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Fuel Cell Stock Analysis: FuelCell Energy Stock is a company centered around clean energy alternatives, and is very similar to companies PLUG (Plug Power) and CLNE (Clean Energy). FuelCell is retracing many of the moves that PLUG made in its climb to $30, and FuelCell could very easily cover the same trends. In this Fuel Cell Stock Analysis video, we establish new levels of resistance and support, discuss trading volume and VMA (volume moving average), establish entry and exit points, and short and mid term price targets.
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What is up, everybody welcome to trade streets where we have technical analysis on different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy, hold or sell opinions on these. Given stocks i'd like to preface by saying that i'm not a financial advisor nor expert - i am just some random dude on youtube, so take what i say with a grain of salt. The reason i started this channel is because a couple years back, i was about 30 000 deep in some pretty bad medical debt, and i was very fortunate to have some close family friends and mentors that pushed me to work really hard and invest my money in The market and i'm happy to say that i am now not only a financially free guy, but i'm doing pretty well for myself at the age of 23.. Lastly, if i can pass along any of those resources, tools or information to you guys and change your lives a little bit for the better, that's all i can ask for.

Please drop a like on the video really does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you'd like to see more content like this. So we're going to be looking at ticker symbol, fce l, fuel cell energy incorporated, but before so i'd just like to thank the patreons that we have over at the patreons. We have the patreon, i'm just going to show you guys out. Jagger's, a brian simon zach, mike francis brandon, thank you for joining the patreon.

It really does mean the world to me that you support the channel and uh one more thing. We did go over 2k subscribers today, which is absolutely phenomenal. We were at 1, 000 literally two days ago, so the growth on the channel has been insane. I love the community we're building out here, and i love that uh.

What we do at trades trades is different because we work together to find the hot stocks and uh make some quick cash right. I just look at the technical analysis on things you guys bring me these stocks and i just tell you, which i think and uh and because we're working together to do this, we just have a much broader horizon of the market. We're gon na be able to keep our eyes on a lot of different plays, we'll get a lot of different perspectives, and it is absolutely incredible. So, let's get into fuel cell, i'm just gon na read off a quick description for anybody.

That's new to the channel on what fuel cell is they develop environmentally responsible, distributed baseload power solutions through proprietary, molten carbonate, fuel cell technology. It develops turnkey, distributed power, generation solutions and provides comprehensive services for the life of the power plant. The firm's fuel cell solution is an alternative to traditional combustion-based power generation and is complementary to an energy mix consisting of intermittent sources of energy such as solar and wind turbines. It provides solutions for various applications, including utility scale, distributed generation, on-site power generation, combined heat and power, distributed hydrogen carbon capture and hydrogen-based long-duration storage.

So basically, these guys are a clean energy alternative, similar to plug power similar to clean energy and uh. It is going to be the future. It might not happen this year, but look 5 10, 15 20 years down the road from now you're gon na see a lot more clean energy than you do now. There was one point in time where, where coal was the main source of energy - and i guarantee everybody was saying - there's absolutely no way that gasoline and oil are going to make it because coal is the bee's knees.

Well, guess what we're hearing the same thing about clean energy there's no way the clean energy is going to make it because gasoline is the bee's knees, it's just what it is. Well, that's just not true guys they're going to get left in the dust if they don't, they don't hop on the train because it is going to be the future. So, let's take a look at fuel cell, we'll establish some near and far side resistance level located from the six month chart and the one day one minute chart uh we'll look at the rsi indicator: the trading volume trends, the bullish and bearish movements that we're seeing And uh we'll establish some levels that we need to watch for the next trading day. So with that being said, let's look at the six month chart here.

We do have a pretty solid support level at about nine dollars and seventy cents uh followed by ten dollars and seventeen cents right here. We do have one two three different candle wicks that have treated this, both as support and resistance in the past. So it is a pretty strong level. I am liking that number and 970 has one two three four different touch points.

So this is a pretty solid level of support that we have right here and we did come very close to testing this 1149 um six month. Resistance level, which is a beautiful thing, to see uh if we can knock that down, i do think we're gon na see 12 dollars pretty easily and it is great to have a green day right. This is up 5.56 percent. We did break off a one.

Two. Three four five six day: uh bearish movement that we had going on, and you know that price correction that we saw all the way up from 1342 1391 is the as the high but 1342 is the close um. It's good to see that we're stabilizing a little bit, and that is a pretty heavy movement right. We did open the market right around uh, we'll call that 10 and 17 cents - and we did close at 11.15, so up a little over a dollar which is absolutely phenomenal and the volume was nothing crazy guys.

We didn't see a huge volatility day. This has been pretty standard for what we've been seeing as of late since uh, since fuel cell has taken off and seen some traction, and i think once we get some more volume and volatility, that's moving into the stock you're going to see some even harsher climbs Up on these charts, so that is good to see um with these levels. In the back of your mind, of course, we do have the all-time high sitting at about 13.91, we came very close to touching 14 sold off, so we are going to be looking at 1149 as a first level of resistance to breakthrough, followed by about 12 dollars And 15 cents as the next level after we break through 12 and then 13.91, so keep those. In the back of your mind, we have been trading over the volume weighted moving average.

