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What is kraken boys and girls? It's your boy, trey, coming back again we're having ourselves a day if you missed it yesterday, i've got a great announcement for you. It is that uh i will be here for the next 30 days - live streaming, making videos full time i'll, be here i'll, be chilling, wobby, chilling, uh having a great time, and today amc is up eight percent on uh on the day. It's pretty good. It's not! It's not a bad little day.

Here we are going to be bringing on tmi until then cursor interest on amc, staying about the same 21.27 percent or so uh. I'm going to pull this up on the estimated trend just to free flow. You can see that overall trend line still uh trending upwards. We are at that 21.79 here 21.27.

Here, that's a decrease, i should say 2.37 percent face to cover still very high. This is the ratio between average volume on the day and short interest, and you can take it on different time frames. This one is a three month, so it takes short interest divided by the three month daily average volume uh, and it gives you basically how hard it is for shorts to get out of positions because of current liquidity in a stock security. Lending volume.

Look at this whoa - this was talked about earlier in my uh, and i'm gon na show ftds as well in just a second here, but the the security lending volume. What you see here is just pretty consistent right. It bumps up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down, there's two sort of options here right. What do you see? Let's diagnose this huge bar 69, 0.97 million total shares on security lending volume significantly higher than you've.

Seen pretty much ever you come back here uh when i you know, probably this is most likely uh. You had some lending that took place too short after it hit 72 bucks or whatever that batteries 43.22 million. All of a sudden 69.97 million total security lending volume uh on uh, i think it was yesterday february 7th yeah. Yesterday there was a crap ton of security, landing that took place with amc, which you can only assume.

It means two things. First, off a this could be a glitch. Maybe this is an ortex mishap. It's happened before.

We know how reliable uh data can be at times. Sometimes it's great. Sometimes it's not, i think, more often than not you're getting a lagging indicator or sometimes uh a half of a picture right - or this is true in which case if this is uh legitimate. It means that a lot of uh, either institutions banks were lending out shares against amc, maybe for shorting, maybe just to accrue some interest.

Maybe they so they can re-hypothecate those shares and then lend them out themselves, whatever there's a bunch of different ways that could work, but nonetheless, that is a crap ton of lending volume which brings me over to failures of delivers. I'm going to show you guys this. Nothing really popping up on uh on ortex. As of right.

Now, i'm making this team hold up one sec. Yo, you hear me all right. I can't i can't i can what is popping it's another day, brother. It's another day, just chilling it's uh, it's been a pretty decent day here for uh for amc, and i figured we could uh sit down and chat for an hour just about whatever's going on.

I like it. So this morning i had to talk with the live feed and i said, hey guys, look you know chances are we're heading we're in a downward farm wedge we're heading down right now, just the overall trajectory right, but there's an opportunity for us to potentially break out. I don't think we're there yet, but this is definitely showing that there is strength. This is definitely showing that there is a reaction to fundamental to fundamentals being in the market right, so we saw a huge run-up with the early update with the earnings.

We saw a beautiful run-up. We saw a huge reaction to gamestop, potentially even having some sort of new um e-commerce platform on the app right. So i'm thinking that there's a lot of reactions that stop with fundamental value, which is amazing because we're about to head into earnings season now heading into earnings, season and timing. The rate hike is kind of almost looking like a perfect storm for us just to reverse trend, not squeeze not not not mo ass.

Nothing crazy right, but just get out of this freaking, funk that the stock has been in this negative trajectory that we've been seeing, and i think that looking at today, looking at today saying hey, look. We have positive reactions. We get good news. Now is what i want to see, so i'm very happy.

I don't care if you go up and come back down, but what i want to see is when this, when we have good news the stock moves like we have good news, i'm tired of seeing good news and stock goes the inverse direction. You know what i mean, so you you just mentioned uh fundamentals and we we haven't talked about this too much on uh. I don't think, live together. What what's sort of your take on fundamentals? I've given my piece on it, where i think uh you know, the stock price is fundamentally and also why mention fundamentals? Do you do you believe that that matters at this point in the game? Do you think that that we should be paying attention to or actually paying attention to, the the fundamentals of of amc right? I just kind of want your take on that.

