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Our girl amy, is having herself a freaking beautiful ball wearing her her glass slippers, running away from the prince over a key momentum level. May i add at 18.88, which i've been watching very closely. We've been watching very closely for quite some time now, so that is uh. That is a good thing to see definitely not held back in the least bit by any sort of weakness.

The the buyers are in full control. Utilization is still max 100 costs to borrow not doing much yet, but we are going to be watching for that, and you can also see here. This is actually pretty interesting check this out confidence interval. This gives you a rate of confidence that ortex has in terms of what the short interest is.

You can see that between 18.05 and 22.7, so this is giving you a range now it's much different than it used to be uh. You can only imagine that this is because ortex has in the past gotten things pretty wrong, especially when you see huge spikes up huge spikes down uh. You can kind of anticipate that uh. There is some sort of discrepancy there and uh they've accounted for it.

So we can see this upside. You know maybe 23.34 downside, maybe 20.08. Even this i'd still take with a grain of salt. I think that is uh.

That is just sort of uh, a guess, they're taking an educated guess based on what's given to them and uh. It should be taken no further than just that, and let me just draw this up for you. This is a pretty picture-perfect technical, breakout uh for a girl, amy we're just setting us up to come back and reclaim that 20 hash mark uh that we have so infamously not been able to to catch for. Quite some time now check this out.

Meme stock frenzy gets a fresh look that questions sec narrative. I think this is uh. This is a really important topic. So what is what is sort of the the preface here right? Well, meme stock frenzy gets a fresh look that questions sec narrative, the big takeaway here - is that questions sec narrative.

It makes you sort of ask yourself right what uh. What's the issue with what the sec is doing right now, i think most retail investors could could sit here and uh and say the same thing. They'd say: well, look, you know the sec kind of doesn't pay attention to what actually matters they go after the wrong things. They kind of show a lot of face.

They do this, they do that they haven't really helped out in the way that we want them to yet this article sort of dives into that so check this out. You've got game, stops jump to the moon right here. Meme stock surge last year captured wall street's attention. Bloomberg meme stock mania might have been a case of traders banding together to take down hedge funds.

After all uh. You know i. I think this is sort of them trying to say that there was collusion or something like that. No, that's! Not really what this was.

It's a bunch of people who all individually said you know i'm pissed off. I don't really dig what happened here uh. I think i'm gon na take advantage of uh what looks like a pretty good opportunity. You know that's the concentration of new research, the challenges at sec uh their view that is so called short squeeze played little part in pushing gamestop corporation to the stratosphere in january 2021..

The regulator failed to examine relevant securities lending data and didn't study a long enough stretch of transactions. A half a dozen academics from columbia university, the university of notre dame and elsewhere stood in a paper sent in recent weeks to sec chair gary gensler. Now what this is saying right, i remember when the gamestop report came out. This was a big deal.

Everyone was excited they're, like man, we made we're gon na, get something we're gon na get some exciting stuff. You know, and it ended up being a huge, nothing burger, essentially a a big paper that was thrown together by the last minute by a senior like this is my thesis. It took me about three weeks. I got it done, though you might have had the entire year right, but we got the thesis done and they gave us the bare minimum in terms of what you might expect and they didn't really touch on some of the problems and maybe some of the solutions.

What those would look like you know, and what this is saying right here, this article is hey, there's a couple of universities who have dug deeper into that gamestop debacle done some research and noted hey. You know, i don't think you've really done as much as you probably should you can see that right here the regulator failed to examine relevant securities lending data and didn't study a long enough stretch of transactions. According to a couple different universities, the claim puts a new twist on one of the most closely watched, debated periods in recent memory for the u.s stock market when gamestop spiked more than a thousand percent in less than a week and triggered giant losses and some hedge Funds, the reason was screamingly obvious to investors chronicling, the hysteria on social media bulls, attacked short sellers by snapping up shares and that field even crazier price gains because it forced the bears to join the buying frenzy to exit their short positions seems plausible enough right. A lot of shorts were overcooked on uh on their short positions and gamestop amc a couple different spots, but gamestop most noticeably right and uh longs or bulls.

Try to squeeze them out. I call them apes, they call them different things. Whatever the major takeaway, the major line to be watching for is that 20 dolla make ya holla after we get above this momentum box between 1955 all the way up to about 1968, 1969 or so breaking news. Ukraine requests international assistance from nato.

It says it's preparing for a large-scale emergency against its civilian population. Some troops near ukraine, leaving dialogue uh to go on. You can see this right here. Russian president vladimir putin said tuesday.

