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GNUS Stock Today: GNUS (Genius Brands International Inc) Stock is a content and brand management company, which engages in developing, producing, marketing, andlicensing branded chldren's entertainment properties and consumer products for media disctribution and retail channels. In This GNUS Stock Today, and subscriber-requested video, we dive into basic GNUS Stock fundamentals and overview, and technical analysis. We analyze 1 year, 1 month, 10 day, and 1 day GNUS Stock trends (bullish and bearish), overall sentiment and interest, daily average volume, potential upside, and buy, hold, or selling opportunities for both mid-to-long term investors, and day or swing traders.
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What is up, everybody welcome to another episode of trades trades, where we have technical analysis on different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy, hold or sell opinions on these given stocks, i like the purpose by saying that i'm not a financial advisor nor Expert, i am discernment, i'm doing on youtube, so take what i say with a grain of salt. The reason that i started this channel is because, a couple years ago i was about 30 000 deep in some pretty bad medical debt, and i was very lucky to have some close family friends and mentors that pushed me to work really hard and invest my money In the stock market and if it weren't for them, my life would be a whole lot different. I am now financially free guys, so if i can pass along any of the information resources or tools that were shared with me to you guys and change your lives even a little bit for the better, that's all a guy can ask for. Lastly, if you would not mind liking the video, it really does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you'd like to see more content like this, i do post videos every day multiple times a day, and i do at least one subscriber recommended stock every single Day - and that is what we are doing in this video, so we are going to be looking at ticker symbol, gnus genius, brands, international incorporated this stock was recommended to me by subscriber attabong becky.

She says next, please on g news. Please thanks well adam becky. I hope this helps you out and answers any questions that you might have on the company. I want to give you guys a brief overview on what they are, so i have pulled up here marketwatch and i will leave a link to this in the description box.

Down below genius brands international is a content and brand and management company which engages in developing producing marketing and licensing branded, children's entertainment properties and consumer products for media distribution and retail channels. The firm acts as a licensing agent for certain brands, such as la malama, psycho, bunny from frank and selasen's technologies. The company was founded by balaban howard, allen on january 2nd 2006 and is headquartered in beverly, hills. California and i looked up genus on stock twits, and this has a pretty large following 73 000 people.

That's a lot um microvision, which is a stock that i watch very closely. I make videos on every day. They only have about 40, some odd thousand followers. So it's safe to say that the you know the message volume.

The interest in the stock is pretty decently high um. So it is interesting to see where this will go. It does seem. A lot of people are interested in this stock.

So, let's take a look at the 10 day chart here. I am going to zoom out and show you the year to date. Just so, we can see the price action on this where it's been in the past, where the potential could lie. You know we've seen lows as low as you know.

The 34 range a 22 cent range and we've pushed up over 11.50 for a very brief bit. This was just on a day. This is a daily chart on the year time frame, so he did push up over 11.50 and since then we have been kind of on a downward trajectory here. So just keep that, in the back of your mind, i am going to pull up the volume moving average.

That way we can get an idea of who has been in control of the stock, and you can see here that it's gone up and down. But as of late, the bulls have been in control for the most part on the last you know month or so it has gone up from about a dollar 13 up to you know about two dollars. So if you got in at a buck at the beginning of november and um sold at two dollars, you're looking at a 100 swing in a month, that is not some bad margin at all, guys, that's pretty solid stuff right there. I do like that a lot.

So um we do seem to be on an overall bullish trajectory for the month. You know if we look here open to the buck. 40. Oh, so it's about neutral! You know we are about neutral right now, so i correct myself, but we have been on a bearish run for the last one, two, three four five six seven days so for the last straight week this has been bearish territory, so make sure you keep that in The back of your mind as far as entry points go.

If we look at the last three months, you know we have gotten down as low as a dollar seven, and it does seem that we are still on a downward trajectory here. So personally, i would want to watch and see how low this stock is going to drop before i start a position in this, and if we want to look at a couple of different support levels that are possible to hold this stock up, we do have you Know 1.25: as a pretty solid support. We have one two, three, four uh, five, six, seven different candles that touch here and uh. We have seen a pretty solid.

You know this has been a support and resistance level in the past. We can see this act as a very solid support right here. Um some price rejection shoots up and i wouldn't be surprised if we see this act as a support level in the future, so i would watch for a dollar 25 on a macroscopic view. If you're looking to get into this as a mid to long term investment beyond that, if it does dip below 1.25, we may be looking at previous levels of support as future support on the stock.

So we would be looking here at about a dollar and three cents. Now i can't predict the future. If i could i'd be a wizard we'd all be very wealthy people we'd be we'd, be longing and shorting all the stocks at the perfect time. But i cannot.

