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MVIS Stock Analysis: MVIS (Microvision) is a lidar technology based company with ties in the U.S. Army aviation sector, having IVAS technologies in U.S. aviation pilots kevlar helmets. Today (Jan 6, 2021), MVIS is down about 5% during regular trading hours. In this MVIS Stock Analysis video, we discuss and analyze the daily price action from a macroscopic and microscopic point of view. We also establish MVIS stock's near and far side support and resistance levels, analyze the VWMA (volume-weighted moving average), EMA (Exponential Moving Average), RSI indicators, overall volume trends, and future price action possibilities, both bearish and bullish.

Follow along on the MVIS playlist to keep up to date with all microvision stock news and release.

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What is up everybody, i'm gon na break out the routine a little bit and just uh, give out my heart felt uh. You know thoughts to the people that are involved in the dc riots right now. I'm not sure if there's anybody out there who uh, who in the audience you know, is in the area or has family affected, but what a crazy day in the market. That's some wild stuff.

So i just want to start off by uh by bringing that up. Bring it to your attention, if you aren't aware back to the routine, welcome to trace trades, where we get technical analysis on different stocks in the stock market, as well as potential buy or sell opinions on these given stocks, i like to preface by saying that i Am not a financial advisor nor expert? I am just some random view on youtube, so take what i say with a grain of salt. The reason i started this channel is because a couple years back, i was about thirty thousand dollars deep and some pretty bad medical debt, and i was very fortunate to have some close family friends and mentors that pushed me to work really hard and invest my money And i'm happy to say that not only am i now financially free, but i'm living pretty well off for the age of 23. So if i can pass along any of the information resources or tools that were given to me to the community here at trace trades make your guys lives a little bit better off than they were before.

That's all a guy can ask for. Lastly, if you would not mind liking the video really just help, support the channel and consider subscribing if you'd like to see more content like this, as i do give microvision updates every single day. Now, quick shout out to the guys over the patreon we had a couple more people joined today, valentino joy, edmard, roxanne albert flacco s, g kenny. All these guys will have access to the private discord as well as real-time updates to my investing uh.

So if you are interested, there is a link in the description box down below now we're gon na be looking at ticker, symbol, mvis and what the heck, what a wild ride um. We have a lot to talk about today, so you guys need to buckle in for a couple different things and i'm gon na talk about why. I think we saw this pretty harsh selloff. At the end of the day, i've got two different reasons and we're going to talk about the volume this is.

These are the two big things that really stand out to me on the trading day uh. So, let's just get right into the video, so i do have pulled up an article about the uh. The evacuation. That's happening on hill right now.

So, let's just take a quick read on this, just in case you're, not up to date, congress convened today to tally the electoral college votes in the u.s presidential election. President donald trump hosted a rally this morning near the white house with several thousand people in attendance. As the day has bore on and congress continues, its work protesters are clashing with u.s capitol police on capitol hill. The department of homeland security is sending additional federal agents to the u.s capitol to help quail violence from supporters of president donald trump, who are protesting congress.

Former approval of president-elect joe biden's win now i'm keeping this completely apolitical. I am in the army, i'm not allowed to display my political opinion and i don't i honestly don't like to um. I try to stay. You know as a political as i can, but this is especially why the market is seeing some crazy movement today, all across the board.

You know we were pretty green for the majority of the day and when these articles started coming out, i don't know about you guys watching my brokerage account and watching all the charts everything started: tanking, not just nvis, but but fuel cell idex a whole bunch of Different sectors - the pharmaceuticals, the tech companies, everybody was pulling out of these stocks, everybody was selling and it was. It was a pretty crazy day, and that happened to the exact time that you can see this pretty harsh sell-off in nvis, and i do think that is a large reason. Why that we saw this happened. So just keep that in the back of your mind with with the market today it was pretty wild, very a usual abnormal.

You know price action happening across the board today, but we're going to be looking at. You know the overall volume trends we're going to look at the the volume wave moving average we're going to look at the uh, the ema, which is the exponential moving average. I am going to pull that up real, quick and the exponential moving average. Just to give you guys, an idea of what that is, uh is a a trend line that that follows the stock based on a given time period.

So it's like the average price valuation of you know a given stock's price action, the volume weighted moving average. The green line right here is a trend line that is based off of the overall volume that's coming in, and it does take into consideration the amount of volume uh typical and the amount of volume atypical. So you can see here that, with this spike, you know the volume moving average does change compared to um. What you see you know in previous levels, there's a huge gap up here with the volume versus you know, a little amount of volume not as much of a gap up so we're gon na touch on that we're gon na touch on the rsi today.

Talk about the price action here and then we have some new levels of support and resistance established as well on the six-month uh on the one-month chart and the one-day one-minute chart. So we do still have this 423 immediate support level. You know we have not tested that out, yet we did test it out. You know two days ago we did.

