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300,000 View Video Pay: In this video, we discuss how much money YouTube pays me, my February income, and how you can grow a YouTube channel to profitability.
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You know everybody out there. Oh man, this makes me laugh. Everybody out. There always tells me to drink water, but this is for you guys.

This is for you guys tell me to drink water drive. I got ta get it get a good little bit. Coke zero. In anyways, what is up, everybody welcome to trace trades.

We have technical analysis on different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy holders sell opinions on these. Given stocks we're gon na get into the video here today. As you can see, this is gon na, be a video about how much money i got paid to have a 300 000 view. Video now this is gon na vary a lot depending on the channel right uh, something that's really awesome about the finance.

You know niche in youtube is that the cpm rate which we'll get into here in a little bit is pretty freaking high. It's not bad at all, so you know this this video one thing i do want to preface by saying is: i don't make this in any sort of means to brag it's just so that i can educate right and show you guys through my own experiences um. How lucrative youtube can be right and to be transparent with you about my channel, because something i've been, you know, that's been talked about. A lot is, you know, i bet you trey trailing, makes these videos because he's profiting off of you guys and he's trying he's trying to boost his channel.

So you know i'm going to show you guys exactly how much money i make. So you guys don't have to speculate anything at all, and this is just going to be an open book for you. So you can reference this any point that you want right uh. So, let's just get right into the video we've got quite a bit to talk about so first thing i'm going to show you is how much money i've made so far in february, and this this does drastically change.

Depending on how many videos i put out a day what my average cpm rate is which we're going to get we're going to get into here in a little bit, but we're just going to come over here to revenue. So, let's just start off with this, the playback based cpm, now cpm and rpm are two very important figures that we need to pay attention to and that's solely what i want to focus on in terms of how much money youtube. Adsense pays you for a single video, so we're starting off here with the cpm. Now, what is the cpm playback based cpm means effective, playback based cost per mil.

It tells you how much advertisers paid for a thousand monetized playbacks, so per thousand views. This is my average playback based cpm 17 and 48 cents. Now this varies. You know vastly, depending on the videos, depending on the content that i put out depending on the the niche of that content right so, for instance, me doing a vlog type.

You know video, which i have done in the past. That's gon na look a lot different than the cpm of you know a video talking about an exact stock such as xone, which has a lot uh. You know it gives different advertisers different markets that they can. They can focus on right.

So that's my current average playback base cpm, and this does range you know from day to day. So that's how much you get before youtube takes their cut. Uh. The rpm, however, is a little bit different.

Excuse me real quick, i'm gon na pause the video and clear my throat, so the rpm is a little bit different. So rpm means revenue per mill and tells you how much you earned per thousand views to calculate your rpm. Your estimated revenue is divided by your total views. In the same time period, your estimated revenue includes revenue from ads youtube premium, memberships, super chat and super stickers.

This is the actual revenue you earned after youtube's revenue share, so youtube takes a pretty decent cut off of your your piece of the pie. Right, if i do know this off the top of my head, i think it's 55.45, so youtube cut from uh adsense. I think it's 55 45 split um, i'm gon na on the side of caution, so i don't know for sure right. I don't want to spread misinformation, but, from my understanding, youtube does take 45 of your overall youtube ads, which would line up pretty well with what we're seeing right here.

That's 17.48 cent mark right, and this is including as well super chats and super stickers. So it doesn't, it doesn't completely, you know, line up with that cpm, but that is including the super chats and uh and other sort of transaction revenue that are capable of being produced so uh. One thing that i do want to show you is that my playback, based cpm, has been increasing every day that my channel has been growing, and that is because, as your views, your channel and your videos get more views right. Your overall uh advertisers right are gon na be willing to pay more money because per thousand views right if they're, only gon na get 5000 views.

They're not gon na wan na pay that much money for your video, but if you're averaging ten thousand twenty thousand. Thirty thousand views a video you're gon na watch, your cpm start to go up and that's actually something that i've seen through my channel over the time. So if you look back on january 23rd, my average cpm is about 10 and 72 cents and you get ups and downs 27. There's 13 bucks.

15.77. 11.70. You know it varies. It varies very greatly depending on the content you put out, but i found a pretty nice even level off here, and it has.

I think this is actually the highest cpm that i've had uh so far as the february 19th of 21.93, and if we just look at these videos here, really quick the videos i put out on this specific day um, you have a little variance in cpm rates. So, for instance, on this video, my cpm was 29.81 cents, that's pretty solid. I take home about 18.88 cents of that per thousand views. If we look back at some of the other videos, however, you know we're going to look at six stocks of dip buying opportunities.

