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SNPW Stock: Sun Pacific Holdings Corp. engages in the provision of solar and other energy solutions. The company offers solar bus stops, solar trashcans, and street kiosks, which utilize advertising offerings for state and local municpalities. It also provides general, electrical, and plumbing contracting services to public and commercials customers. In this SNPW Stock video, we discuss a macroscopic and microscopic overview of the company. We also establish levels of support and resistance for both investors and traders, analyze the 200 EMA (Exponential Moving average), 20 VAMA (Volume-Adjusted Moving Average), RSI (Relative Strength Index), bullish and bearish trends, technical analysis chart patterns, and potential entry and exit points for traders and investors.
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This is a video i did not want to make not in the least bit i'll. Tell you that right now this is going to be uh, but i'm always going to be transparent with you guys. I never want to hide anything. I always want to say exactly how it is and we're going to do that with today's video, so uh buckling, it's gon na be quite a bit to talk about what is up.

Everybody welcome to trace trades where we have technical analysis on different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy holders sell opinions on these. Given stocks, i like the preference by saying that i'm not a financial advisor nor expert so take what i say with a grain of salt. The reason i started this channel is because a couple years back, i was about thirty thousand dollars deep into medical debt, and i was very fortunate to have some close family friends and mentors that pushed me to work hard and invest my money and i'm happy to Say that not only am i now financially free, but i'm doing pretty well for myself at the age of 23.. So if i can pass along any of the information resources or tools that are given to me, you know the community make a couple people better off than they were before.

That's all that i can ask for. Lastly, if you would not mind dropping a like on the video, it really does help support the channel and consider subscribing. If you like, to see more content like this. Now today i have a lackluster update on ticker symbol, snpw, sun, pacific holding corporation uh and we're gon na look at this, both from a macroscopic and microscopic perspective and more than anything, i want to show you my portfolio and tell you exactly how it is, and I want to use this as an example to you about risk involved with penny stocks right now.

In a brief rundown, everybody at the patreon already knows what happened today, but uh i was. I was day trading this stock right. I got in the first time i scalped it uh for about a thousand dollars and about 12, or so i got in a second time. I scalped it for about nine percent about eight or nine hundred dollars, uh the second time.

Third time i entered my trade and i got a phone call and i'm not going to disclose what happened because just be honest, i want to keep my my complete personal life private. I hope everybody respects that, but uh i got a phone call regarding a family, uh, a family incident and uh. I i stepped away - and i didn't even give a second thought to my trading uh to me. The most important thing is my family and friends and uh.

It's, i didn't think about my portfolio whatsoever, so i had a third trade and i didn't close out of it and i it completely spaced my mind and i i stepped away. I was just over here on the phone for about an hour uh and at this point i got the call right about here on the charts at about 34 cents and at the time i was entered in at 30 cents. So i was up a little bit. I was waiting to see a push over that level of resistance.

I got the call stepped away and uh. Unfortunately, you know i came back an hour later after uh. After learning, everything was okay in the end you know, i don't want to disclose anything just for this: the safety and the privacy of my family, but um everything ended up being okay, i just had to make sure that everything was fine there. I came back to this.

I came back an hour later to uh to the stock absolutely demolished it was. It was bad um, i'm down pretty bad at snpw, i'm down about eight thousand eight hundred and forty eight hundred eight eight thousand eight hundred eighty four dollars. Forty four percent - and i want to show this to you guys not for pity party, not to uh, not to say oh, what was me i'm so i'm so pissed off from down eight thousand dollars because i've accepted it. It is what it is, there's nothing.

I can do about it now, i'm a bag holder and i'm obviously not going to sell for a loss, there's no possible way, but i want to present this to you guys to show you exactly what i've been saying in every single penny stock video. I've said: don't put money into this stock if you're not willing to lose it, and i 100 sincerely mean that, because, if you do and you're not willing to lose it you're gon na have this happen. You're gon na be down eight thousand dollars. You're gon na be looking at your portfolio and you're gon na say why the f did.

