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The Story Of The Epic GME Short Squeeze: GME Stock is currently a hot topic, being all the buzz on reddit threads and discords. In this video, we discuss why GME has seen this historic short squeeze, and discuss a macroscopic and microscopic overview of the company. We also establish levels of support and resistance for both investors and traders, analyze the 200 EMA (Exponential Moving average), 20 VAMA (Volume-Adjusted Moving Average), RSI (Relative Strength Index), bullish and bearish trends, technical analysis chart patterns, and potential entry and exit points for traders and investors.
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Guys i have to show you this meme before we get going in the video. This is some funny stuff. This was shared on the private discord over the patreon. It says uh doing my part from the wall street's bets babe.

Will you please sell so we're millionaires? No, we must make them pay it's the dude with the beard. Oh god. I love it. That's way too good, all right, all right, all right all right.

What is up, everybody welcome to trey's trades, bringing technical analysis and different stocks in the stock market, or at least try to uh and give buy, hold or sell opinions on these given stocks. I, like your premise by saying that i'm not a financial advisor nor experts so take what i say with a grain of salt. The reason i started this channel is because a couple years back, i was about 30 000 deep into medical debt, and i was very fortunate to have some close family friends and mentors that pushed me to work hard and invest my money and i am happy to Say that not only am i now financially free, but i'm doing pretty well for myself at the age of 23. So if i can pass along any of the information resources or tools that are given to me here in the community make a couple people better off than they were before.

That's all that i can ask for last, if you and i might drop a like on the video, it really does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you'd like to see more content like this. Now today we'll be giving you an update on ticker symbol. Gme gamestop corporation, we all know, what's going on with gamestop, and this is one heck of a monster stock. Let me tell you that right now - oh my god uh it did touch 500 yesterday, 513 dollars to be exact, which is absolutely monstrous.

It's been very fun to watch so we're gon na look at this, both macroscopically and microscopically. As i said before, uh technical analysis is kind of hard to do right now, because stocks are behaving so abnormally. This is 100 percent news, driven and catalyst driven and right now the catalyst can be two things good or bad, and the good catalyst wsb says something: people follow bad catalyst, cnn cmdc put something out or merlin capital decides to talk to brokerage accounts and tell them To close out their positions, like happened to me, and dozens and hundreds of other people not kidding you robin hood users and fidelity users, multiple contacted me and said my account got closed out and they closed out of all of my stuff. Everything, including including my amc, mvis and new everything, so i know i'm not alone here, so a lot of market manipulation happening right now, and this is also negatively affecting the stock price here, which is not good at all.

So we're going to talk about this, both macroscopically and microscopically, as well as i can give you give you some different indicators. I've got the rsi pulled up the relative strength index, anything over 70s or bot, anything under 30, oversold, the 200 ema, which is the exponential moving average, and this is a price action based valuation trend line over a 200 day moving period and then the 15 day. Vomit, which is the volume adjusted moving average? Some brokerage accounts won't offer you this. You might need to use the vwop or the ma but uh.

This is basically just a price action based valuation trend line over a 15 day, moving period, adjusted accordingly to the overall volume going into a stock. So we'll talk about what these all mean. Give me both some bullish and bearish indicators that i am potentially seeing here on the charts, as well as a potential entry point. If you are looking to get into gme, i don't currently have a position in gme and i'm not going to be having a brokerage account with fidelity for much longer.

To be honest with you, i'm going to be transferring over to weeble, but i'll tell you one thing when i get paid here on the first, i am going to be establishing a position at gme and i am 100 behind this movement to 5 000 to squeeze The living crap out of the hedge funds, i've got a video out if you guys haven't been able to check it out. It's just talking about what's going on with these hedge funds and why i'm so passionate about it and that's definitely something i'm behind. So, let's just get right into the video, so if you're not familiar, oh actually, first, i'm gon na give a shout out to the guys over at the patreon. So we are 650 members strong right now, absolutely insane you guys all rock! I appreciate the support they all have access to the private discord, as well as real-time insights, my personal training and a bunch of different good information.

So we've got chat, questions, investing assistance, options, trading stockpot, which is actually a tool we'll be using here today. Wsb updates short-term plays midterm, plays long-term, plays back, plays cold stocks, whole bunch of different industries and sectors, including crypto. So if you're interested in joining there is a link to the patreon description down below and we've got some people in here that make a pretty good amount of money. Amanda 48.

