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WeBull Desktop Platform Walkthrough: WeBull is a great brokerage platform that allows you to trade extended hours beginning at 4AM, and has many features that allow charting, screening, portfolio management, and more. In this video, we walk through all the fundamentals of the platform, how to chart using different tools and indicators, and how to navigate the platform.
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Man, this is going to throw some of you guys off some of you that have been a regular follower or subscriber on the channel. You know that i've used fidelity pro for basically the entirety of my investing career and uh. We are making a switch today over to weeble uh, so here we are here, we are using a new chart and the purpose of this video is going to be teaching you guys how to utilize the weeble desktop platform. I do have the uh version.

4 of the weeble desktop and we're going to walk you through everything. You need to know about how to use this system in order to maximize your uh, your your potential here in the program, so, let's get into it. What is up, everybody welcome to trace trades week of technical analysis on different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy, hold their sell opinions on these given stocks, i like to promise by saying that i'm not a financial advisor nor expert so take what I say with a grain of salt. The reason i started this channel is because a couple years back, i was about 30 000 deep into medical debt, and i was very fortunate to have some close family friends and mentors that push me to work hard and invest.

My money and i'm happy to say that not only am i not financially free, but i'm doing pretty well for myself at the age of 23. So if i can pass along any of the information resources or tools that are given to me here in the community make a couple people better off than they were before. That's all that i can ask for last. If you would not mind dropping a like on the video, it really does help support the channel and consider subscribing if you'd like to see more content like this.

Now today, i'm gon na roll up the sleeves for this bad boy, because we've got quite a bit to talk about with with weeble, so we're gon na walk you through how to utilize this platform to the best of your abilities. So you can maximize your uh. Your your game on investing or trading we're going to walk you through the platform as a whole. How you can utilize a lot of these different tabs and stuff how to use the charts we're gon na walk you through different indicators.

How you can draw on here to recognize levels of support or resistance or trend lines? We're gon na walk you through how you can fill an order. Uh we've got your open positions or orders. We can walk you through that. We've got the level two here which i do have a subscription for just based on uh.

You know it does have very nice capabilities and things that you can use this for. Well, the whole nine yards. So, let's get into the video and start off with what is this platform? Well weeble, if you're not familiar, is a brokerage account which i do actually uh. I like this quite a bit.

I was always a big fan of fidelity, but uh if you've been tracking the channel for the last couple of days. You know that uh with everything going on with amc and gme the sec, the hedge funds, i had my my account closed against my will against all guidelines against uh what you would see in the guidelines within the within the brokerage, and i decided to switch out And i'm coming over here to weeble and weeble is a great platform that allows you to trade in the extended hours, starting at 4am, cst, all the way up until 7am, uh, cst or 7pm cst. I should say so. If you're over on on est time, i think that would be 3am or 5am all the way to 8pm, so a pretty solid platform, and it gives you an edge, because this allows you to make trades on different stocks that you normally would not be able to.

Uh, like i know, with fidelity, i couldn't make trades until 6am, so this gives me a two-hour head start so that we can get into plays. That might be time sensitive. We know they're gon na run up and you're trying to get the best possible price on on the day. So we'll talk about uh with that.

That's that's the first thing that i'd like to say. Secondly, i do have an affiliate link in the description box down below for weeble. If you're interested in getting some free stocks uh, you get four with 100 deposit. If you don't care, that's totally fine.

I just want to throw it out there. I honestly i'm just glad you're watching the video, so let's start off with these different tabs, we have available for us. So we've got a watch list right and what this does is it lets you track all the different stocks that you want to uh keep on your radar right. So, for me, i've just got amc pulled up right now, but you can have whatever you want in this overall watch list and add things accordingly.

So if we click on this, it allows you to edit things that you want to see right. So we can see the name, the sparkline last price, change, change, percentage, whole bunch of different stuff and then selected items. This just gives you uh different uh things that it will track right, so the name the sparkline last change, percentage, etc, etc. If you come over here and click on this, it allows you to either maximize or minimize this, so that you can keep track of different things at the same time.

So please keep at least one widget and current layout uh. You can maximize this. It is already maximized you can detach this watch list and drag it over to wherever you like. I've got two monitors, so if i wanted to, i could drag this over to a different, monitor and allow myself to use this at the same time as other overall uh platforms.