We did pop down underneath 491. We did rebound very well, which is good. It was a. It was a false dip, which is nice for those investors.

Like me, who have a position in this stock, i will fully disclose my position just to give some credibility. I am down pretty bad on this stock at the moment uh. I have nvis right here. Dollar cost average currently sitting at about 6.78 1978 shares currently down about 3, 000 573 on the day and what's wild is at one point in the day we were actually up about.

You know five or six hundred dollars. So it's it's. It's been a crazy ride for sure uh, it's it's uh. This is uh.

This nvis sucker man. She really slaps you some days and today was one of those days so uh we do have you know these immediate support levels. It does seem like we're. Holding up 491 very well um, i i am hesitant to say, but i think that this may be the floor on the stock price correction, since we've seen this initial spike, it's hard to know for sure, but we have held up at this level pretty well for The last one two three four days or so you know it's been some up and down price action.

Uh. What's really interesting about this stock is we do see a lot of price action in the pre-market in the after hours? You can see that we usually have some pretty solid, either climb up or climb down, so i wouldn't be surprised if we see a gap up or down in either direction. You know given given to this this after hours market in the pre-market. You know right now we're sitting right about the same 524 is what we closed at uh, we're sitting right around the same at 523 or so so it is interesting.

So keep that in mind um the average volume that we're seeing coming in is about the same. You know we are seeing pretty pretty typical numbers if we do see a spike in volume. You know anything like this, like this um like this, like this day, you know even just a small bump. All it's going to take is a two times, the usual or even a 1.5 times usual volume that to me, is going to be an indicator that buyers are going to start.

Stepping in people will take notice of that, because there are investors that use tools such as the nasdaq unusual volume indicator. You can search it on the internet and uh. They will find stocks that have unusual trading volume and try to leverage that momentum and get into plays like that, and i can see that happening with mbis. So now i'm gon na be watching for that over the next couple of days.

If that does happen, but what is uh most interesting and we'll get to is the volume that we see right here right before the market closed rsi indicator? You know at one point in the uh in the pre-market we were overbought. We did touch right over 70.. We did see a pretty pretty large spike up yesterday and if you watched my video yesterday, you do know that microvision saw this abnormal spike up. You know in in volume yesterday, which is why today's spike up in volume is very interesting to me.

It's going to be interesting to see if this trend continues. I do have a theory as to why this is happening, and we will talk about that in just a second, but we were overbought and we did correct. You know underneath 50. Anything over 70 is overbought.

Anything under 30 is oversold and we ended the day right around 45, so we are approaching oversold territory, not quite there, yet more neutral than anything, so pretty typical price action in that realm. Now the uh, the blue line, is the exponential moving average, which is just the the overall average trend line of price valuation. That's currently sitting at 537, so we are underneath that which is a bearish signal and the green line, the the volume weighted moving average. As i stated before is just a trendline valuation average based on volume and the amount of volume that is coming in it does take that amount of volume into consideration and uh.

We are currently trading underneath both of these levels. Right here, which is a, is a bearish indicator, and that is to be expected. Since we are bearish on the day, we did start out at 5, 52, close at 5, 21.. So um, you know 523, as i was so you know it was a down day.

We are down about 5 on the day, so that's not a huge win in our books, but it is promising because we did see this huge spike in price action and we're going to talk about that right now. So what is very interesting is: if we look at this on a two-day chart, you can see that we saw the same spike in volume both days right right before the bell closed. You know, and this time around it wasn't as much volume, but i do think the reason behind this is there may be some toots that are uh that are getting into this stock. After all, the shorts attacked this at the beginning of the day, shorts are sellers that that ride in the market they'll sell their shares initially and then buy them back at a lower cost.

If you did not know that so they're, taking advantage of the fact that this stock is usually shorted in the morning pretty heavily sold out, there has been a lot of selling pressure and then, when the stock price is pretty low in value, i think they are Buying large vast amounts on this stock loading the boat, getting ready for some things that are coming right. We saw the same thing happen today, with not as many stocks but or not as many shares, not as many shares traded, but a large sum. You know we were trading, six thousand fifteen thousand. Thirteen thousand, you know shares in a one minute window and then all of a sudden we spiked to you, know one hundred and fifty eight thousand two hundred fifty four thousand this.

This right here was five hundred thousand. You know it's a huge spike in volume which is really abnormal. You don't see that out of a stock, especially two days in a row to me, that is a sign that something is coming right. We haven't had any news catalyst.

We have not had any public relations and i don't think this is a pump and dump so why would we be seeing this huge spike in volume on on the stock right before the bell? Well, my theory is: there are some insiders. There are some institutional buyers that know something is coming with this stock that have insider information on what the company is doing and they are just getting ready for the big things to come and they're loading. The boat with mvis nvis has a lot of things that are on the on the horizon, guys they are a lidar tech company. They are working on automotive lidar that is expected to come into a presentation by april.

