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Ladies gentlemen, germs germets, whatever you want to say from titan, and i it's a it's an honor and a pleasure to be able to talk about uh the stock today holy piss, we got ourselves a day being so nice. I can't believe how calm you are. This is actually wild. Look at you, big sleepy boy, guys welcome back to trey's trades briefing, talk fast and don't skip class like a perfectly surprised, my financial place.

Please take us today with a great assault, let's get into the video. So today, my friends, my family, my fellow gang amc, had a beautiful beautiful day. Now i got ta admit yesterday. I i had made a video talking about uh our girl amy, and i wanted to sit down and really walk you guys through it, i'm kind of watching right now and i'm not going to bs.

It was in this looks disgusting. That's the video right there where i talked about it. I didn't think that you would see the move we saw today today. I thought you'd see it sometime over the next 30 days, which is why i kind of talked about it but uh.

Nonetheless, here we are - and this is actually a beautiful thing to see - and i'm gon na walk you through uh - why? I personally believe this happened and what you should be looking for down the road uh as we continue on so uh. Here's the agenda for the day, i'm gon na walk you guys through sort of what we have lined up. Why do we run i'm gon na talk about implied volatility ivs on amc, and it's important to also note gamestop, because gamestop imo, in my opinion, is what sort of led the way paved the path today, so that amc could have the move that it did right. I also want to talk about this wedge uh, which is going to tie into technical analysis a little bit, and i want to touch on the volume, because that's actually a pretty key part of uh.

What took place here today we're just going to bring us into after that, looking forward, uh implied volatility, i'd like to talk about that and then continuation. What you're gon na be looking for to see the continued move and continued strength on our girl, amy uh, just as we had seen here today so before we even start there's a lot of significance to the move that we saw here today. A lot. I can't understand it: we actually almost broke out of this falling wedge on both descending levels of resistance in a single day, which i i'm actually like mind blown by.

I didn't think that you'd see this big of a move, this quick this soon on emc. I thought it'd be more of a slow crawl or of a slow ramp up uh than we actually got, but i don't think i'm gon na complain. I don't think you guys are too, and this is actually setting us up for the future. So why do we have the run in the first place? Well, i thought about this a lot and i think, in order to truly be able to, you know, sit back and understand.

We have to first appreciate game, stops moving. What did gamestop do right? Well, if you look at game, stop right now, what actually just took place is sort of a break out of their large scale, uh falling wedge. You can see this right here. This downside level of resistance, i'm going to highlight this in white, just so that you can see it really uh support.

I should say downside level of support, downside level of resistance, and it got a beautiful break out of that falling wedge following through with some really insane looking volume. It had that breakout day yesterday and then the continuation with volume here today that move as we've seen with amc gamestop have some sort of similarities in the way that algorithms will buy and sell. These stocks, i think, was a catalyst that allowed amc to take a stab at the exact same thing, albeit we're not quite in the same spot. I want to make that differential, because uh there are some differences right.

Amc has a lower overall cost to borrow currently, and there are more shares available to borrow as well. So with that being stated uh. There are three things that i personally believe contributed to today's run and will contribute to a continuation uh. If we do in fact see that coming into the next week, the next two weeks as i think that we will right implied volatility, so what i have right here is an implied volatility chart that dates all the way back to april of 2021.

The website is is linked right here, so you can go check this out for yourself. If you would like to it's, i right what this is essentially showing. You is uh the historical implied volatility for ticker amc. Now this is actually important to be able to look at the historical implied volatility which essentially is just saying hey as a market maker.

This is how much i think the price is going to move up or down in any given year right so right now the implied volatility, as you can see by this yellow line, is pretty decently low. It was peaked out in june, which makes sense. You saw a lot of volatility back then, which means that market maker is going to change, how much they're going to charge you for a call contract. But since then, you've seen the implied volatility.

The iv go down ever so slightly as it kind of rode. This downtrend overall right. What do you see here is sort of the lowest point that iv has gotten dropped down to since before that june run up? I think this is actually even just a hair lower than you saw the iv before that june run up, and i think this actually contributed to algorithms being inclined to go long or algorithms being inclined to close out some short positions. I'm more inclined to believe it was a mixture of both, but more so there was a greater amount of gamma than short covering.