Today itachi uchiha, i love naruto man, good stuff 137 in the past week. Absolutely insane, like i said, link is down below to join now. Basically, what's happening, is wall street bets put together this this reddit thread all right called wall street bets and within a week they grew from zero to hundreds of thousands of followers right and everybody came together using this platform and said you know what let's stick it? Some early capital because what's happening right now, right merlin capital is a company that decided to very heavily short and take a stake against gamestop and amc, and oh man, they're gon na get crushed. This is gon na hurt, really bad and what's even crazier guys is gamestop, keeps doubling down check this out game, stop short squeeze short position.

If we found it's going to be 250 percent, i know that for sure i found this on a reddit thread. Let me just pause it and find it all right right now. I can't find that article that i was talking about, but we will just show you what stock bot says. It's not going to be as high, but this is still messed up.

121 short flowed. What does that mean? That means that currently more shares are being shorted than presently exist in the company, 69 million shares are being are outstanding, right, they've got a 69 million share outstanding company, and if you take that 69 million times 1.21, that means there's 83 million shares on the low Side, i've seen numbers around 250 percent, but on the low side, 83 million shares being shorted on gamestop. So what's happening guys. Well, let me tell you what's happening.

You can see this happening on the charts. I'm willing to bet you on it what's happening. Is these hedge funds and institutions are coming in to a casino, essentially and they're, they're playing some blackjack and uh? They lose they, they lost, they lost 10 billion dollars and they're like ah crap, so you know what they do they go to. They go to the big hogs at the casino and they say: hey um.

You know, i know i lost 10 billion dollars, but what are the odds that you spot me, 50 billion, so that i can make that back? And he says all right. But if you lose it, you got to pay back 50 billion and they go again and they lose the 50 billion on blackjack, oh crap, now what they go back to the big hogs and they say all right. I know i lost that 50 billion, but let's double down give me another 50 billion and if i lose it double or nothing i'll pay back 100 billion dollars, that's what's happening with gamestop. They shorted this stock when it was maybe in the 20 range the for the 30 dollar range.

They lost that, obviously it started getting pushed and now it's in the seventy dollar range it hit a hundred dollars. They doubled down again they're saying all right. I know we lost, but we're gon na try one more time and they're doubling down again and they're doubling down again. Nobody is selling gamestop guys.

I guarantee it. I guarantee it everybody. If you look at the bid and ask uh, there are a lot of people asking for five thousand dollars on gamestop. I don't think anybody is going to sell this until it is squeezing the life out of these shorts.

So what does that mean? I think all this price action, all these price rejections. What you're seeing is doubling down from institutions they're coming in here and they're, saying all right screw it. I'm gon na risk the i'm gon na risk it for the biscuit. I'm gon na sell the farm and i'm gon na bet on the fact that we can pull this price back down and they're doing every single possible.

It's honestly mind-blowing, it's crazy! It's absolutely nuts they're doing everything they can to to get gamestop to come back down. You're, seeing market manipulation with brokerage accounts, robinhood 212 ameritrade all having having to shut down trading per se fidelity. I have multiple people. This wasn't just me: fidelity logged and closed out of multiple people's positions in any sec filing stocks.

Right, amc, bb, noke. All my positions got closed down. How did that happen? Who knows, i sure, don't i'll, tell you that right now and it's funny that it was only those positions, and i know other people have the same thing happen at their all-time lows. Market manipulation is happening, and these these retail investors are not retail.

These institutional investors in the hedge funds are doing everything they can to squeeze out of this, and that is what i think this red volume is guys, not a lot of red volume. Here. Look at this: how does that match up? It doesn't look at this. We had 30 million volume here, for maybe a 30 push 40 push.

We had maybe 8 million in volume here to drop from 500 to 110 market manipulation. Gnarly gnarly stuff, but what's happening with gamestop, is honestly crazy. It's making history and in a really good way, um. Honestly, at first i thought this was a meme and in a lot of in a lot of ways, the charts funny, but actually there's a lot of things that are not funny about this at all, and that comes down to um.

