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GAXY Stock Analysis: GAXY (Galaxy Next Generation) is a holding company which engages in manufacturer and distributor of interactive learning technologies and enhanced audio solutions. In this GAXY Stock Analysis video, we analyze GAXY from a macroscopic and microscopic point of view. We also establish levels of resistance and support, analyze RSI (Relative Strength Index), the volume-weighted moving average, bullish and bearish trends and pressure, and potential entry and exit points for both mid-to-long term investors and day or swing traders.
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What is up, everybody welcome to trades trades, where we have technical analysis on different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy, hold or sell opinions on these given stocks. I like the premise by saying that i am not a financial advisor nor expert. I am just some random dude on youtube, so take what i say with a grain of salt. The reason that i started this channel is because a couple years back, i was about 30 000 deep in some pretty bad medical debt, and i was very fortunate to have some close family friends and mentors that pushed me to work really hard and invest my money In the market - and i am happy to say that not only am i now financially free, but i'm doing pretty well for myself at the age of 23, so uh.

If i could pass along any of the information resources or tools that are given to me and make your guys lives a little bit better off than they were before, that's all a guy can ask for. Lastly, if you wouldn't mind dropping a like on the video really does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you like, to see more content like this, as i do post videos every day, multiple times a day. So today we're going to be looking at ticker symbol, g8xy galaxy next generation incorporated. This is a subscriber requested stock that was sent in to me by a couple different people, but we're gon na give the main credit to our eye.

Uh. Thank you for the the subscriber request uh. This does seem like a pretty solid stock. I actually don't mind the price action on this.

It is looking very nice, but before we get going, i just want to thank uh the patreons over the the patrons of the patreon. You know: rob shawn albert flacco, xg, kenny dean, brian jagger zay brian simon zack, mike francis brandon. Thank you guys for joining. They will have access to the private discord, as well as my my portfolio and trades in real time.

So, if you're interested there is a link in the description box down below to the patreon, so uh galaxy is looking pretty decent. We're gon na go over the overall volume trends. The volume weighted moving average uh, the the bearish and bullish action that we're seeing the rsi indicator will establish some near side levels of support and resistance. If you're, looking at this as a mid to long-term investment, we'll talk about strategies there as well as date or swing trades, so galaxy just to give you a brief fundamental overview is a holding company which engages in manufacture and distributor of interactive learning technologies and enhanced Audio solutions they were founded in 1991, they're, headquartered in taco ga.

So you know, they're looking pretty decent they've got a smaller following on stock with 6 000 people. The message volume is up. Overall sentiment is down a little bit and the price is down a little bit as well, but i actually don't mind the price action on this, and i'm going to tell you why. I, like the uh, the consolidation that we have seen on this stock, since it did shoot up to you know about just uh, just shy of uh four cents.

Now the thing that i don't particularly like about gaxy is: it is a very cheap penny stock. So let's say that you buy in at three cents and then, for whatever reason it comes back down to less than one cent. You are down a crap ton of money. Oh man, you'd be really really hurting, so the risk level on this stock is extremely high.

So if you do decide to get into this, make sure that you manage your own risk and decide whether this is a worthwhile investment for you as uh. There is potential that this could. This could really sting if it doesn't pan out very well. So just keep that in the back of your mind, let's, let's draw up some levels of support and resistance on the six month chart or this yep on the on the chart here.

So this is a one month chart my bad on the one month chart. We do have, you know, point zero, two, eight one cents as a pretty level uh, pretty solid level of support. We do have a couple different contact points here. This did act as resistance in the past.

A couple different contact points as uh support. So i do like that level, and it does seem that for the last couple days we are on some green run. I do like how that's looking and if we can pick up the overall volume back up on this stock to some prior levels. You know, volume drives volatility and volatility drives higher price valuations.

That would really help push this stock up to some newer highs right and the thing about this stock. That's really beautiful! Is it's not going to take a lot for you to make a very solid return on this, like if you get in at three cents and we hit 4 cents? You are up a lot of money very fast, so the volatility on this is extremely high. The margin of return that you can see on this is extremely high. I do like that, and i do like that.