Okay live chat. You guys are listening right now. If you are here for a short squeeze play, please do put diamonds in the chat if you are currently here for a short squeeze play put diamonds in the chat just diamonds, okay, so everyone for the next 30 seconds, look at the live chat and see how Many diamonds are currently in the chat if you're, if you're in amc and you're looking in amc or jimmy and you're looking for a short squeeze play put diamonds in chat. Take a look at this right.

So when you look at the chat right now, you're going to start seeing a extremely bullish flow of diamonds flowing in here, because you're going to see people that are looking specifically for a short squeeze play. But this does also highlight something else to me right, which means if everyone here has been looking for a short squeeze play, then everyone here has been in the play for at least a couple months right, which means, if we're looking for new money, if we're looking For additional funds, if we're looking for additional buying pressure, where is that coming from everyone, that's in here for the short squeeze play, is already invested in the stock right. So when i, when you talk about fundamentals, if this stock already is a short squeeze play, that is predetermined, gon na happen now, whether it's moast or not, people can have discussions of what that looks like, but just simply shorts will cover their positions in the stock And the stock will obviously react in positive way to that. If they're gon na have additional buying pressure coming in because of a fundamental play, then i welcome it.

If you want to come in and buy the stock that you that you perceive as undervalued come in, come in and kickstart this boulder on the hill and let's get this ball rolling, you know what i mean. I don't care what the reason is for whether it's a short speed or fundamental. I just want buying pressure. We need to kickstart this bad boy to get off the ground.

You want to come in here for a short switch play. Sure, if you want to come in here for a fundamental place, sure to me the worst case scenario for the shorts is to have both buying long. You don't want to have people that are coming in here from fundamentals perspective, because those are bigger whales, as well as those coming in for short squeeze, which are retail. Those combined against shorts to me is a perfect scenario right.

I don't really care why people are here. I just want more people on our side and when people leave that's fine, because ten times more people will be coming in for a short squeeze play than the one percent they'll be leaving from from their little fundamental. Ten percent 15 run up, i'm cool with that. So essentially what i'm gathering right to break this down in the thought process that i think what you're trying to construe is the money that's tied into amc right.

I see a million diamond balls in the chat. There's a lot of people with some diamond diamond nippies and uh, and - and i don't know, maybe we'd call them bippies the little little. The acorns down there uh a lot of people right already tied up into this. So the money that's in it is in it and you need something else, basically to kick start uh the play, which would be let's say, fundamentals, there's also the argument of this right fundamentals, don't matter because eventually shorts will just cover what do you think of that? What's your take on it, so i'm still listening by the way: no you're, good, you're, good fundamentals, don't matter fundamentals, don't matter from the perspective of a short piece play, sure sure shorts will cover sure.

That's not my thing. My thing is this: the feedback that i get is that people are tired right. The feedback that i get is that people have been this play for a long period of time when they thought it was only going to be a few weeks. Yeah, i'm telling you i'll tell you straight.

My thing is this: if you got if people want action now, then right now there is a fundamental play to me when, if you i made a video in may 2021 - and i said, amc just got a price rating of 13 and it's currently listed at it Was i think it was just below uh 10 bucks and the video was called? Tell a friend tell a friend about amc, because amc has a 30 upside and i said, don't tell them about mo ass, don't tell them about short squeeze, just simply speak to them. About the fundamental upside to a 30 trade over the next 360 days, because that is going to be the actual case for the everyday person. Now the fact that after may amc ran all up to 72. There were a lot of people that were very happy.

That came in there for a 30 play. They end up going up 700. I think once people are in the play from a fundamental perspective, they'll start to clue in on. Oh, this is also very highly shorted, but from the outside.