This one had a pretty decent cpm as well 31 and 88 cents per thousand views, but uh, you know others other other um. I should say videos such as this one amc follow-up video to come. So this is talking about amc right. I got 20.96 on that.

One my live stream had, i think, about 10 or so so, depending on the content you put out, the cpm rate is a little bit different. Now i feel very, very grateful to be in the niche that i'm in right. The market is awesome because finance the finance sector people are willing to pay a lot more money for advertising slots. So like this video, where i'm not specifically talking about stocks, it's just like you know it's a it's, a it's a live stream.

Your playback based cpm, is a little bit different, so i got about ten dollars there on that one. But that's the first thing: that's the first piece of the pie that i want to focus on is that playback-based cpm, because that is how you generate revenue from youtube adsense. It is how you make money right. So that's what you take take home before youtube gets their cut.

I've been averaging about 17 and 48 cents has been has been going up. I'm very happy, i'm very content with that rpm. This is what i've been taking home, including super chats and super stickers. Thanking everybody out there that drops those by the way.

That does mean a lot to me but um. That is how much i take home after uh youtube takes their cut, and i get my my uh, my my stickers and super chats. So now we're gon na get into the meat potatoes here, which is my my total estimated revenue and we're gon na focus here on just february uh, because february is when the channel will start to move i'll, show you guys, um january, to be transparent. I made about 5700 uh, which is very happy, i'm very happy with that.

That's not bad at all! So we'll start off here with january and just show you, you know how this compares in in terms of cpm. So, as the channel begin to grow right, the cpm went up, so i would make it about 10. Bucks went up to about 1936 here rpm, which is what i take home after youtube gets to cut. You know nothing crazy either.

So, as the channel's been growing, you do see that that revenue go up. So if you're you're an up-and-coming, you know youtube uh, youtube guy right or an investing channel finance channel, but no matter what your channel is right, just keep working, keep working at it because it is a snowballing effect. Your your income and your revenue is going to continue to grow as your channel begins to continues to grow, so just keep it. On the back of your mind, uh in in january my highest paid day was 685 dollars.

I'd say that i'd average out, you know somewhere between you, know 200 and 400. You know end of january. I started to level off here a little bit more, but coming into february that's when things really started snowballing. So at this point i i i'm very, very fortunate, the lowest paying day that i've had.

You know i only put out one video and i made 569 dollars and i do put out a lot of content so keep that in the back of your mind, looking at these numbers i do put out usually somewhere between three and depending on the day, eight Videos a day, so i i spent a lot of time on the internet to get these kind of numbers, but uh. You know for a typical three video day, for instance, this day i made about three thousand dollars. If you look at the the adsense on these, it's gon na it's gon na very greatly uh differ. So 838 is what i got my playback based cpm on this.

This was a live stream right, so the majority of my revenue came from super chats and it can show you exactly how much you made. So i made 861 bucks in super chats this day, 21 super stickers, my uh, my ad revenue is about 446 here. So far, right so very, very solid um and that's you can kind of get an idea of how much you're making, but just by clicking on these different videos seeing okay. This day i put out five videos, but i made less money than i made on this day, where i put out four videos so by utilizing these different, you know these analytics.

You can get an idea of what people are looking for, what advertisers are looking for? Right so that you can get the best of both worlds: feeding the consumer right because, as youtubers, we are putting out content to help the community, not necessarily what we want to do, but to help the community and then finding ways that you can line that up. With what advertisers are looking for and capitalizing on, your overall gains right, so how do you get that playback based cpm number up and the rpm up well rpms do go up with super chats and super stickers, so uh having a great supportive community right, putting out Holistic, true content being true to yourself: people dig that stuff man, man or woman man or woman uh people think it and uh that's something i take a lot of pride in my channel is just being myself because i'm a i'm a straight-up weeb, i'm a straight-up Weave i'm listening, i'm just a simple ape, my friends and um. You guys you just got ta, stick true to that right. So that's gon na be the first trick to getting people to to enjoy.

You is just be an enjoyable person, be a good person right. It's really that simple and getting the playback based cpm up is going to come by covering niches that have high overall um cpm rates right. So the finance niche pays a very, very large uh dollar dollar average per thousand views, which i'm very very grateful for. So if you're, looking into getting a higher cpm rate, look into that look in your niche right, make sure that you're really standardizing and centralizing and normalizing the content you're putting out.