It's consolidated very well after this huge spike that we saw when we were less than a cent on price valuation on the stock, so volume weighted moving average. This is slightly different than the volume moving average. This does take into consideration the overall volume trends that we are seeing on a stock and we are currently just over if we look here just over the volume weighted moving average. You know this last day we just poked our heads up over it, so that is good to see you know looking at the stock right here we are down from the the pre-market and after hours trading currently at about point zero, three one cents and uh.

That's not looking too bad, i'm liking, i'm liking. How that's looking on the the one day, one minute chart the rsi indicator. We were extremely overbought for quite some time. There was three solid days in a row that we were trading over 70..

Anything over 70 on the rsi indicator is overbought territory. Anything under 30 is oversold and we have corrected very well. I honestly am surprised that we did not see some oversold territory happen after this pretty steep climb from less than a cent, and i think that is a pretty solid indicator that this stock could see some really solid price action over the next couple of days. So if we see an increase in volume, you know anything prior levels.

This is a one day: trading volume of 33 million. You know 66 million 41 million if we can double or triple the overall volume that we're seeing on the stock right now. That is a good sign, because unusual volume trading means that there's peaked interest, whether it's for news catalyst, public relation, insider information, whatever the reason may be, spikes in volume are not coincidental, they mean something right, that's how we got in on on jag x right. We saw a pre-bump in in volume, we saw spike and i was like huh.

This is weird and uh we got in on that and we wrote up over 100 to 200 percent margin of return on our investment there. So if you were able to get on that stock, i'm super pumped for you. That's that's freaking, awesome, pat yourself on the back for some filthy returns. That is uh.

That is insane but anyways galaxy is looking like. It has potential to do some pretty solid things and and if we do see a spike in volume or there is any news, catalyst or public relations that we're expecting soon. That could really push the stock to some some new highs. I wouldn't be surprised if we can push over four cents on galaxy.

If that does happen, so do be watching for the volume. I think that is going to be the thing that we are missing currently is volume. You can see that we have. We have dropped off a little bit in the last trading day, so that is a little bit concerning that could be why we're you know we're down a little bit on the last trading day, but i do think this is a solid stock.

I'm gon na i'm gon na personally keep this on my watch list as a potential to enter into just in case my my uh position in ocg doesn't pan out. You know, i will show you my positions, real, quick just for some transparency. I am in jag, x and ocg and currently as uh swing, trades and jag jagx, i'm doing pretty decent. You know i'm up 72 percent, or so it was up more, but you know i'm holding on to my stock until the the webinar that is supposed to happen on monday and then ocg.

I got in a little bit late. I sold out of uh bionano genomics and then took that portfolio, not portfolio that position and the cash that i made from that position and i entered into it was ocgn. So i am down 13 on that right now and if it does continue to drop off, you know i might cut my losses and get into either gaxy zone or uh the previous stock that you're about to see ontx um and i'm going to watch the price Action on all of these and see which reaches the level of support in the entry point that i like the best so we're looking at two cents here, is a pretty solid level of support. If we do end up falling back from there, you know we did have a prior level of resistance.

I would argue right around here at uh about point zero, two, five, eight cents. So if you can get in anywhere near these levels, i do think those are pretty solid entry points and then we do have resistance. You know on the on the one month chart sit at about three cents uh. We have another level of resistance to watch for right around here.

A couple different contact points at 0.0373 and then another level of resistance right here at uh point: zero, four, we'll just call that point: zero, four four cents, and if we can't push over four cents, i would not be surprised if we approach these all-time highs. Uh. We are looking pretty decent. You know the last five days we've had some pretty solid bullish movement, just lacking some volume lacking the volatility and which is why you haven't seen a huge spike in price valuation on this stock.