The fact that hey wall street bets knows something's going on here. They said you know what you guys have been doing this forever for the entire existence of the market. You guys have been stealing money from people putting out hit pieces manipulating through the media, and you know what they do and while street pets knows this, they said you know all you do. Is you scare people and you short the stock on the way down? And you steal their money and now, when we do the same thing against you, we use our platform to take your money.

Oh no! Oh no! You can't do that right. That's that's! What's happening here with gamestop it's insane, and this is historic. There's gon na be movies made about this guys. I'm telling you i'm telling you all.

I want is for john stamos to play if john stamos plays in this movie i'll be a happy guy, but anyways um. Let's just take a quick look at the charts, so rsi, it's it hasn't been in buying territory, but we have seen a good push here in the market as of yesterday now, looking like we're gon na get that same push here today, but i do think that Certain brokerage accounts are only allowing limited orders on these stocks, so that is an interesting thing. I don't know if i completely agree with that, i think that's the same thing as still letting the hedge funds win, but we'll see how things end up playing out. So if we take a peek here at the price action, it does look like we're s, it's kind of squeezing a little bit here right.

So if we get as many touch points as we can one two three touch points we are in an upward moving channel. So if we continue this trend line up well, what does what would that look like? It would mean that we do something like this: i'm not guaranteeing you that happens right, but it's gon na go one of two ways: you're, either gon na see us follow this downward trajectory. Setting lower lows on these candlesticks or you're gon na see us continue on this higher trajectory, so you're gon na see a pretty hard bounce either either a bounce or a rejection in the next 15 minutes or so, and that will be very indicative on what happens. So i'm interested to see for sure volume has been lower uh.

I think everybody is 100 holding this. I don't know why anybody would sell if they were up 3 000 or whatever they got in that which is absolutely insane but uh. I i think this is this is still looking fine. This is fine.

I think the the shorts and the hedge funds are really in the hurt box and if you want to stick it to them, of course, i'm not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice. Make your own decisions: this is only for informational and uh entertainment purposes, but uh if you do want to do that. This is this is the way it's buy and hold 100.

That's that's! What wall street bets is saying and to reiterate that that is what my feelings are as well, so we're gon na come over to the two day. One minute chart take a quick peek at everything on here and we do have what appears to be some stair. Stepping of price action, as i had mentioned so we'll drop another trend line right here, setting higher lows and higher highs. It does appear we'll roll with this, so either way either trend line that you follow, i mean the end end game is still the same.

You're going to see a hard push either up or down, and it does look like it might be in the downward direction, but we'll have to wait and see and then find out how that ends up playing out. But yesterday was a brutal day guys. That was tough, the the robin hood platforms and other trading platforms, not allowing people to buy. That was the that was just uh the nail in the coffin.

That's basically just saying hey: we want to protect you guys from market volatility, but in reality that says hey. We want to save our butts and we want to. We want to save these hedge funds, because we've got a stake in the game. You know what that did, locking people out from their accounts, not letting them buy, liquidating their accounts for them.

It guaranteed them to lose money that didn't protect anybody from volatility. Honestly, i hope a huge huge, huge lawsuit comes out of this and everybody that happened to gets compensated. I don't know if that's possible, but if it is, you guys are my thoughts because that's this is some crazy stuff and these are unprecedented times. I'll.

Tell you one thing for sure me: i'm proud to have this community here. We've all come together so much, and i really really want to thank everybody. Every single person here from the bottom of my heart for being a part of this journey for for those who have understood where i'm coming from i'm an investor first and foremost. But this to me is a moral obligation to talk about, and i am going to continue to do so with uh with everybody here.

So that is what i have for the video today guys if you enjoyed it, please drop a like. It really does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you like, to see more content like this and lastly, i have an affiliate link in the description box down below for weeble. Now weeble is a brokerage platform that allows you to trade in the extended hours. It's starting at 4am they're, not like robinhood.

They did lock their trading for a little bit but very quickly learned. That was a bad move and they reopened it. So if you use my link in the in the description box, you get four free stocks with 100 deposit. I will also receive a free stock, great way to support the channel and, if you're not interested, that's totally fine.

I don't really care my friends, i'm just glad you're taking the time to watch my videos and be a part of the fam out here at trey's trade. So that's what i have for you guys today. Thank you for watching my friends and i'll see you all. Next time, peace.

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