So one second, quick. Okay, so, as i said, it allows you to keep track of different uh watchlist stocks, so here i've got recently viewed if i was to so much as type in something like, let's say, oeg right, it pulls up oeg back here, you can come back to your Watch list shows you that you recently viewed that you can see your positions in this tab as well as your watch list stocks and all stocks right. So if you want to add something to your watch list, how would you go about it? Well, if you come over here to the stocks tab on on weeble, you can click on this uh little tab right here and edit your watch list and from here you can uh. You can't add.

Obviously, your positions, unless you add to your position, but if you click, add symbol, you can just type something in so, for instance, i really like uh uamy us antimony. I can click that click add. If i want to remove a symbol, i can click. This remove symbol and it will so much as just simply do that for you and then all stocks is a combination of your positions and your watchlist stocks.

So it's a great tool - and you can have this right here up on the side for the overall stocks. Tab and it allows you to you, know, go back and forth between multiple stocks at the same time, if you would like to do so, so that's a great little resource that they've got here on the watch list. I do like that they have the all stocks. My watch list my positions recently viewed, so if you type in a position it does keep track.

It's basically like a history tab for you to come back and be like. Oh i i forgot. What's what uh, what stock i was checking out, so i'm going to come back here and check that stock pack out right. So that's one thing right off the bat now if we check out stocks right, this has a whole bunch of different tools and a plethora of options for you to look at so right off the bat we're going to look at amc right and with amc.

You know it's a great and very easy to use. Chart we're going to start off with the charts here so to zoom in and out on the chart. You just have to take your mouse and you can use the the little scroller and you zoom in and out with that or you can use your keyboard click the up key as well as the down key and hold it, and it will adjust the the screen Size on the chart now one thing i don't particularly like is fidelity pro - did have a zoom in and out button up here on the top right, where i could just click zoom in and then you know scroll it over to see exactly the price action that I want to see, but it is very easy easy to adapt to you do just scroll in as such, and it does get you in on certain price action on the day that you are looking for right um, so the charts here very easy to use. They can you can edit a bunch of different indicators on here.

They do start you off with a couple of just plain and simple indicators. The me the m, a which is the moving average, which i do typically use. I did like to use the vama, which is the volume adjusted moving average over infidelity, but the next best thing that you can use is the v-wop and uh. These are two indicators that i do tend to use the most, the ma, the v-wap, the rsi, which is down here and then the ema which is the exponential moving average.

Basically, just a evaluation trend line, uh price action based moving period, uh trend line, it's a it's a great tool. So in order you can see right here the exact uh indicators that i'm using. I typically use the ema, the v wap, the m8 and the rsi, and they do color coordinates. So you can see exactly what you're looking for so, for instance, the ema.

The 200 period - ema, is this purple line down here. This gives me a good idea of the macroscopic price action on the stock right. You've got the v-wap, which is this. This gold line right here, tough to see it blends in a little bit, but if you zoom in on a specific price action, you can see that here.

This is typically best used for an immediate level of support or resistance. If you're looking for a good entry on a swing trade a day trade, that kind of thing - and then i do have the m8, the 50 period m8, so the v-wap is the 14-day. The ma is the 50. and i use the m8 and the ema to predict what you can expect a breakout based on previous price action right.

So here, if we click on drop, i'm going to click on this little rectangle right here and show you exactly when this happens. So we've got the m a the 50 period m a crossing over the 200 ema. This is typically a bullish indicator indicating that we see a trend reversal or an immediate uh level of uh price action that is not coinciding with the previous 200 days, typically signifying unusual trading volume or unusual trading patterns, and this does line up so, for instance, with With uh amc, if you had decided to get into amc, when this first happened on the ma the 50ma crossed over the 200 ema, you would have been able to get in at 2.86 cents and from there. Obviously, we have hit 25 and 25.80 has a high.

Now, that's pretty cool stuff. I do like to be able to utilize that so these are the indicators that i mostly use uh. The indicators. Tab is right here on the top left.

So if you want to click on that, they do have these labeled. For you. This is, these are the bollinger bands. I don't typically use that the macd.

This is typically a trend line that gives you an idea of momentum based on subtracting. I think it's the 26 period, dma from the 12 ema that'll show up down here. I don't typically use that, like i said i'd like to stick to the basics and then volume they do supply volume down. Here, it's very easy to see, so you can see the exact volume coming in on the top left of my screen right here.