We can only speculate so if we do drop below a dollar 25 i'd watch for the dollar three cent mark as a potential support level in which to enter into the stock. With that being said, let's look at the 10-day chart here, we're going to change it to a 15 minute time frequency and we're going to give you guys an idea of what to look for here. So on the 10-day chart. We do have a support level that we're sitting at right now of about a dollar 34 and resistance in the immediate near side.

Future, i would say, is going to be about here, a dollar 43 and then again at 1.46, because we had a pretty steep sell-off here. This did act as a support in the past. During the pre-market and after hours we saw a pretty steep sell-off. So these are two numbers to watch very closely.

Volume looks pretty solid. We see about the same volume coming in every day, so there is no huge spike, that's coming in if we zoom out on the month time frame. We saw this huge spike right here. So if you're looking for a hype wave to ride up you're looking for similar volume to this, which is a 30 minute window of you know anywhere between a million to you, know, 5 million all the way up to 20 million shares traded in a 30 minute Time frame, so we are leveling off, it does seem to be holding pretty well on volume, so the volatility has decreased.

As you can see, when high volume is present, volatility increases volume drives volatility and volatility drives higher price valuations. So if you want to look into unusual volume movement on the stock, you can look that up on nasdaq. It will show you the unusual volume movers on the day. It'll show you a multiple of how much higher the stock is trading per usual and that will keep you in a pretty good spot.

As far as the daily charts go, we can drop a support level here at right about here at a dollar 34. We did see a brief sell-off, but it did correct itself back up to the support level, so i would call that a price rejection. We may have a secondary support sitting at 1.31. However, if you are going to trade this on a daily time frame, you are looking at this as a swing, trade or a day trade.

So make sure you keep that in mind when you're looking at the daily charts here. This is not a great place to get into as a mid to long term. Investment, as i do see this dropping off a little bit more based on the 10 day trajectory and even the one month trend that we're seeing it's pretty bearish right. So it's it's tough to say if it has hit the floor yet i would watch on monday to see if we see some consolidation or a little bit of upward trend, maybe even a day or two of upward trend before entering into the stock.

If you are going to get in as a mid to long term investment so make sure you keep that in the back of your mind. But if you are going to day trade this or swing trade, this you're looking at a pretty solid support here at dollar 34, secondarily at a dollar 31 resistance sitting at a buck 38 and then again at a dollar 39. So let's say that you entered in at 1.31: you got a dollar 39. You may be looking at pretty close to a 10 return, which is not bad at all.

That's solid! That's about what you're, looking for as a day or swing trader, and if you have enough money or buying power in which you put into the stock, you can see a pretty decent uh upside here you get a pretty decent return on your investment, so that is What i have on g news um? It is currently on a bearish trend, macroscopic view for the last 10 days. It's bearish the last month it's been bearish, so i do predict this is going to go a little bit lower. Yet so, if you are looking to get into this as a mid to long term, investment make sure that you wait a little bit and see how the price action plays out on the stock. I just don't want you guys to lose money on this.

If it does otherwise, you may end up being a bag holder, you can average down. Of course, if you, if you really truly believe in genius as a company, you can average down, you know, let's say you have a thousand dollars and you put in 300 at this dollar 34 range, and then it drops a little more to a buck 28.. You can put in another 300., let's say it drops down to 1.25. You can put in another 300.

and save 100 in case it does drop below that dollar 25, even lower, in which you have another 100 to dollar cost average, and then, when it goes back up, you'll have a dollar cost average somewhere in the middle of all Those right, so that is a strategy in which you can invest in this company. I hope that was helpful for you, attabong becky. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment section down below if you would like to see one of your stocks covered in a subscriber recommended video, please let me know i do these at least once a day. I try to make it as helpful as i can answer any questions that are presented to me by the subscribers.

So that is all that i have for the video. If you would not mind liking it, it really does help support the channel uh. Consider subscribing if you'd like, to see more content like this, as i do post videos every single day and lastly, i do have an affiliate link in the description box down below. I use a company called tubebuddy to make sure that i'm optimizing.

My seo search results that i can get these videos out to you guys, so you can view them if you are a youtuber or a brander and you are interested, they do have free options available, but i do pay a monthly subscription fee on this company. As i do, i see a lot of value in them and, if you'd love to support the channel, that is a great way to do so, as i do receive a commission off of every um, every subscriber that signs up for a subscription on tubebuddy. So the link is in the description box down below if you'd love to support the channel. If not, i just appreciate your presence and your time in the community.

That is all that i have for you guys today and i will see you all next time: peace.

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