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Boys, girls, let me tell you the only thing that i wish i could have had differently today. Out of this beautiful glorious day is that i could have been streaming, i mean that would have been. That'd have been a beautiful thing. This this price action basically cured blindness on my left diet.

It grafted the hole between my left and right ventricle in my heart. I now can take a without having to wipe with toilet paper and be a clean swipe. There's lots of beautiful miracles that took place today guys welcome back to trey's trades, where you can talk fast and don't skip classic reference when i say that i'm gon na find advisors and experts so take me to say the greatest salt. Let's get into the video.

This is the third try, let's see if we can see if we get this, my camera get freezing guys. We had a beautiful day today and uh we're looking pretty good. This is this is a pretty clean setup. There's a couple different things on the agenda that i would like to discuss and we're gon na walk through that here.

Uh right now we're gon na go through the options chain. I wan na go through the bounce. I'm gon na go through the spy and jimmy correlation and relation, because i did talk a lot about the spy and gamestop and how this is going to impact the way that amc trades so that you know what to look for moving forward. And then we're going to close off with bbig i'm going to give you guys a quick update on that just by the off chance that you did end up taking a trade on that uh.

I do want to show you what is currently happening for the time being so with that being said, let's start off here with the juicy the the juicy lucy the options chain, the 18 and 20 strikes right now on. Amc are jacked. It loaded, there's. 15.

000. Total open interest on the 18s and about 23 000 on the 20s. Now this is actually significant, whether or not you play options uh. A lot of these are going to impact the way that this stock moves up and down.

For example, the 18 strike uh ran from out the money to in the money a lot of these contracts. You can actually see the way that this move price. If you look here uh starting at about 18 bucks, you can see how significant how significant this uh this price action is. As we ran away up to 21..

I would imagine that a lot of this was caused by hedging of the 18 calls. So you can then see how important it's going to be to watch the 20 strikes moving into next week. Why is this important right? Well, if a gamma ramp, which is essentially calls running from out the money to in the money, essentially the strike price, started beneath uh stock price and then went from uh the actual current price, i should say, and then transition from current price, uh uh strike price Right, meaning that it was previously underneath current uh price, and then it ran to above current price, my brain's kind of fried right now i apologize uh that actually causes an upward pressure in price action. You want to see that same thing for the 20s heading into next week, because that is actually going to show you some solid continuation uh for the stock.

I have a good potential moving forward in the next coming days and week or so next thing. I'd like to discuss is the bounce, and this actually kind of ties in with the spy uh and the relation to the spy is actually pretty important to keep your eye on uh. The spy and amc are pretty closely tied together. It's no coincidence that you saw uh j-pal talk this morning.

The man breathed and the market basically went it cranked down right and amc moved. Alongside of that, which means you actually have to keep an eye out on the way that these two uh trade together. So if the spy opens up green tomorrow, you should actually expect a pretty decent size to push. That's gon na give some strength some wind in the sails of amc stocker.

What makes me the happiest is actually seeing that off of this morning, this pre-market sell-off you've got a bounce right. That bounce is actually pretty huge, uh followed by that move up to 22-35 being the high of day the intraday high. This is actually a really positive sign now. The significance of this is that it tracks, basically to a t what i was hoping you would see, uh on the way that this thing moved.

I wanted to see some form of a retracement, albeit it did not drop as low as i thought that it would. I would have liked to see this drop down to uh the top of this falling wedge, but nonetheless, that gives this stock a little bit of room to breathe, so that buyers can take a step back. Look at this thing and say: okay hold on a second. Let me let me put on my reading glasses.

Let's take a look at the chart. Let's see how this thing looks. Is this actually something that i'd like to buy, or in fact it is yes uh. That is a good thing right.

It was able to. You were able to basically read the room: a little bit, you're able to read the room and see uh what other buyers, specifically the algorithms, the computers, the institutions, the big fatties right, uh, what they are going to be doing with their money and their money ended Up pushing the stock back up two continuous days with high volume on the second fall through day. This is a really really really good sign of continuation. I cannot iterate this enough.