They've got volume 498 000 shares in this period of time, this one hour window so very, very easy to read and usable tool, and if you want all you want to look at is the charts right? Well, you can do that. You can click here on this top right, tabs button and click maximize and boom. All of a sudden, all you have pulled up is the charts very nice and user-friendly uh tool here, and these are the main indicators that i use. So if you want to use a different indicator right, these are the ones that they have available.

They've got pivot point. I don't typically use that they've got sar. I don't typically use that kc ic dc edit indicators. You can come in here and edit.

The specific periods that you're looking for with uh with all of your different indicators right. So if i click on ema, for instance, i typically use the ema as a 200 period ema. So what i would do this was originally, i think five, so you can come in here and delete that click 200 and it changes the period. So we can see that if i zoom this out, the the ema is this line right here this purple one and as i'm editing this it changes the overall trend line.

So five pdma, you can see the huge spikes here. 10 period, dma changes 100 pdma right. It changes as well. I use a 200, that's my typical go-to, so i will leave it set as such and then you can change the style right, so you can have multiple different ema's.

If you wanted, i could click on this. Now i've got a 10 period. A 20 period a 30 period. Now this is going to kind of clutter your screen.

You don't want that many indicators right try to stick to the bare bones as much as much stuff as you absolutely need to have. Otherwise, the charts just get cluttered and you're not going to be able to use it as much as you want. You can change the color on this to specifically what you're looking for what you want to use. So that is a great tool you can.

You can change it to a customized color if you'd like and then introduction. This does tell you exactly what the ema is right, so the exponential moving average reduces the lag by applying more weight to recent prices. It's just basically a valuation trend line, and you can do this with any of these different indicators right. The m a gives you an introduction.

You can change the input to whatever period that you're. Looking for the style, i use the 50ma. I have it as a light: blue line, etc, etc. The v-wap 14 period tells you exactly what the v-wap is.

It's a it's a great tool right, so these are the indicators that i personally use now we're going to come over to the drawings tab. This is the top left right here. Click on drawings and you've got a couple different things that you can use right, so we've got uh different lines and the two that i typically uh stick to is the most simple stuff. You can use a whole different plethora of tools here right, but i try to keep charting as simple as possible and i will use the trend line and the horizontal line.

So what is the trend line? Well, if we look here on the charts, we can see just, for instance, with amc that we do have a upward stair. Stepping trend right here and what you're trying to do is connect as many possible candle wicks as you can to make this trend line more visible, and what this can do is predict future price action. This is kind of acting as a level of support right. So we've got one two three, four, five, six, seven eight different candle wicks touching here, so we can signify that this is a pretty solid, acting level of support that has been identified by traders and investors alike.

This is being respected on the charts of course, in these crazy times, technical analysis is being trumped by uh. You know by news catalyst, uh wall street bets the hedge fund, all that sort of stuff, it's all being trumped a little bit, but typically speaking in a normal acting market. This trend line is a very useful tool that can help you predict when to buy into a stock or uh what the stocks future price action. So, for instance, if you're looking to swing trade, this stock and all of a sudden, you see one two.

Three different touch points here. Well, at this point on the third touch point: if you had gotten in right here right looking for a swing trade, you could have bought in at about 9.60 or so right, or i suppose it wouldn't have been that it would have been 10 10 46. And if you wanted to, you could have wrote it up to the highest potential price point here, which would have been about 16. That's a difference of you know, dollars and fifty cents a share.

You could have turned a pretty solid profit right. So that's a great utilization and tool of these trend lines. You can come up here, remove the trend line at any time that you'd, like you, can change the lies, the size of the line, the thickness of it. So it's easier for you to see you can change the color.

I typically stick to black, just because it's easiest to see, but you can change it any color that you're looking for then you remove it by clicking on this little garbage can delete button right there. The other tool that i typically use is the horizontal line, and this is used for leveling off support and resistance on a stock right. So, if you're not familiar with what support and resistance is uh, basically it's just a level on a chart that is uh being respected by different touch points on the stock right. So, just looking at this right now, what's a good, what's a good level of uh resistance! Well, we can see here that we've got one.

Two three different touch points being respected by 21.60, and if we want to move this, we can see that we've got one. Two three, almost four: if we bring this down just a little bit and get that touch point one, two, three, four five six different touch points on candle wicks seven. So this is a a very justified level of resistance, since we are trading under this. Currently, what's another good level of support right, we've got one two, almost three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine ten different touch points here.