If they're, just looking at a short speech, playoff off the top, no, no, no they're, not gon na, not gon na, like it, they got ta show up, they have to do the research they have to be invested. They have to actually want to be in this play. I think fundamentals will get people into play short squeeze will keep people in the play. What's what's interesting about that is uh the people who who come in for let's just say, let's say right now, right, let's say you're looking at amc, i'm just gon na show the chart chat.

So you can see this coming in right now. You see that it's at 16 bucks my personal opinion. I believe that fundamental value for amc this is undervalued for the current moment. I think, if you look at this at face value, you don't have the short-term bear market that you see, you don't have iwm shorted.

50, you don't have a short-term. You know. Possibility of a recession right amc's at 20 is at fair value, quote unquote for the current balance sheets that they have and for uh. The current uh following that they've got investors that they've got right uh.

So i believe it's under value those people who are to buy right now, for, let's just say fundamental reasons such as for me, you know, i would always tell people when it was at five, six, seven, eight dollars uh back between january and march, i'd say worst Case scenario, i think you're looking at a 20 to 25 stock, best case scenario, you're looking at a stock that squeezes - and it does something pretty nasty - it seems like we've come back to essentially that january, to march sort of time frame where risk for along is Actually much smaller than it was uh three months ago or or even there's more upside, you could say for for a long position at 16 bucks versus a short the risk is much greater than it's really ever been. Is that kind of like what you're getting across here is like uh? It's it's a much sexier buy, maybe than it was a month ago. Risk-Wise is that is that kind of what you're getting at um? Okay. So yes, yes, that is what i'm getting at.

I thought the i thought the question was more so my opinion on fundamentals right the fundamentals for the, so i think if it's, if it's either or i don't think we need to ask the question of either or i think either or is where retail loses right. If someone wants to buy the stock, let them buy the stock. You know, that's not my that's! Not my money, bro, you do it yeah exactly exactly. I don't think i don't think we should tell people hey.

You should only come here if you're going to be a squeeze plate, because once the stock starts running, people will realize what the hell is going on. But i was before you hopped in. I was looking at something that i found to be interesting uh and it's the security lending volume. Have you looked at this at all today? I have not recently so check this out.

I've got ortex pulled up. I've got this up on my stream uh. It's an option that ortex has available for uh current data and i was looking at yesterday. You can see february 7 2022, a huge spike in security lending volume.

You compare this to the rest of uh the past. You could say year all the way back to february of 2021. You've never seen a spike like this, even when uh amc hit 72 bucks - and you can see this bike right here personally. Obviously, we can only take an educated guess, but i was guessing that uh.

You know you saw that 43 million or 43 million share spike on security lending because it just hit basically an all-time high and there were shorts that were betting on that being the top and they tried to get in whatever uh. But now you have this huge bump, so what i kind of thought was like two options. First, one is, this could be a glitch we've seen it with ortex it's possible right. We have to consider that second, one being that uh for whatever reason or another shorts, are piling into this right now, as if this is uh, it's got more downside, but i don't know uh how much more this can really go down like.

I really don't see. Much more low on this i mean i'm kind of watching 12 bucks in the in the the short medium term. While we're looking at this small mid cap sort of hammer session, that's happened with uh, basically, the entire iwm russell 2000, whatever uh, but i don't know. I i find this to be an interesting piece of information, almost the same as like.

If you look at estimated short interest, you look back on to march. It says there was 48 short interest and you wouldn't have seen that three months ago, looking at the same data, so i found that to be interesting and i kind of wanted your take on it now that you've kind of seen that what's uh. What's your take on sort of that uh that little piece right there? That's security landing volume? Okay, so if i'm a short right put it this way, people were buying and holding when we got up north of 60 right. I think a lot of people are probably looking at apes the same way.

Why are they still buying and holding when the volume is dropping off? You know what i mean right. People probably still looking at us the same way. What what are they doing, and it's funny now that we're looking at shorts the same way like what are these guys doing like? What do these guys do? Yeah right right, you live long enough to see yourself becoming villains, so i think i personally think they're going for it they're killing morale. You know that people are sending me death threats like crazy and i'm laughing like hey baby look cuz show up pop up.

