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Oh baby, freaking decent day, another freaking, stacker, 8.77 green day baby and we closed at the freaking high of the day, which is beautiful, trend continuation. This is absolutely monstrous. I'm excited man, i'm telling you! How can you not be? How can you not be watching this sort of thing happening? I'm going to get into the details of that, but before we do, what is up? Everybody welcome to the trade streets ready to talk fast and don't skip glass, like the presents by saying that i'm gon na function advising our expert, so it's gon na say the grain of salt. Let's get into the video check out this freaking alpaca shirt dude.

This is made for me by holly, if you're, watching this holly. I appreciate this. This is freaking dope. I love the freaking sunglasses on the bearded gorilla.

It's pretty freaking dope, so guys we're gon na go over a couple different things here. I'm gon na go over the ortex data. Show you what's changed in terms of short interest, because it is not significant right. There's a lot of questions, i'm sure floating around, of have shorts covered positions, maybe for some of the newer apes.

So we're gon na be able to show you that quantifiably and show you that not a lot has really changed and you can't have a true short squeeze that we're expecting out of amc without the shorts covering their position. So we're gon na go off with that and then the short sale vine percentage website that i've been using forever man. If you, if you're an og you've been watching for literally since january, i've been using that website for months and months and months and months. It looks like they've stopped updating the data, so i don't really know what to do about that.

I think that's just out of my control, i'm gon na use unusual whales. I'm gon na show you the options flow on this. The call options flow, because that's important and indicative of what big money quote unquote is doing because it can anticipate big moves in the market. If you see huge, put orders coming in for 200 300 000, that could be indicative of a move to come to the downside, because smart money quote unquote.

Big money, at the very least usually knows when things are going to happen and we're going to show you that i want to show you the call options flow, because it does actually uh give more backing to our thesis that the short term here is looking very Freaking promising and then finish it off with a technical analysis, and i want to give you some sort of uh. I want to be able to show you what we're watching right now, comparatively to late may and early june, because this is very scarily similar. I really do mean this. I think the big next push is coming once you get that break over 48.50 and that 50 huge runs gon na come.

I think you're watching some all-time highs, coming pretty dangerously close and if you watch my videos every freaking day guys, you know i'm very particular about saying stuff like that. I don't do that very often i don't, but this is looking really solid. So without further ado, let's just get into the freaking meat and potatoes short interest change right. What is this in case you're? A new ape, i'm sure, with all this freaking momentum and excitement and sentiment, that's starting to grow here with the stock.

There's gon na be some new people. The short interest website or ortex right here is, gives you 85 of the exchange, reported finra reported data in terms of what is actually happening with the stock. Now, what does that mean right? Finra, essentially, is the grand scheme master? It's the jedi master of collecting. What is reported to uh the short you know, short exchanges.

It's just the trackable data now keep in mind that the two big things here is this 85 percent, and it's also reported - and there are a lot of fines that get slapped all the time on the risk of big hedge that they'll pay because they won't report. The true numbers so conservatively speaking 16.79 of the current short interest of free float is what we're working with, which comes out to about 85 million shares. Now an interesting thing is this: utilization has gone up while the short interest has quote unquote gone down slightly here today. Two point: eight nine percent change.

Three million borrowed shares returned. So what that implies to me is that, since the utilization is going up, you're seeing more shares on loan being taken, 107 million total shares, so i'd actually anticipate the short interest really hasn't changed at all, and in fact the actual estimation of short interest is just Off it's low because any time i've seen this a thousand times over any time that gap continues to grow. It usually means that there's a lagging and actual short interest on this stock. So i wouldn't be surprised to see this actually closer to 18.

19. 20. I've seen it before, i'm sure we'll see it again, we'll have the actual, updated number very soon it'll be about a week or so. This is released on the 24th, so it'd be about a week from today really see that number.

But who knows what's going on? What's going to happen between now and then anyways, but nonetheless, things are looking promising right. You see that cost to borrow five percent. The cost of our average actually going up as well. The utilization going up is going to confirm that and bring us back into the right direction.