So it's very consistent because then you're gon na have consistent cpm rates as well and then keep growing the channel, be keeping it consistent. Keep putting out content right grow the channel as you get more views. The cpm rate goes up. It's a snowballing effect that continues to run so so far.

Here in february, i have made forty eight thousand eight hundred and forty two dollars and sixty seven cents, and it is the twentieth so there's about eight days left. It has not factored in uh the 20th. Yet it usually does lag about a day behind, but i and in february so far i'd say that i've been averaging out somewhere around 1500 to 2 000, depending on any given day right. It is different.

My highest paid day was about 4 989 um. So i'm very very grateful it's been, it's been an awesome awesome opportunity. My highest paid video so far has been this one. It has a total view, count of 305 000 views, and that is the title of this video, my friends.

How much money did i make off of a 300 000 view video? Well, you can see it right here. We're gon na walk you through it. My playback based cpm on this was uh 17.25, and it does differ from day to day right. So advertisers are going to put different ads on the videos throughout time.

The ads do change my highest uh paid cpm was 31.61 cents on february 18th, for whatever reason or another right, advertisers were willing to pay more. On that specific day for ads the rpm stays about the same. It typically mirrors pretty well what's going on in terms of uh that cpm rate, and that is my total estimated revenue. So i saw a pretty nice little push.

The first day i put the video out i made about 199 2 329 and ever since it has been nickel and diming very slowly. I make a couple bucks a day on these videos, but something to keep in the back of your mind with investing niches and investing channels is the information is very time sensitive, so they don't age. Well, they don't age. Well, this kind of video right this.

This amc, blackrock steak and amc right, um that uh that information is gon na, be old news within a week right. So the age-ability of your content, as an investor as a finance channel, is you know, sometimes not great, especially as a stock market focused um youtube channel you're, going to really want to focus on staying consistent, staying on top of the most recent news, uh staying on Top of just just having a good content, that's coming out all the time and keeping up with real-time stuff, so um, that's something i would i would want to. You know caution you with. Is you know with with these finance channels your youtube videos, typically don't age? Well, they'll get good views for the first couple days and then you got to keep putting out that content so keep being consistent.

Keep beating you're gon na you're gon na keep rolling in that income. Then i'm gon na show you my second most profitable video. So far, this had 255 000 views so actually a little less views than the other video. But my cpm rate was pretty solid on this.

It was 20.69 which, if i remember correctly, was actually higher than the previous video. So i i can't complain about that at all. I i've made about 2 703 from this video alone, so the finance sector of youtube, my friends, is very, very profitable. Like i said earlier, i do not make this video to brag in the least bit.

I am doing this simply to show you uh, where i've come from and where you can go if you are interested in starting a youtube channel of your own. I started this channel back in mid-december of 2020, so i've had this for about two months and i feel extremely extremely grateful that it has worked out this way. But my friends, a couple years back, i was 30 000 deep and medical debt. I lived out of my freaking car.

I was eating bananas, bananas and ramen noodles for meals every single day, while i worked my 12 hour shifts at buffalo wildlings, slinging wings and serving beer. You know and to go from that to this, if i can do that guys, i'm telling you i'm telling you anybody can do this. So if you are even slightly thinking about starting a youtube channel or chasing your dream, being an entrepreneur starting a business right. Just take that step.

Take that step and get out the door and get working, because all it takes is showing up every single day right. The only people that that actually don't have success. I shouldn't say that not only all people uh most people that don't have success right, it's because they just gave up too early um. It took me i would say 20 days to get my first 100 subscribers right and if i just quit, because i was discouraged at the fact that i didn't get those subs, i would have never been able to experience this right.

So just keep putting one foot in front of the other, keep being consistent, you're going to get where you want to go. My friends - and that is what i have for the video today. If you enjoyed it, please drop a like if it does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you like, to see more content like this. Lastly, i have an affiliate link in the description box down below for weeble uh.

This is version four for the desktop. Absolutely great platform that allows you to start trading at 4 a.m in the pre-market. If you use my link, you get two free stocks for the 100 deposit. I receive a free stock, great support, the channel, my friends and, if you're, not interested, that is totally fine.

I just appreciate your support by taking the time to watch my videos, so that's what i have for you guys today. Thank you for watching my friends and i'll see you all next time. Peace.

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