I touch this stock because now i'm down eight thousand dollars, so you can make a lot of money there's a lot of leverage in in penny stocks, but there's also a lot of risk, and this is exactly what i mean when i say: there's a lot of Risk in penny stocks - guys smpw, was up 70 percent on the day at the highest point, which means that we saw a 100 percent swing in snpw. So there's a lot of risk involved in penny stocks and you need to 100 percent, be be able to to lose the money put into this, especially with these highly volatile stocks. So i do i do recognize. What happened here is is on me um.

I should have closed my trade before i stepped away on the phone. It just wasn't something that was on my mind. I didn't even think about it in the slightest bit, but this is the situation now and instead of using it as a reason to be pissed off in mope. I wanted to show you guys and have this as a learning point for the community, so you can see the upsides of penny stocks and the downsides of penny stock so make sure that you're mitigating risk.

You know in hindsight, at the very least you know i was watching very closely. I was, i was like literally staring at my screen for two hours, as i was day trading this, but before i stepped away, i definitely should have said it really stop loss, and that is something that i want to get across to you guys so um risk Mitigation is absolutely crucial when you're getting into these these. These penny stocks, and especially micro cap penny stocks, so uh, that's i'm gon na i'm gon na call it there with the with the with the lesson of the day, but i did want to say that and be completely transparent, and hopefully you guys can learn that From me as well, i tell this - i tell this in almost every single video every single day is a learning point in the market. There's nobody out there who's a complete expert, there's always something to be learned every single day and today was a learning point for me and uh.

Hopefully it serves as a learning point to you. I found that sometimes the only way you can learn a lesson is by losing money yourself and i hate to say that, but sometimes uh, that's true. I i've found that in my own personal trading, so uh we're gon na talk about this. On the one month chart as well as a two day, one minute chart i'll, tell you guys my game plan with snpw uh.

Now that i am in this position, uh tell you what my what i'm hoping for here in the future. I do not plan on selling at a loss - that's that's a very, very hefty loss and um if it was just thousand dollars two thousand dollars. I've done that before i've closed out two thousand dollars, but i'm not going to close out eight thousand dollars. That is about a quarter of my portfolio and that's just not realistic.

I'm not i'm, not i'm not doing that. So we're going to talk about uh. You know three different indicators here: the rsi, which is the relative strength index. Anything over 70 is overbought.

Anything under 30 is oversold the 15 day vomit, which is the volume adjusted moving average. This is just a 15 day. Price action based valuation trend line uh over a 15 day, moving period, adjusted according to the overall volume and then the 200 ema, which is the exponential moving average, and this is a price action based valuation trend line over a 200 day moving period. Uh we'll talk about what these all mean.

The rsi is actually very indicative today. I do want to tell you guys about that. Talk about the overall volume going into the stock levels of support and resistance, and i do have a fibonacci retracement drawn up as well. Just to give us an idea of what we can expect here in the future, so let's just get right into the video.

I want to start off by giving a shout out to the guys over at the patreon. We are almost 600 members strong now, which is absolutely insane to me. I really appreciate the support guys they'll have access to the private discord as well as real-time insight to my personal trading and there's a lot of great stuff in here. So we've got chatting questions.

Investing assistance options, trading stock, bots, short-term, plays mid-term, plays long-term, plays back, plays cold stocks, a lot of different industries and sectors and there's a lot of good stuff in here. So if you're interested in joining the patreon there's a link in the description box down below and there's some people in here that make a lot of money qual made eight percent. Today, 1500 bucks uh flacco absolutely crushed today, with bio. We've got just got lucky made 83 in the past month, 14 000.

A lot of really smart people in here. So if, like i said, if you're interested check out the link to the patreon down below now sun pacific holding, what are they well, this is obviously the first thing i did once. I realized that i'd be holding this stock for longer than five minutes. Like i planned on sun pacific holding corporation engages in the provision of solar and other energy solutions.

The company offers solar bus stops solar trash cans and street kiosks which utilize advertising offerings for state and local municipalities. It also provides general electrical and plumbing contracting services to public and commercial commercial customers. The company was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in malapan nj. The overall market cap is 198 million dollars.