So that's what you have in terms of the actual short interest website, as always right, unless there's actual quantifiable proof that shorts are getting out of their positions. Nothing's changed and you can't see that you can't see, based on 85 percent of the exchange reported out of the conservative floor in terms of short interest that anything is really happening here. This is a good sign. This is awesome.

It means that these pushes are coming based off of likely derivatives right options running in the money which gets head for edge sport by market makers, pushing the stock price up coming from apes, first and foremost that are buying the stock because, as we all know, we've Heard this a bunch of times about 80 percent of the float is owned by retail investors or the freaking apes out there. So we know what's happening here. This is a good sign. It means that the shorts and no matter how much they tell you on media i've seen it before.

I'm sure we're gon na see it again, especially when it starts moving they're gon na say this thing can't squeeze and you have to stage your conviction and stay. True to the data, because that is what the data freaking says. So next thing i want to show you is unusual whales. Now this is a tool that i use personally to be able to look at big options, moves in the market and why this is important is, if you see huge block trades in the dark pool right.

This is kind of a similar sort of thing. No matter what you think about dark pool trading, i personally, i think, if it's going to exist, it should at least be available to retail investors. But i digress. The point here is, whenever you see big block trades like this, whether it be a call, a put dark pool execution, it could be indicative of large moves to the upper downsides to come in the future, and i have a very specific uh range set on this.

So the things that i'm looking for is urgency, so i want to be able to see that there's a short expiration and i've actually been able to peek through a couple guys on twitter to be able to find the exact settings that i like for this. If you like uh, if you want to dive into this spy guy on twitter, i think is his name. That's actually, where i got this uh the settings from so props to you man. I appreciate that it actually helped out my uh my use of this tool.

A lot, but nonetheless, i want to see a sense of urgency. I want to see short expirations and i want to see a lot of money going into the moves, and what you can see here is that the last five or six one, two three four five six dead icons, i'm only looking at one eye these glasses, don't Have my vision at all, but they do help with blue light. So that's good, but nonetheless the last six big buys that have come in on the derivatives market have all been calls: 223, 000, 210, 387, 387, 210, 218, 000 worth of premium going into amc and they bought these. As you can see here, when the underlying was continuously going up, 42.8 cents all the way up to 46 16., there are a lot of bulls out there who think this is going to freaking rocket.

I mean right now the stock is trading at 47.41. So there's a guy out here that bet 218 000 and it would go higher than that. That's pretty freaking huge and not only that, but he bet it by october 1st. So it seems a lot of people out there.

Big money, we're betting. This goes in the right direction, there's so many confirmations guys, which brings me into probably the most important thing, which is what the chart tells you. I've seen a million different opinions about technical analysis, but what you can't deny what you can't deny is technical analysis in a chart. Tells you the story of a stock.

You can almost tell the the fundamentals of a company the sentiment of a company, the success of a company just by looking at how the chart is moving and the chart is moving right now in a good freaking direction right. This is beautiful. We have great great great momentum now i want to compare this to what you saw back here before this mega mega run up to 72.62 cents. What do we see right very similar move? You have this sort of break out of downtrend consolidation, candle very similar.

To probably what we had about here right, false breakout did a little bit of the slow move to the upside pulled back here a little bit. We see that in this five-day move, then you get a nice little. It looks like a small candle because it's it freaking pales in comparison. What we saw back here, but that's a 13 day very similar to what we're seeing right here right 20 day.

This is the momentum starting to return in the stock three straight green days, and not only that but good green days. One point three: six percent: eight percent each day, building momentum. That is important - that is huge. The momentum behind the stock is literally what you look for: to have the confidence to say that you're getting close to another big move, and i think we are.

I really really genuinely do because you can't fake momentum and another confirmation of this guys is the volume continuing to increase 72 million shares of volume on what appears to be august. 27Th. The 30th. You had 107 million today, 126 million.

