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Amy, what's up youtube? How are we doing it's your boy, trey ow, titan, stop biting me, god, damn you always doing this silly chicken hold that one sick. I got ta get spray bottles in case that comes over here. To harass me could be a dick could be a dick. It is your boy trey back again for another live stream.

It is great to be back with you. Guys drop some freaking gorillas in the chat. What's up with the apps, i was not late. I came on at 1 45.

I was not late enough of this. I was late. I don't know what you guys are talking about a bunch of goofy meatballs man. Let me tell you the the market is looking like uh.

This is some crazy ass whiplash. We had the pharmacy minutes come out today. Uh talk about a couple different things: we're gon na go over that we'll go over the articles that came out after uh. More people were into the chat, but let me tell you it is great to be back.

It's great to have you all here with me today, uh and with with great honor. I must say we have the dye, the green mustache dye and i didn't think about this. I didn't think about this and i thought about it now. Green is probably going to blend in with my green screen, so i don't know what that's going to look like.

I don't know what that's going to look like. Maybe my mustache will blend in with the green screen. You guys won't be able to see me. I don't know, ah maybe it beats me, it beats me sheesh, you guys, uh or hey it's good to see you or george one of the two ah kyp good, to see you daniel, oh man.

Well, it comes with great honor and i'll bear that with responsibility. I'll bear that responsibility with honor that you uh you took the time to watch me. Your last video said one. Oh, you know what damian you're not wrong.

It did say that the problem is this: the thumbnail i had to craft a masterpiece and uh. Let me tell you, i don't know how to craft a masterpiece, so i i bank, on some good friends of mine, that that helped me out with that sort of stuff i banked on them, throwing together a mean ass thumbnail, because how? How can you guys watch a good quality video without a good quality thumbnail? I don't know douglas, says trey sawyer on grindr. That's some funny stuff. Ah man, that's hilarious guys.

I do have something for you here. I think you guys will get a kick out of this. I'm actually kind of excited to show you give me one sec. I want to show you what's on my lamp because i think uh.

I think this was overdue. The man the myth, the legend lou busted me, as you guys all know, for having dwayne, so it only felt like the right thing to do to put lou here right on my lamp right next to dwayne check it. It's the infamous man himself, luke in the flesh on my lamp. I thought you guys would like to see that that is not going anywhere that uh he he must live on in infamy as the destroyer of thwaines.

That's some funny stuff uh. I shouldn't laugh that hard, but it is, it is kind of funny. I got ta chuckle out of it all right now that some people are rolled into the chat, we're gon na start off with uh what we typically do start off with here uh we gave it a couple minutes. Just so everybody can roll in.

We have been live now for about five minutes, so that should be enough time to let people kind of do their thing. Amc. Our girl amy, is sitting real decent right now. This is looking like.

It's actually got a decent chance to get a reversal. Now i want to show you guys this on the four hour time frame, i've cleaned up my chart, because i wanted to show you guys, uh, probably the meat and potatoes of what i think is really important here so check this out. I've got a couple different levels drawn up. Very simply put i've got this ascending level of support.

It's that white trend line. I've got this green line, which is 20. 20, is a key pivotal momentum level that uh we're gon na have to to crack right. That's gon na be a tough one to crack, but if we do get a hold over, that will bring us up to this supply zone right here, this red box, which is uh deriving from this price action right here, you can see it on the four hour Easier to see on the one hour so we're gon na switch over real, quick uh the one hour candles you can see that it is consolidation very choppy, not a lot of volatility price action before a steep move down this to me indicates one thing: it dictates That i know that there are algorithms buyers and sellers computers, big institutions, banks, market makers, whatever it may be - that do not want price above these specific levels, which is about 22 and 31 cents up to about 22.90, so a crack over 20 and a good hold Over that will likely bring you up to this box and from 22 uh and up right.

If you get a crack over 23, you were looking at uh some big fat, nasty disgusting filthy. You already know what i'm about to say so drop it in the freaking chat, baby boop boop candles. That is what will come after that red box break uh to the upside. If and when that does happen in the near future here, so i am watching for that.

This does look good you'll know that this, this very small micro bull trend, has ended. If we crack beneath this white line, we crack beneath the white line right. What are you looking at for a girl, amy uh, there's a couple different spots to watch, for we have kind of been whiplashing around quite a bit. The market has not helped with that.

The market's been very volatile. It's been bounced around a ton uh so because of that you know you could see some whip lashing back and forth, but you do have a level of support right here. Try i'm going to draw in white for our girl, amy uh kind of flat, topped out here right. You can see that it's uh rejected off this level here rejected off it here rejected off.

It here rejected off it here, ejected off of here uh. So if it comes down it breaks this ascending level of support, you would expect it to try and get some form of a bounce at around 19. 1897 is the exact number, but you already get the picture right. It's the overall generalization of uh, the number that matters and the number uh that you should keep in the back of your mind as a bear case, support is 18.97 for now, although we're green on the day, we're going on the day 1.18 uh, you are really Hoping to see a continuation of trend here, uh to get that break over the 20 level, and it does kind of look like it could be forming up by some sort of a bull flight.