11 touch points here. So that's a good level of support. So, in order for you to drop us a level of support or resistance, you just come over here. Click on this little tab; click, horizontal line, place it exactly where you want on the chart.

I'll show you one more time, click on horizontal line, i'm just going to place this somewhere random. I see oh here's, a candle wick i want to put up. I want to put a level of support here, just press it and it so much as uh just places it down and you can adjust it by moving it. However, you'd like to again we've got these little tabs right here for you to change it.

However, you would like so that's what i typically use over here on the on the uh charting side of things and then we're going to come over here right. We've got parallel, polyline and rectangle. So what does parallel do? Well, if we click on this right now, you can you can move this exactly how you'd like to typically as a trend line. I don't like to use this.

I think that the overall um, the overall trend line, indicator and tool drawing tool is the best for me, but typically this is a good way of having a price zone right. So let's say that right now we're seeing you know a typical price zone is swinging. A certain direction we've got a downward trend line. This can give you an idea of different um, different price action and channels that you might be seeing.

So that's a good tool for that uh and then, if we come over here to polyline, you can connect different points on the chart right so here to here to here right. I don't typically use this, but it is a tool that you can use if you'd like to what i do like to use. The most out of here is the rectangle, and i typically use this as a draw tool, but you can use this actually to give you a idea of price zones in which you'd like to get in and out of a day trade swing trade. You can give you an idea of where to put a stop loss right.

So hypothetically, let's say that you were going to long this stock for a day, trade right uh. We see potential entry points so right now we see we've got. You know quite a few different touch points down here and you're looking to get in at this point, and we know that we've got a candle wick respecting down here at what would this be 6.73. So you're looking for an entry point right, let's say that you're looking to get in right around where this candle wick's touching well based on the previous price action, you you can say, okay well, based on where we are right here, i'm gon na set my trailing.

Stop loss, for i don't know whatever, whatever your risk mitigation is we'll say, 30 cents below that, and you can extend this. However, far out you'd like to it, gives you an idea of when you should either exit your trade or enter your trade. And it's it's a great tool in that way. I also use this to mark different indicators, as i've seen here on the charts.

So if we zoom in here i'll use these rectangles to mark crossovers on on specific indicators to help me predict uh, breakouts entry points, the whole nine yards, it's a great tool to to help with your charting. So that's what i'll typically use over here and if you come over to the fibonacci uh, the fibonacci retracement is a tool that i typically use for an idea of how a stock strength is currently going and giving us an idea of potential um levels of support. Resistance in the future, so this is a very easy tool to use. You simply go to the base of a run up, you press click and then you move this to the peak of the run-up right.

So we see that at 25 and 80 cents you can change the color of this. If you'd like to all the different colors right there for you to use - and this will give us an idea of some potential levels of support and resistance that we might be looking at here in the future, so, for instance, we see a retracement at 50 right. We've got two different candle wicks touching here, uh a couple here in the middle, so that's a that could be a significant level in the future. We can.

We can predict that, based on this retracement, this may be a level of resistance, and it does actually line up extremely close to that previous level of resistance that i showed you. So it's a good way of predicting where you may see some resistance levels in the future. Of course, charting and technical analysis is never going to be perfect. You're, never going to have exact touch points, the way that you're looking, but it's a general science right we're using this to help predict the future price action.

So another instance right: we've got uh the 78.6 retracement candlewick touching here here, uh not being held up very well 61.8 percent. However, we do hold pretty decently well and the 23.6 retracement. We know this is a level of resistance, very close to the previous level, resistance that i showed you, so it can be a good tool to indicate hey. This is where we might see some different price action based on what the fibonacci is saying, and all this is is telling you how much you're giving back based on the the run up right.

So if you get back 100 you'd come all the way back down to the previous uh low of five dollars. If you gave back 50 percent from this 25.89 you'd be sitting at 45.. If you get back 23 you'd be sitting at 20.96, very easy tool to use. I promise you it's not hard to not hard to read whatsoever.

So these are the typical draw tools that i'll use and you can also use text if you would like to you just simply click text, and then let's say that you want to keep track of a certain pattern on the chart right. So we can see here. We've got a triple top, so you can type in. We just click this right here triple top and hit save, and we can leave this wherever we'd like to and signify whatever, whatever we'd like to right here.