I i think it's it's wrong to believe that we didn't see some short covering today. I imagine that, out of all the volume that we saw, there may have been some shares here and there that were covered, but i think the majority of this was really some gamma ramping. I think these contracts were really attractive for some algorithms, for some institutions from hedge funds and some retail traders, i'm sure uh to scoop up, and that is what happened so the iv being super low. Basically at the lowest point it's been since may.

Of 2021 1 million contributed to this and we're going to talk on the iv later so that you know what to watch for, as things continue to go right. Next, two things are going to be the wedge and the volume, and this i'm going to bring you over to uh the chart. So we can show you exactly what i'm talking about. So i mentioned this in yesterday's video.

I said you are going to know when it is time for amc to make its move, that you have reached the bottom you're reaching the reversal when it breaks out of this falling wedge. It is technical analysis right. This is ta to a t uh, it's allowing this move to happen, and that is exactly what allowed gamestop to have the move that it did right. On top of, obviously, there's been some uh fundamental news.

That's come out. We can't deny that uh, but we also have to look at the setup and this setup uh breaking out of that falling wedge, is incredibly bullish. It typically gets followed through a decent move. Well, amc is doing pretty much the exact same thing, albeit it is not quite out of this wedge yet uh, but this is a million percent.

Why you saw the move that it did because it broke out of the first descending level of resistance and followed through very strongly with a good amount of volume, i'm actually going to adjust this just the hair, so you can see it uh, that's that was lined Up a little bit, improper touch. Point touch, point touch, point touch, point touch, point touch, point touch point and you can see it broke above that line bam just smoked. I mean the volume followed through with that, and that is a picture-perfect technical breakout. That's exactly what you just watched happen today.

Now we do still have this line to crack over right. This is not quite out of the clear yet and in fact i'm gon na walk you through what i would like to see. Ideally so we know that this is in fact the beginning of uh. I would think a pretty decent sized run to be frank, uh, and that is the the following things right.

I want to look at the implied volatility's moving forward, and this is more of a forewarning right. I just want you guys to keep an eye on this as uh as things move on, because we know one thing about retail traders. We know one thing about apes, we're degens, we don't. We don't know the banana side of my mouth, but anyways.

I'm gon na talk on ivs a little bit and then uh talk on the continuation. So one thing i want you guys to watch right now is implied volatility. The best time if you're gon na buy calls i'm not encouraging you to buy, to sell uh either stock or calls you have to do what's best for you at the end of the day. Remember that it's your money, you do what you think is best uh, but what i would watch what i'm personally watching is this iv and you'll notice that, as the price ramped up on amc stock, so then did the iv, which means that you're paying more for Your contracts, there's gon na, be more inherent risk, especially if the volatility doesn't fall through right.

If you pay a lot for iv on a contract and then all of a sudden, it's flat. Well, it's gon na lose value simply just by trading sideways, because market makers are going to adjust the prices uh that you were kind of assigned for those specific contracts. So watch that i would expect fully the iv on these to start juicing a little bit great time to be holding the contract, if you have them uh, but you're going to want to looking for dips on the stock if you're wanting to buy, because that iv Should juice up pretty hard with that being said, continuation i think the most important thing here is going to be the setup, and i'm going to talk specifically about what i would like to see in an ideal world uh out of the stock we just broke out Of this falling wedge right, the falling wedge is absolutely beautiful. You have these.

This downside resistance, downside support it bounces back and forth, back and forth back and forth, and now it's breaking out the ideal scenario to know that you are in fact breaking out of this. Is if you get a bounce off of the top of that wedge, to have some continuation? I want to see these two specific moves. Some form of rejection, followed by some form of a bounce that will continue you back up into the territory that we have had and we're not guaranteed to see that. But what i would say is that would almost guarantee you nearly guarantee you that you are going to see a continuation of the move that you have so far right.

So that's something that i'm personally going to be watching for with amc now. What would that look? Like i'm going to show you this on the hour time frame, so it's uh, it's pretty clear, simple stuff check this out. If you look at this right now, we can see that we are just a hair, above that uh, that breakout line of the the falling wedge. What you could ideally see is some form of a tracking where you get a bounce off the bottom of this right.

Here, followed by a bounce up off of the top of that falling wedge for more continuation. You can you can honestly see the same thing out of out of game. Stop as well, albeit this is a a much larger move and it's quite a ways away, which i mean you have to see this tap down at 70. Bucks doesn't seem like this is a scenario which you're going to see with gamestop and, to be frank, it's kind of already done it right.