But i do think it's setting up very well. I do like how well it consolidated. We didn't really get back too much from this. This four cent high that we saw in the past, so it could see some pretty uh pretty exponential growth and i would not be surprised if we see some filthy margins on galaxy in the future.

I have a couple of subscribers that told me that they made some pretty uh killer returns on this stock and that is freaking awesome. I'm so glad that you guys made some money. What i love about trace trades. Is you guys bring me these stocks? You know my set of eyes can only see so much in the market, but we have a bunch of people watching a bunch of things and when you bring them to my attention - and i i do the analysis on them, i give you my perspective on the Price action we're working together to make money guys, and that is what i love about, what we're doing right now.

So it's looking pretty decent, that's the rundown on the on the one month chart. If we look here on the one day chart, we do have a pretty solid support sitting right here at uh point zero: two, eight two cents followed by another support line, uh right around here at point: zero: two, nine two currently trading at point: zero: three one: It is uh, it is not doing too bad for itself we're looking at some near side resistance, um right about here - we're just hugging that line it's kind of flirting with the idea of pushing above that we might see it break out, and if we do we're. Looking at this as the next level of resistance at 0.0342, and if we can push over that, i would not be surprised if we approach these macroscopic uh resistance levels at 0.0373 and 4 cents. So if anybody has any news on uh on galaxy or if you know if any public relations or huge catalysts are going to push the stock up, let me know in the comment section down below that way: everybody that watches this video has an idea of what To expect this is a purely technical analysis perspective on the stock, so that is where we're currently sitting.

I do think a very solid entry point on this is anything you know around this .0292 support level and if you can get it around .0282, that's even better. The lower that you can buy this the better, especially because this is a very risky investment just based on you, know how low we've seen the stock in the past. But you know for the last uh last two weeks or so we have consolidated very well. So it is possible - and i think likely that we hold on to these price valuations.

This may be the new norm for the company. I would not be surprised whatsoever if we do hold on to these uh. This is this price action so exit points. You know how you want to swing this.

I would personally take this as a day trade or swing trade, but if you'd like a mid to long term investment, you know these are the levels that you need to keep in the back of your mind and if you're looking at a day or swing trade. This, if you go up 10, 20. 30. 40.

50. You know at that point i would consider setting a trailing stop loss just so that you can lock in your profits. You know it's unusual to swing a 100 swing on on a stock like this, but it is possible so just make sure that you're locking in profits guys, i don't want you guys - to get stuck holding the bag or chasing just because you didn't sell when you Were up a pretty decent margin, so uh it's it's better to lock in profits and miss out on extra then to have the potential to make money, and then you miss it because you didn't sell. I don't want that to happen for you guys, because this is a business, we're not gambling right.

We want small chunks of change that add up over time to an awesome portfolio and a huge lump sum of money, so that is currently what we're looking at. On galaxy, thank you again to uh subscriber ri for the recommendation. There was a couple others that recommended this to me, but that's who i have pulled up right now, so you're getting the credit. My friend thank you for bringing this to my attention.

That is what i have for the stock today. So if you enjoyed the video, please drop a like if it does help support the channel. Consider subscribing, if you like, to see more content like this, as i do, post videos every day drop a ticker symbol in the comment section. If you'd like me to cover a stock and then you may have potential to have your stock covered in the next daily subscriber requested recommendation video of the day.

So, lastly, if you would not mind checking out my affiliate link, of course you don't need to, but i do have an affiliate link in the description box for tubebuddy, and that is an seo optimization website that i personally pay at nine dollar per month. Membership v4 for the pro membership. Now i highly attribute growing from zero to 1 000 subscribers in 17 days to this this website. It is awesome, it helps get your videos into the eyes of your intended audience.

So if you're a content creator or are looking to become one, i could not recommend this highly enough and it does help support the channel. If you use my link, i do receive a commission off of your membership uh, so it is. It is a great way to support the channel if you're interested and, if not, that's totally fine, i'm just glad to have you here as a part of the community and a part of the crew out of trey's trade. So that's what i have for the video today, my friends and i will see you all next time: peace,.

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