Now you might be thinking yourself is that george zappia, it could be a george w, but this is a much larger scale sort of bull flag scenario. Does that mean that it's gon na break to the upside no doesn't mean that it's more inclined to break to the upside? However, i would argue yes, so what you have here is an ascending level of support within the already macro ascending level of support, the the small scale that we have followed by what appears to be a descending level of resistance. This forms out to be a flag. You see this uh, this sort of long pole of green candles right here, followed by a bouncing around between a range that is tightening up as it continues to move uh move around.

I think someone's at my door hold on mistake. How are you doing? Oh yeah, yeah yeah. Is it the one on the tv stand? Okay, this one the sticker on the whiteboard for you, i know you're good. You take your we're returning a package.

Sorry about that titan was uh. Titan was trying to kill the mailman dude. The mailman knocks on the door, i open the door uh returning a package, something uh alpaca got something and uh he didn't. He didn't it wasn't what he wanted.

I think it was some clothes and he had the security tag on it and he couldn't take it off uh, so he was returning it and uh. When we were opening the door. Ty went over there and he started going. He was going nuts.

He does not like uh the mailman and you might be wondering right. Is it lou? Is it lou, because i showed the freaking the picture of him on my lamp? No, no! No! No! No! It was not lou, it was the mailman. Oh man, beautiful stuff, can titan host. Oh, we could.

We could definitely have them. We could definitely have them. So that's uh, that's what we got rocking for uh for the day on emc right, small scale, i'd say one two: three day trend of a bull flag. You look at the macro.

You can see this uh this nice upside level of support. You can see that it's trying to get some form of reversal. Look at this on the daily candles as well, and you can see that this is starting to bowl out right. It's starting to curl up back uh to hopefully some green territory.

This is the longest trend of green that we've seen on a week to week to week basis for a girl amy in uh. About eight months i mean it's been a long time. You kind of have some green right here, all right: 18, 18, 80 percent uh, but not in this, in the terms of how much percentage gain we've been getting. This is probably the only other time where you've really seen amy try to curl back up and get some nice green candles outside of right here.

So this is a good couple of weeks. Uh strung together trying to get us back into the uh, the promised land for our girl amc. Now with that being said, i wanted to come over here and show you guys the spy. This has been whiplashing around uh pretty decent.

You might be wondering yourself what the hell is up with the uptick in candles, and i actually got a couple of messages today. The package might be from the no there's no package, there's no package returning a package, no we're not we're, not grabbing anything we're giving back. That is the way of uh of the jedi, but uh. I got a couple messages right regarding the fed regarding 5c minutes.

Regarding uh, how does this relate to amc? How does this relate to the broad market? So i wanted to be able to take a couple minutes here to walk you through what i think is important when you're looking at uh the broad market and the fed in regards to uh amc gamestop any of the quote: unquote: meme stocks, the retail favorites and How that can actually affect things right, so in order to truly understand where this comes into play, we have to come over here to you already guessed it our handy, dandy, microsoft, whiteboard we're going to dry up a beautiful picture uh with a couple of important things To go over and then i'm gon na show you guys a news article that just came out right. There's a couple terms that you uh you. You probably want to know uh if you are new to the fed and you're new to pharmacy you're new to all that stuff, because i didn't know this stuff a couple months ago until i really started diving into it, uh trying to understand macroeconomics and that sort Of thing so, there's two terms here that we're gon na start off with uh, hawkish and dovish. These two are sort of uh opposites of each other.

Right hawkish is a stance in which you can expect the markets that start getting a little bit bearish right. Hawkish is kind of when, when uh jerome powell is talking about how he wants to raise rates, he wants to tighten down the economy. He wants to make it less accessible to borrow cash and the sort of manner that you're used to over the last. You know two years or so, since we had coven, why would you tighten the economy it would be if the economy is is uh is operating at a pretty solid pace, a pretty solid manner? You can see that there's growth happening, you don't feel that you have to stimulate the economy because it's kind of stimulating itself, so hawkish you would be tightening uh tightening down, which would mean raising interest rates, as probably the first and foremost thing.

How does that affect your life right well to the stock market? Typically, in the short term, it makes things go down. You can see this right, you've seen a lot of scare over hawkish jerome powell being kind of the opposite of uh what he has been for. Some time and it kind of caused this selloff from 480 down to about 420 bucks that was the result of uh drone powell being pretty hawkish so for the market, you know. Typically, you see things go down a little bit.

Uh we're gon na make that an m down market in terms of the economy uh, it just makes everything cost a little bit more money. So if the interest rates go up right, it means that you're, probably gon na pay more for a car. A car loan, you're, probably gon na pay more for a mortgage lines of credit, are gon na, be expensive uh. It just makes it a little more expensive and a little less accessible to borrow cash in a manner in which you're probably used to dovish.

On the other hand, is the exact opposite of this? Dovish means uh. You look back on colvin covey there was. There was massive massive amounts of stimulant that was needed to get the economy going due to uh. What what basically the fed did, what the government did? What politicians did what congress did, which is basically shut down the economy for a prolonged period of time right? A lot of small businesses went out of business uh.