We did peak below it at the close of the day on the six-month chart. Yesterday so we were beginning to get into bearish territory, but it does look like we had some heavy buying pressure. Today we had some pretty smooth movements, i'm really liking. How the chart looks on this.

It was uh very smooth. You know we did have that initial spike up. You know we did test out this level here at 11, 33 and then a little bit of consolidation up and down movements between this pretty tight price zone right here. So that was very nice to see the rsi indicator.

You can see that we're trading at about 60 right now, so we are approaching you know 70 is overbought. 30 is under oversold. We are approaching the overbought territory and that's to be expected with how much uh, how much buying that we saw today, we did see some pretty pretty steep um buying orders at uh market open. So i'm assuming that some people had some limit orders in set uh right at it to write a market open that way they could get right into this stock, which is a good thing to see.

Uh, it's good to see some green. We are up 5.56 percent on the day and we are getting closer and closer to our 20 to 25 dollar price range that we do have set for this stock. Of course, i've said before on this channel that i do think this is going to be on par with plug power in the future. I can very easily see this going over 30 to 35 by the end of 2021.

That would not surprise me, the least bit, but for now we're just gon na double up our money and be very happy with that. So the rsi indicator is looking pretty good, we're not in uh we're not in danger of being over overbought. So we shouldn't see any major corrections coming up based off of this. We may see some uh some selling pressure coming up.

You know it's gon na be very indicative on whether we break through 11 49 or not if we do break through 11 49. You know this will be a new acting level of support. However, we test 1149 and we see a bounce uh. We might be retesting some different support levels.

You know 10 20 is a is a pretty solid one on the six month chart, but more indicative is going to be the levels of support and resistance on the one-day one-minute chart. So if we pull this up right here, real quick, we do have a very solid support sitting right here at about 10.85, we have one two, three, four five, a lot of different contact points right so 1084 is a very solid level of support, followed by this Zone right here at 10.99, we'll just call this 11. We do have one two three, four, five, six different contact points, and this was a prior level of resistance in the past and once we shot through that right here, you can see that uh that we were on our way to higher price valuations. So that is uh.

These are what we're looking at right now, if we can break through uh 1134 is the near side, resistance and 1149. We won't have to worry about that, but if we do see a bounce off eleven for 34, like we did today, you know we're going to be using these support levels to hold us up and develop those higher lows and then eventually higher highs. So that's what we're looking at here, uh the volume is looking pretty solid, nothing, nothing crazy, nothing! Out of the ordinary! We did see a pretty pretty steep amount pop in you know right at the bell of 628, 000 shares traded. So that is looking pretty nice.

We are overall bullish on the day in the after hours, we are trading bullish right now we did see a little bit of a sell-off, but this candle is looking pretty nice looks like we might. Uh might do a little gap up during the after hours in pre-market, which would be absolutely phenomenal if we do gap up into tomorrow. It is likely that we will fill that gap. You may see a pullback, you might see some people take profits, uh if their day or swing trading, this or just midterm and midterm trading this uh.

But if we do fill out those price gaps, you know it might not even happen right because we have some pretty solid price action in here. But if that does happen, you know it is possible that we see some pullbacks and then people getting right back into the stock after that. So how do i see this uh playing out tomorrow? Well, we are still on a seven day. You know overall bearish run, so i'm not completely sold that we're gon na have another green day.

Tomorrow, however, it is looking promising right, we did have you know very little resistance. There was very heavy buying pressure throughout the day today, so it is likely. I would say that we see some more green tomorrow. I would not be surprised if we push over 11 34 and re-test this 11 49.

If we do break through 11 49, i think at 12 end of day close is very realistic. However, if we test at 11 34 and 11 49 - and we see some price rejection, it may be a consolidation day. I wouldn't be surprised if we closed over 11 hanging, pretty close to where we are right now, maybe a little bit red on the day, maybe a little bit green on the day. Um, it's just going to highly depend on whether we're not whether or not we break through this resistance level so keep those numbers.

In the back of your mind, i hope that was helpful for you guys, and that is the update on fuel cell energy today. So if you enjoyed the video, please drop a like, it really does help support the channel. Consider subscribing if you'd like to see more content like this, as i do cover fuel cell uh very frequently. I'd argue every day, if not every day every other day and lastly, i do have an affiliate link for tubebuddy in the description box down below now.

Tubebuddy is an seo optimization website that i personally use to uh make sure that my videos get into the eyes of my intended audience, and i would not recommend this to you guys. If i didn't personally use it, i paid a nine dollar per month. Uh membership fee to use this company and if you are a content creator or looking to become a content creator, i could not highly recommend this enough. So if you do use my affiliate link, i do receive a commission.

It's a great way to support the channel and, if you're, not interested whatsoever, that's totally fine. I'm just glad to have you here as a part of the community and a part of the crew out here at trey's trade. So that is what i have for the video today, my friends, thank you for watching and i'll see you all next time. Peace,.

By Trey

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