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Guess what guess, what i am too stupid, i'm too smooth-brained of an ape to be able to figure out how to get my green screen working green screen working the right way. So i figured you know what let's just get the actual freaking mistress back in the picture. We got a lamp right here. We got the bottle of kraken.

You got a nice diamond representing the nards that are sitting in my short shorts right now and lamp on lamp off. That's i bet you money. I bet your money. Amc went when it went up five cents right there had to have had to what is up everybody, i'm going to trade trades.

We freaking talk fast and don't skip class. Look at your profits by saying i'm going to find your advisor expert. So take a look at the grain of salt. Let's get into the video so today my friends, my family, my fellow golly gang we're gon na give you an update on ticker symbol, amc here and before i get into what i wan na talk about here.

I got ta come out straight up right and i got ta tell you that what actually happened here today and just be say i was wrong right. I based on the trend that i've seen with amc playoff many times over the last nine months, the forecast trend where it tests that level of resistance three times. Fourth time it gets a break, didn't happen today, right based on previous patterns that i've watched for a long time. I've spent a lot of time.

Looking at this chart, i thought that you'd see a break on that fourth attempt just like you've seen many many many times play out and it didn't happen. So i got to come out and just say that right now right we get. We didn't get that break on the fourth test over that level of 48.50, but this doesn't take any discredit away from the fact that i was wrong. I wouldn't quite call that a rejection and, to some extent, you did have a pretty massive sell-off right here, but there's an important piece of the ta.

The technical analysis that you do need to pay attention to. That shows you signs of strength, continuation trend, continuation and it really does line up almost picture perfect with what you saw happen back here when we broke 37.50. This triple bottom sort of ascending upside setup break over that neckline. It's very very scarily, similar you're, watching that play out in real freaking time, so we'll go over that i want to go over the ortex data, which gives you an idea of the short interest based off of 85 of the exchange reported data.

The website that i use is ortex, so that's the best information that i have available to me. We're also going to go over the options flow, which gives you an idea of uh these. The calls and puts i use the ask side, meaning long calls and long puts buy, to open, sell to close positions to get an idea of bullish, sentiment and activity that you can expect to come. You know for the future in amc stocks, price action and then i also want to show you something here with uh the sec and a 10q that came out from gamestop, and i think this is pretty interesting, because there's been a lot of talk about the sec Sort of looking the other way over the shoulder and not paid a lot of attention to the stuff happening right now, so i kind of want to touch on that because it is thought provoking to say the least.

Then we'll go over ta, i'm going to wrap it up with one last piece, because i got an instagram message today. I read, and it really made me sad it it really uh it hit me in the fields regarding uh, i would say, management of liquidity right with your personal investments with your money. I'm not here to do that for you right, but i just want to pass something along that, i think is important. Um, perhaps a story right, so we're gon na finish off with that.

That's that's gon na be the the consensus of the video here today. So without further ado, let's get into this bad boy, so the vortex data right. What do you got rocking right now? Insignificant change in terms of short interest down about 0.99, with a net difference borrowed change of 1.18 million shares returned so small change. You could have seen some sort of effect uh play out on the stock's price action today with that, but that's really not a lot considering the fact that you had 97 million total volume, i wouldn't say that really changed the price action a whole lot with that.

Much uh sort of uh push into the stock overall. What i find to be the most fascinating is the utilization and the short interest both going up as they have been so check this out. This is the short interest, continuing its freaking parabolic, almost like a freaking upside down, lightning bolt striking valhalla, i mean that's just just going straight up which looks really freaking decent. But beyond that, i want to show you this.

The utilization as well as shares on loan. Now i said, i had a theory that the utilization is staying about the same, because there are more lenders that are essentially lending out stock or at least more availability to that stock than there was before, and i think there is a way to back that claim Up just based on the data laid out in front of us, so let's just check this out. This is a 94 utilization rate that i have the cursor over here right and let's just look at where that lines up with on loan shares. 90 million total shares on loan at the time for 94 utilization, which is actually higher than you have right now, 92.38, but right now, with that 92.38, you got 119 million total shares on loan.

So what does that mean? Well speculatively? This is a theory right. This is not fact, uh don't take that for what it is. This is just based on my thought process. You've got two main things: either a you've got more availability to stock by these big lenders or b.

This could be a confirmation to some extent of some of the shares in the market that should not exist around amc. Failure to delivers naked short selling. All that sort of shenanigans you get a synthetic share, quote unquote right. That could be a sign of the proceedings of those things playing out in the stock itself.

Now, i'm just telling you right now: it's a theory. I can't back up my claim. That's just based on data in front of me and watching the stock for the last nine months, but it does make you wonder right. I've seen some screenshots from like fidelity, saying that there are no more shares available to borrow uh.

