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All right all right in today's news way more important than uh a freaking green day for amc way more important than that right. Who gives a rat about afc up freaking uh 3.25. Today, we've got other things to talk about, and that is jim cramer is pissed. He's pissed oh he's pissed, who pissed off jim cramer guys i got ta disclose.

I am gon na talk about the stock today, but i do have to talk about this because this is just some funny. I can't check this out. There's a sub there's a there's. An account out there for twitter, it's called trey's, subway cup and uh.

He says this, i'm gon na guess your wife told you that she thinks you're a joke again and you're taking it out on us. That's not my opinion. That's his! I have no affiliation but uh. You got a reply out of jim cramer.

He said this trace subway cup. I did a delightful call with my wife in the staff today, maybe one day you can lose that embarrassing and moronic name, and i i clapped back. I said: don't you dare sold my cup jim, that's my cup. That's my cup baby come on! Oh jeez! Honestly, i don't know, i don't know what it is.

Maybe maybe uh some of the criticism finally got to my have uh, i'm gon na stay unopinionated. Here. I just thought: it'd be interesting to uh to share some interesting stuff going on on twitter, because that's the most entertaining thing that uh i have been able to watch for a minute. What is up, everybody welcome to the trace train three freaking talk fast and don't skip class.

I like your premise by saying that i'm not a bunch of advisor experts so take what i say the greatest self, let's get into the video. So today, my friends, my family, my fellow girl game, we got an update on ticker symbol, amc here and probably the most interesting thing is the short interest data which we are going to go over here, just in a little bit because it has gone up significantly Today, but you also had a green day right, we're up 3.25 percent, which is actually against the grain of the flow from uh. From yesterday's video right, i showed you guys the options flow from unusual whales and it was bearish right. You had a left, leaning, sort of bearish uh scheme kind of coming into today, and he did see a little bit of selling pressure immediately at open, but it did get a bounce out of that demand zone kind of follow the the bold case scenario which i'll Be honest with you guys i was uh i didn't think was more likely right.

I thought that the continuation of downtrend was more likely, but you do see this strong support hold up on this demand zone at about the 37.80 range. So that's a beautiful thing to see. I'm going to give you guys my thoughts moving into the next couple days. You are waiting for sort of a new trend to form we are going to get into that, but macroscopically speaking as i've said a million times and i actually have been lacking on for the last couple of videos, you got to zoom out right.

Look at the big big scale picture look at where things are going right now. Remember where you've gone, reflect on that celebrate that enjoy the present moment green days, red days, all sorts of stuff, because it's all perspective right. That's how you have to look at this thing, so we're gon na go over the or tech static. It's an idea, the short interest that we're currently sitting at, which is absolutely stupid.

Disgusting right now, this is like uh. Like the day i freaking picked up titan like that's how that's how excited i am the day. I found him outside my freaking airbnb. That's some nasty looking freaking data, so we're gon na go over that we're gon na go over to usual whales, giving you what the call options look like.

I haven't even looked them yet today, but i'm taking a stab and a guess at the fact that they are gon na be more bullish than they were yesterday, just based on the fact that you got that uh demand zone bounce now, i'm gon na finish it Off with the technical analysis, the trend uh, what you could potentially see because we are currently in a supply zone. What you want to see is a push through that supply zone which i'll go over here in a little bit and then we'll get you on your freaking way. So without further ado, as per usual, my fellow freaking super saiyans out there, let's get into the video. So the ortex dad, well, you got cooking up today.

Right short interest is up significantly up to 19.96 percent. Current short interest of free float, which is a huge freaking spike up. It was at 20.18 this morning back over 20. You do see shorts piling back into their positions here, and on top of that, the average cost to borrow is starting to go up just a smidgen.

Now the utilization has been bouncing around a lot. If you don't know what that is, utilization is out of all available shares that there are for lending how many of those are actually on loan. They give you a percentage of that right. It comes out to 89.55 percent.

You see that's actually a little bit of a drop from the previous day now. The thing that's actually interesting here is: you are kind of seeing this up and down consolidation between a channel in terms of how many shares are actually getting lent out on a daily basis, and that is fascinating to me because you are watching the short interest sort Of continuously go up and it's had these sort of ebbs and flows, but the overall trend is up compared to the utilization being sideways, and that leads me back to my main point that i've reiterated over the last couple weeks saying i do think you're having more Lenders out there lending stock, providing more ammunition to get into this play to push the price down and my thoughts on. Why right? Why would that be the case? Is people realize how freaking out of control this stock is i mean if you look at the overall chart, set up my friends and you see the damage? That's been done right. Take the last couple days out of it.

Take the last freaking uh four days stretch five day stretch of red out of it. What's the grand scale picture right? Well, look back here! Look how much these shorts have been trying to pile into this thing and freaking drive this uh drive it down, they're, just not winning, and that comes back to lenders who maybe are long on stock. Maybe it's blackrock vanguard. There's a million freaking institutions out there who are long on stock right, but these guys could very easily be lending out stock to some of these short positions to uh.

First, stop make an interest rate, because you do see that annualized cost. To borrow that's how much they'd make every single year off of whatever shares are lending out, and secondly, it's just kind of free money: it's free chicken, because these guys are all around the stock right. They know which direction it's going. They know grand scale picture this thing's going up, it's moving in the right direction, so they're thinking themselves.

I mean why not i'll hand out some stock to some freaking silly chickens and make extra money. While i wait for this thing to go up right when this thing goes up, oh i want my shares back. Give him give him back. Come back jim.

I don't know what played i. I can't. I can't back up that claim. That was a joke.