A lot of people were struggling to pay their bills week to week to week to week to week, and because of that, the fed thought it would be best to go dovish to stimulate the economy. Typically, this is lowering interest rates uh in this case they actually printed money right, so they increase the amount of money that circulates within the us economy. Uh, these both do the exact opposite of hawkish right that actually made the stock market grow, because, on top of the fact that they printed money on top of the fact that they lowered interest rates on top at the very least kept interest rates, low uh. They also bought stock right stock.

The federal reserve bought stocks in a way pumped the stock market right. They they uh they use instead of uh like treasury bonds. They went into actual securities and boosted the stock market in that way, and because of that, the result of that on the market is the market typically goes up right. So if you're looking at sort of what's happening today with the spy, you can see that it's now green on the day coming off of almost a percent down on the day right at the very lowest.

It was 441 dollars and 94 cents an hour. It's at 446.50 or so has gone as high as 447.. Well, what do you imagine happened right pharmacy happened today. You guys saw the immaculate thumbnail that my boy uh sassy, threw together.

Sassy is uh. Is my editor helps out a lot? I'm too stupid. I'm too much of a smooth brain to be able to understand the mechanics of photoshop and editing. Trust me guys.

You do not want me in front of a of a computer, because i am so technologically illiterate that i couldn't even wipe my ass in a video game. If there was a button to do so i'll tell you that right now, but nonetheless right. What do you imagine happen? Well, we can come over and just show you really quick. This is simple stuff right.

Breaking pharmacy minutes say most participants suggested a faster pace of interest rate increases versus 2015.. The minutes of the 25-26 january 5c meeting released on wednesday said that most participants suggested that a faster pace of increases in the target rate for the federal funds rate than in the post-2015 period would likely be warranted. Now, why does that matter? What is this going to do for the stock market right? Well, if we come back, i don't know. If i closed out of microsoft whiteboard, i don't think i did.

Essentially, what this does is shorten timelines right, he's going to be more aggressive instead of let's say he wants to do something like this right: uh rate, hike rate, hike rate, hike rate hike rate hike. This axis is time right. If this is one scenario he wants to do five rate hikes in the span of let's just say 18 months. Let's say that black is 18 months right here.

If he wants to do the same amount of rate hikes, but in a faster manner, it could look something like this right. Let's come back to uh red we'll make this the next color and say that it ends right here. That is a very straight line. Maybe it means rate hike rate, hike rate, hike rate hike rate hike and that's the end of it and red over here is equal to 12 months.

Now i don't know if that's the time. This is just what i'm using as an example uh. However, what this would do is essentially be a little more aggressive right. You're gon na get a little more of a crackdown in terms of what happens uh on a day-to-day basis in the market, probably a little more volatility, but it does mean that the tightening will take place faster if the tightening takes place faster.

It means that you're ripping the band-aid off in a more aggressive manner, uh, which i would actually believe is hawkish news, but what the market seems to be reacting to this, as is hey, we're gon na get the paint over with much faster than we originally anticipated. This farm scene meeting gave us uh. Foxy minutes gave us the idea that hey this might not be as long term as we kind of thought that it would be so that's kind of what you're looking at is the market being like? Okay, look: we can relax. This may get over the next 12 months.

18 months. I don't know what the timeframe looks like, but it'll be faster than we were anticipating. So that's uh, that's sort of what you see happening right now with the spy and uh. How does this relate to the broad market right? You might be thinking yourself, trey, i'm here for amy, i'm a girl amc! That's it! That's all i care about right.

That's true! That's totally chill! How does this relate right? Well, if you look at let's just pull up or text real, quick and look at the spy and let's look at iwm, because these are both both broad market etfs iwm, the russell 2000, which is probably the most relevant towards amc. I cannot believe still that the short interest on this is 39, but it's insanely, shorted 39.78 of the top 2 000 small and mid cap companies in the united states stock market are shorted in this etf. This is the best 2 000 small mid cap companies. You can find and it's shorted to 40 percent in the same way, if you were to come over here to the spy, i think there was a drop off recently on shorts for uh the s p 500, which is a top 500 large cap companies.

Now it's at 16.74. However, you can see that this affects the way that shorts are likely going to be attacking positions. So if all of a sudden, the markets decided hey we're not going to be as bearish as we were about two three four weeks ago, and they want to go into this with a less less bare stance, a more bullish hopeful stance that leaves far less upside. For short positions, such as you see in the s, p, 500, 16.74 short interest but more importantly, iwm the russell 2000, the top 2 000 small mid cap companies in the united states stock market.

Right these guys have far less upside short. Then they do long. You can go short on iwm. If you want right, maybe you can scrape a couple nickels, it's possible right.

Let's just look at iwm, really quick afc by the way is in the iwm. It is in the russell 2000. It is a part of this uh. This overall index fund, how much more downside do you believe there is in the short term for iwm unless there's a true market crash, a depression, something along those lines right? Well, the next level of support that you're, really looking for which it's already bounced off of which is right here, would be down to this flat top i mean that's about it.

170, bucks is 75 cents, so if you're shorting it at 191, maybe you've got 10 upside eight percent 12, whatever that comes out to versus coming back up to 244 or even the top of this range at 231. You've just got more upsiders along here. You can apply that same methodology to all the stocks that are in the iwm. The russell 2000 etf, such as amc, the shorts in amc, which, by the way, are very incredibly incredibly high right now check this out.