They have 966 million shares outstanding, current float of 889 million dollars and if we take a quick peek at uh how much they were shorted, i am very interested to see this uh. I did not see - and i i'd just like to see for everybody here just to get an idea. I might need to do without the caps nope here we go so there is no short data available. So there's not much.

I can tell you about here, but what we can say is uh. We saw a lot of selling pressure today, so essentially, what snpw is some pacific holdings corporation they're, a clean energy sector and they're a profitable energy sector uh, and that gives me a little bit of hope, uh here as a bag holder, i don't think i'm gon Na end up out of the green for this for quite a while, i think this might take me um. You know, maybe, a week a month a little longer. I've done some reading and i've seen that the next known catalyst is sometime in april, but they are profitable company.

They do generate revenue and clean energy. Right now is moving very, very fastly, and that is why we see this absolutely insane growth. I mean they are at less than a penny. As of the 7th of january, the 8th of january, we only hit one penny on, oh man, so this is you get where i'm going with this.

This thing at one point, was up over three thousand percent in the past month, so snpw is blowing up for a reason. That's because clean energy is a very hot sector right now - and this is a very harsh pullback - it was a tough one for sure. But what does give me a little bit of hope and uh excitement? Is we held up over this retracement line that 14 cents 61.8 retracement? So what i think this is as harsh as it was. I was so heartbreaking to come back to guys when i came back to my computer.

I literally just sat here like like this: have you seen that bernie sanders meme or he's just like? I feel like bernie sanders right there and it's ready to freaking croak? I was not having it at all, but uh that's the way she goes. That's the market, that's how it is all you can do is laugh about it. My friends anyways, we do have a nice bounce off of 14 cents and it does look like we're in the process of a second bounce, and if this does come to fruition, i'm not saying it is going to. But if it does we'll be looking at a potential, george w and a george w is a bullish indicator and this hasn't played out yet.

But if it does play out what we're looking for is two bounces off of this level of support, which is the uh 14 cent retracement level of 61.8 percent saw a lot of red volume today right, so that's a ton of red volume. This could have been shorts. This could have been people profit taking from back here in the one cent range, i find it unlikely that everybody sold because there's a lot of green volume here and even though this is a lot of red volume. You know we see 91 million, 68 million, 23 million.

Look at this 73 million, 48 million 43 million. That doesn't add up, i think, there's still people holding the stock. I either think a this was shorted or b. You see profit taking from people who got in here a little bit later right.

I think everybody back in this range is very likely still holding their position, because, especially these guys, if you got in for a penny, i don't think anybody gives a crap what the price action looks like if they got it for a penny. This thing goes over 10 cents because you absolutely cannot lose at that point. You are literally you're a millionaire you're gon na make you're gon na make i mean if you got into this with a thousand dollars at a penny and for whatever reason this touched a dollar yeah. I don't know what that comes out to, but it's a lot of money, so that is a good good thing to see uh.

I do think there are people still holding this. I think this will end up being an investor stock in the future um i'll update. As i go, i i always want to be transparent with my trades, and this is one that definitely stings a lot. Of course, there were some things that i couldn't control, but i could have controlled.

You know not letting my emotions with the with the phone call getting in the way of my trading so um. I am going to be holding this for the foreseeable future, at least until i get even on this, my dollar cost average. I did end up adding to my position: just a dollar cost average down uh and i wouldn't have done so. If i didn't see this bounce off of 13.9 cents.

I did that at that point i think i got it at like 14 and a half cents or so 15 cents, and my dollar cost average. Now is 25 cents uh for a very good chunk of change. So uh we're definitely the hurt box, but there is hope um we can make back as you've seen here. We've gone from nine cents, all the way up to 30 cents in a matter of 24 hours now.

Do i think, that's going to happen here? Well, that was a lot of selling pressure, so not entirely sure this is still bullish territory. We do have a nice gap between the 15 volume of the 200 ema. What we're going to be looking for that'll give me some reassurance is a bounce off of 14 cents and then it pushed through 18 cents right. That is going to give us a good confirmation.