He welcomed a security dialogue with the west as his military reported pulling back. Some of its troops near ukraine signals that may indicate the kremlin has opted for a diplomatic path for now, despite western fears of an imminent russian invasion of its neighbor uh. So far, it seems like a lot of posturing. You know we don't really have a confirmed.

Uh we're going to war, we're going to war, we're going to war right now. It's posturing, it's basically two dogs and they've got their teeth. Snarling at each other and uh we're gon na see whether or not one of them actually wants to go in for the bite and plus we'll give you a wheel spin, we'll give you a wheel spin. That sounds fair all right now, i'm gon na categorize these in terms of weight, so let titan bite my face.

We'll make a three shotgun, a diet we'll make a three shave. The stash is staying at a one, two hot chips: two hang a picture of lu on my wall, three 24-hour stream; two share what the moment in my lifetime, three: tomorrow's live stream in a chicken suit. Three dye: my mustache two sympathy nights about jim cramer. Three.

Actually i'm going to increase these because i really don't want to shave my mustache. Let's give her a spin here we go. Does it have to be permanent? Ah man, all right i'll do it, but this is the thing it's not gon na be permanent. It's not gon na be permanent spin, the wheel for the color.

That's actually probably the easiest way to do this. Huh, yellow super saiyan chan. Should we pull it all right? Fine, we'll pull it we'll pull it so uh make sure you vote right. 884 votes, there's no synthetic votes here today.

No we're not rigging the election. This is fair. There we go. I guess we're gon na roll with green green took it, and that is gon na be the final answer.

So that's gon na be the stream we'll be back tomorrow, i'll try and get on a little bit earlier. I i think 1 30 p.m. Central standard time is probably about what we'll rock with it was a good day. Amy had a 9.75 green day, the spy is down in the after hours.

Just slightly uh did finish green on the day. It had a nice gap up. It was up one point: five, eight percent, so if you played calls you held them overnight yesterday, you're probably sitting pretty decent i'll, be watching for amc tomorrow. Amc tomorrow catch you guys all later as always much love light taps and peace.

By Trey

22 thoughts on “I think we broke it…”
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    Buying more AMC & holding as long as it takes 🚀🦍💪

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    Hey I'm late to the game what's happened to the giant black banana?

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    We haven't even seen $100 or our $72 friend. But it be nice to see $599 soon

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    A $32,000 profit sent to my portfolio each week, mrs Marni Lynn Menden is amazing.

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    Good video. As for me i have made huge profits on my investment since i started trading with Mrs Christi lily, her trading strategies are top notch.

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    I sold other stocks today and bought 121 more AMC shares I'm officially ALL-IN now 🤣

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars RaBorn Allah says:

    Beware of the smoke screen they are going to try and blow up this thing with Hilary to distract everybody from the market…imho.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Eric Onelove says:

    We still looking at lines in this channel?

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars MexicansLoveMeh says:

    Love trey. Everyone go watch xtreme gainz as well. He provides daily technical analysis based off of algorithms and they have been scary accurate. Also talks about SPY and other popular stocks. Main focus is AMC though

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    No rigged elections here. Just everywhere else.

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Blindspot Spotter says:

    Hmmmm. AMC’s chart looks like most Wednesday’s charts look last year. Run the start up on Wednesday wait for the option suckers I mean buyers to snag up more options then drag the price down the last hour of Friday. Rinse and repeat.
    I wouldn’t get overly worked up about being out of the teens for a day.

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Keith Miller says:

    You know what it is! Light taps. Lamp on. Chair. ✌️

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars KnowledgeCollective says:

    Thank you trey! The World is changing, and old structures are crumbling. Things will only get better if we all contribute our own unique knowledge and insight. We should all try to make a difference!

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars louie vasquez says:

    We go to $20.58 and now we r back to $19.42. This is bullshit.

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Amc tothemoon says:

    Maybe just Pulling back troops to save them From the Nuke fallout

  16. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Reece James says:

    I've lost quite a good number of coins in the current dip,I just hope I find a way to recover from such a massive loss..

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    Soft Chest Taps Baby!!!
    AMC will take care of us in the end, and the end seems closer and closer

  18. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Oisin Moore says:

    You commenters do realise the ship has sailed and this guy is just milking it for as long as possible at this point, right? If you didn't sell AMC between 30-70 you've lost.

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    Why do they upload videos that are from yesterdays price action all the time? For YouTube views?

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    Quit calling it “aMy” and put some respect on it.

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    bro…. I remember when you were pumping AMC at $40. it's disgusting. real people are losing real money. there won't be a squeeze

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