I said this in yesterday's video and i'm going to say it again today. I wanted to see 80 to 100 million total volume. You got 170 million volume on the green day today. That is a great sign of trend continuation.

You love to see this. I love to see this. So what are you looking for in the coming days? Right watch the spy if jay powell has anything to say if that man so much as breathes, it is going to affect the way this moves in the short term. Keep that in the back of your mind, if you do play options, i'm not telling you to buy i'm not telling you to sell, i'm not telling you what to do with your money, but it's something to keep in the back of your mind.

Nonetheless, if you are uh going to be doing that uh anyways so watch the spy jpow is going to have an impact on the way that this thing trades uh. So keep that in mind, game. Stop is also a really big factor in this. It's no coincidence that gamestop rips up and then afc rips up gamestop moves down.

Amc moves down the way that algorithms buy and sell these two stocks move in tandem, so keep an eye on gamestop as well. There's a reason that i'm bringing this up because this time around the moves are so closely related, so similar uh, even down on the four-hour candles. You can see there's a slight variation here at the end of the day right, but nonetheless you can see how important it is to be watching this and continued strength and game. Stop is likely going to mean continued strength in amc, so be watching that uh as well, but i mean amc, ended the day up 13.58, which is really solid right now, in the after hours, we're pulling back here a little bit.

You could see this pop down too uh. I would look for that demand zone at about 1975. That would be sort of the the best case scenario. This is going to continue to retrace into the after hours, but who knows man i mean, probably at the time i upload this video you're gon na see a 10 pop or something that happened yesterday.

I basically slapped it up and then off. They went to the races uh, but you you want to watch those those two things right. This is actually big, so the takeaway for me, the big thing that i'm gon na be watching for uh. I personally believe - and i'm gon na - say this right now.

I believe this to be the breakout. I think you are witnessing the breakout uh for amc right now, because you have two days of continuation out of this falling wedge. That is the significance that is a really really big deal uh, where you can say with some decent confidence, with some some mustard behind your voice that, yes, in fact this is the real deal. This is going to do uh the breakout.

Finally, right uh be excited. This is the time to be excited, not overly excited, keep it keep it together. Keep it collected right, uh watch some levels watch the data watch, how things move, but i think this is a time where, where you can pat yourself on the back a little bit, i want to say this and that's how i'm wrapping up i've seen some people On twitter uh and in the youtube comments section saying: trey we're only at 22 bucks. What are you? What are you celebrating for right? Why are you so happy the significance of where we're at right now isn't the price right? It's the setup! It's what you've gone through for the last nine months to get you to this point right here for the last nine months, this falling wedge pattern has been playing out basically in front of your eyes.

You've just been waiting, you've been waiting, you've been waiting, you've been waiting. You've been waiting. You've been waiting for the last two days to set you up for the opportunity for a reversal for this technical breakout to set up amc for the opportunity to get another run-in and that's why i'm so excited about the last two days. And that's why i think you should be too.

You should be very happy to see that we have broken out of this falling wedge, because, even though this isn't the end yet you're not at the end goalie, not at the end state. This is setting you up. So that we can get there - and this is confirmation that we have checked the box - we're continuing to walk down the line and we're gon na keep checking boxes until the time comes uh, where everyone's walking away pretty decently happy so uh, i'm i'm jacked about this. I think a lot of people are also direct about this and that's the piece that i wanted to say so uh, that's what i've got for you guys.

I was gon na touch on bbig, but i got ta be honest. I'm pretty wiped out. I'm probably gon na go to bed right after this and i'll touch uh touch on it in the morning, so you guys can expect that for me, then i'll catch y'all later it's a pleasure. It's a blast today was a beautiful day and let's look for some more beautiful freaking, lemon pepper tendees in the days to come.

Catch y'all later much lovely taps, peace.

By Trey

27 thoughts on “Let’s talk the breakout”
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    And now we r just under $20 in the after market. Wtf, these fucking shorts just wont quit.

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