That was a joke i promised jim but anyways. That's what you got rocking in terms of the actual short interest data right. So now we're going to come over here to unusual whales, and i am going to pull up for you here. Amc and we're just going to show you the premium range of 100, 000 or greater, and i always only have the ask side on and not the bid side now.

What do you see that happened here today? Uh, contrary to what i was expecting to be honest with you, you do see an increase in overall put premium coming into tomorrow. Now, what's interesting about that is yesterday was extremely bearish as well and i've kind of talked about this before, but i want to reiterate it again right coming back to the overall short interest in this stock. It's sitting at about 19.96 percent. Current short interest of free float, but i do think it is significantly higher than that and the reason why is because there are ways to hide short interest: first off naked short selling, you know, secondly, failures or deliveries where the failures delivers derived from.

I would argue the most actively traded derivatives market within the entire stock market. Amc right. There are insane amounts of freaking leverage that are pumped into this thing on a daily basis and they get hidden in puts look at the puts option open interest for simply tomorrow. Right all the way from 40 down to 15, there are people out there putting money at the 15 freaking strike for this friday september 24th, saying i think it's gon na go down, and this is a way to hide short interest.

I can pump freaking leverage in this pump liquidity in the put side of things and that creates be able to deliver if they run in the money same with call options if those running the money they can't deliver anyway. This is a big freaking market makers and hedge fund that you're watching happen on a daily basis, and that is why it's important to be able to take a step back and think about that right now. That brings me back to the options flow. Looking at this right now, why why does it put volume so heavy right well, on top of heavy short selling, the stock being in a it, had a microscopic downtrend, a good four or five day stretch of uh pulling back getting shorted down getting pushed down? Maybe some institutions pulling out.

I can't back up that claim. That's just my thought process behind what you're, watching with the evergreen situation right a lot of blue chips, kind of getting pulled from right. What you're watching is puts getting used as short interest within the stock market. That's my hypothesis.

That's my idea. Right now. I can't back that up uh, besides just using my own common sense and thought process, but i do think it's likely. I do think it's possible right so going into tomorrow.

What do you have as a potential sort of move? Well, what you're looking for here is a push through this supply zone. What is a supply zone? Essentially, it is points in which you can expect heavy movement to the up or the downside, because these levels have been identified as points in which big buyers aka smart money or, in this case, dumb money for them, because these are the algos they're trying to freaking Wreck wreck the stock they're points in which the big money starts. Stepping in to make big moves happen right. So with that being said, what you're watching for here is a push through that supply zone, because it can bring you up to the next overall supply zone, and this is a pretty decent sized move right.

That would bring all the way back up to freaking 44 to 45 dollars and some change. So that's what i'm watching for that's the bold case scenario heading into tomorrow is a continuation of trend here. What you're going to know and what i would watch for to sort of identify whether or not it's going to follow this trend is if it rejects out of this supply zone, you will know pretty much instantaneously right, you're going to be able to watch this thing. I'm just going to color this white, so you can see this you'll be able to watch this and it'll come within.

I would argue 10 15 cents of the top of this level and if it doesn't want to break through it, it'll reject and maybe it'll retrace all the way back down to uh all the way back down to this freaking demand zone or maybe it'll just pull Back a little bit right, but from there it's it'll if it rejects pull back some come back up and re-test that overall freaking uh supply zone, it could even happen intraday. It could be the same day that you watch that sort of thing happen, but this bounce off of that demand zone is bullish and honestly, it's a nice freaking thing to see because i 100 thought i really did. I thought you saw a little more downside to come off of this heavily heavily oversold move to the downside from freaking 52, i mean honestly, what you saw is a absolute flush from 52 bucks, all the way down to freaking 37 with really no hesitation right. It just got pushed down and absolutely freaking slapped by the same big algos who are trying to get the apes out of the stock, and this bounce is much needed right now is a beautiful thing to see.

But what you want is a couple days of trend: continuation in order to form a new bullish trend to get back up to those previous levels. So that's what i'm watching for that's kind of where you're sitting right now, uh, not quite out of the clear! Not quite out of the clear, but that's the thing that i'm watching for right. I want the best case scenario to be a breakthrough that supply zone, which will ultimately bring it back into that mid 40s range and from there it's gon na look beautiful right. That's like that's a nice place to start to get that momentum back to get this thing moving in the right direction and that's what i've got for this video.

So hopefully you enjoyed the intro uh. That's a new new slice of uh freaking, lemon pepper cake. I don't know, i don't know if that'd be a good cake, flavor, but nonetheless appreciate everybody tune in to the video lightsabers, always much love catch on the next one and peace.

By Trey

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    Did you see the vid of snoop Dogg buying gme you should watch I would love to see your reaction it's so funny

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    Not sure how people can laugh about this level of fraud and manipulation. Personally, as an American and veteran, I am appalled.

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    I am not someone who owns AMC but I am fully behind the AMC movement because I hate hedge funds. What I don't understand is how everyone who owns AMC thinks that they will make millions of $? The market moves quickly and unfairly, if AMC does spike massively then chances are not everyone is going to be able to sell their shares and make alot of money, and then they'll be bagholders. If history repeats itself then the market makers will make it very difficult for liquidity to exist at the moment a short squeeze occurs. Just my 2 cents, I hope you all make alot of money and take the hedgies to the cleaners x

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    Trey, Ive been watching your vids since February and I love your content. I keep seeing things about a government default, was wondering if you had some insight on how it would effect hedgies leverage if the government did default. Any input would be appreciated, thanks and keep up the good work!

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