We're going to come over here to the shorts because it is basically at an all-time high. 21.17 percent. Current short interest of free float, 100 utilization costs to borrow maximum starting to creep up by the way very slowly starting to creep up. These guys have far less upside short than they do long.

How much lower do you think amc is going to go? Think about this from your perspective from a shorts perspective right, if you were short right now at twenty dollars, what point would you start getting sweaty? What's what point would you start getting nervous like uh? This is kind of approaching some tough territory. I really don't know how much more downside there is on this right versus upside. If i'm buying at twenty dollars. I bought a fifteen right.

I bought a fifteen and some change if i'm buying now at twenty dollars. I'm thinking to myself, there's far more upside than there is downside, there's far less risk going long than there is going short. It almost makes no sense to go short right now. At 20.

Bucks, maybe you get this down to 15, maybe very microscopically. You can get this down to 11 10, but you're timing. The market at that point, that's very difficult to do. It doesn't make any sense.

So this is all to say right. The brain is back to the pharmacy minutes. Talk about the spy to talk about what's happening with the fed. This is all important because, if all of a sudden, they flip the market bullish, this affects not amc solely, but all small and mid-cap companies which have got piss pounded by shorts over the last 12 months, especially over the last month or two months right.

You can see it, we come back to iwm, you look at amc, you can see. The short interest has been climbing. It's gone up, it's gone up significantly right. You come back over to iwm.

What's been happening with the short interest, that's at 40 percent yeah. Is that 40 short interest? Look at this? You come over here to shorts. You look at how much this is up. It's up significantly.

Shorts have been pile driving into this from 33 all the way up to 40 in the matter of what appears to be basically a month the last month, this thing's almost gone up, 10 short interest, so uh. This is gon na significantly change the outlook of a short position in any of these different names. So that's why i want to touch on this. I do think it's a decent deal and the market reacting to it.

The way that it is could signify that uh, the pain at least short term could be just about over so uh. It's good news, i'm very happy, i'm very satisfied with what we got to see here today from bob c minutes, i'm not mad at the least bit. Hopefully, you guys are all chilling uh, that's sort of the update that i've got for uh for the fed for pharmacy. Hopefully that helped you out if it did drop a like until i that's all i care about help boost my self-esteem i need.

I need the dopamine hits uh, that's that's it for one guy drop drop pity in the chat just so i know so just so. I could see that you guys are respecting the pity likes for me. I do appreciate that plus margin interest rate goes up next month. Exactly marta definitely definitely an important topic to be able to discuss as well iwm failure to delivers.

If we can check those out quick hold on. Let me let me pull back up uh ortex for iwm. We can definitely check that out. There is a couple of interesting updates to ortex by the way which i can walk through.

If you guys want to see it, that is uh. That is very easy to do so. Let me pull up the shorts here on iwm, we'll take a quick peek at what the ftds or the failure to delivers. Look like in case you don't know what a failure to deliver is.

A failure to deliver is typically when a call option gets exercised or put gets exercised most most frequently on a call right. An option gets exercised and the market makers who wrote up the contracts did not have enough stock in-house to deliver the stock to those parties who decided to exercise those options. So they write up, what's essentially called a failure to deliver a failure to the liver being thought of as a synthetic shear. Iwm has recently had an uptick in feather to delivers check this out.

You can see here. These orange bars are the failure to delivers, and you had 4.06 million total shares failed to deliver on february 14th two days ago. That doesn't sound like a lot. That's a pretty small amount of shares, but it is definitely an uptick compared to what we have seen in the past and it's upticked with the overall short interest.

You can only imagine what's uh, what's kind of happening here, so that's what you got rocket with amc or iwm, then we're gon na come back over here to amc and i'm gon na dive into some of the new features that uh you can see are built Into the chart on ortex check this out ortex by the way i had a conversation, i was in a a discord, call with uh true demons: uh trading discord, whatever, whatever the you want to call it right and ortex was in there. The guy's name was peter uh, who represented ortex that day he walked through sort of the uh the process in which ortex delivers data to you. This might actually be some of a misconception where people think that ortex is the villain when things get misreported. It's really not on them.

It's really on the parties that are delivering data to them, and i think the main takeaway that i got from peter from ortex is this uh. He stated that he believes retail data is far inferior to institutional data. Toots, we're gon na call them toots right retail data, nothing like institutional data, they're trying to bridge that gap, and why is that an issue right? Well, why would retail have inferior data? It's because toots have access to everything we get spoon fed what the toots decide to spoon feed us if they, if they decide hey, i'm gon na keep this short position to myself. I'm gon na transfer this over.

To i mean, maybe i'm borrowing from an institutional buddy of mine, maybe i'm borrowing from a bank buddy of mine, maybe i'm borrowing from a market maker buddy of mine right. They can keep those things kind of on the dl. So the process in which ortex gets data is you have a party over here right uh, we got finra, that's involved, finish sort of regulates a lot of the reporting that happens every two weeks, uh and finra kind of watches. Over this whole process.

