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First 1000 Subscribers 2021: In 2021, it can be easy to feel that YouTube is too crowded for new, small YouTube channels; however, that couldn't be farther from the truth. With more people now than ever streaming YouTube, and creating content, the opportunity is as good as ever. In this First 1000 suscribers 2021 video, we discuss 5 tips on how I personally grew my channel from 0 to 1000 subscribers in 17 days, and ways you can do the same.
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What is up, everybody welcome to trace trades, where we have technical analysis on different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy, hold or sell opinions on these. Given stocks right off the bat guys. I just want to say what the heck we did it. We hit 1 000 subscribers.

We did it last night, uh absolutely mind blown. I started this channel on january or, as i was december 16th, so i've had the channel for 17 days and we are currently sitting at 1.11 000 subscribers that is so freaking cool. I can't believe the community we're building out here. I can't believe the crew.

I can't believe uh how awesome it is to get to interact with all of you guys, i'm loving, seeing uh, seeing you all ask questions on the videos and really enjoy the content that we're putting out so we're going to continue doing what we do out here. At trace trades we're going to continue to make some money we're going to continue to check out new stocks and companies and keep you up to date with the latest stuff. But today's video is going to be about how i went from 0 to 1 000 subscribers. In 17 days and the reason that i'm putting this out is because, if you're anything like me, i watched chris sane stock, mall tech conversations and i thought to myself there's no way that i will ever be able to stand out against competition like that.

But at the same time, chris saint inspired me honestly to start my channel give a shot at it and really just make sure that i go 100 dive in and give myself a shot and um if it weren't for him. I i wouldn't have done it and if i could pass along any of the tools and the resources that i learned through my you know, 17 day journey so far to 1000 subscribers and help another channel. Do the same thing that i wanted to do. That's all a guy can ask for so.

Lastly, before we get going, if you wouldn't mind, drop a like on the video and consider subscribing, if you like, to see more content like this really does help support the channel so zero to 1 000 subscribers in 17 days. No, this is not just gon na, be another thumbnail and title video, because we all know we need good titles and we need good thumbnails. Okay, uh. I don't need to tell you that we already know.

I know we already know so. First, off post a lot and post consistently your first 100 subs is going to be the hardest part of the thousand versus the next 900, and i'm just going to back out here real quick and show you something i'm going to go to my youtube studio. And i'm going to show you my subscriber analytics. So if you look here on the day that i started it's december 17th, i gained seven subscribers 13.

5. 12. 14. 12.

7. 3., like it took a it, took a good minute to get the ball rolling here. Right so my first week of posting i had 7 25. 37.

40. 51. 63. 70.

73. So it took me, you know one two, three, four, five, six, seven eight! It took me nine days to reach 100 subscribers guys and after that, once you hit 100 people start paying attention to your channel. The youtube algorithm starts to pick up what your channel does, what kind of niche you're in, and it starts to suggest your content to other people who are seeking that content. So i started getting 25 48 24 44 108, and at this point the youtube algorithm started to push out my content more than it was being searched um, for instance.

If i show this video right here, chris highly on bullish or chris is bullish on highly on 81.2 percent of the views came from youtube recommendations, either the home screen or the up next button. So at this point, after i'd had the channel going for a while um things start to pick up. It gets easier and the reason that i'm saying this is not to brag but to tell you that uh, once you get past 100 subs, it comes easier right. You're gon na get more comfortable with what you're talking about you're gon na understand your niche, better you're gon na understand what your audiences are looking for.

You understand what videos are working and what videos aren't and it's just a snowball effect guys you just got ta, keep consistent and keep pushing, because not every video is gon na do well. I've had videos that got less than 100 views and they've been up for weeks. You know um, but that's okay. You learn from those things and and you you structure your content around that in the future.

So we hit 166 118 179 310 yesterday, which is just mind-blowing. That's awesome so make sure that you are posting on posting consistently. The first hundred subs is the hardest. Next 900 gets easier.

I do stand by that. I think it took me almost as long. Actually, it took me less time to get the 900 than it did. The 100.

took me nine days to get 100. It took me eight days to get 900.. Just remember that guys. That's all i'm saying the youtube algorithm.

Once you get rolling, the youtube algorithm is gon na pick up the videos that you're posting it's gon na find ones that people like and once it does we'll talk about this later um, but make sure you pay attention to the content that youtube is pushing out And focus on it for future videos. You have an increased odd at viral video if you post a lot and post consistently as well. So if we come back to uh the channel, i will show you how often i post videos and it's usually between four to five a day. So you can see here that one two three four five on january second, one, two, three, four: five: six on this on the first one, two, three, four: five on the 31st one, two, three, four: five on the 30th.

