to the options chain on amc.

If you look at the calls right, what do we have? This could be an infinite endless feedback loop in which call options are purchased end up getting closer to the money, and then hedge funds have to hedge or purchase shares to manage their risk by the off chance that they have to exercise these options and pay back. Investors who have these contracts now we drew this out for you pretty simply check this out. Let's say that you have a 14 strike right here. This is the strike price for that stock and you've got a hundred thousand uh contracts that are going to potentially expire in the money here and now.

Let's say that the prices are up to 16, but the clearinghouses haven't hedged for that. They haven't accounted for that. Well, if they have to buy at 16, but the strike price is 14, which was that you get to pay for it. They are net negative, two dollars per contract and since each contract has 100 shares, that would mean that their net negative two dollars on 10 million shares right, which is huge 10 million shares times.

Two is 20 million dollars that they would be negative on just that strike price alone, so they have to manage their risk. Let's say if it has 14 bucks if they have a strike price of 14 and all of a sudden the stock is at 13.50. Well, they're, probably like you know what i better purchase right here at 1350 by the off chance that i need to manage these options that come in so they're, not gon na end up being that negative they'll actually be net positive or even if they purchase at 14 right, that's not the end of the world. They need to manage their risk now.

What does that mean? They're going to purchase enough collateral to match those options at that 10 million in volume right, so that 10 million shares that'll, probably purchase that market value? Who knows when it can happen whenever, but 10 million shares will be purchased from market value which drives the stock price up? This is essentially a gamma squeeze and that's big. Now, that's not even taking into account the the actual shares being purchased at market volume, because that will affect the stock price as well. If their exercise options end up driving the price up, because these 10 million shares - if even half of them are purchased at their strike price - that drives the stock price up any sort of transaction that takes place in the market drive stock price up. So that's huge.

That's one thing that is taking place, that is hedging and that drives gamma squeezes and gamma squeezes can happen infinitely. They can happen for as long as there's invested interest in a stock which is huge and there's been continued, uh vested interest in the stock. I mean if we look at the 26th of march, there's already call options that are starting to roll in here, not a lot of time, not a ton but nonetheless they're starting to, and they will continue to stack up as long as there's vested interest in the Company you look at the nineteenth of the march. I mean look at these off.

All these freaking call options guys it's insane and that has a huge potential to drive price action if we continue to run it up. Twenty eight thousand forty, eight thousand twenty five thousand nine thousand four thousand thirty. Four thousand right. You see the potential here on how this could really spiral and it can have an endless feedback loop.

So that's one piece of it: next is a short squeeze. So what happens essentially with a short is they sell to the market right here? You've got the broker the shorter and the market broker is a clearinghouse, the shorter is hedgy and the market is tendy, so broker spots. 100 million shares the shorter over here sends 100 million shares in the market, and he wants to buy these back at a lower price than he bought them at. So he buys he sells high and he buys low right.

That's the intent with shorting a stock. Now, on the flip side, let's say that they purchase or they sell, i should say at five dollars and they buy back at 20 that will shoot the stock price up. They are net negative, they lost money, and that is not a good thing for a shorter. They don't want that to happen right um.

So what would happen is it would cause a short squeeze, because any sort of buying that takes place in the market drives the stock price up and you can have an endless feedback loop with these two, where they feed into each other back and forth. Back and forth now, what do i mean by this we're gon na draw this out in simple ape language, guys? Let's say that this, the price of the stock is at five dollars and just inherently by a sentiment of traders, it runs up to six dollars. Well, because it's starting to go up, you've got people, then that start buying seven dollar strike call options. Let's just say that there are uh, seven dollar strikes, uh expiring on 19 march and you've got.

I don't know 20 000 of these. Well. 20. 000 of these seven dollar strikes are purchased.

Now the stock price starts to run up, it runs up to, let's say seven dollars and twenty cents. Well, now, all of a sudden you've got these clearing houses and brokers that need to hedge for that they need to match that that collateral and say hey by the chances of exercise. I'm gon na purchase uh the match for the 20 000 call options, which is actually two million total shares. Two million total shares are purchased from that 720 value, which would then drive the stock price up.

