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Done with this, i've got this super hot girlfriend right, but uh, it's it's not monogamous, i'm not sweating. Hey. I miss on my way to the bar right now. Actually i always uh.

I always swing pretty good. I think about coming by uh my place for some cupcakes later can't hear me, you can't hear me, that's got ta, be it home runs every every bat, easy you wouldn't understand it pleb the ui. You know what amazon prime is every time i step up to the plate. Yeah, you have a membership.

I can teach you how to do that in my crib. If you want home runs only she'll, probably hear me probably near me, that's got ta, be it had a good time, but it's not monogamous. Never is. When you have money you can do whatever the you want, bought it bought it bought it bought it bought.

It bought it, i don't know what they do, don't know what it is, but i own that now it's a jeff bezos thing.

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