You have essentially different institutions, banks, a whole bunch of different third-party sources, uh toots banks, market makers, whatever there's a whole bunch of different names and which will give data to data reporting sources such as ortex or text from here basically has all the information available that They could possibly have so. What they do now is try to make it as presentable and sexy as they possibly can. So they laid out an interface or text has their own interface. They find what data is probably the most uh relevant information to share with everybody, and then they pass that down to retail right.

So why, then, would retail data be worse than institutional data? Well, because you're not getting it directly from the source and it's not on ortex, it's absolutely not a north texas; they don't have a really a any uh, they say and what they get. They just get what they get they get. They get the data. That's reported to them right, so if it's a, if it's a chain of fact, you ever play the game telephone.

Where uh you pass the information down even two three times and all of a sudden you're getting a different message. Well, that's sort of what you're watching happen when toots banks, market makers, uh pass information over to uh or tech's different data reporting companies then then gets passed down to retail you're, getting kind of a broken phone message: uh from the original source, so institutions banks - all These different names really do have you know superior data because of that uh sort of hiccup in the mechanics of the system. So when ortex misrepresents data, it's not on them, they're, just reporting what they're told it comes down to these. These guys are the ones that are in the ass right, but anyways ortex recently added a couple different things.

They added this ortex estimated torrent. Just a free float with a confidence interval which i find to be pretty cool, gives you a range in terms of what data is there? What data is not uh? They also have security lending volumes. So this tells you when there's uh massive amounts of security landing that are taking place and you did see 70 million shares of security lending take place right before utilization maxed out, which means you could have had shares that were taken off the market. That could be considered security lending volume, because volume is not only when you lend out.

It can also be when you take back lent out volume or you take it off the market that could be considered security lending volume right. That attributes that's actually good to see because it basically contributed to that. You can see 100 utilization uh come immediately after threshold list. This shows you when you're on the threshold list for a given security.

This is also typically a sign in which you can see some decent price action. Decent moves. That's good to see failures delivers has always been there. Probably the coolest thing, though, was the ortex estimated short interest of free float percentage, so pretty good stuff, not bad.

To see - and that is uh sort of the update on uh on our girl amy and what is happening in the broad market right now, uh broken message from ortex: it's possible man. It is, i mean i talked with. I didn't i was listening in. I was in the conversation a lot of people were asking the questions.

I asked. Maybe one question i did more listening than talking, but uh nonetheless, peter from ortex directly spoke on uh, the biggest drawback for the data, and it's that retail does not have as good of data as institutions normally get that's. It came from straight from the horse's mouth arby's chat. When should we dye the mustache green? I think it makes sense, with uh with market, with amc, doing the dirty dirty dancing uh, that we ripped back this uh this this die.

This kind of sounds interesting, you're gon na do it it's probably gon na be easier, all right, all right, oh, this is gon na be gnarly. Should i like cover my mouth yeah? No here i got you just don't close, don't uh, don't huff it! That's what? Because i asked her i was like: is this good and she was like well just don't breathe in otherwise you'll be huffing all right and then one for your, like your nose or some there. You go yeah. Do that with your lips, with your lip put it on your lip, i did like this yeah, where it sticks yeah, no, no fingers! No, i'm saying no fingers because you got to hold this up to your nose.

I'm gon na your up: oh yeah, baby dude. Is it ron? Oh god, that's so raunchy yeah, oh god, damn dude! Oh! That was raunchy. I took everything in me not to like walk away from you, while you're doing that i was i'm trying not to dude. Oh man, look at the camera straight on the top hat that work, the top half is bronzed.

Oh i'm, the joker, i'm the joker baby. Is it coming off? Oh, it actually is kind of not really yeah. Oh that's gnarly as oh dude, it's showing up on the green screen yeah. I know i was talking about that earlier.

I was like this is probably gon na show up on the green screen. Dude now my face is gon na, be a bunch of numbers. Look at this look at this: hey you guys, wan na see, uh. You guys want to see the price look at that yeah 20, something 198.99.

Oh yeah, yeah there it is 70.. Let me get this off. That was so raunchy that felt like. I just ate a dry erase mark like the top half, though it's kind of up it's kind of up yeah, that's so up dude.

I can't breathe that again. I can't breathe that again, i didn't breathe it got in my mouth and my nose dude all right. Well, stuff up your nose yeah, because i'm going up, i'm aiming up oh hold on. Let me like shred this, oh, but you're gon na get it on my nose.

No i'm going to yeah! That's what i'm see you got to cover your nose bro and your like nostrils, because i'm going up do we have like a mask that i can just like put over my nose or they i want to get in. I don't know we got a mask. Oh, this is gnarly. This is gnarly there.

You go put it over your eyes, like you're sleeping yeah, i suppose sleeping mask yeah. There we go yeah hold that don't breathe, though you don't want to breathe. I promise you go up a little bit yeah. You can go up a little bit more there.

You go like hold that up. Nah dude, it's not gon na, be even man. I don't wan na dude, i'm nervous. I wan na.

I don't wan na breathe this in it's a it's a surgical mask. This has protected you from coving bro, all right, all right. Three, two all right there you go, don't don't lick your mom, don't lick! Oh it's on my mouth, dude yo! This looks so stupid. That's so dumb! That's so dumb! It's looking better! This looks awful.