There's more, you can't short the stock. I mean we boy have been able to show the stock for who knows how freaking long now, it's hard to borrow security and the utilization is still decently low. So that tells me something right: that's significant information and it loads up the barrel of that freaking revolver, giving you more ammo when this thing starts, freaking moving the more shorts piled in this freaking stock, the more shares alone in the stock. If there's ever some sort of forced share recall somebody what i think you saw back here in uh early june late may, it's gon na be a big move and i would anticipate a bigger move than what you saw back then now i can't make that uh.

I can't i can't predict the future. All i can do is uh take an estimated guess based on previous trend and the downlight out in front of me, but it looks freaking decent cost to borrow it's still in the right direction. It's still going up slightly overall, i'm going to show you this on a trend line of some sort cost to borrow right here. You can see that it is still going up, so the average cost to borrow 1.58 right here on the day, it's 2.95.

So it is going up in a trend but you're not really gon na see the big move until two things happen: utilization's maxed out, meaning that there's a lot of demand, but not a lot of supply and there's more risk to short sellers risk. To short, sellers comes when there's pressure on short sellers, and that happens when they start going negative and funnily enough. The pivot point to the shadow realm is approaching, because you are at 56.4 total days average on loan for any sort of share. That's been lended out by big institutions now.

Why is that important? Because it lends up very decently well with the price being in that 48 ish dollar range. Now, i'm not uh, i'm not here to freaking, say anything about why 48 is important, but you can see why that's probably a pretty critical mass point in which shorts do not want this stock to cross over, because that is where it really gets into the favor Of the apes of the retailers out there who are watching this thing, freaking start to shove, some lemon pepper tenders, up their freaking noses, so looking good next, i want to move on to the flow of this stock. Now this is unusual whales. This is a service that i use to watch options flow long calls long puts.

I watch the ask side, meaning that i'm not watching the covered calls and that sort of thing right. These are all calls and all puts that are being bought to either bet. That's going up or bet that it's going down right now. I also have 50 000 premium set, because i want to see the big buyer stepping into this more so than the smaller bits.

And what you see here by looking at this is a massive amount of call option. Uh essentially, orders that came in the premium 97 calls the volume 87.8 calls - and these are at least 50 000 premium orders that are coming in big buyers. Betting that this is starting to go up relatively soon, mostly targeting october 15th. So the urgency is more so on a monthly swing basis, so big buyers, anticipating this thing - is going to move pretty hard sometime in the next one month or so.

Uh just give essentially giving leeway i jumped down: oh, not decent, essentially betting. It's gon na go up in the next one month or so, but looks good another confirmation of what is happening here with the stock price. Overall, it is looking bullish. You've got freaking great ta.

You've got really solid options flow. The shorts have not covered their positions. That's the most important piece of this. Keep it freaking stupid, simple, yes, yeah yeah! You got it so next i want to talk about.

That was weird. Why did i i've never done that? Sometimes i just try stuff in the middle of my videos just to see how it feels i didn't feel right. I'm not gon na i'm not gon na. Do that ever again.

So now i'm gon na get into this document. The gamestop document now this is actually really freaking fascinating, and i want to highlight a specific piece of this now check this out on may 26. 2021. These silly chickens forgot a space right here.

Ah the military. In me, we received the request from the staff of the sec for the voluntary production of documents and information concerning an sec investigation into the trading activity in our securities and the securities of other companies. We're in the process of reviewing the quest and producing the requested documents and intend to cooperate fully with the sec staff regarding this matter, this inquiry is not expected to adversely impact us now. This is actually pretty fascinating to me, because i've seen a lot of people speculating on what's happening at the sec.

Are they watching this situation? Is there anybody out there that says listening to our voices - and i i made an argument a couple months ago and i said this: the sec big law, anything that's legally binding to some extent is a dance right. You you have to be careful about making allegations without having the definitive proof laid out in front of us now as apes watching the stock 24. 7. It's pretty easy to see that there's some stuff happening here.

That's corrupt! That's fraudulent! That pushes the price and suppresses the price action right. We can see that in front of us, but these guys have to be able to show numbers hard truth, facts with names and that sort of thing is usually done in silence may 26 2021. That was three months ago, dang near three months of june july august yeah three months ago. That's something the most interesting piece to me is this activity in our securities and the securities of other companies.

Now what other companies out there would people be watching right? This is gamestop's daily candle price action check that out amc's. The only difference is the magnitude of the moves, but the moves are the same. One big rip, two big rips, three big rips. Fourth, big rib amc, one two, three four and the same exact, freaking time frames.

Now i get it. These are sympathy plays they run off of each other. When one runs, the other one runs, but the price action is damn near identical. Sometimes they make the argument.

Yeah but it's the same people buying the stock come on come on get out of here with that nonsense, you're trying to tell me that the exact same people are buying the exact same stock at the exact same moment at the exact same time, every single day. No, no, no, no, no! No! No, don't buy that. I don't buy that. So that is interesting, and i think that tells you exactly what you wanted to see.

