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The market has been docked for the entirety of 2022.. If you were to look at uh the spy right now uh over the the course of year. To date it looks pretty gnarly um to me. It just looks like a big fat nasty fallen knife with a little bit of relief over the last couple of days today being sort of a low volume, uh pump pump data.

You know the fed kind of turned the printer back on uh, but there's been lots of losses that have taken place. If you were to you know, zoom out and sort of look at things. Cryptocurrency is obviously not having a great little rally right now. It's doing pretty much the opposite of that uh, wiping its its dirty poop across the toilet, seat stock market people have lost trillions.

Investors have lost trillions. A market cap of many many stocks across the market combined have surpassed trillions and losses that have gone to counterparty short sellers you're. Looking real estate in the bubble is about to pop, and what many people are talking about is. This is looking a lot like 2008.

Potentially, even worse and uh, to add some context to this. If you were to do some math, you know the layman brothers back when another layman brothers bear stearns, i should say, as i was uh bear stearns back into this 2007-2008 went from a market cap of 20 billion dollars to bankruptcy. They were bought out for about two dollars a share, so just shy of 20 billion dollars is what they lost in total and luna lost uh about 40 billion dollars in market cap from its highs so far uh. So it's very obvious that crypto's doing rough market across equities doing rough housing is doing rough.

What can you do about it? You know people have said to me: trey you've presented a problem, but haven't given a solution and to me this is the best thing that i can do for you so guys. What is up? Everybody welcome to the chase trades. We're freaking talk fast and don't skip classical problems by saying that i'm not a financial advisor expert so take whatever you say: the green salt, let's get into uh the video i've got this categorized into sort of uh two different realms, because i know i know my Audience right, i know the people watching and 99 of you are here for amc right uh. There are different sort of uh quote-unquote people that uh that look at amc, there's those who just buy and hold, and there are those who pay closer attention and maybe partake in options trading and trade other things in the stock market right, two different categories, so i've Separated it that way, right, you've got investors and you've got an investor, slash trader, i categorize an investor as something as simple as uh.

You just buy and hold things for the long term. Maybe it takes a year. Maybe it takes five. Maybe it takes 10, but you've got a price target in mind, based on any research that you've done uh and you will hold that stock and buy dips until that price target is met and or until the reasoning and the research and the fundamentals behind that price Target have changed, uh, that's an investor, a trader is, is obviously different.

The trader is there to make quick profit, does not care so much about fundamentals as compared to technicals, but investors should also care about technicals a little bit and that's why i'd like to uh discuss this here today. So we're going to start off with investors right and i've always said this. I've always said the most important thing that we can do for ourselves is education, and i've done my part all right. So the number one thing that i think is really important for investors is education primarily charting.

Now fundamental analysis is an entirely different beast: uh you can you can dive into lots of fundamental analysis and sort of get a grip on what you're looking at here? But i know the majority of people uh. That watch me watch whatever blah blah blah amc. Uh are there for differing reasons. Obviously, the fundamentals have improved, but uh charting is huge and i'm gon na tell you why ark invests with kathy woods uh.

I don't necessarily think that she's wrong. Most of the time i saw this uh this tweet from gurgavin on twitter uh, and it made a lot of sense in my head. It clicked clicked pretty well and what he said was uh. I don't necessarily think that that uh she's wrong in buying these stocks, but she's buying them at inflated prices, and this comes down to charting right looking at a chart and if you see the rsi is at 95.

Maybe you shouldn't be going long for a for a year-long position. Maybe you should be waiting until there's a cool-off period, because, as i mentioned many times, the stock market is a very simple beast. It likes to ebb and flow and ebb and flow and ebb and flow, and you just get this repeated peak and valley and peak and valley and peak and valley, and it repeats and repeats and repeats and repeats right if kathy woods was buying at better costs. If she understood sort of the uh, the technical setup and the the precedence, that's uh there for these companies, you'd be looking at things a little bit differently.

You know, and that comes down to education, now the piece that i've done. Uh i'd like to think that i know a decent amount about charting. I've talked about this video before, but i have an options and charting master class and the majority of this uh class, which is an hour and 20 minutes long, is about sharding and i know i know i know it's an hour 20 minutes long uh, but here's The honest to god, truth: if you want to learn something, it's not easy, it takes time right. You truly have to put in the time to be able to uh dive into uh.

You know how to understand something, a concept, and once you know the concept you can expand upon it, but putting in the time for the concept is really important, so uh. If you really want to take the time to learn it's there, i spent a lot of time hours and hours and hours throwing that together and i really do think that's an important thing uh, which is which is followed by this right. Sellers lose and buyers win. Now this is an interesting thing and uh people are really panicking about this bear market right now, understandably, so in the current present moment in the current time, this is terrifying.