What do you mean? It's looking better all right, give us an update on the charts while you're doing this. All right, amy is still doing amy where's your update. Oh man, dude raunchy here, if you're really feeling ballsy put some clorox wipes on there, that'll get it off it'll burn, though don't do this at home. How far up is it on this side? Pretty far up to my cheekbone here, get a fresh one here.

This is gnarly dude. I don't know what i was expecting. I just got to clean it up. No, you look like you just painted yourself for like a kid's party or something there you go.

I started to clean up. I didn't bad yeah yeah it ain't bad hold up hold up hold up. If i can see it on my phone i'll be able to nail it yeah, it's just like light green, better than even burn the clorox yeah. That's pretty good! It's pretty effective, honestly yeah right there, here's one more green stash, one more! You got! You got a little bit up by your eye too, like right right here, yeah there you go.

That was weird yeah! I don't know there. It is green stash! That's pretty clean! All right, let me throw this stuff away and we'll get back to it. Ah, there you go chad, there's a green mustache, filthy, filthy uh, it's not temporary it'll wash out. Ah, i already used clorox it's too late.

It's too late. If you ever see something like moving through my mustache, it's because i've got a green screen behind me. Yep there you go there, you have it. I just can't believe the spy right now that is nasty.

Now we need a crimp jammer vin crim jammer sees green. Oh god, we could do that. That would make sense. That would make sense.

That would make sense. Let's do it, let's send it. Amc is kind of flagging out here. That's a pretty decent little flag.

You've got like a flag inside of a flag, that's wild! You can see it's sort of winding up over here. We're gon na draw these up just so you can see it real quick check that out. That's definitely flagging out. Amy is flagging out pretty decent right now, ah, all right during these white just because it's a little easier to see why not ripping off the cup and handle uh, i mean this is the one minute chart you give this a little more time you you give Some patience we'll see what happens we'll see what happens.

This is an army officer. Ladies and gentlemen, what can i say tom? What can i say i try to represent the best that i possibly can yeah stash is green nws, it'll uh it'll stay green for the day, i'll wash it out tomorrow. I'm not gon na pull a uh, i'm not gon na pull it meat kevin and keep it perma green that that's that's not my vibe! That's not! What i want to do looks like you ate. Leprechaun looks like hulk came on here, all right.

Let's here's here! Your best roast, let's make this into a into a roast sesh huh. What's what kind of roast do you guys have for me right now? That sounds like a great time that sounds like something we should definitely be doing. What is trey celebrating nothing. We landed on a wheel spin, you can go back, oh i suppose it's off yesterday i pulled the live streams down, so i can just make uh make them into videos, but in yesterday's uh yesterday's live stream.

We we did a wheel spin and what we landed on was uh dye, my mustache, it's better than shaving it, because i can wash this out the orev shout out from israel. We apes are worldwide. That's sick, dude! Welcome to uh welcome to the live stream bro. I appreciate you stopping in you want to see the gamestop vortex data yeah, that's cool! That's chill! Let's chill it's chill, let me pull it up real, quick gamestop as of right now, if we pull up the uh the shorts on this one point: nine two percent up one point: four four percent gamestop has actually been on a rampage for short interest.

It was at eight percent estimated for interest to free float, based on 85 percent of the exchange reported data, and i found out by the way what this is excluding when we say 85 percent of the exchange reported data, it's excluding data that is uh circulated between Friends right, so you actually have a loophole. Uh institutions, banks, market makers, a way they can get past reporting data is by simply uh lending to a friend or a partner. You can actually do that. So when you're you're, referring to 85, which you're banking on is uh, there's not a lot of intra-friend lending, that's taking place on a day-to-day basis, so uh, based on that 21.92 percent, is, is pretty good.

It's ticked down a little bit 24.42 seems to be the peak of that down about 21.92 based on what we know right could be higher could be lower. We don't we don't know. There's we've got a confidence interval uh. This is just based on what's reported, and it's not, including anything that could be naked, could be synthetic could be a put uh, that is, that gets hedged and unhedged forward based on uh.

However, this thing moves you're supposed to eat the crayons, not snort them god, damn it goddammit chat, god dang it you bunch of goofy meatballs trey sniffing luigi next is mario. Should i take a picture and put it on twitter guys? What are we thinking? That sounds fun, let's send it say, hi to snapchat. This is so dumb guys. I've realized something uh quite a while ago.

This is probably the biggest lesson that youtube has taught me in the last year. It is uh. It is that your pride is something that it almost never helps you if you can't laugh at yourself, if you can't have a good time, i just don't know what you're doing my friends, i don't know what you're doing we have to you got to be able To you got to be able to hang 10 and not give a just live life. That's what it's all about green stash for, hopefully, more green markets, beautiful beautiful i've been eating all the green candles.

We are green on the day. For amc, i mean it's flagged out within a flag. It's flagged within a flag within a flight within a flag within a flight. I bet you if you saw the one second candle, that thing's probably flagged out too.

You look like a you you it that's some funny stuff, that's some funny stuff that cracks me up. Living trey you on your face. I don't really poop green full advantage of the blow off top bang, bang god dang dude. You look like the villain in suicide squad.