Gamestop is a few hairs ahead of where amc is at right now, not guaranteeing that that we're going to see the same move right. We can't say anything along those lines, but it broke out of the wedge. Bam broke out, tapped it moved back up. This is exactly what you would want to see out of amc to guarantee that uh, you could see a continuation of this technical breakout and the second thing that i think we need to keep an eye on.

This is why i've been updating on it on a daily basis. Is the economy, the fed and the spy? Now i told you guys this uh for about a month now i would say: uh i've been saying to people, you know people ask trey. Why is amc? Doing so, crappy right now and i've been saying if you look at the stock market as a big wave right, the stock market's uh, not the wave itself, but it's just a bunch of houses right. There's a house here house here, skyscraper here house here, apartment complex here right, whole bunch of houses and here's an incoming massive, tidal wave.

Well, everything gets smacked down by this tidal wave and it's it's very obvious that amc being a part of iwm, which is the small mid cap etf. The russell 2000 uh has has moved alongside of indexes, so what we've been waiting for? I would argue this entire time is the transition from uncertainty to certainty. So this is something that i think we need to keep an eye on. I'm gon na continue to update on is the uncertainty or certainty uh of the market as that wave, which is uncertainty.

This is really what was crashing into stocks over the last three months from january until now, uh. That is what was holding amc down. I really do truly believe that, because, if you think of it a macro perspective, shorts love uncertainty, they love this. This is where they are able to take advantage of fear, i mean fear, is where uncertainty comes from uh, it's just the lack of understanding of what may be or what may come, shorts love that stuff and as uncertainty continues to wane, it goes away in the Stock market you're going to continue to see more small mid-cap companies start to move, as i have uh i've theorized for quite some time now, and we have been starting to see over the last one or two weeks right now, we're not completely out of clear the Whole of my theory, the hole that i'm gon na poke at myself right now, uh, where i think there's the most risk, is the economy, the fed the spy.

This is where i think there there may be an opportunity for this to get pushed back down, and i think this is what we need to watch. The closest is, is jerome powell gon na open his mouth about rate hike, so they're gon na do a 50-point hike. I don't even think that would do it. I think it'd have to be something worldwide conflict-wise.

Maybe russia starts world war iii. Maybe the banks get attacked by a cyber attack. I don't know, i don't know what that would be, but this is what i'm gon na be closely monitoring, and this is what i think is gon na hold back the move. If there is something that does hold it back, uh at all, you know all in all i'd say.

The confidence that i have if 10 at the top here is is peak confidence and one is uh, not a lot. I mean it's the least confidence possible. I'm probably like a 7.5 uh, seven to a 7.5 is about how confident i am that you were about to witness in the next one week-ish uh a true breakout of this falling wedge, and that is a good thing. And if you, if you, if you didn't take away anything from this entire video walking you through, why? I personally believe this move is happening.

If you haven't taken anything away over the last month as i've theorized, that shorts are going to begin to cover positions in the next coming weeks and months, and i've talked about this for a while now you know, if you don't want to take anything from that. What you can take away is uncertainties going away, certainty is coming back, shorts have no legs to stand on, and that is going to equate to covering of positions and amc, gamestop and other small mid cap companies. This is the time that you guys should be excited for. I've talked about this before this is how i'm going to wrap it up uh, but it is finally time mark the date.

I want you guys to come back to that video when the time comes mark. The date i stand by it that was four days ago uh. What i talk about here is it is time it's time for the small mid-rally and you guys are getting to watch it. I mean today was a rare day.

It's a great day. It's it's a fantastic thing to be able to watch, enjoy it really enjoy it. We're not clear yet there's still some work to be done. We're not guaranteed to get out of this uh this.

This bearish trend that we've been in, but we're close, we're very close and that's exactly what i want to see. I want to see a bounce off of that falling wedge for me to say: yeah. Let's rub our hands together: baby collect some god: dang sweet, tasty, lemon pepper, tendees, drink some kraken and have ourselves a freaking day. The apes are back in town, baby apes live on.

We live on. That's what i've got for this video, so i'll catch you on the next one. I appreciate you all tuning in hope. You had a freaking beautiful day.

These are my favorite kind of videos to make uh and i'm jacked for all of you guys so until the next one, much love light taps and peace.

By Trey

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