That steady increase is another confirmation. It backs behind the thesis, that's a beautiful freaking thing guys i mean it really truly. Is you also have this indicator right here? This is highlighted as the 15 day moving average. Now, what do you see happening here? Well, i've got the 200 ema down here, which is a 200 day period, exponential moving average, which is flattened out right.

It kind of tracks, underneath the macroscopic price action and the 15-day ma is a better way of getting an idea of momentum behind a stock anytime. This green trend line starts to move downwards. It means that the microscopic price action is starting to come back to the grand scale. Macroscopic price action you see these two indicators hook away, is a sign that you are moving back into bullish momentous territory.

I don't know if that's a word, but i'm just freaking jacked to the teeth right now, my friend, it's just freaking beautiful. So what do i anticipate happening right? We can get excited about this all day long, but we have to stay true to emotionally speaking. What the charts say and that's what i like to do right, so i mapped this out what i thought was going to happen. It has come to fruition pretty decently.

Well so far, i think you are going to have a test of this 48 and 40 cent level right here and i gave that a box zone so that could have actually been the test. We don't know yet right. We see an hourly candle rejection right here at 48 and it pulled back just a little bit right in the after hours, but it could end up retesting it again tomorrow and what i think is going to happen is this third test, because this is, if this Isn't you know if that i suppose that could be the third test? It depends if it rejects or not, but if it rejects off this, i think it's gon na come down to this trend line and or somewhere near it right. It could even be something like this just a retracement based on previous levels.

If you don't know what that means, a fibonacci retracement you're, just taking the bottom of a run up to the top of a run up the bottom of the the candle wicks to the top of the candle wicks. You get an idea of where this thing would move back to and that would fall probably somewhere between this range right here i would argue about 50 to 38.2, so 43, 67 and 44.68. If this isn't uh, if it just hangs there below that's a different story, but i do think it's gon na pull back just a little bit and then come back for that fourth test, as it has many many many many times and break through that freaking bad Boy, this momentum is there. It could be something as simple as this you open up tomorrow morning, if, if it is red in the least bit, i think it'd just pull back right and just pull back a little bit and then rock it back up.

Like we've seen many many times in the past, but the trend that we were seeing, my friends is: it shows you pretty clear as day right at open what the day is going to look like. That's how it's been. That's how it's been for the last three training days. You got it right here, right, momentum, momentum, momentum! You can see the freaking trend so we'll have to wait and see.

Let's come back to that 37.50 level test right. What does this kind of look like you sought test, reject, test, reject, test, reject and that, third time it had tested it, it only fell back a little bit 37.50 down about 36.50, so if you're making that equivalent - maybe that's a buck 50 lower. That could be another idea of where this could fall back to 47 right. It could just be something as simple as this.

Even a higher estimate than when i just based on ta could tell you i'm telling you this right. Now, though, whatever this does i'm. This is momentum. This is huge.

This is exactly what you want to see to a team. I've been watching this stock for nine months and i've had exciting times. I've had freaking old times. I've had times when i wish i'd have to look at the freaking stock.

Sometimes, but these are times when you're gon na be excited watching the price action. This is beautiful. This is really a good thing and i cannot express that in any other way. The ta is great.

The short interest is there. The options flow is stupid, ridiculously bullish. The sentiment is there it's starting to trend again on google. Everything is lining up my friends.

This is great. I can't tell you if that means we're gon na reach all-time highs tomorrow, the next day, the next day after that, but i will tell you this 50, that 48 50 to 50 level right that break over 4850 to get us into that next push. 50. 48.50.

Is 14.50 from back in may i'm telling you that right, freaking now this is literally may again you get that push you're watching for those new all-time highs and the next leg up in the story and the saga and the history books being written by the apes And that's what i've got for this video, so blah blah blah? Don't spill drop a like and subscribe myself catch y'all, the next one i just laughed at that that sounded so stupid, anyways appreciate everybody, much love the all light taps and peace.

By Trey

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