Is this like a joker vibe? Is this giving you off like not like the cool joker like uh? What what was the name of the the character? Who was the actor? Who played the joker, the worst joker movie? I've ever seen? I can't remember it: he was kind of scrawny, it looked like he had a grill for teeth, uh, that was, it was a vibe. It was a vibe where's dwayne he's on the desk, he's on the desk been having uh man love with the green power. Ranger even got some left from that yo. You guys don't have to do me like that.

You guys don't have to do me like that. Damn yoda gave trey a dirty sanchez. Yeah they're up y'all are up, trey looks like he went down on mama's smurf. The rose keep coming, they keep coming.

We love to see it. Yes, baby jared leto yeah. It was jared leto jared. Should we do a side-by-side or what i think that's a must.

I think we have to pull up jared leto right now, jared leto joker. I know he had long hair yeah. That was him see. I don't know why he thought he had a mustache.

He definitely did not have a mustache. I was very mistaken that is uh. That is not a mustache dang see jared leto doesn't look anything like that. That's wild is that jared leto.

He kind of looks like the dude from twilight that hairstyle is going out of style. A lot of people have that hairstyle like seven or eight years ago, when's this picture from i don't know. I like i like keeping it simple, keep it simple stupid. That's my thing: yoda god! Damn you guys! Oh boy, oh boy, shrek is love.

Shrek is life. What are yeah, he wasn't. He wasn't a great joker. He wasn't a great joker in terms of brackets.

I see this question asked a pretty decent amount. Uh people ask me trey what are your brackets and what people are referring to when they say brackets. Uh is what is my selling point? This is a topic that not a lot of people discuss and it's for a reason. So if we were to bracket out per se right, we can make it like this.

You could say this is the chart. Uh you've got x price here. Why price here uh it's trading around blah, blah blah up and down up and down? It could be uh below that, above that whatever - and this is the only point which i will start uh selling shares - that is what bracketing means uh in case you're wondering this. Is a term that derived from lou, i haven't really seen anybody else, use the term bracketing uh and if you're gon na you know, ask me what my brackets are uh.

My answer to you is very simple: i'm basically my decision to sell on whatever price action dictates in that given moment in time, and what i mean by that is, i'm gon na be watching data. I'm gon na be watching how this thing moves and i'm gon na make a decision. Based on that right, i actually have a video. I have a video that i find to be probably a pretty good one in regards to bracketing.

You know so to speak in the way that i'm sort of going to be approaching uh exiting amc stock when that when that day does come and it's this amc stock exit strategy - this was uh put up nine months ago. Uh, it's from me, you can check this out. This is sort of what my game plan is for when i uh when i decide that the day has come to uh, to to exit amc that is gon na, be what i use the amc stock exit strategy, video uh, you can check it out if you Want, if not it's chill too do what you got to do, got ta, get back to class amc, the tick 42! Look at this man, this man, this man came out of his way while he was uh in school to come check out this live stream. I appreciate that bro.

Thank you. Thank you for that. It's not a stash. It is a stash.

It's just that green! It's just that green! That's all trace stash! There's more for market transparency than gary gensler! Hey come on. You can't argue with this check this out. Whatever is underneath my mustache on the screen shows up that's transparent, as you can see everything. My mustache is the most transparent thing, the market's seen since the market has been born boys girls.

This is what transparency is. We should be able to see gary gensler's whole sec documented contract through his head. They really have to take after that. I'm telling you i'm telling you his brackets are five to seven inches long, eight to nine inches schlong ten dwayne johnsons, that's hilarious! Oh man! That's funny, i'm supposed to be in class with my car broke down on the way sitting here, waiting to get towed mitchell.

I have a story for you uh. Once upon a time my uh, my car, had to get towed, and i sat there for about two hours. While i waited for it to get towed, that's the end of the story. What did you think of that? That's a pretty good story.

Huh can't find that anywhere else on youtube. Oh chat, you think this mustache is disappearing. You're, sadly mistaken. This is the beginning of the stash stash stash mob, the stash mafia.

I am growing the mustache out until this thing, sir passes my nipples it's gon na, come from my my lip all the way down to my nipple hair, so they're gon na intertwine, i'll freaking, uh i'll braid them together. That's how long my mustache is gon na get uh. You might also notice that i haven't shaved in about a week, and that is because i'm gon na be growing out the hair. That's that's the plan when i am officially out of the military.

My med board is completed uh, i'm chilling at home full time on youtube, i'm doing all that sort of stuff. I i will not be cutting my my beard for a minute. I'm growing that out trey's words are all about green amc. We're gon na give you a quick update right.

What do we have rocking right now? One thing that i noticed that i find to be fascinating. The volume decreased right here when it was uh rising up to that 2058 level, and now the volume is increasing again as it had tapered off uh, hopefully to come back up to this green line in the short term. What you're, looking at as a potential breakdown of this uh ascending level of support, you really want to see a bounce off of this level right here, we'll wait and see what we get, at least in the intraday. That's what you're looking at in the long term! Big scale doesn't really matter.