So is there going to be some sort of change that comes out of this right? I obviously would like to think so i'd like to hope so we'll just have to wait and see what happens, but that is thought provoking and it is nice to see in that 10 q, which is coming straight from freaking gamestop themselves. So now i want to come back to amc and talk about what happened today and what you can maybe expect moving into the next couple days. As always, this is a prediction. I can't guarantee anything about the future, make sure you're, locking your profits, making a sound financial decision and uh managing risk having some sort of plan.

That's all that i ask especially with options. So what did you see today right it tested out that 4850 level and for a while looked like it was going to hold it? In fact, the the wick of the top of this hour a 15-minute candle closed above that level, but you had a massive amount of selling pressure and sue for the next hour and a half after that, pushing it back down to the 200 ema. Now. What is the 200ma? It is a 200-day exponential moving average, essentially a smooth out lagging trend line that gives you an idea of the last 200 days of price action, and that happened twice where you got to bounce off of that 200 ema.

Typically, this is a bullish sign. A bounce off of that 200 ema is a sign of continued strength and trend continuation and, furthermore, it did kind of track to some extent. The bearish side that i had you know essentially laid out in yesterday's video saying, hey worst case scenario: you don't get that 47 48 test whatever and it comes back down it's going to test out that downside level of our upside level of support, but it didn't Even come that far, it bounced off the 200 in may to maybe i that's what i think is going to happen test out this next 48. 50 level.

Again for the sixth time now i like, i said i got it wrong. I thought that you were gon na see it on the fourth test, because it has happened time and time and time again it's the exact way that i predicted that 3750 move would bring you exactly what it did, but that's the exact same sort of trend and Pattern that i, based that on it came to fruition. I can't cherry pick though i can't i can't come out here, make some excuse, because that's all i did that's all it is. I based on a pattern based on a trend and it didn't play out and that's uh, that that just is what it is.

I had a lot of confidence in that i'm going to show you exactly how much confidence i had october 1st uh. This is on september 1st i put out an october 1 50 to 55 dollar call uh entry possibility for anybody out there who was interested in doing that, and i am very sparing about options, because i personally think a lot of people blow money on options. That's just how it is because you can't hope for the best you have to take what is on the chart and play it that way, but it hasn't done it yet. But what i will say is this: i do think it's coming soon and very soon at that, just based on the fact that it is still in this nice upside bullish level of support.

You do still have this freaking channel. You do still have this amazing options flow rolling into the stock. You do still have the shorts adding to their positions, even if not on the day overall, the trend is there pay attention to the trend. I've, never bullshitted anybody right when the stock's looking bad i'll.

Tell you you know, you know you're gon na get that from me. I've done that i'll. Do it again if it ever comes to that point, but these are still exciting times and no one should be sweating over a negative point: nine percent day, because that is insignificant and that's kind of what i've got for the ta. But i do want to finish it off with a closing message and it's this.

I got a message on instagram from a guy, a gentleman who who was uh frustrated, and i i understand to some extent you know what that what what his frustration feels like, because i've been in rough shoes, man as a as a person as an ape, i Think the the strongest thing we can do is relay our humanity to others. Right now, i've been in some tough shoes. There were points in time where i i made some bad decisions and i put myself in the back of my car something's uncontrollable something's controllable or i really struggled. I mean living negative debt, negative 30, 40 grand - and some of that was my own fault.

You know i've said this in a previous video before, but i was i used to be a gambling addict. I just was i i pissed away a lot of money, a lot of money back when i was a teenager and for one reason or another. I think it was just a coping mechanism from my pops passed away about five years ago, but i still made bad decisions and it put me there right now. This guy said he's he's really struggling he's down.

Thousands of dollars he's got to pay his rent and he can't afford it because he lost call uh money on call options right. He he put money into calls and now he can't afford to pay what he needs to pay for guys. Please please! We all want this to moon right. Trust me.

I want this to freaking. Moon, do not put yourself in a position where you cannot take care of yourself where you can't sleep at night. That's not sustainable right! You! If you want to see amc, do well! You want to see the apes out there in this stock succeed. You got to be able to take care of yourself, because if you can't the emotional strain on your mind is going to kill you, it is because i've been in situations where the choices i made in life weighed on me every single freaking day, and i just Couldn't sleep if you're in a position like that right, you're in a position where you can't sleep at night, where you're worrying about holding a position overnight about how much money you've gotten any certain stock you got to take a step back.

You got to take a step back. You just cannot put yourself in that situation right more important than anything on planet earth. Is your well-being, your mental health, your physical health, all that blends together you got to stay healthy. You got to stay financially healthy that all blends together, my name, i i just.

I can't put that any other way. I can't put that any other way. Please just keep the food on your table. The roof over your head.

Keep your family happy! Keep yourself happy! That's what i've got for this video, so blah blah blah! You know: drop a like subscribe subscribe because everybody's subscribing catch on the next one, much lovely taps and peace.

By Trey

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