I mean it really is, and i can promise you that back in 2008, when uh the market crashed it had a over 100 retracement. Uh people were thinking the same thing. You watched the spy go from 158 down to 70.. I mean that's, how can you not be fearful, but you know what happened is from 10 march 2009 up until 10 june 2013, four years later, you're at a new all-time high.

Now four years is a long time right, there's differing levels of age within the stock market, but if there's any real grand story to be had here, it's if you bought here, you know before the crash of 2008 and you held and you held all the way Down and you bought right, you were able to make money over four years. You made money, those who bought here in 2008 and sold into the crash. Well, look what they missed out on the moral of the story here is sellers lose buyers, win we're in a market man where, over the long run, things will continue to recover, and let me tell you this all right if things do not recover, if the stock Market goes to zero. You don't have to worry about the money you lost, because there's gon na be anarchy and someone's, probably gon na bomb, the united states - let's just be - let's just be honest here.

This is this - is a situation where it's really not a lose-lose. There's no losing here right, you either you either buy the dip and it goes to zero, in which case everybody in the country is, and people are gon na be fleeing or you make money right. Losers are the sellers. The winners are the buyers, that's it at the end of the day.

Over the long run, that's a really really important thing that i think we have to talk about and thirdly, for investors. I really do think is diversification, and i know i've talked about this before and there's different levels. I'm not going to tell you to buy, i'm not going to tell you to sell, i'm not going to tell you what to buy. I'm not going to tell you what to sell.

I just get my opinion on things right, but i know people watch my channel and and listen to what i say and uh. There are those who are full ported into amc or gamestop, or a meme stock, or into a cryptocurrency or to this and into that, and if it works out you're you you make a ton of money right but mentally speaking, when all your eggs are in one Basket the way that i like to think of things is uh. You, your eggs, are on baskets. So what are you gon na? Do you're only gon na focus on that one basket: you're gon na put up blinders on your left side and on your right side and you're gon na focus on that basket and make sure that no snake comes in and eats your eggs that uh that they Don't catch too early whatever it may be, and you lose sight of the the peripheral vision right of what's happening on the outside and if you lose this basket of eggs, it goes to everything gets right.

Well, then, what you have nothing you just tunnel vision. Looking at the the top of a tree, diversification is huge. I i really do think this, and i really do truly believe this, and i don't want people out there to be in a situation where uh, where, in the short term, they ended up making an emotional decision uh based on having too much in one basket right. It's much easier when you spread things out, maybe some real estate, maybe some stocks, maybe you've got a whole bunch of branched off stocks.

Maybe you've got uh art. I've talked about masterworks in the past and actually can put that ad right here amidst the storm in real estate, cryptocurrency nfts, the stock market, there's a lot of uncertainty that can leave investors feeling, like they don't exactly know what's going on, and the truth is that The cusp of every market pullback is an opportunity to reevaluate, specifically how diversified you are now. You might remember me mentioning masterworks here in the past, but if you don't, i want to take the opportunity to encourage you to hear this out and maybe learn a little bit something about investing in contemporary art. Did you know that contemporary art is one of the oldest assets and is actually out priced and outperformed the s p 500 from 1995 to 2020 by a whopping 174 percent, the asset classes also outperformed global equities, gold and u.s housing in that same period of time, But probably the most peculiar thing is that it has little to no correlation with the movement and pricing of these different assets.

This is probably also why billionaires allocate somewhere between 10 and 30 of their total net worth and investments into specifically contemporary art, as it is a pretty solid hedge against uh inflation and different bearish markets and downtrends in differing markets. Now the usual problem is that people like you and i and mon paw shops, don't have the capital laying around to buy a couple million dollar picasso painting, and that leaves you in a situation where you kind of are at the whim of other asset classes. Masterworks is the first startup to actually securitize paintings through the sec, allowing you to be able to buy pieces from people such as picasso or banksy or andy warhol, so that you can have a slice of the pie. This is actually very similar to being able to buy stock in the stock market common stock, as you were able to buy a sliver or a piece of the overall pie of a painting, a physical couple million dollar painting.

Now what masterworks will do is they will hold specific paintings for between three to seven years and sell those at a modest profit uh or you have the optionality to sell your shares in that painting ahead of time on the market that presently exists for whatever painting You're invested in results so far pretty promising too, by the way, as masterworks so far has sold three paintings for a total return of 32 and the early investors who got into masterworks were able to capitalize on paintings by banksy uh securing a pretty nice profit, which Is drastically better than the s p, 500 at most etfs and the bearish sort of trend that we are dealing with across cryptocurrency, the u.s housing market and stocks set up with masterworks just takes a few clicks. All that you have to do is visit their website create an account browse their artwork and from there all you have to do is buy what you want to buy. If you are interested in doing so, and you can instantly diversify your portfolio with one of the oldest and most trustable asset classes that have existed for quite some time, if you want to gain priority access, all you have to do is click the link in the Description box down below and you'll be able to access some fine art from just a couple clicks. At the very least, you learn something new and at the very most maybe you buy a picasso and you're able to hang uh hang a certificate on your wall.