Hypothetically speaking so, let's say eight now: let's say that you've got some shorts over here that show the stock at five dollars shorts. One negative 100 million shares at five dollars. They decided to cover this hasn't happened, yet i don't think it has. But i'll, let you know we're just gon na talk about it: they cover - let's say 20 million of that uh at eight dollars.

Well that could drive the stock price up to twelve dollars to fifteen dollars to twenty dollars. The upside here is insane 20 right here. Boom crazy price action happens. Let's say that hypothetically speaking, you've got some people that take profits there right.

It drops back down to 17 shorts for establish short positions here, because they get greedy. People are all run by two things: greed and fear uh, it's insane and they they go short again. Boom stock price drops down to 15 bucks shorts drop it down to 15, maybe down to 14. This could rinse and repeat again so 14, that's undervalued! You see this, this sort of uh chain reaction happen where it's like daddy yeah.

They had a boom big spike. A little bit of a valley drops down. Does the same thing again starts its upward trend right and you can see this has already kind of happened here with amc. If we look us on a daily chart, look at this on a daily chart, crazy spike.

Let's drop back starting to wind up again, it could have another thing happen. The exact same way, that is where the infinite feedback loop comes into play with these short squeeze and gamma squeeze potential. So it runs up from five to six to seven uh. You've got twenty thousand columns expiring the money and, by the way, this whole time, you could have call options that continuously continue to expire in the money.

Eight dollar strikes, nine dollar strikes, ten dollar strikes all the way to twenty dollar strikes. These all have to be hedged for which would drive the stock price up higher. So this could even go to, i don't know 25 before dropping back down to 17 and then the same thing would happen, rinse and repeat: 14 vested interest. Just simple traders: uh transaction sentiment, goes up to 15 bucks.

More strike prices between 15 to 20 are purchased. They end up going to 16. Bucks 60 strikes are in the money they get hedge for drives it up to 17. Hedge four drives up to 18.

Hedge four goes up to let's say: 25, there's more shorts cover drives it up to 50.. This can continue on and on and on and on endlessly as long as there's vested interest in the stock, that is, the endless feedback loop possibility with the short squeeze and gamma squeeze and it's 100 possible. Why do i say that? Because there are freaking apes out, there, who've been dominating this thing for literally months months and i'm not kidding when i say that i have been through the freaking ringer with these guys - and i would not be talking about this if i didn't think there was upside Here, i'd have just moved on. I just moved on and made money somewhere else, because this is not worth talking about for two months.

This is a dead cat. It's not a dead freaking cat guys it never was a dead cat. It won't be a dead cat. That's what i've got for the the upside here right, it's nuts, so risk and reward.

This is the last thing i want to talk about. Is the risk reward low ball? I think it's 20 to 25 and 46 months high ball. It's life-changing infinite potential money upside the risk is high. There's nothing guaranteed about this guys.

It is called wall street bets, not wall street guarantees. You need to manage your risk. Please don't invest money that you can't afford to lose, and then the second thing i want to mention is options. If you're not an experienced options investor, i do recommend that you check out my youtube video talking about options.

I do have a video that talks about it in pretty good detail. You simply come over to youtube and you type in options 101 and tray uh. It will pop up. This is my video on options and it walks you through the basic rundown why this stuff matters and you can play that video and it'll teach you everything that you need to know in regards to options so guys.

That is what i have for the video. I know that was freaking long, but i want to give a basic rundown for anybody who does not know what's going on with amc stock. In case you are new to the channel new to the squeeze situation and uh want to get caught up. So if you enjoyed it, please drop a like who doesn't support the channel and consider subscribing if you see more content like this.

Lastly, i'm going to fill in the description box down below for weeble. This is version four for the desktop great platform that allows you to start training at 4. Am the premarket views money? Kick two free stocks at the 100 deposit i'll receive a free stock. Great support on the channel, my friends and, if you're, not interested, that is totally fine.

I just appreciate your support by taking the time to watch my videos. That's what i have you guys today. Thank you for watching my fellow friends and apes and peace.

By Trey

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    I have been a skeptic of these stocks but your arguments and rationale really think you may be right. Of the you tubers covering the market and these stocks you and Andrew are far the best. I know something about Market Makers and big players and what they do you literally nailed it 100% on the “1 centing” crap they pulled last 2 days to keep it on no more than the $14 strike.
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