So i'm just going to draw up a trend line and i'm going to draw right here, another trend line, and then you can click this stay in drawing mode and it'll. Allow you to continue to draw in that way, um and then i'm going to click on trendline hit another one and we can just edit it. However, we'd like right, so i can see here: oh we've got a triple top right there and then you can label it as such, so you can keep track of it here in the future. You want to get out of stain drawing mode.

Just click stay out of stay in drawing mode, and it will get you out of that as well want to delete stuff. Just click on that uh. That trend line that level of support click, delete and you're going to be on your way. So that's how we're looking right now, man, my voice, is beyond a goofy.

I need to drink something all right back to our regular scheduled programming. So those are the typical tools that i will use here on the charts and if you want to delete everything that you see right now, you just click delete all and it removes all of your drawings and you can start absolutely from scratch. And i actually like that a lot, because when i was using fidelity, i'm sure you guys would know my charts would be pretty cluttered because it takes a lot of time to just single out every single drawing indicator that you have and delete it in that way. So if you'd like to go back to minimize screen, you just click restore on the top right there and we will cover here.

The quotes the level two books, the trade tab, uh this time and sales, all this different stuff, and basically all this is is let's say that your swinger day trading right and you want to be able to keep track of a bunch of different things, while you're Watching the price action well level, two, what this tells you is where we're expecting current orders to fill right, so the bid. This will tell you exactly how much people are looking to pay for a given stock. So we can see right here: we've got 710 size, meaning that 710 shares are looking to be filled at 13 and 40 cents. Currently, trading at 13.45 is where we close here in the after hours, so people are waiting to come down to 13 and 40 cents in order to get their their shares filled.

That's the most that we're seeing right here now the ask is: when people are looking to sell and 1366, we can see that's a significant level. This can be a predictor of future levels of resistance right. So if you come to 1366, we can see there's a little bit of a wall. Here.

We've got some candle wicks touching as of late in the charts, so people are looking to get out of the trade 1500 shares in size. It can be a good way of predicting, where you're expecting to see some walls, some resistance and the whole nine yards, as well as, if you're a day trader being able to um, get get your get. Your order filled right. So if we know that somebody's looking to sell 1500 shares, you can say, okay well, i can probably buy those 1500 shares if i want to right now for a quick swing or for hold position, whatever you're looking to do.

One thing that i did not cover here on the charts that i should come back to the rsi, as i did state coming over here in the indicators, is down here. Um you can use that, but the range right. So if you want to change the chart layout, you can click on one day. It'll show you a one day chart five day.

It'll show you a five day chart one month: it'll show you one month chart and then you can come and switch it over to intervals right. So if i click on the one day, i can change this to a five minute. I can change it to a 30 minute. I can change it to an hour day week month and it'll show you candle wicks, based on exactly what it sounds like the exact interval that we are talking about right now, uh, so that is that, right there and then another thing: that's very cool about the Layout here is, you can have a whole bunch of different plethora of information right, so we've got options.

You can look at all the different options that are currently available notes. You can write notes on a stock. Your game plan with a stock news it'll show you all the most recent news from a bunch of different sources. Right, which is huge, financials, is automatically pulled up for you, analysts we have a hold reading on amc, that'll pull up for you order flow it'll.

Show you large medium small overall size. The outflow, which is the cell it'll, show you that, as well large scale orders in the last five days. Corporate action so you've got dividends, special dividends releases. These are just different press releases profile.

It'll tell you what the company is, what they do and then the chart right here as we saw it, will show you that, and you can organize these in any specific way that you'd, like move them around in order of significance for you quotes. This will just show you exactly what the stock is running for what it opened at what the high was previous close, the overall volume average volume, which is actually a great tool to use it, can help you signify. You know a a breakout coming. Typically, your volume is something that i pay very close attention to on a chart: the turnover market cap, the low of the day, all very great stuff.

Now we've got trade and active trade. Active trade is typically something if you'd like to get in and out immediately. You can hit buy 100 at market, buy 100 at ask, buy a sell 100 at market sell 100 at that bid, and you can you can edit this. However, you want so extra or x.

How do i say this uh additional hours right extended hours? You can click, yes, if you'd like to fill up an order in the pre-market or the after hours take profit is like setting a trailing stop-loss, a stop-loss as well. You can set it, however, you'd like to very very nice, and then you've got your orders. Tab right here so, let's say that you fill a limit order for 10 shares at 13.45 once that hits it will come down here. It'll show your working orders, which are the ones that are not filled and then it'll show your filled.