You get the idea, and while i do think this is probably overkill like we don't need to post four five six videos a day um when you're beginning and you're trying to grow your channel and find your audience and build a community which i do love out Here, trey's trades, it's freaking awesome um! You may you need to make sure that you take a chance, because not every video is going to do well figure out what is going to work and roll with it interact with the community. And personally, this is my favorite part of youtube. So far is getting to interact with the community and build some relationships, because there are some really cool people out there. Guys everybody's got a story right and everybody wants you to know their story if you're willing to listen - and i am so fortunate to have a couple of subscribers who have really gotten to know and who have left such nice comments on my on my page and I actually feel genuine happiness and gratitude that i get to build relationships with these people, so you need to take charge of your community and take pride in it because it's your community, this is your channel.

You see what i'm saying um so know know what you hold, because there's a lot of power behind what you're doing and uh, especially once you hit a thousand subscribers. Typically, things start to snowball, guys and you're. Gon na people are gon na pay attention to what you do and if you take pride in your community, people are gon na like that right um. I know that i would my favorite youtubers out there.

You know they pay attention to their community. They listen to their community; they they make videos based on what their community wants. They respond to comments, they remember people, they remember me and that is going to make you stand out from so many other youtubers guys. It really really is how many times have you commented on a video, and you just never heard back right.

How does that make you feel probably not great? How does it make you feel when they do respond, makes you feel like wow, this big, this big shot? This big wig decided to respond to little me. That's cool, i'm gon na subscribe to this guy. I know i've done that right. Um, so remember, people respond to comments.

Take pride in your community watch other youtubers in your niche and interact with them now. This is huge guys, because not only are you going to, you know, learn from them right because they obviously have tried and true success like chris sane or stock mall or tech conversations. They already know what they're doing it's, obviously working, so you can learn from them, but also people will notice that you're there right as your channel begins to grow. They're gon na associate this relationship with you and other youtubers and uh they'll start talking about you right and that's.

The ultimate goal is getting to be a part of the community and getting to stand next to the people that you look up to, because, ultimately, then your community is just going to be that much wider spread. You see what i'm saying at the end of the day that community over at chris sainz or stock mall or tech conversation, they could very easily be looking for that next person to provide them value in the education or the finance, or it doesn't even need to Be financed, it could just be. You know, entertainment, like uh, like uh pewdiepie, how many of his subscribers are subscribed to other people like it's all about just providing value to what people need and making them feel like. They belong in your community.

It's very doable with a small channel less than a thousand subscribers um try to respond to every single comment. I want to show you guys, you know, i did just make this video and i woke up so i mean i'm sure i have comments that i haven't responded to yet, but i do want to show you um, but i do respond to comments right, and this Is important? So if we look here view reply, be reply be reply and you want to try to make them meaningful right, because people took the time to drop a meaningful comment on your channel so make sure that you give them a meaningful response. It's almost insulting. If uh, if i leave a comment on somebody's youtube channel and they just reply with with some bs that you know they they didn't think about, they might not have even read your entire comment.

Um. That just makes you feel small, and you don't want to do that to people you want to make them feel like they belong in your community. So take the time to respond to comments with meaningful responses. Make them feel like you give a because you should right, because i do and those with the small channel looking to grow you're going to have to need to really be passionate and care about what you're doing cover niche you enjoy cover content your audience enjoys, and This is huge guys, so i love finance right.

I love the stock market. I love the idea of self-improvement. I love the idea of marketing. I love.

I love real estate. I bought my first real estate property about three weeks ago, but that doesn't mean other people are interested in what i'm interested in right. So in that niche you're going to find subcategories and you want to pinpoint the ones that people are looking for to find value in right. So, if somebody's looking for value in in microvision - but i'm super duper interested in uh - i don't know in apple right, but i post apple videos and nobody pays attention to them.

Well, that's not going to do you a whole lot of good right, because people aren't looking for that people are looking for this. This is what they need to add value to their life. So when you make videos, you know three four five a day: if that's what you're going to do, pay attention to the ones that do well pay attention to the ones that the youtube algorithm is pushing out, that people are responding to liking, watching engaging with and Rinse and repeat that right, if it works, you need to continue doing that, because that is what's going to push your channel um exponentially higher than it was before, and youtube is going to recognize that you're doing things that have worked in the past and right as Soon, as you post it, it is going to push that video out right. So for my channel specifically, i found that the videos that did the best were my micro vision and fuel cell videos and idx videos.

So if we look at analytics here top videos in this period - micro vision, micro vision, fuel cell micro vision, idex micro vision, that's my top six videos guys and what you're looking for essentially is. What's gon na work find different things, different information, different uh resources that you can provide for people to change their lives with uh with those videos and add to them, make a playlist keep creating in that category. Pay attention to the videos that do well repeat what works rinse, what doesn't cover a niche you enjoy cover content. Your audience enjoys.