That says, i own a piece of that. A piece of that painting appreciate you. Take it easy. The moral of the story here, though, very simply put is diversification, is, is not a bad thing right.

This is truly genuinely going to help uh protect yourself from the hardest thing of the stock market, which is psychology. You master that psychology you're sitting in a pretty good shoe. That's what i'd have to say for investors. The investor trader is a little bit different and this is going to take a higher level of education.

In my opinion, right there's there's far more to grasp there's more discipline required as compared to buy and hold and understanding where maybe a chart may lie now with an investor and a trader. You have to understand charting, but you also have to understand the discipline of trading, and i also have a video for this. This is a more in-depth video. This is everything you need to know about options beginner to advanced uh and it's uh.

It goes over the really deep mechanics of specifically options. I would recommend this is an hour and 38 minutes long. I would recommend watching this alongside this video, which is an hour 20, an hour 38.. This is going to give you a pretty solid understanding of what i presently know right, uh and which, which i think helps.

I think it helps do. I know everything. Absolutely not. Am i learning more every day, yeah uh, but if i could share what i know you know it helps everybody.

I think that's genuinely uh a good thing for everybody. So with that being said, education equally as important, we really have to focus on these things. Hedging hedging is so big, so big and to really explain a hedge. What you're doing is protecting yourself from downside right.

So if i am long on, let's say 300 shares of apple, just a random stock right, and i want to protect myself from downside. Maybe what i'll do to hedge against those 300 shares is buy three puts with a delta of one and what i'll do is have them down here, just the hair right. So if the stock is doing this, let's just say that it goes up. Well, you made money on your 300 shares of apple you're, you're sitting pretty nice.

There's three points you lost on, but that's the point of it. It's a hedge right. It protects you from downside if the downside happens, but if it doesn't well, you made money on your shares. You made a really solid amount of money, but the nice thing about these puts is if there is downside in a different scenario, you've got 300 shares.

You've got three puts and it goes down well you're, protecting yourself against the losses on your shares and whenever you see the ta pattern sort of round out, you get a nice bottom and you sell your puts well now. You've got extra capital to buy more shares with, and you didn't end up losing as much money or potentially even no money at all, hedging's big. I really do think this and you can apply this to anything. I've talked about it in great detail before, but i really do truly believe that that is uh.

That is an important thing to be looking at education, hedging and alternatives. Diversification uh also also important. This would tie back into uh number three over here from the investors, column, uh, but but here's the truth of the matter right uh in the present moment. In the present time, the stock market cryptocurrency market real estate is scary.

The federal reserve jerome powell uh just recently came out and stated that they cannot guarantee a soft landing, as if anybody uh believed that there was actually gon na be a soft landing and, coincidentally, it was after he was uh basically insured on his next term, which I find to be complete bogus but uh besides that point. It's obvious that there's more pain ahead of us and it's going to be volatile. It's going to be whiplash, it's going to be crazy and people are going to lose money. So it's important to try our damnedest to protect ourselves while we can uh - and i think that really truly does come down to education and protection.

This is what i'm gon na close with right. It's in our hands as people and i've said this before i'll, say it again, i'll probably say it a million more times it's on our hands as people to do what we can to put ourselves in a better shoe to help our neighbor get into a better Shoe genuinely, it really is, and i think the largest piece of that is being able to objectively look at something look at a situation and say hey. This is kind of where we're at right. We have to match the current market situation based on whatever you'd like to do and adjust accordingly, so closing thoughts.

You know there's two potential things that can happen: uh, one of them you're gon na watch, another little mini recession crash whatever uh, in which case people will buy the dip or they will sell, and the market rally and those who bought the dip will make money And those who sold will lose money. Second scenario is market goes to zero. Fine, that's very unlikely. Uh world ends we kind of who know who knows what happens from there, but the world will end to top it off, and this is really really really.

The close of the video jim cramer came out today and said world not over. So now i now. I guess i'm a little scared, because the world is probably is probably probably over god. Dang bald chicken got you on the next one appreciate you guys, as always muscle lovely taps it'll be on slash anti-juicer later tonight.

If you like to hop in a stream we'll do an hour of stock talk uh some marbles, we're gon na do a call in night. Uh play some ark. Uh survival evolve be great to have you there we'll start at 7, 30 pm central standard time until the next one appreciate you, peace.

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