Orders, which is down here for you and then your canceled order. So if you decided to cancel an order because it was not filled that will show as well and then pending partial filled, failed all, and you can see everything that you'd like to see down here. The time and sales this will show you in real time exactly what orders are getting filled on the charts. So, for instance, we can see here one second, before the bell, we saw nine thousand four hundred shares filled at thirteen forty seven uh.

It can be a very great tool to utilize and it's it's not bad whatsoever, so that is the overall run through of what the stocks do, and i know this is a long video. I apologize i'm trying to get this as to be as informational as i possibly can so now, we're gon na come over to the markets tab and what is this? Well. We've got a whole bunch of different stuff here that we can see based on the current market right, so we can see here the index chart net inflow, uh advanced and december advances and decliners. My bad.

I don't know why i said december, that's funny, so we can see that the overall global index, the forex news, that's come out on different stocks. You can see a calendar right, a whole bunch of different great tools here. It'll show you the tops, which are the top gainers, the most actives, which will be. You know, volume you can change it to turnover.

You can change it to range hot etfs. You can see these the ones that are doing well, the ones that are doing poorly. I typically pay the most attention to the actives right, the ones that are seeing a huge change in volume or in turnover or in range. I typically pay attention to volume.

That's my best. This can actually be a way to find stocks that you're looking to get in and out of very quickly, because this updates in real time right. So you can see that sundial, for instance, had 1 billion in volume and after hours, change of 0.23 market cap of 904 million right. So that can be a good indicator to show you uh what you should be getting into what you should look at.

We've got 52 a week here: hot stocks, marginable et cetera, et cetera, the calendar, ipos very interesting stuff and then industry right. So we've got uh biotech industry, miscellaneous natural gas holding companies, there's so much information here guys. That is absolutely insane. I honestly i enjoy weeble a lot as a platform.

I don't mind this. I honestly like it more than i did fidelity and then we could come over here to screener. You can search different things that you're that you're looking for right. So if we type in oh, i don't know um, let's type in region, we're looking for something just united states exchange.

You can look at all right market cap. You can change the specific market cap that you're looking for. So let's say that you're looking for a market cap, no larger than 200 uh, oh it's in billions, so we'll put 2 billion 0.2 billion. I won't.

Let me do that um. Let's say that you're looking for a market cap between 1 billion and 2 billion you're looking for that specific size, you can change it to this. This length of time and it'll bring up a whole bunch of different stocks. Here right, there's filters: you can change the what you're looking for in indicators, so, let's say price, you can look for turnover overall volume.

So if i'm just looking for volume right, we can change that and and set it as such. So, let's come back over here and let's say that i'm looking for volume somewhere between 50 million to 100 million, like this it'll pull up stocks that are trading that high. So we can see gme amd, neo, pfe, pfizer bank of america. All these different stocks are trading pretty high in volume and it will show you a whole bunch of different indicators and things that you're looking for right.

So the sparkline, which is the trend line basically the overall price action on the chart, the price, the change, the change percentage, previous close, open, high low after hours, volume, average volume average volume is something i definitely pay attention to, and this is over a three month. Uh period, so the volume is trending higher on gamestop than it has over the past three months. Right amd closed yesterday, with more volume than we saw in the last average three months percent change, there's a whole bunch of different great stuff in here, and you can scroll from the bottom here and shows you a whole bunch of different stuff based on exactly what We were just talking about so great tool there as well. Now, if we come over here to customized, you can choose a layout that you're looking for and use it in that way.

So let's say that you're looking to look at multiple charts at once, right we can click on multi charts and it will pull up multiple charts for you to watch at once, and that is a great great tool. So let's say i want to watch oeg and i also want to watch um. Mvis it'll show you. I suppose it only shows you the one stock, my bad, but it will show you different time frames if you're looking to get different time frames.

So we can look at nvis on one minute on a five minute on a 30 minute and a one hour. This can be a great tool to help uh help your trading if you're a day trader or look you're trying to get a microscopic and macroscopic perspective. You can come in here and use all the same tool that you previously had. So we click on trend line.

You can drop this trend line here. We see that on the one minute right, but let's say that we're looking over here and it does use this and shows you on all the charts as well, which is very, very cool. It'll. Show you the overall macroscopic picture, we'll show you that trend line on the one minute, the five minute, the 30 minute the one hour.