So that is a huge catalyst that is upcoming, and i i think once we get closer to that date, we are going to see you know a slow climate anticipation to a positive presentation right. They uh, they do have iv ivs technology that is utilized by the us army aviation sector, and this ibs tech is something they wear on their uh, their kevlars, which are just helmets, and it helps them navigate the skies more freely um. There is ibs tech. That is in the works right now for goggles that infantrymen armor, guys field artillery guys air defense artillery guys would be able to use on the battlefield to more clearly navigate the ground right, and this tech is huge guys.

It is such a large market value. In my opinion, and if we pull up um mvis on yahoo and just look at uh stock twits, you can tell that i'm on there a lot. I try to keep up with the with the message boards. If we look at microvision on yahoo, we can look at their market cap and it is 791 million dollars, and i think it is worth a lot more than that.

I have read and a couple different sources that uh this ibs tech, that the army uses alone was a two billion dollar deal, so i don't understand how a deal can go through and the company can be worth less than the deal if that makes any sense. So i do think that there are promising things on the horizon. I do have a long hold position on this stock. I am planning on holding this through 2021 or until a potential buyout and that's a whole nother realm.

Guys like this, this company is uh, is definitely buyout potential right we've got microsoft, who could very greatly use their their lidar tech uh, because they're trying to get into the automotive game right. Tesla - and i know there are people that have bashed me before for saying it, but uh tesla, elon musk as much as he says he doesn't like lidar. This lidar tech is not clunky goofy. Looking it is sleek, it is aesthetic and uh.

It would look good on tesla, you wouldn't even be able to tell you know i've seen those pictures floating around of teslas that might have lidar tech on them and those things look like freaking bike racks on the top of the cars. There's no there's no way. That was i just. I just don't think that's really really possible, but uh there there's uh apple right, apple, get into the automobile game, there's so much potential here for a buyout and they have stated summit sharma.

The ceo has stated that that is the end goal, that they are looking for ways to increase both company value and shareholder value, and - and i do really firmly believe that is on the horizon. It is an addition right - we're not expecting the buyout we're not here. For the buyer, we're here because of the great company, but in addition to a great company, we do have potential for a buyout, so that is the update on on the volume and stuff on on what's happening there. We do have uh support levels here at five dollars and seven cents, and we held up pretty well 492 right here from yesterday 488 from yesterday, and then resistance, which was prior support, is going to be sitting here at 5.28 cents.

We do have quite a few different contact points here and then 539 was a prior level of resistance. You can see one two three different contact points. We do have a head and shoulders pattern here, which is a little bit bearish, but we did push through with that. Huge spike in volume came back down, and that is what we were looking at on the day so um, you know overall a a bearish day for sure.

If we look here at the the one month chart you know we we have been very bearish. It's been one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine days we've been on this downward trend and i pretty firmly believe that you know 491 is going to be the floor here. You know if it's not we're looking at potentially a little bit lower like uh. If we drop a line right here of support from this previous level of support, we're looking at maybe 472., if we push through that, you know you're, maybe looking at 4.23, so just be on the watch for that.

That is uh. If you, if you're looking to enter into the stock and you're not currently in you know, maybe you watch to see if this is the floor, if you do currently have a position in the stock you're, looking the dollar cost to average down. These are the levels that you're looking at right. If we do drop below 491, i can tell you one thing for sure: i am going to be dollar cost averaging down and improving my position for when the stock inevitably does level up.

I can very easily see this not just being a 10 plus dollar stock at the end of the year, but a 15 a 20 a 25 stock very easily. This company is extremely undervalued and i just don't think that many people know about it. So that was my update on nvis for the day. I hope that it gives you some insight on the price action uh.

The dc riots are a very sad situation and i'm completely apolitical my my heartfelt sympathy does go out to the people who are involved out there. I hope that all your guys's families and friends are completely safe and you guys are doing well. If you are in that area, uh in the in the states, so thank you for watching the video. I really do appreciate it.

Please consider dropping a like. It really does help support the channel and subscribing if you'd like to see more content like this. As i do post uh videos every day and i do microvision updates every day and lastly, i do have an affiliate link in the description box down below for tubebuddy. Now.

Tubebuddy is an seo optimization website that i personally pay a nine dollar per month. Membership fee for - and i would not recommend it to you guys if i did not personally love it and use it. It is highly what i contribute growing to a thousand subscribers in 17 days to and if you are a content creator or are looking to become one, it is a huge tool that you could definitely leverage to get your videos into the eyes of your intended audience. So if you use my link, i do receive a commission, it's a great way to support the channel and, if not, i just appreciate you guys being a part of the community and a part of the crew out here at trey's trade.

So thank you for coming to the video guys and i will see you all next time, my friends, peace.

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