I think that's a huge piece that a lot of people forget about about youtube is you're, doing it for the audience right, youtube serves the audience and we are meant to serve the audience. So we need to give them value and make them feel like they've learned something from your channel. If this weren't your channel, would you feel it brought value to others? Just remember that guys. I try to think about that with uh with mine at least tubebuddy number.

Four tubebuddy - and i do have an affiliate link for this in the description box down below if you're interested but tubebuddy is a seo optimization tool. So you have options to use keyword explorers. It lets you compare search results to other videos on on youtube on google. It lets you search video topics, it lets you see what uh, what tags and search results are trending.

What are not it gives you a score, so you can see how well your overall search result is going to bear against other channels, and it helps you to push your videos up higher on the search page result list, so that your video is searchable findable and People can get the content that you're spending so much time, creating right, because there's nothing more frustrating than when you make a video and youtube just does not let it get watched right, it doesn't get pushed it doesn't get recommended. It doesn't get brought up in the search bar. That's frustrating and tubebuddy really helps to separate your videos from other videos. It also gives you real-time data analysis, so you can see you know what thumbnails are working, how what's getting the most clicks? What's getting the most watch time daily impressions daily clicks, so that you, if you really want to pay attention to the analytics and see the things that are working, the videos that are working the content, that's working the thumbnails, the titles that are working for your channel.

This will give you the ability to do so. I do pay a nine month - nine dollar per month, uh subscription fee for the pro membership on tubebuddy, and i would not uh recommend this. If i did not personally have a stake in here right um, i do pay for tubebuddy and i do find it worthwhile. So, if you're interested, i do have an affiliate link in the description box down below um.

If you click on that, it gives me a direct commission, so it's a great way to support the channel and is a great way to optimize your search results on youtube. They do have a free option as well, if you're interested in that and if you're not interested in tubebuddy, that's totally. Okay, too, i just wanted to provide you the resources so that you know what it offers. Lastly, watch what works for others, do it and make it your own.

So personally, for me, chris zane, stock, mall and tech conversations were my inspirations and i took pieces of things i liked from all of them for this channel. So let me tell you a little bit about each chris zane was the first finance youtuber that i watched and the thing that i dug the most about this man was his absolute. Genuine personality is no bs play on stock market and investing and helping others and his his realness with complete transparency in his portfolio right. I love that i love stockball for his goofy personality, for having the best plays out there for having great energy for being passionate about the stock market.

Just his enthusiasm you get in his voice, which is awesome, right, tech conversations. This is my roommate's friend. He went to school with this guy at pelican rapids back in high school and he was just some random dude like you and me guys, some random dude and i'm not sure what he's sitting at now. You know for subscribers, but if we pull him up he's doing pretty good tech conversations, 46 000 subs right.

He was just some random dude. You know he went to school some small school in uh, in the middle of nowhere with my roommate, just close friends, and now he's got 46 000 subscribers right. It just reminds you how small the world is and how doable things can be right. So if this is any takeaway for you, um watch what works for others, do it and make it your own.

What i mean by this is your favorite youtubers out there, you might think is too crowded right. There's there's too many people out there doing things right now, there's no way, i can add value it's too late for youtube. Um. Let me just tell you right now: it's not too late for youtube, because all these guys chris saying stock, mall tech conversations at one point, you know what they were doing.

They were fighting for their first 100 subscribers, the first 1 000 subscribers, the first 10 000. It's never too small guys, and i know that i'm only a 1 000 subscriber channel. I recognize that i am incredibly small on the scale of youtube, but i love what i'm doing here guys. I love it so much and i love the community that we're building and i love helping provide value in any way that i can - and i am going to continue to do this right because i do think someday.

Maybe i could stand with tech conversations or stockmall or christine and and have a community in which we can all help, provide value for each other and and uh create content that is going to give everybody what they need. You know it'll make me happy. It'll make the audience happy it's going to it's going to do good things right. So, if you are looking to start a youtube channel, you can do it right.

These are the tips that i would keep in the back of your mind. Post a lot and post consistently interact with your community cover a niche you enjoy cover content that your audience enjoys to buddy and watch what works for others. Do it and make it your own? That is what i have for five tips to go from zero to one thousand subscribers in 17 days. Guys, if you have any questions, please drop them in the comment section down below.

As i said, i do get back to i'd, say: probably 95 percent of comments. You know, five percent of comments are kind of trolly and uh, not very nice. I tend to not not respond to those, but if you're one of the 95 percent, you can probably expect a response from me. So drop a comment.

If you need a question answered, please like the video, if you enjoyed it and consider subscribing if you like, to see more content like this, as i do post videos every single day with that being said, that is all that i have for you, my friends and I will see you all next time: peace.

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