This is back in bullish territory because, as of now i mean it is still macroscopically bullish, right, they're up thousands of percent in the last month, but uh in the last day. That's that's a rough pullback right, which makes sense. I mean the same thing happened with clwd, speaking of which, thank god for you baby, i'm waiting for that. That was a long time coming.

Ah man that makes me happy to see, but we saw the same thing with clwd. They ran up. They ran up over a thousand percent, all the way up to 18 cents and some change, and then they corrected right. Of course, their correction wasn't as harsh and it was more of a slow, bleeder and uh for, for whatever reason uh, i think it's snw wow.

What am i doing s and pw? I always get these mixed up. Anyways s and pw did the same thing except they did it all at once. So maybe that's a good. Maybe that's a good thing.

Maybe we'll see it uh do a little bounce, a little faster than clwd did, but regardless. That is what i'm watching for we'll change over to the 21 minute chart. Really quick - and i know this is a longer video than usual guys. I do apologize, but i want to be transparent and every time that i find a learning opportunity in my journey uh.

I want to share it with you, because the goal stays the same. I'm going to become a millionaire and i'm going to show you the process of becoming a millionaire, so you can see that the average guy can do this. I'm not working with a lot of money right now. I i'm trying to teach you guys the tools to show you that you can make this money on your own, and this is a setback, not a fit, not not uh, not an end-all, be-all right, so um.

We can all learn from this, and i want to show you both the failures and the successes along the way, so obviously very bearish territory, 15 volume across under the 200 ema large gap right here. We did see a nice bounce off of uh off of 14 cents. I mean it did dip below that a little bit. But what i do see that i liked was this right here.

We have an inverse head shoulders. So if i zoom in really quick you'll be able to see this a little bit better, an inverse head and shoulders is exactly what it sounds like it's a head and shoulders upside down. So you've got the head right here. You've got a shoulder.

You've got another shoulder and then a neckline and the neckline comes out right about here, and this is typically a bearish reversal signal and we did see that come to fruition, at least to some extent. We did end up coming back down a little lower, but not near as low as we saw here right. This is a very momentary dip down to that 12 cent range buyers did step back in and push the price back up at least some. So that is good to see uh.

If we look at the overall candlestick action on the day, i'm very interested to see what these look like and we don't really see a whole lot of wick action. It's not very indicative to be honest, um. It looks like exactly what it is, so i can't tell you if there's weak or strong, buying or selling pressure, you know early in the day, we did see some uh some weak selling pressure right. We've got some wicks on the bottoms of these.

These uh candles a couple of different shooting stars and hammers, but throughout the day it's kind of not very indicative. I mean the one that's standing out to me is this doji candle and this doji candle we've got a third doji candle. But to me that's just as a process and a result of a decrease in volume. Of course, this isn't really that low volume, it's just low volume compared to this absolute mess that we saw earlier today.

You know what you know what i hope you guys don't mind. I'm just gon na take a small poll. This i feel like i feel like it's not the end of the world anyways. That is what we see here on the day with snpw i'm a big fat bag holder.

I will be holding this and i will be waiting until at least i i get my money back and if i see a hard push, i i don't know if i ever want anything to do with the stock again after the absolute emotional roller coaster. I went through today, but i'm at least going to get to break, even so that is the video for the today and for the day today guys. I hope that you enjoyed that i i i want to show you both the wins and the losses and uh. Although things were out of my control with this today um, this was a loss and i wanted to be a learning point as much as i can for everybody out there.

So if you enjoyed the video, please drop a like, it really does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you like, to see more content like this and lastly, i have an affiliate link in the description box down below for weeble. Weeble is a brokerage account where you can trade in the extended hours, including 4am cst, which is a great tool if you want to get early on some price action uh. If you do use my link, you receive for free stocks with 100 deposit, i will also receive a free stock, great way to support the channel and, if you're not interested, i don't really care. It's all good.

My friends, i just appreciate your support by taking the time to watch my videos today. So that's what i have for you guys thank you for watching my friends i'll see you all next time. Peace.

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