I'm here right: it's there's, there's lots of things going on there they're trying to do all these different to get people to sell their shares, which is which is fine. You know it's a short campaign this apparently it's not illegal, because sec doesn't do anything about it, but if you're gon na double down in shorts, okay, you're short, that's what you do have you ever thought about if there are like short sellers or banks or institutions That go out of their way to to watch these live streams. Do you think that's something that happens on a day-to-day basis kind of tinfoil haddish, i'm gon na put on i'm gon na put on the cowboy hat for this, since i don't own a tinfoil one, but i know i know that someone that works at one of The brokers that i have knows who i am they know my account and they watch really they watch that's why people are like you sold, i'm like like. If i sold i'm sure that information would have leaked a long time ago, yeah people - i i have apes that some some apes that have made themselves known that that have one of my accounts.

You know what i mean and they know they're like they're like dude. You could have got out along people already. People already said you sold. You could have gotten out a long time ago.

I'm like for what yeah for what, when you were on when you're on um fox. I would love to see their numbers in comparison to their everyday show. I mean what what it is is just that people don't have haven't, i should say, haven't really challenged: mainstream media from a competition perspective. I i think that the trust of mainstream media uh.

It really comes back to i'd, say: watergate is kind of a point in time in which a lot of people started to lose faith and sort of the higher power. If you want to look back on that, uh people have always questioned, but that was like a oh boy. This is this is pretty bad, but anyways since then you haven't, had you know competition, so to speak against mainstream media. Now that you know there's everyday people that are out here, trying to uh trying to try to change things up, it's been a different ball game and apparently uh.

This whole conversation has let amy do a little bit of a rippy rip. This is not bad. Look at that i love it. I love it yeah look.

You came on the stream before we ran up like well, i think we're up. Like nine ten percent uh, we got off the stream uh. There was a little bit of pullback. You get back on your stream, you start popping off again, i'm just saying: there's a trend.

This seems to make sense to me. The funny thing is yeah. We didn't, we didn't talk about it, we didn't say, buy it, we didn't say hold it. We just spoke about the overall market and fundamentals and yada yada.

That's it all right, bro any uh, any final words uh regarding what we talked about today, anything for chat that you would like to discuss. Um! No, i'm sure. I think i think we kind of touched on everything i would say uh two two things that i guess are are noteworthy today, uh do unto others in which the same that you wish others do do, unto you right just like treat people fairly. If you can as much as possible and uh and don't let people control your emotions, if you want to get mad get mad, but don't let anyone else have that that puppeteer mentality over you, you know what i mean do whatever you want to do at all Times, try to do what's right by your own morals, but just do you don't don't tweet what people, what you think people want you to tweet or don't say what you think people want you to say: don't do things for likes honesty cuts through! Just be honest, that's it rock on brother.

That was huge. That's a good message to drive home man. Well, as always, i appreciate you tuning in bro. I can't wait to see you in florida and i know we'll be chatting soon all right.

Thanks buddy talk to you guys a bit, take it easy, bro peace, my party words for you guys, uh. I appreciate you all immensely. You know at the end of the day, this is what we're all here for what we're all here for is for people. For your neighbor for the people on our left and on our right, what tmi said you know i i think this is actually worth a nickel.

This is worth a couple nickels. Maybe even a dime right uh is huge. What you say should represent you, not what you think other people want to hear. I know there are a lot of people who who have uh, who have made comments about the new sorts of content that i put out the different approaches that i've taken.

But this is the happiest that i've been in a long time, because i'm bringing you what i i feel is the right thing to do. You know different perspectives, uh different ways of educating different ways of entertaining right. It brings me a lot of joy and happiness to know, i'm being true to myself in the same way that i think other people should do the same thing and many people are, you know, always stick true to you. Man do what makes you happy do.

What you think is the right thing, not what you think. Other people want to see. That's it at the end of the day, man. I appreciate you all big fat nasty george w to all of you much love as always: lights, apps and peace out.

By Trey

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