But then you can look here, oh okay! Well, actually i can see that there is a trend line that follows over the last. You know this, this larger scale chart coming from the 13th of january to the 30th of january and it will adjust that and show you this on all the different charts as well. So this is a great tool, guys, i'm telling you it's uh, it's not bad whatsoever and then, if you want to come back here to customize, we click on customized, you can hit a new layout and it comes here. You can see normal day traders, multi, charts, crypto trading weeble does have crypto trading, i don't think they offer dogecoin.

I get asked that all the time, but i don't think they do or you can just create a blank layout and and make that. However, you would like to so we can click on, let's say normal right, and this will pull up just a normal layout and they've got tabs up here. Just like you see on google chrome, so i can go back and forth. I can come from multi charts over here to normal they've got the overall chart.

I can change between different stocks here. It'll show me the level two that'll show me the time and sales i can buy from here. I can see the quotes from here. I can see the orders filled from here.

It is a great great tool and you can add, save as a customized layout or add widgets at any given time. So here i can see chart options quote you can have whatever you want here. So if i want to add options right well, i just click on that little options, tab and i can slap that on right here and boom. All of a sudden i've got options available for me on whatever stock i'm looking at, and i'm going to change this over to oeg.

Well now i've got the oeg options chart available for me to look at come over here to account you can see everything happening on your current account right, so i can see that i'm currently sitting in amc uh with 641 dollars, profit uh and you can see All of your previous positions closed or the likes, so you can see that i closed out of a new vote on my web account. I didn't have much money in that. I think it was like 100 bucks turned 87 profit ge. This was some of my free stocks that i received swin agi free stocks that i received it'll show your overall risk level.

Uh, your maintenance margin, your initial margin, your account details, so you can see that right now, i'm waiting for money to deposit, so we both spotted me basically that 989 dollars so that i can fill a trade on amc right and uh. Your total stock value is 1909, so since they're still waiting for my 989 dollars to uh to be received and to get uh, you know valued. I only have an account value of 920 right, but i have a stock value of 1909. So once this does uh come through, it's valid verified uh.

I will have a current stock value of 1909. Like i said i am transferring over. My fidelity account to weeble this is will be. This will be the brokerage account that i'm using you can see a whole bunch of different great stuff in here, so you can change to the one month to your one month.

Profit and loss three month five day. Keep track of how you've been doing on any given day, so you can see that i'm up currently 53 on amc right. You can see your overall uh if we come back to my stocks, uh, we can see here where, where can i show you this one? Second, real, quick, okay, so it's right here so on the bottom right side of the screen. You can see my open positions and you can see that i'm an amc for 142 shares at an average price of 8.74 total cost 241 dollars position.

Ratio 100 shows your unrealized profit loss. This is basically just your your paper. Profit loss, no gain or loss is realized until you sell, as you all know, and that's a very great tool right. There shows your overall day trade that you have left.

You can open an ira if you'd like apply for options trading statement, crypto trading, it gives you your trade confirmation, your tax documents. Everything is laid out in a very simple and easy way. Uh easy to use way shows your over over your day trading buying power. Your overnight buying power, your cash balance, total market value, the whole nine yards, and if you are interested in paper trading, which is essentially practicing your trading skills without using any real money, you can just come over here to paper trading and then choose.

Let's say stocks paper trading and it'll, let you practice trading in real time with the market and uh see how confident you are with your current skills, so that is the walkthrough on the web platform. I know this is an extremely long video, but i am going to be transitioning over to this and i do know that i try to keep you guys as up to date with my my investing strategies as i can, and i want to be able to allow You guys to understand: what's going on with these charts, i want you guys to be able to use these charts and the platforms to the best of your ability that way, you are ready to crush in the market and we can continue to make money. So that is what i have for you guys today. If you enjoyed the video, please drop a like.

It really does help support the channel and consider subscribing. If you like to see more content like this and as i said earlier, i do have an affiliate link in the description box down below for weeble 100 deposit. You get four free stocks, valued up to a couple thousand dollars. I will also receive a free stock if you're not interested.

I don't really care my friends, that's cool, i'm just glad you're taking the time to watch my videos here today. So that's what i have for you guys. Thank you for watching my friends and i'll see you all next time. Peace,.

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