No, you can see this very large-scale uptrend. You can even come all the way back down to. If this was to happen today, 1897, a dollar swing to the downside. I still think he'd be sitting just fine, so uh, that's that's kind of what you got looking for drugs are all the things says, steve trent, well, steve.

I have uh. I have something to say to you. Why would you expose my secret like that bro? Why would you tell everybody that what i'm that i'm on about every single drug known to man, why would you? Why would you do that to me bro? I thought i thought we were like this. You betrayed my trust, bro.

I don't have to tell you if trey acts like this sober, imagine him drunk cute pie. I want to tell you something you you all right chad should we have a confession. So we have a confession time. This probably isn't a good thing to to openly say, but i do feel that honesty is best.

It is best in most in most scenarios when i have a couple of drinks responsibly. Of course, uh trey becomes exemplified there's a quote from my from from jordan belford like him or hate him. I actually believe this to be pretty true what he said here. He said uh that booze just exemplifies it magnifies who you are and the characteristics you have so me, i'm kind of a crackhead i like to have fun.

I'm energetic, i'm kind of high strung i bounce around. I move around a crap ton, so when i get hammered, imagine that, like 10 fold, i the best way to put it for me, is i just like to rage. I just like to have a good time. I i don't know what to tell you.

You know. I'm a 24 year old dude i like to i like to have fun. It is what it is. You know, as long as you can differentiate the fun from work, i believe in uh work, hard party harder, that's sort of my life mantra.

That's what i don't know, that's what i try to do so uh. If you can, you can imagine it now. You can imagine it now, i'm a big sitter alex i always have been. I don't know what to tell you adam aaron and uh ryan cohen tweet.

Let's check it out, quick thanks for letting me know by the way, chad, as you already know, if something comes in you guys just spam me until i see it, and i will definitely check that out, i'm physically in tears right now, because the fed minutes were A complete, nothing, burger uh. I couldn't find any bad news which i thrive on. I really want the market to crash, because i want millions to lose their jobs, companies to go bankrupt sales to decline, and then 100 kevin's out here, trolling dude troll level is over 9 000. all right, anyways, adam aaron uh, the wall street, one yeah.

I saw this, i think i retweeted it. This is actually pretty interesting. Let's talk about this briefly right, adam aaron! Well! Well! Well, would you look at this justice department is pursuing wide range investigation of short sellers. Federal prosecutors are investigating whether short sellers conspired to drive down stock prices, wall street journal february 16, 2020, so adam aaron has been very kind of vocal and it's.

This is a drastic change in comparison to what adam aaron has usually done in terms of uh. Talking about sort of market corruption and shorts and short interests, and that sort of stuff uh this is a complete 180.. He would he would dodge that that that conversation at all costs before and what you have now is him twice. This is the second time i'd say in the last couple weeks that he's sort of spearheaded uh pretty driving information regarding shorts in short interest.

The last time was uh about short interest. He spoke about it being over 20. He said. I believe that i'm right, i believe these shorts are wrong.

I think they're gon na get smacked. He believed that now you have this him talking about the wall street journal. So now, why would a ceo of a heavily shortened company come out and tweet about the wall street journal talking about potentially uh predatory, short sellers? Well, maybe because he believes that to be the case for his own company. Maybe he believes that his company is being targeted as a form of predatory shorting.

I don't know it's very possible. I think it's it's good to see. Let me tell you it's good to see adam aaron coming up publicly and speaking on what he believes to be uh targeting of shorts within different companies. I think he recognizes it's not just his.

It's not just amc. It's not just other companies like that uh. Just like his anyways, it is a lot of small, mid cap companies that i believe shorts are conspiring to short down and turn down prices for so uh. That's that's kind of what i believe to be the case.

When i see people ask too as well try to interview him and ask him why alex? I appreciate that question uh. I wish that it was that simple i've reached out to adam aaron i'll, put this out on the record just that everybody that's watching right now. Can have it right i've reached out to adam aaron, multiple times uh for another interview. Just so we can kind of touch base.

We can ask questions. We can ask him some hardball, some softballs, all this stuff right, all the different balls, the soft medium hard, the diamond, the obsidian balls, whatever uh he, he never replied to it. He didn't uh at one point in time we had agreed upon doing an interview and uh. He doesn't want to do it anymore.

That's, okay! You know it could just be that he watches my my channel. He doesn't like the the direction in which i i i have conversation that could be it. I don't know. Maybe he doesn't like something i'm doing.

Maybe he just has some legal stuff he's taken care of, maybe he's just decided he wants to lessen his exposure. I don't know what the answer is uh to that question, why he he uh hasn't answered, but it's not it's not a me thing. You know i've reached out to him uh personally directly and i've asked if he wants to do an interview and uh. I haven't got a response and i'm gon na leave it at that.

You know i'm just respecting his his space. He runs the company. I do not. I run a youtube channel they're drastically different things.

Uh he's got ta, do what he's got ta do that's it. So maybe it'll happen, you know if he, if he reaches out to me and says trey i'd love to do another interview. You can bet your ass so that i'll bring him back on, but i'm not gon na press him for it. You know i've asked uh more than once and to to put it in the in the most uh easy way possible.

I i've been ghosted so uh, it is what it is he's got stuff he's got to do, uh, i'm just going to leave it at that.

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